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  • Triple -A
    Triple -A 2 hours ago

    The trailer looks generic as fuck 🤦‍♂️and bring released on January is not a good sign.

  • McjVibe
    McjVibe 2 hours ago

    Peter Mckinnon is more appealing on trailer

  • Mark O'Connell
    Mark O'Connell 2 hours ago

    Oh yes!! Well done Team EON!

  • Joséphine Kérézit

    So retarded how a woman is portrayed to whoop a dude up! That's NOT real life. Most women could not do such a thing. Too stupid!

  • Opus Garza
    Opus Garza 3 hours ago

    She's not skinny enough. You gotta get someone like they got for the Anna movie. Then it's more believable when she's beating the crap outta men that weigh 4 times her weight. Oh well, maybe they'll get it right next time.

  • I Have No Videos, Subscribe Anyway

    Sonic Movie trailer 2! PLEEEEEEEEASE!

  • Yesenia Rivera Torres

    pelo haci bonito

  • Peter
    Peter 3 hours ago

    It's just another Looper but a black version lol

  • Aphiwat Buarsa
    Aphiwat Buarsa 3 hours ago

    ชอบแมรี่ มาก็เลย ยิ่งตอนเธอเป็นวัยรุ่นยิ่งน่ารัก

  • Mande Gianfala
    Mande Gianfala 3 hours ago

    Y’all stop hiring Americans or Canadians to play British parts I haaaate that shit

  • Hot Rod _
    Hot Rod _ 3 hours ago

    If you pause at 0:56 there is a cgi error! They forgot to mask out the sparks 😂

  • Monet Jenkins
    Monet Jenkins 3 hours ago

    Blake getting down and dirty with Sterling is hot. I’m here for it haha 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Santarpan Roy
    Santarpan Roy 3 hours ago

    Who's here after watching Peter McKinnon's version ?

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed 3 hours ago

    I can't wait to watch playing with the boys scene again

  • Vicky R.
    Vicky R. 3 hours ago

    Looks like the bourne movies but with a female lead....

  • Mary Cleary
    Mary Cleary 3 hours ago

    Blake lively!!!! I’m watching it. Such an incredible actress,and she plays awesome characters that fit her.

  • Nimeshika Rangodage
    Nimeshika Rangodage 3 hours ago

    Watched it today. It is quite OK

  • Bill Goodwin
    Bill Goodwin 3 hours ago

    Women are not "badass." This agenda is getting really old, Hollywood.

  • arjun js
    arjun js 3 hours ago

    Amazing sound track,just awesome

  • adesh khandekar
    adesh khandekar 3 hours ago

    Ya not to be ass or anything but I think peter mckinnon made a better trailer than this one...this one just up the whole movie

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen 3 hours ago

    *From the James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson? This might be a litmus test for a future female James Bond ~*

  • Ian Smart
    Ian Smart 3 hours ago

    Looks great.

  • RiceFromHell
    RiceFromHell 4 hours ago

    uhhh thanks for saving me $12 so i dont have to see the movie anymore? well and popcorn and drinks so thanks for saving me $32

  • Sushanth Ramesh
    Sushanth Ramesh 4 hours ago

    Blake fuckin' Lively. I'm in😍

  • abhi shek
    abhi shek 4 hours ago

    It's so boring.. I ended up in the half movie..

  • It's-Krisann
    It's-Krisann 4 hours ago

    I love the way Kurt sings this song and the movie looks alright.

  • BCfan159
    BCfan159 4 hours ago

    Whats the plot here? And who is singing the epic ‘In the pines’ song??

  • RGMG
    RGMG 4 hours ago

    At 2:19 ...that's awesome! I'll be watching this movie!!! Looks AWESOME!!

  • Majestic Knight
    Majestic Knight 4 hours ago

    My Fav actress. love her <3

  • pdg887
    pdg887 4 hours ago


  • Josin Simon
    Josin Simon 4 hours ago

    The Peppermint Part 2..

  • Kamandi
    Kamandi 4 hours ago

    95% of what happens in this trailer doesn't happen in the book.

  • Зубр студио

    Terminator 3 female antagonist, male protagonist. Internet anti-sjw chad: ok Terminator 6: male antagonist ... anti-sjw Fjfifjfuorf kddkdkdj WTF WTF WTF APOCALYPS A FEMINIST FILM PRO LGBT

  • Roshan Raj
    Roshan Raj 4 hours ago

    Who all are here after Peter McKinnon's video

  • To Ni
    To Ni 4 hours ago

    I'm watching this because of Peter McKinnon.

