How It Should Have Ended
How It Should Have Ended
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  • King Godzilla
    King Godzilla Minute ago

    "oh nooo, you can't fly boy" LMAO got me

  • BookGolem
    BookGolem Minute ago

    They nerfed the Hulk to prevent him from pulling another "Puny god" moment.

  • Thantipudi Dev Harsha

    Why don't you make a hishe on Ocean's eleven movie It would be fun....

  • Gopakumar J
    Gopakumar J Minute ago

    What happens when godzilla meets kong in skull island.. waiting for that moment

  • iiam CÀŁƏB
    iiam CÀŁƏB 2 minutes ago


  • Thantipudi Dev Harsha
    Thantipudi Dev Harsha 2 minutes ago

    Why don't you make a hishe on Ocean's eleven movie

  • BookGolem
    BookGolem 3 minutes ago

    Another way it could have ended was Tony making arch reactors that copied the other infinity stones, then building infinity armor and equipping all of the avengers with them.

  • CDrummer Gaming
    CDrummer Gaming 3 minutes ago


  • E.T.N.F
    E.T.N.F 4 minutes ago

    Godzilla= Alpha night fury

  • Kiên F.A
    Kiên F.A 4 minutes ago

    Do how john wick should have ended please?

  • Rex The MegaUtahraptor
    Rex The MegaUtahraptor 5 minutes ago

    Yeah... No way is Kong gonna beat Godzilla...

  • Remember Jerry
    Remember Jerry 6 minutes ago

    3:36 I recognises that’s raw (aom)

  • Brian Armendariz
    Brian Armendariz 7 minutes ago

    Ha! the same move he used against Hedora lol

  • Anaqi Nuri
    Anaqi Nuri 8 minutes ago

    Raptor: *IM BACK SUCKAZ!*

  • Soul Reaper202
    Soul Reaper202 9 minutes ago

    Godzilla never kill mothdra

  • Brandon Waugh
    Brandon Waugh 11 minutes ago

    Was hoping Kong would flip him off at the end there

  • Indian Tech Support
    Indian Tech Support 12 minutes ago

    3:23 *Y E E T*

    KUNJ SONI 13 minutes ago

    Kong a giant chicken

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace 14 minutes ago

    do something with stranger things please!!!

  • Joshua Billson
    Joshua Billson 14 minutes ago

    Omf Neebs gaming is in this that makes me so happy

  • Sarah Harradence
    Sarah Harradence 14 minutes ago

    Because a nuke worked sssoooooo well last time didn't it wise guy

  • Victor Ackerman
    Victor Ackerman 16 minutes ago

    I love the Godzilla vs the smog monster flying reference. That's something you don't see every day lol

  • brandplayz
    brandplayz 16 minutes ago

    In the end 11 was there maybe there will be how stranger things should have ended

    BATTLE WING 18 minutes ago

    This isn't really a HISHE this is not how it could have ended

  • This guy is just Here
    This guy is just Here 19 minutes ago

    2:53 seriously the mind flayer

  • Crazy Baalak
    Crazy Baalak 19 minutes ago

    3:45 is that game of thrones refrence ?

  • Daddy Steve
    Daddy Steve 19 minutes ago

    OK, time for a stranger things hishe. Separate for all the seasons.

  • Keen Folk
    Keen Folk 20 minutes ago

    Right head of Khidora is Neebs!

  • Fried Noodle
    Fried Noodle 20 minutes ago

    1:49 Kevin in a nutshell am i right?

  • Gojira1409
    Gojira1409 20 minutes ago

    Oh my god I’ve been waiting thank you now I’m saying it your the best you tuber and Best animeter

  • szymon Szymusik
    szymon Szymusik 21 minute ago

    How first Godzilla movie should have ended .

  • Gunnydun
    Gunnydun 21 minute ago

    1:50 NEEBS!

