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  • Tim Donovan
    Tim Donovan 6 minutes ago

    they haven't scored against us since 1961 and they missed an empty net yesterday, good job Boris the goalie.

  • SKPC 221
    SKPC 221 7 minutes ago

    Excellent Boris Johnson you did the right thing for walking away!!! England do Not deserve this bully behaviours in luxembourg!!

  • Gerg Woodest
    Gerg Woodest 10 minutes ago

    From Icredible Hulk to Invisible Sulk.

  • Angry Nun
    Angry Nun 11 minutes ago

    These protestors were British remainers. The EU staged this with the remainers in a desparate attempt to disrupt Boris' efforts. So proud he left these idiots. Leave means Leave!! We voted out by 17.4 million people. Thats democracy. We will be trading freely with Australia, America and other free nations once again. Your "EMPIRE" will not happen with the UK's help. Idiots.

  • Brian Yeomans
    Brian Yeomans 13 minutes ago

    Boris practising leaving Europe without talking. Apparently Luxembourg may struggle to cope if the UK leave without a deal, according to one of our remain biased national newspapers.

  • Sandra Winterton
    Sandra Winterton 19 minutes ago

    The UK was voted into the EU, and now we are voting OUT!

  • Marco
    Marco 20 minutes ago

    Losing all credibility and becoming a joke to the rest. Well done UK.

    • Ben Jerry
      Ben Jerry 15 minutes ago

      Losing credibility? oh dear not our credibility, holy shit we'll never recover now. The only credibility lost is the traitorous dogs that are thwarting a simple process. The HoP has no credibility, for not following democratic opinion.

    • Tim Donovan
      Tim Donovan 17 minutes ago

      the rest of what and since when have we listened to the Marcos of the world

  • Danny Tigz
    Danny Tigz 22 minutes ago

    Who do you're kidding Mr Juncker, if you think old Boris, would fall for that one?

  • Tim Donovan
    Tim Donovan 23 minutes ago

    Why do a press conference with a fart stain of a principality thats trying to bushwhack you, well done Boris you have more rewarding things to do, as for the press LOL

  • Terry Advice
    Terry Advice 25 minutes ago

    This was a Complete Set-Up by the Luxembourg Government allowing a very small group so close to the Speech area to create some headline news ! Well done Boris for walking away 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. This is the EU bully tactics !!

    • P Jazzy
      P Jazzy 3 minutes ago

      Pity he wasn't brave enough to stand his ground eh

  • Ben Jerry
    Ben Jerry 26 minutes ago

    Good on you Boris if they rent a baying mob, that has frankly nothing to do with Brexit then don't play their childish games.

  • 300tawan
    300tawan 39 minutes ago

    The whole thing was staged so Boris was just showing the EU what is going to happen Oct 31

  • Aaron
    Aaron 40 minutes ago

    "Demonstrating is a right in a democracy" Yes, unless it's against the government in power of your own country!

  • simonrobson48
    simonrobson48 42 minutes ago

    Ha ha one of the signs says bog off Boris.... we are trying too good way too show our PM your our friends and not just after our cash...

    • Tim Donovan
      Tim Donovan 22 minutes ago

      Boris shows them the meaning of leave.

  • Paul J
    Paul J Hour ago

    The EU want to know every UK move before meeting so they first can ring remainer MPs plus then have EU meeting to find a way around it May went with what she thought would work and the EU took that has UK proposal knowing it had not gone through parliment then said they would not re open it sounds like bullies dictators

  • Miss Piggy
    Miss Piggy Hour ago

    Boris showing what leaving means.

    • Lizzie Poulton
      Lizzie Poulton 42 minutes ago

      I would rather be Europe's slave than trump's slave

  • Stevie B
    Stevie B Hour ago

    When we say we are leaving,,,,,we mean it.

  • Billy Nomatz
    Billy Nomatz Hour ago

    Typical remainer crowd ,smug arrogant,losers,there is no pro boris support,as we all have jobs to go to

  • Rob L
    Rob L Hour ago

    this protest circus was clearly staged by the eu forces. and who is this mincey little tosser? where the hell is Luxembourg??? who is he to share a podium with a prime minister of Great Britain? no bloody thanks.

    • killermarshmello43
      killermarshmello43 37 minutes ago

      It’s in Europa, middle to Belgum , Germany , french

    • Polybius
      Polybius 57 minutes ago

      If you can't even be bothered to Google what Luxembourg is you're probably not well informed enough to be making comments like this...