  • Thockster Mobster
    Thockster Mobster 4 hours ago

    Peter McKinnon brought me here!!

  • Elddie Benigay
    Elddie Benigay 4 hours ago

    Here after Peter's *better* trailer

  • Eden Kammerer
    Eden Kammerer 4 hours ago

    Looks like an adult “Leon”...

  • janice k
    janice k 4 hours ago

    Woah fist time seeing Blake doin action 😍

  • The Lego Builder
    The Lego Builder 4 hours ago

    The biggest regret of my life not watching this in the theaters 😂😂😂

  • Potitos Anthony
    Potitos Anthony 4 hours ago


  • newgoblin49
    newgoblin49 4 hours ago

    produced by the James Bond producers, the only reason I'm interested

  • Prakash Menon
    Prakash Menon 4 hours ago

    Wow...Blake Lively...that's awesome.....

  • James Dillamore
    James Dillamore 4 hours ago

    REBOOT 101: Take the original theme music and slow it down juuuuuust a touch.. ahhh now that's nostalgia.

  • Muhammad Aathiq
    Muhammad Aathiq 4 hours ago

    Ah, the usual yearly movie about one person getting revenge against terrorists who HAS to come from a middle eastern country. Nice.

  • Kaare V-B
    Kaare V-B 4 hours ago

    Just be happy with what you get... oh that's right i'm too late because they are remaking sonic and because of that the movie comes out in february.. FEBRUARY! Dumb wanna be sonic fans...

  • Adamnation
    Adamnation 4 hours ago

    I *really* hope this doesn’t end up tainted by, let’s say... “politics”

  • Master Shifu
    Master Shifu 4 hours ago

    2:26 wtf was that

  • Curren12346
    Curren12346 4 hours ago

    I think the new improved Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer (with the redesign) will be dropping next week because Paramount just released two January Movie trailers Weekly! Those are Like a Boss and The Rhyme Section. Sonic The Hedgehog is after these two Releases. It ( New Improved Trailer) might be coming next week. Otherwise, it will be coming at the end of the month, or with Gemini Man/Addams Family in early October!

  • Trey Mitchell
    Trey Mitchell 4 hours ago

    Inject this trailer in my veins

  • Tarvu
    Tarvu 5 hours ago

    Jesus Fucking Christ calm down with the music. It's like having a panic attack.

  • Aryan basnyat
    Aryan basnyat 5 hours ago

    I remember the song from Nirvana unplugged- Where did you sleep last night?

  • John Frankovich
    John Frankovich 5 hours ago

    I haven't been this excited for a movie in a longgggg time.

  • isaidme0
    isaidme0 5 hours ago

    Did John Connor get a sex change? Who is the lbgt fairy?

  • Redcrown 06
    Redcrown 06 5 hours ago

    Everybody: Let all cheer at the theatre when Schwarzenegger open the door scene.

    THICC AREOPLANES 5 hours ago

    Bro what even is this?

  • Maru
    Maru 5 hours ago

    So amazing 😍

  • Paul Staker
    Paul Staker 5 hours ago

    Man u guys are such whinos. Cameron wrote this so it's gon be dope.

  • T.E. Burgos
    T.E. Burgos 5 hours ago

    FINALLY!!!!! I have been waiting for this sooo long!

  • jump zoneFTW leisureplexFTL

    What's the song called in the trailer?

  • Duck Animations XD
    Duck Animations XD 5 hours ago

    Release the new sonic trailer already!

  • It's Mohamed Mekewy
    It's Mohamed Mekewy 5 hours ago

    Hi abdelrahman !!

  • Mfundo Radebe
    Mfundo Radebe 5 hours ago

    Watching Blake Lively grow as an actress has been a privilege. This truly looks like a decent film. Fingers crossed! Also, I kind of hope this film has a lot more colour in it. The name of the film has me imagining such a bright and vibrant aesthetic feel to it.

