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Sensible Transfers: Arsenal
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The Christmas Day Truce
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Why Offsides Are Dying Out
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Zdeněk Zeman: Il Boemo
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  • Lucas N
    Lucas N 3 hours ago

    He'd fit damn well, such a pity we don't have a Mkhitaryan or two as swap money

  • Maddox Guy
    Maddox Guy 3 hours ago


  • sana mir eva
    sana mir eva 3 hours ago

    in short barca in recent days are quite bad at managing anything related to club interest xcept selling messi's ass to earn money....

  • Chinteshwar Babu
    Chinteshwar Babu 3 hours ago

    It's not just considered an ownership crime, it is a crime

  • Bohemian Gentlemen
    Bohemian Gentlemen 4 hours ago

    Ed Woodward should literally hire you guys!

  • Aleks Jeff
    Aleks Jeff 4 hours ago

    This isn't the problem of Chelsea, the Europa League winners only earned 40m Euros while participants in Champions League group stage earn almost as much as that just for playing during the group stage. The only bigger signing was Pulisic recently and even that was fine due to the sale of Hazard.

  • MrKPIN
    MrKPIN 4 hours ago

    Too many shit players at utd and not enough good ones

    SHAH SAFWAT 4 hours ago


  • gran0208
    gran0208 4 hours ago

    TIFO: Chelsea will probably wait for a shirt sponsor till later in the season to strengthen their ha- Chelsea: T H R E E

  • jm 91
    jm 91 4 hours ago

    As an Arsenal fan, I want both Spurs and Chelsea out of Champions League so that they suffer.

  • Rahul Advani
    Rahul Advani 5 hours ago

    Only 2 players. There is a dire need for a goal scorer such as Dembele. United don’t need a left back that urgently A no 10, Striker, Genuine right winger and Ball winning midfielder are more of a need.

  • Michael A
    Michael A 5 hours ago

    SW^ is not in the Royal Borough...I know cos I lived across the street from Samford Bridge in the 80;s.

  • Morgan Stokes
    Morgan Stokes 5 hours ago

    Adama traore and cavani.

  • Morgan Stokes
    Morgan Stokes 5 hours ago

    When your numbers tens are Pereira and lingard something is really wrong

  • Philip Saal
    Philip Saal 5 hours ago

    Cause everyone else is shit. There don't need to watch the video, (salty United fan)

  • Tricky
    Tricky 5 hours ago

    Tactically, LVG’s 2015 vintage was, in his own opinion, tactically superior to anything detailed here. They just couldn’t score. How I miss Fergie and those players.

  • Kemar James
    Kemar James 5 hours ago

    Arsenal should be very worried....

  • TTRaptor
    TTRaptor 5 hours ago

    As a chelsea fan I have to say we are awful. The fact 4th spot is so close shows how far all Chelsea, United, spurs and Arsenal have fallen. If we do not finish top 4 we will be stuck with the same team next season which force us into a mid table team

  • Erick Nigma
    Erick Nigma 5 hours ago

    Your videos seem to be outdated recently

  • Hatem Kamel
    Hatem Kamel 6 hours ago

    Its bcz of bad contracts. Look at Liverpool’s wages

  • Krish
    Krish 6 hours ago

    Hi @Tifo football, Try reviewing important games, it will be interesting.

  • pluggednoize
    pluggednoize 6 hours ago

    Great video and analysis! I think though that you guys should make your animations and infographics more dynamic, with less text, because there's too much information on the screen for the eye to focus. Good work tho!

  • Black FireGR
    Black FireGR 6 hours ago

    ONLY PAOK !!!🏴🏳🏴🏳🏴🏳🏴🏳

  • My Name
    My Name 6 hours ago

    Welp rip Yokohama. Maybe three wont look as bad on the white kit?

  • David
    David 6 hours ago

    I remember someone on Graham Norton's show saying the name ed woodward (the actor) sounds like the noise a fart in a bath makes.....now whenever i hear ed woodward that's all i think about

  • jet4212006
    jet4212006 6 hours ago

    This channel is like taking an economics class. Also the timing of this video couldn't have been more perfect since Chelsea just announced a new shirt sponsor.

  • balf1111117373
    balf1111117373 6 hours ago

    The small stadium is really holding Chelsea back. This is why after everything they’ve won they are still not seen as a big club, yet Leeds and Nottingham forest still are

    • William Fazo
      William Fazo 6 hours ago

      balf1111117373 ur the funniest guy I know. Chelsea is one of the biggest clubs in the history of the game you fool. No one mentions Leeds nor Forrest because they are not BIG clubs.

