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    YEETEGY _ 40 minutes ago

    My dad we in the US marines core

  • Dohaa Siddiqui
    Dohaa Siddiqui 43 minutes ago

    Michelle is the best video creator! I actually created my own channel called (Dohaa Siddiqui) to show even more creative videos on TheXvid. Check it out and I will always follow back!

  • Liv Arthur
    Liv Arthur 43 minutes ago

    Lol... my cousin is 11 and shes 5'7.....

  • Liv Arthur
    Liv Arthur 43 minutes ago

    Lol... my cousin is 11 and shes 5'7.....

  • Liv Arthur
    Liv Arthur 43 minutes ago

    Lol... my cousin is 11 and shes 5'7.....

  • Fantastic Fontenots
    Fantastic Fontenots 53 minutes ago

    I’m crying because o love in Houston and I didn’t get to see you and I live close to nasa hq

  • Sama Sallam
    Sama Sallam Hour ago

    Lady:what the body does is it sends blood full of(heeling stuff) through your body Me:ummmmmmmm you don’t sound like a professional to me WHAT THE FRICK IS HEALING STUFF PLZ CLARIFY

  • Kate Dawnriver
    Kate Dawnriver Hour ago

    Training like a professional show jumper for a 6 weeks?

  • It’s Avocado
    It’s Avocado Hour ago

    I love it 🥰

  • Evangeline Donta

    I went on a normal one for like 15 minutes and it was sooo tiring

  • Saffanah Taqiya Tanjung

    But in the beginning, I should point out that you shouldn't lower your head when the note is low and also vice versa

  • I like ice Cream
    I like ice Cream 2 hours ago

    Ooooo get a professional back scratch Edit: nvm guys I found a video

  • Lexie Smith
    Lexie Smith 2 hours ago

    Michelle thank you so much for doing this video. My husband is a police officer and he took the job because he wants to help and serve people. I know its not always the best situation and I know that things do happen but thank you for giving another side to the story and for taking the challenge to see life through their eyes.

  • tigerslash xxx
    tigerslash xxx 2 hours ago

    Legit this is torcher😓😓

  • Darkgaming4518
    Darkgaming4518 2 hours ago

    did I hear the man correctly when he said the marines are the finest fighting force what about the SAS and the Navy SEALS

  • jai phillips
    jai phillips 2 hours ago

    Any boys here

  • Katie Prater
    Katie Prater 3 hours ago

    Because people of color hate white and police officers

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga 3 hours ago

    When you said "𖦹ᴥ𖦹” at the end I felt that

  • Alex Quaw
    Alex Quaw 3 hours ago

    The things we have in America are not "privilges", we work hard to have these things and we pay for them.

  • Alex Quaw
    Alex Quaw 3 hours ago

    They have buildings and cities in africa, why dont they just build desalination plants so they can turn ocean water into drinking water and it would also create thousands of jobs.

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga 4 hours ago

    I really hope you don’t see it a different way like the police force feeling terrible My sister is an nypd officer

  • Patrice Woods
    Patrice Woods 4 hours ago

    Love that this really got the point across that it isnt easy. I like seeing the struggle and not just some video where the fails were edited out.

  • Jeff Burnham
    Jeff Burnham 4 hours ago

    lol, probably not a good idea to go to a foreign country and say you there to try all the "crazy" things it has to offer. Each country has their own unique culture, which to a native is nothing out of the ordinary. Japan is a beautiful place with friendly people, and a long and rich history. I hope you got to experience an Onsen while you were there.

  • Jeff Burnham
    Jeff Burnham 5 hours ago

    I guess it all depends on the era you were brought up in. It's much easier for people born pre-1980's to go a week without internet, relying on local TV or radio for news, or a newspaper. We can also read a paper map and not need to rely on GPS to get some place (word of advice, do not hold a map in your lap and drive at the same time). For someone like Michelle, who is an internet celebrity with her own channel, I can see how not having access to it would be difficult since that is all part of the job she has. I think the best thing that happened to her was going someplace where there is none, and just learning to relax and enjoy what's around you.

  • Just Your Average Retard

    6:56 Jurassic park who? lol

  • Sailor Puth
    Sailor Puth 7 hours ago

    Nice one! If possible please do a belly dancing video too

  • Skkorm
    Skkorm 7 hours ago

    This video had me clenched up the entire time haha

  • Angel fairy
    Angel fairy 7 hours ago

    im 12 and im 69kg yyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Spinny
    Spinny 8 hours ago

    Rappelling is for real kind of fun tho.

  • jenforcharley Matthews

    You should train for a marathon

  • jenforcharley Matthews

    You should train for a marathon

  • Jamiee Campbell
    Jamiee Campbell 8 hours ago

    How can someone do what she does?

