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  • Bernie Fynn
    Bernie Fynn 10 months ago

    why are you giving in to the mentally ill transgender twats and letting them use female toilets?????????????????????//

  • The Bob Villains

    It's Nov 12 - what are you doing with a an xmas ad now? Too early!

  • Gernot Preslmayer
    Gernot Preslmayer 2 years ago

    Hi Waitrose. Please take your ads off the daily mail and telegraph, etc... all right wing, hate mongering media. I shop with you for ethnical reasons. not for much longer I guess. You seem to disregard your brand's beliefs and values lately. But I don't have an alternative. Isn't that really sad, no?

  • Fran4kids-μουσικοκινητική με τη Φραντζέσκα

    Hello Very nice channel -videos Just subscribed,wishing you lots of creativity. Best Regards, Fran

  • EwenMcPifter
    EwenMcPifter 2 years ago

    Hello. Seeing (or not) it's been absent from our local store's shelves for months, can I take it you no longer do a high-juice lemon and lime squash that isn't 'no added sugar'? Bad call if so, artificial sweeteners are much worse for people than sugar. Cheaper for you, though, I imagine.

  • Janet Edwards
    Janet Edwards 3 years ago

    One of my favourite paintings!!

  • 123TeeMee
    123TeeMee 3 years ago

    Great channel you have going here, but you simply can't match up to the mighty CostcutterClips.

  • Tecnologia
    Tecnologia 4 years ago

    It would be nice if you could make a playlist containing the Delia Cookery School videos. Thanks.

  • jayne whitehead
    jayne whitehead 4 years ago

    oh.what a shame disappointed to not see the addition of palm oil in the bread recipe, which actually is in waitrose bread!..oh well guess a little more of the rainforest survives!!

  • James Crawford
    James Crawford 4 years ago

    I have just laboured through Waitroses' Salmon en croute What a disapointment-lots of pastry -so little fish- Never again!!!

  • The Honest Guys - Meditations - Relaxation

    Love the recipes... Oh, and Hestons Ice creams are very yummy. :) Regards THG (Kev & Rick)

  • serjamesUK
    serjamesUK 6 years ago

    When's the Christmas advert going up ? We want more bomb and Alaska!!

  • Eugenie Kitchen
    Eugenie Kitchen 6 years ago

    Hi, it is very good production of videos. I hope to see more vids in the future. I subbed. ~ Eugenie Kitchen

  • Olivia Hurdle
    Olivia Hurdle 6 years ago

    Love the new ad - love the mini Heston

  • Fana Watson
    Fana Watson 7 years ago


  • lucy topsy
    lucy topsy 7 years ago

    Mince pies which taste like.... Christmas trees???? Who on earth wants to eat something that tastes like Christmas trees? Silly snobby people, that's who.

  • Harry John Wallis
    Harry John Wallis 7 years ago

    people take their jobs way too seriously in waitrose lol

  • السيد نصير
    السيد نصير 7 years ago


  • john atco
    john atco 7 years ago

    eat eat eat till its all gone. except for the sausages.

  • ciaoilmondo
    ciaoilmondo 7 years ago

    Hee hee, my mum and my sister work for the JL Brand! Go Waitrose!

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 7 years ago

    I went to your store in Stroud and could not find a beef sausage. My religious forbids pork, what am I suppose to do?

  • Z1DO4U
    Z1DO4U 7 years ago

    You guys are something else! Love your recipes!

  • Sher Hoop
    Sher Hoop 7 years ago

    Thanks so much

  • Heidi Luckham
    Heidi Luckham 7 years ago

    Cool channel – great content.. things ok where you are? x

  • Helen Cote
    Helen Cote 7 years ago

    great vibe on here

  • Cafédirect
    Cafédirect 7 years ago

    Great channel!

  • Oleg Teplyakov
    Oleg Teplyakov 7 years ago

    I lked all of the ideas so far. This is a wonderful channel. You use the products that are available. There are clever and " elegant" combinations of ingredients

  • I2obot
    I2obot 7 years ago

    really? ;P

  • broughamb
    broughamb 7 years ago

    I thought it was considered rude to publish ten clips at one. Two or three a week, at most one a day please

  • Noonoo Baggins
    Noonoo Baggins 8 years ago

    @ andysorginalsongs your so right, Tony on the meat and fish counter always has time for a chat.

