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I Tried Police Academy
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What I Eat In A Day
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We Tried 1930s Workouts
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I Tried Marine Bootcamp
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Michelle's 8
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  • very low bloodsugar

    hello please make rewind from now on cuz you guys do it like 1000% better

  • Marie Jørgensen
    Marie Jørgensen 24 minutes ago

    Please train like an all star cheerleader

  • B2z Gaming
    B2z Gaming 36 minutes ago

    Its 19 year olds not 9 year olds. Pewdiepie himself changed it.

  • Mikki :/
    Mikki :/ 49 minutes ago

    Petition for Michelle to do TheXvid’s 2020 rewind next year?

  • HorseyLover 215
    HorseyLover 215 52 minutes ago

    Take some notes TheXvid! This is how its done! 😄

  • TheHelifly
    TheHelifly 52 minutes ago

    Honestly... who has tried to skip the ad at 1:51? 😂

    • Cassie
      Cassie 51 minute ago

      Us: can we get take out TheXvid: we have food at home. The food at home: youtube rewind 2019 some dessert made by grandma: This masterpiece

  • chirag varshney
    chirag varshney 54 minutes ago

    Why everyone is making a better TheXvid rewind then TheXvid

  • Mae Mitchum
    Mae Mitchum 56 minutes ago

    18:33 That part sound familiar I think I have heard a classical music piece with a similar melody and tune

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 57 minutes ago

    Lily is triggered and offended over the T-series part. She’ll probably accuse you of mocking her people. God I hope they cancel her show! 🍻 she’s the worst.

    • Cassie
      Cassie 50 minutes ago

      The video has just started & I'm already loving the Chicago homage!!

  • rida fatima
    rida fatima 57 minutes ago

    I wanted to cry!

    MR FLEA 58 minutes ago


  • Catie Nichole
    Catie Nichole 59 minutes ago

    Omg Shane and Jeffree dancing together in the end cracked me up 😂😂😂

  • Mae Mitchum
    Mae Mitchum Hour ago

    13:06 That sounds kinda like the song a few of my favorite things from The Sound Of Music

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Hour ago

    Gender non-conformists? Ugh 😑

  • UwU Lions
    UwU Lions Hour ago

    29:50 an 8 minute performance?

  • Catie Nichole
    Catie Nichole Hour ago

    This is better than the actual rewind, like holy crap good job! ❤️

  • Larissa S.
    Larissa S. Hour ago

    I loved it. And I think this is better than the actual rewind

  • Rj Petrella
    Rj Petrella Hour ago

    I have only watched the marine Corp video, but I just wanted to comment and say that I appreciate you taking the initiative to actually see what these folks go through. I'm currently in the process to become an LEO and I get some funny looks from people I think because of the negativity on social media. Again, I appreciate you being willing to put any bias or preconceptions aside and put your feet in those boots. You're tough as nails! Best wishes!

  • Chinthya Hindryani

    well we're 19years old now

  • Bianca Velez
    Bianca Velez Hour ago

    "I am so proud of this community" for the simple fact we can all agree this and TheXvid Rewind: Legends Edition are the superior Rewinds of 2019.

  • Cool Man25
    Cool Man25 Hour ago

    HELL YE!!!!!!!! 9 YEAR OL- i mean 19 YEAR OLDS LETS LIKE THIS VID!!!!!!

  • i-want-fries
    i-want-fries Hour ago


  • Jenni K.
    Jenni K. Hour ago

    See, somebody need to show TheXvid that THIS is how you do a yearly Rewind video!! 👏🏻😂

  • Boomslayer8 80
    Boomslayer8 80 Hour ago

    TheXvid should just stop making rewinds cuz if you want everyone to be happy that’s the least you could do LOL XD

  • Galligator
    Galligator Hour ago

    I watched the "How it was made" first so that I could really appreciate the effort, time, and money you put into this. Don't ever think of yourself as not belonging. You belong in the performing world, Michelle! :D You always push yourself and somehow make it work. You're awesome, and this was so good! :D

  • prakash vaity
    prakash vaity 2 hours ago

    I was suprised that likes and dislikes are not disabled by the way its good

  • Jenni K.
    Jenni K. 2 hours ago

    The video has just started & I'm already loving the Chicago homage!!

  • EuleChaotic
    EuleChaotic 2 hours ago

    TheXvid recommendations finally did something good to me.

  • Janina Gonzalez
    Janina Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Make more videos about gaining weight

  • Bronwyn Gibler
    Bronwyn Gibler 2 hours ago

    Us: can we get take out TheXvid: we have food at home. The food at home: youtube rewind 2019 some dessert made by grandma: This masterpiece

  • KungFu Cat
    KungFu Cat 2 hours ago

    Yo! You deserve so much recognition doing all these things!!! You are amazing and the way you just always develop your confidence. It's amazing and inspiring

  • kaka nyong manise
    kaka nyong manise 2 hours ago

    After watching hundreds of buzzfeed videos, I finally found her name

  • Ders snek in me boots


  • Almira Aguila
    Almira Aguila 2 hours ago

    You deserve more subs!!

