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Hello Cutie Puppy
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SWALLA BY LISA (Magic Video)
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JenLisa Cosmopolitan Moments
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  • Rechelle Santos
    Rechelle Santos 5 days ago

    The black pink is beautiful k-pop tiktok ilove it

  • EXO-L 4ever
    EXO-L 4ever 8 days ago

    SB19 Justin brought me here... ❤❤❤

  • Belle Sapum
    Belle Sapum 10 days ago

    He looks so much like nct’s Jisung

  • Selly
    Selly 12 days ago

    Trop mignon 🥰 hâte d’écouter la collab ça va être le🔥

  • Une Tyty
    Une Tyty 12 days ago

    Kai = Hyunjin 😂😂

  • SARIKA who?
    SARIKA who? 13 days ago

    Soobin is my ultimate bias❤❤

  • brends
    brends 14 days ago

    yup I think he's the one...

  • WingMik
    WingMik 18 days ago


  • jenny fernandez
    jenny fernandez 23 days ago

    bighit × jyp × pledis stan here lol

  • Lizzy oyegunle
    Lizzy oyegunle 23 days ago

    Thank u Jisoo for blessing us with such a lovely English accent and thank you for learning English for us....we love you 😊😊💗💗

  • Anjana Bidlan
    Anjana Bidlan 24 days ago

    Jennie ,rose, Lisa , jiso 100% beautiful, cute, sweet l love black pink group 😎😍🤗

  • siss_soo
    siss_soo 25 days ago

    I love jisoo.

  • Unknown Girl
    Unknown Girl Month ago

    Soobin is definitely my bias. His birthday is same as mine and also that elastic skin just like mine 😂

  • Brooklyn Clontz
    Brooklyn Clontz Month ago


  • Brooklyn Clontz
    Brooklyn Clontz Month ago

    Guys don’t forget his birthday coming up. He deserves lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leung Phoebe
    Leung Phoebe Month ago

    jisoo I don't know but I wanna squish you and hug you and tell you you r the best

  • light light
    light light Month ago

    I am not even a fan but Jisoo... she's so precious uwu

  • bllack pinkı
    bllack pinkı Month ago

    This is not a teaser

  • hueningning toddynha;3

    Amor da minha vidaaaaa

  • Mickey Drugs
    Mickey Drugs Month ago

    i love youuuu lisa your soooo beautiful girl

  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things Month ago

    Me cae bien

  • Nurul Alicesa Muhamad Iman Izudin


  • Kim On Jest
    Kim On Jest 2 months ago

    I didn't know someone 4 years younger then me could be so ʸᵉˡˡᵒʷ

  • Velvet안녕하세
    Velvet안녕하세 2 months ago

    *Jennie so beautiful* 🖤👑

  • Miyah Nara
    Miyah Nara 2 months ago

    This lil bi*ch is the same age as me I CANNOT BELIEVE

  • Vijayta Changoer
    Vijayta Changoer 2 months ago

    Rose looks so beautiful and sexy in every picture omg 🔥😍

  • le ah
    le ah 2 months ago


  • Suky Army
    Suky Army 2 months ago

    He’s SOOOOOOOO cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Милая_ You_Tube
    Милая_ You_Tube 2 months ago

    Как же я обожаю Даррена Чена ❤❤❤❤

  • CA 2026Pangelinan
    CA 2026Pangelinan 2 months ago

    0:18 that laugh omg 😂😂😂

  • artsyejun
    artsyejun 2 months ago

    im so soft bye im crying ksksksk

  • 박설아
    박설아 2 months ago

    Soobin......love u...TT......just smile plz.. just smile...

  • Soy_isiuwu
    Soy_isiuwu 2 months ago


  • Isabella Iozzi
    Isabella Iozzi 2 months ago

    Soobin is my adorable little lovebug who loves everyone and everything and i love him so heccing much I cant begin to express it. Mk sry

  • kim taejin
    kim taejin 2 months ago

    soo bin like jin whe he debut bts..

