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Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019
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  • Vendetta162X
    Vendetta162X 2 minutes ago

    It was the Divine Beasts They didn't do their job right again -_-

  • ghbarratt
    ghbarratt 4 minutes ago

    After you beat this game, defeating the evil bodybuilding dragon, you can then move on to fitness in real life and become an evil bodybuilding dragon yourself.

  • Nate Wright
    Nate Wright 4 minutes ago

    Green Knight for Smash

  • kimo the fun genius
    kimo the fun genius 8 minutes ago

    i wish can dislike this more than once

  • Slayton
    Slayton 15 minutes ago

    This came out the same day as the area 51 raid, proving that birds are just government drones made to distract us.

  • Tarquin Bateman
    Tarquin Bateman 15 minutes ago

    I bought this today I am sooooo keen

  • Nima T
    Nima T 16 minutes ago

    Online multiplayer would make this so freaking fun

  • Hasan Afrezsa
    Hasan Afrezsa 19 minutes ago

    Plot twist, they are just looking green screen while pretending playing the newest pokemon game for advertisment purpose. Sorry, i dont how plot twist work.

  • Krishna McKay
    Krishna McKay 24 minutes ago

    The puzzle setup for the megaphone reminds me of the puzzle to free the Toads in Treacherous Mansion

  • Ray 8304
    Ray 8304 25 minutes ago

    I like this

  • CozmikWave
    CozmikWave 30 minutes ago

    i can’t get it because I don’t have a credit card, nor a Nintendo shop card, and I don’t have enough gold points.. Ah..

  • Young Wang
    Young Wang 42 minutes ago

    Breath of the Wild 2 looks kinda different from what I was expecting

  • Dokes
    Dokes 52 minutes ago

    Nintendo hear my plea and now make a remake of these but with 3 games like it was planned in the 2000's

  • Game Share
    Game Share 54 minutes ago

    Can you put Goku

  • Dessert Eagle
    Dessert Eagle 54 minutes ago

    I swore to destroy the geese, not join them.

  • Game Share
    Game Share 57 minutes ago

    Can you put Goku

  • Elena
    Elena 58 minutes ago

    Can u have your own home to? 😝 with your own furniture and stuff??

  • Anon Unknown
    Anon Unknown 58 minutes ago

    I wish Nintendo would put the same amount of effort into the Joycons build quality but well. That was sweet

  • SZF123456
    SZF123456 59 minutes ago

    Being A Dick: The Game

  • Lance is HereTV
    Lance is HereTV Hour ago

    I like the direction this is going,kinda like Ocarina of time and majoras mask when they create a new game but use the same assets of it theres no way nintendo could screw this game up (sorry for bad english)

    KUROUNUA Hour ago

    Its kinda weird that switch was actually developed playable as both handheld and home console....then there come the lite version for only handheld😅.....maybe for much cheaper price compare to original switch

  • Keter_2438
    Keter_2438 Hour ago

    Link finally wear pants!

  • Thicker Shows
    Thicker Shows Hour ago

    Si alguien quiere jugar digame, tengo bastante experiencia en el juego, ya pasaron 2 dias y ya tengo dos a nivel 99, y no me la pase jugando es mas que nada trucos etc.

  • UnderScore _
    UnderScore _ Hour ago

    GOTY confirmed

  • LycanLink
    LycanLink Hour ago

    I just bought this game, but I'm not entirely sure I have the intent to play it. I just wanted these people to have my money, because the trailers were so cute.

  • Nitiwat Chatratthapong

    The sky is gray again in this version! I'd buy this game for sure!

  • Gamer op
    Gamer op Hour ago

    Please add the real sans... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Cedrick Johnson
    Cedrick Johnson Hour ago

    Untitled goose game well i be i call this game "goose adventure"

  • Nicholas Challenger

    We all know it won’t look this good on our switch. There’s too much fingerprints

  • Nicholas Challenger

    Who else wants this?

  • Mirza Spreco
    Mirza Spreco Hour ago

    More irrelevant games for us More Mm2 Versus FUN for us More Money for Nintendo

  • Gamersmashlog Productions

    Honestly, I would’ve been okay with this game being called “Wild Goose Chase”.

  • Liza Downtown
    Liza Downtown Hour ago

    Where’s Isabelle baby?

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean Hour ago

    Da blue one is perfect for me, it actually looks really epic. These actually look pretty dope, lotsa useful stuff.

  • Zappa Boi
    Zappa Boi Hour ago

    Come on Nintendo it's 2 years, just give some gameplay.

  • Tomani
    Tomani Hour ago

    I wonder if this new model will have joystick drift.

  • Yura Kochemirov
    Yura Kochemirov Hour ago

    Жду коллекционку 👍

  • Oinky P
    Oinky P Hour ago

    Basically Zelda on steroids

  • Mario H H Lopez
    Mario H H Lopez Hour ago

    Nintendo si miras esto por a bonberman en smash

  • ZeR0's BuLLeT
    ZeR0's BuLLeT 2 hours ago

    Sakurai... I as a castlevania fan can't thank you enough for this...and the metroid and fire emblem stuff and K rool too!!! (:

  • Vincent J. Rubio
    Vincent J. Rubio 2 hours ago

    Man this has to be the most supported game on Switch right now in terms of dlc. So much great content!

