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THIS IS 31! - Lingerie Haul
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  • Resma Biswas
    Resma Biswas 5 hours ago

    Very sexy and hot

  • Gulafsha Hashmi
    Gulafsha Hashmi 7 hours ago

    I thnk foundation don't match ur skin look more white

  • Anela Panic
    Anela Panic 7 hours ago

    Krute mazo

  • Tina Martin
    Tina Martin 9 hours ago

    Why didn’t I know about your channel sooner?!? Just found you last night, while searching scary stories to listen to, while doing dishes, and I’ve been binging your Freaky Friday videos since then!! You’re gorgeous, I love your makeup and outfits and the creepy stories are a HUGE bonus!!😉😊❤️

    LORENA SEJA 10 hours ago

    I have never tried any time of shape wear. I think these would be a good start😁 my favorite and scariest horror flick of all time, and still can't watch by my self😲 THE EXORCIST!!!!

  • kiera hall
    kiera hall 11 hours ago

    I love any stephen king movie but my favourite is the mist , I would love to win one!

  • Bassma Bassma
    Bassma Bassma 12 hours ago

    لاطرمة لا زين لا وااالو اناااري اش هاد بوعبيد الشرقي

  • Heidymarleny2
    Heidymarleny2 13 hours ago

    Hi! Love your videos! The entity 1983 🙀

  • gus OfficialSmule
    gus OfficialSmule 13 hours ago

    OMG!!! 😱😱😨

  • Ali Abed
    Ali Abed 13 hours ago

    هاي شنو قبل المكياج😧😧😧😧 النتيجه تره صادمه والله 🙀

  • أكره دنيا Dina Officielle

    الجزائريين أنتم هنا🙄

  • Dazia Pantoja
    Dazia Pantoja 15 hours ago

    Is to mach 🥴

  • Bibicha Titiza
    Bibicha Titiza 16 hours ago

    شكون الجزائريه لي عندها لجرئه وتمشط مشطتها هههه

  • تعليم الفنون الراقية

    اتقو الله وخافو ربي علا ه راكم متخلفين هكذا علا ه خلقت روحها بيدها

  • satyendar rawat
    satyendar rawat 19 hours ago

    Suprme ass

  • لان عسكري مكروه من كل البشر

    اكو عراقيه هنا

  • Rosie Rose
    Rosie Rose 20 hours ago

    My favorite part is always the way you do the hair 😍 you make it look so easy!

  • Aliya Catatanhijrah
    Aliya Catatanhijrah 21 hour ago

    Salam dari indonesia. 🙏

  • LMonkeyBAd11
    LMonkeyBAd11 22 hours ago

    My all time is freddy vs jason

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams 23 hours ago

    How do u do ur hair? Its amazing how ur hair can stay like that

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams 23 hours ago

    I think ur very beautiful without the make up. U look amazing with both. I luv how amazing u do makeup

  • Chavira Vlijter

    Your butt is it real??

  • نوسه عادل

    الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام والحيجاب لي راهو ساترنا

  • Clara Ogbemudia

    How much is your waist trainer and I live in Europe Italy can I have one one-off it

  • khaoula BD
    khaoula BD Day ago

    خلعاتني بلا مكياج والله كاينة شي مغربية

    • ملاك ريان
      ملاك ريان 4 hours ago

      هههه حت ان تخلعت مرحبابيك عندي الله افرحك فرحني بابوني

    • nonan dz
      nonan dz 12 hours ago

      khaoula BD هههههه انا تاني خلعتني

  • حامد لساعدي


  • Preeti Nirmal
    Preeti Nirmal Day ago

    i hate your bust expose dress

  • Jace Smith
    Jace Smith Day ago

    This channel ain't for guys because it's just gonna end badly....

  • Casa Casillas
    Casa Casillas Day ago Hi there I thought of you while watching this video ... I hope it helps putting on fajas. If it does please give me and my channel a shout out ... xoxo thanks doll ...

  • Attaur Rehman
    Attaur Rehman Day ago

    Do u have videos on pateron?

  • bryanna ventura

    I bought the salome faja, but I'm having problems wit figuring out what to do with the extra fabric that hangs when I take the straps off. Do you just tuck them in? Also, I noticed without the straps, the faja gradually slides down instead of staying in position to keep all of my rolls in place. Any tips/advice?

