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  • Kogakusan
    Kogakusan 9 hours ago

    Using hydration as stated in video with Strong Bread Flour (73 %) the mix in bowl, before any kneading, was extremely dry. It never came together enough to begin slap & fold technique. Was just a dry ball which tended to tear and crumble into chunks & lumps. Wasn’t sure how much additional water I could (should) add so just tossed the dry lump in frustration.

  • flob adob
    flob adob Day ago

    Is that the same as baking paper?

  • 78LedHead
    78LedHead 2 days ago

    Otto is pretty cringe.

  • rachael woodworth
    rachael woodworth 2 days ago

    Where are the measurements for the butter and sugar

  • Peggy Scott
    Peggy Scott 2 days ago

    Please help. I am having a lot of company and am wondering if this could be made ahead and frozen before baking. Would appreciate any comments.

  • Marty S
    Marty S 3 days ago

    It's cilantro, not coriander. Prove me wrong.

    • Nate
      Nate Day ago

      Cilantro is the Spanish word for coriander. Depends if you speak Spanish or not, I guess.

  • asha
    asha 3 days ago

    No milk? But the recipe call for milk?

  • Melina solache González

    P O O P A N T S

  • Trevor Graham Welch

    Please Give Me A Private Lesson

  • Michael Schatz
    Michael Schatz 3 days ago

    Fantastisch :O

  • Lucitaur
    Lucitaur 4 days ago

    No bacon!? BLACK HOLE/10! D:

  • Leo Lee
    Leo Lee 4 days ago

    Love her gloves!

  • Saljanpal
    Saljanpal 5 days ago

    0:23 “just a little bit of my milk” Just me that’s cracking up at this line?!

  • litoboy5
    litoboy5 5 days ago


  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 5 days ago

    Technique aside, is there a significant difference if you knead with olive oil (vs nothing) with the final result?

  • Rio DJeNIRO
    Rio DJeNIRO 5 days ago

    Love pomegranate seeds! Just purchased 5 of them. I like to put the seeds in a bowl and chill them for several hours and eat them cold. Your recipes give me more idea's thank you for making and sharing this video and idea's for use of the delicious pomegranate seeds.

  • Ana Tofani
    Ana Tofani 5 days ago


  • Katie Hamilton
    Katie Hamilton 5 days ago

    Oh my word, I got to make this

  • Lizzi At Bizzi Zizzi

    What temperature should the oven be please?

  • Neil Bigwood
    Neil Bigwood 6 days ago

    In heaven

  • neelam jhaveri
    neelam jhaveri 6 days ago

    With what we should eat this? Can we add sugar?

    • neelam jhaveri
      neelam jhaveri 6 days ago

      @Noreen Salvaggio 😻😻👌🏼👌🏼

    • Noreen Salvaggio
      Noreen Salvaggio 6 days ago

      neelam jhaveri you can have it with ice cream and honey, or golden syrup, or with roast beef 😍

    • neelam jhaveri
      neelam jhaveri 6 days ago

      @SilverCharmbracelet thank you

    • SilverCharmbracelet
      SilverCharmbracelet 6 days ago

      neelam jhaveri you eat it with a roast dinner.

  • Rosemarie Chibi
    Rosemarie Chibi 6 days ago

    Kinda reminds me of dutch babies .

  • Sarah Millson
    Sarah Millson 6 days ago

    I love the recipes but I appreciate if you can make longer videos that show details. thanks

    • eatahfood
      eatahfood 6 days ago

      we have a few over on our channel: thexvid.com/video/NkhCzfPewfk/video.html

  • Johnny Boyle
    Johnny Boyle 7 days ago

    the only good thing to take from this video is that sauce.apart from that i am a better bacon butty chef than heston

  • Sam
    Sam 7 days ago

    Tips for PR 1) be a good baker 2) advertise your right-on diversity credentials. No show these days is acceptable to the PC brigade without them.

  • Candy Mann
    Candy Mann 7 days ago

    When and how much parmesan should be added ???

  • Carol Newell
    Carol Newell 7 days ago

    And the parmesan?

  • R. Ive
    R. Ive 8 days ago

    Why didn't she toss them in a bowl then throw them into the pan? Waste of ingredients.

  • Martin Harrison
    Martin Harrison 9 days ago

    All the turf-laying guides I've found so far seem to skip the process of levelling the ground first when it's very bumpy and uneven. With a big area you just can't do this by eye and feel. I think it's going to prove to be a bit technical and involve spirit levels, pegs, string and very long lengths of timber? Any tips anyone?

  • Daniel McCormack
    Daniel McCormack 10 days ago

    " a minute or two on each side" = undercooked and pink. The wedges will be soft and soggy too. Not your best video Waitrose

  • Raunak Roy
    Raunak Roy 10 days ago

    I can imagine Gordon Ramsey verbally killing Heston for not grilling the onions.

