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I love it & I HATE IT.....
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  • Petrus Lindeborg
    Petrus Lindeborg 48 seconds ago

    I am Tiger Woods

  • S Pahad
    S Pahad 24 minutes ago

    Hey Rick, I notice a lot of your clubs seem unusually short. Was wondering if that's because they're fitted? I was thinking about cutting my shafts down as well. What advantages do you notice?

  • T A
    T A 44 minutes ago

    Your watch doesn't look good mate. The black around the glass has all scratched off.. not a good advert

  • roul3688
    roul3688 Hour ago

    I’ve noticed the monitor at Dick’s Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy adds several yards to my shots. It says I hit a 4 hybrid 250 yards when I normally hit my 3 hybrid around 215-225.

  • Helm’s Alee
    Helm’s Alee Hour ago

    I'm thinking you'll hit this about 115 yards. Edit: Wow, I was way off.

  • Brian Ezell
    Brian Ezell Hour ago

    About that 56 second mark, I could not help but notice how nice those WS blades looked.

  • Mitch Hennessy
    Mitch Hennessy 2 hours ago

    Find someone in life that talks about you the way Pete talks about Rick’s fairway bunker game.

  • The Watchman
    The Watchman 2 hours ago

    A few years ago, I went to the discount golf shop with 350 quid in the hip pocket determined to buy the latest and greatest driver. I tested all the latest big name drivers on the sim for a good two hours. The pro was helpful and kept bringing different clubs with different shafts. After watching me for a while, and looking at the figures, he said "try this, and see what you think?" and handed me a plain black driver. I hit it straighter, longer (by about 20 yards) and more consistent. "Wow, I like that, what is it?" It's exactly the same club and shaft as Sam Torrance uses." A John Letters tour black 9 degree, with stiff flex" I was gob-smacked to find that it was only £199.00 so I bought the matching 3 wood too. I still use them and wouldn't change them. Great clubs. Just goes to show how we just assume that the big names are better.

  • Andrew Brent
    Andrew Brent 3 hours ago

    Hi Rick I'm an 11 handicap from Michigan in the US. I've been a little toe-y this season and took your tee-peg drill to the net in my yard the past three nights, working from a 7 up to my 2 trying alternately to keep the club between the pegs and to nip the high tee with the toe of the iron. Just trying it I could feel something changing. Big coin in the grass clippings on my club face, right in the sweet spot, and after a little while the tees were mostly unscathed. On the range early this morning I was already improved, and I'm excited to take things to the course this weekend. Thanks a lot!

  • CR Bulldog
    CR Bulldog 3 hours ago

    I suck at chipping so bad I use my diablo hybrid to chip or bump and runs

  • Steven Harary
    Steven Harary 3 hours ago

    awesome vid ricky

  • Kevin Dodd
    Kevin Dodd 4 hours ago

    Wow epic match always love the vlogs with you and pete as thats what got me back into playing golf again love to see some more as regular go and watch your course vlogs with you both in that you have done in the past!!

  • David James
    David James 4 hours ago

    A really high handicapper should use this driver and those balls that fly straighter and maybe then they could break 100 from the forwardmost (red) tees. Many people refer to them as the "ladies" tees but I call them something else (forwardmost or senior tees). Problem is, what if you are a senior AND a lady? You should be allowed to move even closer than the reds ha ha.

  • Jimmy Investigates
    Jimmy Investigates 4 hours ago

    Amazing video! Very helpful. Thank you Rick!

  • David James
    David James 4 hours ago

    At 3:00 it is showing both 295 yards and 299 yards. Which is correct?

  • David James
    David James 4 hours ago

    Why 460cc limit? Why not make it a nice round 500 cc?

  • Tom G
    Tom G 4 hours ago

    Those irons look great. I bought a set of Wilson blades in 1990 when I first started playing. Only set of irons I've ever owned.

  • seth leighton
    seth leighton 5 hours ago

    Getting back in the game ..was On golf teams in high school and college .. Was a 6 HC but I haven't hit ball in 13 years.. Got DCI irons Maxfli rev reds and Ram f x-2 forged but it took more years to play my blades in the mid 70s average so proudly will let the rams gather more dust.. Should I get new irons ? I had back injury playing hockey my senior yr college so stoped playing ..I'm sure my club speed will be down.. Anyone have some ideas ..deff need new driver

  • The Watchman
    The Watchman 5 hours ago

    I have an old 8 Iron with those dimpled grooves. It has about the same carry as a modern gap wedge.

