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Can Stoners Spot The Cop?
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Try Not To Fail
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  • Readit P
    Readit P 10 seconds ago

    The Filipino google translate is not coherent.

  • Aaron Villacorta
    Aaron Villacorta 10 seconds ago

    Oh the first one is filipino

  • Lauren Stewart
    Lauren Stewart 14 seconds ago

    old town road by lil nas x!

  • Dylan Tuskweth
    Dylan Tuskweth 16 seconds ago

    Score count 1 love on the brain 2 cake by the ocean 3 Humble 4 radioactive 5 chandelier Yay!!!!!!

  • Brynn Wright
    Brynn Wright 30 seconds ago

    Old town rode by billy ray Cyrus and lilNas X

    H&L SQUAD 36 seconds ago

    Old town road!

  • lol Nope
    lol Nope 42 seconds ago

    That’s a big oof google

  • Sabrina Nguyen
    Sabrina Nguyen 53 seconds ago

    i didnt even know everyones commented 1 minute ago until i checked the comment section...

  • Allen Galera
    Allen Galera 55 seconds ago

    This is a really funny episode gotta admit! Best team effort goes to Jasser and RNA! Only goes to show that nothing beats learning the language than being too dependent on google translate. Filipino here and the Tagalog ones are kinda off but funny still!

  • Alex Gong
    Alex Gong Minute ago

    fun fact, Google assistant is not available for Chinese.

  • Think Vibrant
    Think Vibrant Minute ago

    Glad to see Tagalog included in this!

  • Adriana Martinez
    Adriana Martinez Minute ago

    Old Town Road!

  • Tarina West
    Tarina West Minute ago


  • Deceptacles Reviewer

    Do Teens know Old school Metallica?

  • supernova582
    supernova582 Minute ago

    I'm going to take my horse down to the old town rd

  • Lesly Fernandez
    Lesly Fernandez Minute ago

    Old Town rode

  • Emily Gibson
    Emily Gibson Minute ago

    5:56 "it's your butt!" "Heh heh, yeah"

  • baka nga?
    baka nga? Minute ago

    Google Translate: I'm sonna gonna end your native tagalog Titas: No wonder I can't translate it properly to english my gaddddd

  • Rhaile Rhyan
    Rhaile Rhyan Minute ago

    Lola josie and carol 😍 😍 🇵🇭

  • K doge
    K doge 2 minutes ago

    "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus!!!

  • Maria Paulah Castro
    Maria Paulah Castro 2 minutes ago

    “El trabajo es muy talentoso” wtf google?

  • Erick Lopez
    Erick Lopez 2 minutes ago

    Old town road nash feat Billy ray cyrus

  • Daniela Contreras
    Daniela Contreras 2 minutes ago

    Old town rode By little nasx

  • awesomeirlable
    awesomeirlable 2 minutes ago

    Haha with the “un mapa de máquina” I somehow thought they were talking about a blueprint. That one threw me a through a loop The Spanish translator progressively got more and more drunk

  • Sophonie Joseph
    Sophonie Joseph 2 minutes ago

    Old town road by Lil Nas X f( Billie Ray Cyrus)

  • Anthony Toney
    Anthony Toney 2 minutes ago

    Bf Ariana grande

    TONG JIA SENG 3 minutes ago

    Bilingual people intensifies

  • Popular Milk
    Popular Milk 3 minutes ago

    Old town road by billy Ray Cyrus remix by lil nas x

  • Danielle Cole
    Danielle Cole 3 minutes ago

    Old town road billie Rae Cyrus and lil nex

  • Amezia Lalditsak
    Amezia Lalditsak 3 minutes ago

    They don even understand there language...soo sad, if im the one who don't know my language..i will feel so bad!

    • Miguel Angel
      Miguel Angel Minute ago

      Some of the translations are not exact, I speak both english and spanish and the second one translated different than the quote from the movie.

  • Banned Egg
    Banned Egg 3 minutes ago

    Old town road 100%

  • James Urizar
    James Urizar 3 minutes ago

    1. Old Time Road By Lil Nas X

  • Harmony Chen
    Harmony Chen 3 minutes ago

    old town road by lil naz & billy ray cyrus

  • Lord 0fMemes
    Lord 0fMemes 4 minutes ago

    Old Town road by lil Nas X

  • Champ Porter
    Champ Porter 4 minutes ago

    Old town Road by Billy Ray Cyrus

  • robbicu
    robbicu 4 minutes ago

    Josie and Carol need to have their own show!!! Love them so much!

