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  • Táim ó Bhaile Átha Cliath

    Immense performance 👍🏻 COYBIB

  • CarrsMill
    CarrsMill 19 hours ago

    He sounds let down, such high standards.

  • CarrsMill
    CarrsMill 19 hours ago

    What a great signing

  • smarty jones
    smarty jones 20 hours ago

    Perhaps Leinster and Munster fans could learn some decent chants..noting worse than hearing that chant " Leinster Leinster Leinster" in their monotone voices..Do these people even understand how boring and pathetic they sound...like a bunch of retarded school kids chanting

  • Bucko bucko
    Bucko bucko 20 hours ago

    Love how Newstalk and others are always waxing lyrical about O'Gara and the need to bring him home, there was even mutterings about Jackman a couple of seasons ago. The reality is, Leo and McCall are Irelands most decorated and successful coaches. Yes, leo has a good team around him but so Does Rog.... Leo very under appreciated...

  • Karl X Byrne
    Karl X Byrne 20 hours ago

    You're a harsh task master Leo. Don't go changing. Great to see Frawley get a European debut today, he did well. #thedriveforfive

  • Gerard Fitzpatrick
    Gerard Fitzpatrick 22 hours ago

    How lucky am I to be a Leinster season ticket holder watching this brand of rugby for last 3 1/2 years 😀😀😀 💙🏉💙

  • TANK C
    TANK C 22 hours ago


  • Darragh Tormey
    Darragh Tormey 23 hours ago

    Not a bad 3rd choice number 10. #thedriveforfive☀☀☀☀☀

  • Matt Connolly
    Matt Connolly Day ago

    Best of luck. Bit strange to see the stars are on the ladies team jerseys really. They should start creating their own legacy.

  • Marc Dunphy
    Marc Dunphy Day ago

    Best of luck to leinster ladies.

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 2 days ago

    Kelleher so unlucky to get injured

  • Steven Marx
    Steven Marx 3 days ago

    Clinical and ruthless!

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 4 days ago


  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 5 days ago

    Love destroying the english

    • CR4ZY_K30GH
      CR4ZY_K30GH 3 days ago

      Hopefully Sarries the next time we meet them.

  • alan cullen
    alan cullen 6 days ago

    Pointless interview. Should have been after the scan. I know as much now as i did on Saturday

  • the Symes
    the Symes 6 days ago

    Audio bit low,solid performance

  • andrew097
    andrew097 7 days ago

    Big score line but a score for Northampton at the right time and the game could have been different

    • Driver2616
      Driver2616 5 days ago

      andrew097 : Sorry no. The game, the result, the try count was never going to be different. The Premiership is lagging way behind the Pro 14 nowadays. Saints and most other teams are at the same level now as Cheetahs, Dragons, Zebre etc.

  • Seán O' Brien
    Seán O' Brien 7 days ago

    Leo "Pleasing" Cullen. He knows how to take the air out of the tyres in the right way.

  • Leonardo Alvarenga Lopes

    Very good job, Leo!

  • Andrew McNulty
    Andrew McNulty 8 days ago

    Great squad. Well done players and all the Leinster backroom team

  • Joe Lyons
    Joe Lyons 8 days ago

    Solid performance... some decisions by the ref n TMO that had you scratching the head but bonus win and no points for Saints... thank you very much we'll take that. Still need to have guard up next week but hopefully, we'll do the double and secure that 1/4 at home!

  • Lee brooke
    Lee brooke 8 days ago

    def and attaq cking

  • Lee brooke
    Lee brooke 8 days ago

    on field position is near perfect

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 8 days ago

    What a team:) good to see Doris getting Europeans action porter starting will be interesting :) gonna be a hell of a match

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison 9 days ago

    That's some bench

  • Finn Ryan
    Finn Ryan 12 days ago

    Hon the New Ross Rugby club... Tadhg

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 12 days ago

    Leinster need Cronin and Kelleher fightin for the starting spot :)

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 12 days ago

    Brilliant victory away :)

    • DAGATHire
      DAGATHire 12 days ago

      from very much a B team... future looks bright for us... and i suppose all the other provinces when the IRFU obligate our best to "move for their development"

  • Boss Drop
    Boss Drop 14 days ago

    Belvo and rock would nearly sell out the rds michaels have this looking like Man City game

    • Mystic gamer
      Mystic gamer 3 days ago

      Boss Drop remember rock vs Michael’s in 2013

  • Maria Murphy
    Maria Murphy 15 days ago

    'Tempered with realisation that Leinster need to be better' - They will most definitely need to be better to play well against Northampton Saints - Watching Nor v Leicester Tigers game (in Premiership League) today - wanted to see if Noel Reid played and they have an impressive and fast, crispy intelligent attaching game which will be hard to contain or beat. Saints have made 500 metres compared to Tigers 105 metres - Leicester have no answer despite all their internationals returning. Looking forward to Leinster's gameplan to counter this opponent's style for these Christmas games. These will be a tough team to beat -

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 21 day ago

    That was a tough game always tough in south of France

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 21 day ago

    Sound is off lads poor quality

  • dazza
    dazza 23 days ago

    Reporter a bit negative there .We want to get the win not a losing BP.

