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Mental Health Monday #1
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Jump Force - Gon Gameplay
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MY PLANS FOR 2019!!!
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  • Chris Gandar
    Chris Gandar 9 hours ago

    Yeah super bad commentary... Great match tho.

  • Spectre
    Spectre 11 hours ago

    I love it when a 13year old commentates their screeching voice makes my ears bleed

  • Phoenixtbh
    Phoenixtbh 11 hours ago

    thanks for the twitter follow ikechi <3

  • Silent Serenade
    Silent Serenade 11 hours ago

    I just spent 4 hours practicing and decided to challenge my roommate. The second he was on my left I realized I never once tried ANY inputs facing left...

  • Mitchel vivatson
    Mitchel vivatson 16 hours ago

    Dont get on me if you go over this later in the video I'm at 10:03. For the smash attacks. Particularly the up smash, there is one time you want to use that smash attack over all else and that's for when you're able to confirm a focus attack- Down b, Because if your able to land a focus attack, up smash going to be stronger than a shoruken or f smash, heavy up b has a set damage and knock back depending on its staleness and you can charge it longer than a f smash as you'll wif with your foot if you hold it too long. If you're facing the ledge then down smash would be most optimal. Case and point in all this f-smash will lift up the opponate off the ground harder than any other move.

  • Phoenixtbh
    Phoenixtbh 19 hours ago

    im sorry but that guy saying Shoryuken over and over was cringe AF imma be honest

  • Alex E
    Alex E 21 hour ago

    why didn't you have the CPU shield when showing shieldbreak combos? even if you don't pull them off perfectly, it would give us way more of an idea of what it looks like, especially when you aren't giving any numbers on shield damage and shield stun?

  • mike trejo
    mike trejo 22 hours ago

    Hey there my man ikechi hope you are doing ok. i learned to play ken becasue of your videos im on elite smash now. I know it's not the best but ill be triying to improve more. Thanks for the hard work. I can't wait for terry to come out ! xD

  • Sketch Everything

    Shout out to these ken mains by the one and only... ken man! Ikechi: -_-

  • IDW Leonardo
    IDW Leonardo Day ago

    Having trouble with the first one like instead of Nair and then tasumki going down. It just goes straight. If there is something that I'm doing wrong then please let me know.

  • DEEActive_ Gaming


  • Tiny T.W.I.M
    Tiny T.W.I.M Day ago

    May I point out as a viewer, you got punished a lot for nairing on shield with Ken. May I also add you jump out of shield a lot. Just 2 things I pointed out. You did great, but since you want that number one spot, you can do better. Focus on either tomahawks or crossing up nairs. Also try to be cognizant if when you jump out of shield, otherwise you’d might as well be rolling. I’m just a big fan who watches your vids. Take good care and congrats.

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi 20 hours ago

      Tiny T.W.I.M oh most definitely! Ur right lmao! One of my friends mains Samus and they body me for that all the time. I’m becoming very grounded in that MU now

    • Tiny T.W.I.M
      Tiny T.W.I.M 23 hours ago

      Ikechi jumping oos can become a pattern that certain players look for especially; Like Samus players. It just takes the unpredictability out of you game play if you use that option every time. I’m not saying you did it every time, just be cognizant of when you do. :) I’m mad rooting for you dude.

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi Day ago

      I’m actually thinking about using back air into tatsumaki is someone keeps shielding my nair. Also did I get punished for jumping oos a lot? I haven’t noticed that habit to be a problem in my GP, but if it is thanks so much

  • Tiny T.W.I.M
    Tiny T.W.I.M Day ago

    7:17 have mercy. they let anyone on the mike these days. He didn’t even try that time. He called you Ichigo. ICHIGO!!!!

  • Tiny T.W.I.M
    Tiny T.W.I.M Day ago

    As an Ike player, this upsets me. As a Shoto player, this pleases me.

  • YouAlreadyKnow

    Did they fuck with Ken's hard jab? Is light uptilt, to HARD Jab, to crescent not a true combo anymore? Ever since 4.0 I keep getting jab one and two after light uptilt instead of hard jab.