  • Christian Tedja
    Christian Tedja 7 hours ago

    Arsenal was ever THIS great.

  • Jamie King
    Jamie King 7 hours ago

    Just signed a new contract for sponsorship with Three Mobile which could help massively

  • Dom Smith
    Dom Smith 7 hours ago

    Chelsea have just made '3' their new shirt sponsor. Incredible how quickly news can become outdated in football, but in all walks of life.

  • fortoxals
    fortoxals 7 hours ago

    Why does the video start with a tritone?

  • YoureGoingDownFed
    YoureGoingDownFed 7 hours ago

    He’s perfect for United. Precisely why we’ll never get him. The Synagogue of Satan runs United. This is what happens when you’re run For The Love of Money NOT The Love of The Game

  • Abdulrahman Salat
    Abdulrahman Salat 7 hours ago

    When will u bring how minamino will be perfect for liverpool, since he made his debut last night Vs wolves

  • PeteyTheRipper
    PeteyTheRipper 7 hours ago

    Chelsea really are in a bad position at the moment, this is from a chelsea fan before anyone says im hating lol. Manager who isnt experienced and squad full of over priced, overpaid , past it footballers. Could be half a decade before we compete again imo

  • Craig Taylor-Broad
    Craig Taylor-Broad 7 hours ago

    Players wages are absolutely obscene.

  • FrostyBD
    FrostyBD 8 hours ago

    Chelsea just announced the 3 shirt sponsorship

  • Ahmed كلّا
    Ahmed كلّا 8 hours ago

    That slab head? Maguire is GARBAGE. This list a joke

  • Benny Ceca
    Benny Ceca 8 hours ago

    For the record, Chelsea just signed the network 3 as its sponsor, not waiting until May. Might finish third on the table too to make it more appropriate.

  • Mateo Sánchez Fontana

    It´s worth remembering that Chelsea still have some assets in the form of disposable players like Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Moses (just on loan with an option to buy at Inter) as well as players in the verge of leaving such as Barkley, Alonso, and maybe even one CB. Just clearing the deadwood surely will amount to some money! It would be wise I believe, to minimize the numbers on our squad and give good academy players squad roles, thus having the ability to buy at an elite level on the positions we truly need.

  • Rajiv Pokharel
    Rajiv Pokharel 8 hours ago

    Once Giroud, Pedro, Willian, Ross, Alonso, Mitchy and possibly Emerson leaves, the wage structure will be balanced. Top 4 is still on, given other team's form.

  • rviktor6
    rviktor6 8 hours ago

    Chelsea beat to Barcelona with very big luck, Messi missed a penalty, (hit the post) others lot of big chances and finally El Nino somehow scored a goal, but that was just icing on the cake.

  • Hussam Al-Nees
    Hussam Al-Nees 8 hours ago

    They just announced a new sponsorship deal 😂

  • Andy Bukowski
    Andy Bukowski 8 hours ago

    aaaand its gone!

  • Marty D
    Marty D 9 hours ago


  • Sunil Prajapati
    Sunil Prajapati 9 hours ago

    Haha he didn’t say this originally appeared in the athletic 😂

  • Nishchal moktann
    Nishchal moktann 9 hours ago

    Ed woodward and Glazers heard that relax

  • Arish Roy
    Arish Roy 9 hours ago

    Hope Frank watches this video

  • Karabo Molotsi
    Karabo Molotsi 9 hours ago

    CAN'T BELIEVE WE BROKE... What happened here??? Uncle Roman needs to get us that stadium or its tickets.

  • Avinash Jha
    Avinash Jha 9 hours ago

    Make for video for Manchester city

  • J D
    J D 9 hours ago

    3:22 ahh shit... Here we go again

  • Reece N
    Reece N 9 hours ago

    Why didn’t we give Jamal Blackman time? We still have Jamie Cumming though, I guess. But we are still trying to replace Cech. Courtois was amazing, but Cech was more consistent and less prone to errors.

