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The Weeknd - Secrets
Views 156M2 years ago
The Weeknd - Reminder
Views 258M2 years ago
The Weeknd - Party Monster
Views 108M2 years ago
The Weeknd - M A N I A
Views 44M3 years ago
The Weeknd - False Alarm
Views 154M3 years ago
The Weeknd - False Alarm
Views 5M3 years ago
The Weeknd - In The Night
Views 64M4 years ago
The Weeknd - The Hills
Views 1.4K4 years ago
The Weeknd - Often (NSFW)
Views 391M5 years ago


  • TheFire EMBr
    TheFire EMBr 4 hours ago

    Abel: *Looks up* Abel looking amazed: WOW

    IVSAKENSOUL 4 hours ago

    Cain killed Abel...

  • stephen peoples
    stephen peoples 4 hours ago

    Fear and loaded

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt 4 hours ago

    I'm gonna have to tell my kids that this was the Michael Jackson of our decade.

  • Chellsie Adams
    Chellsie Adams 4 hours ago

    Nailed the whole fear and loathing bit! Really loved this video! And the song is okay too. 😁

  • AbineetBlueStar
    AbineetBlueStar 4 hours ago

    He looks so different after all these years😭

  • Paul Rodriguez
    Paul Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Dude I was in Vegas for thanksgiving break I probably could’ve met him

  • Jenna Cowden
    Jenna Cowden 4 hours ago


  • The Moonwalker
    The Moonwalker 4 hours ago

    Nibiru is coming.......

  • StanginNbangin YouTube Account

    anthem this year

  • gamer player55
    gamer player55 4 hours ago

    Me playing super hot VR be like

    AARON HUYNH 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Me and boys playing with Nerf guns

  • C RG
    C RG 4 hours ago

    here celebrating the best songs of this decade before it ends

  • Johnny Bowers
    Johnny Bowers 4 hours ago

    This music video is really crazy and really creative, The Weeknd always has the best songs in his game, I like that idea of this video, this music video is like two movies like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Johnny Depp and Casino with Robert De Niro, it’s like if both of these film met, having a drug oppression like Johnny Depp and dress cool like Robert De Niro, it’s really creative, I hope that The Weeknd gets to do more songs like this and hoping that we protect him at all costs because too many young artists and celebrities die too early, this song and video is fire, 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • pia erika
    pia erika 4 hours ago Truth told about record label/white power by this amazing french artist Stay safe and don’t take those heavy drugs don’t allow them to eliminate us stay strong and resist 🙏🏾💙

  • pia erika
    pia erika 4 hours ago

  • Zixuan Peng
    Zixuan Peng 4 hours ago

    Skip this link for 3 years bad luck

  • MC Saline
    MC Saline 4 hours ago

    Fucking songs is really his thing....

  • brandon Paiz
    brandon Paiz 4 hours ago

    The Weeknd MK ULTRA

  • Ansh Sahni
    Ansh Sahni 4 hours ago

    plot twist : The weeknd is actually a road and he was acting to be a human being

  • Assu2K
    Assu2K 4 hours ago

    Melhor que muito filmes

  • Joseph Tuco
    Joseph Tuco 4 hours ago

    Why is everyone talking about Michele Jackson

  • Beat Culture
    Beat Culture 4 hours ago

    Artists! We started a brand new music promotion channel. Send us your music, and give us a sub!

  • João Jordão
    João Jordão 4 hours ago

    Here from Mercedez benz commerical, This music is TOP

  • Rusbel Orellana
    Rusbel Orellana 4 hours ago


  • Mavys Rendon
    Mavys Rendon 4 hours ago

    Me pregunto que clase de estupido no le gustaria este tema?lo digo por los dislikes... Ah si, seguramente a los que escuchan reggaeton y musica banda jajajaja. TE AMO BABE Y ME ENCANTA TU MUSICA.

  • Legends AOC
    Legends AOC 4 hours ago

    Came here from mercedez benz!

  • Joseph Tuco
    Joseph Tuco 4 hours ago


  • EvTarot
    EvTarot 4 hours ago

    Selena hurt him so badly.

