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  • MrMillennium67
    MrMillennium67 9 hours ago

    Thumbs up for you Tom but not the car..sorry, just not a BMW fan at all!

  • RobInWhiteRock 73
    RobInWhiteRock 73 13 hours ago

    British Teeth! Why are they so bad?

    AKHIL PANWAR 14 hours ago

    Its Mahindra..... 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • paul lunney
    paul lunney 21 hour ago

    it sounds amazing value for money to me

  • Henry Healy
    Henry Healy 21 hour ago

    The EmojiFresh option is the best option on the car. CASH!

  • Michelle Sanchez

    That bitch has to much money

  • Mark Morriss
    Mark Morriss Day ago

    TGE in response your ‘worry about yourself’ reply was just a joke, even put at the end ‘ god bless him’ apologies for assuming you had a sense of humour

  • Mark Morriss
    Mark Morriss Day ago

    Pendleton ain’t got s**t on this - TGE has his bird in video just so we can watch her arse clambering back into the Range Rover - all about the views baby, god bless him

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV Day ago

      Worry about yourself

  • oleg iaremchuk

    Damn I’m dreaming about this watch. And the dude just: “It’s not that bad”. I know it’s not Patek, but still...

  • Angry Cabby
    Angry Cabby Day ago

    British wanker.

  • Richie C
    Richie C Day ago

    I placed a deposit on it back in June when it was @ BJB Motors. Couldn’t go through with it due to the filler on the drivers side front bumper and other bits of the bodywork.

  • Spotter
    Spotter Day ago

    Who even cares about Formula E? Nothing compared to F1

  • GT4RC
    GT4RC 2 days ago

    2:34 When you go to change gear in a car but forgot that you inexplicably don't offer a manual gearbox in your performance GP model

  • semperf1dude
    semperf1dude 2 days ago

    two people with very nice teeth

  • Philip DeNormandie
    Philip DeNormandie 2 days ago

  • dan dan
    dan dan 2 days ago

    For people that are single: Porsche and you’ll have tons of fun. For people with family: M5 and you’ll save some money, and have fun as well.

  • SuperLitherland
    SuperLitherland 2 days ago

    tge in the friend zone bad ! a minuets silence for a fallen comrade

  • bigphil888
    bigphil888 2 days ago

    dam you tom after hearing the price now am really going to look at one thought I had my next car choice down to two

  • Quarter Mile
    Quarter Mile 2 days ago

    These video felt expensive..... That's how broke I am

  • jonleigh1001
    jonleigh1001 2 days ago

    Pre- Archies 11 degrees facelift

  • Turbo Timmo
    Turbo Timmo 3 days ago

    Well that's actually Hamilton Mclaren dealership

  • tompparaideri
    tompparaideri 3 days ago

    These are ALL reasons to buy an Aventador S. You don’t buy a supercar for fuel economy or rear visibility or to have door pockets. These are all ’problems’ everyone would love to have.

  • MrPotato
    MrPotato 3 days ago

    What does Gercollector look like?😎

  • Itsme Yepitsme
    Itsme Yepitsme 3 days ago

    I can remember walking into the Ferrari showroom in little aston and they didn’t even come over to me dressed in jeans jumper but seemed to talk to a old guy in a shirt tie!! I got my ferrari F430 two days later from another company and 5k cheaper

  • Amer Hayat
    Amer Hayat 3 days ago

    Your manager very boring 😴

  • jonleigh1001
    jonleigh1001 3 days ago


  • DaveyRay
    DaveyRay 3 days ago

    80 . 90 pound new ? Jesus that's good

  • frad bitchett
    frad bitchett 3 days ago

    pick 2 specs and let viewers choose the winner

  • DaveyRay
    DaveyRay 3 days ago

    Never trust a man who wears his watch on his right arm .

  • Andy B
    Andy B 3 days ago

    6.43 and onwards to skip the pifflepaffle

  • SuperLitherland
    SuperLitherland 3 days ago

    how to de value a ferrari

  • Adam Hewitson
    Adam Hewitson 3 days ago

    Hello! And welcome to CRISPS TV! Oh wait 🤔

  • Gradi Nzuzi
    Gradi Nzuzi 3 days ago

    Is Mahmood super high all the time or really awkward ahaha can't tell.

  • Gordon McCartney
    Gordon McCartney 3 days ago

    With shiny gold nuggets?

