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  • Ai Ka Mo Sa
    Ai Ka Mo Sa 6 hours ago

    The fact that I have liked this video but I dont remember watching it 😂

  • Georgia Errington
    Georgia Errington 6 hours ago


  • FaultyFemale
    FaultyFemale 6 hours ago

    It’s so fun to go through her old videos to see her use holo taco testers in them

  • Brinda Rijal
    Brinda Rijal 7 hours ago

    Nail Polish ben tea and cats where is holo 😢😢😢😢😢

  • Z
    Z 7 hours ago

    cat hair socks next please xx

  • The Ravenclaw Llama
    The Ravenclaw Llama 7 hours ago

    I just made weeeoooowww a disease in Plague Inc.

  • BFF Forever
    BFF Forever 7 hours ago

    Tysm u did it

  • neveroche
    neveroche 7 hours ago

    This video made me smile ^^

  • Presley Burns
    Presley Burns 7 hours ago

    i know there was a disclaimer and all, but i dont absorb vitamins & such good since being a mircopreemie so taking vitamins such as biotin & hsn have helped my nails tremendously! 😊🙌🏽

  • Haylie Claire
    Haylie Claire 7 hours ago

    I need a "my boss watches troom troom" video

  • Haley Harris
    Haley Harris 7 hours ago

    You do know snow flakes really look like that close up right??

  • Captain Bae
    Captain Bae 7 hours ago

    Play sims again!!

  • Link Lucien
    Link Lucien 7 hours ago

    Some of my cats are going bald 👀

  • Harloe Westwood
    Harloe Westwood 7 hours ago

    Ya'll need to check out Hair and Now's TheXvid channel.

  • Christina Arts and Crafts

    She is using the holodays collection before she introduced it to us! The peely base ad is when

  • Snowball Snep
    Snowball Snep 8 hours ago

    Christine may have delved into dumb and silly content, but she's still a wonderful person and I love to see her pop up in my feed from time to time.

  • akisha cooper
    akisha cooper 8 hours ago

    *watches this befor house firee*

  • Ren Solis
    Ren Solis 8 hours ago

    Just watching this video made me sneeze. I love cats but the allergies are horrible 😭

  • Ploy Becker
    Ploy Becker 8 hours ago

    What if the heart is HOLO

  • Alice Watson
    Alice Watson 8 hours ago


  • Izzie Frizzie YT
    Izzie Frizzie YT 8 hours ago

    LMAO I hav that book

  • Serena Krell
    Serena Krell 8 hours ago

    Christine: Keep it nice! Corrine: RIP HIS FACE OFF

  • banana milk
    banana milk 8 hours ago

    troom troom: 10 diy cat hair hacks for every cat owner to try!

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 8 hours ago

      Ben covered in cats made me so happy

  • Aryana Spatafora
    Aryana Spatafora 8 hours ago

    Cristine:”The day cutepolish gets demonized is the day TheXvid is s**t” **TheXvid demonizing very TheXvid video posted to “protect children”**

  • Destiny Duran
    Destiny Duran 8 hours ago

    “Would you like a blow”😂💀 and then she hits us with a “ I would like to see your blowing technique”😂😂

  • Jo Peace
    Jo Peace 9 hours ago

    i cannot believe she honestly said “i don’t have googly eyes but i do have..... swarovski crystals.” i’m cryin

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 8 hours ago

      Do 5 minute crafts nail hacks!!!

  • free spirit
    free spirit 9 hours ago

    Dont compare hockey with tea its our indian's national sport n its very difficult bitch

  • Devin Boone
    Devin Boone 9 hours ago


  • Devin Boone
    Devin Boone 9 hours ago

    zyler was wrong it got nearly 6 million views lmao

  • Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories

    Her Menchie painting was actually quite good

  • Tenry Phonda
    Tenry Phonda 9 hours ago

    So is she testing white polish now???😮😮

  • Tenry Phonda
    Tenry Phonda 9 hours ago

    What even is this channel 😂😂

  • Jazzy Lee
    Jazzy Lee 9 hours ago

    She's like the Canadian version of Liza koshy

  • krithika kailasam
    krithika kailasam 9 hours ago

    They should make contact lenses like the glasses

  • Yasmine Tamayo
    Yasmine Tamayo 9 hours ago


  • Rachel Cook
    Rachel Cook 9 hours ago

    I stumbled across that book in Barnes and noble, oh, about 8 yrs ago. Went home, printed off a picture of the cover and taped it to my desk with a sticky note reading "when you think an idea is too stupid to work, remember this." 😂

  • Um Hi ?
    Um Hi ? 9 hours ago

    Did she just call green onions celery stalks-

  • Elsa Zahra
    Elsa Zahra 9 hours ago


  • Elsa Zahra
    Elsa Zahra 9 hours ago

    when she said wow i was laughing so hard

  • Gabriel Paddock
    Gabriel Paddock 9 hours ago

    It's funny how Ben compared his neck beard to Robs lol

  • Mehreen Amir
    Mehreen Amir 9 hours ago

    *in another universe* : cats making finger puppets with human hair

  • Elaine Nicholson
    Elaine Nicholson 9 hours ago

    So I've never had store bought syrup... my mom always made it at home with mapleing sugar and water.

