How It Should Have Ended
How It Should Have Ended
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  • Kickass TV
    Kickass TV 11 months ago

    Your channel is greatness.

  • Iron Storm
    Iron Storm Year ago

    Have you done thor ragnorak yet?

  • Graham Cann
    Graham Cann Year ago

    Well, the new Doctor Who Christmas Special is coming up, and it occurs to me you could do something very special: Give us an Doctor Who special, with all The Doctors. That’d be: William Hartnell (briefly Richard Hurndall, now David Bradley), Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, John Hurt, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whitaker. Plus, Peter Cushing (two Doctor Who movies), (and from “Comic Relief: Doctor Who-The Curse of Fatal Death”) Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, and Joanna Lumley. PLEASE!

  • San Tourism
    San Tourism Year ago

    Do How Split Should have ended

  • HendersonRoofingInc

    Thank you for these gemstones that help keep me sane on the bad days. You guys are amazing! And so clean and friendly, I love it!

  • person
    person Year ago


  • Tracey McDonald
    Tracey McDonald Year ago

    will you do how power rangers should have ended soon

  • ShangHaiku
    ShangHaiku Year ago

    More Five Stages videos, please. Quite funny.

  • ori amram
    ori amram Year ago

    Who else wants a Kickstarter for a full-length Super Cafe / Villain Pub movie?

  • Chloe Liu
    Chloe Liu Year ago

    just a comment, someone stole your vid of Harry Potter how it should have ended. Channel is James Potter

  • Kavin
    Kavin Year ago

    You Should Do How IT(the movie) Should Have Ended

  • Sugary Heaven
    Sugary Heaven Year ago


  • Ggfddghhhhg
    Ggfddghhhhg Year ago

    how IT Should have ended

  • SAAM
    SAAM Year ago

    Please do how Justice League should have ended

  • DrivaN
    DrivaN Year ago

    Dead men Tale no Tales; when sparrow on the island and salazar haz nothing to do with land, can't catch jack sparrow. but he can throw the sword and kill him HAHAHAH

  • InfiniteDarkMass

    Come on guys, how did you know? How? You must have known something right?! Incredibles 2, baby! Yeah!

  • Huxley E-B
    Huxley E-B Year ago

    you need to do a super cafe with like luke skywalker

  • Blazing-Spider123

    how about How Arrow Season 5 Should Have Ended? btw is the CW channel available on BT?

  • Bob Cox
    Bob Cox Year ago

    Could you do "How Daddy's Home 2 Should Have Ended" and "How Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Should Have Ended"?

  • 1AsianPanda
    1AsianPanda Year ago

    What about Lego ninjago movie?

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith Year ago

    Could you do a How Kung Fu Panda Should Have Ended?

  • Abaddon Black
    Abaddon Black Year ago

    I have a question, will Loki be kicked out of the Villain's Pub for his actions in 'Thor Ragnarok'? Because his actions were kind of heroic, though I have a feeling that he swiped the Tesseract on his way out of Odin's vault.

  • TheEpicNoob
    TheEpicNoob Year ago

    Hey HISHE why don't you revive the how video games should have ended section. I bet a lot of people are willing to see an Overwatch one or Call of Duty WW2

  • Manraj Singh
    Manraj Singh Year ago

    Hey HISHE, why not do a how it should have ended jeepers creepers 3. I mean the movie was a disaster, but maybe a different ending may make it better...

  • Nimlagz _
    Nimlagz _ Year ago

    Hey, I am a big fan of your content. I especially enjoyed your HISHE on Return of the Jedi. I want to suggest, though, that you make How Raiders of the Lost Ark should have ended. It is my favorite movie and I would like to see how you think it realistically would have turned out, and with a few jokes, too.

  • Monarc6
    Monarc6 Year ago

    hey if you guys are working on ragnarok one possible ending is to have the valkryie chick just throw the taser disc thing she put on Thor at hella and tase her to death

  • Twig Legg
    Twig Legg Year ago

    So why haven't we seen Jar Jar Binks in the villain pub. Darth Jar Jar

  • The Dr. Mr. Dudes

    Why did u delete so many playlists!

  • Sugary Heaven
    Sugary Heaven Year ago


  • Mateusz Siwek
    Mateusz Siwek Year ago

    Hey, have you ever thought about doing something like Edward Scissorhands meets Blade Runner or Edward S. the First Android?