  • spadgm
    spadgm 3 days ago

    Lovely, and your dog is just the best!

  • th3b0untyhunter
    th3b0untyhunter 3 days ago

    Total car check says it's a 2015 blue 420i m sport

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed 3 days ago

    Great car. We are carbon specialists for BMW’s based in East Sussex and Would love to offer our bespoke carbon products for M4. Let us know if we can be any help.

  • Brandonblake 01
    Brandonblake 01 3 days ago

    Tom mate you’re making me want to buy a maya 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Martin Getliffe
    Martin Getliffe 4 days ago

    80/90 grand. Must be down south you like to roll over and have your belly tickled if that’s what you pay 💰 new down there........ Tell him to come up here to Leeds I’ve got some Magic Beans to sell..........

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 3 days ago

      Weird response

  • jonleigh1001
    jonleigh1001 4 days ago

    Archie was a Gremlin in this 1

  • Asian Platinum
    Asian Platinum 4 days ago

    Can you do a vlog on the blonde?

  • Asian Platinum
    Asian Platinum 4 days ago

    Is the girl your new daily or the car?

  • lewisk112
    lewisk112 4 days ago

    **not telling you off** 😂 M4's start at around 54,500 and can go up to 60k+

  • lewisk112
    lewisk112 4 days ago

    It's Silverstone Full Merino Leather Interior, one of the best looking colours in contrast with the Yas Marina paintwork. Nice spec

    • AM4N18
      AM4N18 2 days ago

      *Silverstone extended, not full. But yes, nice colour nonetheless.

  • the chicken man
    the chicken man 4 days ago

    Wow a m4 sickkkk you don't see many of them around 😱

  • HomersRevenge
    HomersRevenge 4 days ago

    Quick Silver Exhaust! Thanks for the audible demonstration, I will not be fitting that.....sounds horrendous. I always think V8’s sound the best when I hear them.

  • Samuel Giles
    Samuel Giles 4 days ago

    Damn, that's an epic Rangie 😍

  • Baked Beanz on Toast

    I would imagine he used money !, like everyone else, big wow !!!.

  • Richie P1
    Richie P1 4 days ago

    What accent is that Mahmoud?

  • Lead Slinger187
    Lead Slinger187 4 days ago

    How many km u put on the car during the track day

  • blackedin
    blackedin 4 days ago

    Do a Chiron in London video

  • S Greer
    S Greer 4 days ago

    “It’s all very exciting”

  • Ian Tonna
    Ian Tonna 4 days ago

    28k for an M4 with 425bhp is a bargain

  • Russell Spiller
    Russell Spiller 4 days ago

    Arhhh the shiny black Eastern European gangsta look black jacket...not a good look...!!!!!!!

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 4 days ago

      Racism isn’t a good look either

  • William A-D
    William A-D 4 days ago

    is changing your standard foam seats to leather seats a modification?

  • themadplotter
    themadplotter 4 days ago

    "I spent a lot of my time looking at blue, the colour of my room and mamoud "

  • Claudio AGMFilho
    Claudio AGMFilho 4 days ago

    Hi there, I am from RECIFE in Brazil South America, he should get a pure stage two turbo on his car with the rest of the other stuff like charge pipe so forth and so on...

  • Ell
    Ell 4 days ago

    Something about these Batman’s. They’re chaos

  • Freedom Gamede
    Freedom Gamede 4 days ago

    archie uses people. he ddnt buy the range rover from his friend but used him to get a test drive n a video.

  • Charles
    Charles 4 days ago

    beautiful elevator song

  • Scott
    Scott 4 days ago

    Work hard, Play hard, Buy a new Car 👍🏻

  • M2 Kev
    M2 Kev 4 days ago

    Veni, Vici, Vidi! - We Came, We Saw, We Conquered! 🤣🤣

    • Gary Lawton
      Gary Lawton 4 days ago

      M2 Kev We came, We saw Vincero, We left! 😜

  • Ciex7
    Ciex7 4 days ago

    Ad cents and Mamoud frankly who cares... Come on lad either put your cute GF or your brother on camera and get back to making content. Mamoud may be a nice guy and your manager but frankly who gives a s*&^ about some dude with no personality and an M4 which is a crap car... Next time send Mamoud over to the village idiot Archie and they can make out while you do something with Becky and her M3. Better yet go visit Tony

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 4 days ago

      I’ll carry on going to work and churning dross with a spare half hour thx

  • Nnnnnathan10
    Nnnnnathan10 4 days ago

    Mahmood is chaos

  • Ashley Evans
    Ashley Evans 4 days ago

    Didn't you do a video about Things you hate about BMW M4s? Lol

  • Rori paddison
    Rori paddison 4 days ago

    I wouldn’t brag about falken tyres when it came standard with Michelin pss. It’s basically been downgraded. Other than that the spec is 👌🏻

  • george fourtinas
    george fourtinas 4 days ago

    OOHHHH mate , that air freshner is CASH !!!

