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The Sims: Play With Life
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  • polly C
    polly C 4 minutes ago

    Wow, I’m so disappointed you can’t graduate and if that gets added as a stuff pack I will be so annoyed cause we don’t want to have to pay anymore money!

  • polly C
    polly C 7 minutes ago

    Can you have a baby at University?

  • marvel096
    marvel096 14 minutes ago

    Joke’s on you EA if you ever think I’ll spend any money on sims4. Cracked version it is 😌

  • Zane Cordon
    Zane Cordon 20 minutes ago

    thanks for the recommendation youtube...

  • AvaRosee
    AvaRosee 41 minute ago

    oo can't wait

  • Misty Lake
    Misty Lake 42 minutes ago

    That voice sounds a bit like SimGuruAzure...

  • oliviaa
    oliviaa Hour ago

    this is just wizard 101

  • a person
    a person Hour ago

    11 years ago????

  • KittyKatPurrfect

    That... was powerful.. (tears)

  • Majaa Xxxx
    Majaa Xxxx 2 hours ago

    This has been recommended 11 years too late but I love it

  • Angélique Violet
    Angélique Violet 2 hours ago

    the hell is that doin in my recommendation

  • Juliana Tarzia
    Juliana Tarzia 2 hours ago

    This live stream and the comments make me sad I don’t own TS3 and that’s really disappointing.

  • Omapègoppa
    Omapègoppa 2 hours ago

    HEBZIEB it was in my recommandations and i didn’t realise it was a +3 yo video, i was like « 😳😳😳 »

  • Jacqueline Bartholomew

    EA: Has both doctor and lawyer career Asian Parents: **heavy breathing**

  • NaNam's Geek's
    NaNam's Geek's 3 hours ago

    The best Sims Trailer E-V-E-R ! " A Ne-Ne-Ne-Ne-NEW GENERATION ! A Ne-Ne-Ne-Ne NEW GENERATION !" I Like the Song !!! ♥

  • Kamila cristiane
    Kamila cristiane 3 hours ago

    The sims achei muito legal espero que vcs tenham tirado os bugs

  • jen !
    jen ! 3 hours ago


  • Tasty Gaming
    Tasty Gaming 3 hours ago


  • Peach Mellon
    Peach Mellon 3 hours ago

    I wish it was free

  • ducktunes
    ducktunes 3 hours ago

    why. why is this in my recommended?

  • Naire 418
    Naire 418 3 hours ago


  • Victoria Jade
    Victoria Jade 3 hours ago

    lmao the part of the voiceover where she mentions her roommate reminds me of spiderman into the spiderverse at the end when he sums it all up.

  • Victoria Jade
    Victoria Jade 3 hours ago

    people in the comments freaking out about the english, like guys c'mon we all know the editors simply used a translator.

  • Scarlet-_Ninja
    Scarlet-_Ninja 4 hours ago


  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 4 hours ago

    they seem just as bored as we are and there jerky

  • Ćeleste Cast
    Ćeleste Cast 4 hours ago

    So... we're just now getting bikes.. in 2019? Oh and we have to PAY for them too even though they should've been free just like how they were in the sims 3? Ok guys. But i'm sure every simmer and their brother is going to pay for this and not care that we should've already had them because no one care that we're being forced to pay for nonsense if we want bikes.

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 4 hours ago

    this game is going down and down and down and down and they don’t care there all money hungrey just please think abt this the game is originally like 50 dollars that’s a hell of a lot of stretch for most parents and then if you get to get that it gets so boring after a while so you have to get 20-40 dollar pack which is also veryyyyyy hard to get your parents to get and then they end up being terrible and disappointing so that’s my point on how the sims is money hungry...

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose 4 hours ago

    the sims is gonna loose soooo many player abt the new “had to be 64 bit” computer i am getting a new computer but i won’t be installing sims for a while planet zoo is the wave and paralives

  • Amy Plays Minecraft
    Amy Plays Minecraft 5 hours ago

    TheXvid :2008 nahhh TheXvid :2009 nah TheXvid:2010 hmmm nah TheXvid:2011 still no TheXvid: 2012 say what nope TheXvid:2013 nope not yet TheXvid:2014 not yet TheXvid:2015 soon TheXvid:2016 nope TheXvid:2017 still not yet TheXvid 2018 not yettttt TheXvid 2019 YEAH let’s put this this in her recommendation’s now

  • Elise Balana
    Elise Balana 5 hours ago

    Pourquoi TheXvid me recommande ça maintenant ? Pourquoi 11 ans plus tard ? 😭😂

  • Freya 0
    Freya 0 5 hours ago

    Why aren't the packs and updates for ps4 at the same time as for pc? I hate it but one in all I love sims

  • MissFelina Colibra
    MissFelina Colibra 5 hours ago

    I hope some day EA makes the SIMS game like this...with that good animations and grafic XD

  • Nia's Bae
    Nia's Bae 5 hours ago

    This trailer was wild

  • Sarah
    Sarah 5 hours ago

    This was 11 years ago, why is this in my recommended now?