  • Weekly teddy plays !

    Come on the blues !

  • N&A Productions
    N&A Productions 26 days ago

    Cmon leinster

  • Joe B
    Joe B 27 days ago

    Why is there such a horrible inability to produce quality highlights in rugby. No one wants to see just the tries. We want buildup. Breakdowns and phases. Joke

    • Cameron Kavanagh
      Cameron Kavanagh 22 days ago

      I know. You’d think they’d at least show all the points and penalties scored

    • Liam Quinn
      Liam Quinn 26 days ago

      probably pressure to keep it below a certain video length

  • stephen sheridan
    stephen sheridan 27 days ago

    The legend of Leinster that is Felipe! :)

  • Rory O'Connell
    Rory O'Connell 27 days ago

    I was there

  • Sam Murray
    Sam Murray 27 days ago

    Sexton's scumbag on top, knacker on the sides haircut is working wonders clearly

  • Tbone Touch Hadebe
    Tbone Touch Hadebe 27 days ago

    Gary was on fire!

  • mushthemagicdragon
    mushthemagicdragon 27 days ago

    Sending it lods.

  • stephen sheridan
    stephen sheridan 28 days ago

    Very well spoken :)

  • David Thomas Farrell

    18 secs why bother?

  • Songhee Ha
    Songhee Ha 28 days ago

    Well done !

  • andrew097
    andrew097 28 days ago

    Leinster must be nearly unique in the way they push their young players through. Its nice being a Leinster fan

  • Tbone Touch Hadebe
    Tbone Touch Hadebe 29 days ago

    Got my ticket..Couldn't miss it for the World..They won't win or draw this time

  • Maria Murphy
    Maria Murphy Month ago

    Very welcome Robin

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune Month ago

    Good to see dorris at 8 :) come on Europe :)

  • Amice Cameron
    Amice Cameron Month ago

    👍 I really like your content! Looking forward to seeing more! I recommend using followsm[.]com!! It will really help you with growing your channel!

  • andrew097
    andrew097 Month ago

    Some experience coming on board hopefully it will add a edge to Leinster.

  • David McGill
    David McGill Month ago

    Welcome Robin 💙

  • Anton phelan
    Anton phelan Month ago

    And to think people picked Buckley over Healy in their team of the week

  • John Martin
    John Martin Month ago

    What an inspirational Legend: … Is feidir Lin

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    How many backrows to Leinster have at this stage

  • Maria Murphy
    Maria Murphy Month ago

    Good women's Leinster team and would so like for this friendly match to be televised on Eir Sport or RTE TV channel. Never seen the Harlequins Women's team play before... do wonder why? How about it TV producers especially with big venue like Twickenham.? Leinster play a nice game of rugby so lets see how Harlequins game ??

  • John Geraghty
    John Geraghty Month ago

    Brilliant powerful display best I've seen from. A Leinster side for a long time so many options so many terrific players great coaches the futures to look forward to well done leo Stuart and co

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune Month ago

    Hopefully see a few lads coming back off the bench

  • c02615223
    c02615223 Month ago


  • Tbone Touch Hadebe

    Try Fest! <3

  • Social Sensei
    Social Sensei Month ago

    Wow! Nice video ;)

  • FO -D
    FO -D Month ago

    The future 🐐

  • Gerard Jones
    Gerard Jones Month ago

    Get turner on the pitch ffs🔵⚪️

  • will Lloyd jones
    will Lloyd jones Month ago

    What an ExCiTiNg game

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago


  • Darragh Tormey
    Darragh Tormey Month ago

    There's only one Leo - and it's not that one at the start. COYBIB.

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune Month ago

    Lá breithe Shona duit Cúige Laighainn

  • ZZKe7
    ZZKe7 Month ago

    Nash could’ve been Rob Kearney’s succesor at Leinster & Ireland. Serious loss to rugby

  • Ronan Kelleher
    Ronan Kelleher Month ago

    Yo Ronan, Google combined our search results we're both top spot. Can you stop being so good at rugby so I can have it? Cheers. - The other Ronan Kelleher

  • eddie byrne
    eddie byrne Month ago

    The lads coming back from Japan will certainly have to step up if they want your jerseys.

  • NC
    NC Month ago

    Any reason why the question audio was deleted ?

