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My Mom Fed Me Only Fruit
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I Caught My Gf With Her Prof
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  • Anjali Deo
    Anjali Deo 10 seconds ago

    Omg Jackie Chan is my fav acter

  • Omar Ortega
    Omar Ortega 53 seconds ago

    Title "my dad makes me pay for my room" it's called rent

    GAMINGWITH NADZ Minute ago

    This is really sad:(((((( Welp... GOod LUck FIndINg A NEw ONe:333

  • SallyPurpleYT
    SallyPurpleYT 2 minutes ago

    This was an interesting story

  • Rubes and Menz
    Rubes and Menz 6 minutes ago

    She must hate McDonald’s

  • Luis Cabrera
    Luis Cabrera 7 minutes ago


  • Tekay Tran
    Tekay Tran 7 minutes ago

    I thought she had kids at 10 😂

  • tired but still trying
    tired but still trying 8 minutes ago

    She doesnt like yellow and red? How about the coke on the stairs,her phone turns yellow if someone call or text and her mom has red hair

  • Alex Vigil
    Alex Vigil 8 minutes ago

    Gurl you should go to preschool and study there you dumb dumb lol ok xoxo

  • Bluemoon33 Bluemoon33
    Bluemoon33 Bluemoon33 9 minutes ago

    I lost my mom too. I know how you feel. 👍🏽 You have lost someone. ⏬

  • A.J. DeNofa
    A.J. DeNofa 11 minutes ago

    So the parents really did the crime? i was hoping they’d be innocent.

  • harit 007
    harit 007 14 minutes ago

    Did I see professor Snape in middle Oh man I am really obsessed with harry potter

  • Sweet PotatoYT
    Sweet PotatoYT 14 minutes ago

    Same with my big sister. But she dosent really care

  • hana uta
    hana uta 14 minutes ago

    Bruh f the father

  • DanielSquash Boi
    DanielSquash Boi 14 minutes ago

    At the restaurant I would have said “Where the f*** did you get the idea to leave something that you caused f*****” and then punch her so u did the wrong choice I would not help

  • Nathaniel Chang
    Nathaniel Chang 14 minutes ago

    Ultra capitalism 1000

  • Aronno Rocks
    Aronno Rocks 15 minutes ago

    Thanks for your final words .. 🙏

  • Judy Kassab
    Judy Kassab 18 minutes ago

    My sister is called Daniella

  • Warapan B. Panyo
    Warapan B. Panyo 18 minutes ago

    Ask your aunt for help along with your friends grandmother and go to your house again

  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 18 minutes ago

    Why do all the story’s start “first my father left my family “?

  • Memes Assemble
    Memes Assemble 19 minutes ago

    Holy sh*t

  • Charlotte Jarvie
    Charlotte Jarvie 20 minutes ago

    anyone else notice the harry potter teachers oh and sherey looks like an onion ( as in the purple way)

  • Amielle Meredith
    Amielle Meredith 23 minutes ago

    Australia, Victoria

  • Alana Nicole
    Alana Nicole 23 minutes ago

    "I'm sorry , but I think you can't get pregnant when your only 10...."

  • Elle Sol
    Elle Sol 23 minutes ago

    Entitled kid whining that other rich kids get more perks has own house at 13, uses family connections to start a business with no risk, and never starved

  • natheer burton
    natheer burton 25 minutes ago


    MAJELLA ZETA'S LIFE 26 minutes ago

    My God! Bri just scared me PS sorry for the wrong name

  • moon- fernandez
    moon- fernandez 26 minutes ago

    Yay im early but still why tho....

  • Jahnee Strang
    Jahnee Strang 27 minutes ago

    This was the right thing to do I mean that's what I would do... If I wasn't self-conscious 😬

  • Bluemoon33 Bluemoon33
    Bluemoon33 Bluemoon33 29 minutes ago

    Who here is 31 born in 1988. I hate the name Jenny.

  • widhi ana
    widhi ana 31 minute ago

    Translate ke indo dong ke chanel Kisah Nyata

  • Gobotimus84
    Gobotimus84 31 minute ago

    Am I the only one who thinks he’s over reacting a bit?

