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Zdeněk Zeman: Il Boemo
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  • Benjamin Akira
    Benjamin Akira Minute ago

    I knew some of these comments will relate this video to KSI at some point.😅😂🤣 Never knew KSI had such influence.

  • Lee Birch
    Lee Birch 6 minutes ago

    Trust me, Heskey was considered a joke even before KSI said anything.

  • Djordje Zivkovic
    Djordje Zivkovic 24 minutes ago

    He was decent when he was yonger but decayed in his prime. Overall an ok player with bit 2 much English caps

  • StevePeeve
    StevePeeve 46 minutes ago

    The Athletic won't be happy

  • Romario Marroquin
    Romario Marroquin 58 minutes ago

    The chuck Norris of football

  • Linkonpark100
    Linkonpark100 Hour ago

    On the bright side, the scandal brought to the rise of Inter Milan.

  • Anthony Price
    Anthony Price Hour ago

    Absolutely spot on, he's a legend and always will be, and sadly a 'team striker' at exactly the point when it was appreciated the least

  • Capitan Rex
    Capitan Rex Hour ago

    The solution to all of it is just to stop the clock

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia Hour ago

    MLS sucks, it’s all about the European leagues

  • reallorn
    reallorn Hour ago

    Cuz Europe is more flashy and better to watch?

  • 10.10 23.0
    10.10 23.0 Hour ago

    So are they riding each others wives or was that bullshit?

  • ascp
    ascp Hour ago

    This is a challenge that no manager could get anywhere outside of the UK, usually a manager leaves a team before the cicle ends, managing more than 5 years and rebuild teams is something only for premier league managers. It’s time to see if Pochettino is up to this challenge.

  • Daniel Osorio
    Daniel Osorio 2 hours ago

    What is the name of this song,

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 2 hours ago

    Why did I think the guy lying down in top left at 2:28 was pitching a massive tent lol

  • Pietro Pes
    Pietro Pes 2 hours ago

    Spurs basically turned into the Arsenal of 6/7 years ago. They Don't spend money, new stadium to pay for, moral high ground 'but we play nice football'...but the team is young (even though it isn't really) trophies are overrated, a bonus but not a requirement etc etc

  • Lunch at Marco's
    Lunch at Marco's 2 hours ago

    Conte looking to dethrone the beast he helped to design

  • Sockey99
    Sockey99 2 hours ago

    I had a bet with my friend that you would pronounce La Masia wrong through the entire video!! cheers i won

  • Mahir Diwan
    Mahir Diwan 2 hours ago

    Could you guys do a video on mbs takeover it would be widely appreciated

  • Testin Jast
    Testin Jast 3 hours ago

    Average height is not 180cm and definitely not in england!!

  • Lily of the Desert
    Lily of the Desert 3 hours ago

    Brazilian Ronaldo is the only football player in History that is (SPECIAL) whom comes closest to him is Cr Ronaldo, next one is Raheem Sterling, messi somwhere behind there, maradona? Like 250 plus, pele? Like 50 plus, so yeaaaah, some past hypes doesent live up to the hype today! Just a fact, Todays football Maradonna and pele would be medioker if not a bench players! Yessssss you read right! Im only the guy with like 97% prediction accuracy of every season since 2010 in ever league in europe

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy 3 hours ago

    I think Kane actually hinders spurs. He's got a good shot but isn't quick and pacy. I'd much rather see son and lucas up top versus a point striker kane.

  • Kasper Michaels
    Kasper Michaels 3 hours ago

    Thank you for making this video. Heskey is a baller, always has been.

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman 3 hours ago

    Its a spursy thing

  • REV
    REV 4 hours ago

    Love your videos and your depth 👌🏼

  • ZB Stepps
    ZB Stepps 4 hours ago

    My cousins Grandparents worked alongside him in Aberdeen and Man United!!

