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They’re in our world now…
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Pokémon Masters | Trailer
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Don't Mess with Machamp!
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  • Altair
    Altair 51 minute ago

    gamefreak pls go bankrupt and hopefully CD projekt red will take up this game and make it TRULY EPIC. you're so out of touch of what the fans actually want.

  • IwanaGo 2
    IwanaGo 2 51 minute ago

    Me: Can you PLEASE make Johto starters gigantamax forms?! I mean, you did it for Mega Evolution Hoenn starters after Kanto Mega Evolution starters! Game Freak: More Kanto New Forms! Me: *Sigh* I guess Kanto feels like Japan, that explains why people love Japan because of Anime, Japanese music that you could only listen in Japan, and many awesome ( even cute stuff and weird stuff) than this: U.S. = (Unova New York) Mostly Government Politicals, Western shows like cartoons, Important career jobs, and other serious things. France = (Kalos Paris) Mostly Fashionable things, Romantic places like the top of Eilfel tower, French Arts, and French Kisses. Hawaii = (Alola Honolulu) Mostly saying "Aloha", Surfing on the beach, and vacation paradise. England = ( Galar Scotland) ( I don't know anything about Scotland.)

  • monkeymonful
    monkeymonful 51 minute ago

    Looks like we know what Leon's final pokemon and form will be now...

  • The Ripper and co
    The Ripper and co 52 minutes ago

    I feel personally attacked for some reason.

  • Oi, eu sou o Pedro!
    Oi, eu sou o Pedro! 52 minutes ago

    Blastoise gigantamax!

  • Michael Mclellan
    Michael Mclellan 53 minutes ago

    Gigantamax is the mega for normies

  • Mighty Tasty
    Mighty Tasty 53 minutes ago

    Ah yes lengthy

  • Hans Bloodsmith
    Hans Bloodsmith 54 minutes ago

    *Zigazagoon: Happy Noises*

  • Lex
    Lex 54 minutes ago

    Chubby Pikachu came back!

  • TheSilverSableye
    TheSilverSableye 55 minutes ago

    Well this was a pleasant birthday present.

  • Trinnabon
    Trinnabon 56 minutes ago


  • Nick_ Peter5
    Nick_ Peter5 56 minutes ago

    This is the dumbest Pokémon gimmick to date. Bring back Mega Evolutions or Z-moves, literally anything else, but these dumb big versions of Pokémon

  • Nsoul
    Nsoul 57 minutes ago

    Only saving grace for me was listening to Marnies full battle theme

  • The Last Feelbender
    The Last Feelbender 57 minutes ago

    Everyone: EverYoNE: We wANnA sEe sWoRD and sHiElD PoKeMOn cOmPanY: *SAAAAAUUUUUR*

  • slikfcgk
    slikfcgk 57 minutes ago

    Stupid asf

  • Borja Arellano
    Borja Arellano 57 minutes ago

    i haven't seen this enough but 1.even more reason to not buy let's go pikachu you'll get a horrifing pikachu in bad decision made game (that's is a stupid line i know) 2.even more reason to buy let's go eevee you'll get a above decent eevee in bad decision made game (but that doesn't mean i can't say it) 3.BEEG PIKACHU 4.please me be in the game i need to be

  • Gray
    Gray 57 minutes ago

    Mothra in pokemon?? What madness is this

  • worthy (will)
    worthy (will) 57 minutes ago

    Ya'll a bunch of babies

  • Lanie Mad
    Lanie Mad 58 minutes ago

    Can You Make More New Pokemon For Sword Shield Trailers?

  • penissular
    penissular 58 minutes ago

    pokemon gen 9th = pokemon transform to the size of an atom

  • CelebiSon M
    CelebiSon M 59 minutes ago

    Game Freak, this is the seventh generation in a row you’ve shown Gen 1 in class!

  • Jack Bones
    Jack Bones 59 minutes ago

    Big 'ol bitterfree ripping off that new Godzilla movie, oof

  • Swadheep Kodathala

    I think its smart how you get gigantimax eevee and pickachu via a lgp/lge save file so it draws in the lgp and lge players. Hopefully pokemon has more exclusive things like this

  • Butter Queen
    Butter Queen Hour ago

    Gigantamax butterfree warmed my tiny little heart also did eevee ;w;

  • JD Frank20
    JD Frank20 Hour ago


  • Jose Ruiz-Kirk
    Jose Ruiz-Kirk Hour ago

    *4:13* this better be with every mega evolving pokemon.

  • El Joshi De Peluche

    Ok, Kanto is getting a lot of attention, but ain't gonna lie, that reference to the old Chubby Pikachu from the old games is good, love it. But still, pay more attention to other generations Gamefreak please...

  • Charlie :3
    Charlie :3 Hour ago

    s o m e o w t h i s a d r a g o n t y p e n o w ?

  • lexi beanYT
    lexi beanYT Hour ago

    Since you added Eevee, can you add all the eeveelutions for the gmax?

