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Zdeněk Zeman: Il Boemo
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Sensible Transfers: Juventus
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Sensible Transfers: Everton
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Sensible Transfers: Inter
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Sensible Transfers: Chelsea
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Sensible Transfers: Liverpool
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What Happened to the FA Cup?
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  • Asif Shahriar
    Asif Shahriar 23 minutes ago

    is this video still relevant in 2019?

  • cataloni vamoos
    cataloni vamoos 5 hours ago

    very biased one sided argument

  • Viraj Prabhu
    Viraj Prabhu 5 hours ago

    Finally we've got the alternative to bobby 👀 takumi minamino

  • Indominus Ghoul
    Indominus Ghoul 5 hours ago

    Delete this shit rn

  • RamenShaman
    RamenShaman 6 hours ago

    2:35 - perfect for Takumi Minamino + LFC

  • John Thuppayath
    John Thuppayath 6 hours ago

    Did someone say Minamino?

  • Uruguay y Nigeria
    Uruguay y Nigeria 7 hours ago


  • Amreen Anowar
    Amreen Anowar 9 hours ago

    Total Football 3.0 : Ajax and the Europa League

  • Seb B
    Seb B 9 hours ago

    27 million for Neymar and we didn’t get him lol. Could’ve robbed PSG and sold him for 200 mil.

  • RyanBennett FC
    RyanBennett FC 13 hours ago

    I read once that Guardiola fears only 3 managers people in football Klopp - because he has so often been Pep's kryptonite, someone who he cannot consistently defeat Bielsa - because he is the manager he most admires and learned from, and therefore is probably the only man on football who can fully understand Pep's thinking and out think him Poch - because he too takes a lot of his ideas and tactics from Bielsa and so he also understands how to play and defeat Pep. However he also respects all of them as managers.

  • TommyTO8C
    TommyTO8C 14 hours ago

    I don’t think throw-ins should not be removed, because it is a whole tactic

  • Pelerincha
    Pelerincha 14 hours ago

    Yes, this is a great exercise but there is something LACKING. The better exercise as Cruyff states " if you can play this ,you can play soccer" is 4v2 played in a rectangle . There the players have to think and move off the ball which is not really done in Rondo. As a matter of fact when playing Rondo ,stipulate that you can't pass to the player next to you.

  • Lorenzo Altobelli
    Lorenzo Altobelli 15 hours ago

    If anyone is watching this in 2019, he was released by the government in February, and thousands of people recieved him in meblourne ;)

  • Derek Ehiorobo
    Derek Ehiorobo 16 hours ago

    "Every slip.". . . he definitely did not want to repeat what happened with Gerrard

  • Bren Foran
    Bren Foran 17 hours ago

    These fans gave blood for their club quality

  • James Fitzpatrick
    James Fitzpatrick 17 hours ago

    Takumi Minamino swings this battle in favour of Liverpool!

  • R M
    R M 17 hours ago

    Sir Alex is a mf legend

  • veyis veliyev
    veyis veliyev 19 hours ago

    The legendary team of 2004. Reminds me of my childhood

  • veyis veliyev
    veyis veliyev 19 hours ago

    I love this channel and the voice.

  • veyis veliyev
    veyis veliyev 19 hours ago

    Dont change this voice

  • Abins 06
    Abins 06 20 hours ago

    Corner and ramos helped real lift UEFA once ...

  • Ren
    Ren 21 hour ago

    I mean, 3-1 is better than 7-2 I guess lol

  • Mohammed A. Mustafa
    Mohammed A. Mustafa 21 hour ago

    Leeds United fan here, I hope we and NF get automatic promotion this year and West Bromwich v Birmingham as the play off final.

  • zaddu zaza
    zaddu zaza 22 hours ago

    Al wada is in the united arab emirates not saudi arabia

  • Patrick Vincent Manese

    Have you tried 4 2 4 ??

  • Oliver Lewis
    Oliver Lewis 23 hours ago

    If Hugo wasn't injured, Tottenham wouldn't have conceded so many goals. Even though Poch saw something in Gazzaniga, he was Southampton's 4th choice when he signed

  • R P
    R P 23 hours ago

    Its NOT a Stadium, its a Theater. All they do is act and film like crazy. Thats why.

  • Jared Sanchez
    Jared Sanchez Day ago

    About subscribing to “The Athletic”, no thanks just keep making free videos

  • Hakeem O'Neal
    Hakeem O'Neal Day ago

    This was great, i think a lot of people would find Paulino Alcantara interesting

  • Demon 1
    Demon 1 Day ago


  • CoolCrabFN
    CoolCrabFN Day ago

    kids are originally born on the athletic

  • Kidzo900
    Kidzo900 Day ago

    These videos age so well.

  • J.A. Brown
    J.A. Brown Day ago

    Will the I-League become the second tier below the ISL? I think that's where this is headed.

  • gior7os
    gior7os Day ago

    My brother originally appeared on the Athletic

    LEOMESHI Day ago

    i mean a team usually gets like 3-4 corners per game. its still effective

  • Tim Volkov
    Tim Volkov Day ago

    A brilliant player. United gotta go after him

  • Nash Middleton

    Zinedine Zidane. Enough said. Watch tape and learn.