  • Dtomis
    Dtomis 2 hours ago

    this is way better then the actual rewind

  • Surya Mohan
    Surya Mohan 3 hours ago

    fuck t-series

  • ill be tracer im alredy tracer

    MrBeast? Oo boi

  • Katrina Van Grouw
    Katrina Van Grouw 3 hours ago

    I think we need to acknowledge how Michelle's voice has improved so much into an absolutely gorgeous one!

  • ・HeidyBug SPK・
    ・HeidyBug SPK・ 3 hours ago

    Imma just act like this is the real TheXvid rewind.

  • Gigi Sot
    Gigi Sot 3 hours ago

    I want to see every TheXvidr that was mentioned in this musical reacting to it ✌😂

  • Ava Dyer
    Ava Dyer 3 hours ago

    I had chills the whole time

  • Snæk
    Snæk 3 hours ago

    Now this is epic.

  • Water Bottle
    Water Bottle 3 hours ago

    If the ad is a tap dance or any comedy i will not skip

  • Caitlin Burke
    Caitlin Burke 4 hours ago

    surprisingly BTS wasn't in there :( (😂antis don't come after me)

  • PoJc
    PoJc 4 hours ago

    sorry, where's EARFQUAKE?

  • Mr. Muffin
    Mr. Muffin 4 hours ago

    As a kid I always thought I would be tough enough to be yelled at. I thought the tear gas was easy.. just hold your breath and close your eyes.. I thought jumping down the wall was easy.. Just get over it.. I thought all the obstacles were easy.. just a walk in the park.. *What was wrong with me*

  • Sea Amundsen
    Sea Amundsen 4 hours ago

    So cool to get to see the behind the scenes of making this and then the final result

  • MermaidKilljoy
    MermaidKilljoy 4 hours ago

    this was also the first time someone mentioned both Dan and Phil coming out this year too which meant a lot to me personally

  • Leng Hai
    Leng Hai 4 hours ago

    In 2020 do 2020:The Flash Back All about time travel through the past rewind

  • Sanzz TV
    Sanzz TV 4 hours ago

    Wow her dad went to the US when he was 10 even now he has pretty strong indian accent and few of our friends who go to Europe for 2 weeks and come back having American accent 😂😂😂

  • Mr. Muffin
    Mr. Muffin 4 hours ago

    7:32 *Asserting Dominance*

  • Martin Stokes
    Martin Stokes 4 hours ago

    This one was shit

  • Lord Dickenstein
    Lord Dickenstein 5 hours ago

    This is probably rehearse months before youtube rewind. Is it because they knew that youtube rewind is gonna suck?

  • Abilawa andamari
    Abilawa andamari 5 hours ago

    I LOVE how everyone made their own rewind, and to some viewer that is their real rewind. There's something so sweet about it. Because you can't possibly cater to every audience anyway, so every group of people having their own representing their own rewind is so special.

  • Mals 7
    Mals 7 5 hours ago

    When you all want the same no. of dislikes as the 2018's

  • SuperVistaprint
    SuperVistaprint 5 hours ago

    i know i am late to the party.... but why is there allways this undertone of sexism. the model fashion industry is mostly run by women and gay men, the people that care are allso mostly female. none of my male friends give a single F about fashion shows or models - yet they get the blame. same with all the "women should look like this" nah, ever talked to men what they like, find atractive? it is not the type that is shown everywhere

  • Nany Ardila
    Nany Ardila 5 hours ago

    Love it. Also mind blown by how good tana was!!

  • Rajsi Jagtap
    Rajsi Jagtap 5 hours ago

    Michelle in a Saree is EVERYTHING.

  • Johanne Rahbæk
    Johanne Rahbæk 5 hours ago

    I NEED the Music on Spotify!!!!!

  • Rainasmama
    Rainasmama 5 hours ago

    I'm hoping you make a musical rewind every year. This is great

  • Creative Life
    Creative Life 5 hours ago


  • mrmopar5
    mrmopar5 5 hours ago

    You should do the "Pregnant for 24 Hour Challenge " now! Example: thexvid.com/video/Nsi5ICLlPps/video.html

  • ChiMarauder26
    ChiMarauder26 6 hours ago

    It’s honestly challenging yes. Although there are moments where you forget about everything and do what is needed to be done. If you can get past your mental doubts and fears I promise you that getting through 3 months is much easier than it looks.