  • Paul J
    Paul J Hour ago

    Pathetic little whatever no respect no dignity to our prime minister shows the EU is a dangerous dictatorship which england need to leave

  • Dave Perris
    Dave Perris Hour ago

    From the Incredible Hulk to the Invisible Man in 24 hours. Paid mobs, who are you trying to delude apart from yourselves? Johnson is an embarrassment, our country has become a joke.

  • Merle Charge
    Merle Charge Hour ago

    After seeing what happened in Luxembourg yesterday, I found that disrespectful to our PM and the Idiot Of Luxembourg Was smirking at the baying crowd..So Let's Get Out Of The EU Fast.... EU are scared they will loose our financial input And other Countries will leave after we leave...that's the biggest worry the Pompous EU heads are afraid of

  • Tony Webber
    Tony Webber Hour ago

    Luxembourg? Pffft!

  • DB1968
    DB1968 Hour ago

    STITCH UP by the PM of sh*tty little Luxembourg, the non-country.


    The Beef eater versus the snail eater .

  • MarkThe Shark
    MarkThe Shark Hour ago

    BJ - "If it walks like a clown, talks like a's a clown!"

  • David Edbrooke
    David Edbrooke Hour ago

    It was a set up!

  • XueHeng Zheng
    XueHeng Zheng Hour ago

    The Luxenbourg PM made two points: 1) EU is not the author of the problem, 2) EU is looking forward to a solid proposal. Is he fair?

  • Pete Carter
    Pete Carter Hour ago

    He is quite right that we need to listen to each other.Unfortunately had Boris stood on the platform and offered everyone in the baying crowd a £1m each they would not have been listening.All they can do is scream and boo.

  • Mintie Prøductiøns

    Good. Who'd want to speak in front of that mob?

  • martin manifold
    martin manifold Hour ago

    Boris asked for the speech to be done inside ....they said no ...boris said no to ......bye bye .

    • martin manifold
      martin manifold Hour ago

      @Bernard Landymore yep rentamob stunt by the childish EU elites ......merkle humiliated may in front of the cameras by leaving her standing out in the cold ...

    • Bernard Landymore
      Bernard Landymore Hour ago

      I dont blame him it was a set up.

  • Martin Morgan
    Martin Morgan Hour ago

    Oh there's nothing like an expat to guide our country.

    • Steve Vater
      Steve Vater 40 minutes ago

      Politics has become performance art (see Tristan Sara, and da da movement)

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Hour ago

    Luxembourgish are stupid af.. what did they expect

  • Alex Ushi
    Alex Ushi Hour ago

    Good on him I wouldn't talk to the biased cunts either tbh.

  • martin manifold
    martin manifold Hour ago

    Good on you boris ...they tried to pull a stunt and it backfired .....notice the luxembourg PM is speaking in English (waheyyyy) .....and is clearly rattled ( double waheyyyy) .....merkle left theresa remayne out in the cold and she still took loads more embarssment off them

    • Tim Donovan
      Tim Donovan 12 minutes ago

      May was treated with contempt and so was Cameron so why bother with the press who eat it up, do the deal behind closed doors and lets get going, as the legendary Winston Churchill said when the choice is between Europe and the open sea Great Britain must chose the open sea.

    • martin manifold
      martin manifold 52 minutes ago

      @Geoff Poole i dont go to work to be heckled by a paid for rentamob set up ....why should anyone else was a reasonable request to ask to go indoors to be heard ....the EU puppet luxembourg PM said no boris said NO to ....the EU elites dont like being told no .

    • Geoff Poole
      Geoff Poole 58 minutes ago

      Boris bottled it.

  • clearlake
    clearlake 2 hours ago

    No point Boris being on the podium. I have yet to hear him give a straight, honest answer to a straight question.

  • martin vairy
    martin vairy 2 hours ago

    Sticks and stones may break our bones but leaving the EU won't hurt us.

  • MegaKapo12
    MegaKapo12 2 hours ago

    So he just left. When you Are a pretender not the real deal. Brave man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lizzie Poulton
    Lizzie Poulton 2 hours ago

    Aaah "pinnochio" where fore art thou?