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo Day ago

    how many uses of crap do you know? "useful as crap" seems like its not useful xD i guess you cant say fuck

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi Day ago

      😂😂😂😂 I’m tryna stay monetized out here mannnn

  • Andre Baxter
    Andre Baxter 2 days ago

    Good work Ikechi. You've come a long way. 👍🏾

  • jubkip
    jubkip 2 days ago

    It’s not bread and butter if it’s super hard to do

    • jubkip
      jubkip 23 hours ago

      Bro do you use C stick for your light tilts?

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi Day ago

      Lmaoooo it’s not too hard

  • Rosalio Reyes
    Rosalio Reyes 2 days ago

    Bro for real never let that dude do commentary.

  • Mr. Madhatter
    Mr. Madhatter 2 days ago

    This commentary has no clue lmao

  • Rodger Arnold
    Rodger Arnold 2 days ago

    Currently at 105k gsp with Ryu........ Still have lots to learn....

  • Elsveta Kendic
    Elsveta Kendic 2 days ago

    IM A PIT MAIN I love my boy actually I think I play Dark Pit more but ya know

  • domeskeetz
    domeskeetz 3 days ago

    Like honestly this is an embarrassment, is this announcer high or drunk or on xanax? Sounds like all three.

  • domeskeetz
    domeskeetz 3 days ago

    Wow this commentator is fucking trash

  • Unorignality
    Unorignality 3 days ago

    Watched this as a falcon main who haaaaaates the ken matchup, you definitely deserved the w brodie. Glad you couldn't hear commentary until after the match 😂 Eye-cat-shi

    • Unorignality
      Unorignality 3 days ago


    • Unorignality
      Unorignality 3 days ago

      "I don't see how this matchup is bad." "who wins this matchup?" How the fuck yall commentating Winner final with no matchup knowledge? And my man calling it the Sorwucken in match 4 LMAOOOOOO

  • Mr. Madhatter
    Mr. Madhatter 3 days ago

    Can you put the inputs on the screen or description?

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi 3 days ago

      I had an input guide these guides are part of a 5 part series. The playlist is on my channel

  • Mr. Madhatter
    Mr. Madhatter 3 days ago

    Just getting into ken, holy shit this is some serious tech. This is gonna take hours to be even slightly average at doing

    CUPID 3 days ago

    I like this montage too much, plz make more. Also, song? Plz

  • Zachary Sveska
    Zachary Sveska 3 days ago

    Great videos I can watch them from beginning to end

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi 3 days ago

      Thanks 😳!!!

  • Yankarlo Chavez
    Yankarlo Chavez 3 days ago

    Thank you for this montage. Like literally after watching this video I just tried to imitate what I saw. And now Im an ok Ken player. I was ass with him but now Im in elite. So thanks

  • miguel zorrilla
    miguel zorrilla 3 days ago

    solid 👍

  • TonoDeMetal88
    TonoDeMetal88 3 days ago

    Ken is god

  • Zen Brown
    Zen Brown 4 days ago

    I have a lot of trouble getting Crescent out of light down tilt, but I see it in tournament sets all the time, any advice?

    • Zen Brown
      Zen Brown 3 days ago

      @Ikechi Whenever I go to throw out multiple consecutive tilts with C stick spamming C stick causes the tilt to not be picked up. Do I just only throw out a single dtilt when going for Crescent?

    • Paxton Keskitalo
      Paxton Keskitalo 3 days ago

      @Ikechi do you use claw grip or just move really fast

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi 3 days ago

      You gotta use the cstick for light down tilt

    • Paxton Keskitalo
      Paxton Keskitalo 3 days ago

      Yeah it's just really hard in was practicing it for like an hour it's just strict timing that you have to practice

  • Logan Morales
    Logan Morales 4 days ago

    It’s so painful listening to these commentators. Great job tho ikechi, repping all the ken mains

  • Layzie _65
    Layzie _65 4 days ago

    Bro I don’t know why, but I just love seeing people play Ken or Ryu, it’s so satisfying seeing them combo

  • PlumberRap
    PlumberRap 4 days ago

    What is that Activate Windows thing doing there?

