Hoonigan Bonus
Hoonigan Bonus
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  • Craig
    Craig 46 seconds ago

    Let's see masons Camaro!

  • 420Jspec
    420Jspec 2 minutes ago

    he is dead on. dirt track has the dopest suspension setups. 3 wheeling corners and pulling wheelies on dirt is all i'm gunna say!

  • Adam El-Badawi
    Adam El-Badawi 15 minutes ago

    Everyone shut up, Dan's back

  • Adrian Contreras
    Adrian Contreras 27 minutes ago

    is it me or is chairslayers car louder at sema

  • Kevski802
    Kevski802 38 minutes ago

    When does hert get to be a builder in the pure drift build and battle?

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Hour ago


  • Kyle Arnold
    Kyle Arnold Hour ago

    I wonder how many pro fd drivers phone numbers hert has in his contact😎

  • Louis Beaver
    Louis Beaver Hour ago

    Y'all could use weight jacks like in stock cars

  • Tripp Beard
    Tripp Beard Hour ago

    He looks like the guy off the water jet channel can we get a taste test?

  • Low_budget _
    Low_budget _ Hour ago

    Yes my sperm downer is back yaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • RC Crawler Cave
    RC Crawler Cave Hour ago

    He could just build a shackle (like on a leaf suspension spring), and that wouls also allow that front to back movement that the slip yoke does. Way more simple but maybe not enough space...

  • Jason Wacome
    Jason Wacome Hour ago

    Rat fink has done sooo much for tee shirt selling that it is mind blowing......how stupid you sheeple are

  • Jerome Irving
    Jerome Irving Hour ago

    A junkyard driveshaft from a 4 gen LS car auto or manual will work or a 3gen auto car

  • Ski Skrt
    Ski Skrt 2 hours ago

    Bro y’all keep posting these bonus parts I wanna see the whole episode

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 2 hours ago

    All 3rd and 4th gens have the same length driveshaft auto and 5-6 speed

  • RadSpeed
    RadSpeed 2 hours ago

    Love the suspension team, some real unicorn fairy dust magic going on there!

  • Matthew Strzelec
    Matthew Strzelec 2 hours ago

    I had no idea Paul Giamatti built cars.

  • Barry O' Neill
    Barry O' Neill 2 hours ago

    Some needs to show Mason how a FORD ESCORT MARK 2 and most well built live axel rally cars has a 4 link and a watts link for the rear axle 👍🏼😂 . Wat hes doing is bollox 🤣

  • MrDannyd9
    MrDannyd9 2 hours ago

    As an engineer, if you were to put the longer arm on the bottom, the larger radius would allow for a more linear translation through the suspension’s travel. 🤷‍♂️

  • loridergmc91
    loridergmc91 2 hours ago

    If he needed to put a slip yoke in his torque arm then he must have it solid mounted on the trans end. The factory torque arm on an F-body is mounted in a bracket with a rubber mount that allows the end of the torque arm to slide front to back when the suspension cycles up and down. He basically re-engineered the torque arm instead of just building a mount that lets the torque arm move.

  • Rwdyaudi_taxi
    Rwdyaudi_taxi 3 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣 @hertlife "unnecessary roughness"

  • Wake up with The Rooster

    I did the same thing for a customer's 1980 Tercel wagon I put 80s custom coilovers from an AE86 in the rear and Hyundai Genesis coilovers in the front with custom top hats. custom stuff like this is what i lived for when i worked at a race shop. I would spend hours after the shop closed just seeing what would fit and what I can modify from other vehicles

  • TheShift1313
    TheShift1313 3 hours ago

    You might be aware but 3rd gens benefit from frame connectors. Especially t top cars. Your cage should help and likely this stuff is way dont but connecting the unibody rails is big.

  • supersevenn
    supersevenn 3 hours ago

    car builders vs. parts swappers........im with the car builders

  • Fryingpan
    Fryingpan 3 hours ago

    K&N does that stand for kool noises?

  • Jack fruit
    Jack fruit 3 hours ago

    The guy engineered a slip yoke for his torque arm. Huh. .

  • Berttini Palai
    Berttini Palai 3 hours ago

    Build Breakdown of Mason's Camaro!!

  • Milsparro
    Milsparro 3 hours ago

    So cutting up the front driveshaft from a solid axle vehicle should also work?