  • Jose Sunday Sayo
    Jose Sunday Sayo 5 hours ago

    Ping kingkkhhh

  • Kian Dennis
    Kian Dennis 5 hours ago


  • Roedolf Klopper
    Roedolf Klopper 6 hours ago

    Rick you are a brilljant all round coach👌we all are enjoying your videos✋👌

  • Aubtin Seradjeh
    Aubtin Seradjeh 8 hours ago

    Pro v1

  • Hesulina
    Hesulina 8 hours ago

    3.00 donald duck? "packed with technology"

  • Les Howard
    Les Howard 9 hours ago

    Ping Zero putters are the best for out driving your mates. I had one & had many laughs.

  • no no
    no no 10 hours ago

    Im confused as to why you got a 2 stroke penalty for "not replacing your ball" Rick. It was marked on the green...you put the ball down, picked up the marker, then putted? I think I missed something. Anyone care to elaborate?

    • no no
      no no 10 hours ago

      Ohhhhhh because he went a putter head away to move the marker. Ill leave this here incase anyone else missed it lol

  • Jimbob Leo
    Jimbob Leo 10 hours ago

    Hi Rick, I've got a swing speed of around 115-120mph and I've always chosen the 'x' for reduced spin and therefore less wild tee shots. Is this flawed logic? Do you see more of a difference between soft/hard balls with a faster swing? Thanks!

  • Ronnie D
    Ronnie D 10 hours ago

    Almost went to Tahoe myself. Wish I could be in Napa for the Safeway Open this week but had to go to Indiana for work.

  • Joseph Dubiel
    Joseph Dubiel 11 hours ago

    I don't know if I could get used to those lines. I really do not like them. They are too distracting and kinda remind me of a range ball. I use either a Chrome Soft or AVX. Spider Dubiel

  • Tourismsights
    Tourismsights 12 hours ago

    I wonder if it would track full flight at an open range more accurately?

  • Jayme Goode
    Jayme Goode 12 hours ago

    If them clubs came from Walmart or another big box retail store you would say they were hideous and cheap looking? So would I! Lol

  • Billy Big-Time
    Billy Big-Time 12 hours ago

    to check flexibility drll, fantastic idea

  • Jordan Durham
    Jordan Durham 13 hours ago

    I'm a right handed hitter and slice to the left and tips but I am also a young golfer and hit around a 41 on par 35

  • Raymond Pentony
    Raymond Pentony 13 hours ago

    Hey Rick, moved to the Wilson blades? When?

  • Jordan Durham
    Jordan Durham 13 hours ago

    Hey Rick I am wonder what type of grip do you use

  • mooseclappin11
    mooseclappin11 14 hours ago

    Looks a lot like what I use as a 23 year old with not a whole lot of income. Mostly old second hand clubs and hand-me-downs. The main difference being that, instead of a nice expensive Scotty Cameron putter, I have a relatively cheap Dunlop Dl-3.

  • RealJohnnyPon
    RealJohnnyPon 15 hours ago

    Rick u made your mind up about the review before you hit them, These are down to $550 and flying off shelves, wonder how people feel about em now!!! BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Union Jack
    Union Jack 15 hours ago

    Ugly looking things imo

  • Grant Markman
    Grant Markman 16 hours ago

    I don’t have a pattern til about the 3rd beer.

  • humdrummer
    humdrummer 16 hours ago

    I agree 100%. Take your time. I used to play holes at practice. Hit driver to a point in the range, not at a flag. Then hit a club as if you were hitting into a green, this time aim at a flag. Mix it up, short holes, long holes and par 5's. Use all the clubs. Take it one more step and hit to the same targets a second time around.

  • Tanner Reyff
    Tanner Reyff 16 hours ago

    “That is RIIIPPED”

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor 17 hours ago

    One of my favorites videos you’ve done! Love your content man! Making my game better here

  • Riley Weiss
    Riley Weiss 17 hours ago

    My longest drive is 250 yards and I am 13 years old

  • slbsolitario42
    slbsolitario42 18 hours ago

    Thanks a million Rick! This has fixed my slice completely and I’m only past the first lesson. I’m hitting the fairway every time.

