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Opie & Anthony - Sex Talk
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  • Christopher Crowley
    Christopher Crowley 14 hours ago

    I thought mine being crooked was being English hahahahaa

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 3 days ago

    22:17 Sam no selling is the best.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 3 days ago

    Thank you, shittiest advice in history.

  • P.A.L TV
    P.A.L TV 7 days ago

    Thank you so much, really needed this.

  • ninjast4r
    ninjast4r 14 days ago

    Opie is the worst. Let's interrupt everyone riffing on Godfather quotes and having fun just to play some stupid clip everyone has already heard. That's raqio gold.

  • Butt Stephens
    Butt Stephens Month ago

    Shut up Op-- oh, wait

  • Shravaka Yogi
    Shravaka Yogi 2 months ago

    _Pizza for pie, that's what I say..._

  • bchimself
    bchimself 2 months ago

    one time at a wedding i meant to say to the groom "thanks for inviting me" but instead i said "thanks for coming." to the groom.

  • phizfrail
    phizfrail 2 months ago

    This is why Kevin smith sucks . O&a didn’t give a fuck about this show or bit . It was forced .

  • Mckinley
    Mckinley 2 months ago

    Mann, hold up!

  • ShinRyojin
    ShinRyojin 3 months ago

    Can’t take criticism, refers to people as haters, steam rolls over people, and burning bridges. Amy is Opie as a woman.

  • Mongoloid Mike
    Mongoloid Mike 3 months ago

    Ant and Jim have better chemistry than a fag with aids

  • Jayden Clarke
    Jayden Clarke 3 months ago

    They think its funny, but theyre totally hamming it up to fuck with Anthony.

  • brian d
    brian d 3 months ago

    Jesus, I thought Sam was being serious for a second. Fuck him.

  • TriplePProject
    TriplePProject 4 months ago

    Hummus with red pepper is actually really good.

  • Supreme Splash
    Supreme Splash 4 months ago

    Excellence 🤗 I Fux Wid It ..

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson 4 months ago

    Thanks for the upload. I'm at work laughing so loud and my coworkers keep asking what i am LISTENING too... Of course i say, NOT HR FRIENDLY...GO AWAY

  • dirbrody
    dirbrody 5 months ago

    Edward G Popeye...

  • Foolish Waize
    Foolish Waize 5 months ago

    The hilarity of how Jimmy's alter egos are completely accepted still kills me

  • James Smith
    James Smith 5 months ago

    Amy's a total lunatic cunt. Her husband is, too.

  • Neg Ative
    Neg Ative 5 months ago

    She’s ugly and crazy but somehow I still want to fuck her. Doggystyle and full of hate, but still.

  • Paul-E G'z
    Paul-E G'z 5 months ago

    Best Ramsay kitchen nightmares episode ever!!!! I actually set her up and gave her positive feedback on their official video in 2018, which was years later, and she replied back real nice n shit, then I stomped on her and she freaked the fuck out lolol

  • Cody MacCarroll
    Cody MacCarroll 6 months ago

    Jim's new show "I Got Some Oatmeal"

    • J G
      J G 5 months ago

      Chippah.....garbage show

  • Rob Anicich
    Rob Anicich 7 months ago

    Chips math was actually right.

  • Jordan Willett
    Jordan Willett 7 months ago

    I was 13 and was slapped like a bitch in front of about 100 people in a theater by a girl I was dating she caught me at the movies with her cousin caught me walking out the door holder the other girls hand and proceeded to pimp slapping me a couple of times while everyone watched I was so shocked I couldn't speak but hey at that moment what can you say really???

  • Earnest McDade
    Earnest McDade 7 months ago


  • G G
    G G 7 months ago

    Did Sam ever get deported?

    • J G
      J G 5 months ago

      no he still lives under the brooklyn bridge feeding on homeless children

    SFIFA 7 months ago

    Little fucking terrorist pussy thinks he is scarface

  • Ronnie Hill
    Ronnie Hill 7 months ago

    I loved it when Ant was such an asshole about "taking calls." Such passive-aggressiveness.

  • Brett Downey
    Brett Downey 7 months ago

    It’s kinda cute how Anthony punches up Danny’s awful additions. You can see how accustomed he is to making inane comments not awkward he can’t handle it.

  • shugertits
    shugertits 8 months ago

    I thought that was Jim Varney (Earnest) on the thumb.