  • Kyla Shelly
    Kyla Shelly Year ago

    Hey HISHE! I've got something for Thor: Ragnarok You know how Thor gets electrocuted from that little disk on his neck? Well, that's where it confused me because he's the God of Thunder...He can summon lightning and spark bolts of electricity from his fingertips...Why does that little thing stop him? I don't understand how that could affect him at all! Couldn't he just fry the thing or use it somehow? I don't know if you'll use this or not, but it'd be pretty cool if you did :)

  • Roblox's Wanderer_YT

    I really like the video of the song ''Here comes my arrow'' !

  • Besnik Osmani
    Besnik Osmani Year ago

    More HISHE dubs lmao when i saw the blade runner one:)

  • Simon Baraya
    Simon Baraya Year ago

    how IT should have ended

  • Lightning Raven
    Lightning Raven Year ago

    how Happy death day should have ended

  • Olajawon Bourne
    Olajawon Bourne Year ago

    Hey HISHE, just throwing this out there: If you guys needed a voice actor for Korg in the next Thor HISHE I'm more than willing to do that for you for credit hahaha

  • Ankit Jain
    Ankit Jain Year ago

    Hey! Thanks for the awesome content every year. Just wondering why have you guys stopped making superhero cafe videos?? They were beyond awesome.

  • mary berlin
    mary berlin Year ago

    you to dantdm poop to you

  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker Year ago

    I wonder where all the anti-heroes and redeemed villains hang out since they won't like the Hero Cafe and they are not welcomed at the Villain Pub.

  • WooIn Louie YANG

    Do It the movie as the next one

  • Majencia
    Majencia Year ago

    Please do how MTV Teen Wolf should have ended please! it ended last month, please make a HISHE video on how it should have ended please! We, Teen Wolf fans are dying to see it. Please!

  • Sebay Prime
    Sebay Prime Year ago

    This channel is amazing! Could you subscribe to help me out? That would be very kind of you.

  • k9feline2
    k9feline2 Year ago

    Hey, how come the Spider-Man Homecoming HISHE isn't listed as "S9 E18" or even "S10 E1"?

  • Hyddra
    Hyddra Year ago

    How "It" should have ended edit: no pun of any kind intended

  • Bailey Quinnelly

    You Guys should do a hero swop with Yondu in LORD OF THE RINGS. PLEASE DO IT!

  • MisterRandom2
    MisterRandom2 Year ago

    Do IT next!

  • Bob Cox
    Bob Cox Year ago

    Love this channel. If you have time, do "How Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Should Have Ended".

  • Stephen Chase
    Stephen Chase Year ago

    Congratulations on getting almost 1,800,000,000 worldwide views!!

  • dark rems
    dark rems Year ago

    Hey HISHE can you do an épisode how it should have Ended about " interstellar" movie please thanks

  • Seth
    Seth Year ago

    Do how IT should have ended

  • JGamezOfElzam
    JGamezOfElzam Year ago

    I'd like to see Neo Cortex and Uka Uka from Crash Bandicoot in the villain pub.

  • skywalker007full

    What about doing the rest (or at least some) "Saw" movies?

  • Mitsuhide Akechi

    Hey HISHE,I have a question for you...why do you don't include Sauron in the villain pub???????He IS the coolest of the villains man!!He must be in your villain pub will be very cool to have such a super villain in can even make Saruman or Witch king of Angmar to be in the me my friend that it will be a blast in your episodes.

  • Mr. Fluffy
    Mr. Fluffy Year ago

    How "It" Should Have Ended

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen Year ago

    Those games have been all the rage lately, with people wanting to play Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor so they can import their data to Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition and Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis. You should try to make HISHE videos of these games while they're hot right now

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen Year ago

    You should do a HISHE for some more video games. Suggestions include Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and Final Fantasy XV.

  • Calamity
    Calamity Year ago

    How My Little Pony: The Movie Should Have Ended.

  • Griffin Studios
    Griffin Studios Year ago I had the idea for Spiderman Homecoming HISHE where captain america say's 'language' after Aunt May curses...was there a mistake that my name was not in the credits?

  • KR Chrome
    KR Chrome Year ago

    So, are guys gonna do a HISHE with IT?

  • Belle Nugent
    Belle Nugent Year ago


  • Leonard Jalca
    Leonard Jalca Year ago

    hello i just watched the belko experiment , can you do a video on that , im sure you'll have a field day with all the possibilities

  • Julia M
    Julia M Year ago

    How "IT" Should Have Ended?

