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The Weeknd - Secrets
Views 158M2 years ago
The Weeknd - Reminder
Views 262M2 years ago
The Weeknd - Party Monster
Views 109M3 years ago
The Weeknd - M A N I A
Views 45M3 years ago
The Weeknd - False Alarm
Views 158M3 years ago
The Weeknd - False Alarm
Views 5M3 years ago
The Weeknd - In The Night
Views 64M4 years ago
The Weeknd - The Hills
Views 1.4K4 years ago
The Weeknd - Often (NSFW)
Views 394M5 years ago


  • Omar Serrano Minor
    Omar Serrano Minor 34 minutes ago


    RUREDY2ROK 34 minutes ago

    if this hippie on the commercial tells me to listne up one more time im gonna take his sack off with a butter knife

  • Y S
    Y S 34 minutes ago

    I want to hear this sing in Blaupunkt, JBL Harman, Bose best speakers... The surround sound ones...

  • Y S
    Y S 36 minutes ago

    I want to hear this in CES 2020 or maybe in 2021

  • Helisson Raniel
    Helisson Raniel 39 minutes ago

    2020 intro da musica do vett

  • Scoop De coop
    Scoop De coop 45 minutes ago


  • Kh dh
    Kh dh 47 minutes ago

    2020 l'm lraqi l Love you so much 😭😭😭

  • denzel narain
    denzel narain 50 minutes ago

    Weed and all these songs .. super combi

  • KnottyOrchid 12
    KnottyOrchid 12 51 minute ago

    i feel like taken The DeLorean out for a spin through through the 1980s

  • Tiger I ausf. H
    Tiger I ausf. H 53 minutes ago

    The vid is better than the song

  • Katherine Nicole
    Katherine Nicole 56 minutes ago

    Soooo good 🎧🎧

  • Jabon MacTavish
    Jabon MacTavish Hour ago

    Everyone: OMG THIS REMINDS ME OF STRANGER THINGS Me: hmmm sinthwav

  • James Scholler
    James Scholler Hour ago

    Is this real

  • TraXX Boyxxx
    TraXX Boyxxx Hour ago

    He’s never the same in his comebacks🥵🥶

  • Shanice
    Shanice Hour ago

    I want a video pls (+_+)

  • Yaz Hernández Santos


  • Rommel Matibag
    Rommel Matibag Hour ago

    ...🌤'gud am'😉....i like d'lady that 1st who's ramp modeling & my'❣...l💓v3'😘Bella'⚘....maj@l'..i💓u'....😎👑👊rommel

  • Maria Fuentes
    Maria Fuentes Hour ago

    The first time I was heartbroken, the weeknds music saved me. Now I'm heart broken again, and his music relieves all this pain😭😭❤

  • Sergiu Dracea
    Sergiu Dracea Hour ago

    Who else got “stranger things” vibes?

  • Jone Bundy
    Jone Bundy Hour ago

    In a era where we cant hear almost nothing good, well, here is something that surprised me. Nice synth pop from the 80s. Awesome music, great lyrics.

  • Jaylee Morgan
    Jaylee Morgan Hour ago


  • ulyses
    ulyses Hour ago

    Let's not forget to show love to the man who drank at 1:11 like a G

  • Ray
    Ray Hour ago

    Looks like daft punk found the power stone at the end

  • Loreana Perrucci

    Me encanta

  • двд торс
    двд торс Hour ago

    he looks like fat mj or mjs elvis in 70s

  • Elijah W
    Elijah W Hour ago

    When ur girl breaks up w u instead of crying u jus blast this, throw on ur shades and sing along Look what you’ve done I’m a motherfkn starboy

  • Abdou Abdou
    Abdou Abdou Hour ago

    This shit never get old

  • Sérgio Henrique Sper

    Like a A-Ha - Take on Me! 🎶🤩

  • xXx Jocelyn xXx
    xXx Jocelyn xXx Hour ago

    *Plays this on the speaker on max volume* Neighbor complains Me: still play this song on the speaker on max volume

  • Communist Jesus
    Communist Jesus Hour ago


  • Gabs 507
    Gabs 507 Hour ago

    I played this at day Now its night

  • Rosani Lebron
    Rosani Lebron Hour ago

    He really likes the 80s!!! He has done other songs in 80s style. Respect to those who respect the 80s.

  • Kristin Filipetto

    This song makes me wanna go dancing through the city at night💃

  • Jordan Morris
    Jordan Morris Hour ago

    He licked the frog and I didn't know weather to be grossed out or amazed😂😂

  • Allclass GamingTv

    GTA 6 Trailer Song 💎

  • Aldair Garcia
    Aldair Garcia 2 hours ago

    Is it me or does his voice doesn’t match the way he looks? 🤔

    XOTWOD 2 hours ago

    Bae 🖤😭

  • patito kawaii
    patito kawaii 2 hours ago

    Esta canción es cuando robas un auto el el gta

  • Soledad Antillanca pinto

    Soy la única de chile

  • Ben Borris
    Ben Borris 2 hours ago

    Kinda sounds like sickick

  • NARD White
    NARD White 2 hours ago

    Makes we run so far and I couldn’t get away😕

  • Natali LaFranco
    Natali LaFranco 2 hours ago

    This song is about cocaine

  • kelly washington
    kelly washington 2 hours ago

    It's hard sometimes and I know i have failed at times, but I keep my power internal and don't give it to external things and other people , so that i never again become empty and heartless because of what or who I lose or don't have.