  • Cooky Chispa
    Cooky Chispa 2 months ago

    Igualito a su Omma Jin!! ❤

  • Jazurene Allison
    Jazurene Allison 2 months ago

    Hmph like I need help

  • Savira Maryam
    Savira Maryam 2 months ago

    Lisaaaa so beautifull😍😘

  • Lαʅιʂα MαɳσႦαɳ

    Awww he's sooo cuteee😍

  • laura
    laura 2 months ago

    uhm.. so im here... how did this happen ahhhhh hes so cute :(

  • Txt 17
    Txt 17 3 months ago

    It is not only 1 minute in the video but i already fell in love

  • Tati Carbonell
    Tati Carbonell 3 months ago

    But he is just a kid. This is kinda illegal 😭 he is adorable.

  • I have no Name
    I have no Name 3 months ago

    Why does he look like my cousin...

  • AliciaPinkyDolls YTx
    AliciaPinkyDolls YTx 3 months ago

    God, he reminds me of Ahn Jaehyun 😭💕

  • Sarita yo soy Sarita
    Sarita yo soy Sarita 3 months ago


  • uwu skatergurl
    uwu skatergurl 3 months ago

    Aww🖤 Hai 0:00

  • Safia Arab
    Safia Arab 3 months ago

    I am Arabic so i can speak french perfectly but seriously rosé accent

    MOARMYSTAY WEIRDO 3 months ago

    I'm gonna sue him for stealing my heart and uwus Plus that is a Chinese character before he found the Korean character for king (both were pronounced as "wang")

  • milaine cortez
    milaine cortez 3 months ago

    soobin looks so much like minhyuk from btob???

  • jee
    jee 3 months ago

    i think he likes yellow, but who knows i'm only guessing

  • 좋아한다.나는 자주색을

    Es hermoso!!!!

  • Pook Z
    Pook Z 3 months ago


  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok 3 months ago

    I just notice Kai is my bias and he has the same birthday as me 😂

  • NaDea11
    NaDea11 3 months ago

    Kai so cute

  • overcooked riceu
    overcooked riceu 3 months ago


  • София Католик

    💖 he so cute 💖 uwu

  • София Католик

    💖 he so cute 💖 uwu

  • София Католик

    💖 he so cute 💖 uwu

  • Dark Shadow jëon
    Dark Shadow jëon 3 months ago

    Anyone notice that in the beginning inside the heart looke like jin?

    • wdxyzzle
      wdxyzzle 29 days ago

      Soobin is jin's stan

  • Brandi Dunaway
    Brandi Dunaway 3 months ago

    Reason number 99736387492 why kai is my bias😍🥺❤️🤞🏻😭

  • Adina Dale
    Adina Dale 3 months ago

    I didn't know he knows how to play a piano he's real talented!💕

  • Erin Dunbar
    Erin Dunbar 3 months ago

    Still in the process of getting to know all the TXT members so I haven't picked a bias yet... But I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Soobin 😂 Edit: okay I'm STILL trying to pick a bias and I'm stuck between Soobin and Yeonjun 😭 Edit #2: wow I forgot all about this comment.... it’s Yeonjun now 😂

    TWICE LAND 3 months ago

    0:34 the saint madrazo who gave each other YeonJun and Kai :V

  • kim rowan
    kim rowan 3 months ago

    1:16 did i just hear tom screaming 😂😂 😂😂

  • 물수텅빈
    물수텅빈 3 months ago

    마지막에 3개나 찾았는데 0점인거 킬포ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Green Morales
    Green Morales 3 months ago

    There's no impossible if Jisoo wants because she is Jisoo she can learn by herself 😘

  • Spill the Tae
    Spill the Tae 3 months ago

    He's so friggin cute uwu

  • Sonia hortelano
    Sonia hortelano 4 months ago

    3:28 his ENERGY. That was lowkey kinda hot

  • 『Knee Chan』
    『Knee Chan』 4 months ago

    You know the saying ONCE YOU SOOBIN YOU CANT SOOBOUT

  • Sassy unicorn gagster From the hood

    He reminds me of Kevin lol

    HUANG AND LIM 4 months ago

    He was my hero❤ sarangheo!

  • Angela Xu
    Angela Xu 4 months ago

    Look how the members love their leader! So cute!