  • guru k
    guru k 9 hours ago

    They need a new stadium 40k stadium is not enough

  • Anderton Chigoneka
    Anderton Chigoneka 9 hours ago

    Chelsea have to be fourth United,Arsenal and Spurs have all been a disgrace this year. If any of them them above Chelsea Premier League's in trouble. Not a Chelsea fan but have you seen them three clubs this season. Chelsea inconsistent but others damn right shocking

  • Peter E
    Peter E 9 hours ago

    Damn signing Kepa was such a big mistake. Dangit Courtois you were supposed to be at the club for 10 years, no one wants to sign a goalie every 2 or 3 years, when you sign a first team goalie in his early 20s you expect he’ll stay for the next 10 years. Not sure how we get rid of Kepa, no one is gonna pay even 10M for him, he’s just gotta get better somehow.

  • Nabeel Khan
    Nabeel Khan 9 hours ago

    We are still to get money from morata's sale which would be around 55M Euros so factoring that in I think Chelsea are on par at the moment

  • Ceem Play
    Ceem Play 9 hours ago

    What a team

  • chris bullard
    chris bullard 10 hours ago

    football finance expert telling everyone the bleeding obvious, other teams in the CL make more money and they need a new stadium, hell i could of told you that lol

  • Aggad
    Aggad 10 hours ago

    Jokes aside, the athletic does have some pretty nice stories

  • Aleix Browne
    Aleix Browne 10 hours ago

    Well we won’t sign any players so fuck it

  • MrAlwaysBlue
    MrAlwaysBlue 10 hours ago

    UEFA hammer clubs with FFP. However they create the problem. By making the European Cup so much more lucrative than the UEFA Cup, clubs at the top level have to be in it, and that requires a lot of investment in the best players.

  • Stanley Omollo
    Stanley Omollo 10 hours ago

    Glazes and Woodward out now.

  • Hussain Q
    Hussain Q 10 hours ago

    Just don’t get injured *forehead*

  • AaA
    AaA 10 hours ago

    This makes me sadder knowing that man united won’t make top 4 :(

  • marcelano ryadi
    marcelano ryadi 10 hours ago

    1) sell Kepa !! His stats are horrible for a top goalie 2) keep Willian . He's a decent subs + senior figure in backroom 3) Chelsea will finish at 4th position. Provided Man Utd & Hotspurs keep losing 😋

  • Bob Slayon
    Bob Slayon 10 hours ago

    Chelski Oil FC

  • Callum Ormond
    Callum Ormond 10 hours ago

    To finish in top 4 Chelsea must appear in the Athletic

  • Samuel Kagunye
    Samuel Kagunye 10 hours ago

    We know need a lethal striker to get the goals now and one who can improve Tammy's game (not saying he isn't good , he can do better)

  • Muhammed Asif
    Muhammed Asif 11 hours ago

    After eden hazad ledt chelsea is not good team after he left

  • Loyer IT
    Loyer IT 11 hours ago

    so, no new player in this January transfer

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman 11 hours ago

    Wolves are only 6 points off Chelsea. And have a much better coach, don't be shocked if they do it

  • Clarence Onyekwere
    Clarence Onyekwere 11 hours ago

    Watched this video, checked Chelsea's next few matches and I am now worried

  • RandomNameHere
    RandomNameHere 11 hours ago

    I'll be the pedantic bastard who points out that Stamford Bridge is in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. <3

  • _ Booth
    _ Booth 11 hours ago

    Chelsea’s long term future definitely doesn’t lie with lampard

  • _ Booth
    _ Booth 11 hours ago

    Liverpool City Leicester Chelsea There’s no other way the top 4 can finish

  • Ananyo Mutsuddi
    Ananyo Mutsuddi 12 hours ago

    Do one video on the financials of Arsenal, I want to know how badly has not being in the champions League affected them.

  • The Addicted Gamer
    The Addicted Gamer 12 hours ago

    Hopefully high profile players like bakayoko, morata etc leave in the summer so that we can balance the books in the summer and spend on players that can challenge for a first team spot

  • Ray Saragih
    Ray Saragih 12 hours ago

    this guy must sell watermelon on madrid street. dont talk to much, just do it.

  • ano nym
    ano nym 12 hours ago

    This is the best tifo content❤

  • Football Therapy
    Football Therapy 12 hours ago

    Very interesting. Superb video, as per usual, chaps!

  • Killers Gaming
    Killers Gaming 12 hours ago

    Big Bang Didn't appear on The Athletic,so it's fake

  • Asif Shahriar
    Asif Shahriar 12 hours ago

    Great video. Now how about one regarding the off-field issues of Man Utd in post fergie era? Like boardroom issues, not having a proper director, difficult transfer negotiation etc

  • Miikka Järvenpää
    Miikka Järvenpää 12 hours ago

    Chelsea and Yokohama renewed their deal.

