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  • Muxlis
    Muxlis 7 minutes ago

    Terrorist Putin!!!!!

  • Ron Jay
    Ron Jay 32 minutes ago

    He's not an instructor he's an idiot

  • Ming
    Ming 2 hours ago

    51:50 didn't know bernie sanders was a MP

  • 张志刚
    张志刚 3 hours ago


  • dro
    dro 3 hours ago

    nah man the knighting should be the other way round XD

  • ChrisTheMeme18
    ChrisTheMeme18 5 hours ago

    0:00 *dis man looking like a Gold fish chicken ass looking Hashbrown PEICE of elf*

    KILLAVISION 5 hours ago

    Lol the 2nd largest economy in Europe can’t even prepare for snow. Snow rarely makes it in the headlines elsewhere in Europe.

  • Plumbob 66
    Plumbob 66 6 hours ago

    Oh please ffs 🙄

  • Abu Bilal
    Abu Bilal 7 hours ago

    A promise is not a reality😂....RIP HE Robert Mugabe..

  • Ashwin
    Ashwin 9 hours ago

    This made my day

  • Nkosilathi Rothchild
    Nkosilathi Rothchild 10 hours ago

    What about 30 thousand people of matebele land

  • Cade Whitmore
    Cade Whitmore 10 hours ago

    He avoided the last question. I was most curious about that one

  • Henry musinguzi
    Henry musinguzi 11 hours ago

    Libyans shall regret that

  • cupcakefairy87
    cupcakefairy87 12 hours ago

    Diversity means nothing if you're a European living in Britain

  • Roper Richburg
    Roper Richburg 14 hours ago

    They probably abuse them

  • Killersquid203 LOL
    Killersquid203 LOL 14 hours ago


    MAHCOOKIES COOKIES 15 hours ago


  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 15 hours ago

    Celebrating the end of whites

    KENNY GILL 16 hours ago

    Bull BULL BULL SHIRT crashing jumping off we will take a run and jump to stop you undemocratic libs from stopping democracy in this union

    KENNY GILL 16 hours ago

    What a bunch of lunatics

    KENNY GILL 16 hours ago

    Did they have to drink water out of the toilet at the boarder i thought Scotland wanted to leave the uk at least keep your story straight lying mf

    KENNY GILL 16 hours ago

    If there were x factor for LIES she would have a great chance who could trust her

    KENNY GILL 16 hours ago

    She told 1 TRUTH she ll do anything to win LYING piece of shite cancelled tuition fees thats what she said ! Trebled them she did trust this woman and her bitches 10 s of thousands of children in debt and now shes worried about children

    KENNY GILL 16 hours ago

    How can this LYING pig stand in front of the British people with a straight face try working for the bbc you ll be great

  • Crystal Crystal fire
    Crystal Crystal fire 17 hours ago

    What the heck is wrong with people stop this three are just animals do they even have hearts

  • Matthew Wilkinson
    Matthew Wilkinson 17 hours ago

    Just what the hell...feel like I’m living a communist nightmare

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 17 hours ago

    dude, this is very trumatic ! 😢

  • Brookenoel 85
    Brookenoel 85 17 hours ago

    Well we know what happened to shamima or how ever you spell that she had her citizenship taken away she said she thought it was ok for ISIS to behead people.. she's a joke

  • London Power
    London Power 17 hours ago

    You stuck! That's true

  • Gary Dodgson
    Gary Dodgson 18 hours ago

    What they mean by diversity ,is everybody comes first & has rights ,unless your straight white & British !

    • Alison Hilll
      Alison Hilll 2 hours ago

      @Unkempt27 Our voting rights , we voted out , the Zionist Jews have flooded Europe with migrants , but will not have any them self , are you dumb , or do you just believe what the Zionist controlled MSM tells you ?