  • Kitty Jula
    Kitty Jula 6 hours ago

    Czemu mam to na głównej XDD

  • Mad Otaku
    Mad Otaku 6 hours ago

    TheXvid wants to be nostalgic

  • Maren Laurence
    Maren Laurence 6 hours ago

    this was recommended to me in November 2019 😅i literally remember when this game came out though, me and my siblings loved this game. i still have a copy of the double deluxe version but I can’t play it because I use Mac now

  • maythe
    maythe 6 hours ago

    Where are the llamas?

  • Chouchou Gacha
    Chouchou Gacha 6 hours ago

    En CD sur PS4 Please ❤

  • Pink Mely
    Pink Mely 6 hours ago

    Bueno TheXvid recomendado 11 años tarde nmms :v

  • Karina Staneva
    Karina Staneva 6 hours ago

    0:19 lol

  • ꧁ L i l a ꧂ ꧁ S i m o n ꧂

    I am scared of mannequins,this make me feel better about them.

  • Sr. Pundim
    Sr. Pundim 7 hours ago

    THE SIMS!!!!!!😠😠😠😠 PORQUE NÃO METEM O THE SIMS 4 NA PS4 EM PORTUGUÊS DO BRASIL!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 É MUITO INJUSTIÇA EU JOGO NA PS4 E O JOGO É TODO A INGLÊS QUEM CONCORDA COMENTA #The Sims 4 em Português do Brasil AGORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    • Sr. Pundim
      Sr. Pundim 7 hours ago

      COMENTEM !!!!!!!!!!!!! #TheSims4emPortuguêsdoBrasil!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Ari B
    Ari B 7 hours ago

    "Discover Servo"

  • Walleska Bolzan
    Walleska Bolzan 7 hours ago

    Muito melhor q o 4

  • RobRossiFan
    RobRossiFan 8 hours ago

    HURRAH! they can play soccerball 2gether! That's what I wanted for my gyms and stades.

  • Neko
    Neko 8 hours ago

    Yes, thank you TheXvid for showing me a game that’s completely irrelevant now, and has had 2 sequels since 😂

  • Kristina Veljkovic
    Kristina Veljkovic 8 hours ago

    How i can install this pack for free ( btw i have sims 4 and all dlc but i want and this )

  • マイム
    マイム 9 hours ago

    Honestly, just relaunch sims 3

  • aykcaz
    aykcaz 9 hours ago

    TRASH TRASH TRASH! i will be going back to ts3.

  • Sabina
    Sabina 9 hours ago

    Ik haat jullie😡 ik was soo blij met de sims en alle pakketen enzo Toen die stomme update kwam kan ik de universiteit niet meer kopen!!! Ik was soo opgewonden maar nu kan het niet meer, Bedankt he

  • Hailey Lambert
    Hailey Lambert 9 hours ago

    welp. there goes all my money

  • Summer Snow
    Summer Snow 9 hours ago

    That is so cool

  • Ilaria Soares
    Ilaria Soares 9 hours ago

    am I allowed to bring my pet to the dorms?

  • Ilaria Soares
    Ilaria Soares 9 hours ago

    have a question: if u want to apply for university, u have to be a young adult right?

  • Yo Di
    Yo Di 9 hours ago

    Мои реки 13.11.19... Помним, любим, скорбим

  • Lala Intokble85
    Lala Intokble85 9 hours ago

    Am I the only person who has been playing this game 24/7 for 20 years?

  • Laura V
    Laura V 9 hours ago

    Saw the patch for PC and the surveys. But I'm not glad about it because we as console players can't take the survey. Why aren't we included? We also want to improve the game. Please make the patch in the same time as the survey dates...please

  • nieaktualne niedługo będzie innatematyka

    Serio? Po 11 latach? Jest 2019! Trochę za późno xD

  • Dzastin 0713
    Dzastin 0713 10 hours ago


  • Lambda Max
    Lambda Max 10 hours ago

    Oh, if only other countries had elective classes!!!! As a student in England, it is all work and no play 😭😭 my thesis is ridiculously complicated too! No time for fun....other than sims livestreams of course ;)

  • OTaku
    OTaku 10 hours ago

    This is one of the best trailers I've seen 😂

  • Maja Jolkic
    Maja Jolkic 10 hours ago

    Bunk beds, was it really that hard?

  • FREE Will Dummies!
    FREE Will Dummies! 11 hours ago

    Life goals cough cheat codes 😂🤣😅

  • Аnаис
    Аnаис 11 hours ago

    ыиыиыиыи, мне было 3 года виыиыиыиы

  • Christin Ostheimer
    Christin Ostheimer 11 hours ago

    What’s up with shady white girl?

  • Laura Severi
    Laura Severi 11 hours ago

    Wow, just reading through some of these comments... - You’re all so rude and ungrateful. Sorry Sims Team - you are not deserving of this abuse. Personally I am very much looking forward to Discover University. 😁😍❤️ Over the years The Sims has hugely entertained me and distracted me from the horrible chronic pain that comes along with my autoimmune illness, Endometriosis and Depression etc. Thank you so much for all your hard work. ❤️ You’ve made my life more bearable and loads more fun! 🤗 x x x x x x

  • Salman Ahmed
    Salman Ahmed 11 hours ago

    Best sims 4 expansion ever

  • Просто Кактус -_-

    Божжжжже....11 лет спустя!)