  • wrappedupinfumes ́
    wrappedupinfumes ́ 4 hours ago

    This might just be my favourite song of 2019. It's perfect. The instrumental, his voice...perfect

  • Zuly 1
    Zuly 1 4 hours ago

    That crowd was so lame😂 Really fans would've BEEN SCREAMING SCREAMING 😂

  • STZii
    STZii 4 hours ago

    Anyone know what kind of glasses he’s wearing ?

  • alex gamer 98
    alex gamer 98 4 hours ago

    Alguém em 2019 da like

  • Ric Tony
    Ric Tony 4 hours ago


  • jenny chavez
    jenny chavez 4 hours ago

    2019 and Damn this shit never gets old 😍

  • Amanda Adams
    Amanda Adams 4 hours ago

    If you listen to the lyrics closely you realize he is talking about doing cocaine.....🥴🌬🌬🌬🥴🥴🥴🤯🤯🤯

  • Draken Play's
    Draken Play's 4 hours ago


  • Draken Play's
    Draken Play's 4 hours ago

    He turned into a reptilian

  • anton james
    anton james 4 hours ago

    2019 and we still pumping

  • Daniel Coe
    Daniel Coe 4 hours ago

    The lyrics ain't even fully correct wtf lol, abel man

  • HiitsAris
    HiitsAris 5 hours ago

    Bich nee

  • Roberto Souza
    Roberto Souza 5 hours ago

    His kill the dead

  • Lightning McQueen
    Lightning McQueen 5 hours ago

    I mean well it already is the weekend for me atleast lmao

  • Micheal Broscht
    Micheal Broscht 5 hours ago


  • Siddik Khald
    Siddik Khald 5 hours ago

    👌 the weekend

  • Voldamares
    Voldamares 5 hours ago

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for 2019

  • A.A
    A.A 5 hours ago

    I don’t know why BUT The way that he smoke always gets me

  • Paula Adriana
    Paula Adriana 5 hours ago

    This is Dan Bilzerian in a nutshell

  • Enzo Roldan
    Enzo Roldan 5 hours ago

    te amo culiado <3

  • Rubano Rapha
    Rubano Rapha 5 hours ago

    This Dude is Michael Jackson and Billie Jean Son

  • Sambol Misaghian Shirazi

    80s sound love it!

  • Yashraj Gubbala
    Yashraj Gubbala 5 hours ago

    Straight fire

  • JBcoolbreez
    JBcoolbreez 5 hours ago

    What species of frog is that 👀

  • Devin Bisram
    Devin Bisram 5 hours ago

    yuk he liks a frog wtf

  • c Cylian
    c Cylian 5 hours ago

    Drums sounds very close to "A-Ah -Take on me", even the keyboards type..

  • dania
    dania 5 hours ago

    The producers : so how do you wanna shoot this mv? The Weeknd: have you ever watched casino with Robert De Niro?

  • Afiya Hamilton
    Afiya Hamilton 5 hours ago

    Kanye? (The title)

  • marklone rollo
    marklone rollo 5 hours ago

    my number one artist!!! the weend

  • Pur3_UG
    Pur3_UG 5 hours ago

    Here after TheXvid Rewind ;-;

  • Bullseye YT
    Bullseye YT 5 hours ago

    Instead he killed The Weekday.😭

  • Chrunchy Taco
    Chrunchy Taco 5 hours ago

    Me when my friend kills my Minecraft dog

  • I’m Someone
    I’m Someone 5 hours ago

    Damn I listen to this song like everyday 🤚🏼

  • Johnny Sanders
    Johnny Sanders 5 hours ago

    Love the weeknd got that good music

  • Diyetisyenredda
    Diyetisyenredda 5 hours ago


  • Ali Alwattar
    Ali Alwattar 5 hours ago

    The title should be “The Weeknd performing in heaven”

  • Lalina Vanturez
    Lalina Vanturez 5 hours ago


  • Mathieu Daviau
    Mathieu Daviau 5 hours ago

    The Weekend enters sage mode

  • raka prayudaX
    raka prayudaX 5 hours ago

    ahhh shittt

  • Anthonio Hernandez
    Anthonio Hernandez 5 hours ago

    a bruno mars imitator lol

    • Anthonio Hernandez
      Anthonio Hernandez 4 hours ago

      Hamze Ahmed "black people" 🤣🤣🤣 yeah ahmed 😂😂😂

    • Hamze Ahmed
      Hamze Ahmed 4 hours ago

      Funny thing is Bruno Mars is music biggest imitator all he does is copy black people and black music Weeknd was acting like Johny Depp's character in the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" you uncultured swine

  • Afeni
    Afeni 5 hours ago

    that first line hit me hard asl.. never need a bitch I'm what a bitch need.