  • Co11in__
    Co11in__ 2 hours ago

    Nintendo should totally use this engine to finally create the Oracle of Secrets game!

  • Bri Does Everything
    Bri Does Everything 2 hours ago

    Thx you Nintendo you bring back my fav game I haven't played it yet and thanks to you now I can

  • Xenemous
    Xenemous 2 hours ago

    1:56 Since when did kids play with bombs?

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 2 hours ago

    When is the release date?.

  • Xenemous
    Xenemous 2 hours ago

    2020: Tokyo Olympics 2050: Mario Olympics

  • Charlie Elliott
    Charlie Elliott 2 hours ago

    2:38 is SANS! ON THE LEFT

  • ChillaxDude 4.0
    ChillaxDude 4.0 2 hours ago

    Heh, wouldn’t it be ironic if they posted a new trailer on this exact date....TWO YEARS LATER It’s not gonna happen I’m sorry 🙃

    GELTONZ 2 hours ago

    ...can we get Ring Fit Adventure Girl as an Echo Fighter of Wii Fit Trainer? Like...I legitimately want that now. The flaming hair is amazing. (also Dance Aerobics Girl from Dance Aerobics on NES)

  • Connor Hollis
    Connor Hollis 2 hours ago

    I hope the put in the koopalings

  • 649 stoneskin
    649 stoneskin 2 hours ago

    Sorry Breath of the Wild, but this is the new best game on Switch

  • Jordan Raugutt
    Jordan Raugutt 2 hours ago

    That theme song reminds me of those bad flute cover memes

  • Jonathan NV.
    Jonathan NV. 2 hours ago

    Crash Team Racing NF is better

  • CORDIUX 25
    CORDIUX 25 2 hours ago

    Really good game nintendo, just started playing and now i love it :)

  • It's Carnage
    It's Carnage 2 hours ago

    I hope they put zombies ate my neighbor

  • Oliver
    Oliver 2 hours ago

    I wonder if scenes of them swearing at each other made the cutting room floor...

  • Enrique Martínez
    Enrique Martínez 2 hours ago

    Evil Goose For Smash

  • player4life11111
    player4life11111 2 hours ago

    That man is lucky to have a gamer wife! We all know that in real life, the wife would be nagging the husband to turn off the Switch Lite!

  • Cheese Meister
    Cheese Meister 2 hours ago

    Does the goose kill people... with love?

  • Enrique Martínez
    Enrique Martínez 2 hours ago

    That goose Is pure evil

  • Swindles
    Swindles 2 hours ago

    At first I just saw this game as a meme, but it actually looks hilarious and I may actually end up getting it lol.

  • Elliott Heutel
    Elliott Heutel 2 hours ago

    The title is an oxymoron

  • Jacob Underwood
    Jacob Underwood 2 hours ago

    I want this to have a sequel just so it could be called “Untitled Geese Game”

  • Jordan Raugutt
    Jordan Raugutt 2 hours ago

    So this game has amiibo support but Super Mario Maker 2 doesn't? **confused Jackie Chan face**

  • Matt Halpain
    Matt Halpain 2 hours ago

    thank you Nintendo for releasing Link's Awakening today ^^ I bought a copy of the game at my local store. I love this game, how it plays and the way it looks. I'm in my mid 40's and I never played the original Link's Awakening on GBC when I was younger so the 2019 Switch version is brand new to me. Thank you again Nintendo, from a happy customer.

  • GH05TYPLAYz Gaming Channel

    Who’s watching when it comes out

  • karlmarcs31
    karlmarcs31 2 hours ago

    The shopkeeper is literally one of the seven deadly sins. WRATH.

    CFS GAMING 3 hours ago


    CFS GAMING 3 hours ago

    I’ll be

  • Grace9871
    Grace9871 3 hours ago


  • Shane Gibson
    Shane Gibson 3 hours ago

    Nice framerate drops the ENTIRE game

  • Oliver
    Oliver 3 hours ago

    I like smelling new hardware (and books), too, but it's actually just the glue that we're smelling and that's why sniffing glue is a thing.

  • Jürgen Link
    Jürgen Link 3 hours ago

    I prefer...go jogging or something..

  • gran saiyaman
    gran saiyaman 3 hours ago

    Splatter house 1 remake for the switch please

  • shellman1 yt
    shellman1 yt 3 hours ago

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore is coming next year

  • Jürgen Link
    Jürgen Link 3 hours ago

    Mild Violence...? What the

  • Kerbofylink Gent
    Kerbofylink Gent 3 hours ago

    I love Kirby

  • Francisco Burgos
    Francisco Burgos 3 hours ago

    Great... I'll buy this game for sure... now Ocarina of Time for Switch please...