  • Fitness Frontier
    Fitness Frontier 8 years ago

    I like waitrose smoked salmon..

  • ChaChaDave
    ChaChaDave 8 years ago

    Great channel! Cha Cha Dave

  • jmicycle
    jmicycle 8 years ago

    ur internet service is a rip!

  • Kerryann Hartley
    Kerryann Hartley 8 years ago

    wish I could cook!

  • Funkin' Fit
    Funkin' Fit 8 years ago

    Let me say I love your channel. Now a question for you. I will cook a beautiful swan for Christmas table, but can the time in oven be same as the turkey? Thanks so much for help.

  • meanster100
    meanster100 8 years ago

    fab,that's tonights dinner taken care of

  • Flappo Spammo
    Flappo Spammo 8 years ago

    i love waitrose , it's the best supermarket bar none it's like the harrods of supermarkets but much better value

  • ChaChaDave
    ChaChaDave 8 years ago

    Hi. Enjoying the channel.

  • Sarahs Gamecollection

    Hey just wanted to say that my daughter has been working at your store for four years now and she loves it, she thinks its the best place to work and such. Not only that but since, she's been working there I have learnt the value of good food, I think your meat is the best and I thoroughly enjoy trying out your recipes. So I thank you waitrose, you have truly graced my family Yours truly Andy and Sarah Willoughby

  • Mattheu
    Mattheu 8 years ago

    sending this to my mother

  • Elisa Phillips
    Elisa Phillips 8 years ago

    Great channel! They did a really good job. I just subscribed.

  • Johnnys Amusements
    Johnnys Amusements 8 years ago

    Waitrose = Top supermarket.

  • ladycherie
    ladycherie 8 years ago

    Waitrose in Colchester is food shopping heaven! Thanks for coming here. x

  • zogified
    zogified 8 years ago

    WOW i HAVE to subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gaylord focker
    gaylord focker 8 years ago

    u have a utube channel? my mum will love this!

  • ibsy01
    ibsy01 8 years ago

    waitrose is good because people don't get in the way. shopping experiences there are positive ones :)

  • Derick1259
    Derick1259 8 years ago

    waitrose is expensive because there products are ALWAYS high quality.

  • custardT89
    custardT89 8 years ago

    I must say I am very excited to find this channel! I am suprised that it doesn't have more viewers or subscribers.... Why don't you advertise on TV, in store, or in the waitrose magazines/website? x

  • Nico Cheese
    Nico Cheese 8 years ago

    omg lol a waitroes account this has to be a joke

  • PokeMax24
    PokeMax24 8 years ago

    what is the average pay a day for working at the till?

  • matthemes
    matthemes 8 years ago

    Fantastic channel! Love the Heston and Delia recipes! Utterly brilliant!

  • T C
    T C 8 years ago


  • Waitrose & Partners
    Waitrose & Partners 8 years ago

    Hi onabreeze, Thanks for your comments. We do have Free From sections in our branches. You may like to know that we can post you a Wheat Free listing of Waitrose own-label products. If you would like one e-mail your request to us with your name and address, or telephone us on 0800 188 884. Hope this helps.

  • Waitrose & Partners
    Waitrose & Partners 8 years ago

    bullyforme1 Hi Apologies that you have had problems viewing this recipe. We have tested it and it appears to be working

  • James Bailey
    James Bailey 8 years ago

    why does it say britains favourite supermarket? asda, tesco, sainsburys, morrisons and even somerfield are more popular! :S

  • martin kemp
    martin kemp 8 years ago


  • JihadOfTheSoul
    JihadOfTheSoul 8 years ago

    lol nice

  • leifinge
    leifinge 8 years ago

    Amazing channel! Love all the videos and a great design!

  • roosterza
    roosterza 8 years ago

    Love shopping at a supermarket that delivers good quality, good ethics, good employment ethics, support for local produce and good service!

    CENTRA STUDIOS 8 years ago

    waitrose is where it's at!

  • Waitrose & Partners
    Waitrose & Partners 8 years ago

    Hi jailbroketouch95 - Thanks for your comment. Did you know we provide Coeliac listings - if you're interested in a postal copy give us a ring on 0800 188 884. Thanks, Katy, Customer Service