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Things We All Did In Year 11
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  • Boofy
    Boofy 11 minutes ago

    You sound like my french teacher but more enthusiastic and less of a dick

  • Flub Penfold
    Flub Penfold 49 minutes ago

    I had a citizenehip lesson on LGBTQ+ today and I'm normally proud to talk about my sexuality (I'm bi) but this lesson just made me so scared because people know I'm bi and it was scary XD I HAD TO COME OUT TO MY SCIENCE TEACHER REEEEEEEEE

  • Natalia aj _ Naomi #WWE Champion

    No go back to uk 🇬🇧 you’re in the uk gang Edit:btw no hate

  • Natalia aj _ Naomi #WWE Champion

    1:10 and 1:16 made me cry of laughter

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana Hour ago

    What about the year 6 leavers assembly

  • Olive.123.321
    Olive.123.321 2 hours ago

    I live near lincoln !!

  • Natalia aj _ Naomi #WWE Champion

    No it’s Jeremy Kyle That is iconic

    MLG DORITOS 2 hours ago

    Your not funny

  • treece drain
    treece drain 5 hours ago


  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise 6 hours ago

    I dropped out of uni of Lincoln in March this year for personal reasons, seeing your videos filmed there makes it feel like I never left 💔❤

  • Derek Conway [GD]
    Derek Conway [GD] 9 hours ago

    As a year 9 now childline was mostly taken the piss out of in year 7 but it was some serious shit in primary

  • Robbie Winter
    Robbie Winter 12 hours ago

    Not everyone in the north has a Scouse accent

  • Jennifer C
    Jennifer C 12 hours ago

    Playing Todrick Hall’s Wig while working out is such a mood 👏

  • fluffy unicorn bw
    fluffy unicorn bw 14 hours ago

    Hello please can you do the north of Ireland vs Republic of Ireland please like if you are Irish ☘️ I am | | | | | \/

  • fluffy unicorn bw
    fluffy unicorn bw 14 hours ago

    1:40 I live in the midlands how rude

  • Lexie Xoxo
    Lexie Xoxo 15 hours ago

    In our school we have a non blazer day 😂😂😂

  • Annabel Calvert
    Annabel Calvert 15 hours ago

    1:55 😂

  • Maxili Ligma
    Maxili Ligma 15 hours ago

    Dickhead mans come round a northern primary school u will get clapped u nitty

  • billie smith
    billie smith 16 hours ago

    When you leave somewhere you wanted to leave hours ago but didnt want to be rude you slap your knees stand an dgo righttt, well

  • Strange Thoughts
    Strange Thoughts 17 hours ago

    Fr tho, in year 8 the fire alarm went off bcuz we used Bunsen burners 😂

  • Anime Girl221
    Anime Girl221 17 hours ago

    I’m in London idk if that’s north south or fucking up Santa’s ass

  • Hayley Owens
    Hayley Owens 17 hours ago

    No tea bags

  • Lacey Booth
    Lacey Booth 17 hours ago

    Why did this make me start studying ... its 3am

  • Olivia simpson
    Olivia simpson 17 hours ago

    I’m in y7, or s1 because I’m Scottish. But any way, on the first day everyone was so excited because they could swear. And one of my friends (who is a boy) told me he was excited for high school because of all the hot chicks 🐥. It’s true, some of is are really rood. I’m not going to lie. Last week I was walking down to history class and these older kids kept pushing and shoving. They didn’t notice me. I’m really tall. So after I lost my patience I ended up elbowing them. I got way quickly before they knew it was me. They looked really confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • JJR657
    JJR657 18 hours ago

    It’s secondary school you’re engliah

  • Jessica Hoskins
    Jessica Hoskins 18 hours ago

    I’ve never related to something so much 😂

  • Anna999 H
    Anna999 H 18 hours ago

    In primary, my teacher had the lolly stick system but another in yr3 had the “bag of doom” which was a bag full of fucking ping pong balls with our names on it 🤦‍♀️

  • flossi bodey
    flossi bodey 18 hours ago

    in my primary we had this female "cook" and she server gammon raw and then 2/3 yrs later we had this make "cook" who served chunky and lumpy jelly

  • Ella K243
    Ella K243 18 hours ago

    When he smashed that violin my jaw dropped and I had the same facial expression as you 😂

  • Rainbow Magic
    Rainbow Magic 18 hours ago

    These vids always make my day 😂😂😂😂

  • Ellie Price
    Ellie Price 19 hours ago

    My second names price.... I’m I gonna become a physics teacher?😂 rip me

  • Lia
    Lia 19 hours ago

    What happened to my friendship group?- The gays and misfits 😂😂

  • Beth Simpson
    Beth Simpson 19 hours ago

    Waterloo school where it was filmed was 2 mins away from my house lolz x

  • TikToker
    TikToker 19 hours ago

    We had to sit on the bench’s in Y6

  • Elektra_TheMemeSeller 3.0

    In year 7 its culture to have chicken and chips My Secondary school legit banned us from McDonalds for like *_No reason_*

  • Elektra_TheMemeSeller 3.0

    Hoedays are OVER!!!!!

