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I'm Done
Views 67K5 days ago
What's close to Jupiter?
Views 53K7 days ago
A-hole or Not?
Views 37K9 days ago
Yogs getting hurt
Views 91K10 days ago
Rizmo Final Evolution
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Yogs look at furries
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Yogscast Cantina
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Pedguin cereal name
Views 43K17 days ago
Jingle Jam 2019 - Rewind
Views 90K19 days ago
Jingle Jam 2019 - Finale
Views 88K20 days ago
Tactical Wank
Views 179K24 days ago
Round of TTT
Views 58K26 days ago
O Holy Gmod
Views 42KMonth ago
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Silent Night
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Jingle Bells Jam
Views 12KMonth ago
Jingle Jam 2019 - Day 7
Views 118KMonth ago
Away in the Studio
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Fairytale of Yogsmas
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Jingle Jam 2019 - Day 5
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Lewis Baby
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Jingle Jam 2019 - Day 4
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Jingle Jam 2019 - Day 3
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Pusher and Strangler
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Jingle Jam 2019 - Day 2
Views 146KMonth ago
Sips's Microwave Rant
Views 74KMonth ago
O' Rubber Tree 2.0
Views 33KMonth ago
Jingle Jam 2019 - Day 1
Views 181KMonth ago
Sips the Perfect Lover
Views 78KMonth ago
Would You Rather... #2
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Colony Crew Rewind 2019
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Some tasty Oofers
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Play of the Game
Views 176K2 months ago
Chance Cubes Compilation #8
Views 114K2 months ago
Simon Showing his True Face
Views 40K2 months ago
Yogs doing Accents
Views 45K2 months ago
The Comeback is real!
Views 67K2 months ago
An Important Announcement!
Views 40K2 months ago
Would you rather...
Views 80K2 months ago


  • Jude Chauhan
    Jude Chauhan 4 hours ago

    Where's the bit where he does it again?

  • CandyKoRn
    CandyKoRn 4 hours ago

    Hat films are crazy buggers.

  • Leemon
    Leemon 4 hours ago

    I fucking loved that video and wanted more Space Engineers!

  • %%
    %% 5 hours ago

    Go on Sips do it

  • rh3z
    rh3z 5 hours ago

    Boomers exposed

  • Doyoumushroom
    Doyoumushroom 6 hours ago

    Bloody love rythian and this vid.

  • Doyoumushroom
    Doyoumushroom 6 hours ago

    Turps doesn't bother me, but sjin, sjin I miss

  • Dom Krall
    Dom Krall 6 hours ago

    A couple of days to edit a 15 minute TTT video? Damn, I can do it in a couple of hours.

  • Mandrake
    Mandrake 6 hours ago

    everyone: its sjin its sjin! sjin: wheres the traitor everyone: dang we didnt think of that

  • Gaige _N
    Gaige _N 6 hours ago

    Having ben and Duncan cheer me on with my poo was the weirdest thing ever

  • Lachlan Swift
    Lachlan Swift 6 hours ago

    i think the lack of specific quantities for the chicken wings and other details concerning other foods at the party is incriminating and shows foul play on the fat mans part And also how many people at the party

  • JD21
    JD21 7 hours ago

    1 in 9 children are born on the battlefield??? This is why we shouldn't let women into the army

  • ThisAlbino
    ThisAlbino 7 hours ago

    Man, that thumbnail really got to the zoomers.

  • Scalelord
    Scalelord 7 hours ago

    I wasn't expecting that lmao

  • TheBlazeU
    TheBlazeU 7 hours ago


    VINNIEJONES10 7 hours ago

    Why do people with that hairstyle always wear a cat t shirt?

  • smexiibash 101
    smexiibash 101 8 hours ago

    IS it bad to ask what the music is in the background ???

  • Hazim Fadhilah
    Hazim Fadhilah 9 hours ago

    At least we know lewis isn't lazy and sticks to videos getting the full edited treatment. He's still the old lewis; thinking of what we want to see

  • hurt_ juice
    hurt_ juice 10 hours ago

    he was a boomer all along

  • jerry
    jerry 10 hours ago

    Tbh a worse crime than Sjins

    STALKER 10 hours ago

    What a misery. It's only worth putting out content that appeals to everyone, so.. lowest common denominator, widest appeal. Doesn't often go hand in hand with better quality.

  • Mandrake
    Mandrake 10 hours ago

    that was the worst thing iv seen atleast lewis didnt make it akward by going with it, gotta give it to him

  • TILR
    TILR 10 hours ago

    I mean I see nothing wrong here all those are CLEARLY CLEARLY not cannon

  • Knight and Crow
    Knight and Crow 11 hours ago

    My theory is that he was eating some microwave stuff before he was married or he settled down fully in life.

  • Carson Applebaum
    Carson Applebaum 12 hours ago

    "They've got girls" As soon as lewis said that, how I met your mother unpaused itself from another tab and played a laugh track - talk about comedic timing

  • FrankDad
    FrankDad 12 hours ago

    Man, I misss SOI, that was the golden age of the yogscast

  • Efreeti
    Efreeti 12 hours ago

    Sad but true.

