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  • Kartikey Pandey
    Kartikey Pandey 13 minutes ago

    no matter how far an Indian go there is always an India reside in their hearts...luv u dadi ma .....luv from your home...from India

  • julia chakraborty
    julia chakraborty 51 minute ago

    you looked beautiful in that blue dress

  • pãodequeijocomguarná

    poor mike...

  • rasta lady786
    rasta lady786 Hour ago

    Yall srs....i could never drink that so disgusting and disturbing

  • King Triton
    King Triton 2 hours ago

    1.78M subs only? I only came by your channel about 2 weeks ago, and I can't stop binge watching all of the videos. You deserve a TON more subscribers, views, EVERYTHING. I love these videos.

  • Lorisse Marielle Posadas

    This should be more trending than rewind. Michelle, I applaud you for all your effort and this is very worthy of praise!

  • C G
    C G 3 hours ago

    I thought this was a movie reaction xD

  • Darth Autumn
    Darth Autumn 3 hours ago

    Me when i wake up: 5:51 puase

  • Marvin Perez
    Marvin Perez 5 hours ago

    10:10 Thank me later

  • Allison Cloud
    Allison Cloud 7 hours ago

    She has a great voice for animated/Disney voiceover content. She should think about pursuing that!

  • pearl
    pearl 7 hours ago

    train like a college or all star cheerleader next!

  • Latario Rustin
    Latario Rustin 7 hours ago

    Train like a Navy Seal michelle

  • Andrea Kolmel
    Andrea Kolmel 7 hours ago

    In grade 6 I did a science fair project on what you have to do in order to become an astronaut. It was really cool. Although I knew about almost all these activities, I thought it was very interesting to see astronauts in action. Props to all astronauts and Michelle! ♥️👍

  • Caley Simmons
    Caley Simmons 8 hours ago

    She did just about everything I did in basic training (Army) in only 3 days that I did in 2 months, wish it went by that quick for me

  • Faye F
    Faye F 8 hours ago

    I hope there is a second season of MK ULTRA someday!!!

  • Lindsay Ravenwood
    Lindsay Ravenwood 8 hours ago

    Oh yes you should sleep like a baby yeah if that were me with fibromyalgia and my mother I'd be Poppin my narcotics 24/7 after wards my Norco...that i take for chronic ass pain....and probably be in the fucking ER by the time the nights threw with severe muscle spasms and fucked up body pain so badly i cant breath...from the cold hiting my messed up body... yeah I don't know about this bull shitt to me it looks like some crap that you over pay for and only fucks youre body up after the wards...LMAO yah me I prefer my heating pad and my painkillers thank you

  • martina stanisich
    martina stanisich 8 hours ago

    try and do a soccer video

  • Tae’s Pancake
    Tae’s Pancake 9 hours ago

    27 i thought she was 19 she is so pretty btw

  • Trip L Gaming
    Trip L Gaming 9 hours ago

    0:16 sounds like a kid screaming because he died in roblox

  • HuckleyPuckley
    HuckleyPuckley 10 hours ago

    18:08 just a random fact from a kid that did a police ride along program last summer vacation. The tasers don’t always work sometimes they misfire which isn’t always the greatest thing. I’m not really sure if people knew that but just something to know I guess.

  • Princess Huddini
    Princess Huddini 10 hours ago

    Wait so they do cook up to a certain degree? Im confused.

    LADY MBVG 10 hours ago

    It is almost 10pm N I’m so inspired

  • Denise Aranda
    Denise Aranda 10 hours ago

    Teach us how to meal prep 🥺

  • нoney ѕυѕнι
    нoney ѕυѕнι 10 hours ago

    I’m 11 and I’m 5’3

  • Fuzzy Foxy
    Fuzzy Foxy 11 hours ago

    Just wanted to check out what my future was gonna be like :)

  • LimeClimb 321
    LimeClimb 321 11 hours ago

    omg i cant believe you went to gateway!! thats my local skating center. My cousin is in the fresno monsters and im a figure skater so its weird to think that i probably saw you😂

  • Julienmfr
    Julienmfr 11 hours ago

    RIP for the two HPD Police officers killed Officer Kaulike Kalama, and Officer Enriquez in HAWAII. rest in peace brother an sister in arm all of my condoleance for theirs families.