  • xKatie
    xKatie 20 hours ago

    Why is he using being British in every video for views? Us British people aren't that different from everyone else- he doesn't even have a proper accent he's def not full British is he.

  • Clapz 1582
    Clapz 1582 20 hours ago

    I love these cuz they are soooo true!!!

  • The-musical-Avengers
    The-musical-Avengers 20 hours ago

    We had a fucking LOCK DOWN DRILL. My teacher started crying cause the door opened. That wasn't even the best bit when the door opened 18 of the other kids threw/pushed ME AND MY FRIEND IN FRONT OF THE DOOR! WHAT ARE WE A HUMAN SACRIFICE. They clearly have their priorities straight.

  • Dusty Peter
    Dusty Peter 21 hour ago

    In my yr 9 exam we went to the exam hall for the first time and during the exam a lot of kids got kicked out but one of them went to the upstairs window and pulled his pants down and literally put crusty ass on the clean window, all u could see was the old crusty shit around his ass hole

  • Macey Gooding
    Macey Gooding 21 hour ago

    I'm in year 8 it's shit everyone thinks I fancy my history teacher its stupid 😠😤😳😞

  • Stream A No No
    Stream A No No 21 hour ago


  • Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster 22 hours ago

    I’m in year 9

  • vicy Johnson
    vicy Johnson 22 hours ago

    I'm only In year nine ( im British I mean WHAT?!😆) and from the start of this year (5th September ) and its 22nd October I have fell down the stairs every single day. once it was in front of my head of year

  • Sehar Xx
    Sehar Xx 22 hours ago


  • Student Vlogs - Dylan
    Student Vlogs - Dylan 22 hours ago


  • ___kouyou
    ___kouyou 23 hours ago

    bro in primary school me and my friends fell out literally everyday over line tag. for a fucking year.

  • vbliss
    vbliss 23 hours ago

    Eh. Year 7’s NOWADAYS: - Eyebrows OVERDONE - Coloured Tips - Obviously AESTHETIC bags, with wool icons. n stuff. - Clips in their hair - Edges - Year 8 + 9 Boyfriends.

  • Hattie Watts
    Hattie Watts Day ago

    10:27 😂

  • Jonas wj
    Jonas wj Day ago

    oh gayyy

  • Gde Narendra
    Gde Narendra Day ago

    Nice video

  • I LiVe FoR Rm’S dEbUt hAiR

    I was one of those people who liked kpop in year 8 and still do, the other people who do would get mocked for it but i didn’t because they said that because iam asian its ok for me Im not even korean im only half chinese but they couldn’t tell the difference and i never complained🙃

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato Day ago

    We have an American form tutor and does that aswell

  • Chantal Nwankwo

    Primary school has changed

  • Chantal Nwankwo

    In Primary we had a food fight

  • bri lee
    bri lee Day ago

    hi luke, just wanna stop by and say I REALLY LOVE YOUR VIDEOS🤩they are so motivating and keep me going, especially when i feel tired and lack drive. thank you so much for all your work and i look forward to seeing more of them. ❤️

  • Gde Narendra
    Gde Narendra Day ago

    Nice video 👌

  • I’m Krisliyana

    I love tell me u love me

  • Zaid Light TM
    Zaid Light TM Day ago

    when you live exactly on the divide

  • R A
    R A Day ago


  • Leo Masters
    Leo Masters Day ago

    Breath a little man

  • pik pok
    pik pok Day ago

    Ee by gum vs hi hun. I recognise that teeny island.

  • Levi McDermott

    can we just talk about Scottish secondary schools for a minute 😂

  • Devarsh Bhatt
    Devarsh Bhatt Day ago

    Make more of these videos, i really like them

  • Ria’s Life
    Ria’s Life Day ago

    It’s 3:20am and I’m laughing my head of

  • Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares

    1:03 btec arts bridge??