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi 3 days ago


  • Pop and Fresh
    Pop and Fresh 4 days ago

    7:47 - Doing the ABSOLUTE most combo into a chasing nair follow-up over his shot. Dope!

  • CharlieRaaa
    CharlieRaaa 4 days ago

    Ridley was always my main. The buffs made him even more fun.

  • Combat Nico
    Combat Nico 4 days ago

    Lol 22:56 takes a sip of his soda then proceeds to grab into up tilt was funny asf .

  • Tenshi Umi
    Tenshi Umi 4 days ago

    This video needs more like buttons

  • Justnoah 2004
    Justnoah 2004 4 days ago


  • ShadowMark3
    ShadowMark3 4 days ago

    Yo, Ken players are scary as hell

  • Kai
    Kai 5 days ago

    9:15 thats a nice "down smash" What kind of commentary is this..

  • Joseph Knapp
    Joseph Knapp 5 days ago

    3:18 the double donkers!!!! 😍

  • Joseph Wong
    Joseph Wong 5 days ago

    easily the best ken guide on youtube rn, many thanks

  • Mr.Smiley
    Mr.Smiley 5 days ago

    Dededes netrual is the succ not Gordo. Ya silly sausage

  • Grant Melrose
    Grant Melrose 5 days ago

    nice vid

  • bombernik
    bombernik 5 days ago

    Commentator was bad, but we all have to start somewhere and we don't really know the situation (at least I don't), hopefully he improves with time or stops. Good game play, learn a lot watching your matches.

  • Owen McLaughlin
    Owen McLaughlin 5 days ago

    is the commentator drunk????

  • Old King KLVTCH
    Old King KLVTCH 5 days ago

    I really enjoyed this video, new sub 😊

  • dasuberpanda
    dasuberpanda 5 days ago

    In 2019 we finally get ichigo in smash

  • Smexy White child
    Smexy White child 5 days ago

    Thats ilegal that thumbnail is ilegal cause kazooie gets grabbed bye the beak and then slammed with is worst

  • busislo01
    busislo01 5 days ago

    Did nobody notice the activation windows message on the right bottom corner? Dude.

  • Steal the painkillers

    you wanna do down and back? great thanks man. very descriptive.

  • Edward Simon Gray
    Edward Simon Gray 5 days ago

    Thanks for the guide! Time to get throug the next videos!

  • Akumetsu
    Akumetsu 5 days ago

    No dislikes

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi 5 days ago

      Wanna be the first? 😯

  • Guy Smith
    Guy Smith 5 days ago

    Please stop screaming "shoryuken"

  • Lilway
    Lilway 6 days ago

    Crazy to see how far you’ve come, joined your discord and played a really good ken which id never done before so and now I’m definitely picking up ken, good luck on the grind brotha you got a lot more to go ✔️

  • Jackson P
    Jackson P 6 days ago

    Ikechi, I've picked up Ken and listening to Aries because of you. I would've quit Ken if I didn't have someone like you to teach me how to play him. Much love -J.P

  • Zylath 51
    Zylath 51 6 days ago

    Can’t wait for you to use “Hat Ken”

  • Yaboy jt
    Yaboy jt 6 days ago

    I can never hate on a ken/ryu player

  • Noot the Zero
    Noot the Zero 6 days ago

    As a black person I'm happy there is diversity in animal crossing but I wish there was more black protaginist in nintendo games

  • Real Will Smith
    Real Will Smith 6 days ago

    Does ken have heavy and light aerials?

  • sponeg the Infinity Gauntlet

    Petition to arrest Banjo

  • Quackies
    Quackies 7 days ago

    Is it easy to do inputs on the pro controller?

  • Mitchel vivatson
    Mitchel vivatson 7 days ago

    You put your channel on the line! You're a legend

  • Levi Zacharias
    Levi Zacharias 7 days ago

    8:00 Not every move. Remember ridley down b

  • Morly!
    Morly! 7 days ago

    wow im youtube famous

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi 7 days ago

      Is that my boi x in ur pfp 😳

  • Lue Jeniel Cruz
    Lue Jeniel Cruz 7 days ago

    I can't believe Nintendo allowed an animal abuser into Smash

  • MR. High Tide
    MR. High Tide 7 days ago

    Not to talk smack, but I claped you Ikechi (Only people in the discord call last night will get this)

  • Raze Box Animations

    I wish they had put Crash instead of Banjo

  • Dolphinboi
    Dolphinboi 7 days ago

    I hate how both hits of Inazuma don't connect at high percents.