    • Lizzie Poulton
      Lizzie Poulton 44 minutes ago

      @Polybius the truth is the truth and never out of date

    • Polybius
      Polybius 49 minutes ago

      Dude you're like 200 years to late to be talking like that

  • BarterTom
    BarterTom 2 hours ago

    So Boris is a prattling idiot, so is Rory Stewart, Michael Gove is neurotic, Dominic Raab is scary but insignificant and Sajid Javid barely lifts his head above the parapet. Is that what this sketch is saying?

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny1 2 hours ago

    trading now Americans are going to tex i to hell and back have fun and being in debt with America and China what an idiot not fit to be a prime minister make Britain even poorer

  • the man with the green cortina

    #Hang them all

  • Hammond Denzel
    Hammond Denzel 2 hours ago

    The shambles continue

  • Gavin
    Gavin 2 hours ago

    There were protests when trump came - we didn't force him to have a press conference in front of them tho. This was a stitch up!

    • martin manifold
      martin manifold Hour ago

      Sure was ..childish euro elites ...boris was wise to the rentamob stunt ....remember merkle left may out in the cold for a few minutes in front of the world press

  • Hound Dog
    Hound Dog 2 hours ago

    So who wants to be in that union? F--k that.

  • Mike Wilcox
    Mike Wilcox 2 hours ago

    Labour has lost the plot

  • Nick
    Nick 2 hours ago

    Screw the pathetic left and this setup rentamob. We don't care we are leaving and nothing you do can stop us.

    • Helen Ayres
      Helen Ayres 2 hours ago

      - You actually sound like a toddler... 🙄

  • Mark Scouler
    Mark Scouler 3 hours ago

    No wonder that little country likes the EU puts 25 million into it and get 1.25 billon back

  • Airstrip One
    Airstrip One 3 hours ago

    Those in Parliament working against Brexit are guilty of treason, they should be lined up against a wall and shot.

  • Spikey Mikey
    Spikey Mikey 3 hours ago

    So Boris who never actually believed in Brexit and who jumped on the bandwagon to raise his political profile gets booed because of the Brexit mess he helped to create. Looks perfectly justified to me.

  • Union Jack
    Union Jack 3 hours ago

    A totally obviously coordinated fake protest. Rentamob designed to embarrass the Prime minister. An outrageous and shameful display from this tinpot little principality. These people will do anything it seems to keep this protection racket going

  • Chris Brian
    Chris Brian 4 hours ago

    Find out who these people are and how much they were paid

  • good shooting tex
    good shooting tex 4 hours ago

    Exactly the same treat for eu on 31 oct. :)

  • bhonor12
    bhonor12 4 hours ago

    Sounds like a Wii sports crowd.

  • MikeT
    MikeT 4 hours ago

    I think that is a valid excuse of 'Excessive noise from the crowd' but only if you are The Beatles or The Rolling Stones...

    • XueHeng Zheng
      XueHeng Zheng Hour ago

      Noise was mostly from UK expatriates. Ironically the Luxembourg PM was more willing to listen.

  • MrKillC1
    MrKillC1 5 hours ago

    Set up a stage in front of a organised anti Brexit crowd, Backing you Boris F them, just another reason to Leave. Remain backfires again 😂

  • Peter Leonidas
    Peter Leonidas 5 hours ago

    The " rent a mob " was a big mistake. Better to have let Boris speak and be heard. He would have done himself far more damage with his own words and demeanour than the baying mob ever could.

  • quantum
    quantum 6 hours ago

    The times newspaper is like the bbc/sky news full of bias and anti democracy. They should be printing televising the undercover bbc their past & their present Family/Children tree?. This organisation might have fooled past generations but not the young people who are emerging and can decide for themselves whether to pay a Peodophile organisation just to watch their progammes. This is just the beginning of the end of a government headed tax on the British people but also the bbc.

  • Doug Rutter
    Doug Rutter 6 hours ago

    Well this will show out the biased media.. who bought the hecklers? The EU, the guardian? Owen jones? The bbc? Boris done the right thing.. the hecklers are an embarrassment to the UK.

  • Phil McDonald
    Phil McDonald 6 hours ago

    Drunker and his wee pal thought they could take the piss out of Boris ...They were wrong.

  • SuperGoldfinger123
    SuperGoldfinger123 6 hours ago

    The Lux PM is full of BS...Brexit is the result of roguish EU leaders saying they would not talk till the referendum was done.......if they had been willing to talk, chances are it would have been a remain vote....what we have found out is... what rogues they are......Liberated by British blood and now being two faced....we also found out we have a gutless Parliament....if Churchill had consulted our Mp's on the Normandy landings they would have crapped themselves and said are you mad.....