  • Marcus Henggeler
    Marcus Henggeler 18 hours ago

    Callaway orange chrome super soft balls

  • Edward Brant
    Edward Brant 18 hours ago

    Hi rick can you make a video hitting woods out of a fairway bunker

  • Brett Vandergrift
    Brett Vandergrift 18 hours ago

    If you sell those custom headcovers, where can I buy one? These are awesome

  • Ed Rohan
    Ed Rohan 19 hours ago

    I use Srixon Qstar tour. Love the feel, performance and price.

  • Mark Menzuber
    Mark Menzuber 19 hours ago

    great comparison and insight, saved me a lot of trials, gonna try that AVX

  • nick faust
    nick faust 19 hours ago

    Peter uses one length?!

  • Steven Schwab
    Steven Schwab 20 hours ago

    C4 😯

  • Max Frantzen
    Max Frantzen 20 hours ago

    I’m only 14 on my Highschool golf team and this is helping me a lot. Thank you very much I love your videos.

  • John Hoyn
    John Hoyn 21 hour ago

    Hi just like to now if you can find out on Cleveland uhx irons thank you John hoyn

  • RayLo RayLo
    RayLo RayLo 21 hour ago

    A liquid core, wound ball as recently as 1998? Wow! But as much as technology has changed, the overall performance is still relatively the same!. Amazing! BTW, not only are his videos among the best on TheXvid, Rick has a beautiful swing!

  • Chris Hightchew
    Chris Hightchew 21 hour ago

    In the beginning of your video what tracker was you using for your yardage?

    • Chris Hightchew
      Chris Hightchew 21 hour ago

      I just upgraded after 5 years of the same irons to the Callaway Rouge X irons!!! Love them!!

  • Riley Weiss
    Riley Weiss 21 hour ago

    Graphite Callaway X20 irons

  • David Burson
    David Burson 22 hours ago

    I've been playing for about 6 yrs. and score in the 60's on a par three. "SAD, I KNOW" . After seeing your vids I have gone to the upper 30's to low 40's. (THANKS SO MUCH!!) Just got to get rid of my darned slice now.

  • Randy Moore
    Randy Moore 22 hours ago

    Have you ever heard of the Perfect Balance Swing and Fitness System ?

  • Brendan Schafer
    Brendan Schafer 22 hours ago

    I AM LATE Hahaha

  • ItWentRight FORE
    ItWentRight FORE 22 hours ago

    Great video and reinforces the point of how much clubs are over priced and golf cam still be played cheap.

  • ItWentRight FORE
    ItWentRight FORE 22 hours ago

    Hit the nail on the head!!

  • ItWentRight FORE
    ItWentRight FORE 22 hours ago

    So I came to this video a little late but I feel this has been a growing problem in golf for a long time now. It is the reason why sights like Golf bidder in the UK or 2nd swing and Rock Bottom Golf in the states are so popular. The cost has gotten so outrageous that most wait for the price to drop when it becomes a outdated model or buy used. I have seen prices ranging 6-800 dollars for a driver and 12-2500 dollars for a set of irons. Even 3 woods and hybrids are ridiculously priced. My son who plays for his HS wants to get fitted but realised with everything he wants, he is looking at 2500$ it is disgusting overall. I have actually started playing with my dads old set of clubs made by Kroydon which was stopped being made in the 50's! And even going to collecting hickory clubs to re spark my love for the game.

  • pacypacman
    pacypacman 22 hours ago

    Just got this one with a tensei white ck pro TX shaft, absolutely love it🤩

  • Jake Linton
    Jake Linton 22 hours ago

    I’m a junior and love your vlogs they’ve hel0ed me lots

  • HeWhoHasTheSon
    HeWhoHasTheSon 23 hours ago

    Those irons look MINTTTTT!!!! 👌🏼

  • Edwin Dude
    Edwin Dude Day ago

    I’ve played Ice hockey for 34 years now. I’ve not seen that many slap shots that are better. Can you skate Rick ?