  • Whiz Mog
    Whiz Mog 4 hours ago

    Do something on Arsenal.. The game is no longer interesting

  • Dinis De Brito
    Dinis De Brito 4 hours ago

    zzzz... o senhor coenceiao joga a cualquer coisa....menos ao porto.... nao jogam puto zzzz... este tío juega a nada...el juego del Porto no tiene idea...es una "caimanera"...cocodrilos... zzz. this guy is a great coach for a barrio, square, team...no for Porto...Cionceicao playing sucks...a lot...

  • Prince Fei
    Prince Fei 4 hours ago

    I Hope One Day He Will Return to London And Light Our Beloved Stadium, Stamford Bridge

  • The Pride of London
    The Pride of London 4 hours ago

    Again ..... Lol 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • KayCee StaRR
    KayCee StaRR 4 hours ago

    Well, the good thing about being down under is that the only way to go is up.

  • Nabbiuz
    Nabbiuz 4 hours ago

    0:50 it's Antonio Candreva

  • Dylan Evans
    Dylan Evans 4 hours ago

    Everytime I see that Champions league trophy and 2-0 liverpool I want to KMS.

  • G Glodz
    G Glodz 4 hours ago

    Oh yeah, what's next? John Obi Mikel was the best CDM in the premier League during his time at Chelsea? 😅😂😅

  • zaydelkhair
    zaydelkhair 5 hours ago

    I think sir Alex knew that with Glazers debt United were going nowhere but becoming impotent... blame the horse Alex blame the horse

  • Joel Luca
    Joel Luca 5 hours ago

    A harsh sending off for Nani ? Are you sure you watched the game or are you just biased

  • h bell
    h bell 5 hours ago

    Yes Tifo more videos about how shit Tottenham are please

  • GrantMC100
    GrantMC100 5 hours ago

    City are cheats end of. Let's hope their punishment at the end of this season is big enough for them never to consider similar antics again. The fact is, they're a small club with few fans but rich owners. FFP is there for all to abide with, including city!

  • YerAWizardHarry
    YerAWizardHarry 5 hours ago

    Shows that you can and should play youth and not spend a billion pounds on overpriced, overrated, overhyped players. Like many say, it’s a blessing in disguise for Chelsea. Abraham, Tomori, Mount and Hudson Odoi are doing just fine and they don’t need any replacements.

  • LegendBossHistory
    LegendBossHistory 5 hours ago

    This video is a Arsenal fan’s wet dream.

  • Pedro Federico Rossaroli

    No ví el vídeo, pero la respuesta es sencilla. Me corto la garcha

  • Comrade Corbachev
    Comrade Corbachev 5 hours ago

    Every club should be made of kids from the local area

  • bad campa
    bad campa 5 hours ago

    I heard there are love triangles amonst the players

  • Gearoid Collins
    Gearoid Collins 5 hours ago

    Ask Origi

  • y_1stt
    y_1stt 5 hours ago

    dribbles to the left and dribbles to the right but still missed

  • beanie man
    beanie man 5 hours ago

    Well he's nothing in four game weeks and my fpl team is carrying his inconsistent ass

  • reallorn
    reallorn 6 hours ago

    I'll tell you what's wrong, they have a lot of English players and english players are just temporary. Their form is over now they're just hype.

  • Chicken
    Chicken 6 hours ago

    Who is here after Thomas Cook Collapsed

  • Brian Teo
    Brian Teo 6 hours ago

    Because he can, my king!

  • Matteo Brunetti
    Matteo Brunetti 6 hours ago

    Parla dell'Atalanta

  • Rolando S
    Rolando S 6 hours ago


  • JetterBach159
    JetterBach159 6 hours ago


  • Ed
    Ed 6 hours ago

    They remembered they were Tottenham?

  • Qasim Malik
    Qasim Malik 6 hours ago

    Great video! What’s the background music called?

  • M Mogaki
    M Mogaki 7 hours ago

    The 4-3-1-2 is exactly what Sarri is currently implementing at Juve

  • Iksvomid
    Iksvomid 7 hours ago

    I'd love it if their profit drops massively. No wages for the overpaid drama queens on the pitch, and United won't be a cash cow for the jews anymore. Win-win.

