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  • Xpsycho.unicornX

    2:10 what is the song called?

  • Justine Ong
    Justine Ong Hour ago


  • Cover kids By kids

    First Comment!!!

  • Accalia Murray Music

    11:05 THE BEST

  • Zenpai
    Zenpai 2 hours ago

    Any1 else dint realize there was was a remake?

  • Cool Ben1009
    Cool Ben1009 2 hours ago

    that Chemistry question is soooooo easy!!! =))) Give them this: H2SO4+........=>.........+HCl (and balance it =)))) )

    • Cool Ben1009
      Cool Ben1009 2 hours ago

      Oh and that question in the 9th class in my country :vvvv

  • Qna Siarova
    Qna Siarova 2 hours ago

    Olivia is working for Disney but she lose that Disney game wow

  • Wan Nur Aisyah
    Wan Nur Aisyah 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry--but you chose the wrong people for the Korean language... They can barely speak it 😩

  • you got no jam
    you got no jam 2 hours ago

    please do react to true damage - giants

  • STATiiX YT
    STATiiX YT 2 hours ago

    My name is kanen opposite of kenan

  • Claire Gleason
    Claire Gleason 2 hours ago

    son: you don’t know your body very well mom: oh.. i know my body very well me: 😳

  • Galwin Misquith
    Galwin Misquith 2 hours ago

    Can't imagine what the laptop is going through

  • Gaurav Mishra
    Gaurav Mishra 2 hours ago

    The dog though../

  • Sat Perez
    Sat Perez 2 hours ago

    Excited for HSMTMTS

  • Kenneth Ho
    Kenneth Ho 2 hours ago

    "omg this is my chilhood!! , I waited 10 years to be apart of Disney'' Born in 2004 cries in 1991

  • Rebecca Logan
    Rebecca Logan 2 hours ago

    Olivia really reminds me of Millie Bobby Brown

  • Halloween Whats
    Halloween Whats 2 hours ago

    Why does Olivia look so much like Millie Bobby Brown??? :o

  • xMissAutumnx
    xMissAutumnx 2 hours ago

    can't wait for disney+ to come to the UK Next year

  • Leandra Mbewe
    Leandra Mbewe 2 hours ago

    At 6:00 was my fav part

  • Adi PM
    Adi PM 2 hours ago


  • Rosa Montenegro
    Rosa Montenegro 2 hours ago

    Who plays sharpay ?

    • kris jenner
      kris jenner 2 hours ago

      Rosa Montenegro from my understanding I don’t think they’re portraying any of the characters

    • Kenneth Ho
      Kenneth Ho 2 hours ago

      Ashley Tisdale

  • Hendrik Fischer
    Hendrik Fischer 2 hours ago

    React to neue deutsche Welle Hits (90s german Pop music)

  • King Yama
    King Yama 3 hours ago

    React to luden BMTH

  • I
    I 3 hours ago

    React to True Damage - Giants!!!

  • ally w
    ally w 3 hours ago

    born in '04? whew. us 90's babies are getting OLD

  • god of games and kat

    Okay one thing to know do I HAVE to pay to be on the vids or I have to plz say I don.t have to

  • Mia Xox
    Mia Xox 3 hours ago

    Does no one understand it’s not a remake of hsm !...

  • ً
    ً 3 hours ago

    joshua bassett!!!!!!!!😍 a total cutie

  • Huynh Clan
    Huynh Clan 3 hours ago

    I get nightmares and flash backs hearing “All in this together,” because it was my years senior. And let’s just say when we were sing our song half during the graduation, our chore teacher’s piano went out on us while mid way singing the dang song And yes we were the wildcats....

  • Rawan Al.Mosawi
    Rawan Al.Mosawi 3 hours ago

    I got so disappointed when I realized it wasn’t the original cast:(

  • MY110 / ماي١١٠

    5:05 the video is from Saudi Arabia

  • Sisubalan Selvan
    Sisubalan Selvan 3 hours ago

    Reminds me of the glee. Wish they could make a new season of it

  • flxkz Ali
    flxkz Ali 3 hours ago


  • Penguin Justice
    Penguin Justice 3 hours ago

    7:07 how is she out for slapping the table?

