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Its time to be honest..
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  • Molly Lamb
    Molly Lamb 31 minute ago

    I thought I was your biggest fan but omg this is the cutest video ever ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Love u saffron

  • josie jacobsonnn

    no one taking about how pretty their house is!!

  • Qaisa Glx
    Qaisa Glx 2 hours ago

    Next time you eat bleu food

  • Taika Gee
    Taika Gee 2 hours ago

    There is a finnish version of oreos called Dominoes and they are so much better than normal oreos

  • David B
    David B 3 hours ago

    Where did she get the cereal advent calendar from ??

  • Iluvcali Inthesummertime

    Your grandma is lovely❤️❤️❤️ your mom look so beautiful in the neon shirt. I love it.

  • Jaimie Grace48
    Jaimie Grace48 5 hours ago

    Definitely rather Saffron’s pizza

  • Saskia Vanwyk
    Saskia Vanwyk 6 hours ago

    Was it just me or at 8:18 minutes in the video her tooth looked so yellow

  • Geraldine Crossan
    Geraldine Crossan 6 hours ago

    Can u do blue orange and purple

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko 7 hours ago

    Love this video, totally hilarious. Hasn’t put me off pizza though. XXX love you loads

    RUSHITHA SIMINI 7 hours ago

    Your Nan is beautiful

  • Mark Boekraad
    Mark Boekraad 8 hours ago

    She worked her usual suspect into the white police car , upon arrival couldnt find the cuff key and had to break off her engagement when her non-convict ( a close relative according to inside sources ) turned the situation into a monitored game :O

  • Saint Zayan
    Saint Zayan 8 hours ago

    This broad has to stink real bad from all that greasy garbage she put in her system. Yuck!

  • Mya Ross
    Mya Ross 9 hours ago

    I can’t pick a winner both very good 💛ly saff 💓

  • help me
    help me 9 hours ago


  • Sharlett Moll
    Sharlett Moll 9 hours ago

    The cinnonom chips are actually dried noodles covered in cinnonom

  • HRH c:
    HRH c: 9 hours ago

    i love her smile 💗💗💗

  • I don’t know what to do.

    *white teeth left the chat*

  • Garth Sutcliffe
    Garth Sutcliffe 10 hours ago

    I love you your amazingxxxxxxx

  • Teuila Schuster
    Teuila Schuster 10 hours ago

    I've watched this video about 6 times! And I still haven't got enough of it!!!! your videos are SUPER cool!

  • Todd Miller
    Todd Miller 10 hours ago

    Well Done ✅

  • Samiyah Yasmin
    Samiyah Yasmin 11 hours ago

    Who else saw Ollies face on the mystery wheel at 2:44????

  • Sinéad Ní Bhaoighill

    your not meant to eat the white cream in the Oreo and break the noodles in half

  • Poppy kells
    Poppy kells 11 hours ago

    Nan:what ever you do DONT GO OUT WITH IT!!! Saffron:yeh it’s only like 3.2 million watching

  • Poppy kells
    Poppy kells 11 hours ago

    Omg I thought the thumbnail was click bait it’s not

  • Anastasia A
    Anastasia A 12 hours ago

    My name is Anastasia

  • Mariama Khan
    Mariama Khan 12 hours ago

    Your missing the messy bun!

  • Annaliza Nonis
    Annaliza Nonis 12 hours ago

    At 2:46 my Siri started talking and repeated that part over and over and still it just turned on😅

  • Trifosan
    Trifosan 13 hours ago

    So, no-one is going to talk about how she legitimately put pictures of tasty, healthy food on her thumbnail but didn’t eat any of that? The bottom right picture isn’t the same either!

  • nadia ullah
    nadia ullah 13 hours ago

    please can you were them for 24 hours love you

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 14 hours ago

    Fudge the turtles I want my plastic straws.

