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My Final Message to KSI
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A Love Story.
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I'm out.
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rip maverick
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Another one...
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I fell in love.
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replacing kong...
Views 7M6 months ago
i miss you kong
Views 3.2M6 months ago
rip kong
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the end of maverick...
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thinking about youtube...
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i have holes in my brain...
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MY FIRST TATTOO! **painful**
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The Old Logan Paul...
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  • youngfrapie
    youngfrapie 3 hours ago

    take the L

  • Shannon Briggs
    Shannon Briggs 3 hours ago


  • Glitter Fart
    Glitter Fart 3 hours ago

    Take the fattest L you scrub

  • Walker Jackson
    Walker Jackson 3 hours ago

    Respect the hell out of you for the whole thing

  • Glitter Fart
    Glitter Fart 3 hours ago

    Well you lost to this guy “who isn’t a fighter”

  • Dark Derp
    Dark Derp 3 hours ago

    You got fucked over with that match and the -2 points

  • Raging Randomness
    Raging Randomness 3 hours ago


  • MaskedGamer Boys
    MaskedGamer Boys 3 hours ago

    Wtf Logan LOL

  • Zoya Ehsan
    Zoya Ehsan 3 hours ago

    I fucking love logan he wanted to do something and he did.

  • Dr Duke
    Dr Duke 3 hours ago

    Hardcore parkor

  • Dr Duke
    Dr Duke 3 hours ago

    Jake in the background be like 😩

  • 1k subs no vids
    1k subs no vids 3 hours ago

    Who’s here too laugh at all the dislikes after the fight

  • Jayden GFuel
    Jayden GFuel 3 hours ago

    R.I.P Maverick the sun conure

  • Sheadon Kirsch
    Sheadon Kirsch 3 hours ago

    Rip Kong

  • Kevin Chavez
    Kevin Chavez 3 hours ago

    7:23 Logan: i wish for health,happines, and hella bitches🤣🤣

  • Chaim leo
    Chaim leo 3 hours ago

    Since the second fight the views got up and the subscribers!

  • Johnny Patrick
    Johnny Patrick 3 hours ago

    Slap the G in the freaking face and then lock it up

  • Daniel Ibarra
    Daniel Ibarra 3 hours ago

    Logan looses Logan: it was flag

  • Jackatlis 2000
    Jackatlis 2000 3 hours ago

    Dude, I have a Sun Conure, and watching this video made me feel so lucky to still have mine, but NOBODY deserves to lose a loved one like he did. R.I.P. Maverick

  • Trigerpoopy
    Trigerpoopy 3 hours ago

    Imagine making a documentary about a boxing match and losing

  • Conner West
    Conner West 3 hours ago

    Logan kinda chubby after seeing him after the boxing match

  • Johnny Patrick
    Johnny Patrick 3 hours ago

    Why does this happen to me I made my mistakes

  • Carlosyt91750 98760
    Carlosyt91750 98760 3 hours ago

    I like how he remembers Why Don't We

  • the goofiest gamer
    the goofiest gamer 3 hours ago


    JARRYL KIU WEN XIN 3 hours ago


    JARRYL KIU WEN XIN 3 hours ago

    ha ha

  • Izak Walker
    Izak Walker 3 hours ago

    I am from the future you lost

    JARRYL KIU WEN XIN 3 hours ago


  • Mythical God
    Mythical God 3 hours ago

    Imagine not posting because you lost 💩😂

  • Kamil
    Kamil 3 hours ago

    You punch like a bitch

  • Nerdu Astra
    Nerdu Astra 3 hours ago

    Rematch 3 . Hire Fredie Roach of Manny Pacquio's team to train you Paul.

