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December in Lagos Nigeria
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    His white girl looks like this TRUE

  • Zay Zay
    Zay Zay 7 hours ago

    What you need to know before visiting Phoenix Az.....there's nothing to do unless you're spending all your money

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    Az does have great sunsets though :)

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    FL sunsets far surpass AZ

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    Last comment this city SUCKS THE SOUL OUT OF YOU. And you can also literally die from the heat in the summer.

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    Ok, ill shut up now

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    Phx is trashy even the rich people

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    Their festivals suck too. Except for the Arabian horse show

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    Old town is boring too. See the state. AZ is great as a whole but skip PHX.

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago


  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    Lived here for a year and cannot wait to move away by the spring. May be for some but not for me.

    • Jerrica Lewis
      Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

      Seems hes just trying to get publicity on his video. Phx NO 👎

    • Jerrica Lewis
      Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

      Traffic sucks too and people CANNOT DRIVE. Its not crazy or reckless per say like FL, LA or other cities. Most people just shouldnt have licenses. They are TERRIble and people die everyday. Oh, shoitings driving down the street all the time too. Six since ive Been here that I've seen. Even in mid town

    • Jerrica Lewis
      Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

      The city does offer a great library system.

    • Jerrica Lewis
      Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

      Oh, the casino sucks too

    • Jerrica Lewis
      Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

      Sorry if I offend anyone but this is how I feel

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    Ok but thats a chain hotel. Of course they have fine dining. The desert is beautiful. The people are NOT they are scared and dry and ugly and boring on the inside.

  • Jerrica Lewis
    Jerrica Lewis 22 hours ago

    PHX is a weird city with weirder people. If you visit you need to stay a week or two or a month to have time to travel around to see all the state has to offer BESIDES PHX. Zoo is terrible, museums are OK. Really like the art museum Downtown. Crack heads, more like meathheads abound. So do weird white people without culture..dry dry..dry running everywhere. Noone really looks you in the eye or talks to anyone. Very pretty city visually in the rich neighborhoods bit very Suburban besides that. Locals are cool and Mexican culture is great and the brown people are WAY nicer than the white. Ive been to five countries, lived across the USA in over 6 states and traveled to more. Btw the food SUCKS here. Even tacos. If you have had tacos in FL or CA you would know. Well, prob some good tacos I. Someone's kitchen but restaurants are BLAND

  • Anthony Johnson

    Born and raised it's definitely underrated shit Poppin no cap

  • Charlie P
    Charlie P Day ago

    I moved here 1 1/2 year ago and it's one of the biggest mistake in my life

  • Cory_aqua
    Cory_aqua Day ago

    Subbed just found you via WODE MAYA.

  • bigjay3055
    bigjay3055 Day ago

    Dude favors nipsey

  • Shatta Gully
    Shatta Gully Day ago

    Niceness Bredda

  • Davy Kustermans

    I keep saying Kyiv is the coolest city i've ever been to, this is the video that proves my point!!! Excellent video

  • sbkpilot11
    sbkpilot11 2 days ago

    thanks for the link and sharing the video... going to be in Doha next month and looking to do some tours :)

  • Big Daddy Toyota Corola

    I thought this was gonna be a video made by a smug guy who just wanted to make a video about how good he lives. But you're actually being genuine and appreciating the shit like anyone else would

    VIBEGOOD 2 days ago

    Wish i knew you were in town playa !

    VIBEGOOD 2 days ago

    Who else from Arizona is watching this? 📍

  • michele6813virgolady

    Im from Panama but from Rainbow city i wish to see more about that part to but all in all Panama is absolutely beautiful and im super proud to be from there. We are going next summer i can't wait

  • kelly o
    kelly o 2 days ago

    This guy has been around for a long time and knowns his shit.

  • Victor
    Victor 2 days ago

    my home town Amsterdam a great city

  • Rihanah Nash
    Rihanah Nash 2 days ago

    When you dressed that qatarian male traditional wear,you looked exactly like those black natives of qatar

    ENGINEERED TRUTH 2 days ago

    Your brother is Jubril, your cousin is Maleek. Stacked family for sure.

  • Rahsaan Muhammad
    Rahsaan Muhammad 3 days ago

    PassportHeavy Ur page is dope you're living my dream job bro . As a young black man trying to figure it out I look up to you!

  • Job Done Right
    Job Done Right 3 days ago

    He should have went to Apache Junction , Mesa Gilbert or Queen Creek to see if he got the same welcome reaction.

  • BigBlackBootyDaddy
    BigBlackBootyDaddy 3 days ago

    Aint shit in no goddamn Phoenix but the suns and they fucking suck Waste of a damn video

  • Pedro Prada
    Pedro Prada 4 days ago

    great video.... loved it...

  • J.R Smith’s Henny Bottle

    I love my city ❤️💕

  • Cousin Poochie
    Cousin Poochie 4 days ago

    Liberals stay home and fully embrace the squaller you created.