  • manichispanic999
    manichispanic999 7 hours ago

    I didn’t realize they had tactics

  • macanoo muriidi
    macanoo muriidi 7 hours ago

    I call the three men defense weak mans tactics.

  • Imstupid 000111
    Imstupid 000111 7 hours ago

    Wow he is making money for eating lunches and stretching

  • John Newton
    John Newton 7 hours ago

    Who does the drawings for this.

  • Tommy Two-shoes
    Tommy Two-shoes 7 hours ago

    Heskey was the perfect target man: A tactical forward who's job isn't necessarily to score loads of goals, but receive high and long balls, dominate in the air and hold the ball up while the rest of the team transition forward.

  • haumangmang haukhanmang

    Bernando silva hahahaha

  • Michael
    Michael 7 hours ago

    As an Arsenal Fan, I'm not really tripping regarding these tactical failures 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Michael
      Michael 7 hours ago

      I say this as Arsenal are losing to Sheff Utd. FFS 🤦🏻‍♂️

    CHEDSA 7 hours ago

    Never wanna yeti giggs ever again❌😂

  • Flipendo
    Flipendo 7 hours ago

    That midfield three doesn't quite make sense, none of the three players in it seem to be natural in those positions. Winks alongside Sissoko could work in a double pivot, Ndombele alongside Dier could work too - but despite everything Spurs seem to still be lacking a suitably combative defensive midfielder to play alongside a ball player or dribbler.

  • Flatpack jedi master

    Are you telling me that this story did not appear on the Athletic

  • Franz the Grizzly
    Franz the Grizzly 8 hours ago

    Nothing went wrong. Rottenham always been shit. Then somehow they managed to have a Short spell of being Not too shitty (kept the Presure) and now everything is back to normal.

  • Devin Kaula
    Devin Kaula 8 hours ago

    KSI is hugely responsible for this 😂😂

  • Stephen Gott
    Stephen Gott 8 hours ago

    You should do one on -why England have not won a World Cup since 1966?

  • nacho rayo
    nacho rayo 8 hours ago

    Can u do a video about the fenway group?

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin 8 hours ago


  • O Plebeu
    O Plebeu 8 hours ago

    you honestly just compared money spent in 2019 and money spent in 2013

  • Imstupid 000111
    Imstupid 000111 8 hours ago

    For me SAF is and will be the greatest manager ever, he is truly a winner

  • Edvin
    Edvin 8 hours ago

    I really want similiar video about Arsenal please.

    OPRAHRULZ 8 hours ago

    In layman's terms, it's a fucking mess.

  • James Alexander Urwin

    You kind of skip over the majority of his career, particularly where he didn't do much at club level, and praise him as a success for scoring goals in his first season at Liverpool, but later say we shouldn't judge him for his goals Heskey was a mediocre player who did have a unique play style for a striker, but his assists rate were not all that impressive, and his job was to score goals. He's remembered for his lack of goals because of this fact I do think he had great qualities and perhaps should have been moulded into a centre forward rather than a striker, but Heskey should be remembered as a mediocre player who was very unselfish, and not as a quintessential example of a 'shit' player that has been pushed by the likes of KSI, even if it was just for a meme

  • David Fitzgerald
    David Fitzgerald 8 hours ago

    Where is our youth squad? LFC and Chelsea develop their squads so well so they can keep bringing up quality players. What about Spurs? Also, looking at all the top tier teams, I don't see one with as bad a defense as we have. Go down to the local pub and replace Auier and Sanchez. If I have to watch those two make wild school ground undisciplined, immature tackles that lead to yellow and red cards again I will vomit. It's obivous Toby and Jan have checked out and are already gone. Replace the whole freaking back line with Watfords. Please!

  • A Sapoluu
    A Sapoluu 8 hours ago

    They are just shit

  • R9RealMadridR9CR7
    R9RealMadridR9CR7 9 hours ago

    Waiting on your epic VARca videos where you you blame Real Madrid and Florentino Pérez and of course, Franco and his love for Real Madrid.