  • the goofiest gamer
    the goofiest gamer 3 hours ago

    You should give your friends a gun or pepper spray to spray around the house

  • Veronica Greene
    Veronica Greene 3 hours ago

    Logan you basically liked whatever she liked ☺️ And that’s really awesome great story

  • Jhonniel Diaz
    Jhonniel Diaz 3 hours ago

    Logan: Talks trash about KSI* Logan: Looses* KSI: Wins* Logan: Doesn't post a video*

  • VBE vKapt4in
    VBE vKapt4in 3 hours ago

    You got your shit rocked my guy I was there to see it to 😂

    NRG MMA 3 hours ago

    Anyone notice at 9:10 how the dude in the green sweater was like what are you people doing

  • bladepug_ Yt
    bladepug_ Yt 3 hours ago

    I love youtubers throwing project x them partys

  • RazorY
    RazorY 3 hours ago

    He did give Kong an amazing life

  • Christian Morones AF

    Upload pussy

  • Kumorin
    Kumorin 3 hours ago

    Imagine liking this video. I disabled my video player just to comment this.

  • Life With Zane
    Life With Zane 3 hours ago

    Can I have $200 Logan “The Maverick” Paul

  • PEKKA Strong
    PEKKA Strong 3 hours ago

    He put blood into it. That’s not saying his arteries broke and blood went where it shouldn’t go, silly.

  • David Foster
    David Foster 3 hours ago

    Yo what ever happen to benet

  • Stephanie Dejesus
    Stephanie Dejesus 3 hours ago

    I am here after he lost to kdi

  • Itsyaagirlll
    Itsyaagirlll 3 hours ago

    9:05 is what you’re hear for...no charge :)

  • ni aja
    ni aja 3 hours ago

    I have something to say if the earth is flat where the fuck is china damn it where is the core wouldn't the water be falling I have been around the world and back again I have not fell off yet soooo

  • Dr Duke
    Dr Duke 3 hours ago

    You didn’t hit 50 million in 2 years but if you did more vlogs you would that’s what people were drown towards and nobody would love it more I hope you read this - Dr Duke 2019

  • Dark123 Star
    Dark123 Star 3 hours ago

    I Miss this Logan 😔

  • its all Dino !
    its all Dino ! 3 hours ago

    That made me cry

  • Thommas
    Thommas 3 hours ago

    Well then...

  • Beto Vega
    Beto Vega 3 hours ago

    Who is here when he lost his second time against KSI

  • Maxe Maxe
    Maxe Maxe 3 hours ago


  • BlocBoyLiang_Yt
    BlocBoyLiang_Yt 3 hours ago

    I he never bought that dog maverick wouldn’t have died

  • andrim
    andrim 3 hours ago

    I don’t normally let myself waste time on hating on someone online just cause they’re douchebags, but Logan Paul if you’re reading this please stop being such a annoying dickhead. I know I’m just throwing fuel to this dumb fire, but fr you got a lot of kids who follow you and their brains aren’t fully developed yet, don’t be a shit influence. You got responsibility..

  • 先輩SenpaiJMB
    先輩SenpaiJMB 3 hours ago

    You can't spell Logan without giving him an L

  • Ducksterrr
    Ducksterrr 3 hours ago

    Looks like logan wants attention...

  • Christopher Huffman
    Christopher Huffman 3 hours ago

    Damn that would of been a sick party to be at💯

  • Saggy Granny
    Saggy Granny 3 hours ago

    He went from a vine star to a famous boxer Damn.

  • german35sbro
    german35sbro 3 hours ago

    Yo logan I thought you were gonna stop boxing because of your brain injury.

  • Victor Kotov
    Victor Kotov 3 hours ago

    not gonna lie he's a clown

  • Dylan Mitchell
    Dylan Mitchell 3 hours ago

    Aye 2019👀

  • super plush anthony
    super plush anthony 3 hours ago

    The best

    OCBOO 3 hours ago


  • Tyler Welcher
    Tyler Welcher 3 hours ago

    Do 2 on 2 and team up with ksi

    CECILA ENCINAS 3 hours ago


  • Marilynn's Corner
    Marilynn's Corner 3 hours ago

    But hey, I see you're at 20 mil now👍 congratulations !! 💕it all worked out in the end......