  • Dana Cretu
    Dana Cretu 11 hours ago

    I cried. This made me so insanely happy and more than anything I'm just so happy for you guys. I loved this.

  • Julienmfr
    Julienmfr 11 hours ago

    My dream is to joining US marines, army or police but the problem is i'm foreigner ( French) too bad for me !

  • Julienmfr
    Julienmfr 11 hours ago

    Greetings from FRANCE, Thank you Michelle for participe in Police academy training. I find you on youtube and i was so interested by your US marine training, you was badass and brave in this video. My name is Julian, in France,i'm a young member of french military and i would joining French national police soon and unfortunatly, it difficult as to be french police officer in France like in United States because of the violence in consequence of the yellow jacket protest march in France and many violence to the part of delinquent in suburbs . Many irrespects so that French police officers saved many people in Paris during the terrorist attack of Bataclan in 2015. Indeed, Two French police officers entered in Bataclan and fire to one of the terrorist before the arriving of the french special Police force (RAID). Police officers had killed during charlie hebdo attack while they defended us against terrorists. I had so many respects for US police officers and i get my salute for theirs bravery and humanity for protecting theirs cities, towns GOD BLESS YOU for all US POLICE OFFICERS and USA, Continues Michelle your videos are Awesome !!!!!

  • B11
    B11 11 hours ago

    "I trained like a professional skier!" No, no you didn't.

  • Mariam Qassem
    Mariam Qassem 11 hours ago

    Olivia's skin I'm-

  • Cheo Rosario
    Cheo Rosario 11 hours ago

    Worst than a screaming DI is a screaming female DI. Can't understand anything they say.

  • Victoria Fagundes
    Victoria Fagundes 12 hours ago

    Aww she’s beautiful before and after ❤️❤️

  • Abbey Maiers
    Abbey Maiers 12 hours ago

    Michelle please please train like an Allstar cheerleader!!!!!!!

  • ChrisChaneyOnline
    ChrisChaneyOnline 12 hours ago

    Michelle, WAY TO GO!!

  • ChrisChaneyOnline
    ChrisChaneyOnline 12 hours ago


  • Goncalo Rodrigues
    Goncalo Rodrigues 12 hours ago

    2:14 and 6:57 and 13:44

  • Paula Torres
    Paula Torres 12 hours ago


  • kelly Johnson
    kelly Johnson 12 hours ago

    I make a lot of my own cosmetic products. So that keeps from buying more plastic packaging. Make my own deodorant, tooth paste, shampoo and conditioner and baby wipes and bathroom cleaner, etc. they are cgesoer, not time consuming to make snd work tons better. And not polluting my body and the earth. I found those reusable produce bags for the first time at tj maxx. Before that I just used my cloth grocery bags. Got the most part they are fine for most things. I got the best reuseable containers from amazon that are for camping. Sea to summit collapsible lidded containers that nest together very flat. I use cloth napkins anyway and take them with me in my glove box. I have an old long and skinny makeup bag that I keep silverware and reuseable straws in that I can stick in my purse before I go into a restaurant. I live near the ocean do I never get weird looks. People get it. All the furniture in my house except my sofa bed and mattress on my bed are from garage sales, thrift stores and antique stores. As are most of my clothes. But I grew up in the 70s and recycling was a normal part of life. That all changed after the Tylenol scare in the 80s. So anyone who grew up after that grew up in the throw away world. I’m so pleased to see so many young people embracing a plastic free snd reusable life. And that people are starting to realize the need to do this. Good job! Keep up the good work

  • leo galvan
    leo galvan 12 hours ago

    he does not look like 9% fat to me

  • Amy Hern
    Amy Hern 13 hours ago

    This man is not good enough for you. You can do better!!