  • Cheesy Pineaple
    Cheesy Pineaple Month ago

    I just saw this in my reccome ded and then I was like "ayy that's my school too!"

  • Jye McCartney
    Jye McCartney 2 months ago

    this kid would struggle to make a super rugby team.wouldnt make an nz team for shaw

  • Cpl D'Alton
    Cpl D'Alton 2 months ago

    It was a great day! My cousin was in the video and so was I. I played at the half time game and I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • NC
    NC 2 months ago

    No video of the team for the final uploaded. No live updates of the score on the site. Charging STH to attend A games. So much for promoting the game at junior levels.

  • Robert Murray
    Robert Murray 2 months ago

    The music track is so bad.

  • Bobby Donavan
    Bobby Donavan 2 months ago

    That’s the stuff

  • Max Wall
    Max Wall 2 months ago

    We all miss you Ken 🙏🏻

  • Rob Hall
    Rob Hall 2 months ago

    Where are the rest of the tries! 😩

    • Leinster Rugby TV
      Leinster Rugby TV 2 months ago

      Hey Rob. Highlights are provided by PRO14 Rugby so they may not necessarily include everything, unfortunately.

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 2 months ago

    What a talent

    • Ronan Kelleher
      Ronan Kelleher Month ago

      Thanks for the nice comments about me, the rugby player.

  • Peter O brien
    Peter O brien 2 months ago

    He will start hooker in the 2023 World Cup

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 2 months ago

    Well done 👍

  • beardedcollie39
    beardedcollie39 2 months ago

    unless conor o'brien is injured then there is no reason to pick the average tomane ahead of him

  • Irish Lion
    Irish Lion 2 months ago

    Lets build on the positives. COYBIB!

  • Fggg Fffg
    Fggg Fffg 2 months ago

    Brilliant Clongowes Lineout .

  • NC
    NC 2 months ago


  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 2 months ago

    Well done ladies :)

  • Aaronthepea Hayden
    Aaronthepea Hayden 2 months ago


  • T Scano
    T Scano 2 months ago


  • T Scano
    T Scano 2 months ago


  • Nando’s Kid
    Nando’s Kid 3 months ago

    Holy these guys would get destroyed by NZ and SA high schools

    • JDS
      JDS Month ago

      Mystic gamer that's what I'm trying to say if they got Blackrock or Belvedere they would have got smashed, Terenure and Clongowes haven't been at their best for years especially Terenure they've been on downward spiral since they last won the senior cup back in 2003

    • Mystic gamer
      Mystic gamer Month ago

      JDS nah gonzaga have beaten both Cterenure earlier in the season before they met in the cup. I will say they would’ve never would’ve made it had they been on the other side of the draw. Belvo, Michael’s and Blackrock would’ve overran there pack. Clongowes should’ve beaten them their pack is one of the best in the country.

    • JDS
      JDS Month ago

      Nando’s Kid these Schools are not even the best in the province, Gonzaga got to the final with a bit luck, but I do have to say St Michaels have been on the up for the past 3 years so they did deserve to win the senior cup, Historically Blackrock, Belverdere, Terenure and Clongowes Wood College have been the strongest teams in the province so you should take a look at their matches 👍🏻

    • Mystic gamer
      Mystic gamer Month ago

      Ofa Afungia Jr apparently one of the Paarl schools are gonna end up touring Ireland.

    • Nando’s Kid
      Nando’s Kid 3 months ago

      Mystic gamer Oh okay, good luck for them haha

  • Mystic gamer
    Mystic gamer 3 months ago

    What’s the name of the track

  • Ciaran Fortune
    Ciaran Fortune 3 months ago

    It will a great opportunity for the young guns to get used to traveling and playing a tough team :) hopefully Leinster can sneak the win :)

  • Fear Mór Pierce Mac Maghnáis

    It's a good day when Leinster ls D team make an English side look like amateurs

      LETHAL BACON 3 months ago

      Coventry are not exactly a team like Saracens 🤣

    • Tolly T
      Tolly T 3 months ago

      😂🤣😂 Coventry aren't the big name club they once were in the 70's and 80's.. They've only just gained promotion to the Championship, so basically they are part time.. Their players have to get individual sponsors..

  • eddie byrne
    eddie byrne 3 months ago

    It's ok I found it here thexvid.com/video/Zf4UOQlUOfE/video.html

  • eddie byrne
    eddie byrne 3 months ago

    Any chance you could show it.

  • Irish Lion
    Irish Lion 3 months ago

    well done girls!

  • Irish Lion
    Irish Lion 3 months ago

    Nice one boys!

  • N&A Productions
    N&A Productions 3 months ago

    000 Leo the lion

  • Oge Lualua
    Oge Lualua 3 months ago

    🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸 Yessss!!!! Congrats!!!