  • Yuval Levy
    Yuval Levy Year ago

    when will you do spiderman homecoming hishe???????

  • Wolf Jenkins
    Wolf Jenkins Year ago

    Also, Please tell me your preparing to make a "Villain Pub vs Hero Cafe" video to correspond to the release of Justice League and Avengers Infinity War!

  • Wolf Jenkins
    Wolf Jenkins Year ago

    "So, did you see the new trailer?"

  • Luke Veazey
    Luke Veazey Year ago

    When is the Spiderman Homecoming ready? I'm keen to watch it.

  • Suzanne Was Here

    Hey! Big fan! you guys are great! Your website still says 3+ subscribers, don't sell yourselves short :) I've been curious, how you deal with copyright? Do the movies give you permission to use their characters' likeness or you don't need the permission for this kind of work?

  • Watch Geek
    Watch Geek Year ago

    if you plan on doing a Blade Runner 2049 HISHE that I just went to see last night and loved it, except one thing, I LOST MY HEARING!! THE THING IS SO LOUD, you should do a HISHE WHERE EVERYONE IS YELLING trying to outshout the background music and noise, SERIOUSLY IT WAS PAINFUL at momments, and it is the one movie I think would be more enjoyable to watch at home where YOU are in control of the Volume!!

  • Christopher abel

    Hey HISHIE, is that ok if u make How My Little Pony Movie should've ended please?

  • russischbrot
    russischbrot Year ago

    U Need to make How Furry Road should have ended. Also we Need Immortan Joe in the Villians Pub

  • Floppy Penguin
    Floppy Penguin Year ago

    Would really like a Kingsman: The secret service...and eventually The Golden Circle.

  • NobodieZ
    NobodieZ Year ago

    How about HISHE for My Little Pony: The Movie (2017 film)

  • Imran
    Imran Year ago

    How about a Power Rangers HISHE? Please? Thanks!

  • FNS
    FNS Year ago

    The Peanuts movie

  • ClayList
    ClayList Year ago

    Who else is waiting for Spiderman: Homecoming?

  • noah walsh
    noah walsh Year ago

    when is the homecoming hishe coming out?

  • Kieran Anderson
    Kieran Anderson Year ago

    I enjoy what you do here. What about doing BLADE. I know it's old but it's a good one for the treatment.

  • Arashi Y
    Arashi Y Year ago

    Can you please do a HISHE video for IT?And let Pennywise join the Villian Pub?

  • musti vd
    musti vd Year ago

    also can u maybe make a hishe of the mummy

  • musti vd
    musti vd Year ago

    whens spderman homecoming hishe coming out

  • GoldenGun X
    GoldenGun X Year ago

    Cool vids!!

  • Eternal Scout
    Eternal Scout Year ago

    I'm batman! I am groot! I'm marry poppins yall! I am the iron fist, sworn enemy of the hand, protector of Kung-lung....

  • Minecraft_Geek
    Minecraft_Geek Year ago

    Do IT

  • Alex Healey
    Alex Healey Year ago

    how it should have ended Baby Driver

  • Alex Healey
    Alex Healey Year ago

    how it should have ended Baby Driver

  • Curry
    Curry Year ago

    How much longer until the Spider-Man Homecoming HISHE, im impatient.

  • Robert Mwangi
    Robert Mwangi Year ago

    Hi HISHE! I love your videos! They are so funny and true! Since you guys love Superman and Batman can you please do a video on how Arkham City should have ended. I know it is a video game and not a movie but the ending was terrible.

  • Captain Spaghetti Dragon Lover

    Do How Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall should have ended

  • davtappy
    davtappy Year ago

    How Batman and Robin should have ended!

  • Shiloh Thomas
    Shiloh Thomas Year ago

    When are you gonna do It? How IT Should Have Ended.......

  • Sugary Heaven
    Sugary Heaven Year ago

    How Alien: Covenant Should Have Ended

  • Jacob Gayles
    Jacob Gayles Year ago

    You have to do How 'It' should have ended

  • Luka Milic
    Luka Milic Year ago

    Make a IT video !

  • 679 Lisbeth
    679 Lisbeth Year ago

    I'm waiting for Alien covenant...

  • sswgm
    sswgm Year ago

    Oooh, do "how this channel should have ended."