  • Oliver Eke
    Oliver Eke 3 hours ago

    React to ksi Logan

  • Ayşenur İba
    Ayşenur İba 3 hours ago

    Rebeccas Korean was better than Kenneth's but somehow he got all the phrases correct. Once you get all the words meanings the only thing left is to remember the original English version

  • Zoe Pearl777
    Zoe Pearl777 3 hours ago

    3:59 *The kid born in 2004 looks older than me and I'm 24!?* 😳🤔

    • Zoe Pearl777
      Zoe Pearl777 3 hours ago

      @Twinicorns Right! Of course no hate she's so beautiful and doesn't look old at all - Don't know if it's just how she's dressed or the makeup that makes her look older but I was shook when she said she was born in 2004 lol

    • Twinicorns
      Twinicorns 3 hours ago

      yeah she isnt 15 (no hate)

  • Juancho Miguel Agravante

    why isn't camp rock one of the choices

  • Sarah P.
    Sarah P. 3 hours ago

    they make me feel so old omg

  • wopwop nah
    wopwop nah 3 hours ago

    Google translate sucks..

  • Kael Zant
    Kael Zant 3 hours ago

    Sergio laughing sounds like a robot trying to imitate human emotions

  • 이재그만Brian
    이재그만Brian 4 hours ago

    Not to be mean like srsly I understand those korean peeps and no offense ... y’all chose the wrong korean people cause if you know you know...🙃

  • jshbsst❤G7
    jshbsst❤G7 4 hours ago

    I love them. Joshy I love u.

  • Kara Yates
    Kara Yates 4 hours ago

    Zetus lupetus!

  • muhamad taufik
    muhamad taufik 4 hours ago

    please react my fav channel :

  • Ostemanden
    Ostemanden 4 hours ago

    there was to mistakes in the harry vs malfoy the camera man and harry shifts from left to right

  • Janine Tillema
    Janine Tillema 4 hours ago

    Kendelle I'm OBSESSED with ur hair <3

  • Bidushi Roy
    Bidushi Roy 4 hours ago

    I was a Hufflepuff on the older Potter more... But i got sorted to gryffindor on the new one as well!!

  • Hidden
    Hidden 4 hours ago

    كفو عليكم بنات :**

  • Gabriele Gugliuzza
    Gabriele Gugliuzza 4 hours ago

    ...much similar to Smosh "new" show, isn't it?

  • afagyel
    afagyel 4 hours ago

    I was waiting for "This is what dreams are made off" hahaha but nahhh

  • Alexandra Louise Vlogs

    ITS PHILOPHESORS (I don’t know how to spell it) STONE NOT SORCERERS

  • Leah Brushett
    Leah Brushett 4 hours ago

    I’m sorry you guys aren’t apart of the other movies lamo

    • Jenny
      Jenny 3 hours ago

      @Leah Brushett That's what I meant, they're not part of the movies, but of the new show.

    • Leah Brushett
      Leah Brushett 3 hours ago

      Jenny I’m referring to what the young black girl said “it’s crazy we’re in here with these movies” they aren’t lmao.

    • Jenny
      Jenny 4 hours ago

      They're not in the movies, this is gonna be a TV series

  • Dominic Boyd
    Dominic Boyd 5 hours ago

    Y’all definitely need more Tony baker videos 😂

  • Yasser Wahbi
    Yasser Wahbi 5 hours ago

    Yall just stupid thats all magic

  • Leah Brushett
    Leah Brushett 5 hours ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG THIS MAKES ME SO SAD I’m 21 zenon was literally my favourite movie

  • Jonathan Darmawan
    Jonathan Darmawan 5 hours ago

    Did Dara call Dove "Shorty"???

  • Rohana Emain
    Rohana Emain 5 hours ago

    Can you please do another vid with Greek and Japanese?