  • Robin Hood/روبن هود

    الي من مصر و العراق يجق لايك 7:19

  • happy critters
    happy critters 4 minutes ago

    Old town road

  • Halo Jumper
    Halo Jumper 4 minutes ago

    11:24 With the super power (used to describe countries like the US and former USSR) comes great responsibility. It was supposed to be al-Qowah al-A'theemah (great power). Their Arabic is way off, bone is A'thm bones are E'tham but it's understandable since they didn't speak it that much since childhood.

  • Leilani Wetterau
    Leilani Wetterau 4 minutes ago

    Old town road!! -lil naz x & billy Ray cyrus!!

  • Victoria Embs
    Victoria Embs 4 minutes ago

    REACT I believe it’s Old Town Road by Lil Nas X.

  • Christie Watson
    Christie Watson 5 minutes ago

    Old town road by bill syriss

  • edzzzkie
    edzzzkie 5 minutes ago

    Pipi oh my god! Hahahaha

  • Rue Kennedy
    Rue Kennedy 5 minutes ago

    Old Town Road by Lil Naz ft Billy Ray Cyrus that was too easy

  • kathryn ice-johnson
    kathryn ice-johnson 5 minutes ago

    *Duolingo has entered the chat*

    • Ernie Rodriguez
      Ernie Rodriguez 2 minutes ago

      Looks like you forgot your Spanish lessons again. You know what happens now!

  • Katuria indya
    Katuria indya 5 minutes ago

    Old town road lil nas x and billy ray cyrus

  • ysa ss
    ysa ss 6 minutes ago

    Español deserved better

  • Penguin Nicole
    Penguin Nicole 6 minutes ago

    Old town road by lil nas!!

  • lara vaz
    lara vaz 6 minutes ago

    i speak english and portuguese sometimes they become a mess in my head but i still wanna learn french

  • Lps_MeteorShower
    Lps_MeteorShower 6 minutes ago

    Old town road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus

  • Jae Rockss
    Jae Rockss 6 minutes ago

    Old town road 😌

  • Kristi Leigh
    Kristi Leigh 6 minutes ago

    Old town road by lil Nas X 👏🏻

  • Cardinal
    Cardinal 6 minutes ago

    In this case 0% of the time, it works everytime😂

  • 입잘Nightcore101
    입잘Nightcore101 6 minutes ago

    Lil Nas X - Old Town Road - ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

  • Porkin Mcnugget
    Porkin Mcnugget 7 minutes ago

    Filipino translation is fun. I think we have some curse words translated to I love you 😂

    • Notorious Bunny
      Notorious Bunny 3 minutes ago

      Porkin Mcnugget for example, putang ina mo, tang ina, gago ka, etc. 😂 thats what i teach white friends

  • Jelina Garza
    Jelina Garza 7 minutes ago

    Old Town Road Lil Nas

  • Juan Leyva
    Juan Leyva 8 minutes ago


  • A dee
    A dee 8 minutes ago

    Old town road by lil nas

  • baka nga?
    baka nga? 8 minutes ago

    Welp google trying to speak the deep tagalog no wonder i hear it Alien

  • DRideaux87
    DRideaux87 8 minutes ago

    Old town road ~ Lil Nas X

  • im back again
    im back again 8 minutes ago

    Old Town Road by Lil Nas x ft billy raye cyrus

  • allain
    allain 8 minutes ago

    Im a filipino but what da heck is pipi?😂

  • Bubbins Lou
    Bubbins Lou 8 minutes ago

    2:23 omg im 10 and i can do it WAY faster then them

  • Mutton Face
    Mutton Face 8 minutes ago

    how does the host say everything so perfect all the time to everyone

  • Giovanni Almazan
    Giovanni Almazan 8 minutes ago

    Lil. Nas old town road


    Why do I know all of this...uhhh

  • Holly Wisniewski
    Holly Wisniewski 9 minutes ago

    Sheila is also too cute!