  • kevin mcarthur

    Got no time for haters -love your vids ,chin up

  • James Dunne
    James Dunne Day ago

    Hi Rick are you using an f8 driver?

  • EshowTheSultan

    much obliged, fixed the grip, fixed the slice no further. Great video great tips

  • Jim Dalgarno
    Jim Dalgarno Day ago

    cheers Ricki will try the next time I'm at the range

  • Temporal
    Temporal Day ago

    Hey Rick! I've been seeing 2 launch monitors (The FlightScope Mevo and the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor) in a lot of ads lately. I was wondering if you could test either of them against GC Quad? It seems like a good video opportunity!

  • Chris Martelli

    I got an odessy

  • Chet LovesMer
    Chet LovesMer Day ago

    Rick, here in the US we have these things called dry erase markers. The dry erase runs right off the club face. It also comes off the ball before it stops rolling.

  • Brett Irle
    Brett Irle Day ago

    Great video Rick. Hate to say it but this is actually a 17 year test. I remember the TISI tec (blue head) came out several years later than the TISI (black head). They looked the same other except the color. But the black one did come out in '98. I remember these clubs were so big people were ripping out the erasers from their golf pencils and using them as tees because standard tees were too short.

  • Andy O'Neill
    Andy O'Neill Day ago

    Subscribed! Awesome videos! Thank you for taking the time to make them

  • Progressive Demagogue

    Rick is one fat fk.

  • The Art of GNAR

    Lucy made my shaft extra stiff.

  • Garry Taggart
    Garry Taggart Day ago

    great video rick

  • Henrik Karlsson

    Hit these balls up to a pro power drive player! Se if they can smash these balls dead straight and long, would be interesting 😜👍

  • Satchmo Dog
    Satchmo Dog Day ago

    Not too sure about using UK gold clubs. Driving on the opposite side of the club seems awkward 😄

  • Rampage
    Rampage Day ago

    Percept Laddie

  • The Chad
    The Chad Day ago

    7:51 the rick giggle, lol couldnt help but laugh when i heard it

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray Day ago

    preferably your own practice balls :)

    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray 12 hours ago

      ;) I like your humor a lot and also Pete's. I think this is one of the reasons why you are so successful. We would have a lot of fun on course. I sometimes see you supress swear words haha. (sorry for the english)

  • Sajc Emmanuel
    Sajc Emmanuel Day ago

    GREAT VIDEO RICK! Especially for the price

  • Ripcap
    Ripcap Day ago

    Shielsie wanted to jump from the beginning lol Nice match, keep em coming!

  • Danny James
    Danny James Day ago

    I bought a 2017 M1 driver head but it doesn't fit my old shaft that I used for my first Gen RBZ driver. I need an extra stiff 70-gram shaft and I hit the ball low with too much spin. Can someone please point me in the right direction. I'm on ebay and I don't care if it's middle of the road or used because I'm not looking to spend a ton of money. My knowledge of equipment is really outdated so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • CptObvious
    CptObvious Day ago

    I want to get blades, these clubs are great

  • CptObvious
    CptObvious Day ago

    I have a 1 Iron I have hit it a total of once. I don't want to say it's impossible, but it surely does feel that way

  • dap
    dap Day ago

    What was the shaft in it?

  • dhit62
    dhit62 Day ago

    i like the 2 tee drill. I will definitely be using this one. Thanks Rick!

  • Andreas Lossius

    Its about 5,5% for the wedge and about 10% for the 7 iron. More important for loger clubs??

  • keith williams

    I love Lucy 💕💕💕💕

  • Thomas Cason
    Thomas Cason Day ago

    Great video Rick. I always enjoy watching

  • Biały Jordan
    Biały Jordan Day ago

    Check my insta: w_h_i_t_e_m_b

  • Biały Jordan
    Biały Jordan Day ago

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  • Biały Jordan
    Biały Jordan Day ago

    Check my insta: w_h_i_t_e_m_b only golf life

  • Farid Betet
    Farid Betet Day ago

    great video

  • CptObvious
    CptObvious Day ago

    That first shot is nice with a chipper

  • dwc313
    dwc313 Day ago

    Are the Wilson's in the bag?

  • pete ham
    pete ham Day ago

    really good review this one...