    • Karo French
      Karo French 7 hours ago

      @John LondonBiMeetup I didnt say they have more rights, I said they have the same rights and privileges.Sometimes they give immigrants all kinds of help like free housing and food and first crack at job over citizens. The only privilege is being rich. And it doesnt matter your race when it comes to money. Its the rich who like to divide everyone too so dont fall for it. And I do see lots of immigrants in the US who get all kinds of free stuff just like in Europe. Britain is being taken over by immigrants and so are other european countries.

    • John LondonBiMeetup
      John LondonBiMeetup 10 hours ago

      @Karo French please tell me what rights immigrants have that citizens don't? I can't think of any and I can't find anyone listing any on google; just people saying they do, and noone with anything to back it up that I have seen. I would love you to show off your google-foo or knowledge and tell me them, if you have the time to list even just one. PS muslims don't all hate western societies, mostly its the extremist leaders of some sects; just those few are very loud. Same way that most people don't hate LGBT+ people nowadays, but some of the minority that do, are very loud about it and often given platforms because drama gets interest and views.

  • Clair Tinin
    Clair Tinin 18 hours ago

    i cry on every like bad emergy vid i wach I CANT HELP IT ITs so etrresting

  • aimsmudge
    aimsmudge 18 hours ago

    Prod of Darryl Laycock who won National Diversity Award for Positive Role Model Award for Race, Religion and Faith 👏🏻 Proof it's never too late to change xx

  • Mary Crichton
    Mary Crichton 19 hours ago

    Hope MM doesn’t get an award 😞

  • Dušan Cholvad
    Dušan Cholvad 19 hours ago

    What in the World is this? Thanks God I don't watch TV. lol

  • Caligula
    Caligula 19 hours ago

    the woman gets away with handing her kid to a psycho, as usual

  • iLikecats ANDdogs
    iLikecats ANDdogs 19 hours ago

    Is. That hat the trump one....? I’m sorry for this sad shooting

  • Slushii
    Slushii 20 hours ago


  • Sir Cliff
    Sir Cliff 20 hours ago

    UN cuck awards

  • Cyvanix
    Cyvanix 20 hours ago

    "I don't do badboy things" «two-time drug cheat»

  • DA Adenekan
    DA Adenekan 22 hours ago

    Christians? But what of te billions stolen lol

  • yousnotright
    yousnotright 22 hours ago

    if she needs to avoid nuts then why become leader of the biggest bunch of them

    • Cliff Hanley
      Cliff Hanley 18 hours ago

      Eh? Has she taken over as leader of the tories?

  • abc68099
    abc68099 23 hours ago

    No more Troika! They are NOT elected!

  • Smug Anime Girl
    Smug Anime Girl 23 hours ago

    Can anyone translate the Morse code he's making with his eyes?

  • Jamie Lyons
    Jamie Lyons 23 hours ago

    Any word on this guy.. Has he got the death penalty yet?

  • San Jose
    San Jose 23 hours ago

    Light version of Russian winter :-)

  • Tony Green
    Tony Green Day ago

    Most Jo swinson clips on TheXvid have the comments's obvious the vitriol against this disgraceful selfish opportunist would be severe. And quite justifiably. This egotistic de!uded upstart is using every propaganda trick in the book...racism, scaremongering etc. Absolutely despicable disrespectful pompous idiot.

  • Sohaib Asghar
    Sohaib Asghar Day ago

    Shame on you lebiyans peoples... You killed your great leader... Now you will die by kuffar's hands 😠😠 stupid people.... Mr Qadaffi RIP

  • Charlie Ward Games

    You lot are dumb, we banned just pistols and there's been no shooting ever in the uk, it's all gangs who have guns, and we don't have different kids, they get patterned into place by other students before there 13

    • Shaun
      Shaun 19 hours ago

      Charlie Ward Games there has been shootings and is shootings very commonly in London

  • Hestia Demeter

    That accent though.

  • Hestia Demeter

    Okay we get it! You got hurt and was in an accident but the ride should be open for others to enjoy. Stop spamming the media.