  • Michael De Santa

    Please make a video on darkseid xD

  • Bede Gleeson
    Bede Gleeson Year ago

    Do How _Volcano_ Should Have Ended

  • Ada Janczak
    Ada Janczak Year ago

    Hi! I love u animations, i see it all the time (Loki rulez! ). Can u make "How it Game of Thrones should ended " ??? It will be awesome

  • josheph Panda
    josheph Panda Year ago

    I've been following this channel for almost 2 years, but it never occurred to me how long you guys have been doing this since I almost never check the upload date... 10!!! Thank you... by the way (& this is just a suggestion), could you guys do more super cafe & villain pub videos? I absolutely love them.

  • Francois Boonzaaier

    How Shrek Should Have Ended. The Shrek franchise was so popular and was already a funny movie too.

  • Ricardo's Lego Brickflim

    Where is Wonder Woman!

  • numeros letras
    numeros letras Year ago

    you could do the as it should have finished alien convenat and wonder woman

  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson Year ago

    You should make a great political statement and have the villians throw a party for Syrians president Assad for winning the civil war. Now that was some serious evil stuff.

  • Christian K
    Christian K Year ago

    WONDER WOMAN SPOILERS AHEAD: We need you to do Wonder Woman and show how much of a rip off it was of the first avenger. Someone gets special powers but isn't allowed to use them so they go on a secret mission to fight the Germans with new dangerous weapons and kill a superhuman then fly a plane that could've changed the war away from the battle leading to an ultimate sacrifice. They both teamed up with men who are usually drunk and both have a history of wanting to fight but not being allowed to. How much more similar can you get??

  • Corypheus
    Corypheus Year ago

    Gief How it should have ended Spider Man Homecoming plz! I have cookies <3

  • csMontacruz TARDISHIRE

    So many excellent episodes. But... any chance you'd tackle the latest installment of twin peaks?

  • numeros letras
    numeros letras Year ago

    it would be a good idea if you did as you should have finished pirates of the caribbean 5 and the mummy 2017

  • Taha Hassan
    Taha Hassan Year ago

    Guys are you doing Super Cafe Vs Villein Pub?

  • Arlindo Vieira
    Arlindo Vieira Year ago


  • Rose Mcvicar
    Rose Mcvicar Year ago

    ok channel

  • Luke Slate
    Luke Slate Year ago

    Where's the Wonder Woman HISHE?

  • Dalton Koenig
    Dalton Koenig Year ago

    hero swap batman and indiana jones

  • Becky Miller
    Becky Miller Year ago

    I was wondering if you could possibly do a renewed version of Lord of the Rings, like you did with Star Wars IV?

  • Junko-Chan Despair

    HISHE of descendants 2

  • Camryn Porter
    Camryn Porter Year ago

    If you do a new Beauty and the Beast, you should totally do this scene: (The one where the beast lets her go to the house where her mom died) "Picture the place you've always wanted to go" "Okay.." >Cuts to landscape shot of Disneyland<

  • Logic Guy
    Logic Guy Year ago

    Please, more Villain Pub! At least after Ragnarok, there's got to be enough material to do another one. I've been waiting for the Final Boss Battle since the original. Keep up the good work!

  • Toinou DG
    Toinou DG Year ago

    I hope you will make a small film, the HISHE !

  • Me Cooper
    Me Cooper Year ago

    Love the channel been a sub for years. Just a heads up though the play lists are a little broken.

  • Llew Gibson
    Llew Gibson Year ago

    Insane video bro, keep killing it! Look into my channel we both love to lift!

  • Flix & Bricks
    Flix & Bricks Year ago

    please also do how wonder woman should of ended also how back to the future should of ended

  • Flix & Bricks
    Flix & Bricks Year ago

    please do how spiderman homecoming should of ended

  • Alantown
    Alantown Year ago

    hey hishe make a video on the defender

    • MrJturner74
      MrJturner74 Year ago

      Have Stick stab Electra after Jessica hits her with the car instead of just standing there looking super heroic .

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    Can we move on to the next video, I literally don't know how long I have the type comments on your written by the fans video.

  • Bede Gleeson
    Bede Gleeson Year ago


  • Jilly Napier
    Jilly Napier Year ago

    We love watching your videos. We started watching them in 2015 when our mom got us to watch them. We love it when a new one comes out and we've seen the movie. Anyway keep it up and one request. Keep your Heath Ledger Joker. The others a just not up to most of our standards.Thx. We love your work.

  • young driver
    young driver Year ago

    when r u going to do wonder woman?