  • ural wong
    ural wong 12 hours ago

    Chelsea are paying their youth movement 100k+ a week? That is crazy. By comparison Van Dijk is on 150k.

    • TaylorJ
      TaylorJ 6 hours ago

      ural wong van dijk is only on 150k? Wow, I mean yeah its a lot but not much compared to other players in the premier league

  • raterrr123654
    raterrr123654 12 hours ago

    Because of the snake, we had to pay a world record fee for a keeper.

    • Niklas Löw
      Niklas Löw 4 hours ago

      nakeem parsons kepa is the only reason why they didnt got beat by Frankfurt he can be very good on his day

    • Sam Rowe
      Sam Rowe 7 hours ago

      What did Ross Barkley have to do with that transfer hahaha

    • nakeem parsons
      nakeem parsons 8 hours ago

      @Vitor Faria kepa is having a blip in form. There has been a lot of revisionist view when it comes to Kepa unfortunately. With confidence, hopefully he can get his mojo back and improve further.

    • Nabeel Khan
      Nabeel Khan 9 hours ago

      For a shit keeper There I corrected it

    • Vitor Faria
      Vitor Faria 10 hours ago

      @Mr. Splashman77 courtois has been world class in the last few weeks he has really come to form

  • Surya Chandrasekaran
    Surya Chandrasekaran 12 hours ago

    Why Chelsea must not finish top 4. Because they want Man United to get the 4th spot.

  • janteo1
    janteo1 12 hours ago

    i really like the tittle of this

  • Kurt Baatzy
    Kurt Baatzy 13 hours ago

    united should sign tito

  • Deepak Saini
    Deepak Saini 13 hours ago

    James has signed a new contract about a week ago

  • Tom Speller
    Tom Speller 13 hours ago

    Long live the tyranny in the middle east that way we can enjoy our football...

    RATHNESH RATU 13 hours ago

    I think Chelsea do not deserve to finish top 4. However they will.

  • Tom Speller
    Tom Speller 13 hours ago

    They are proper Jews..Look, Somehow they manage to use public funds to build their stadium, that is a work of genius...Well done to the Glazers for living it large...

  • Matheus Pinheiro
    Matheus Pinheiro 13 hours ago

    Liverpool are laughing

  • Mohammed Abdullah
    Mohammed Abdullah 13 hours ago

    Chelsea fans originally appeared on the Athletic

  • Soepenhaupt The Sweetest Soup

    Can you make a video on Joao Felix struggling at Atletico Madrid, please? Thank you :)

    • Random Loner
      Random Loner 12 hours ago

      He isn't struggling? If you look at his underlying numbers he's doing fine, just a bit unspectacular. Ateltico Madrid's attack has been pretty dysfunctional since Griezmann left and Felix as a second striker, it's not his fault that Morata and Costa haven't been good enough.

  • Peter Stratos
    Peter Stratos 13 hours ago

    Failing to get top 4 hurts player recruitment just as much as it does finances

  • Shresta Hebbar
    Shresta Hebbar 13 hours ago

    Yokohama tyres extended their partnership with Chelsea today

    • nakeem parsons
      nakeem parsons 7 hours ago

      Nope, 3 is our new shirt sponsor unfortunately.....

  • jammybizzle666
    jammybizzle666 13 hours ago

    Can someone send this to Dead Woodward

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres 13 hours ago

    and we will! 6 points clear right now and manu and tottenham aren't really looking dangerously consistent. I bellieve in this team! in frank we trust

  • Akshay Panwar
    Akshay Panwar 13 hours ago

    Same will happen with man City also . Not being a biased Liverpool fan but they've done with how they spend money

  • ASZ Tube
    ASZ Tube 13 hours ago

    The reason why we are still in top 4 is all because we are LuCky ... When we lost a game , united and spurs too lost ,,,, when we won they won too .... But let's not be happy with this ...

    • surya taneja
      surya taneja 13 hours ago

      ASZ Tube i think you have to see it in the long term , just like Liverpool did with klopp, the signs were always there that klopp can take the klopp forward because of his tactics and style of play , same is with lampard , chelsea even when loosing is dominating most of the games and creating a lot of chances unlike Tottenham and man utd , who look lost on the pitch for most of the 90 minutes , Chelsea under lampard are just missing the finishing touch which they will grab with time , lampard will definitely make chelsea better next season , and man utd is going now where under ole , and same with tottenham under mourinio, whose old tactics dont work anymore,