  • Baraka Shillah

    Robert Gabriel Mugabe is our African hero RIP. I'm from Tanzania

  • Mr11thhour
    Mr11thhour Day ago

    She is destined to be the most unwatchable unpopular person on TV. She is like that primary school teacher who you gave you nightmares as a child!!

  • Mr11thhour
    Mr11thhour Day ago

    She is destined to be the most unwatchable unpopular person on TV. She is like that primary school teacher who you gave you nightmares as a child!!

  • Mr11thhour
    Mr11thhour Day ago

    She is destined to be the most unwatchable unpopular person on TV. She is like that primary school teacher who you gave you nightmares as a child!!

  • Charlie Val
    Charlie Val Day ago

    And I present to you the USA. Enjoy it, aliens.

  • Im 22
    Im 22 Day ago

    I love Russia.... From to Bangladesh

  • Old Windsor
    Old Windsor Day ago

    Money is always the main motive for digging dirt...Never can trust these washed up hags

  • Lalsuong Kaihmang

    Along with all his family members he must be tight on the top of patriot missiles Barrell and shot 10000times unless his pieces of skin's is found

  • Healthy Fatima

    Had Nikolas Cruz enlisted in the Army they'd call him a hero and give him medals for murdering children. Americans are super weird.

  • Clean Green
    Clean Green Day ago

    It is strange. Americans make all these weapons. They trade them all over the world, spreading bloodshed and murder everywhere. They use these weapons to storm into houses and harass and murder innocent folks everywhere, on every continent. Now to see them whine and sniffle like little babies, surprised that these same weapons are being turned and trained onto them. Odd indeed.


    eloquent english mugabe our africa hero

  • dibaby1970
    dibaby1970 Day ago

    What in the world is coming out of the window between 1:50 - 2:00? The demon that possessed those evil women? Seriously though I thought it was curtains blowing in the wind, but it clearly is not by the way they go back in the window.


    Love to Russia from Macedonia!❤❤🇷🇺

  • Shailendra Barkur

    हमास तुम्हारा अंत समय आ गया है इसराइल तुम्हें हमेशा के लिए मिटा देगा और तुम्हारे यह सारे जिहादी सूअर की मौत मारे जाएंगे इजराइली सैनिकों द्वारा तुम इसराइल का कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ पाओगे 🇮🇳आई लव इंडिया🇮🇳🇮🇱 आई लव इजराइल 🇮🇱

  • MƛƊƛƦƦƛ
    MƛƊƛƦƦƛ Day ago

    Wear condoms thats it.

  • Charlay Maree
    Charlay Maree Day ago

    and we think we have such a hard life??! look at these people that are praying to god for help! these kids are dying over in that country barley even able to cry or move! i wonder how hungry and thirsty these kids would get!? i pray to god these kids and family’s get better xxx

  • Spider Gear
    Spider Gear Day ago

    Waa dawarsi qaan gaadhay

  • Mr.CatToad45
    Mr.CatToad45 Day ago

    The f*ck did he just do to my friend?

  • Ware Production

    911 runied her life! she was so happy and healthy.

  • Angelo Dema
    Angelo Dema Day ago

    Great to hear Mugabe admitting human beings rights abuses against opposition parties.

  • David Miles
    David Miles Day ago

    Space time God cares he annoited me like he did king David. I bet mad Bob was not annoited by God

  • Voltron Rex
    Voltron Rex Day ago

    China is the worst Not only the love copying other companies They kidnap stray dogs and dogs with owner AND THEY SAID EATING THEM IS GOOD FOR HEALTH im sorry to say this but Some humans are dumber than a snail

  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer Day ago

    An Uzi? Kidding me? Ur fault tbh

  • Big Barty
    Big Barty Day ago

    The LibDems are the party for geriatrics, which is why they hold constituencies such as Eastbourne.

  • Awang Budiman
    Awang Budiman Day ago

    0:19 Those three cameramen could have added themselves to the list of people who were dead that night.