  • Sugarcat
    Sugarcat 12 hours ago

    Not all Canadians are this much of a salty puss promise

  • Mr Edward
    Mr Edward 12 hours ago

    i'm filipino, if you run out of food and your guests are hungry, then you failed as a guest.. after all, they knew he was a fatass, they should have known smh

  • Peanut Coffee
    Peanut Coffee 13 hours ago

    Leo continuously messes with their happiness yet threatens to ban them if they threaten her tree.

  • Mandrake
    Mandrake 13 hours ago

    simon in the wrong lane

  • Noah Kuschel
    Noah Kuschel 13 hours ago

    "I want both Total Biscuit and Notch to be there, but they'd both be dead" ~ Simon Lane, 2017 That didn't age well...

  • Shyamsundar Rajan
    Shyamsundar Rajan 14 hours ago

    Anyone else annoyed by her nostril?

  • Cam JongUn
    Cam JongUn 14 hours ago

    Fuck the first is probably the biggest off I’ve ever seen

  • V1489Cygni
    V1489Cygni 15 hours ago

    So simon has the time and patience to make a shitty dad joke about the Y key while he's so frustrated with it all that the entire enterprise was at risk? Or was it Hannah that got them worked up? She seems to have gone silent as it all happened while Duncan as didn't sound nearly as salty as he's been before, the early civ games to name one instance, meaning either his salt is just for entertainment sakes and when he's actually mad he deals with it through humor, or he wasn't the angriest one of the three either

  • sara albertson
    sara albertson 16 hours ago

    I winced every single time he hit a dog.... i somehow never get used to it haha

  • Megan Vincent
    Megan Vincent 16 hours ago

    Hey look its George lucas again

  • Sam Kingston
    Sam Kingston 16 hours ago

    Aw just noticed the poker videos only got 50k. They're my favorite thing to watch each year

  • Joe T
    Joe T 17 hours ago

    I was first watching when Shadow of Israphel first started, man do i miss that series still to this day.

  • haHAA
    haHAA 18 hours ago

    9:30 Sips monkaW

  • Dracowinges
    Dracowinges 18 hours ago

    Haven't laughed this hard in a long while.

  • Jakub Tucholski
    Jakub Tucholski 18 hours ago

    God bless Tom, seriously

  • Jakub Tucholski
    Jakub Tucholski 18 hours ago


  • TheOminousWindWalker
    TheOminousWindWalker 19 hours ago

    "I'm done with the days of filler" *still uploads mindless TTT*

    • rob 998
      rob 998 14 hours ago

      oy! if you don't like TTT then you can fuck off... alot of people enjoy them.. if you don't enjoy them that dosen't mean that they should stop making... fucking asshole

  • Jacob Cheadle
    Jacob Cheadle 19 hours ago

    Its RDM not RMD

  • Mitchell Faber
    Mitchell Faber 20 hours ago

    I really should have learned by now not to eat and watch these videos.. I coughed ground beef onto my keyboard, thanks! lol

  • Flufflebut
    Flufflebut 20 hours ago

    Yeah the guy was wrong not to just ask. It can be embarrassing to do, but verbal confirmation prevents these disasters. But if you recognize you made a mistake, maturely and calmly apologized for the mistake, and offered proper compensation, what more can you do? He made a mistake and was adult about it. I have more of an issue with the host's overreaction. But this is just his twist on the story.

  • VeryPeeved
    VeryPeeved 20 hours ago

    you know, some of these old jester rounds are pretty funny. but jesus christ is there an over saturation of them in these videos. i get it, they made a lot of stupid mistakes when the old jester was around, but that doesn't mean you have to show EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

  • Wee A. Boo
    Wee A. Boo 20 hours ago

    Grew up with yogscast , never regreted it 🙌

  • _ TyrAnnicAl2 _
    _ TyrAnnicAl2 _ 21 hour ago

    200th comment, so that’s fun

  • Pool Boy From Sipsco Chamber Choir

    The Tom fist fight champion clip is a classic. I love it

  • goi gadol
    goi gadol 22 hours ago

    sips is a known boomer

  • SlayerAJ
    SlayerAJ Day ago

    Historically, I wind up watching the Jingle Jam videos in January since I am unable to watch them live. But this makes sense, and thanks ThatMadCat for helping to keep everyone updated.

  • doleph1
    doleph1 Day ago

    #cancelsips_ ??? 😱😱

  • Omar Malek
    Omar Malek Day ago

    What sips don’t know is that HE IS A BOOMER MICROWAVES ARE BACK

  • RE
    RE Day ago

    Also would have worked as a curb your enthusiasm

  • William Winder

    Leo is so cute ☺️

  • That Guy
    That Guy Day ago

    Thanks to the investigative journalism of a certain mad cat, this shocking mystery could have been solved.