  • Reven K
    Reven K 14 hours ago

    is it just me or does casey keep licking his lips and looking at her in a weird way😂 13:30

  • Angel.x. grayson
    Angel.x. grayson 14 hours ago

    It got 100k likes excited to see one this year x

  • Lizzy2pink
    Lizzy2pink 14 hours ago

    you guys know you're just eating pure sugar right? The american mcdonalds food is just corn syrup shaped like patties? That's why it tastes so good. Go watch Super Size Me and you'll understand why you couldn't find a McDonalds in South Beach. Everyone is all super health conscious down there. Get ready to poop for a solid hour after all that taco bell rofl - Five guys is gourmet fast food b/c its so expensive it shouldn't have been on your list you should have found a Checkers or a Miami Grill so many of those down here.

  • Charlie Thomas
    Charlie Thomas 14 hours ago

    Why are their teeth yellow

  • Laura Parr
    Laura Parr 14 hours ago

    Starting a new drinking game, take a shot every time saff tried avacado and still doesn’t like it 😂

  • Maxine ward
    Maxine ward 15 hours ago

    Saffron: it’s soaking wet! WTH! Me: ughhh it is a water park🤣🤦‍♀️

  • moody gorl
    moody gorl 17 hours ago

    i eat less than ivy... that was a wake up call to really get help for my ED

  • Lisa Cooper
    Lisa Cooper 17 hours ago

    Your my fav

  • Sol Burvill
    Sol Burvill 17 hours ago

    I know Harvey he used to bully me

  • Mutsa Kudita
    Mutsa Kudita 18 hours ago

    By far my favourite video! Lovely family xxx

  • Keira Moore
    Keira Moore 18 hours ago

    How old is ivy like 6to7 lol xxxx love u saffron

  • Liana Alley
    Liana Alley 18 hours ago

    save the turtles lol

  • Vinita Bhatia
    Vinita Bhatia 19 hours ago

    -wHeRe iS mAh sCrUnChIe?! -wHeRe DiD u fInD mY hYdRoFlAsK?! -sKsKsKsKSk -aNd i oOp -sAvE tUrTlEs -WAIT AM I A VSCO GIRL?!?!?!

  • Carol Weatherup
    Carol Weatherup 20 hours ago

    I love Jed so much lol

  • Jay Ventura
    Jay Ventura 21 hour ago

    Damn you fine

  • Brooke Gilmore
    Brooke Gilmore 21 hour ago

    I know you are trying to speak japanese but your pronounciation is all wrong and i feel bad for the japanese culture

  • Tahila Kindo
    Tahila Kindo 21 hour ago

    I cannot choose between these two which is the fries and nuggets🍟🍗

  • DaisyOMG
    DaisyOMG 22 hours ago


  • FabricArt
    FabricArt 23 hours ago

    Baked brie or camembert would have been top of my list! Was that Belgian chocolate on your eclair? Does that count?

  • Lillie’s Life
    Lillie’s Life 23 hours ago

    OMG saffy the woopy cushion was 19.99 xx

  • Hannah Dix
    Hannah Dix 23 hours ago

    What size did you get the hoodie in?

  • FabricArt
    FabricArt 23 hours ago

    Poached salmon is pink... Marshmallows, on angel delight work too... Battenbug but remove the yellow squares... Pink wafers. Pink custard.....a lot of sweet stuff

  • Mai świat
    Mai świat Day ago

    Saffron. What part of the UK do u live in. I live in Cardiff. Xx

  • Yozora Himu
    Yozora Himu Day ago

    Saffron: tA-fOo

  • Caitlin Butler

    "oh no the dinners burnin *fast foot steps*" sent me LMAOOOOO

  • Rachel Yan
    Rachel Yan Day ago

    your mom looks like yolanda hadid haha

  • Baty cousins Family reunions

    Ahhhh it’s roller skating not roller booting

  • Pete Wilkerson

    First timer hear at least you ate the food instead of taking a bit out of it like a lot of people do on these types of videos.