  • saraswathi bm
    saraswathi bm Day ago


  • Emblem V
    Emblem V Day ago

    Once the eye makeup was on you made me think of endora from bewitched :)

  • Stephanie Stowers

    Girl, you should do a makeover on a fan! I nominate myself hahahaha But for real you should!!

    LONE WOLF Day ago

    ASHLEY beautiful woman very good🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    LONE WOLF Day ago

    ASHLEY awesome video

    LONE WOLF Day ago

    ASHLEY excelent video

    LONE WOLF Day ago

    ASHLEY great video

    LONE WOLF Day ago

    ASHLEY good video

  • Beqqada Hanane

    10 كيلو مكياج مسكينة بشرتها

  • Cassie
    Cassie Day ago

    I totally agree with you! Live your life and don’t give a f about what anyone else thinks, they have their own lives and their own bodies ❤️❤️❤️

  • Michele Humphrey

    Favorite horror movie... I'm a classic kinda gal, so for me nothing beats the original Friday the 13th. (2nd runner up tho has to be exorcism of emily rose... such a good movie)

  • Ns Baloch
    Ns Baloch Day ago

    Lanati 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐

  • Kinene Esther
    Kinene Esther Day ago


  • Renee Quichocho

    The shinning and Rose marys Baby ..

  • mansi barhpagga

    meri tra hindi cmt kon doond rha🤣😂

  • Nancy Guillen
    Nancy Guillen Day ago

    The original Child’s Play is my fav horror movie 🔪🔪

    LONE WOLF Day ago

    ASHLEY good video

  • Princess Peasant

    This is too expensive for Literally no change. This is medium range yet it gives nothing like you weren't it at all.

    LONE WOLF Day ago

    ASHLEY good video new subs.

  • cheekqueen
    cheekqueen Day ago

    How GORGEOUS!!!! Your voice is so soothing!

  • Barbara Jackson
    Barbara Jackson 2 days ago

    lovely; have you ever done a bouffant bubble ? solid?

  • Kimberly Lewis
    Kimberly Lewis 2 days ago

    Where did you get that rust dress???? LOVE IT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ferqan Sintez2019
    Ferqan Sintez2019 2 days ago

    Seksi bikini

  • Ferqan Sintez2019
    Ferqan Sintez2019 2 days ago

    Ha oldayu

  • Ferqan Sintez2019
    Ferqan Sintez2019 2 days ago


  • Breana Parra
    Breana Parra 2 days ago

    I LOVVVEEE these videos! I could watch them over and over. I secretly let my 6 year old son watch with my while his dad is gone 🤣🤣

  • Michelle james
    Michelle james 2 days ago

    Great video! My favorite is The Exorcist that would scare the Faja off anyone! Lol

  • Ikram R.
    Ikram R. 2 days ago

    Stunning! 😍. Do you wear a waisttrainer onder the dress?

  • مہتہمہـِۦ٭ۦـِردهہۦٰ ۦٰ ۦٰ۪۫ۦۦٰ ْ٭

    🤣🤣آلعرآقي يحطـ لآيگ

  • Laurene Cardoza
    Laurene Cardoza 2 days ago

    The Lost Boys!!

  • Laurene Cardoza
    Laurene Cardoza 2 days ago

    Thank you, I also did tag you to review this. But why did I know that it would not live up to your standards! 😂 I love your faja reviews and have ordered the ones you use and I am so happy with them! My favorite horror film is not a super scary one, it’s just one that lives in my heart always because I watched it so much growing up. But it’s ‘The Lost Boys’. I’m actually working on little David, Micheal, and Star costumes right now for my twin boys and their preschool BFF. It’s going to be so cute, and I’m so happy that my son actually requested to be David for Halloween because he is now fallen in love with my favorite childhood movie 👌❤️

  • Noura Nezha
    Noura Nezha 2 days ago

    لاجمال ولااخلاق

  • Barbie E
    Barbie E 2 days ago

    You still can see the back fat on the first one.

  • adii adii
    adii adii 2 days ago

    you have a perfect eye for liner

  • Yenia Navarrete
    Yenia Navarrete 2 days ago

    What brand is the faja where did u get it love it girl!!!!