  • Jadrian Johnson
    Jadrian Johnson 3 hours ago

    Chlogan came back to life who would’ve known

  • Next Light176
    Next Light176 3 hours ago

    So fake

  • Marilynn's Corner
    Marilynn's Corner 3 hours ago

    How does it feel getting knocked down by someone who isn't a real fighter.......? hmmmm, how does that make you feel? Someone who trained super hard and whom had all these "expert" trainers around you, cooking you special meals.......and preparing you......That with all that, you lost to someone who isn't a real fighter? hmmmmmmm ouch

  • Vorn Dread born
    Vorn Dread born 3 hours ago


    FaZe PATNEY 3 hours ago

    who here checking comment to see the latest comment 🤣

    • RyeLy
      RyeLy 3 hours ago

      did you like ur own comment?

  • Rahimah Abdullah
    Rahimah Abdullah 3 hours ago

    Fuckin ginger killed The king maverick

  • Bryan Kowalczyk
    Bryan Kowalczyk 3 hours ago

    Rip Kong and rip maverick

  • TSS_Chu 27
    TSS_Chu 27 3 hours ago

    KSI: I'm going to knock out your ###

  • TSS_Chu 27
    TSS_Chu 27 3 hours ago

    Logan: oh it's because I'm sick I. Crying oh mommy help me

  • TSS_Chu 27
    TSS_Chu 27 3 hours ago

    Logan Paul sucks he got destroyed

  • M Jewel
    M Jewel 3 hours ago

    fucker lost.

  • Brooks Is here
    Brooks Is here 3 hours ago


  • Sfabian25
    Sfabian25 3 hours ago

    Me three years later crying because my favorite bird is gone

  • X Hxwxll X
    X Hxwxll X 3 hours ago

    Some bs about logan, somemore bs about logan, and more bs about logan, alright then

    • Invicta
      Invicta 3 hours ago

      nah he just sneezed 3 times.

  • 67t þin
    67t þin 3 hours ago

    I feel like the fight was kinda unfair he should've got a warning

    • Jeff Spencer
      Jeff Spencer 3 hours ago

      Nah 2 points deducted was the right call for 3 illegal punches

  • fortnut god oof
    fortnut god oof 3 hours ago

    Logan I’m from the future don’t slip 😂

  • Samurai X
    Samurai X 3 hours ago

    You fight like a pussy

  • Invicta
    Invicta 3 hours ago

    Logan Paul you should fight James Charles next time... maybe this time you can actually win something.. though i can see it being a close match.

  • Tyler Phetkhosa
    Tyler Phetkhosa 3 hours ago

    Wait where’s the kids neck?

  • Michael :P Bagcal :P

    alex wassabi cursed

  • Flaming sword_xxx
    Flaming sword_xxx 3 hours ago

    Litty titty many likes yo?

  • ReziGamer19
    ReziGamer19 3 hours ago

    guys logan is not actly colorbling merch is proof how would he know what color he is considering he designed the merch by his self

  • Journey with John
    Journey with John 3 hours ago

    Logan I’m telling you right now you have bad luck every single time you try to go outside of the country

  • Mayii
    Mayii 4 hours ago

    Sooo... what happened to frank ?

  • Ornob Mahmud
    Ornob Mahmud 4 hours ago

    That’s tough Kong was murdered by a coyote, Maverick was murdered by Ginger, and Logan was murdered by KSI

  • the vip Ivo
    the vip Ivo 4 hours ago

    Who watching this after logan lost

  • Joyce Zhang
    Joyce Zhang 4 hours ago

    After all you did people are still your fans so be grateful and also next time buddy think about the video first

  • Jadrian Johnson
    Jadrian Johnson 4 hours ago

    Wwe all know he has things for Chloe’s

  • BOIXTX180
    BOIXTX180 4 hours ago

    14:45 the fact that the music gets more distorted as Logan is Trying to walk to Bryan is amazing 😂

  • Gurshaan Grewal
    Gurshaan Grewal 4 hours ago


  • jacknife2000 vlog
    jacknife2000 vlog 4 hours ago

    They was so different back then

  • Ethan’s Memes and gameing

    Can you please donate 5 million dollars to trees thx

  • Harold Westby
    Harold Westby 4 hours ago


  • Nono []
    Nono [] 4 hours ago

    3:12 Well at least I am not the only one thinking it.