  • Daisy’s Life
    Daisy’s Life 8 hours ago

    Trained like a lifeguard for 60 days

  • MrSoksann
    MrSoksann 8 hours ago

    Fuck that you’re fine as fuck don’t ever change beautiful.

  • Dominic Jebrail
    Dominic Jebrail 8 hours ago

    Brooo i just completed that like a week ago that was like easy it’s so much worse

  • sheri vegas
    sheri vegas 8 hours ago

    Try Krav Maga

  • IronicHoneyBadger
    IronicHoneyBadger 9 hours ago

    she'd make a good bubbles to a bobo

  • Oliver Trans
    Oliver Trans 10 hours ago

    How the hell do you do a 13 mile run I can’t even do 1

  • Gary Parker
    Gary Parker 10 hours ago

    I'm next.

  • Melissa Amarillas
    Melissa Amarillas 10 hours ago

    I love acupuncture it’s the beet thing ever but I ain’t gone like it’s a weird as feeling lol 😂 you feel ya nerve jump and you honestly can’t move at all 🥴

  • La Chancla
    La Chancla 10 hours ago

    Yes sir San Diego police department hope to become one

  • Gabriel Tankersley
    Gabriel Tankersley 10 hours ago

    3:19 I'll but my needle in you bow chicka wow wow

  • Kynne
    Kynne 11 hours ago

    I just love the intro!!

  • Lira Jade
    Lira Jade 11 hours ago

    is no one gonna talk about how tendu means to stretch not brush

  • Jaynecia Diamond
    Jaynecia Diamond 11 hours ago

    me not relating at 18:00 bc i’m eating Takis🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • Dynasty
    Dynasty 11 hours ago

    I’m crying while watching this

  • Wavykae YT
    Wavykae YT 11 hours ago

    I would love to do this

  • Kermit Boi!
    Kermit Boi! 11 hours ago

    When we said a normal session is only 20 to 30 needles I LOST IT 4:12

  • Solveig Libicki
    Solveig Libicki 11 hours ago

    How does she keep getting sponsored by the literal government?????

  • Gloomy Cartoon
    Gloomy Cartoon 11 hours ago

    5:36 when your Nice teacher is sick and a marine drill instructor comes in and the new unit is Gymnastics

  • TheGamer 14
    TheGamer 14 11 hours ago

    Fun fact mosquito have six needles when they bite you.

  • LunaFox 45
    LunaFox 45 11 hours ago

    You looked so pretty! You did great Michelle

  • aV Camax
    aV Camax 12 hours ago

    trump 2020

  • LunaFox 45
    LunaFox 45 12 hours ago

    Okay but that girl Sarah Her eyes are like, anime goals lmao

  • Curry Silcox
    Curry Silcox 12 hours ago

    Pleeeaassseeee try marching band

  • SirXoloth
    SirXoloth 12 hours ago

    Wow this is so easy just only use it for drinking you should do 30 buckets for 30 days

  • Eugene Lee
    Eugene Lee 12 hours ago

    Flips fish with tongs 😳😳

  • judgmental female dog
    judgmental female dog 12 hours ago

    you are seriously so beautiful WHAT

  • Polimax 258
    Polimax 258 13 hours ago

    Great video,Michelle Khare 👍well done for all the good things(which is a lot of things) you did ,Michelle Khare!

  • availableapple 123
    availableapple 123 13 hours ago

    she looks like tana but sounds like khole Kardashian

  • Virginia Valentin
    Virginia Valentin 13 hours ago

    We do rappeling at my high school for jrotc😂😂

  • Kate Gilbert
    Kate Gilbert 13 hours ago

    I’ve been dancing for 9 years. (I’m 12) and it’s so wired watching such a strong person show her struggles with thing I don’t struggle with. I must say tho, she’s doing better than a lot of other adults new to ballet👍 you did so well!!!

  • Ulises Fernandez
    Ulises Fernandez 14 hours ago

    No where near 9 percent body fat I would say 17

  • Jenny Shep123
    Jenny Shep123 14 hours ago

    27:57 was soooo impressive

  • Victoria Laney
    Victoria Laney 14 hours ago

    I also like going to the dentist

  • Muralha
    Muralha 14 hours ago

    Michelle is gross.

  • PintoBean
    PintoBean 14 hours ago

    I'm 5'5. I am a black 12yo female. *I feel very weird rn*

  • Lixsweth Garcia
    Lixsweth Garcia 14 hours ago

    YOU were slaying your interviews omggggg

  • miiilky tea
    miiilky tea 14 hours ago

    So... This is AMAZING! Me and my Best friend do ballet. I'm just saying that you are working hard! 🤩Around Christmas time, I'm gonna do a quiz on almost ALL the moves in baller. I'm am so fricken scared. I literally know no moves, so I'm REALLYY scared.