  • Landon McLean
    Landon McLean Day ago

    There will never be pro rel because the mls is owned by the owners of the teams and why would you invest hundreds of millions of dollars just to see your team get relegated? The owners will never reach a majority to relegate their own teams and usl/nasl have no say so it’ll never happen. Wish it could

  • Jeffrey Davis
    Jeffrey Davis Day ago

    The detail of using Hungarian Rhapsody as the background music...perfect

  • andy crossfit
    andy crossfit Day ago

    The most asset of m city is Pep Guardiola. City must keep him at all costs !!!

  • andy crossfit
    andy crossfit Day ago

    Guardiola is younger and more achievements than old Klopp. GO Pep Go :)

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez Day ago

    This is sad but it’s not like any of y’all are gonna boycott a single second of Qatar World Cup.

  • CareerCrackAddict

    It's all gone wrong

  • OttomanOsman
    OttomanOsman Day ago

    I can't agree more. Erdoğan has been abusing power to create his own dictatorship throughout his personal success in football. Maybe on few years next, all money for football development will be thrown only for himself.

  • b s
    b s Day ago

    Watch Aston villa put another 5 mill on his transfer fee and state it's because he's got a tifo video

  • luke Barker
    luke Barker Day ago

    Looks more like Wenger in that thumbnail

  • Geefiasco
    Geefiasco Day ago

    I thought Jose was sponsored by Porsche Design too?

  • Junior Doctor
    Junior Doctor Day ago

    Rafa Benitez's Valencia 2001 -02 : Tactical Analysis ?

  • OttomanOsman
    OttomanOsman Day ago

    Respect for American Samoa for their determination.

  • Michał Markowski

    I can hardly agree. Many teams (e.g. teams playing with high defence) still use off-side trap, although usually younger or less skilled players get caught. And there are some offensive players who are off-side line masters. E.g. Lewandowski is almost never off-side, when he's receiving a pass.

  • TimTalks Official

    Back in the day... Eric Cantona: 1-1-8 Nowadays, Motta: 2-7-2 Go figure!

  • Dr Muhammed Akbar

    'He also INDOICES German beer Warsteiner'

  • ShaolinMeditator101

    These 2 man have got beef

  • WHUTubbz
    WHUTubbz Day ago

    oh mate imagine trekking all that way to come and see your club in 11th. Naah im joking what a story. absolutley horrifying whats happening and glad that he made it out. its taken for granted the prem but when you see it like this its so nice.

  • your right I'm sooo sorry

    Make the pitch ten times wider so the ball doesn't go out of play! Simples!

  • PsychoTime
    PsychoTime Day ago

    How? Why? Is this necessary? Let the man with 3 PL trophies wear whatever he likes. RESPECT! MAN! RESPECT RESPECT Respect!

  • Dennis Bastek jr.

    Brilliant as always.

  • Jeremia
    Jeremia Day ago

    God originally appeared on The Athletic

  • Plipo Gamez
    Plipo Gamez Day ago

    Three trophies...? This is a serious football channel, and you class the Community Shield as a trophy worth mentioning?

  • Hamish Munroe
    Hamish Munroe Day ago

    You use such embarrassing terminology that no football person would ever say.

  • Hamish Munroe
    Hamish Munroe Day ago

    Away and play a game of football ya gimp

  • Maximilian Maximilian

    I have often wondered about this statement, should the 1978 world cup never taken place in Argentina or not at all? Because even if FIFA decided to take the world cup from Argentina due to the military regime, and we should not forget that Argentina had bene given the task of hosting the turnament back in 1966, long before the 1976 coup, it would still have to give it to an another South American country, since the 1978 world cup had to take place in America, as the previous one had taken place in Europe. In the late '70s, most south american countries were under military rule, and even the few civilian governments were nothing more than military puppets. So if FIFA had insted given the world cup to Chile or Brazil, it would still take place in a country under a military dictatorship, neither was this the first time, the 1934 world cup in Italy is another example. As for Argentina being favored by the referees, that's generally the case with host nations, and there are even more blatant examples. The Argentina-Peru game will always have a shadow of doubt lingering over it, but nothing conclusive has ever been proved, neither Ledesma's testimony, whic although definitely the most serious, has raised more questions than it has answered. Even if the particular match was staged, this doesn't mean the entire tournament was, if there has certainly been a staged world cup match than this West Germany vs Austria in 1982, however I have never heard this tournament being called staged, although it is probably by far the most scandalous ever.

  • nur ibrahim
    nur ibrahim Day ago

    Winks is ass

  • pzzcc
    pzzcc Day ago

    Lurato Martinez from inter milan is a good as aguero replacement.

  • Ross Bain
    Ross Bain Day ago

    you give it the big talk and always get things wrong. a posh accent and nice illustrations don't mean you know what your talking about. He has literally said the Bayern game is a good chance for kids to play. It was always going to be this way. So my question to you is, what on earth are you on about?

