The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • erasercool
    erasercool Minute ago

    Patriots are currently Destroying the Jets 33 - 0

  • Microphone Hell
    Microphone Hell 2 minutes ago

    The QB seldom carries the team. A throw is USELESS until it is caught. Consequently, the claim that a "QB has to carry the team" is demonstrably false.

  • Shawn David
    Shawn David 6 minutes ago


  • Zane Eklund
    Zane Eklund 7 minutes ago

    Bears should trade for newton

  • Dennis Serras
    Dennis Serras 10 minutes ago

    AFC will be patriots.NFC will be a team that throws a Hail Mary against Saints and Saints will be called for a pass interference and lose. Poetic justice.

  • brook gonite
    brook gonite 10 minutes ago


  • BB-13
    BB-13 19 minutes ago

    Jets pick not looking good Colin

  • sadman sakib
    sadman sakib 24 minutes ago

    my guy is so wrong

  • Garrett Hale
    Garrett Hale 24 minutes ago

    I hate Colin cowherd! But I love Joel Khat!

  • Paul Vu
    Paul Vu 26 minutes ago

    These Taco bell managers at least had him in top 5. What'd you say about this guy?

    KD SWAGGER 27 minutes ago

    So now Colin Cowherd is a wrestling fan because WWE has a new deal with FOX... LOL

  • Sitrous
    Sitrous 35 minutes ago

    Can’t wait to see him defend Darnold after this game

  • Manocyte Sotomi
    Manocyte Sotomi 36 minutes ago

    The chargers always the bridesmaid never the bride ...

  • Jaideep Singh
    Jaideep Singh 37 minutes ago

    No cowboys are not super bowl contenders

  • Austin Wade
    Austin Wade 40 minutes ago

    Are the 49ers the only team that has the ability to take out New England?

    YUR FILTHY 43 minutes ago

    That’s funny Collin u we’re all on Atlanta’s jock before the season started and said the saints were going to take a huge step back...

  • Ashar Jafri
    Ashar Jafri 46 minutes ago

    If Raptors had to go thru West they don't win a series

  • Damion Wheeling
    Damion Wheeling 48 minutes ago

    Saints bears should have been “battered in Chicago”

  • Dominick Ross
    Dominick Ross 51 minute ago

    Jimmy G

  • Dirty Randy
    Dirty Randy 51 minute ago

    Are the 49ers a Super Bowl team?

  • Dirty Randy
    Dirty Randy 54 minutes ago

    Josh Allen’s a Beast Buffalos going to the playoffs

  • D.M. 49ers
    D.M. 49ers 54 minutes ago

    "Classic Chargers loss" 🤣😂 I have nothing against the Chargers but that sh** was funny.

  • rizednb
    rizednb Hour ago

    Giants. Did Not Cover

  • svgftw
    svgftw Hour ago

    if i'm the cheifs 70ish% of my high round picks the next 3 years are gonna be on defensive players

  • BJ Young
    BJ Young Hour ago

    This is ky favorite segment you do i think it’s because its simple and to the point

  • zacharylansing
    zacharylansing Hour ago

    Urban ain’t so bad after all BOOMER!

  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall Hour ago

    I wonder if Alabama pays Joel Klatt to trash Clemson?

  • Lord Earl
    Lord Earl Hour ago

    Kawhi got lucky with the 6ers Golden state was hurt Stop making him a god He got lucky

  • Phike
    Phike Hour ago

    Why all a sudden are cowboys back in superbowl picture with everyone... Yes they played the a good game but part of it was the Eagles were flat out bad.... Cowboys haven't beaten a team with a winning record n lost to 0-4 jets n after 1 game they back in superbowl talks gtfoh.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Chris Davis II
    Chris Davis II Hour ago

    Here we go again. For those who didn't watch the Bucks vs Raptors series, Kawhi did not shut Giannis down. Leonard is an excellent defender, but you know damn well he couldn't have played man-to-man defense on Giannis. The Raptors double teamed him and walled the paint almost every time.

  • Jett Rink
    Jett Rink Hour ago

    I'm watching this at halftime Monday...oops.

  • ThatJuanGuy2k
    ThatJuanGuy2k Hour ago

    Colts game Really Bad Officiating

  • Lori Romero
    Lori Romero Hour ago

    Um colins the same guy that will say the opposite when he runs out of material when A team loses on any given Sunday.

  • Stone Jones
    Stone Jones Hour ago

    This man didn't even mention Alvin Kamara as the best running back🤦‍♂️

  • TV Jumpshot
    TV Jumpshot Hour ago

    Kevin Love going to Portland would be a sneaky good move. Maybe stealing Jordan Clarkson in the deal to give them punch off the bench .... Cleveland gets an expiring contract... That sounds lucrative for both squads. Cleveland may want a young talent at forward in return.

  • TV Jumpshot
    TV Jumpshot Hour ago

    Dallas is gonna be really good and surprise the league if Porzingis stays healthy...

  • William McAlpine

    Josh Rosen to Chicago 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • DeathGrinder B
    DeathGrinder B Hour ago

    klatt has ohio state first and they have played NO ONE good. LSU should be first on every analysts list. and if they r not, theres only one team that can be first and that's Clemson defending champs and still undefeated.