  • Shardul Tirlotkar
    Shardul Tirlotkar 9 hours ago

    But Ferguson played 4-4-2 Front 2 strikers and achieved 13pl

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim 9 hours ago

    you forgot about the part where the club was ever considered for pro football in England

  • codgamer
    codgamer 9 hours ago

    I have not seen any neat quick interplay between the front 4 for many games. All I see is the midfield switching from one side to the other and in the end Rose, Aurier or sometimes Sissoko on the right would cross the ball in and head out by the opposition defender. We look the most dangerous when we have someone on the wing like Son or Lucas or Davies providing early LOW crosses with Kane, Dele and Eriksen in the centre. We look so labourious going forward and the front 4 looks like they just met each other yesterday.

  • LAGoodfella
    LAGoodfella 10 hours ago

    Conclusion: Spurs are 💩

  • princess Alma
    princess Alma 10 hours ago

    What about Now? Mason mount CHO Ruben loftus cheek Zouma Tomori Abraham are all our first team starters

  • Miguel Diaz
    Miguel Diaz 10 hours ago

    Many teams play with 4 at the back and a midfield 3, and many of them have done it successfully without playing with a physical midfield destroyer/high energy midfield football, like Barcelona or Man city during their injury woes for example. The explanation feels hollow in the sense that no reason was found as to why Spurs in particular are unable to manage to find the balance in their defensive base, when many others have.

  • Tatsuya SIGH
    Tatsuya SIGH 10 hours ago

    Poch seems to like formations with a 10 behind 2 ST (3-4-1-2 last ss). Probably due to the lack of real wingers who actually stay wide. Spurs' wide areas are mostly occupied by FBs, who can't cross. Trippier's dip in form clearly affected Spurs last ss, and now he's gone.

  • Julian potatoe
    Julian potatoe 10 hours ago

    Joe Lewis is pocketing all the bread and given scraps to the team.

  • London Man
    London Man 10 hours ago

    Watched his 100 goals club like this guy is sooo underrated. He was doing all sorts of things tap ins dribbles volleys everything. And that was just the goals.

  • Big john Price
    Big john Price 10 hours ago

    It could be worse you could be Accrington Stanley

  • Thomas Ma
    Thomas Ma 11 hours ago

    It's time for a mass exodus and good bye Potty.

  • tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG

    Why do teams avoid 4-4-2 even when it'd be perfect for them, such as Spurs?

  • Pranay Jain
    Pranay Jain 11 hours ago

    7 months from now u may have to update this video...

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres 11 hours ago

    would be sad to see pocchetino sacked because of this slump. I mean I'm ok with one less top4 challenger but this is a drought that can happen to every team and imo it's really not the manager's fault. I'm sure their form will eventually improve

  • Calum
    Calum 11 hours ago

    The athletic is fucking shite

    • Calum
      Calum 11 hours ago

      So glad i didnt have to hear that shitey plug

  • Morry 10
    Morry 10 11 hours ago

    Rules are there to be broken eh? The modern game is a corrupt greedy mess. But then if you injected 5.1 billion into any sport on the planet it would be the same. Sad state of affairs.

  • The Shades End
    The Shades End 11 hours ago

    Very well explained but thanks to FIFA, we r finding how good our development squad is and our youth r our future. We have to selective buyer's from here on as we have some really good player's in our club.

  • Vuk Babovic
    Vuk Babovic 11 hours ago

    Why this sad, funeral music? Did anybody die? Lol football club is in poor form, its not the end of the world 😀

  • Grizzleface
    Grizzleface 11 hours ago

    nah. the problem is the new stadium

  • Eleven Ocean
    Eleven Ocean 11 hours ago

    The Athletic got to you too. Damn

  • AlxAnt83
    AlxAnt83 11 hours ago

    Really milking this tottenham crisis, aren't we?

  • MrYouarethecancer
    MrYouarethecancer 11 hours ago

    It truly was shite fart lane.