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs 3 hours ago

    I loved the off-road build PLEASE make another prerunner build !!!

  • Lovive Laverdure
    Lovive Laverdure 4 hours ago

    That guy looks like Paul Giamatti’s better looking brother.

    • Jurk Jiggler
      Jurk Jiggler 4 hours ago

      Working in my shop just listening and I swear that's who was talking...had to see to make sure!

  • simon cl
    simon cl 4 hours ago

    12 dislikes.... 12 Greta in the place hahahahaha

  • Edward N. Driskoll
    Edward N. Driskoll 4 hours ago

    Im so team Marrow but i have a feeling a 4cyc datsun with sneak in for a win......Its about Who can get that power to the ground first....Money on the marrow.

  • Scotty Chainsaw
    Scotty Chainsaw 4 hours ago

    Building a drift car, why do you need so much travel? And the slip yoke thing is crazy.

    • Primeau
      Primeau 3 hours ago

      Gymkhana grid not just drift

  • Skunk3 Works
    Skunk3 Works 4 hours ago


  • Alex Elrod
    Alex Elrod 4 hours ago

    I haven't heard a single sledgehammer be used this season

    • Josh Mason
      Josh Mason 2 hours ago

      Sorry to disappoint but i already have lol

    • Paul Martin
      Paul Martin 4 hours ago

      Except where he had to dent the rear floor to clear fuel tank fittings.

  • KevTV
    KevTV 5 hours ago

    Hert higher than Brad 😂

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King 5 hours ago

    FYI - It's okay to let the torque arm twist. That will prevent it from binding up against the forward mount during cornering, letting the springs and sway bar handle the load.

    • Joshua King
      Joshua King Hour ago

      @Michael Garcia I'm just concerned about them splining together the slip joint, but Mason's been down this road before.

    • Michael Garcia
      Michael Garcia 2 hours ago

      Its best to use the stock style sliding bushing. Rod ends and shackles dont belong on torque arms

  • the1onlyteagro
    the1onlyteagro 5 hours ago

    Why not just make it a parallel 4 link or ladder bar setup? And just throw that torque arm away.

    • Michael Garcia
      Michael Garcia 2 hours ago

      Torque arm is god. Aftermarket just realized this and now they make one for every car

    • Barry O' Neill
      Barry O' Neill 2 hours ago

      I dont no hes probably never seen that done b4 😂

    • gnarlybrodude
      gnarlybrodude 4 hours ago

      the1onlyteagro I imagine it saves a lot of weight.

  • Miles Boswell
    Miles Boswell 5 hours ago

    An angle kit is so easy to make its way harder to put a engine that has never been in that chassis than it is to build some lcas and cut some knuckles lmao

  • Vince Lamarche
    Vince Lamarche 5 hours ago

    Another slip joint that is super strong is the square stock you use for tow hitches. You can get the inner and outer by the foot from IMS. I have used it as drive shafts on rock crawlers

  • LivinLefty
    LivinLefty 5 hours ago

    Reminds me of Brad's chain suspension trick from last season 😂

  • Buggblasta
    Buggblasta 5 hours ago

    Mason you and Grimm are geniuses handz down!!! Learned so much from that short vid

  • Yost Built
    Yost Built 5 hours ago

    Might be the coolest person to ever be on hoonigan ! he has a bus load of money that he uses to make his city a better place to be 💪cannibus problems

  • CK_32
    CK_32 5 hours ago

    I wasn’t going to watch this battle, but I’ve learned so much shit from this video alone I’m all in. More of this type of technical Q&A from these guys! These guys will teach us so much I never even know I wanted to know!

  • hotwill100
    hotwill100 5 hours ago

    So. Brad 2.0 but cleaner and not as scary. Nice!

  • David Bell
    David Bell 5 hours ago

    Good stuff!

  • manny s
    manny s 6 hours ago

    Quick Question: if its moving in and out doesn't that mean the splines would prematurely wear? And could you use a small coil spring to seat the splines so you have inward pressure on the arm? Or am I just picturing it differently?

    • manny s
      manny s 4 hours ago

      @NBSV1 hmmm okay... I was just thinking if it moves and only grabs a small section of the splines, it could it be a fail point... I know they are designed that way but throwing 400+Bhp you tend to see these parts start breaking in the wildest of places... although if it works that is awesome!!!!