  • FreezyZ
    FreezyZ 13 hours ago

    8:42 guys dont you dare

  • Jenny Wu
    Jenny Wu 13 hours ago

    wtf lol I'm going to measure my losses in babies now that is so motivating!

  • Haliana
    Haliana 14 hours ago

    About to start learning how to skate and this was so inspiring thank you x

  • Cameron Borchers
    Cameron Borchers 14 hours ago

    LOVE candace's shirt she wore at the end talk.

  • Cillian O’Brien
    Cillian O’Brien 15 hours ago

    As a celiac you are one of the most considerate person about it when most people just joke about it

  • Bree Wiseman
    Bree Wiseman 16 hours ago

    this is hands down the coolest thing I have seen a friend do, you're both bad ass

  • Branden's Outdoor Channel

    I did 14 weeks of lapd academy. Not easy. The pepper spray reactivates the next day in the shower. Social media has wrongfully mislabeled thousands of honest police officers.

  • Scarlett Riley
    Scarlett Riley 16 hours ago

    Her body when she tried on that dress, made me really happy for her, she looked absolutely amazing

  • Robert Elliott
    Robert Elliott 17 hours ago

    Mili-cherry 0:45 LMAOOO

  • Kacper gryzak2p Konarczak

    Thanks for doing this video. Here where I live (center of Poland) and also in the rest of the country we don't like the police. Mainly because most of the oldest staff was trained during the time when Poland was under soviet influence and they were hmmm not so friendly and polite. I knew few officers that are really good at their job but still it is a cancer over here. The diversity between our countries makes me think that a nuke should be dropped so we could be rebuilt in some aspects of life. I understand that in US there is also different life and culture but damn when you have to hide your identity and do your work and make a living it isn't normal. I heard from my good friend that he was visited by a colleague from US and his son joined the pilice. He and his family was so proud of it. Here nobody talks about it not to get punched from punks wearing adidas dresses and running away from everybody when they're not comfortable :D

  • J D
    J D 17 hours ago

    The guy playing Shane is a multidimensional showstopper!! What is his handle anyone?? He got all of his mannerisms perfectly and the "I DID NOT FUCK MY CAT" was so good haahaha. Same with the guy playing Felix and Mr. Beast, such incredible voices!

  • Antoinette Pierre
    Antoinette Pierre 18 hours ago

    We should petition for Michelle to be a trainer in the biggest loser lol she would do a much better job

  • Gacha_pickles
    Gacha_pickles 19 hours ago

    I had a leased face planted like 26 times😂

  • SureFire 9184
    SureFire 9184 19 hours ago

    do navy bootcamp

  • dog devide
    dog devide 19 hours ago

    To be honest you should have gone to space that would be so much better but great vid

  • Jasmine's Herera
    Jasmine's Herera 19 hours ago


  • Jasmine's Herera
    Jasmine's Herera 20 hours ago

    Dam sheeeeee woooked me up

  • hm3607 lol
    hm3607 lol 20 hours ago

    I think in the intetview first it wasn't fake but it was kinda bit too much smiling and than it was great bc she was more her self

  • Mrs. Hot Mess
    Mrs. Hot Mess 20 hours ago

    Alyson Stoner has such a beautiful soul!

  • Evelina Ballerina
    Evelina Ballerina 20 hours ago

    I wanna meet Marsha

  • Romu Linggi
    Romu Linggi 20 hours ago

    Conclusion: American produce NUmbur one caarban footprint.

  • ViralBeatbox🎤
    ViralBeatbox🎤 20 hours ago

    I thought i walked into a pornhub. 😂😂

  • Anik Mishra
    Anik Mishra 20 hours ago

    Once my dog Khuchro ate up total of 7 pieces of hilsa fish ..kept on the table!😅😅💪

  • Sincerely Eccentric
    Sincerely Eccentric 20 hours ago

    I know numbers don't matter. But let me work out for 6 weeks straight and only lose 5 lbs.... somebody getting fired.