  • E Ozeroff
    E Ozeroff 2 days ago

    Great video. I’m an Arsenal fan but I can’t deny enjoying watching Jose manage his team. Hope you will do a video on Ljungberg tactics.

  • Sponsi
    Sponsi 2 days ago

    1:27 BTW it's 1-4-2-3-1, you need to add the goalkeeper to be 100% proper.

  • Lewis Clamp
    Lewis Clamp 2 days ago

    PROportion of PAsses PROgressive PAss

  • Willem Buysman
    Willem Buysman 2 days ago


  • Sam plays009
    Sam plays009 2 days ago

    Absolute bargain!!!

  • Rishabh Bajoria
    Rishabh Bajoria 2 days ago

    This is genuinely beautiful.

  • Abdulrahman Abdulmutaleb

    Some of the info you mentioned are not accurate.. Turki Alshakh claims he helped Kuwait and convince Fifa to hold gulf cup in Kuwait, but actually Qatar helped Kuwait in this, not Turki Alshaikh. The Kuwaiti government send an official thanking letter to Qattar for their help.

  • Brandon Badillo
    Brandon Badillo 2 days ago

    Why am I so fucken bored at the starting of the video already smh

  • M. Bison
    M. Bison 2 days ago

    That's a great spot, never even noticed it. This is unusual

  • Some One Else
    Some One Else 2 days ago

    I wanted to see son play left back

  • Glen Abraham
    Glen Abraham 2 days ago

    All the people playing down Arsenal during our time of hardship. Mocking us, even our own fans making such. A toxic environment of Arsenal. We just have one message for you, We will be back!! This story of hope shows us how big arsenal is and how big it is for fans. This is Arsenal !! This is passion ! COYG!!

  • Edson Junior
    Edson Junior 2 days ago

    Do Jorge Jesus' Flamengo.

  • Joseph Coombs
    Joseph Coombs 2 days ago

    Dad how did Leicester win the league. Well son, it all started with Nigel Pearson and a Thai Orgy

  • ChickenDippers
    ChickenDippers 2 days ago

    One thing I was hoping you’d compare is the defensive line. Its weird because even though we aren't pressing as high up the pitch, our defensive line is actually much higher, pretty much in the opposition half, making the middle of the pitch so packed with players. that’s why a lot of teams are just hitting it over the top of us now lol

  • Louis Pecceu
    Louis Pecceu 2 days ago

    If there are so many unsold tickets because they’re too expensive from the official team seller, wouldn’t they just decline in value on the resale market (stubhub, seatgeek, etc). This happens with shitty nfl teams all the time, like the redskins this year. The team will officially sell them for pretty expensive, but last week they were as low as $6 on stubhub cuz nobody wanted them

  • Ste Whittaker
    Ste Whittaker 2 days ago

    3 trophies ha ha

  • KMP in the World
    KMP in the World 2 days ago

    lo celso is leaving soon

  • Adil Mame
    Adil Mame 2 days ago

    Having the same story but stucked in belgium, I want to say congrats to Ahmed. Hopefully I might see Arsenal in the Europa league or maybe the fans after the match. Thanks Tifo for this perspective

  • lazios
    lazios 2 days ago

    Many football expert here... 😂 anyway don't worry for money of your team (whatever is) because for less than 100 million Lazio don't even talk.

  • jorge pimentel
    jorge pimentel 2 days ago

    It seems south america consists of brazil and argentina.

  • Michał Chlebek
    Michał Chlebek 2 days ago

    Time flies by, and hes still not used as he should be.

  • chazzzztastic
    chazzzztastic 2 days ago

    Anyone here after hearing he was sacked tonight, hoping he’ll go to Arsenal? 🙂

  • Nicholas Jessel
    Nicholas Jessel 2 days ago

    casemiro is great and morata has fallen off

  • Chicken Oriental
    Chicken Oriental 2 days ago

    Athletic no ?

  • James Rallison
    James Rallison 2 days ago

    I don’t really like the way diet plays would much rather have an ndombele or winks

  • Enrico Picchi
    Enrico Picchi 2 days ago

    thats because players are getting smarter

  • O Gajo de Alfama
    O Gajo de Alfama 2 days ago

    Angers tactics pls

  • Happy Healthy
    Happy Healthy 2 days ago

    Consciousness originally appeared on The Athletic

  • simstarkiller
    simstarkiller 2 days ago

    2:30 Harry Kane be looking like Steve Rodgers from Infinity war

  • Steve M
    Steve M 2 days ago

    an enjoyable really well told story. thanks.

    LAYLA LAYLA 2 days ago


  • Pikz theG
    Pikz theG 2 days ago

    Please do a tactical profile on Heung-Min Son

  • Zarak James
    Zarak James 2 days ago

    Inter Milan, Nike?

  • Plipo Gamez
    Plipo Gamez 2 days ago

    Are Japanese fans the ultimate glory hunters?

  • Benjamin Hughes
    Benjamin Hughes 2 days ago

    Mate is that drawing meant to be Mourinho? 😂