  • conflictpersona8
    conflictpersona8 2 days ago

    🙈👀 omg when you wake up from a scary dream and wake up and its Real!!! Oh man 😞 that demon closed the door jeez. That thing killed your puppies

  • conflictpersona8
    conflictpersona8 2 days ago

    LOVE!!! this outfit😍😍😍😍 that video you included wow im glad it was her father in law

  • Vero Monti
    Vero Monti 2 days ago

    I love "it" and I would love to check out the skims shape wear! But I'm from Germany... Love you Ashley❤️

  • Squidward the squid


  • Tiffany Schramm
    Tiffany Schramm 2 days ago

    Very, very cute!! I love it all!!! How about a she devil same style?

  • BigBrotherW
    BigBrotherW 2 days ago

    How can you be real, when you are simply a magical manifestation of the purest form of Mother Nature?

  • seito hojoin
    seito hojoin 2 days ago

    You are so cute and that red hair

  • Adriana Hernandez
    Adriana Hernandez 2 days ago

    Ashley I honestly don’t watch horror movies for fun... but I’ve seen (kinda) annabell 😂😅😭. I’m a scary cat

  • Lizette Guevara
    Lizette Guevara 2 days ago

    Texas chainsaw massacre 😍😍

  • Hillary Saldaña
    Hillary Saldaña 2 days ago

    Those item don’t look anything like what other girls got Most of the garments cane really really tiny then stretched out

  • Teinysha Patterson
    Teinysha Patterson 2 days ago

    Your body is amazing and clothes look amazing on you

  • tabithamorris90
    tabithamorris90 2 days ago

    Can you do a video on bra wear?

  • Lawrencia Clovis
    Lawrencia Clovis 3 days ago

    What size in yahaira do you wear

  • White Picket Fence Freak

    Favorite horror movie is Killer Klowns From Outer space 🖤🧡

  • LEAF
    LEAF 3 days ago

    Me one minutes into the video:🤨 Me three minutes into the video:😳😍

  • A-M Ellilä
    A-M Ellilä 3 days ago

    The Shining.

  • Lamya Saad
    Lamya Saad 3 days ago

    Gorgeous!! Please where did you get the first dress with the long sleeves?

  • Melissa Perez
    Melissa Perez 3 days ago

    My all time fav horror movies are Nightmare on Elm St or Dolls!! 👻🧟‍♂️🎃💀🧟‍♀️💃🏻🕸🕷 Love you!! 😘😘

  • manuella yenga
    manuella yenga 3 days ago

    Question for your shapewear how do you pick the right size?

  • علوش علوش
    علوش علوش 3 days ago


  • dalila flores
    dalila flores 3 days ago

    Id love to try one of these but i do not like horror movies 😭 im too much of a scaredy 🙀

  • Trisha Walsh
    Trisha Walsh 3 days ago

    You look absolutely gorgeous 😘

  • Ali Omar
    Ali Omar 3 days ago

    How much please i want

  • Nuha Razzaaq
    Nuha Razzaaq 3 days ago

    Love The Second One Vs Kim K.. Do you have the website for the shape wear you use please..

  • conflictpersona8
    conflictpersona8 3 days ago

    🙊👀🙈 the girl shone the flash light in the direction of the shadow man and the other girl said she was shining it in the things face OMG. Damn that awkward moment when you think your moms bf is full of shit and hes right

  • dollaz ubz
    dollaz ubz 3 days ago

    tutorial on this look!!

  • happymonkey06
    happymonkey06 3 days ago

    I’m gonna wait for the pee hole design because no way I’m gonna deprive myself of a beverage on a fun night out. Especially since it’s expensive too. She was on Jimmy Fallon and they played a game and she revealed that her last google search was something like pee hole shapewear design or something like that so I think she is going to redesign everything soon. I’ll wait.

  • 吉田眞也
    吉田眞也 3 days ago

    hello。youtoslowSoft&loveSEX Ⅲ💗hipSEX Ⅳ💖loveSEX Ⅷ💟

  • Lisa Farmer
    Lisa Farmer 3 days ago

    Hello it’s Jessica Rabbit red love it ! ( and now how many of you have to look up Jessica Rabbit lol)

  • gabby mendoza
    gabby mendoza 3 days ago

    Favorite horror film: chucky

  • Florina Frente
    Florina Frente 3 days ago

    No cabe duda que el maquillaje hase milagros

  • Jay_87 Flores
    Jay_87 Flores 3 days ago

    I’ve been fallowing you since you use to film in your room at your grandparents. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • rottenflesh
    rottenflesh 3 days ago

    honestly i didn’t notice your nails until you mentioned them 😹

  • MAKEUPtobreakup
    MAKEUPtobreakup 3 days ago

    Your grwm videos are the best!