  • Don Mac-ee
    Don Mac-ee 4 days ago

    Best City (and State) in the US...... L E T S G O !

  • Jasmine Dejesus
    Jasmine Dejesus 5 days ago

    I need to get more stamps on my passport love the idea of traveling the world!! Love your channel!!

  • Birds ofPrey
    Birds ofPrey 5 days ago

    Nice, to see he highlighted my hometown Cavecreek, Bull riding and the Hot air balloons,, the lakes that are close by.

  • Paige Logan
    Paige Logan 5 days ago

    Did you seriously choose Scottsdale as the highlight of nightlife in Arizona when your video is based around Phoenix. Phoenix is where it’s at! Maybe check out some of downtown Phoenix’s night life next time!

  • Sabah Squared
    Sabah Squared 5 days ago

    A little gentrification is good its alot thats the problem.Regeneration shouldnt mean displacement

  • Marta Sylva
    Marta Sylva 5 days ago

    Im gonna start my journey trying to drop in front of JP !! Hahaha Now serious... this channel is the best I’m missing the videos.

  • Kevin Schmidt
    Kevin Schmidt 5 days ago

    Newsflash, if you're famous and/or rich, any city is amazing.

  • Alexander Traveler
    Alexander Traveler 5 days ago

    SCAMMY video. Foreigners can not own property in Indonesia full stop. Then you get these idiots following what he is saying and wasting their hard earned money

  • gimmeabreak
    gimmeabreak 5 days ago


  • arslan shahid
    arslan shahid 6 days ago

  • Shelvin Simmons
    Shelvin Simmons 6 days ago

    Bro thanks for sharing, got this bookmarked for my trip to Cape Town early next year

  • SneezeWaveG
    SneezeWaveG 6 days ago

    yea no i dont have money for this just go to maryvale park, fun times

  • cocoa8194
    cocoa8194 6 days ago

    I'm going solo in December!

  • mexica 87
    mexica 87 7 days ago

    Ancient Anahuac so beautiful ✊🏾

    LINUS CHEUNG 7 days ago

    u r a very helpful guy thank you

  • Claudia Arvizu
    Claudia Arvizu 8 days ago

    Nice Video! 🌵 it’s Sahuaro ( as in the cactus) 😊

  • Nipul Patel
    Nipul Patel 8 days ago


  • Knik B
    Knik B 8 days ago

    Takes money lol

  • Slap yo momma
    Slap yo momma 8 days ago

    Inside Job homeboy

  • a prod
    a prod 9 days ago

    I want the la ferrari aperta

  • Marc-Bino Castor
    Marc-Bino Castor 9 days ago

    Idk why people got thumbs down for this video, I found it so helpful. He such said a lot, it's like the video has been playing for hours

  • Glitter_ YourLife
    Glitter_ YourLife 9 days ago

    Omg 😮 love this video my moms is from Panama I am dying to go thank you for this

  • Roy Arianto
    Roy Arianto 9 days ago the editing...

  • Marie Martin
    Marie Martin 9 days ago

    I'm authentic Oakland, born and raised, from a long line of Oakland natives. I've never seen that taco truck in my life. If you're not going to a taco truck in the fruitvale area you're trippin.

  • CD L
    CD L 10 days ago

    Jennifer Tosch does it up- She changed my life and my love and passion for telling the history that gets swept under the rug! Check out her American chapter of the tour- Unforgettable!!!!!!!

  • J Rue
    J Rue 10 days ago

    None of these places even in Phoenix SMH

  • Katrina Jade
    Katrina Jade 10 days ago

    This is guy is really funny 😃😃😃

  • teysmith361
    teysmith361 10 days ago

    Bro, you, your lifestyle and vids are inspiring. You're living life as it was meant to be. I'm from London England, and considering moving to Panama, and now Medellin!! Thank you....the music, the intro/outro to your video. What is it called? I need that track. It'll be the first tune I play when I land in Medellin!

  • Lovely Laura xoxo
    Lovely Laura xoxo 10 days ago

    Why did you leave out the truth sweetheart? Like the kidnapping crisis?

  • Vegas Zoom
    Vegas Zoom 11 days ago

    Bro, were you on a 180-day tourist visa while you were in Medellin? Because you said you signed a lease for 6 months.

  • MoneyHighGTuck
    MoneyHighGTuck 11 days ago

    Just a FYI for everybody going to visit Colombia!!! Long story short, Me and my GF booked a tour through toucan cafe and got there 20 minutes late. We thought we were arriving early but we either got the wrong time or they told us the wrong time to arrive. They would not give us a refund and would not give us a different tour. My GF being fluent in spanish was able to argue with them for over an hour to get us a different tour. I'm thankful she spoke spanish, I thought to myself if I didn't have somebody who spoke spanish I would have probably lost $200 USD. I wonder how many foreigners they rob like that there. If your going to Colombia, book through a different tour group.