  • Jimmy Norris
    Jimmy Norris 10 days ago

    Stock pot. It’s your choice.

  • Tonie Solomon
    Tonie Solomon 11 days ago

    Im looking for his gingerbread house recipe but could nt find it

  • Shadsy The Hedgehog
    Shadsy The Hedgehog 11 days ago

    Heston "Binocular glasses Mcslaphead" Blumenthal

  • Michelle Busuttil
    Michelle Busuttil 11 days ago

    I've just made these muffins and used Lakeland greaseproof paper cases but they've stuck to the paper and is so disappointing. Suggestions please though may be too late to make another batch now.

  • Annie M
    Annie M 11 days ago

    Cute, but sooooo much sugar! I'll try making a low carb version instead.

  • Louie Neira
    Louie Neira 12 days ago

    salted or unsalted butter?

  • Toni-anne Alyn
    Toni-anne Alyn 12 days ago

    I would have been able to hear Silvana if there had been no music - why is it always necessary?!

  • Ryan Lauderdale
    Ryan Lauderdale 12 days ago

    That's basically a recipe for a Double Double.

  • Shadsy The Hedgehog
    Shadsy The Hedgehog 12 days ago

    Glassy Mcslaphead

  • Dan Gleebles
    Dan Gleebles 13 days ago

    Go in

  • Dan Gleebles
    Dan Gleebles 13 days ago

    Turning the browned chicken with the tongs used to place the raw chicken in the pan.

  • Robin Austin
    Robin Austin 14 days ago

    Don't know what that was, but it's not bubble and squeak.

  • DuogamersYT
    DuogamersYT 14 days ago

    Paddington bear would love this puddibf

  • Dan Abrey
    Dan Abrey 14 days ago

    This has to be may favourite #TooGoodToWait ad. They go on a boxing day walk but only go as fair as the front gates before deciding to turn back, much to the confusion of the man and the boy.

  • Dan Abrey
    Dan Abrey 14 days ago

    This has to be my favourute #TooGoodToWait ad. A man asks the audience if they are all ready, they say “yes” and then they start counting down from 10, but the woman switches the lights on early imminently after 8. She says “Yay!” and then asks “Now, where are those canapés?” The security guard and the host must have been very cross.

  • Dan Abrey
    Dan Abrey 14 days ago

    The head said “Please join us after our final number for some chocolate and cherry mince pies.” and then the woman on the piano was like 😃 and started playing the piano really quickly. The head was like 😐 and the conductor had to act quickly. Everyone then rushed out the hall.

  • elaine mcdonald
    elaine mcdonald 15 days ago

    Just made a batch😘 easy peasy thanx for the recipe, they were delish🇮🇪😊

  • Lynn Jones
    Lynn Jones 16 days ago

    where do we get the quantities?

  • elaine mcdonald
    elaine mcdonald 16 days ago

    Thank you😊 you make it look so easy, am gonna try it soon🇮🇪

  • elaine mcdonald
    elaine mcdonald 16 days ago

    I really like the frosting you’ve made, the buttery frosting sometimes puts me off my carrot cake, this is a great alternative 🇮🇪😊

  • elaine mcdonald
    elaine mcdonald 16 days ago

    I didn’t see any salt🥴

  • PMR
    PMR 17 days ago


  • evan jaya
    evan jaya 17 days ago

    Poor video, only 3 comment 😔😔😔

  • louis p constant
    louis p constant 18 days ago

    I see an Asian cooking Chinese styled sauces.. "I berieve in yruuu!!!"

  • Sameen Fatima
    Sameen Fatima 18 days ago

    How to make the cones?!please help

  • TD
    TD 19 days ago

    How long and what temp in the oven

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 19 days ago

    Heston performing anal sex on his wife. ‘Ok darling I’m not gonna use lube here I’m actually going to use beurre noisette.’

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy 19 days ago

    Hey all...from the states...yes it’s a yank

  • litoboy5
    litoboy5 19 days ago


  • bluemilk2nd
    bluemilk2nd 19 days ago

    Looks delish but am I the only one who wont crack eggs directly into mixing bowl lest I get a dodgy one?😂

    • bluemilk2nd
      bluemilk2nd 18 days ago

      @Kelly S oh dear you are so right, how terribly silly of me dahling 😂

    • Kelly S
      Kelly S 19 days ago

      bluemilk2nd it’s waitrose, the eggs would never dare to be dodgy ;)

  • Stephen Strange
    Stephen Strange 19 days ago

    Blue bad hair day was too distracting. I expected better from waitrose.