  • King Trey Bailey
    King Trey Bailey 2 hours ago

    When this game coming out fr

  • jojoug fhre
    jojoug fhre 2 hours ago


  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel Marie 2 hours ago

    This vibe is totally a late night drive song. Weeknd you killin it and oh boy do you know it 😎!!....

  • Cattin
    Cattin 2 hours ago

    3:51 me when I pass high school

    MARCO ROSSO 2 hours ago

    0:50 funny

  • Ni5ei
    Ni5ei 2 hours ago

    The best song since the last episode of Miami Vice.

  • Sara Santos
    Sara Santos 2 hours ago


  • EJTheProYT
    EJTheProYT 2 hours ago

    The best original song!

  • Adolfo Barahona
    Adolfo Barahona 2 hours ago

    The car is fliped and he is super injured

  • Gluff Off
    Gluff Off 2 hours ago

    80s never die.

  • Christian M
    Christian M 2 hours ago

    It’s finna be 4 years wow 😳 time flys when you are thinking 🤔 chapter VI

  • ApTateS
    ApTateS 2 hours ago

    what is this for a geiler shit 👍

    MOTIVE T ISAAC 2 hours ago


  • Joanero21
    Joanero21 2 hours ago

    Love it ❤️

  • Anonymous Nils Snowden

    Rather cool,,,,,,actually,,,,,thanx!

  • larry crane
    larry crane 2 hours ago

    when you said two bitches i was like damn what a boss XD

  • Yucan XD
    Yucan XD 2 hours ago

    Soap kills 100% of bacterias 0,1% of bacterias 1:46 RAGE

  • Mali Jackson
    Mali Jackson 2 hours ago

    This song is as fast as my weekend

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez 3 hours ago

    This is literally how it feels like taking LSD

  • Astha Gandhi
    Astha Gandhi 3 hours ago


  • Yhaweh'sIllegitimateChild Yeshua'sRetribution

    When did he get do dark

  • andrew lee
    andrew lee 3 hours ago

    When I make it there 3:44

  • Edward Plakstis
    Edward Plakstis 3 hours ago

    Finally a fresh new sound thats actually very old. This guys a genius

  • Nadia X
    Nadia X 3 hours ago

    Sound like a song that would be in stranger things

  • daniel lucas
    daniel lucas 3 hours ago

    Boss gym tune and ofcourse a good drive 💪💪👍👍

  • P Tech
    P Tech 3 hours ago

    Yeah on the road song

  • cujo_da _great
    cujo_da _great 3 hours ago

    This video reminds me of party monster

  • Ei Pô
    Ei Pô 3 hours ago

    just hear that because i saw on titans, rose and todd :3

    BRUNNO PLAY 3 hours ago

    Sou seu fã cara 👏👏👏👏

  • Andy W Gaming
    Andy W Gaming 3 hours ago

    We can take hositages in GTA5 bank robberies now

  • Aliya Adnan
    Aliya Adnan 3 hours ago

    Why did you turn into a statue

  • shellie scott
    shellie scott 3 hours ago

    I have no words. He is dangerous with his words but deadly with his facial expressions. He would be one you would have to shake off like crack to recover from.

  • Luise Dos Santos nascente

    Good music

  • db
    db 3 hours ago

    This is the manifestion of me rolling

  • Jesus Milk
    Jesus Milk 3 hours ago

    every payday hist ever

  • Lorena Isa
    Lorena Isa 3 hours ago

    Quem mais veio pela paródia do Whindersson Nunes ? Kkkkk🤷‍♀️😆

  • 4saken
    4saken 3 hours ago

    0:58 *itachi has left chat*

  • Rockets Fan
    Rockets Fan 3 hours ago

    Which one is his ex

    DX TESH 3 hours ago

    Everytime i listen to this music it makes me blissfully high af ♡

  • Steven Rose
    Steven Rose 3 hours ago

    Nice song about selling ya soul to an occult to get famous! 👌🤔

  • Shahla Hakimpour
    Shahla Hakimpour 3 hours ago

    How the hell is song already almost 3 years old

  • Francesca Burgos
    Francesca Burgos 3 hours ago

    Cool 💙😍

  • Ines navy blue
    Ines navy blue 3 hours ago

    I'm blinding by the lights of Art and love it becouse it's Love and glory of creation ...

  • Janelle Ferra
    Janelle Ferra 3 hours ago

    Playing this song on repeat 😂

  • Arib Khan
    Arib Khan 3 hours ago

    pride rock typa vibes

  • Achim Olbert
    Achim Olbert 3 hours ago

    Nice Song

  • Utkarsh Singh
    Utkarsh Singh 3 hours ago

    "Never need a bitch, I'm what a bitch needs" 🔥🔥💯💯

  • damian thedog
    damian thedog 4 hours ago


  • zau nhkum
    zau nhkum 4 hours ago

    I hate this song so much!!

  • John Damage
    John Damage 4 hours ago

    Absolutely one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life, I just can not believe it, award-winning. The production is stunning IMO

  • Michael Dangela
    Michael Dangela 4 hours ago


  • Julian
    Julian 4 hours ago

    January 2019 anyone?

  • Le rider fou vtt bmx trial dirt

    Payday 3

  • Johan Walters
    Johan Walters 4 hours ago

    And it's a Sundaaaaayyyy!!

    CD-MATY 4 hours ago

    Pero si es Ambia wey

  • Janina Klinder
    Janina Klinder 4 hours ago


  • Mac6k
    Mac6k 4 hours ago

    Crazy how its already been five years since this song came out