  • Grey
    Grey 8 months ago

    Clearly that man is a vampire.

  • James Thomison
    James Thomison 8 months ago

    i had a tinder match a couple years ago who was flirting with me and I asked her number and like Sam she said "911". Are girls immune to the shame of douche-chills?

  • 3797ID
    3797ID 8 months ago

    Wow, this cunt is clearly of world class variety

  • Landry Prichard
    Landry Prichard 8 months ago

    A female Opie. 😉

  • SafeSpace Post
    SafeSpace Post 8 months ago

    No they didn't say they had Jesus, Kevin, you fucking liar. He's an Israeli Jew. True to form, after getting kicked out of 109 countries, they still blame everyone else. You cunty shill.

  • SafeSpace Post
    SafeSpace Post 8 months ago

    Kevin huffpost Smith.

  • steemdup
    steemdup 8 months ago

    Yes White guys can make Black folk laugh as well. But Vos sucks, yo. Shucky is the best, you have to think during his set.

  • Matthew Bissonnette
    Matthew Bissonnette 8 months ago

    The most fundamental principal when running an eatery is getting portion sizes right. Large portion sizes eat into profits which is why you go for better presentation and smaller portion sizes. Like any business; you only stay open until you devise a method and principals that keeps ones business profitable and out of the red.

  • Adam James
    Adam James 9 months ago

    "I'm an AOL guy..."

  • Marilyn's Girl
    Marilyn's Girl 9 months ago

    The night their Facebook blew up they not only screamed about Yelpers and Reddit, they threatened to kill people or send people after negative commenters.

  • Reef2480
    Reef2480 9 months ago

    They both should be shot in the temple

  • Ronnie Hill
    Ronnie Hill 10 months ago

    Of course Kevin Smith reads Washington ComPost every day. He's sucked off the Weinsteins the last 20 years. What's another Jew cock in his mouth?

      RANDY RAMOS 7 months ago

      @Ronnie Hill go back to the rock you crawled out of you frog!

    • Ronnie Hill
      Ronnie Hill 9 months ago

      @LICK IT Cry about it Shlomo. Happy Hanukkah.

    • LICK IT
      LICK IT 9 months ago

      Oh look an anti Semitic conservative who brings politics up on a video that has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. not surprising

  • Oliver Hernandez
    Oliver Hernandez 10 months ago


  • tmsz28
    tmsz28 10 months ago


  • Jonny Daly
    Jonny Daly 10 months ago

    This would have been better if Opie was there. Is something nobodys ever said

  • Thomas Henesey
    Thomas Henesey 10 months ago

    Anyone read the Deadspin article bout Jeter and his sex tales? I read he gives swag bags and says yeah Jeetz and i think either eats ass or likes having his ass eaten.

  • davito lane
    davito lane 11 months ago

    reminds me of hillery making excuses why she lost the election.

    • Mike K
      Mike K 6 months ago

      davito lane or embezzled or had people murdered or being a grand klugel in the klan

    • Windy City Welterweight
      Windy City Welterweight 8 months ago

      that's dead on lol

  • Froggy Frog 9000
    Froggy Frog 9000 11 months ago

    oh I gotta watch this episode!

  • Alex Mccutchan
    Alex Mccutchan 11 months ago

    Is Sam autistic bc he sounds just like Bobo

  • awfpunisher
    awfpunisher 11 months ago

    Ant the pedo.

  • PornShoulders
    PornShoulders 11 months ago

    Who tf goes on huff post every day?

    • Shrubchucker
      Shrubchucker 4 months ago

      Haha found the person

    • James Smith
      James Smith 5 months ago

      @Mike K Precisely.

    • Mike K
      Mike K 6 months ago

      PornShoulders lefties,libtards, and feminazis

    • LICK IT
      LICK IT 8 months ago

      @PornShoulders neither do you

    • PornShoulders
      PornShoulders 8 months ago

      LICK IT you don’t know as much as you think you know

  • Mojo
    Mojo Year ago

    I’m an AOL guy btw, lmao.

    • Mike K
      Mike K 6 months ago

      Mojo is that still in business?

  • Rusty Kuntz
    Rusty Kuntz Year ago

    Such a shame how split up these 3 all are now

  • bsklasika
    bsklasika Year ago

    Ant: Jessica Biel, that's a big score. Florentine: that's a big score - pre-kid, in her prime. thats some quality sports talk.