  • Matthew GC
    Matthew GC 21 hour ago

    1) No one gives a FUCK about greyhound buses! 2) That blue and black weren’t steep u just over exaggerate 3) Why take her down a ‘Black Diamond’ when she can’t even do parrallel and gets scared going down a Blue run?

  • DDR1610
    DDR1610 21 hour ago

    Great job! Your next challenge should be BOXING!!! 🥊 😃

  • riri 。
    riri 。 22 hours ago

    petition to make this a Netflix series! 🙋‍♀️

  • Maia Stenger
    Maia Stenger 22 hours ago

    “ A UTI on my stomach “ 😂😂😂 Fuck the accuracy

  • Syntic_Frostii
    Syntic_Frostii 22 hours ago

    Caleb was probably just suffering.

  • dog devide
    dog devide 23 hours ago

    No go away they are pepper spraying her go away NO NO

  • robert pittman
    robert pittman 23 hours ago

    This lady is far braver than I am

  • dog devide
    dog devide 23 hours ago

    In the intro you looked like they have made you insane on purpose

  • ProFishingMacedonia

    Before start trolling a little kid who belive in santa bellive the people who is thinking americans soliders are fighting for freedom democracy ... sad reallity

  • SleepLess Gacha

    This should be the most liked video on TheXvid

  • Laura O
    Laura O Day ago

    Thanks for making this video. My son has a lot of questions about my service, and this was something more tangible I could show him. By the way, I'm surprised you didn't mention the food. The worst part of boot camp for me was the awful food and low portions. I was in a constant state of hunger through the entirety of boot camp. (They're scared all the females will gain weight.) When my family drove me home, I ate for like three states.

  • SarahVarvel
    SarahVarvel Day ago

    Weird question but what kinda of car does she have? It looks super nice.

  • Esther Jackson

    Eating healthy does not equal anti body positivity. Love this! 😊💕

  • Wanderling Sapling

    The alien Naruto-running like Area 51 lmao

  • Snarkulous
    Snarkulous Day ago

    Wow. Mac had an amazing transformation. And how is Michelle's hair so damn luscious?

  • Jody Zonneveld

    But it's in an automatic? American's and their auto's :(

  • Cole Strong
    Cole Strong Day ago

    The officer she interviewed looked more human when he was speaking than her 😂

  • Pradip Gupta
    Pradip Gupta Day ago

    You have a 100% Indian face.

  • kaitlyn wahlberg

    I love how everyone at N.A.S.A loves their job so much no matter what they are doing they enjoy

  • Claudia Vlahović


  • George Washington

    God I’d hate to be one of the DI’s stuck on this group. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jennifer M Davis

    Loved the chocolate mouse yum wish I could have been there for that I’m definitely going to try blue apron, have you tried Green Chef?

  • Dylan Smiddy
    Dylan Smiddy Day ago

    Think a black is hard have you seen kt gully amf cirque headwall up in aspen

  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black Day ago

    She’s bad af

  • Jennifer M Davis

    I liked the video more than any other you’ve done because it was so fun to watch you live out a fantasy

  • Sarah Pryor
    Sarah Pryor Day ago

    I went to high school with a girl who was pretty heavy and she participated in and often won pageants. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Me Too
    Me Too Day ago

    Cute young ladies ❤❤❤

  • Maria Rodriquezz

    Try vegan))

  • Bubb Y
    Bubb Y Day ago

    What ?

  • Natalie Bordwell

    Having done a little bit of ballet( and not being great at it) she did such a good job!

  • Brennan Nadreau

    should have taken drememine

  • Sophia Johnson

    Dang!! Your TheXvid rewind is like 1 million times better than the one youtube put out LOL can you do this next year?

  • Boom Heart
    Boom Heart Day ago

    1:33 Caleb is me.

  • Average Sensei

    Wtf is Caleb doing in the Marine Corps