  • Rylee Steinman

    "BLaCk IsNT A cOlOr ItS A ShAdE!" :/ UGH

  • Arturo Pacatang

    You should try Filipino Food

  • Naomi French
    Naomi French Day ago

    I actually like the outfit :)

  • Dannii Griff
    Dannii Griff Day ago

    What product/company was the concealer.? Looked a good coverage, and creamy.. x

  • Rhegan Naidoo
    Rhegan Naidoo Day ago

    Horlicks is my favorite drink ever 😍😍❤️

  • Kayla Lilly
    Kayla Lilly Day ago

    Try southern food from (USA) for 24 hours😂

  • Abi Irish
    Abi Irish Day ago

    The best video ever

  • Katelyn Bulmer

    This is the funniest video I nearly wet myself 😂😂😂

  • The floating atom

    I thought u loved beans?!

  • Issy *#AnimalLover#*

    Saffron my sister met u a while before I watched ur vids just wanted to say cuz ur amazing

  • Matthew Cuthbertson

    Where can u get the Pringles advent calendar??

  • Mason Simpson
    Mason Simpson Day ago

    I never liked pineapple on pizza but I love it now because when I was in Pizza Hut I had the thing where you can get free pizza unlimited for three hours and I thought why not get a pineapple on pizza just to try it and now I love it 😍

  • Gabriella Hayward

    this is my first time on there challenge

  • Izabella Woolfitt

    I are so brave love u xxx❤️

  • Leah Membury
    Leah Membury Day ago

    I will say I watched the intro on strictly come dancing and was blown away

    • Leah Membury
      Leah Membury Day ago

      bowen voowy to be honest your a drama queen hiding behind whatever your using intimidating people sorry big word for you to lear 😱and if I was a liar I wouldn’t say I was blown away just I seen people like you all jealous

  • Murshed Ahmed
    Murshed Ahmed Day ago

    I Knw that drink it's called Horlicks it's basically like milk and it's also healthy for you

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Day ago

    I was so confused as to why they were so excited to put sweet things on a pizza, saffron's pizza made more sense🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young Day ago

    2019 ANYONE 👍

  • tilly howden
    tilly howden Day ago

    Im a girl

  • adam baldwin
    adam baldwin Day ago

    chocolate raisins my fave too madness

  • Aisha Mukri
    Aisha Mukri Day ago

    It’s gunna taste great ya no did you forget that there was tomato sauce and cheese

  • DolphinGirl 2327

    Celery is so GROSS lol

  • FabricArt
    FabricArt Day ago

    Black pepper, poppyseeds, treacle, caviar, blackcurrant, squid ink.....

    • FabricArt
      FabricArt Day ago

      Black lentils.....dal its lush

  • Kimi Herrera
    Kimi Herrera Day ago

    black beans wouldve been a really good food

  • Sarah Martin
    Sarah Martin Day ago

    did you know you can't breath when you smile? no actually you can I just wanted you to smile* ;D have a good day / night

  • Ellie Chambers

    You should try and only eat and drink purple stuff I think it would be a challenge but I think you can do it ! For example you could drink grape Fanta

  • x Sam
    x Sam Day ago

    I can hardly afford the scrunchies

  • Nicole Campbell

    Who came back to watch this after the Ollie white video to see if she at ham or humous 😂😂😂😂

  • lil chloe
    lil chloe Day ago


  • Peter Odudu
    Peter Odudu Day ago


  • Mokey O
    Mokey O Day ago

    As a Canadian, I have to tell you that Wendy's is a Canadian company! Yay Canada, eh?

  • Ella Carney
    Ella Carney Day ago

    I love you saff

  • Fiesta Potato
    Fiesta Potato Day ago

    I can't believe how unhealthy she is eating... Like EVERYTHING with chocolate thats just disgusting man. The only time I wanna see chocolate in my food is on desserts.

  • Smokey is Fluffy

    i love saffron barker

  • Smokey is Fluffy


  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith Day ago

    next do eating foods of the exact same colour for 24 hours (each meal has to be all exactly matching)

  • Jessica Fenwick

    I love the chicken nuggets and chips 🍟

  • trixStar / Gaming

    Harvey is my friend :)

  • vintage shopper

    he legit is. so funny!!

  • Beeeth X
    Beeeth X Day ago

    I have that unicorn

  • Natascha None of your business

    Good coffee = NOT INSTANT Onion soup is actually to make soupe au fromage and you basically put a lot of bread and cheese on top so it's really really nice