  • roger the dodger
    roger the dodger 6 hours ago

    And this is even more so why the uk should leave the eu and that lux pm finding it funny with his set up nobhead and treating a foreign pm like that disgraceful can't make deals with such ppl the only thing they want is the uk's cash greedy bastards.

  • Andrew Mckee
    Andrew Mckee 6 hours ago

    This because they don’t want to loose the money we put in to the EU as they get more money per head than any other EU country

  • English Guy
    English Guy 6 hours ago

    complete EU stitch up. paid for demonstrators outside the gate. press conference right in front of them... had the option to move it inside. comments by them pointing to empty dias.. laughing.. etc.. complete stitch up.

  • Andy Clarke
    Andy Clarke 7 hours ago

    Poor Johnson. Glad I don't have brainspurs like him.

  • Thomas Worsley
    Thomas Worsley 7 hours ago

    I Didn’t realise Luxembourg had a PM, it’s basically a none-country. What’s the point in Luxembourg? This PM of Luxembourg looks a right tool 😂. Trying to bully our Boris, FAIL!!!

  • LeJimster
    LeJimster 7 hours ago

    50 angry British?! Sorry, non of them looked British or sounded British. Sound and look like paid activists to me.

    500,000 Views 7 hours ago

    I guess the hulk turned to be chicken hahaha

    • Bobby Crush
      Bobby Crush 6 hours ago

      That has just made him angry, he is about to blow and the British people have the real anger.

  • mark larkin
    mark larkin 7 hours ago

    And the EU wonder why we voted to leave ! A pure disgrace and disrespect to a visiting leader.

    • mark larkin
      mark larkin 7 hours ago

      If you say so remoaner boy.

      500,000 Views 7 hours ago

      mark larkin johnson is the disgrace hulk turned to chicken haha

  • Josh
    Josh 7 hours ago

    Should of just let the pigs be occupied by the Germans oh wait they are anyway. 😂😂😂

    • Mark Scouler
      Mark Scouler 2 hours ago

  • Ofir Gal
    Ofir Gal 7 hours ago

    Great disappearance act

  • geoffrey mollart
    geoffrey mollart 7 hours ago

    So Boris did an EU ignored opposition and carried on with his agenda . What should we do ?? .

  • Ryan Langstone
    Ryan Langstone 8 hours ago

    Deluded people honestly. Want Johnson to get a deal... goes to have a meeting about a deal, but gets told to go away.

  • Richard Fox
    Richard Fox 8 hours ago

    How much of our EU contributions is spent on paying the Rentamob hoodlums? Do the EU honestly expect rational people to want to stay in their totalitarian state after this performance?

  • Samhain
    Samhain 8 hours ago

    Some people dropped something. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Rob Watson
    Rob Watson 8 hours ago

    Go Boris

  • ThatHandsomeDevil08
    ThatHandsomeDevil08 8 hours ago

    It's all full of fake news media organisations anyway.

    • ThatHandsomeDevil08
      ThatHandsomeDevil08 3 hours ago

      @Jay D I...was referring to the actual media organisations, Sherlock..; and even though it's a live broadcast, they will always edit the eventual broadcast footage to make their target sound bad. This is why they deserve to be labelled as fake news outlets. 😉

    • Jay D
      Jay D 7 hours ago

      Yeah those live and uncut broadcasts, how misleading. Good job you caught them. No wait...

  • davie l
    davie l 8 hours ago

    Greenland?? Luxembourg may be next for 🇺🇸

  • Thruns Guinneabottle

    Undoubtedly, there was collusion between the Luxembourg Prime Minister and the noisy anti Brexit protestors in order to provide maximum discomfort to Boris, and to provide the Luxemburger the opportunity to pontificate.