  • LizardMane
    LizardMane 22 minutes ago

    2:02 I saw that from a mile away. only real fans expected this xD

  • Mathew Paul
    Mathew Paul 23 minutes ago

    kong > godzilla

  • Derpy Dinosaur
    Derpy Dinosaur 24 minutes ago

    ...okay you made a good point that they should've made a teaser for Godzilla vs King Kong. But who knows when they're gonna do it...

  • Avion
    Avion 24 minutes ago

    *my life is complete*

  • Yay xD
    Yay xD 25 minutes ago

    Not today joe mama

  • Nachrichtensprecher
    Nachrichtensprecher 26 minutes ago

    This Easter Egg at 2:00 from the old movie is truly epic

  • Therisius
    Therisius 26 minutes ago

    anyone else expect king kong to look like Thanos and say "fine ill do it myself"

  • Rejesu 11
    Rejesu 11 27 minutes ago

    Do how Hobbs and Shaw shouldve ended

  • Gogeta Gogeta gogeta
    Gogeta Gogeta gogeta 27 minutes ago

    Kong already killed Godzilla plus he gets thor like lightning powers too

  • Desean Johnson
    Desean Johnson 28 minutes ago

    Lower the Shields. No I said lower them Shields Okay

  • ianishere
    ianishere 28 minutes ago

    I almost peed when I saw that iconic flying godzilla.

  • Hunter 96
    Hunter 96 28 minutes ago

    Why doesn't Rodan screams about weed?

  • Matteo Mulazzani
    Matteo Mulazzani 29 minutes ago

    2:52 the mind flayer

  • Ethan Martin
    Ethan Martin 30 minutes ago

    Why is Mothra on ghidorah’s side? Hishe missed up

  • Yeye Montecarlo
    Yeye Montecarlo 32 minutes ago

    Godzilla vs kong 1 sec godzilla wins lol

  • Couldn’t think of a name

    Godzilla: *has the ability of a nuke which can kill everything around him* Kong: ight imma head out

  • Jasyn Turley
    Jasyn Turley 32 minutes ago

    Oh yeah neebs gaming and HISHE together. What a love child lol

  • Linda Marquet
    Linda Marquet 32 minutes ago

    Kong saw Godzilla go nuclear and he saw, and he was like "you know what I don't think I am ready yet I see you in March. 😱

  • Shazwan Shukri
    Shazwan Shukri 34 minutes ago

    At least kevin is still being kevin in this HISHE .

  • Gabby Buray
    Gabby Buray 34 minutes ago

    2:52 did im see the mind flayer form strangers things I thought the mind flayer hates the sun

  • Tanner D
    Tanner D 34 minutes ago


  • Isabella Ebola
    Isabella Ebola 35 minutes ago

    Poor Godzilla he was so tired the whole movie he just wanted a nap

  • fanny gina
    fanny gina 35 minutes ago

    Was that neebs as one of the heads on the dragon

  • Deep Winter
    Deep Winter 35 minutes ago

    Was that Battlefield Friends as Ghiodorah? lmao

  • Joe Brian1
    Joe Brian1 35 minutes ago

    Neebs Gaming!

  • Smiggle0
    Smiggle0 36 minutes ago

    The instant I saw King Ghidorah, I’m thinking “please let this be Neebs and company!” They start talking, “It is! Oh that is perfect!”

  • Caleb Carvajal
    Caleb Carvajal 36 minutes ago

    Do it chapter 2 plaese

  • Jonathan Davenport
    Jonathan Davenport 37 minutes ago

    Neebsgaming rocks, I love when you all do collabs!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 38 minutes ago

    They should have done a size comparison with Kong and Godzilla. That would've been hilarious.

  • Márk Tóth
    Márk Tóth 38 minutes ago

    -Let them fight! -And I'm Batman!