  • Summer Ravioli
    Summer Ravioli 5 hours ago

    Why does this video make my psychically ill? Like the new Disney is disgraceful. They should have stopped after Lizzie McGuire ended

    • Paloma Demetriou
      Paloma Demetriou 3 hours ago

      ummmI think Kc Undercover deserves a little something something too

    • Syuhadah Anuar
      Syuhadah Anuar 4 hours ago

      Ro EXACTLY. Lets kids/teens enjoy what they like lol

    • Ro
      Ro 4 hours ago

      buttergorlie agreed

    • Ro
      Ro 4 hours ago

      New disney isn’t disgraceful. We just grew out of disney. Don’t act so stuck up lmaoo we’re viewing our favourite childhood shows and movies through nostalgia lenses.. If we watched them now, we probably wouldn’t like it either cause we’re no longer the target audience.

  • Linkpool
    Linkpool 5 hours ago

    Damn haven't watched Disney channel in forever so many childhood memories. Also Camp Rock 1 and 2, Teen Beach Movie 1 and 2, Let it Shine and Starstruck r some more nostalgic Disney channel musicals that weren't in the video.

    • Jordan Smith
      Jordan Smith 3 hours ago

      Linkpool Let it Shine is like one of the most underrated Disney movies

  • Stardust P
    Stardust P 5 hours ago

    I see Raven Symone/Raven Baxter/Galleria . I click.

  • Pickle Chips
    Pickle Chips 5 hours ago

    How do you give birth to a human and not know what your own anatomy is? What?

    • J L
      J L Hour ago

      Uhh u don’t really need to know it to get pregnant or give birth so 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • kay vgeee
    kay vgeee 5 hours ago

    Continue this show!!! Loving it!!!

  • Sleepy Steph
    Sleepy Steph 5 hours ago

    once disney stopped making october: Monstober , disney died.

  • Sethemiah
    Sethemiah 5 hours ago

    Skip the animated side, and i would see it. though i still have no idea who the elsie girl is.

  • ana YEET
    ana YEET 5 hours ago

    dude...i just noticed that i almost have the same name as anahita mine is just without the ‘ta’ at the end

  • Mel Eliot
    Mel Eliot 5 hours ago

    Rna is so beautiful. Omg.

  • Killer 021
    Killer 021 5 hours ago

    My favorit youtuber from al of them are MT 😍

  • Brigadier Beefcake
    Brigadier Beefcake 5 hours ago

    Elders react to freddie mercury memes

  • SweetSourSarah axb
    SweetSourSarah axb 6 hours ago

    Chocolate cake is so delicious also once I move out of my parents house I'm buying my own cake and doing the same thing they are doing.

  • D'Cantwo Junior
    D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

    🙏💪🔥 Hello ❤❤❤✊✊✊

  • Bethany Tom
    Bethany Tom 6 hours ago

    The first equation for chemistry was wrong. You put “C(3)H(8)+O(THREE) -> CO(2)+H(2)O. The answer showed O(2). I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out the equation when you guys just wrote it wrong lol😂

    • Travis Chongsue
      Travis Chongsue 2 hours ago

      same lol and then got frustrated so I gave up, and then raged because I saw they wrote it wrong

  • D'Cantwo Junior
    D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

    🙏💪🔥 Hello ❤❤❤✊✊✊

  • Brodie Beeton
    Brodie Beeton 6 hours ago


    • D'Cantwo Junior
      D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

      🙏💪🔥 Hello ❤❤❤✊✊✊

  • haya dabbous
    haya dabbous 6 hours ago

    Ive been screaming at my screen for the past 11 minutes because of the arabic answers, I knew all of them lmao. If I could play this game it would be so fun!

  • D'Cantwo Junior
    D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

    🙏💪🔥 Hi

  • Lilly Jeffries
    Lilly Jeffries 6 hours ago

    Protazoua. Idk how to spell his name but zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom. My supernova girllllll

    • D'Cantwo Junior
      D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

      🙏💪🔥 Hi

  • Island_Kermode
    Island_Kermode 6 hours ago

    just speak english people! ffs

  • BLaZe Clan
    BLaZe Clan 6 hours ago


  • Javiwheein
    Javiwheein 6 hours ago

    Sheila UwU

  • Liam Saven
    Liam Saven 6 hours ago

    I applied for casting, spent an hour on the application, and did not get a response back. Lets get this comment to as many likes as we can so FBE can see it.