  • Joelle Elysia
    Joelle Elysia 14 hours ago

    love love loveeeee this

  • superhero kawada
    superhero kawada 15 hours ago

    It’s funny how San Diego is in the top rankings for cops

  • Forever 999
    Forever 999 15 hours ago

    Future mom

  • Jimmy White
    Jimmy White 15 hours ago

    Wtf.. I was into this video until you said “since I am a woman of color there aren’t many roles for me..” are you joking? It’s 2019 not 1985.. people like you are why racism is still around.. there was NO reason for you to bring race into this. But now, a young person watched this and now have in their brain that Hollywood doesn’t hire people of color... ugh I hate it

  • Danica Royer
    Danica Royer 16 hours ago

    How wants to try it now 😂

  • Stella Metcalf
    Stella Metcalf 17 hours ago

    I love her personality.

  • Emmy Lynn
    Emmy Lynn 17 hours ago

    What was the pepper spray like versus the CS gas at Parris Island? Pain wise?

  • savannah vick
    savannah vick 17 hours ago

    I can’t handle someone screaming at me. I definitely could never be in the military! My mom was in the military and I still don’t see how she did it.

  • Mathijs Theunissen
    Mathijs Theunissen 18 hours ago

    My guy idk but europe the blacks way more difficult

  • Genevieve Brodskaya
    Genevieve Brodskaya 18 hours ago

    Thank you so much for doing this! This is so important!! 🤗

  • banana man joe
    banana man joe 18 hours ago

    I'm going to kick your ass understand

  • Xtürerti
    Xtürerti 18 hours ago

    Michelle Khare more like Mia Khalifa Isnt that oddboth names have mi in the beginning and Kha in the last name... very odd🧐

  • savannah vick
    savannah vick 18 hours ago

    You need to live in an area with good police officers! Where I live I love my police department! They are all fantastic! However I wouldn’t ever live in Phoenix bc they are not great.

  • saida amkeched ouriaghli

    they are not called back up dancers you dummy

  • _ autumn _
    _ autumn _ 19 hours ago

    i have always wanted to be a cop my whole life, and i had no idea it is this difficult. they need a lot of strength to to these things, mentally, and physically.

  • Evangeline Donta
    Evangeline Donta 19 hours ago

    I wouldn’t be able to do this... but I really want to!!

  • batterypowrd
    batterypowrd 19 hours ago

    Drum Corp! I don’t know if this has been suggested yet, but you should train with a DCI group!

  • Eaton  Bell Jr.
    Eaton Bell Jr. 19 hours ago

    You got to meet navathebeast

  • Cueva TwoThreeNine
    Cueva TwoThreeNine 19 hours ago

    Did anyone else squirm when they used the pain compliance thing with the nerve Edit:and when she felt the taser Edit 2:and the pepper spray

  • Saitama One Punch Man
    Saitama One Punch Man 19 hours ago

    She needs to train like she's in the Special Forces. I bet that's a harder challenge.

  • Anna van der Haar
    Anna van der Haar 20 hours ago

    I need to have a friend like Michelle ASAP

  • Altair TF
    Altair TF 20 hours ago

    Instant respect for the dude being all the character in left 4 dead 2. When he says that i clear see he being the coach. Nice

  • Dave Escamilla
    Dave Escamilla 20 hours ago

    Should do a training like a professional salsa dancer

  • TheAfrikanDoge
    TheAfrikanDoge 20 hours ago

    Dude the tactics instructor is like a human thanos

  • king Igor
    king Igor 20 hours ago

    It's protect & serve NOT pursue & enslave cops or FBI agents are NOT owed respect... ( 3rd comment )

  • Justanotherrandomperson :l

    I'm the bad guy DUH!

  • Rebeca Canizalez Rodriguez

    Michelle I challenge you to train like a figure skater!!

  • Janel Spencer
    Janel Spencer 21 hour ago

    Thank you for the video! Good work San Diego Police Department. Keep on connecting with our community and fighting police brutality.

  • Elchampion
    Elchampion 21 hour ago

    I still hate her but this shouldn’t happened to her

  • Abby Hayes headquarters

    1 question what does stingle mean

  • Ghibli Mononoke
    Ghibli Mononoke 21 hour ago

    i encourage anybody who has doubts about police officers to watch cop cams. the cop needs to think about their life and the lives of anybody around. the suspect enduring momentary pain is far less serious and permanent than people dying