  • Will Snow
    Will Snow Day ago

    The tables have turned

  • Annalise
    Annalise Day ago

    This is unacceptable someone please REDACT Sips

  • shinden15
    shinden15 Day ago

    So that was when Tom started targetting Rythian. It was Rythian's fault all along.

    ARENA Day ago

    I'm so bored of TTT...

  • scouter715
    scouter715 Day ago

    Gottem Coach

  • BlueMoon93
    BlueMoon93 Day ago

    what is the thing used by hatfilms to cause pain?

  • PurpleStorm8
    PurpleStorm8 Day ago

    What if you just want to heat up left-overs you cooked from a stove or the left-over pizza you ordered? BTW, frozen meals are a waste of money and meal, they are always underwhelming.

  • Reed Seeje
    Reed Seeje Day ago


  • Brage Nordang
    Brage Nordang Day ago

    This needs a reaction video follow up

  • Braydon DeGeest

    I have thought about this for so long

  • Stretch2099V2
    Stretch2099V2 Day ago

    Fuck I hope he sees this 😂🤣

  • Aidan The Dwarf

    he thought he had it all together. but he was lead astray.

  • Darkexxod
    Darkexxod Day ago

    f l a x i s s t r i n g

  • GioTheVax
    GioTheVax Day ago

    Rooster Teeth gets tazed for donations for charity with medical staff on hand Hat Films regularly taze themselves for fun (and profit)

  • Zyron
    Zyron Day ago

    I knew he was full of shit!

  • Sipher777 - Alex

    Can confirm. Dated a Chinese woman and she made me work in her sweat shop

  • Drake Cleland
    Drake Cleland Day ago

    It’s like pointing at someone calling them a boomer then they morph into a reflection of yourself

  • Jamesthesaiyan

    6:35 You know the sad and funny thing is he was totally right.

  • Scotch
    Scotch Day ago

    Geez and I thought the yogscast scandals were bad so far

  • Rafael Vandebroeck


  • heckin tasty
    heckin tasty Day ago

    I wish that the platform didn't involuntarily pit TheXvidrs in direct competition with one another for views, especially in situations where the Yogscast are supporting their entire company and still do fuckloads of charity work every single year. Yes, the charity work isn't necessarily based on TheXvid as much as it is on Twitch, but if Yogs goes under, so does all the charity they do. And yes, there's not really any danger of that happening, and they're probably operating at a sizable profit as far as the company goes according to their estimated TheXvid income, but it is tough to watch moments happen where they put out something different and nobody likes it and they visibly suffer because of that on weeks like this where it's only 5 videos instead of a regular status quo of 7 that they've kept solid for a long ass time--they have to cater to views to a certain extent in order to keep themselves afloat. I'm very happy that what they want to do and what the people like to watch happens to coincide and I think they're very lucky as a TheXvid channel for that reason, but I do wish it was easier for them to say "let's take a sharp left turn and do something totally awol on the main channel" because that's when the Yogscast can sometimes find gold (ex. Shadow of Israphel was based in a side-series Minecraft excursion from normal WoW videos that blew up into making them a big time content producer, Trucking Tuesday also came from a similar situation of experimentation). Now because they have to care for so many people, it's harder to see a reason to do anything that doesn't fulfill any company's most basic goal of continuing to exist.

  • C Chinn
    C Chinn Day ago


  • Scott
    Scott Day ago

    Sips you fucking boomer

  • Pogchamp !
    Pogchamp ! Day ago

    Now this is an avengers level threat

  • Waluigi Sings
    Waluigi Sings Day ago

    dont isolate that madcat:(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ziksy
    Ziksy Day ago

    Fucking lying ass boomer unsub

  • daniel sullivan

    Anyone know that game they're playing?

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude Day ago

    Amazing video

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude Day ago

    Thank you so much


    Folks... add another name to the Redaction list. #oldfashionedboomer #microwavegate #REDACTED

  • Passive Aggressive Platypus

    Now waiting for the follow-up video "Sips watches filthy microwave eater video ."

  • Gimer13Ninja13

    when will sips respond to this?

  • Z3RØ
    Z3RØ Day ago


  • DrmeduimAnt
    DrmeduimAnt Day ago

    I thought the title said Sips eats microwaves

  • TheRealTeal
    TheRealTeal Day ago

    Got em

  • Thomas Millin
    Thomas Millin Day ago


  • PirateWhole Who

    omg exposed

    ATRAYA Day ago

    "Yogscast can't be the only thing you watch." Welllll... It's pretty much the only funny/gaming content I watch, everything else in my feed is news/politics. Kind of a downer of a sub-feed without the Yogscast LOL

  • Nick Wilde
    Nick Wilde Day ago

    My microwave blew up so I don't own a microwave now

  • nobody likes you


  • Dan Muggeo
    Dan Muggeo Day ago


  • Project Nature Productions

    ThatMadCat seems to spend about half their time watching Copious Yogcast Content and the other half Web-Stalking Sips.

    • Yurac Hunt
      Yurac Hunt Day ago

      but only when he's not in a clockwork-orange-style setup with his eyes propped open and forcing himself to watch colony survival