  • MotoJB
    MotoJB 4 days ago

    Just picked up a 991 Turbo S myself...partially due to this channel. Thanks for helping me spend my money. ;)

  • Scratch
    Scratch 4 days ago

    Yepyepyep, we like Bmw's 👍

  • Bond James Bond
    Bond James Bond 4 days ago

    Big up Mahmood 👏 GX ABSURD loves BMW check it out

  • Yld
    Yld 4 days ago

    Maxton Designer splitter, skirts and diff etc

  • Yaejoon Chung
    Yaejoon Chung 4 days ago

    I think mamood should put the m performance parts on and the m performance exhaust because the m performance exhaust is really loud and really good sounding!!

  • Kay H
    Kay H 4 days ago

    Tom is possibly the most honest salesman ever 🤣🤣

  • Cam Morgan
    Cam Morgan 4 days ago

    Phil Dixon’s purple 488....”this is what the 720 should have been” idiot. I bought his old 720 ran it for the summer, 2000 miles. It NEVER skipped a beat, not once did I have an issue...........but I suppose I didn’t loose 100k in less than a year.......

    • Cam Morgan
      Cam Morgan 4 days ago

      TGE TV 😂 I know... love the channel Tom. Keep it up! 💪🏻

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 4 days ago

      Calm down

  • Christian J
    Christian J 4 days ago

    Best colour for the M4. 👌

  • 47 Singh
    47 Singh 5 days ago

    Wow that’s an old version of the idrive 😕😕😕

    • Thyer Alex
      Thyer Alex 5 days ago

      lol even the new idrive is old

  • Yep Yep Yep
    Yep Yep Yep 5 days ago

    He looks like he's been smoking the funny fags 😂 unreal car geez! 👌🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Anil. Carmello
    Anil. Carmello 5 days ago

    bella macchina..ste carrão ainda vai dar oq falar...👍👍👍👍

  • Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart 5 days ago

    Yeah I’ve got a 4 series and love it, 3k miles already only had it a couple of months

  • DM96 DM96
    DM96 DM96 5 days ago

    Moncler is cash

  • Winnipeg Car Life
    Winnipeg Car Life 5 days ago

    I would say check out XXII Tuning for carbon bits. Way less expensive than M Sport, but look as good. I say this as an M4 owner myself

  • zak mns
    zak mns 5 days ago

    Thanks for the content !

  • Yourak Hunt
    Yourak Hunt 5 days ago

    Only an what your saying is your manager earns less than you?

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 5 days ago

      Boring weird comment

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 days ago

    Mahmoud is a sick dude! He got serious game 😎

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 5 days ago

    Go with Dinman!! Great company, I used to have their parts on my F80 and now I just got their pieces out on my F90! Great fit and quality especially their hexagon weaves

  • Carsaremyting TV
    Carsaremyting TV 5 days ago

    When the daily has more power than the “supercar”

  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith 5 days ago

    That’s about $36000 US. That’s a lot of car for the money. I’d stick with M Sport or Dinan upgrades. Makes it more attractive when selling either privately or to a dealer. Plus I’m old so all that Pep Boys non sense ain’t appealing. Only thing I hate is that they sound like Dysons.

  • TheChrisglasgow
    TheChrisglasgow 5 days ago

    What's happened to Archie ?

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 5 days ago

      Nothing as far as I’m aware? He’s fine 😂

  • Zohaib Munawar
    Zohaib Munawar 5 days ago

    tom was so sarcastic when he agreed with him saying the car was 80-90k new lool

  • Craig Bradford
    Craig Bradford 5 days ago

    Amazing how cheapy these companies can manufacture their jackets out of plastic bin bag slap a 50p embroidery label on the side and people still buy them...