    • Tristan Rich
      Tristan Rich 4 months ago

      They were talking about Jessica Alba.

  • Leon Andrews
    Leon Andrews Year ago

    I think Amy was physically attractive but a complete maniac. Pussy isn’t much good when you have to sleep with one eye open so you don’t get hacked to death (also see Jodi Arias)

    • Mike K
      Mike K 6 months ago

      Leon Andrews attractive? Phony and ugly....take all that shit off her face...mr. Ed

    • jert opp
      jert opp 10 months ago

      She has a long shaped head.

  • Italo
    Italo Year ago


  • E J
    E J Year ago

    I wasn't sure if Kevin Smith was describing the girl or Opie in the beginning

  • Chloe Kit
    Chloe Kit Year ago

    Lol chip you know how to just bring a whole fucking room down

  • jan bramsen
    jan bramsen Year ago

    They both crazy. great upload keep em coming :-)

  • Anfubvinch
    Anfubvinch Year ago

    Chip's sex talk is harrowing to listen to

  • Tom Daniel
    Tom Daniel Year ago

    Little did Anthony know that his internet battle would be "futile"

    • Beau Bakker
      Beau Bakker 4 months ago

      Can’t blame Nana for being hungry

    • nick sizemore
      nick sizemore Year ago

      Somebody better isolate that fawkin clip

  • Turds McGillicuddy

    I can only refer to Catherine Zeta Jones and Scarlett Johansen as Catherine Zeta Johns and Scarlett Johannesburg because of chip.

    • _Teflon_ __John_
      _Teflon_ __John_ 4 months ago

      Thats all i think about when i hear their names too!

  • Sloth
    Sloth Year ago

    one of the best episodes. love me some Nopie clips!

  • cripplermaximus
    cripplermaximus Year ago


  • Mike
    Mike Year ago

    This show was so stupid, it was way too fake.

  • Carlnj74
    Carlnj74 Year ago

    Lol, listen to co-dependent Anthony defend how Opie didn’t talk while he was funny on Letterman.

  • Khum Dhan
    Khum Dhan Year ago

    This should be a video of just Opie talking.

  • Jeffrey Herzberg


  • Gordon M
    Gordon M Year ago

    Trying to be cool always results in douche-chills!

  • Gordon M
    Gordon M Year ago

    5:50 Shining reference!

  • Gordon M
    Gordon M Year ago

    My entire life has been a douche-chill, but fuck it.

  • Steve S
    Steve S Year ago

    Hahaha, 0:56. “BAT -Min!”

  • Gordon M
    Gordon M Year ago

    I could write the book on have douche-chills. Volumes and volumes!

  • renewer
    renewer Year ago

    Ant, Quinn, Florentine, and Kelly... what a killer segment, thanks for uploading!

  • KandaPanda
    KandaPanda Year ago

    Kid in first grade named Lucas ended being known as Pukas. That's life. Don't puke in public.

  • D Bag
    D Bag Year ago

    what show is this from? Is this the one where they try to maintain some level of positivity but they can't help but trash each other?

  • ACS Shap
    ACS Shap Year ago

    Was actually upset when this clip ended. Opie-free Radio is the best.

  • MrJimmyTide
    MrJimmyTide 2 years ago


  • Back Alley Tunisian Knife Fighter

    10:31 Sam is that kid that barked in middle school.

  • Sad Ketchup Gaming
    Sad Ketchup Gaming 2 years ago

    oof i just squirm every time i hear these fucking cringe stories.

    • Gordon M
      Gordon M Year ago

      Sad Ketchup Gaming That's life. Ran by Satan.

  • anony moose
    anony moose 2 years ago

    4:54 hamburger Anthony kills me

  • Gordon M.
    Gordon M. 2 years ago

    Jimmy's dad is a creepazoid!

    • Chippy Walnuts
      Chippy Walnuts 7 months ago

      At least he only wanted to smell her breath.

    • K-Blue
      K-Blue 11 months ago

      That's obviously where Jim gets it

  • Justin Wells
    Justin Wells 2 years ago

    Jess is not super hot she is a 6 at best! Everytime they talk about her they say she is ridiculously hot. I'm sure to these worms she is but to any normal person she is ok

    • Alan Smithee
      Alan Smithee Year ago

      She's a normal, moderately attractive woman. And that's still punching above Sam's weight.