  • Lucy Heartfilia
    Lucy Heartfilia Hour ago


  • Luka Beanz
    Luka Beanz Hour ago

    Give me a giga miltank! 😭

  • banzai finn
    banzai finn Hour ago

    Long meowth Long meowth

  • MULTIplayerRK Media

    So GM Pikachu is his Season 1 look but with a lightning tail. Huh, neat.

  • jonathan hutsell

    This shit looks dumb as hell

  • iBenjamin1000
    iBenjamin1000 Hour ago

    Uugghhhhh I like some of those giant forms but was this all we’re seeing? In my mind we should have seen about 40-50 Pokémon native to this region including the starter evos. Some more Galar forms. Probably the rest of the gyms and some more trailers with game footage. We are a month away from release! I think my favorite part of the trailer was that music theme. I hope it’s in the games somewhere

  • Biggest Uno Reverse Card

    *_Mega Charizard Z has made his unsuspected appearance_*

  • Alo Knight
    Alo Knight Hour ago

    I liked the big Chungus Pikachu as much as the next guy but I just want a badass story.

  • Some_Crazy_Dude
    Some_Crazy_Dude Hour ago

    this is cool and stuff, but why cant gen 2 get some loving this time?

  • Praise The Grape Soda

    I thought the whole point of this was that it was easier to make than mega evolutions wtf

  • Rathesh Sabapathipillai

    Personally I kinda miss having a world full of new pokemon vs these gimmicks. I don't find playing pokemon as exciting because I know most of the pokemon in the game. Miss the magic of discovering them.

  • MegaAppleshit
    MegaAppleshit Hour ago

    What type is it? What abilities does it have? Does Rapidash get an evolution or gigantamax form? I need more! NAO!

  • San Francisco
    San Francisco Hour ago

    pikachu: *EXTRA THICC*

    OLIVERCOO Hour ago

    Wtf 😂

  • taylor allen
    taylor allen Hour ago

    wow I love all this gen 1 love can't wait for them to show off some other gens forms. Oh wait they don't exist

  • Relytia
    Relytia Hour ago

    Reading the comments gives me a headache. You whiny babies are impossible to please. Chonk Pika is great!

    • OMalleyTheMaggot
      OMalleyTheMaggot 53 minutes ago


  • Jacky Lei
    Jacky Lei Hour ago

    Did they actually make gigantamax meowth based on longcat

  • Budi Tri Ardiansyah

    Will Meowth from Team Rocket have the ability to Gigantamax? We'll see.

  • Noitrix Studios
    Noitrix Studios Hour ago

    Half of the comments are arguing about everything being gen 1,,, like just shush up and appreciate long catto

  • Howling MoMo
    Howling MoMo Hour ago

    good to see the macy parade balloons getting used

  • SM. 66
    SM. 66 Hour ago

    Seeing that Beedrill has a mega evolution, and now this. **Points to Gigantamax Butterfree** I like what I’m seeing.

  • NeonFire
    NeonFire Hour ago

    Is no body happy about this?

  • B1998
    B1998 Hour ago

    1:31 *_[Mothra Song Intensifies]_*

  • NikkiFeisty82 Official

    Lonk Cat joins the battle!

  • Philippe IHadToFillThisSpace

    At least the É isn’t lowercase, POKéMON was pretty jarring.

    FROAKIE FAN555 Hour ago

    Minecraft: We have bees! Fortnite: We have another season but it’s not. Pokemon: We made our mascot fat again.

  • Jayatesagas
    Jayatesagas Hour ago

    This literally isn't gonna be the best pokemon with how safe they are playing it. The switch which can handle a big save data isn't even being used correctly by a first party developer. They can fit all pokemon from all regions but they are both too lazy and too safe and aren't creative enough with how dependent they are on the first generation pokemon.

  • Too Much Caffeine!!!!

    This better be the best starter trio of all time or I'm rioting.

  • Chris Nielsen
    Chris Nielsen Hour ago

    Last time I remember playing Pokemon it was amazing and on the Gameboy color. What the fuck is this shit?

  • King hippoz
    King hippoz Hour ago

    Who saw in the vid meowth gigantamax has L O N G T O R S O

  • Mister Donut
    Mister Donut Hour ago

    minimum effort

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Hour ago

    *All gigantamax pokemon are from kanto* Me: This is a giga disappointment.

  • purple rock
    purple rock Hour ago

    Do you remember longcat Jane?

  • Pummel Weed
    Pummel Weed Hour ago

    They just look deformed

  • Zhlouzer
    Zhlouzer Hour ago

    Gigantamax pikachu looks like me after thanksgiving...

  • Curly Hair Fries

    Gigantamaxed Butterfree? Gigantamaxed Charizard? This turning more and more into Godzilla

  • Jack Bones
    Jack Bones Hour ago

    My god, all the pokemon who didn't need a cool new form. Especially not Charizard.

  • MrNelly316
    MrNelly316 Hour ago

    So why did we have to bail on mega evolutions instead of just expanding on an idea a majority of the fan base appreciated. I get new fans are joining in but man this whole gigamax/gigantamax thing just seems like such a half baked idea. Hopefully the new games will be good regardless though.