  • Tyler Atkins
    Tyler Atkins Hour ago

    Niners skins Slip and slide

  • Zachary Starr
    Zachary Starr Hour ago

    Surprised he didn't do one for Brown's vs the Bye

  • Luke Gabloff
    Luke Gabloff Hour ago

    Did he just mention the top running backs in the league without saquon and zeke?

  • jb 7
    jb 7 Hour ago

    Raiders are frauds

  • Gold Standard
    Gold Standard Hour ago

    pretty lame for him to advertise his stupid product during the interview.

  • I got last place on 538

    Every time he comes to the broncos game he talks about the team

  • Brandon Bouchez
    Brandon Bouchez Hour ago

    "the jets are a tough out at home" 24-0 lol

  • Jackthunderification

    Patriots are currently up 24-0 in the 2nd quarter. This will not be close

  • Jon Dunn
    Jon Dunn Hour ago

    Didn’t Colin at the end of last year say Kawhi was the most overrated player? It’s laughable how much this guy flip flops. I’m a big Kawhi fan and think he’s the best player in the world right now, but if you’re absolutely insane if you take him to start a franchise right now over Giannis. He’s way older, Giannis I’d say was right behind him right now, and he’s only 24 with more room to grow and has no durability issues, while Kawhi is 27 with significant injury history. Giannis has at minimum 5 more prime years left, Kawhi has maybe 2 or 3, and Giannis’ will probably peak even higher than Kawhi. Colin always thinks the question is who’d you take the next season, and even then I’d say Giannis just cause he’s likely to improve more. It’s absolutely ridiculous taking Kawhi over Giannis.

  • MrKenny
    MrKenny 2 hours ago

    what will FS1 talk about with Dallas on a bye week

  • Face The ghost
    Face The ghost 2 hours ago

    I thought I would neverrrrr in a million years see Colin defend kawhi

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera 2 hours ago

    "Put a little cloth over my TV Set with DirecTV.". You don't even need to that. If you really don't wanna watch TV with that service provider, just try watching with any kind of inclement weather. It's impossible.

  • MikeSoLit
    MikeSoLit 2 hours ago


  • Arvind Talukdar
    Arvind Talukdar 2 hours ago

    Non-contact injuries aren’t because of one play. It’s because of repetitive use past the comfort zone of the athlete.

  • Nate Neesvig
    Nate Neesvig 2 hours ago

    Here’s what I learned from today’s video... Surround a great QB with great talent, you’ll have a good... maybe even great team.

  • Maximillion Green
    Maximillion Green 2 hours ago

    1 o clock kirk cousins

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 2 hours ago


  • Tyler Scott
    Tyler Scott 2 hours ago

    I don't know how it happened this quick, the NFC East is the weakest division, in the NFC sure but perhaps the entire NFL. The Cowboys are barely leading it (at .571). Hard to crown them at anything, especially when Packers, Vikings, New Orleans, Seattle & San Francisco are all over .700. Cowboys win the division, but lose in the wild card game.

  • Alex Moffitt
    Alex Moffitt 2 hours ago

    I just hope my Panthers can stay competitive with the Niners this Sunday, it should be a good game

  • iz thefaithful
    iz thefaithful 2 hours ago

    Clearly New England’s Monday record doesn’t mean anything when you live in the Super Bowl every February Stats can be very overrated

  • Jay Pearce
    Jay Pearce 2 hours ago

    I thought Favre had a perfect passer rating after his dad passed in Green Bay?

    • Jay Pearce
      Jay Pearce 23 minutes ago

      kother01 wow, a perfect rating would have made it a fairy tale I guess....

    • kother01
      kother01 Hour ago

      He was perfect at halftime but ended the game with 154.9

  • Anthony Huynh
    Anthony Huynh 2 hours ago

    even cowherd can give rodgers credit. Skip is delusional lmao

  • C P
    C P 2 hours ago

    Colin on of the only guys in the media who actually acknowledges the Vikings have a great roster. Tons of respect for that.

  • Tris Matu
    Tris Matu 2 hours ago

    Kawhi is getting way too much credit for beating one of the warrior (Steph) and not the warriors. And it’s not like Siakam didn’t show up 2 games, Ibaka was a monster one game and Van vleet couldn’t miss. Also I like the idea of Kevin love to Portland but Cleveland has to many Centers. Zizic, Henson, T Thompson.

  • Hymedude
    Hymedude 2 hours ago

    Cowboys are an 8-8 team if they get the wild card I'd be shocked......

  • Douglas Rose
    Douglas Rose 2 hours ago

    Colin Cowherd loves every team and hates any team that is struggling but leaves it vague to where he can say he was not right or wrong when a team is stepping up and wins... He is the equivalent to a weatherman who knows f****** nothing

  • JJ Whitener
    JJ Whitener 2 hours ago

    Luka would be my top pick, a 20 year old 6'8 pg who can shoot pass and is a big game player... No debate

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 2 hours ago

    Ravens: Lamar A Quarterback?