    • NBSV1
      NBSV1 5 hours ago

      manny s If it’s using the spline off a driveshaft it’s designed to move like that already. So, it wouldn’t wear out quickly.

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo Figueiredo 6 hours ago

    Very interesting stuff!

  • a456987
    a456987 6 hours ago

    Loving all these bonus episodes

  • Ahats5
    Ahats5 6 hours ago

    Mind blown by simple slip joint

  • Doug Kimball
    Doug Kimball 6 hours ago

    QA1 make full suspension kits for those cars but probably too expensive for their budget .

    • Josh Mason
      Josh Mason Hour ago

      @Michael Garcia We enjoy building things. Not buying things

    • Michael Garcia
      Michael Garcia 2 hours ago

      They can afford founders performance and a hooker t56 swap crossmember that has the absolute best torque arm mount ever engineered. This dude went wild for no reason

    • a456987
      a456987 6 hours ago

      Yeah they could never afford a suspension like QA1 or Detroit Speed

  • plucky purcell
    plucky purcell 6 hours ago

    Hey i gotta slip yoke drive shaft you can have if itll help w that torque arm ??

  • Wayne Dickett
    Wayne Dickett 6 hours ago

    Should of got a IRS out of a explorer

  • Jason Goodwin
    Jason Goodwin 6 hours ago

    OMG, the whole episode was a Headphone user warning ⚠️, never been so glad to blow out my ears for 11 minutes

  • Elson Enriquez
    Elson Enriquez 7 hours ago

    nice indeed

  • xavier hendrisen
    xavier hendrisen 7 hours ago

    car... you cut me i cut you

  • Garrett White
    Garrett White 7 hours ago

    All this correct work makes Brad look like a chicken with no head

    • Eli Herman
      Eli Herman 57 minutes ago

      Let's get papadakis next

    • Garrett White
      Garrett White 2 hours ago


    • VHjykfUuYu
      VHjykfUuYu 3 hours ago

      This "correct work" is still bodge mechanics and is nowhere close to proper engineering.

    • Garrett White
      Garrett White 4 hours ago

      As in?

    • the1onlyteagro
      the1onlyteagro 5 hours ago

      A toddler with its dads wrench could do that.

  • Brandon Beaudette
    Brandon Beaudette 7 hours ago

    I love these informational segments.

  • xavier hendrisen
    xavier hendrisen 7 hours ago


    PRTYOF4 7 hours ago

    Too good! Got one team doing mad suspension work and sticking with a "basic" LS swap Got the other team doing a mad engine swap and sticking with a basic suspension upgrade.

    • Keegan Kidwiler
      Keegan Kidwiler 13 minutes ago

      Henry Hammond well it didn’t actually have an engine so short of pushing it the LS was the best choice

    • Henry Hammond
      Henry Hammond 5 hours ago

      Just glad they didnt just upgrade suspention on the 350 and call it a day

  • harold240sx
    harold240sx 7 hours ago

    I'm loving the two approaches to builds that you never see.

    • max heflin
      max heflin 3 hours ago

      They dont learn to edit these damn videos any faster, and we may never see em... 😂

  • Sour Peace
    Sour Peace 7 hours ago

    Every time I hit the gas on my 1982 the torque arm would swing up and hit the floorpan. Fun Times, Glad that pos is long gone.

  • Scrape Washington
    Scrape Washington 7 hours ago

    Yes love it fam

  • This One Time
    This One Time 7 hours ago

    Burning bowls for chop daddy Zach. 💨

  • Anthony Ciccariello
    Anthony Ciccariello 7 hours ago

    Stay in school kids and maybe one day you can be smart enough to build a race car. Geometry and they say you never use it After High School. Hahaha

    • n9nebraker
      n9nebraker Hour ago

      Dude said he was a drop out a few videos back...

    • Edward N. Driskoll
      Edward N. Driskoll 4 hours ago

      I was geo honors and was surprised how much it has come in handy since school days. Haha

    • Weird Beard Garage
      Weird Beard Garage 7 hours ago

      100% this. I slept through most of the math and physics classes and man, now I would love to be able to calculate some engine & suspension stuff. That shit is not easy when you try to do it properly and not just wing it.