  • CyberPunk 0207
    CyberPunk 0207 38 minutes ago

    I came for 2:33

  • Anant Jaiswal
    Anant Jaiswal 38 minutes ago

    I want kong to win in Kong vs Godzilla

  • King_Godzilla
    King_Godzilla 39 minutes ago

    Yes it’s here

  • pavel rahman
    pavel rahman 40 minutes ago

    i thought it was going say "wassup my nibba" 3:10

  • Mohd Sahil
    Mohd Sahil 40 minutes ago

    You guys are Awesome! 😂👍

  • Reelando 2x
    Reelando 2x 40 minutes ago

    I hope people will support this franchise.

  • vman
    vman 42 minutes ago

    Loved this movie and loved this version, top job! 😂😂😂

  • ray eittastay
    ray eittastay 44 minutes ago

    I will never not laugh at Mothra screaming, "He really is the king!"

  • Ultimat Gamer
    Ultimat Gamer 44 minutes ago

    Was that neebs gaming

  • Vux Khuongw
    Vux Khuongw 45 minutes ago

    Ive been waiting for this so long

  • Feral Dragon
    Feral Dragon 46 minutes ago

    Godzilla's happy little trot away at the end xD

  • Buter assassin1
    Buter assassin1 46 minutes ago

    2:08 that line is weirdly funny to me

  • Frank McBeeII
    Frank McBeeII 48 minutes ago

    I'd recognize that voice anywhere, hey Neebs!

  • Vatosucio
    Vatosucio 48 minutes ago

    I waited that long for that 😂

  • Mike Miketic
    Mike Miketic 49 minutes ago

    Make hise it 2

  • Mike Miketic
    Mike Miketic 49 minutes ago

    Make hise x men dark phoenix

  • Martin
    Martin 49 minutes ago

    2:00 something you don't see everyday.

  • FPClarks
    FPClarks 50 minutes ago

    It should have ended the career of whoever was the military advisory to the movie. Legit every scene involving anything military was so scuffed it detracted from the movie.

  • dot dyr 1time4d1time
    dot dyr 1time4d1time 51 minute ago

    I just watch HISHE because i am too lazy to watch the whole movie

  • Tornado Chaser
    Tornado Chaser 52 minutes ago

    Did anyone catch what Nick Fury said??? Lol.

  • J.T. Films
    J.T. Films 53 minutes ago

    2:02 love the throwback to the good old cheesy Godzilla scene 😂

  • Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate

    3:00 Ask if they want shawarma.

  • Rumblepuss
    Rumblepuss 54 minutes ago

    "Who doesn't have wings?" Oh Kevin.

  • Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate

    2:02 Who else got that reference?

  • Scarlet Spider5
    Scarlet Spider5 55 minutes ago

    2:51 it's the Mind Flayer

  • Methlokaijufan97
    Methlokaijufan97 55 minutes ago

    Mothra was at the same side with Godzilla not against him . And I like how you used the Mind flayer just like I do

    DHIKЯIS 55 minutes ago

    For a second i was hoping for super cafe outta nowhere

  • Feral Dragon
    Feral Dragon 55 minutes ago

    I loved this movie, Godzilla was actually in it lol. The battles were amazing, and Mothra was so cute! I cried so much over that moth xD

  • M3taTr0ll
    M3taTr0ll 56 minutes ago

    2:00 Godzilla is a Colonel 100

  • Παμαγιωτης Μαρκαντωνατος

    I had been waiting for this for ages ,but at least I am glad the time has come.

  • kingdogonogo the first
    kingdogonogo the first 56 minutes ago

    you forgot toy story 3

  • Mr. Hobo
    Mr. Hobo 57 minutes ago

    Did anyone else recognize Neebs Gaming in this?

  • devistator102
    devistator102 57 minutes ago

    hay, neebs came and voiced in this one, this makes me happy

  • Yolande Martin
    Yolande Martin 58 minutes ago

    the muto should have got kill

  • Arachnevex - Mactans Hlaalu

    This video is Horrible. Hated every second of it. Sorry

  • Spy_PL
    Spy_PL 59 minutes ago

    1:56 Neebs is that you?!

  • AwesomeisR
    AwesomeisR 59 minutes ago

    You forgot Destoroyah!! Building himself in the sea