  • sekira
    sekira Year ago

    do potc 5

  • Inventive Perspective D/J

    FOR YOU HISE FOLKS(PLEASE READ).GOOD STUFF. Ideas for SM Homecoming: •(#1):When Peter asked if the new stark suit in the hotel room is his, happy should say "no, that's mine, your not ready yet. Tony only brought you here for...?" You then see a heavier spider-happy jump on to the civil war scene, peter i(n his DIY spider suit) watching the fight on his cell phone and grumbling. •(#2):when peter first changes into his suit in the ally, he should be see... I mean c'mon! •(#3): when the guys rob the bank and Spider-Man comes in. Before he talks he should be knocked out from behond by the other goon with a hawkeye mask that was waiting outside as a look out. (More diolauge). •(#4): (why is everyone flirting with may?) aunt may should be hit with an aging ray that the tinkerer made by accident. (Restore balance!!!). •(#5): why do non of the villains (zemo, shocker 1 and/ or 2, etc) have their actual full iconic masks? •(#6): Peter losses the 'stark internship' and gets a call from Captain America asking him if he's interested the the 'cap internship'. •(#7): How the heck did Vulture contact the shocker to be outside the back of the school when he just found out Peter was Spider-Man? What he's got super speed? And how did he know that Peter would go after him... he could have stayed. It could have happened. •(#8): why was vulture so worried about the high altitude vacuum seal wing thing? Really, why? •(#9): why did Ned say he was looking up (****) when he was helping Peter as the guy in the chair? He could have said anything. Like; how to impress ladies, or, how to create a radioactive spider. Finally: deadpool should show up and call out the writers on how they gave Peter, Miles Morales' best friend (Ned). And how are they going to solve that mess when Miles comes on. "Unless they kill of Peter, and come on they wouldn't do thaaaa... (inhale loudly[shock])!" (Perhaps add the hulk everyoneone dies spoiler).

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion Year ago

    How come there is not a How it Should Have Ended of Alien Covenant!?!?!?

  • Jonnimation Studios

    for the upcoming spiderman one. Vulture: Let's not give back this stuff, let's keep it all! The world's changing boys, it's time we changed too. (Damage control shows up.) Damage control speaker: We tracked the alien residue from that stolen space scrap and it led us here. You are all under arrest! Vulture: Aw crap. (Spiderman is in Damage control storage.) Spiderman: So, what is this thing anyway? Karen: That is a alien bomb. Spiderman: IT'S A BOMB?!?!?!?!? (At the Washington Monument. In the elevator, Ned's backpack begins to glow. The whole top of the monument explodes. Spiderman shows up next to Michelle.) Spiderman: NO!!!! WHY DID IT EXPLODE LIKE A NORMAL BOMB? WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE JUST SHOT WEIRD LASER LIGHTS INTO THE AIR, SLIGHTLY DAMAGING THE ELEVATOR BUT STILL LEAVING ME WITH TIME ENOUGH TO SAVE THEM? Michelle: If it is any consolation, I drew this picture of you in distress. (In Vulture's Lair.) Shocker: You can't afford to fire me, not with what I know. Vulture: You're Right. (He shoots Shocker, disintegrating him.) Tinkerer: What the heck man? Vulture: Oh, I thought that was the anti-gravity ray. Tinkerer: Not cool! You just killed that guy! Vulture: It's fine. We're criminals. Tinkerer: Yeah, but not murderers. That's it I'm out of here. (The other criminals leave with him, agreeing.) Vulture: Guys, wait, come back I....Aw man! (In Parking Garage.) Spiderman in interrogation voice: Where is the vulture! Tell me what you know! Aaron Davis: That ain't gonna work. I heard what you sounded like the other night. Your little girl voice. Spiderman: I'm not a little girl! I'm a boy! Pinocchio: Hey! That's my line! Spiderman: Who are you? Pinocchio: I'm Pinocchio! You know, "I've got no strings to hold me down..." Ultron: Hey! That's my line! Spiderman: Woah! An android! Are you with the Avengers? Ultron: Uh, yeah! Let's go with that! Spiderman: MAN! Everybody gets to be an Avenger!

  • Sam F.
    Sam F. Year ago

    Please do Wonder Woman Hishe

  • Gabriel Tejada
    Gabriel Tejada Year ago

    You should definitely do a terminator genisys video.

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    I'm waiting patiently as I can so WHERE'S MY NEXT VIDEO!!!!!