  • RP3 R0CKY
    RP3 R0CKY 32 minutes ago


  • TuffleGirl UwU
    TuffleGirl UwU 32 minutes ago

    Am i the only one whoa already seen this one? Like month ago

  • Suga, Tea, & Kookies
    Suga, Tea, & Kookies 33 minutes ago

    Lol why did the voice change in like, the middle of the video

  • Boris Bilic
    Boris Bilic 33 minutes ago

    Mama mia

  • RP3 R0CKY
    RP3 R0CKY 34 minutes ago

    Bruh she dating shaggy

  • Creamy 17
    Creamy 17 35 minutes ago

    Bad grammer

  • Vixen Fox Sly
    Vixen Fox Sly 35 minutes ago

    don't read this story to be curious about your dad's life

  • Creamy 17
    Creamy 17 36 minutes ago

    Bad grammee

  • Creamy 17
    Creamy 17 36 minutes ago

    Bad grammee

  • Angie plus Andrew
    Angie plus Andrew 36 minutes ago

    :o it’s triple perperonii

  • MAITHA Best
    MAITHA Best 38 minutes ago

    Btw the title changed

  • Noah Bazaldua
    Noah Bazaldua 41 minute ago

    I think you mean dont drink or else he toght you a leson ok

  • squixy isagod
    squixy isagod 43 minutes ago

    Your sister is a b word

  • Rashya Somerville
    Rashya Somerville 44 minutes ago

    U were really wrong cuz u reallyliked dave

  • jazmin miranda
    jazmin miranda 46 minutes ago

    The tone of her voice makes her sound really stupid I’m sorry but it had to be said

  • Chea simon
    Chea simon 48 minutes ago

    What aw man camboida is my country

  • William Ferguson
    William Ferguson 48 minutes ago


  • Tori Simmons
    Tori Simmons 49 minutes ago

    Girl, you made the right chose. If He didn’t understand the end and why you did it, he don’t deserve you. You, young lady, have a kind, loving, and caring spirit. Whatever you do, DON’T YOU DARE LOSE IT!!!!!!! You are an amazing young woman and I would love be like you (I kinda am, like with loving, kind, and caring spirit, but I mean the patience (and I’m 21))!!!!!! I’m terrified that my (future) kids will be taken from me!!!!! God bless y’all and may your brothers turn out to be like YOU!! NOT YOUR VERY STUBBORN GRANDMA (no offense to you. If she’s old school, she needs mental help for stubbornness . Again, no offense to you, I only mean to offend her)

  • Pug love 69
    Pug love 69 49 minutes ago

    You should go to yurep to your real father

  • Nerf Bastion
    Nerf Bastion 50 minutes ago

    Woah that plot twist though I love it

  • Yousef Swaifee
    Yousef Swaifee 50 minutes ago

    You made the right choice

  • Razielle's life
    Razielle's life 51 minute ago

    I think you made the wrong choice what you should do is get married and bring your brother with you so it can be like you have kids now and take care of them until they grow up 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • Itz_Dovey Cookies
    Itz_Dovey Cookies 53 minutes ago

    Just say sorry to her

  • Tori Simmons
    Tori Simmons 54 minutes ago

    I have BIPOLAR DISORDER and my Daddy was the same was as your grandma. He didn’t want to educate Himself on what I have (on top of BIPOLAR, I have ADHD ANXIETY ASPERGERS (it is on the Autism Spectrum) and DEPRESSION).

  • Gavin Reed is gay
    Gavin Reed is gay 58 minutes ago

    Every body always 15 and deformed in these stories

  • Laife Palafox
    Laife Palafox 58 minutes ago

    The thumbnail looks like Dora the. explorer like if u agree

  • Karma Nonchalant
    Karma Nonchalant 59 minutes ago

    Call Me Crazy But I'm Part Of The 1% That Doesn't Have An Interest In Reading Others' Diaries Or Gossiping About Their Personal Business.......I Have Respect For Privacy && Boundaries

  • Gacha sexy19
    Gacha sexy19 Hour ago

    So did my dad -_-

  • Elison Silver
    Elison Silver Hour ago

    Liking someone doesn't make them yours. She's a person not some piece of property to be claimed.

  • MilesSwap_78
    MilesSwap_78 Hour ago

    This Is How Many Times She Said Mom | V

  • Baddie Dessie
    Baddie Dessie Hour ago

    This seem like a lifetime story...

  • Jada Playz
    Jada Playz Hour ago

    No..... u made the right decision fam is first

  • CStone 471
    CStone 471 Hour ago

    2:24-2:39 Who else immediately thought of the "The Loud house" when all of that was said

  • Best cray
    Best cray Hour ago

    If she only ate fruit, she would have diabetes, fruits have sugar but nutrients in them. Still has sugar, no vegetables, Diabetes can be on the line, this ain't a true story.

  • Dark Wolf Rashard

    It’s brees fault because she is the one who started it not her sister

  • Jackie johnson
    Jackie johnson Hour ago

    Yes you made the right choice. I thought your boyfriend would understand everything. Do what you have to for your family. Move forward don't look back i can understand it hurt but stuff will get better for you.