  • char
    char 12 hours ago

    trailer looks really cool but it really was a one time thing? -spoilers (?) below after you defeat mother i don’t think i’d want to do it again. seems kinda boring

  • Sir Vitor
    Sir Vitor 12 hours ago

    The Sims 4 with All DLC: $54.489,53 3TB

    MAGICK MOVIES 12 hours ago

    Hey I'm actually happy it got recommended to me, NOSTALGIA!!!

  • Gacha_ Tia
    Gacha_ Tia 13 hours ago

    Can't wait! I really love the sims 4 <3

  • that gurl
    that gurl 13 hours ago

    Wow good job recommending this 11 years later

  • Emily Michael
    Emily Michael 13 hours ago

    Wait wait wait.. and has a kid? Yo Ea you finally listening and playing the teen pregnancy card?!

    • Giorgia Romanova
      Giorgia Romanova 11 hours ago

      Emily Michael nope, university is just for young adults, adults and elders

  • xXxEviexX life
    xXxEviexX life 13 hours ago

    Urm idk why but is says its i can buy it today? 😂

  • julianto triwijaya
    julianto triwijaya 14 hours ago

    2019 and I'm back here again :)

  • Clara Ahlenius
    Clara Ahlenius 14 hours ago

    My Sims doesn’t work I go into a world and clicks on the household I want to play on and the it just goes out of the game I don’t know what to do

  • Isabella Bortolamei
    Isabella Bortolamei 14 hours ago

    Sempre il TOP!!!

  • icy cherly.
    icy cherly. 15 hours ago


  • Ilaria Bandieri
    Ilaria Bandieri 15 hours ago

    In 2004 I wasn't playing any the sims, because I started on 2005 with the first and then, after some month, with the second.

  • Astrid_B. Jakobsen
    Astrid_B. Jakobsen 15 hours ago

    I think many people think that we should have; Sims 4 - Vehicels Like with cars, bikes, moterbikes and taxies and that kind of stuff (: It would be super cool!

  • tess wintori
    tess wintori 15 hours ago

    why is this in my recommendations in 2019?

  • tess wintori
    tess wintori 15 hours ago

    youtube 2009: nah youtube: 2012:nope youtube : 2015: naw youtube: 2019: lets put this trailer from 11 years ago in peoples recommendations for no reason

  • Octoling Girl
    Octoling Girl 16 hours ago

    Very Funny Triler hahaha 😂

  • Hayden Winchester
    Hayden Winchester 16 hours ago

    Omfg is that.... It is *fanboys over rise against*

  • Lance
    Lance 17 hours ago

    Enough young adult content WE WANT GENERATIONS.

  • Hailee Adelia
    Hailee Adelia 18 hours ago

    Aight you convinced me, I’ll reinstall it.

  • ddd m
    ddd m 18 hours ago

    Tbh its amazing what they were able to do in this game 11 years ago

  • wshng2flyaway
    wshng2flyaway 18 hours ago

    Really wish this family had been in the game.

  • ZK
    ZK 18 hours ago

    I became spellcaster to kill people with fire

  • Xi Zane
    Xi Zane 18 hours ago

    so based on the comments.... I guess i'm the only one buying this EP.

  • Glennie Luckow
    Glennie Luckow 19 hours ago

    I feel very alone in my excitement. I don't care that the classes are rabbit holes, what would my sims do in class anyway, just sit there and watch another sim talk and talk and talk, make my sim occasionally raise its hands? Naaah, I'd rather spend my sim time on something else. The rabbit hole for graduation kinda sucks, but meh, I can live with that. The no kitchen would be okay, loading screens are just annoying, guess I'll have a cafeteria in my dorms :P (or use the buffet table). But everything else, I love it! I love that you can get roommates, I love the newer version of bed claims, and computer claims, the bikes and the world. - The only thing I hated was the livestream, what a bore.

  • Zebratje
    Zebratje 19 hours ago

    How commercials like these aren't made anymore because people will complain about sexism, child abuse/neglect, sexual harassment etc... Today you are not allowed to offend anyone

  • Megsstuff
    Megsstuff 19 hours ago

    A video from 11 years ago by the game I love the most, TheXvid? *Right on time*

  • Nichole Brooke
    Nichole Brooke 20 hours ago

    Who’s watching this because TheXvid is broken with their recommendations 😂

  • roblox tingzz
    roblox tingzz 20 hours ago

    Who else Is watching in November 2019?

  • wзrterozz
    wзrterozz 21 hour ago

    Типичный студент: ну наконец-то пары закончились, сейчас отдохну! *запускает Симс с аддоном про шарагу

  • Anni W
    Anni W 21 hour ago

    "bet u never saw this coming" BUT WE DID

  • Dawns Light
    Dawns Light 21 hour ago

    _no one ever_ _ _Don't even play the sims_ *_TheXvid: HERE'S A ELEVEN YEAR OLD SIMS TRAILER ENJOY_*