  • Boulevard Of Broken Nightmares

    Little britain/come fly with me (luke birch style)

  • Natalia aj _ Naomi #WWE Champion

    At Sports day one year my dad want to be in the Parent Race and he want to win so badly he crashed into prams with baby’s in it end of the day my dad win and the baby is ok 👍🏻

  • John Titor
    John Titor Day ago

    Here are absolutely repugnantly annoying

  • Rachel 113
    Rachel 113 Day ago


  • Reezah Donaldson

    the bleep test...... oh god not the bleep test

  • Aimee
    Aimee Day ago

    Never really comment on videos but I love your videos so so so much , uni ones are my favourite seeing you do well, congrats on your engagement, I’m in NI and the gay marriage laws have just only been legalised there at midnight so happy I can get married in my own country when the time comes that is, happy for you n your man, again love your channel 🏳️‍🌈❤️

  • vbliss
    vbliss Day ago

    i mean if you even have a normal holiday as a British person, u are either a. blessed b. cursed c. not british

  • Aoife Darker
    Aoife Darker Day ago

    I'm from Ireland and I went over to England and the underground is so quiet and no one talk to strangers canparded to Ireland were u talk to every one

  • Phoebe is a meme

    “Snatched by a gypsy family in Great Yarmouth” I’m actually dead 😭😂😂

  • Dorothy Mathie

    the only bad food is that tomato pasta that i swear they never remake and no one every gets it just sits there 🤷‍♀️

  • Djamila Halouane

    As soon as man dropped "You were made in Carlisle" I started creasing🤣

  • thicc squidward

    Did anyone else's teacher have an empty ice cream tub full of crappy YPO glue sticks and you would get your own trusty Pritt Stick CLEARLY IN VIEW and they would still give you a glue stick?

  • Scarnetto
    Scarnetto Day ago

    A shopping centre near where I live literally got evacuated because some guy was running around Nando's threatening to stab everyone with his fork ( I live in the north if you hadn't guessed already)

  • Ye old Honey roasted pretzel

    Your right about the IT department tho. My computing teacher cheated on his wife with the English teacher in the art cupboard

  • Georgie Atkinson Jowett

    Yorkshire lass n proud

  • Grace Hurst
    Grace Hurst Day ago

    I am team north but I live in a nice area u still have roadmen but this is just stereotypes obviously but when some people have had a drink there are loud people

  • Megan Crocker
    Megan Crocker Day ago

    you forgot about the one the has a dead hamster on her head 😂😂

  • Hayd Z
    Hayd Z Day ago

    Remember in Nursery a couple weeks before upper foundation and you got to use the dinner hall for the first time and you just felt like year 6 and who else remembers crying when they got time out? No, just me and also who remembers the traffic lights so you did something bad, “Right I’ve had enough! Everyone who’s just sat down put your name on red!”

  • Hope Bennett
    Hope Bennett Day ago

    Mate you forgot the reebok

  • Sophie Loader
    Sophie Loader Day ago

    In 2016 I was musically-ing as a year 7

  • Sophie Loader
    Sophie Loader Day ago

    I was forced to do the 800m at school (I’m not sporty as all) we had to sit in the middle of the track for 10 mins before in the boiling hot sun. My unfitness took over and was like *click* you can’t breathe now. Bc I couldn’t breathe I started balling my eyes out, in front of everyone...... kms

  • PandaGirl Vlogs

    We have life skills now to teach us about the real world so the teachers have solved it

  • Yep its Marcry

    My least favourite teacher: I won't be your teacher for the rest of the year. My head: CiNcO De MayOoO *maracas start shaking*

  • - JammyTitanJuice -

    We shall all now rise for the national anthem: WhAts tHe StoRY IN BalAmOrY

  • Natalia aj _ Naomi #WWE Champion

    I’m so sorry for what you went through it makes me sad 😔

  • sophie oakes
    sophie oakes Day ago


  • Hit me with a rock

    I got a bleeding nose during class once, decided I’d freak out the annoying asf kid next to me. She started crying lmao

  • Fin
    Fin Day ago

    I’m in secondary and the weirdo teacher in my school is a maths teacher = he looks at his pc in class and just smiles at it creepily and it might not sound bad but it is he is just a pedo in general

  • PlushGirl YT
    PlushGirl YT Day ago

    Me being a year 7 looking at the comments saying we are weird to the well there not wrong

  • Space Potato
    Space Potato Day ago

    2:17 dont forget the holy Radnor Fizz

  • Aguyfrom theuk


  • kasumikat
    kasumikat Day ago

    I so relate with the whole London thing, I tell everyone who doesn't live in London that I live in London though I live in the south part of London right at the edge of it

  • Ellie Mccormack

    I called my math teacher mum My math teacher is a boy 😂

  • kasumikat
    kasumikat Day ago

    Watching this makes me think that me and my boyfriend have a Romeo and Juliet situation, we are divided by the north (my bf) and the south (me)