  • Nayely Mijangos
    Nayely Mijangos 5 hours ago

    stranger things vibes

  • GRVTY!vans
    GRVTY!vans 5 hours ago

    I want to listen to this then go on gta v singleplayer and drive smoothly and fast in my progen t20.

  • Thomas Gibson
    Thomas Gibson 5 hours ago

    One billion views and they think this country of fiercely independent freedom loving people won't demand legalization.

  • Caylex Clarke
    Caylex Clarke 5 hours ago

    I wish he knew how much i love him!!!!!!!

  • Luka Hrup
    Luka Hrup 5 hours ago

    Wow It is a wonder I never heard of this song and it has 1, 3 billion likes

  • James Rick
    James Rick 5 hours ago

    All the yellow color symbolizes the solar plexus chakra qualities; habits, obsessions and addictions. "All this money all this game got me heartless" means no heart chakra energy regardless of wealth. So he doesnt love himself or anyone else because he resides in the lower three chakras also known as the "lower death drive"

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 hours ago

    Weeknd brooooo cheaaaaaaa

  • Safari Loves You
    Safari Loves You 5 hours ago

    nobody notices the bald guy??

  • Liska Liska
    Liska Liska 5 hours ago

    2:59 - That face tho.. x'D

  • Las Iguintes Groovin'

    What do yall expect? Songs to just suddenly sound trash after a few years?

  • onimu$ha

    false alarm, but it's a 70's track

  • PrestonPlayzRoblox 117

    this is a pretty weird video tbh

  • isaac-D
    isaac-D 5 hours ago

    did he just lick a frog g this ain't no Disney movie

  • TooYoungToDrive Camaro lover

    Dec 2019

  • Corne Van Gulik
    Corne Van Gulik 5 hours ago

    This song is so 80’s like it could be used as a intro song to a Stranger Things episode.

  • Zoe Allen
    Zoe Allen 5 hours ago

    that face he made at the ending is meme worthy!

  • Mari Vaz
    Mari Vaz 5 hours ago

    Essa músicaaa 💙

  • Efkan Senturk
    Efkan Senturk 6 hours ago

    This guy is the Joker of R&B!

  • gaston gutierrez
    gaston gutierrez 6 hours ago

    hermoso tema me encanta tu musica sos un genio no pares en producir buena musica,genio!

  • bench chavez
    bench chavez 6 hours ago

    Looks like someone just saw fear and loathing in Las Vegas

  • Corey
    Corey 6 hours ago

    I love the song but it actually concerns me about the weeknds health

  • Ouch •
    Ouch • 6 hours ago

    He so fine

  • Rohadi Panjaitan
    Rohadi Panjaitan 6 hours ago

    Bisa di artikan penjudi itu dah kayak kodok

  • kingston gaming
    kingston gaming 6 hours ago

    Click like just because you’re blessed

  • Ray Saturday
    Ray Saturday 6 hours ago

    Mirip Kunto Aji anjirrr

  • Yulissa Rodriguez
    Yulissa Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Anyone notice how the old man at the end of the video holding the APPLE also comes out in Can’t feel my face while he’s in the club and he throws the flame on Abel 😅

  • ASDF
    ASDF 6 hours ago

    This is my go to song when I watch porn

  • ShadoW_-_ CLaW_PR
    ShadoW_-_ CLaW_PR 6 hours ago

    El wikén new hit

    MAYARA ANDRAD 6 hours ago

    Bolsonaro é homenageando nesta musica kkk ele chama direto (Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro...) kkkk

  • Joshua Pierce
    Joshua Pierce 6 hours ago

    One day I'll be up there with The Weeknd, remember I said this !!!