  • Zvjezdana Glavan
    Zvjezdana Glavan 19 days ago

    Wonderful recipe thank you for sharing

  • vinny Durham
    vinny Durham 19 days ago

    Thanks for the recipe but I am getting my ingredients from lidl

  • Annette Atkinson
    Annette Atkinson 19 days ago

    Love it....😋

  • Paula Cooper
    Paula Cooper 19 days ago

    This is one for Bonfire night !!!

  • LaserDisc
    LaserDisc 20 days ago

    I genuinely have to try this

  • Jason Corbett
    Jason Corbett 20 days ago

    this is so british <3

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy 20 days ago

    He’s an expert! I would love to take a class or 12 with him....

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy 20 days ago

    Where’s the threesome partners? I’m waiting for this to come? Lol

  • HotVoodooWitch
    HotVoodooWitch 21 day ago

    Those look wonderful! And fortunately, I have golden caster sugar I ordered from the UK!

  • Paul Shaloka
    Paul Shaloka 21 day ago

    So the colour is going to be darker, and that's because I've allowed it to burn in the pan.

    • CaptainBeetheart
      CaptainBeetheart 5 days ago

      Paul Shaloka for real. I’m not buying the bs about the cure - it wasn’t dark before it went into the pan. Am I supposed to believe the stout came out during cooking or something?

  • litoboy5
    litoboy5 21 day ago


  • Luther Rhein
    Luther Rhein 21 day ago

    food poisoning guranteed.

  • OmaFarAway
    OmaFarAway 21 day ago


  • elaine mcdonald
    elaine mcdonald 22 days ago

    Deffo gonna do these nxt week🇮🇪🥰

  • Phil Long
    Phil Long 22 days ago

    Why would anyone dislike this???? Tesco or Asda didn't think of this first?

  • Dianna Locke
    Dianna Locke 22 days ago

    So cute! What a clever idea!

  • Bill Frater
    Bill Frater 23 days ago

    To begin with ... how much water, milk and unsalted butter in a pan.What's the point of doing a recipe without the quantities ???

  • Natasa Avtaev
    Natasa Avtaev 23 days ago

    Hellooo beatifuul friend 😂 Ave are you Paul.😅😆😅😆💕💞💓💗💖💝💝💋💔♥️🖤💜💚💛❤️👏👏👏👏

  • Gabba
    Gabba 23 days ago

    72 🤣

  • Drogo34
    Drogo34 23 days ago

    Why does she only season the veg that gets the salty pecorino? Spinach has to be the blandest thing by the time the dish is being layered

  • Jane Thorn
    Jane Thorn 23 days ago

    I’ve made this twice and it’s absolutely delicious! Thank you for the quickest easiest recipe ever

  • Dan Gleebles
    Dan Gleebles 24 days ago

    Ooh those things don't go together. I like Heston now.

  • Dan Gleebles
    Dan Gleebles 24 days ago

    Definitely make sure you put the cooked meat on the tray which previously held the raw meat.

  • Cheng Tang
    Cheng Tang 24 days ago

    Allergies: Chocolate

  • grumpy oldman
    grumpy oldman 25 days ago

    Asian would’ve called that duck meat is raw, western called it just right. When western eating Hainanese chicken and see the bones are red, they called it raw. So...it’s ok eat raw ducks, but not chicken?!

  • Ria
    Ria 25 days ago

    Like the addition of the oats, will make an egg free version. Looks delicious.

  • Alison James
    Alison James 25 days ago

    I heard you can only store fondant for 3 days outside the fridge and you can't put it in the fridge because it will crack. Is this true?

  • Blackevilmisanthrope

    Ok well maybe not ANYTHING left over from Xmas there Heston.

  • Drifta11
    Drifta11 26 days ago

    Not Lebanese pizza

  • Joan Brown
    Joan Brown 26 days ago

    I love everything about this video. The colours are beautiful.

  • M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë

    Heston is my favourite chef ever

  • gerghgh herb
    gerghgh herb 26 days ago

    Pot pies are't real pies! Where's the base?! No one likes cutting into a "pie" only to find 80% of the pastry is missing

  • Ratanaporn Samaarpat

    Delicious will definitely make this

  • Ryan Wall
    Ryan Wall 27 days ago

    1/3 of the sauce on the chicken.... then 2/3 of the sauce on the chicken

  • Cre8tive Connexions
    Cre8tive Connexions 28 days ago

    Fresh yeast is really easy to get hold of, just ask a local baker. I get mine from the baker at Sainsbury's supermarket ! I am sure Waitrose could do the same.

  • Yung Reefy
    Yung Reefy 28 days ago

    Let's call it fried though because that's what it is. Frying it in the oven doesn't make them any more roasted.

  • Lucia Hagen
    Lucia Hagen 29 days ago

    I swear she called them puff loafers. LOL

  • Kasia Podlipska
    Kasia Podlipska 29 days ago

    Wow.. will try this