  • Rebecca Na
    Rebecca Na 9 hours ago

    My little dude does actually have bald spots on his feet. Ever since he was about 13 weeks old. No real explanation. Vet said it happens sometimes.

  • Talya Em
    Talya Em 9 hours ago

    Do I spy trials of a one-coat white on your Other Hand? 😍

  • Andrea Elena Deguzman

    I’m 9 months late but, “That’s a FAKE holiday” February is my birth month tho 😢

  • elizabeth collum
    elizabeth collum 9 hours ago

    We already know you lost your mind along time ago basically when you started TheXvid. Jk just making a joke you’re my favourite TheXvidr

  • Lou Lolliyum
    Lou Lolliyum 9 hours ago

    Cristine: "Together they make up my home~" Ben: _Am I a joke to you?_

  • Olivia Playz
    Olivia Playz 9 hours ago

    Bens fingers are better than mine

  • Melody Morning Star
    Melody Morning Star 9 hours ago

    Who send a mean comment that’s mean

  • _Txsty Nxmjoon_
    _Txsty Nxmjoon_ 10 hours ago

    G L U E A N D C O C A I N E

  • Melody Morning Star
    Melody Morning Star 10 hours ago

    Bitch you are fucking dumb 😂😂

  • Yuna Oneechan
    Yuna Oneechan 10 hours ago

    This NEEDS to become a series on the channel! I definitely need more of this!

  • Rabbit life
    Rabbit life 10 hours ago

    Why do u always swear???

  • Gabriel Paddock
    Gabriel Paddock 10 hours ago

    "Why am I still here, just to suffer?" -Beyyynnn 12:30

  • TrashLord Lord of the Trash

    Cristine to Ben like: “Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”

  • Savannah Sumrall
    Savannah Sumrall 10 hours ago

    I think hockey fans in Canada are the same level as parents at highschool football games in the South lol

  • Werin7
    Werin7 10 hours ago

    I kinda wanna do this now... definently wont help my reputation as the cat obsessed weirdo

  • 루카스L
    루카스L 10 hours ago

    Marriage≠love Marriage = spending money on a singular day that might be quite worthless 🤫🤡

  • leggomymeggo
    leggomymeggo 10 hours ago

    hmmm solid white polish on the other hand? suspicious if you ask me

  • Just Heather
    Just Heather 10 hours ago BECKY! 😱 Ben looks so good! 😂🤣 & damn that "narcissistic montage" was *EVERYTHING* I think he loved himself in that makeup 😏

  • Rose Phantoma
    Rose Phantoma 10 hours ago

    I love menchie, she's beautiful. and zyler is cute

  • Scarthelionfromthatonemovie

    I feel like I can never find good green polishes, if Cristine ever releases green polishes I’ll buy them in a heartbeat!

  • mazzybananas
    mazzybananas 10 hours ago

    Fun fact, in my state at least it's illegal to cut cuticles because it's considered live skin

  • CrazyCanadainCatCuddler

    Mix togather all the multi chrome makeup

  • Eva Jj
    Eva Jj 10 hours ago

    White nail polish 🤭👀

  • Lily Mayer
    Lily Mayer 10 hours ago

    What is the intro music? I fucking love it lo key.

  • Rebecca Stuck
    Rebecca Stuck 10 hours ago

    Do 5 minute crafts nail hacks!!!

  • mazzybananas
    mazzybananas 10 hours ago

    I'm in cosmetology school and this has been almost a review for me lol

  • Beth B
    Beth B 10 hours ago

    Ben covered in cats made me so happy

  • afore Tempus
    afore Tempus 10 hours ago

    I live for her puns

  • Jaedyn Berg
    Jaedyn Berg 10 hours ago

    16:57 OMG YOU F*KIN IDIOT! 🤣 jkjk Ilysm cris 🥳🌹💜💜💜💜 💿💿💿💿💿💿

  • Nam jesus
    Nam jesus 10 hours ago


  • Tasha_da cute octopi 2008

    U keep talking only about YOUR products yes I love u sooooo much but it's tacky

  • Kailey Newbeck
    Kailey Newbeck 10 hours ago

    I related to the "does your face hurt cause it's killing me" too much my dad also says that all the time

  • Laura Warnock
    Laura Warnock 10 hours ago

    Yaaaaaaaaas i fellow insane person

  • Black Bird
    Black Bird 10 hours ago

    I told my kids this was how we're spending Christmas break. One is appalled and the other is collecting fur.