    • Craig Bradford
      Craig Bradford 5 days ago

      @TGE TV They should be paying you that for the free advertising

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 5 days ago

      Love it. They’re about a grand

  • Haider Sohail
    Haider Sohail 5 days ago

    My dream car

  • Schnyder
    Schnyder 5 days ago

    Sb carbon got some bits for m cars

  • Vee Macks
    Vee Macks 5 days ago

    I bet he'd love to have the number plate I had on my (then new) Supra Mk.4 in the late '90s ... it was *M4 TOY* ... the M4 didn't exist back then of course.

    • Vee Macks
      Vee Macks 4 days ago

      @Raf Dexter Oh crap. I just dug out the old photos of my car from back then ... it was *M2 TOY*. D'oh!!

    • Raf Dexter
      Raf Dexter 4 days ago

      Number plates in my village now

  • Matt Turner
    Matt Turner 5 days ago

    Unit 17 will sort you out for all your carbon needs

  • Russell Clark
    Russell Clark 5 days ago

    Congrats Mahmood on the purchase! Love Yas Marina and what a lot of car for £28k!! Cool daily boi

  • Mr DejavuKing
    Mr DejavuKing 5 days ago

    There just great aren't they, M4 and M3s! You can't go wrong, anyone who enjoys driving will appreciate a BMW of this generation specifically or the M4. I personally wouldn't mod the engine at all. Genuinely what's the point BMW spends fortunes perfectly balancing cars, making sure the weight distribution is great, dynamics are on point and people go and ruin it by smashing in massive HP upgrades and wreck the cars handling, dynamics etc!. Furthermore just don't do a Paul Wallace like what he did with that C63 and make the car un drivable! Pauls great not being spiteful about him I just don't agree with modding engines. Fair enough put an exhaust on it, just making a M4 or M3 1000bhp doesn't make it better! Just my opinion of course. God 28k is so good for that amount of prestige car! I mean what else can you get that looks that cool, drives that well etc for 28k!

    • Mr DejavuKing
      Mr DejavuKing 4 days ago

      @lewisk112 hey, yea of course I didn't think about the Quattro. Of course is a world renowned system, whether it's the world's best all wheel drive system I'm not experienced enough to say. But yea the rear wheel drive definitely gives more character! Specifically in terms of the M4 compared to the e94 I think it is M3! The M4 is just leagues ahead in terms of handling, more pointy, agile and gives your more feeling but also let's you know if your not smooth it'll put your into a wall, the old M3 was like driving a barge bloody awful big heavy thing, felt the weight wallow around like a full bath being thrown around on the back of a truck! But yea I agree the newest generation M4 M3 are definitely exciting to drive, with a significant portion of it being due to the rear wheel drive! More reason BMW have just gone mental making the new 1 series front wheel drive and all wheel on mi35! Has anyone actually seen a new BMW 1 series on the road yet!?

    • lewisk112
      lewisk112 4 days ago

      @Mr DejavuKing the fact that the Audi RS models are Quattro gives the driver plenty of confidence if they wanted to rip along a wet country road however with the all wheel drive system they seem all too safe for me... I much prefer the BMW RWD as they are designed as a proper drivers car

    • Mr DejavuKing
      Mr DejavuKing 4 days ago

      @lewisk112 yea it's just great, I really do not like the new 1 series. BMW has really dropped the ball on that car, I still have only seen 1 yes just 1 new series on the road since deliveries begun, it's seeming like a bit of a clanger that car, and their market research that most owners don't know their rear wheel drive was obviously a small wrong demographic sample group lol! I digress unlike the new 1 series these the M4 and M3 is just great so good. I'd have one over a mercedes and Audi, the BMW is just a BMW it has that sprinkle of sauce on that the audi etc can't attain!

    • lewisk112
      lewisk112 4 days ago

      Nothing else for that money

  • Fraser Pitkethly
    Fraser Pitkethly 5 days ago

    churning for the sake of youtube money

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 5 days ago


  • Shredster
    Shredster 5 days ago

    my man is wearing a bin bag

    • PandaGains
      PandaGains 4 days ago

      @TGE TV that bin bag probably cost more than my car. #cash

    • TGE TV
      TGE TV 5 days ago

      Bin bag & 3 Ferrari’s. Chaos

  • Alessandro Bossi
    Alessandro Bossi 5 days ago

    Striking resemblance to the location for Archie’s churn with Becky’s M3. Do you all queue up with tickets like off of a deli counter? 🧾