  • Question More
    Question More Day ago

    Swinson you're pathetic! Go back to school, you have no idea what democracy is. Leave means leave!!

  • 10 Billion Subs - 2 Sh*t videos

    when you play a bandit and gamble your money, you have upto 95% chance of winning. it depends on the operator of the machine but just say its 95%. does that mean 95% of the time you walk away with money?

  • Linda Williams

    Nothing to do with the drugs and booze??? Come on

  • Hu Sh
    Hu Sh Day ago

    Pshhh 27 I got 26 in my 4th grade class

  • Ak Jay
    Ak Jay Day ago

    I think the best way to solve this problem is to open all the borders and let anyone live wherever they want. Stop border control for everyone that is the solution for mankind. Bangladesh have no space and look at Russia, Kazakhstan and canada it's totally empty.

  • joice handry
    joice handry Day ago

    I heard what you said about the sanctions and SADCC. Indeed President Mugabe you can’t be blamed for all. RIP

  • Bumba Jimex
    Bumba Jimex Day ago

    RIP hero

  • Bumblebee Buddy

    1 year ago

  • MAKO B
    MAKO B Day ago

    They seem like the only party who would legalise cannabis and regulate it thru shops.. Huge income for the government

  • احمد علي احمد

    أبطال والله



  • Voice Automation
    Voice Automation 2 days ago

    Charges dropped against man accused of PC Andrew Harper murder..... Another innocent man stitched up... Where is the justice for this innocent man? What officers are going to face repercussions for sending this innocent man to prison for a month ? What evidence did they have against him if he was innocent ??????? And why did the Times report that PC Andrew Harper was hit by a police vehicle and AFTER that his colleague was heard saying "stay with me" which would suggest he was still alive AFTER the police vehicle hit him. why is police officer that was driving the vehicle that hit PC Andrew Harper not responsible for killing him ? Now they've arrested 3 other people... How did 3 people drag him under a vehicle and kill him... Was one steering, one operating the pedals and the other the gears.....?? Justice system,,,,,

  • dudeableful
    dudeableful 2 days ago

    In this thread; leavers calling anybody they disagree with traitors and not being able to get the difference between spelling woman and women. Totally not fitting the stereotype lol. It's time the adults in the room united and offered some leadership. The brexiteer loudmouths have been proven for the charlatans they are.

  • The Unfathomable
    The Unfathomable 2 days ago

    Send in the Army and just shoot dead all dickheads like this.

  • —soobin subs
    —soobin subs 2 days ago


  • samusaron1
    samusaron1 2 days ago

    Why is corbyn even a leader especially for the opposition. he has no understanding about the real world, the world around us and the society we live in. he is the very person who will do everything he says Migrant crisis(too many people coming to this country)Housing shortages/Schools/More nurses and doctors,does he not understand that this is all related to EU stampeding UK freeloading and free treatments, too many baby popping.go figure.he Can not work out the root off all these problems is due to mass population increase year in year out. Why is he even a Leader.

  • Mlr
    Mlr 2 days ago

    She sounds like female hitler

    JOBISH JOSE 2 days ago

    Love it.

  • sanjay puranik
    sanjay puranik 2 days ago

    5 children 😭

  • MitAKe Ran
    MitAKe Ran 2 days ago

    Long live the Soviet Union and Syrian Arab Republic!

  • Champemba Chileshe
    Champemba Chileshe 2 days ago

    Legend. Real legend.

  • G P
    G P 2 days ago

    Thank Goodness this Terrorist Pig is finally gone. Evil Sadistic Savage. Good Riddance.

  • Bang Sunan
    Bang Sunan 2 days ago

    Palestine merdeka Indonesian merdeka

  • LAs0rts
    LAs0rts 2 days ago

    Makes me want to vomit.

  • LAs0rts
    LAs0rts 2 days ago

    Makes me want to vomit.