  • Emily An
    Emily An 6 hours ago

    Everyone that disliked were the people who work at TheXvid HQ knowing that this was better than their failure.

  • Redshinemoon one
    Redshinemoon one 6 hours ago

    Naruto run.

    • Emily An
      Emily An 6 hours ago

      TheXvid should make Michelle their creative head for TheXvid Rewind 2020

  • Angelo starshot
    Angelo starshot 6 hours ago

    *Hit that dislike button!!!*

  • Ellie P
    Ellie P 6 hours ago

    this is amazing. this deserves to bet the real rewind

  • mweongiiᅳᄋᄉᄋ-

    This is way better than the ori TheXvid rewind

  • Katy Mackenzie
    Katy Mackenzie 6 hours ago

    I got chills at the beginning

  • jossie v
    jossie v 6 hours ago

    Okay but what can't you do????

  • aminoacidcereal
    aminoacidcereal 6 hours ago

    Yeah the lyrics are a bit cringe here and there

  • Lia Lehavi
    Lia Lehavi 6 hours ago

    The actual rewind

  • Robert C
    Robert C 6 hours ago

    dont blame yourself. nobody can sustain the shitty low fat, high veggie bro diet. who the fuck eats like that aside from stupid ass americans? stop being afraid of fat!

  • Shadow Angel
    Shadow Angel 6 hours ago

    Michelle, I have watched several of your videos and really like them so far. You do a really good job and I like that you do videos on topics that people don’t necessarily know a lot about. I do have a challenge for you also. I would like to see you work at a major ski resort. The reason behind this request is I personally work at a ski resort that also has its own hotel and many people don’t realize what all is involved in running that type of a business. Especially one like my job where we run year round instead of just a seasonal business.

  • Marie Sadd
    Marie Sadd 6 hours ago

    The rewind we needed and the rewind we deserved

  • David Slavik
    David Slavik 6 hours ago

    When the pewds part kicked in and he got back up it really made me happy this whole production was immaculate you guys are crazy talented thanks for giving us this masterpiece

  • Busted Gamer
    Busted Gamer 7 hours ago

    When this is better than the real rewind 👏

  • Pennan Debussy
    Pennan Debussy 7 hours ago

    Ok but the cinematic slapped. Love it sis

  • kylie girl
    kylie girl 7 hours ago

    Yes this so beautiful

  • Shawn Esquilona
    Shawn Esquilona 7 hours ago

    One of the best funny parts is 5:00

  • Mads Danish
    Mads Danish 7 hours ago


  • Shawn Esquilona
    Shawn Esquilona 7 hours ago

    it's a yes from me, you guys totally nailed it. This is perfect, lights, music, dance, memes and... ofcourse, much better than TheXvid Rewind 2019

  • emma de sainte marie

    petition to make this the actual youtube rewind? rally up the theater kids!

  • Elion Fuck
    Elion Fuck 8 hours ago

    Please destroy this video

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 8 hours ago

    5:53 “Sad Naruto run” 😂😂😂

  • Anoushka C.
    Anoushka C. 8 hours ago

    Michelle just called green chutney a vinaigrette sksjsksksk

  • Kazrim
    Kazrim 8 hours ago

    This just blows anything TheXvid could ever do out of the water because it's fun and has soul man

  • MJS
    MJS 8 hours ago

    While watching this video i was just thinking about if youtube uploaded this rewind musical they would have been praised

  • Fre Sha Voca Do
    Fre Sha Voca Do 8 hours ago

    “This is amazing!” 2 seconds later: *Blehhggguughgh*

  • Omar Ehab
    Omar Ehab 8 hours ago

    Fucking for women trying to like men the men is best in every things . the women fail in every thing

  • Yoongis littlehope
    Yoongis littlehope 8 hours ago

    I just wanna say that "justified" use of force, is still the use of force.

  • Nikita Nair
    Nikita Nair 9 hours ago

    TheXvid should make Michelle their creative head for TheXvid Rewind 2020

  • DJ Makhaye
    DJ Makhaye 9 hours ago

    If this isn't in TheXvid rewind in sueing

  • Pennan Debussy
    Pennan Debussy 9 hours ago


  • G Games
    G Games 9 hours ago

    Stop crying baby that's life take it like you own it

  • rynodude mcgouch
    rynodude mcgouch 9 hours ago

    This is worst than rewind 2018, and that's a fact

  • Pennan Debussy
    Pennan Debussy 9 hours ago


  • Mr. Bubbs
    Mr. Bubbs 9 hours ago

    very cool

  • Allyson sorenson
    Allyson sorenson 9 hours ago

    this i better then the airforce

  • SomeRandom Dino
    SomeRandom Dino 9 hours ago

    This is the first musical that i liked