  • Tommy Ferrin
    Tommy Ferrin Year ago

    I would like to see a How Shrek 4 Ever After Should Have Ended, where Shrek does pick what day from his childhood Rumpelstiltskin can take, instead of letting Rumpelstiltskin pick the day Shrek was born.

  • The Amazing Spider-man 616

    How have you made the new intro?

  • Steph PlayzRB
    Steph PlayzRB Year ago

    spider-man homecoming plz

  • BestCineMac
    BestCineMac Year ago

    Hey, HowItShouldHaveEnded your videos are so funny and good, but can you make a king arthur the legend of the sword how it should have ended

  • ANGLER2004
    ANGLER2004 Year ago

    Dark tower review?

  • T.J
    T.J Year ago

    you should make how the tv series prison break should have ended seeing as you did breaking bad please and thank you if you do

  • jesus11q
    jesus11q Year ago

    please make how cars 3, kid vs kat and star vs forces of evil the battle of mewni should have ended ;)

  • josh undahail
    josh undahail Year ago

    What does he use to animate

  • MrBenarod
    MrBenarod Year ago

    Time Bandits Please

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    So how about some new backgrounds for wonder woman or more importantly spider-man homecoming.

  • Giovanni Lanteri

    you should really put the Master and Negan in the villain pup.

  • Justin Ambru
    Justin Ambru Year ago

    Can you do a Watchmen HISHE tht would be pretty cool oh and a maximum overdrive because movie REALLY needs a better ending.

  • Deridex Zandbergen

    great stuff... im gonna add some personal dutch translations to it and upload some on my tube. Of course with all references included to your work and creation. I only add dutch subtitles. Its truly very funny stuff for dutch to enjoy

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    Make that 2 weeks, now.

  • jacques deprez
    jacques deprez Year ago

    fantastic beasts, Newt could have apparated in Arizona to drop off that bird thing instead of going through New York.

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    It's been a week and not one video, did one of you guys fall in using your new bathroom.

  • Dawn Hornsey
    Dawn Hornsey Year ago

    When are you going to make a video i almost forgot you existed guys and I like your work but you have been gone for a while

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    Where r u guys? Having a picnic.

  • Sam Ribar
    Sam Ribar Year ago

    When will Wonder Woman come out?

  • Fatuous Whisper
    Fatuous Whisper Year ago


  • Zena 1421
    Zena 1421 Year ago

    Ninjago movie!!

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago


  • Connor The Pro Failer

    Why don't you do a super cafe with the topic that Batman has superpowers? You know cause dc make it a meta-human and all.

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    I'm anxiously waiting WHERE IS IT!!!!!😠

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    WHERE, WHERE, WHERE!!!!!!😠

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    It's been one week ago since we've seen a video from this channel, just wondering WHERE'S HOW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 SHOULD HAVE ENDED. 😠

  • Pierre Sully
    Pierre Sully Year ago

    hishe LIFE

  • Pierre Sully
    Pierre Sully Year ago


  • Duncan Young
    Duncan Young Year ago

    Hi HISHE, I would like to pitch my idea for another series in the vain of Superhero Café or Villain's Pub The series would be called the Bug Bros Bistro as it would focus on disrespected Bat-Rogues Killer Moth and Firefly. It would also follow washed up Heroes and Villains from the worse comics, games or films

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    Well am I right or wrong?

  • UncleArty1
    UncleArty1 Year ago

    you should totally do a how flash point should have ended. and have Barry run back in time grab savitar a nano second before Iris shot him, run him back to the present and throw his ass back into the speed force, and call it a day

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    If I know better you guys are gonna do How Guardians 2 Should. Have Ended, right. 😃

  • Jelani Tate
    Jelani Tate Year ago

    Please alien vs predator and alien vs predator requiem.

  • Gods Of Greek
    Gods Of Greek Year ago

    hero swap inception and transformers, Incepticon

  • Mr. REDS
    Mr. REDS Year ago


  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

    Anything, Anything at all on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

  • Imran
    Imran Year ago

    We need a Power rangers HISHE.

  • Tina Cox
    Tina Cox Year ago

    Hey HISHE, can you do how Krampus should have ended. That would be really funny to watch.

  • Joseph Terry
    Joseph Terry Year ago

    Where the HISHE for wonder woman and spider-man homecoming guys. Cant have super cafe without super heroes

  • Hunter Rousseau
    Hunter Rousseau Year ago

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