  • Twice I S Gay
    Twice I S Gay 4 months ago

    Cutie kai

  • kayla ar
    kayla ar 4 months ago

    Naha bisa kitu euy?:(

  • Jazurene Allison
    Jazurene Allison 4 months ago


  • Ami _Fujiwara_
    Ami _Fujiwara_ 4 months ago

    Is called sleep paralysis

    • Tsering Choedon
      Tsering Choedon 3 months ago

      Thank you .................................... 😊😊😊😊😊

    • Ami _Fujiwara_
      Ami _Fujiwara_ 3 months ago

      Tsering Choedon sleep paralysis is when you are conscious in your dreams but you can’t move, also sometimes your can feel like your pin down on your bed, but you can’t move( sometimes your can feel like someone is also there like a stalker)

    • Tsering Choedon
      Tsering Choedon 3 months ago

      What is sleep paralysis

  • Rr G
    Rr G 4 months ago

    Cute voices!

  • ww nnn
    ww nnn 4 months ago

    I dont understand but i love him

  • navy. skys
    navy. skys 4 months ago

    he reminds me of someone sooo frckin much but i cant remember whoo

  • Binbin
    Binbin 4 months ago

    Kai is too cute 😍❤❤❤❤ My heart hurts 💕💕

  • - vintae -
    - vintae - 4 months ago

    I fell in love two days ago:) I’m new to the fandom..

  • SH0T9UN !
    SH0T9UN ! 4 months ago

    Jisoo:I can’t speak english Also Jisoo:

  • Rey Leonoras
    Rey Leonoras 4 months ago

    He's only 1 year older than me💕

  • Iheartkanna
    Iheartkanna 4 months ago

    He reminds me so much of Jun from SVT

  • michaella Inocencio
    michaella Inocencio 4 months ago

    Lisa is gorgeous ☺

    • Red Fox
      Red Fox 4 months ago

      All of them are 😁

  • JungkookieTae h
    JungkookieTae h 4 months ago

    Wow Kai is still handsome even without his make up Haha 3:25 tho😂😂😘 Kai is awesome!!!

  • angelika
    angelika 4 months ago


  • Kelly Cruz
    Kelly Cruz 4 months ago

    Omg that is the most beautiful baby boy I’ve seen

  • Black Roses
    Black Roses 4 months ago

    Hes like a minnie junhui

    • Koma
      Koma Month ago

      Plus Samuel

    HI I'M MOMO 4 months ago

    Jisoo 😍I love u

  • Blinky Army
    Blinky Army 4 months ago

    0:20 - 0:24 can someone tell me what did she say cuz I can't hear that part clearly and I'm not that good in English

    • Blinky Army
      Blinky Army 4 months ago

      @박채영Flash oh okiee thankies 💜

    • Blinky Army
      Blinky Army 4 months ago

      @ariskittles 😅😅oh it's okay thanks btw

    • 박채영Flash
      박채영Flash 4 months ago

      “But I hurt my back a little while I was in LA, so I may not be in my best condition”

    • ariskittles
      ariskittles 4 months ago

      I think it's "when I hurt my back a little" I can't hear it either

  • FkLove.
    FkLove. 4 months ago

    Kai is my bias he's so friggin cute

  • igvv multi
    igvv multi 4 months ago

    I am already inlove buttt----

  • Nobaisah Dirimbangun
    Nobaisah Dirimbangun 4 months ago


  • Julie
    Julie 4 months ago

    I can't believe...my bias is 5 years younger that me😭😂❤

  • Ayeesha Nicole Del Rosario

    GO JISOO!❤️

  • a e s t h e t i c UWU
    a e s t h e t i c UWU 4 months ago

    Haha, I like eating too, just like Soobin and we can't get over food

  • Kim Faki
    Kim Faki 4 months ago

    Hhhhooowwwww cccuuutttteeeee 😭😭😭😭😭💙

  • g0at_ angel
    g0at_ angel 4 months ago

    im already in love with him <3

  • citrus JoY
    citrus JoY 4 months ago

    I'm pretty sure she just had sleep paralysis?

    • citrus JoY
      citrus JoY 4 months ago

      @Jeff Cheese she said she couldn't move and open her eyes, and people that experienced sleep paralysis often see the same image of a girl laughing at them, I believe in ghosts from the bottom of my heart but I believe this is just sleep paralysis, let's see who's dumb now :)

    • Jeff Cheese
      Jeff Cheese 4 months ago

      Bro u dumb