  • iz thefaithful
    iz thefaithful 2 hours ago

    Ehhh we will see GB been playing at home a lot to start season and the Raiders are awful

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 2 hours ago

    Excuse me no I do not. (Stephen a voice)

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 2 hours ago

    Buffalos defense is real but offense is not

  • Trannon Goble
    Trannon Goble 2 hours ago

    You spelled "scary helped by the refs" wrong

  • Matthew Beggs
    Matthew Beggs 2 hours ago

    Colin forgets that starting a franchise doesn't mean just this season and now. It also includes the future and 5-10 years down the track

  • Isaac Martinez
    Isaac Martinez 2 hours ago

    NFC west is the best division in football

  • Luciano
    Luciano 2 hours ago

    Detroit Lions 3 words : Same ol lions

  • Brett Boggs
    Brett Boggs 2 hours ago

    In glad you finally realized your take o. Rodgers was wrong. We been saying this for years. The guy has been playing with the practice squad for 5 years

  • James Foster
    James Foster 2 hours ago

    The Colts are seriously underrated. They have beat two of the better teams in the AFC in the past 3 weeks. Watch out come January!

  • Brandon Hunter
    Brandon Hunter 3 hours ago

    Last season it looked like Baker was right but this aged very well for Colin. Not the biggest fan of Baker not really because of the character issues but like Colin said, he isn’t overly gifted physically and he dominates against average big 12 defenses. Either way though, Baker conducted himself really well in this interview and that makes him more likable. He should be a solid qb for a decade.

  • crossinU
    crossinU 3 hours ago

    For as much as Colin dickrides Carson Wentz I’m shocked that he has no idea that Easton Stick exists on the Chargers. Not holding my breath for him to ever be a solid reporter lmao

  • Jr Sy
    Jr Sy 3 hours ago

    Anybody tired of that coffee ad fro nesppose or whatever it’s called

  • RJA Ashby
    RJA Ashby 3 hours ago

    Not during

  • RJA Ashby
    RJA Ashby 3 hours ago

    Neel in the begining

  • Robert
    Robert 3 hours ago

    Wtf the week isn't over

  • Chronic Kid
    Chronic Kid 3 hours ago

    As a falcons fan, i dont even know what to say anymore. We have a talented team. Fire Dan Quinn please :)

  • Brad Lamb
    Brad Lamb 3 hours ago

    Having Sammy Watkins and Tyreek Hill is what separates them

  • Tremain ???
    Tremain ??? 3 hours ago

    Man I wanted him to clear his throat so bad 😂

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is 3 hours ago

    “the rookie receiver hasn’t shown us anything” does he know he’s injured

    • DBZfanzone
      DBZfanzone 2 hours ago

      Like not playing injured? So he hasn't been on the field? Meaning he hasn't shown anything?

  • Ross Frazier
    Ross Frazier 3 hours ago

    lol didn't even mention the saints🤣

  • Arcell Mcgowan
    Arcell Mcgowan 3 hours ago

    Tough boy that injury robbed us of a hellava game Sunday night. 😣😣😣

  • CallMePumps
    CallMePumps 3 hours ago

    Packers raiders 3 words Aar-ron Rodgers (he aired out 450 yards & 6 tds)

  • Victor Manue jr
    Victor Manue jr 3 hours ago

    Giants vs Arizona what's wrong with the giants losing at home again Arizona.

  • Th3MadDabb3r
    Th3MadDabb3r 3 hours ago

    Pern baby, Pern!!!!!

  • The Doc
    The Doc 3 hours ago

    Isn’t it crazy how easy the schedule is for the patriots.. usually it gets harder once you establish a dynasty but they just play all the worst teams in the league every year. This year they’ve only played the bills and almost lost

  • Laquan Treadwell
    Laquan Treadwell 3 hours ago

    If he doesn’t say Drew Brees I swear... lol only answer I would accept besides that is if he got cocky and said “the best player I ever played with is myself” hahaha EDIT: I got my boxers in a bunch to soon hahaha I commented this before watching and of course he says Drew... haha

  • Calo Q.
    Calo Q. 3 hours ago

    3 word game? Great looking gray!

  • Joshua Vega
    Joshua Vega 3 hours ago

    I seriously did not expect the Falcons and Chargers to be this bad. Cam Newton to Falcons

  • Isaiah Prout
    Isaiah Prout 3 hours ago

    Chiefs might actually miss the playoffs

  • Joshua Vega
    Joshua Vega 3 hours ago

    Kansas City Chiefs - 3 word game Madden Curse Real

  • Jordan Meaux
    Jordan Meaux 3 hours ago

    Who else is here cause of his hair?😂

  • United Fan For Life
    United Fan For Life 3 hours ago

    Matt Moore will "Drew Bledsoe" Mahomes

  • Princess Baltazar
    Princess Baltazar 3 hours ago

    i like that he put Warriors in fourth that’s crazy but possible 💯💯‼️‼️‼️

  • キティニャー
    キティニャー 3 hours ago

    why do people always say "eagles have the best roster in the league" 🤔🤔

    • DBZfanzone
      DBZfanzone 3 hours ago

      Because they're stuck in the past.