  • Allie Oh Mally
    Allie Oh Mally 10 hours ago

    My northern lights has about 1/8 of the Holo as yours does. Does Canada have a monopoly on holo ?!

  • Lacy Monster
    Lacy Monster 10 hours ago

    If we expect great things from kids Why do we give them such garbage And that people Is the public education system

  • Walrus Lady
    Walrus Lady 10 hours ago

    Cats can get alopecia just like humans they can go bald(from a vet tech student)

  • Emma Collyge
    Emma Collyge 10 hours ago

    Please keep making sims videos

  • Vaishnavi .R. Krishna
    Vaishnavi .R. Krishna 10 hours ago

    Cristine's history lesson had my D Y I N G

  • Sophia Beck
    Sophia Beck 10 hours ago

    OMG!!!!!! I’ve loved cats more than dogs since I was VERY little sooo this cat cafe made me so happy and jealous!!! AAAAAAAAA there so CUTE!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda O'Neill
    Amanda O'Neill 11 hours ago

    every year my cat Market* loses all of his hair, but it grows back. i don't know why it happens, and it doesn't seem to ever bother him so we just deal with a naked cat a few months out of the year. *market, i know, is an odd name, but it has meaning. when i was a little girl my aunt owned an antique shoppe named the grey cat market, and now that i've grown up, and remember the shoppe fondly, i have a grey cat, Market. :)

  • Mario Gumba
    Mario Gumba 11 hours ago

    Oh my simply you get is CATS FOR LIFE 🐈

  • Isabelle Thompson
    Isabelle Thompson 11 hours ago

    Ben said bend and snap my life is complete

  • Jocelyn The_bih
    Jocelyn The_bih 11 hours ago


  • smol bean child
    smol bean child 11 hours ago

    I remember seeing a sock walking round rideau cause we live in the Same place.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 11 hours ago

    Anyone wish they could hop over there and tell Cristine how to use a microscope?

  • Lorelain Hoxhaj
    Lorelain Hoxhaj 11 hours ago

    I’m sorry but I actually loved that song for some weird reason but can she make an actual like song that was amazing

  • Linkle Tinkle
    Linkle Tinkle 11 hours ago

    I'm not sure who these companies are actually marketing to though XD Like yeah, my mom bought a few of them, but after 3 or 4 flops my family quickly realized they are NEVER what they say they will be and end up avoiding ANYTHING that looks creative XD Like are they marketing to the first time customers? Cus those customers definitely will not be going back XD I don't understand who the consumers are, or what's the demand of these crappy toys? XD Or are these companies simply just happy with the tears of birthday children/children on Christmas when they discover their brand new toy that allows them to focus their creativity is merely a(somehow worse) Crayola marker strapped to polyester and plastic XDD

  • Kylie Rowe
    Kylie Rowe 11 hours ago

    You probably will never read this comment But anyways you are just a huge inspiration even though my sister won’t let me paint her toes or nails but that’s OK because I really don’t care because I have my own nails and I am right handed not like that matters but you are a huge inspiration I’m going through some hard times right now but you make everything better with your personality and how fun it is to watch you it’s like shooting up in the sky and a roller coaster I love you so much not in a creepy way but anyway keep doing the cool video’s 🐱😻😺😸🤪

  • Curly M's
    Curly M's 11 hours ago

    my nails are as long as ben’s on the daily

  • Chris Manley
    Chris Manley 11 hours ago

    my eyes went to this video, i clicked on it and thought "This is me in the future but dogs not cats"

  • Animation Nation
    Animation Nation 11 hours ago

    4:24 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚢 𝚎𝚗 𝚜𝚕𝚊𝚙𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚊𝚕𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚗𝚊 😂

  • ItzMeMatilda B
    ItzMeMatilda B 11 hours ago

    Wow okay we all arguing over who copied who in the comment section 🤣🤣 Nobody cares about "blue and yellow don't go together! IKEA IS QUAKING" it's a good joke and I'm not saying you can copy others but if you do at least give them credit instead of lying 🤣🤣

  • HaruHaru94
    HaruHaru94 11 hours ago

    Both of my dog children are rescues from the shelters and I can't wait until one day I am able to donate back to them 😭

  • Rosea .K
    Rosea .K 11 hours ago

    So I was just reading online story that I've been reading for two years strait.... Yeah it just ended on a sad ending so please heal me😢💔

  • LeosFanGirl
    LeosFanGirl 11 hours ago

    Cats can go bald, my baby Batman has a bald belly