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My Time at "Camp Operetta"
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Locked out of my House
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Being the Best/Worst Ever
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Injuries & Being Sick
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Living with Ari
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Things I Feel Guilty About
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My Childhood Stories
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My Opinion on Traveling
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My Random Thoughts
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Parent Stories
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Happy Birthday Ari!
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My Strange Trip to Europe
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Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
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My Instrument Experiences
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Things that Freak Me Out
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My Dog Stories
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Flirting & My Stories
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My Opinion on Halloween
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My School Stories
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New Member of the Family!
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Crazy Substitute Teachers
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The College Struggle
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Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
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To the Moon (Piano)
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Q&A #2: What animal am I?
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How to be Stupid
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Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
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Dough D-D-Dear
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I Hate High Heels
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Hide and Pee
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Sneaky Advertisements
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JaidenAnimations Intro!
Views 3.4M5 years ago


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    Oofer Sisters 18 minutes ago

    Aggressive and screams when hungry Jaiden: Hmmm...I know.. Also jaiden: Names him Ari

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    Teriyaki I love her she the best crashing to save jaiden,she rad

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    I'm not gonna lie, I might've cried with the deaths.

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    C.L.G. Nothing 19 minutes ago

    Wow... What a cool story! It almost makes me wanna play Pokemon, but I'm not much of a fan. Nice video! 😁 👍 ✨

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    As someone with animation experience. The length of this video combined with the quality makes me fear and respect you

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    Save the trurtles

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    oh man... Loved this video. Currently doing a Nuzlocke right now, on Pokemon Diamond. Maybe I'll do a video like this?

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    Never heard of this channel, came here because auto play took me here while I was AFK, and I gotta say. I loved it! You got a subscriber in me! R.I.P. all the madlads that died, getting you to the top!

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    this is how many zigzagoons teriyaki killed ⬇️ (you don’t have to like)

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    i'm bacicly copying jaiden on the nuzlocke bc i have a teriaki, ari, onion, and chad

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    I found the love of my life. *but teriyaki scratched the heck out of it*

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    Nah man nah. Subs in my school literally follow a paper the teacher gave them and follow it so eat her way, you still get work. I wish we all had subs in your schools. In your school they seem like they just hate learning and let you go wild XD

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    You know dog man there should be a movie about him

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    Jaiden everyone is beautiful including you, no lie

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    2016: 74% of extroverts. 2019: 1% of extrovert

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    She is guilty about throwing a rock Well at least she could throw snowballs at school I can't even throw or hold any If I do a teacher would give me warnings or detention

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    Someone named Tinystar, posted a deleted vid by u, I saw it, and now I am telling u cause u said ur tired of impersonation. Plz read this it may important. Also I did a nuslocke broke the rules forgetting about them, and my Caterpie died, before I even unlocked the PC on Pokemon Sun. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hyuji
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    I feel a lot of this so much. I can't flirt at all, and have never gone on a date at 24 (I mean, I've never been very pretty so), but with my niche interests would probably go similarly awkward. My first kiss (and only) was pretty weird. This woman and I were staying in this friend's after said friend's birthday party, and she sort of encouraged me to come over because she was cold, eventually I caved, and she sort of dragged me in and kissed me haha. Was a weird night. I also got someone's number once. I think I just randomly asked for it. I never actually ended up texting her though haha

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