  • -j m
    -j m 9 minutes ago

    Old town road- lil nas x

  • Josefa Sepúlveda
    Josefa Sepúlveda 9 minutes ago

    Come on !!! “El trabajo es muy talentoso”??!! That literally doesn’t have any word of “With great power comes great responsibility” !!!,,

    • Michelle Shelly
      Michelle Shelly 2 minutes ago

      Right! When it comes to translating in Spanish, there is way many ways do translate it specifically, or the word changes to how we know it sounds best.

    • Iron Fist 69
      Iron Fist 69 6 minutes ago

      Ni tiene sentido

    TØPISMALIFE ._. 9 minutes ago

    Old Town Road

  • Matilda Curran
    Matilda Curran 9 minutes ago


  • Jade Bayo Ba
    Jade Bayo Ba 9 minutes ago

    I literrally go for 1 second, and then my comment dissapeared, so im gonna write it again I was expecting a cameo of Mailnda Kathleen Reese on the video :'(

  • Rachel Yay
    Rachel Yay 9 minutes ago

    yo the chinese translations were not bad

  • Bell
    Bell 10 minutes ago

    Whoever the narrator behind the camera is (sorry, I don't know) I constantly think that they're something similar to Siri or Alexa and it's just being read aloud from the computer because it always sounds the same and I love it

  • Inspire Brawler
    Inspire Brawler 10 minutes ago

    En español estaba muy mal xd

  • Keegan Thomas
    Keegan Thomas 10 minutes ago

    Old town road by LIL NAS X

  • Adam Junior
    Adam Junior 10 minutes ago

    2:45 me starting up my old car

  • TheMurrmursonbottle
    TheMurrmursonbottle 11 minutes ago

    Lil Nas Old Town Road

  • Holly Wisniewski
    Holly Wisniewski 11 minutes ago

    Caleb is cute!

  • Cameron Richardson
    Cameron Richardson 11 minutes ago

    old town by lil nas x 🤩🤩

  • ahntis
    ahntis 11 minutes ago


  • Weng Wong
    Weng Wong 12 minutes ago

    The Filipino translation is so horrible

  • TurtleSaysWoofツ
    TurtleSaysWoofツ 12 minutes ago

    Old Town Road Lil Nas

  • Faxxlord 6745
    Faxxlord 6745 12 minutes ago


  • paula mf
    paula mf 12 minutes ago

    Im sorry but they can't put those characters as forgotten, start with the Black Cauldron movie, and then we talk.

  • ItzSaturn
    ItzSaturn 13 minutes ago

    Old Town Road.

  • James Lopez
    James Lopez 13 minutes ago

    lil nas

  • James Lopez
    James Lopez 13 minutes ago

    Let’s nas

  • ashley Oseguera
    ashley Oseguera 13 minutes ago

    Old town road

  • Idaliz Garcia
    Idaliz Garcia 13 minutes ago

    Old Town Road- Lil Nas x and Billy Ray Cyrus

  • James Lopez
    James Lopez 14 minutes ago

    Old town road by lil bad and billy Ray cyrus

  • John A
    John A 14 minutes ago

    Her name is ribonucleic acid?

  • Mohammad Nasser
    Mohammad Nasser 14 minutes ago

    The last one in arabic was very clear. I guessed it the moment I saw it. This made me realise google translate is not that bad in arabic. It's still very weird in somecases but not that bad.

  • Dream Lover
    Dream Lover 14 minutes ago

    "Con gran poder viene grande responsabilidad" - that is the correct transetion of the last one, like the girl said, it was missing a ton of words and google translate put other words that where not in the phrase. This is why google translate is made fun of by a ton of spanish speaking people or other people in general.

    • Angela Bautista
      Angela Bautista 10 minutes ago

      Dream Lover I think it’s was translated through 5 different languages making each translation slightly less “correct”

  • Lexi F Rasmussen
    Lexi F Rasmussen 14 minutes ago

    Old town road Billie ray cyrus and lil nas x

  • Noelani C
    Noelani C 14 minutes ago


  • Avery Forton
    Avery Forton 15 minutes ago

    Old town road Lil nex

  • ProPlayzGamez
    ProPlayzGamez 15 minutes ago

    95% Old town road 5%other