  • Dolphinboi
    Dolphinboi 7 days ago

    Ken is so easy because he can literally kick cars apart. His dtilt is too op. Needs a nerf tbh.

  • Golden Pixel
    Golden Pixel 7 days ago

    Dang, That mr.man guy got pretty close

  • Micah Robbins
    Micah Robbins 7 days ago

    Ayy sans ditto me and I’ll at least take one stock this time lol

  • Mythron
    Mythron 7 days ago

    😂 this is gold 😂

  • Jumko
    Jumko 7 days ago

    mf talkin bout diddy kong hoo hah get ready for banjos gah huh

  • Insanity L
    Insanity L 7 days ago

    I got destroyed bro I hate banjo

  • Mr. Música
    Mr. Música 7 days ago

    That thumbnail...

  • Its Wulfo
    Its Wulfo 7 days ago

    Banjo violates three laws with just one action

  • spickles
    spickles 7 days ago

    That was fun

    DEADUNICORN66 7 days ago

    Nah I didn’t get the notification TheXvid gotta go 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️❤️

  • AjTheJarOfSauce
    AjTheJarOfSauce 7 days ago

    Me and my friends were talking about how banjo is a woman abuser last night

  • kaytuhh
    kaytuhh 7 days ago

    Guh huh

  • Sam Seas
    Sam Seas 7 days ago

    Don't worry, kazooie likes it rough.

    • QualityToons
      QualityToons 5 days ago

      Marc Steenkiste it is actually something kazooie says in the game

    • Sam Seas
      Sam Seas 7 days ago

      @Marc Steenkiste Hey, I didn't make it up bro

    • Marc Steenkiste
      Marc Steenkiste 7 days ago

      This comment is highly uncomfortable

  • Shulkarcade
    Shulkarcade 7 days ago

    Wish i was here for this lol

  • Diego Silva
    Diego Silva 7 days ago

    LETSS GO now all you have to do is make a sans video

  • Little Roxxor
    Little Roxxor 7 days ago

    Ikechi you bad..... lol gottem

  • Ikechi
    Ikechi 7 days ago

    Lol so as you can see in the first clip... I made a day 1 banjo video.... but the audio got destroyed and deleted 😭. So I called up my discord peeps and decided to experience the character with them

    • Dolphinboi
      Dolphinboi 7 days ago

      Why is Ken so hairy and when did he get a pet bird?

  • Fabián Eduardo
    Fabián Eduardo 7 days ago

    I salute you, have a nice day.

  • Michael Raad
    Michael Raad 7 days ago

    You madman, you actually put peta in the title

  • Fabián Eduardo
    Fabián Eduardo 7 days ago

    My dude.

  • Haluk Halis
    Haluk Halis 7 days ago


  • Ikechi
    Ikechi 7 days ago


  • Ag3
    Ag3 7 days ago

    “black guy”

  • DarkThomy
    DarkThomy 8 days ago

    9:50 your face, when you do a hadouken instead of anything else.. I know that feel bro ..!

    • Ikechi
      Ikechi 7 days ago

      I was just not canceling my attacks properly. Honestly idk what happened lol, but I gotta be more consistent with my combos and kill confirms

    • DarkThomy
      DarkThomy 8 days ago

      Many conversions dropped during the set.. the stress, probably ? Also many one where the opponent simply airdodged.. Which makes me think that labbing what is true or not at low and high percents would be worth it.

  • Johnny Loc
    Johnny Loc 8 days ago

    commentator needs to read a couple books and maybe not commentate for a game he clearly doesn't understand

  • Erli
    Erli 8 days ago

    imagine if you can DPFADC in smash

  • Justin Ly
    Justin Ly 8 days ago

    that commentary made no sense at all

  • khairitannur
    khairitannur 8 days ago

    I'm late on this but it was so hard to watch this with the commentary. T-T why that have to do you like that eye-kee-chi