  • Shamim Sheuly
    Shamim Sheuly Hour ago

    This video's animation is not good. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Alexandria
    Alexandria Hour ago

    I thought the man was going to be their dad 🤦🏽‍♀️❗️

  • Michael
    Michael Hour ago

    Mcdonalds hair line

  • Samantha Eilish
    Samantha Eilish Hour ago

    How vegans really feel :

  • Mia Salinas
    Mia Salinas Hour ago

    I'm not the type to state what you should or should not do. I think though you need to think about every detail though not just the wedding what's going to happen after the wedding? How you going to afford to live? Are you both going to go to college together? And just in case matters let's say it doesn't work out how are you going handled that? Marriage is not just a commitment of hearts but legally binding. You have to think these things though and if you have strong answers for all the logical gestions for you working and being together. You have to ask yourself the questions of what you want in your life and what you want to accomplish? Will you guys be able to do it together and are you sure that's what you want? If those type of questions in favor of the marriage great if not, maybe take it a bit slower and just move in together to see if it can work? That would be my suggestion, good luck hope everything works out!

  • escalera oo
    escalera oo Hour ago

    Your boyfriend looks like lilhuddy

  • Marcalon Milhous

    I've gone through the same thing

  • Ndeye Fall
    Ndeye Fall Hour ago

    When he says Jackie Chan

  • sofi mira
    sofi mira Hour ago

    not her fault, if her dad is wise enough then he’ll never leave his family

  • Ro Se
    Ro Se Hour ago

    *As someone who has actually her birthday on APRIL... I ask myself how does an APRIL GIRL look like? Can anyone explain? Maybe Mr. MacCabe himself? Hahahahaha...* 😂 _BTW: It really TRIGGERED me as a foreign person how she misspelled LITERATURE ;(_

  • funtime foxy
    funtime foxy Hour ago

    oh....welp that sucks......heres a happy meal from mc donalds and dont worry i asked for extra apples *gives a happy meal with a girls toy fries a 6 piece chicken mc nugget and extra apples* your welcome *eats the same happy meal but with extra fries and boys toy and double cheese burger and walk aeay as doing it*

  • Roman Hernandez
    Roman Hernandez Hour ago

    You did

  • Laura McMonagle
    Laura McMonagle Hour ago

    Mean Girls

  • Angie plus Andrew

    Glad he’s successful in life

  • Mao mao the girls

    If only they actually took kids away for being an addict and neglected children.. They don't

  • Maliayh
    Maliayh Hour ago

    Why does her voice sound older

  • Meigui Hua
    Meigui Hua Hour ago

    title is literally uzui tengen from demon slayer tho like

  • Bluemoon33 Bluemoon33

    So it okay for a 14 year old to get pregnant,but when a 16 year old girl get pregnant people all stare and wisher. Something fishy going on.

  • El Chango woomy
    El Chango woomy Hour ago

    Having a baby gugugonks 📶↗️↗️

  • Amy Lily
    Amy Lily Hour ago

    Does anyone saw a butt under her father's mouth 😂

  • Avocado Guacamole

    Why does she look like Oprah

  • Tori Simmons
    Tori Simmons Hour ago

    A guy with special needs played with my hair, and kissed my hand and head and played with my hair. To this day I have to know who touches my hair. My grandma tried to get something out of my hair (on the back of my head) and I jumped 10 feet high. If someone doesn’t tell me they’re going to touch my hair, I jump!!!! I can touch my own hair (the back of my head) and feel just a tiny bit freaked out.

  • Big Oof
    Big Oof Hour ago

    I dont think bob should do something

  • Jezdamayel Caster

    Title "I Set My Dad With Mistress With My Own Hands" Girl :" This happened long before I was born".

  • Manuel Romero
    Manuel Romero Hour ago

    It means he not a mistake and she is

  • Jessica Hopper
    Jessica Hopper Hour ago


  • Brielle Williams

    I have a hamster with red eyes

  • Gamerd00d
    Gamerd00d Hour ago

    4:57 ho? Your approaching me? Instead of running away ur coming right to me? I can’t beat you to death without getting closer. Is this the right reference? I forgot

  • Bontle Malungani

    You shouldn't do what people tell you to just live your life

  • Brylee Millar
    Brylee Millar Hour ago

    Be proud of who you are

  • Tik Toks
    Tik Toks Hour ago

    This is me 😂

  • •Sorxo Gacha•

    Who else thought she was talking to the boy? Until they read the title.