    • Twinicorns
      Twinicorns 3 hours ago

      @Anonymous ikr

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 5 hours ago

      It’s not anyone’s fault nothing happened. Also, why does fbe need to see it?? I’m confused.

    • D'Cantwo Junior
      D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

      🙏💪🔥 Hi

  • ali atar
    ali atar 6 hours ago

    I’m so excited to see this series!!!

    • D'Cantwo Junior
      D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

      🙏💪🔥 Hi

  • Gawafi Elsayed
    Gawafi Elsayed 6 hours ago

    lemonade mouth 😭😭😭💖💞💖💞

  • yareth_lucioXD
    yareth_lucioXD 6 hours ago

    Not to toot my own horn but I GOT THESE IMMEDIATELY WOO

  • Cerulean Seal
    Cerulean Seal 6 hours ago

    I had zero interest in Disney+. This actually sparked a bit.

    • D'Cantwo Junior
      D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

      🙏💪🔥 Hi

  • Ethan Shihster
    Ethan Shihster 6 hours ago


  • oummou zuria
    oummou zuria 6 hours ago

    Hsm the musical is not a remake or reboot it’s a high school doing a musical of high school musical I don’t know why people don’t get that

  • stacey3357
    stacey3357 6 hours ago


    • Jenny
      Jenny 4 hours ago

      Just because they don't know the choreo, doesn't mean it's disrespectful. Geez.

    • Kady C
      Kady C 6 hours ago

      Omg ikr

  • oummou zuria
    oummou zuria 6 hours ago

    I hope Disney+ will be like the old Disney. I miss the feeling of watching Disney since 2011.

    • Zoey Harmon
      Zoey Harmon 5 hours ago

      oummou zuria it’s filled with classic DCOM’s and old tv shows🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • cyclop41
    cyclop41 6 hours ago

    Anyone else see the resemblance between Megan Batoon and Olivia?

  • Ayesha Pirwani
    Ayesha Pirwani 6 hours ago

    Y Yo You You t You th You tho You thought I was gonna waste my time NOT HAPPENING

    • Lil patoo :3
      Lil patoo :3 2 hours ago

      Y Yo You You t You th You tho You thou You thoug You though You thought You thought I Never mind I give up

  • Ayesha Pirwani
    Ayesha Pirwani 6 hours ago

    L O L

  • Sophie Groom
    Sophie Groom 6 hours ago

    I didn’t watch ANY of them soo..

  • thinkika
    thinkika 6 hours ago

    The guy with polkadot jacket look like a young version armie hammer

  • Carrez Gomez
    Carrez Gomez 6 hours ago

    Imma a simple man. I see Brandom, i click

  • Oh, Applesauce
    Oh, Applesauce 6 hours ago

    Animals aren’t funny

  • Neon Nebula
    Neon Nebula 6 hours ago

    Le dog??? Omg 😂

    • D'Cantwo Junior
      D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

      🙏💪🔥 Hello ❤❤❤✊✊✊

  • J B
    J B 7 hours ago

    Sofia sounds like Yara Shahidi

  • DanceForever236
    DanceForever236 7 hours ago

    I am 100% certain that Zenon was made before any of these kids were born, lol. But honestly, to those who aren't giving High School Musical: The Musical: The Series a chance, try giving it one. It's nothing like the movie, it's creative and different in its own way but somehow felt that magic and hook from when I first watched High School Musical all the way back in 2006. Plus, the chemistry of the cast is adorable! I can't wait for the rest of the episodes!!!

    • D'Cantwo Junior
      D'Cantwo Junior 6 hours ago

      @Mark Christensen 🙏💪🔥 Hello ❤❤❤✊✊✊

    • Mark Christensen
      Mark Christensen 6 hours ago

      I didn't like the movies. So, I doubt I'd like the series.

    • Molly S
      Molly S 6 hours ago

      DanceForever236 - one of them said they were born in 2004, meaning she was 2 when you were watching HSM. It’s kinda painful

  • 서 은해
    서 은해 7 hours ago

    I'm not korean but I can speak and understand 한국어 and I understand the translation cause i used to translate english phrases to korean, so🤷🏻‍♀️🤣