    • Gordon M
      Gordon M Year ago

      Justin Wells Geeks call a 4 an 8. It's hilarious.

  • Paul Thoresen
    Paul Thoresen 2 years ago

    "We aint found shit" is the only funny part of the film, and it would have been better without setting it up with two other people combing the desert. This is like an even less funny 'Scary Movie' film

  • dammitjenkins20cars
    dammitjenkins20cars 2 years ago

    I think opie contributed the most here

  • Jay Middleton
    Jay Middleton 2 years ago

    this isn't even a nopie clip. it's just the guys are sharing embarrassing moments and Opie has never done anything embarrassing

    • Don Reuter
      Don Reuter 8 months ago

      Opie isn’t there

    • Khum Dhan
      Khum Dhan Year ago

      Jay Middleton he's an embarrassment.

  • Gobbersmack
    Gobbersmack 2 years ago

    I feel bad for Jim. The first time he sees Spaceballs and Ant forbids him from enjoying it.

  • simonal1989
    simonal1989 2 years ago

    Cheers for the upload mate!

    • R Vent
      R Vent 2 years ago

      I'll try to remember for next time.

    • simonal1989
      simonal1989 2 years ago

      Cool. Could you note the airdate or the full/original clips in the description box from now onwards?

    • R Vent
      R Vent 2 years ago

      no problem. If you want the full episode, look up Joe DeRosa #36 on Opie & Anthony. I just edited it from that episode.

  • NothingToPointOut24
    NothingToPointOut24 2 years ago

    A fig and pear pizza wouldn't be good cooked all the way through.

    • Kerri Sepulveda
      Kerri Sepulveda 10 months ago

      Raw dough isn't good regardless of the toppings.

    • Matthew Rogers
      Matthew Rogers Year ago

      NothingToPointOut24 wow you are a special kind of stupid , you cook the dough for a few minutes before adding the fruit obviously so the dough isnt raw

  • House2017
    House2017 2 years ago

    Fantastic upload!

  • Fairy fuck
    Fairy fuck 2 years ago

    well shit

  • TheDreReichDude
    TheDreReichDude 2 years ago

    This and it's follow-up episode aired in 2012. These two wastes of life were given several chances to be decent human beings but failed every time. And their business closed down for good in 2015. Something about being in debt on the property that the state of Arizona had to get involved in. Plus this old Israeli jackass openly bragged about his mob connections on national television, that had to have gotten somebody in the government's attention. Plus the little thing about his possible deportation that I dont know if it ever happened. After the restaurant closed it seemed like these two faded into obscurity, after all the infamous noteriety they had achieved three years before. Couldnt have happened to nicer people....

  • J.K Singh
    J.K Singh 2 years ago

    Greatest....Piece....of... television...EVER!!

  • eric brown
    eric brown 2 years ago

    Fucking great TV

  • Stratahoovius
    Stratahoovius 2 years ago

    This is a Nopie show! Upload the whole thing man.

    • R Vent
      R Vent 2 years ago

      It's already on TheXvid. I just cut it up. Search Opie & Anthony Otto Death Wish.

  • Ash Cuckum
    Ash Cuckum 2 years ago

    i love opie and sam

    • Beau Bakker
      Beau Bakker 4 months ago

      That is pretty fucking gay. Liking a tranny fucker with obsessive, delusion of fame behaviour and a Neanderthal with a hairline behind his ears and weird ballon dick. Their show sucks.

    • Mike K
      Mike K 6 months ago

      Ash Cuckum your life is sad

  • AntD36
    AntD36 2 years ago

    I hate Sam inviting himself into conversations. You're not a host, stupid.

  • Jocko Adams
    Jocko Adams 2 years ago

    Spaceballs was the last decent Mel Brooks movie. For the guy who was basically the original Trey Parker and Matt Stone, he wasn't going to remain edgy and relevant forever.

    EVOCATEUR 2 years ago

    Jimmy will take the side of ANY mildly attractive woman.

    • dfss csss
      dfss csss Year ago

      She looks like a fucking tranny, so yeah of course he will take her side.

    • jan bramsen
      jan bramsen Year ago

      The ugly insecure worms always do. He wants to be Colin quinn so bad

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C Year ago

      I GOT DA 30 FOE She looks like a smallmouth bass.

    • I GOT DA 30 FOE
      I GOT DA 30 FOE 2 years ago

      id pipe her guts