  • It's Mohamed Mekewy
    It's Mohamed Mekewy 5 hours ago

    Hi Ana makkawy

  • Viola Mae
    Viola Mae 5 hours ago

    😎🔥😎07 .71😲🤐

  • Javier Alfaro
    Javier Alfaro 5 hours ago


  • Peter Frank
    Peter Frank 5 hours ago

    Sorry but this honestly looks generic. Reed Morano seems to be out of her element and Jude Law should stop playing cliche bad guys.

  • Daniel Nikrasov
    Daniel Nikrasov 5 hours ago

    Ryan is such a lucky dog.

  • General Oof
    General Oof 5 hours ago

    i raughter watch the sonic terrible design more than cats

  • ЫЫЫ
    ЫЫЫ 5 hours ago

    Another movie about strong(lol) woman... gl with box office

  • Drag AJ
    Drag AJ 5 hours ago

    This truly shows determined girls are strong.. Wow

  • Suraj Kothari
    Suraj Kothari 5 hours ago

    Danny Gonzalez fans: 1:25 HELP, LET ME GO!!! Like if you're GREG!

  • carlos brenes
    carlos brenes 5 hours ago

    Bullshit Feminazis

  • NinepinsKnave
    NinepinsKnave 5 hours ago

    I was kind of along for the ride...right up until "I'll be back" pushed its way past Linda Hamilton's lips. That was the extra dose of reminder I needed to stay away. Probably.

  • Robbie James
    Robbie James 5 hours ago

    The acting looks good, but I just can't quite narrow down what accent she is trying to do? Because if it's an English one? It ain't working.

    • MrSaxon
      MrSaxon 2 hours ago

      Disagree. As a Brit myself, I thought it was totally on point.

  • jacknife jenkins
    jacknife jenkins 5 hours ago

    I'd rather watch Manos the dark hands of fate!

  • Smiles Please
    Smiles Please 5 hours ago


  • Smiles Please
    Smiles Please 5 hours ago

    ANGUS LEE 5 hours ago

    Killing a once terrorist who killed her family *NICE*

  • Reema P
    Reema P 5 hours ago

    It's good that it's a comedy!!

  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh 5 hours ago

    Congratulations ARNOLD

  • mahdi abderraouf
    mahdi abderraouf 5 hours ago

    I'm sorry but what's the purpose of making and telling stories in America ?

  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh 5 hours ago

    Congratulations Tom Cruise

  • Alberto Productions
    Alberto Productions 5 hours ago

    So far, Paramount will release 16 films in 2020.

  • Rashi Noni
    Rashi Noni 6 hours ago

    Paramount pictures... I still cannot get over with Twilight.... Btw amazing trailer

    • Alberto Productions
      Alberto Productions 6 hours ago

      Paramount didn’t even make Twilight. That was Summit and Lionsgate (although the producer is currently the president of Paramount).

  • Sara Flinn
    Sara Flinn 6 hours ago

    Uhh.. Meow?

  • Bang Jac
    Bang Jac 6 hours ago

    The Age Of Adaline, The Shallows, Cafe Society, A Simple Favor.. I personally think her movies are always good so imma see this one 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Ellen Page
    Ellen Page 6 hours ago

    The Punisher?

  • a turkish guy who don't have a proper life

    normal day in state of florida

    A SAVANT1 6 hours ago

    SIICK. Hopefully it’s as good as the book

  • Chris Choi
    Chris Choi 6 hours ago


  • Jassy MC
    Jassy MC 6 hours ago

    Blake looks badass 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

    IAME-MAN 6 hours ago

    When I saw the poster, I had no idea it was Blake Lively. I thought it was Rachel Weisz lol

  • Star-Lord
    Star-Lord 6 hours ago

    The song in the trailer is entitled "In the Pines". There are so many versions of this dark song, but the best one is from Drewis from Telltale's The Walking Dead. This version is so... hallow because of the inclusion of modern beats.

  • Asip
    Asip 6 hours ago

    another Nikita, Salt or Peppermint?

  • Alan Paul
    Alan Paul 6 hours ago

    She Assasin

  • Ana M Muñiz
    Ana M Muñiz 6 hours ago

    I think she is a amazing actress.

  • no hassle
    no hassle 6 hours ago

    This new Mexican John Connor replacement better be an amazing actor and make me cry or she can fuck off and bring John back. We don't need gender replacements just to appease feminists.

  • Batman Pop's
    Batman Pop's 6 hours ago

    So a female Jason is Born lol😄