  • Asensio Rodriguez
    Asensio Rodriguez 11 days ago

    What! Brixton has gone through gentrification? Sorry to hear that.

  • Y Wilks
    Y Wilks 11 days ago

    Thank you for the tour, it was very nice! i will be moving there very noon and i will visit the places from the video!

  • Carlos Morelo
    Carlos Morelo 11 days ago

    Mistake Envigado, need start with M-B sound like Envi.....

  • Tyler V
    Tyler V 11 days ago

    Implants... lots. But I think you mean Transplants. But God Bless the Implants.

  • Sandile Sibiya
    Sandile Sibiya 11 days ago

    This remains one of the best videos. Visuals 🔥 especially the music. Top top notch stuff!

  • MaldoMusicTV
    MaldoMusicTV 12 days ago

    How does Draymond have time to film these videos in Arizona?

  • animbot
    animbot 12 days ago

    Never been to Brixton but just based off of what I'm seeing and his description in the video it reminds me alot of NY. Brooklyn and some parts of the Bronx. Strong West Indian culture but a mix of alot of other cultures as well. Even though I've never been there it feels very familiar.

  • Alba Vaz
    Alba Vaz 12 days ago

    Can you do Argentina?

  • Alba Vaz
    Alba Vaz 12 days ago

    Dale! Tell it like it is! I'm Argentinian and always asked why I have green eyes and don't like hot food! Yeow! Holy ignorance!

  • London drill News 101

    It’s going on every where, Tottenham, Hackney, Peckham. Gentrification

  • YoungOG
    YoungOG 12 days ago

    We got enough of y'all plants leaving east and mid west plants here. Fuxk outta here. This is our state. Y'all making out traffic worse. It's lame and hot here nothing to do. Same basic hoes just like CA NY ect

  • Glasco Martin IV
    Glasco Martin IV 12 days ago

    Bruh just moved here 4 days ago! We out here

  • Ms. Harper
    Ms. Harper 12 days ago

    It’s beautiful 💞💞💞

  • Rosalyn Jennings
    Rosalyn Jennings 12 days ago

    God bless you, I admire you stepping out on faith and both country.. Please help me help myself.. How do they treat Black American????? What areas and teaching ESL without degree or How to start a business....

  • Sonia Riley
    Sonia Riley 12 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. I'm traveling solo to Lagos, Nigeria this December. Can you recommend any good tour agents?

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams 13 days ago

    I love that hotel. i have been in AZ for 3 years now and it has been a great experience.

  • Nicole Derrickson
    Nicole Derrickson 13 days ago

    "Segauro" lake is actually spelled Saguaro andnyou pronounce it suh-wah-row. I like 10 mins away and it's a beautiful place

  • Michael angeloo
    Michael angeloo 13 days ago

    I need me a panama girl

  • Santana Gordon
    Santana Gordon 13 days ago

    ill be there in 2 weeks

  • Asensio Rodriguez
    Asensio Rodriguez 13 days ago

    This is one of the places in the world I wish to visit. S. Africa has fascinated me since I was a child.

  • 9xleoking
    9xleoking 13 days ago

    Excellent video bro, going in February!

  • Jasmine Evic
    Jasmine Evic 14 days ago


  • HG P
    HG P 14 days ago

    one day

    BILL PAXTON 14 days ago

    I dont know how much time you spent in az but im willing to bet that you didnt see a quarter of what it has to offer.

    BILL PAXTON 14 days ago

    saguaro sa - war - o

  • Big Super Living In Arizona

    Wow!!! this is really nice video. One of my subscribers recommended me to watch and I'm glad I did. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sabah Squared
    Sabah Squared 15 days ago

    London is a different place depending on who you are. Different realities.

  • Dj LeMattyWill
    Dj LeMattyWill 15 days ago

    I thought this was Draymond Green...My bad lol🤣

  • Shawn Doron
    Shawn Doron 15 days ago

    You have got to visit Tulum, Mexico. It about 2 hours from the Cancun airport

  • Duaa Abubakar
    Duaa Abubakar 15 days ago

    I would love to travel for a year, can I just work for you..

  • Miko Baedeker
    Miko Baedeker 15 days ago

    I am born and raised in Phoenix, I love living here, and I’m glad this video was made! We’re one of the largest cities in the US, so it’s not “overcrowding our little gem” and it’s nice to get the recognition we deserve 😊

  • Shawn Doron
    Shawn Doron 15 days ago

    Let me travel with you and be your security. I’m a retired Police Officer.

  • Shawn Doron
    Shawn Doron 15 days ago

    The owner was in on it

  • Shawn Doron
    Shawn Doron 15 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos. Can you do one on Barranquilla, Colombian? I’m thinking about going to carnival there.

  • Scorp Life
    Scorp Life 15 days ago

    480 💪🏽