    • Dance Around The World
      Dance Around The World 7 hours ago

      id say common sense is all you need

  • its Chris
    its Chris 7 hours ago

    Brad outta left field with one of his hot rods absolutely destroying gymkhana grid

  • Dustin Kaviani
    Dustin Kaviani 7 hours ago


  • AnalogAssassin1
    AnalogAssassin1 7 hours ago


  • Connor Lahner
    Connor Lahner 7 hours ago

    Anyone know round about how much all the body kit pieces( front bumper , fenders ..) would cost all together

  • Anthony Ciccariello
    Anthony Ciccariello 8 hours ago

    That chairslayer as always got the best seat in the house.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 hours ago

    @7:33 who is that midget?

  • Brandon soto
    Brandon soto 8 hours ago

    What’s hert k swapping!??

  • Ethan Shopa
    Ethan Shopa 9 hours ago

    My uncles got the First K24 Swapped 6th gen Celica

  • Cody G
    Cody G 9 hours ago

    Holy fuck the chills 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • BSfunk44
    BSfunk44 9 hours ago

    Host "can't even install a cold air intake himself" Hert

  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle 10 hours ago

    July 2nd 2018 You f*cked up Twerk Stallion's hwing displeasing Kikawa. You never "fixed" this. Get Kyle to laser cut out Kikawa's face and bolt it on as a new wing tip!

  • 3.2.1.adventure
    3.2.1.adventure 10 hours ago

    Damn now thats a party!!!

  • Tyler Boyd
    Tyler Boyd 10 hours ago

    When Chairslayer whips out the Bald Eagle symphony, blows the mic out, and Uncle Sam's chest swells with pride... its a good ol fashion Burnyard Bash!!! #raisehellpraisedale #daleyeah #merica

  • icebreakertech
    icebreakertech 10 hours ago

    This is my zen :)

  • javier mendez
    javier mendez 10 hours ago

    I wanna see a 10 car burn out!!!!!!

  • SmoothTheKid
    SmoothTheKid 10 hours ago

    Think I need a ‘70s porn stache too

  • XxCaptanTac0MoN
    XxCaptanTac0MoN 11 hours ago

    Vargas brothers need to go to SEMA next year

  • Ltbookum
    Ltbookum 11 hours ago

    Did Scotto say he has a Opel? Must be a GT then? I don't believe the US got much other GM euro models branded as Opel. And older Opel 4 lug is 4 X 100 btw. Cool story too, all I need is a warehouse that size I can also live in.. It be my dream property really, just to feed that addiction..

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz 12 hours ago

    good shit...

  • Aaron Burke
    Aaron Burke 12 hours ago

    Dan looks like he could be in Reno 911

  • eg6gsr
    eg6gsr 13 hours ago

    Haha all the honda owners need to snatch up all the cheap k-series motors that they can. This swap is starting to become the norm so the deals are going to last long

  • Benny Carpenter-Deason

    Unnecessary Roughness needs to be the name of a car.

  • bergrud
    bergrud 13 hours ago

    We need herr back AS host tbh

  • Clinton David
    Clinton David 13 hours ago

    God damn the Coyote sounds insane!

  • Cruz's World
    Cruz's World 13 hours ago

    Chairslayer dont scare us like that... Once u see fire just stop and get out

    • whskytngo
      whskytngo 3 hours ago

      Chairslayer rolls hard and just don't care.

  • Jay Wright
    Jay Wright 13 hours ago

    Dammmm that looked like such a fucking dope ass time!!!!

  • Ryan LeBlanc
    Ryan LeBlanc 13 hours ago


  • manny s
    manny s 14 hours ago

    Of course it would be Rob to light his car on fire LOL! That man took it to 11!!!!!!

  • Alexandre Wahiche
    Alexandre Wahiche 14 hours ago

    0:16 ryan x)

  • Gamma Light
    Gamma Light 14 hours ago

    The worst air filter in the world!

    ASR PHEONIX 14 hours ago

    Just imagine chelsea and Vaughn in the new mustang (Mach e) not good

  • Kohene Moore
    Kohene Moore 14 hours ago

    Perfect for bud & mud wake & bake! 🤘🏿

  • D. Johnson
    D. Johnson 14 hours ago

    This is how you separate the boys from the men...LET THEM CARS EAT!!!

  • jon smith
    jon smith 15 hours ago

    Now that's a agter party....I was really hoping zack was going to get his truck...

  • Fadzil che man
    Fadzil che man 15 hours ago

    That's it, for next year's SEMA you guys need a dedicated burnout machine. Use the daman UTE!