  • BennyBoy46
    BennyBoy46 Hour ago


  • Tarage
    Tarage Hour ago

    I too am infatuated with Aoi Yuki. She can G-Max Cuddle me all day.

  • Oceanic Galaxy
    Oceanic Galaxy Hour ago

    Here's a summary of this video that no one asked for: 1) CHONK 2) FLÖÖFF 3) RAWR XXDD (FÏRÉ EĐIŤIØN) 4) MOTHRA FROM GODZILLA 5) LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG

  • Too Much Caffeine!!!!

    Even though I'm pissed about how gen 1 got the spotlight again, but we can all agree that Ash's Gigantimaxed Charizard would surpass Ash Greninja

  • Picklenut2
    Picklenut2 Hour ago

    Kanto: *looks like his normal age* Sinnoh: *grew 2 inches talles* Unova: *became the size of a 16 yr old as a 10 yr old* Alola: *became 5*

  • Ryay Mukti
    Ryay Mukti Hour ago

    Butterfree evolved into Mothra!

  • Brenton Taylor
    Brenton Taylor Hour ago

    The only good things to come from this Gen 1 storm is both a Butterfree buff and the return of Fat Pikachu

  • Confused Soul
    Confused Soul Hour ago

    Nobody: Gigantamax pikachu: *P I*

  • Philip Cohen
    Philip Cohen Hour ago

    Pikachu is back baby in his original far from but in a new way!

  • Elizbeth Love
    Elizbeth Love Hour ago


  • Ushanka
    Ushanka Hour ago

    Yess i want that meowth

  • Elizbeth Love
    Elizbeth Love Hour ago

    WOW 😮

  • kb03003
    kb03003 Hour ago

    Yea I'm just not feeling this gimmick

  • jeremy 94
    jeremy 94 Hour ago


  • Joshua Kirchner
    Joshua Kirchner Hour ago

    0:28 BOI HE THIC! I'm going to leave now.

  • Z Gamer 2006
    Z Gamer 2006 Hour ago

    Nobody: Charizard: I am a god

  • GoldVersionSean
    GoldVersionSean Hour ago

    I'm ready for it.

  • T o x i c R a t P o i s o n


  • Dark Midbus
    Dark Midbus Hour ago

    I’m not a huge fan of how Game Freak seems to be trying to push Eevee as a secondary mascot of sorts. The entire point of Eevee, gameplay-wise, is that the player can evolve it into whatever they want; it has utility. Giving the player an incentive to keep Eevee unevolved (or just blocking it in the case of Let’s Go) just defeats the point of having so many evolutions to choose from. On the bright side, we finally have a Mothra (G-Butterfree) to compliment Godzilla (Tyranitar)

  • Cardigan D.
    Cardigan D. Hour ago

    1:32 MOTHRAAAA

  • Douglas Ammirati

    Everyone: How about some love for gen 2/3/4/5/6/7 pokés? You know, new evolutions/pre-evos, better abilities and more balanced stats, bring back megas and more regional varian-- Gamefreak: HUH DID YOU GUYS SAY YOU WANT MORE KANTO!!?? YOU GOT IT!!!!

  • Ok Same
    Ok Same Hour ago

    I just want mega pokemon

  • Animating Gamer
    Animating Gamer Hour ago

    *P I K A C H O N K*

  • gilbert hernandez

    Galarian pikachu 😳😳😳just lazy

  • tagross fascistel

    Digimon Digimon

  • Future CallUp
    Future CallUp Hour ago


  • flyingcow 567
    flyingcow 567 Hour ago


  • Spicy Boi
    Spicy Boi Hour ago

    "Pee" -Pikachu

  • Battleboy 0223
    Battleboy 0223 Hour ago

    Going back to only gen 1 pokemon...Uhhhhhh

  • Roger Kim
    Roger Kim Hour ago

    I'm just here for the Meowth, it's my only reason for more Meowth memes.

  • tada tada
    tada tada Hour ago

    Not enough, Charizardo sword form and shield form please

  • Idratherbedead9
    Idratherbedead9 Hour ago


    • Mini Gaming T
      Mini Gaming T Hour ago

      As somebody who is a big fan of Squirtle, I feel you...

  • Yanni Papadopoulos

    How is it that Gamefreak keeps finding a way to disappoint me? A MASSIVE dislike from me. This is ridiculous. This should not exist. Mega Evolution is infinitely better than this. I'm completely convinced Charizard's new form is the scrapped Mega Charizard Z from the scrapped Pokémon Z game, and same goes for Mega Butterfree. Gamefreak went out of their way to repurpose their successful ideas into hot piles of garbage. That being said, this is the laziest Gen 1 pandering to date. If Gamefreak doesn't give Jigglypuff a form like this mirroring its Final Smash in Smash Bros., they might as well make an explicit statement saying they are intellectually, creatively, and morally bankrupt.