  • Chameleon1616
    Chameleon1616 8 hours ago

    The conference was offered to be held inside and Boris’s team refused. It seems if you support Brexit every political blunder and transgression is a rational and justified decision. Maybe people should start to think about what point hey will actually start to question Boris. It was not at the false NHS claims, it was not at his connection to his girlfriends flase job in the Conservative party, it was not at his accusations of lying directly to the queen, it was not at suspending parliament for twice as long as usual over the a period of crucial decision making, it is not at the news he believed Brexit was going to loose when he took up the chase and told Cameron it would simply be squashed like a toad, it was not his claims that he would break the law and flout a parliamentary bill to leave the EU without a deal despite the vote not to. It was not at the leaks of the Yellowhammer support which revealed fears over food and medical shortages in the no Brexit scenario he has claimed he be fine, and it was not over the news from Amber Rudd that Boris until this news broke, had been sitting on his hands over avoiding this scenario by not making any effort to approach the EU over a deal. Who else would they have exempted this from? What other government which behaved this way would they find exudes for? When your willing to break any standard in the name of Brexit then this country will be left with a broken system when it’s over, and it won’t always be your favourite party who utilises the freedom of that broken system when it’s over.

  • Die Europaische
    Die Europaische 8 hours ago

    Who would want to share a platform with someone in charge of a town the size of Blackpool?

    • Mark Scouler
      Mark Scouler 2 hours ago

      And who got rolled over by the germans in ww2 lol

    • Jav ID
      Jav ID 7 hours ago


  • tazzie2shoos
    tazzie2shoos 8 hours ago

    The European Union hate our decisions because they love our money and don't want to lose it. We are leaving and if Boris delivers a clean break Brexit then he will be a hero to the UK. The majority spoke, democracy must prevail. Xavier Bettel - 'demonstrating is a right in a democracy' The UK - but apparently voting to leave an organisation that does not work for us is not a right in a democracy in your eyes.

    • steve gale
      steve gale 4 hours ago

      @500,000 Views , sounds more like you are.

      500,000 Views 7 hours ago

      tazzie2shoos i bet your kind are the jobless ones living on welfare and making stupid noise.

  • das
    das 8 hours ago

    total stitch up.

  • Jasho Beam
    Jasho Beam 8 hours ago

    If you wish to do some more research on the EU just have a look at the trap door spider.

  • Azureecosse
    Azureecosse 8 hours ago

    Why hang around , I wouldn't, in out job done,these smelly little Eurocrats just want to mock him. Good job Boris, treat them with the contempt they deserve.

  • Dick Doc
    Dick Doc 8 hours ago

    Stitch up well organised

  • Mr Lee
    Mr Lee 8 hours ago

    haha butthurt antifa boris is the man

  • Denise Crawford
    Denise Crawford 8 hours ago

    He's breathing heavy. Boris left him feeling proper nervous after he rejected he's childish and distasteful plan!

  • Karrier Bag
    Karrier Bag 9 hours ago

    Haha Boris is such a knob, good on the protesters, who wants to hear more lies come from his big gob

    • ThePainterr
      ThePainterr 8 hours ago

      Karrier Bags pollute???.....excellent on the protestors for stiffening BoJos resolve to leave the EU......very symbolic and propheric that he left leaving the EU remoaning once again....lmao ....the writing is on the wall .......

  • Stewart2240
    Stewart2240 9 hours ago

    The chlorinated chicken ducks out.

  • Malcolm Patterson
    Malcolm Patterson 9 hours ago

    boris the chicken. Sir Winston Churchill would never have run away.Johnson! grow a back bone and attach it to your brain

    • steve gale
      steve gale 9 hours ago

      How many times did W C switch parties? Fxck, I can not remember it was that often.

  • Saman Shaidai
    Saman Shaidai 9 hours ago

    Hahahahaha democracy only on media behind it shit

  • Helena Webster
    Helena Webster 9 hours ago

    absolute coward avoiding the press and critics

  • Cunnilingus Messiah
    Cunnilingus Messiah 9 hours ago

    Carpet Bomb is my nickname, motherfuckers!

  • Howard Jones
    Howard Jones 9 hours ago

    Meanwhile British democracy lies bleeding in the establishment gutter......Rent a job getting nervous,.. where will the money come from????.....The fear of the BoJo effect is palpable...,..Keep on keeping on, Boris..

  • person west
    person west 9 hours ago

    i thought you werent allowed to deface the image of the queen? that queen looks a bit off...

  • Alternative News
    Alternative News 9 hours ago

    Bog off Boris, representative of the decadent aristocracy of England.

    • ThePainterr
      ThePainterr 8 hours ago

      ...should have called yourself "Alternative Mews"....because there is nothing news worthy about your typical remoaner verbal horse manure ......lmao.

    • Mike Manny
      Mike Manny 9 hours ago

      Oh here we go...another Russel Brand clone , making a pointless verbose smart comment that, for all its worth....doesn't say anything other than "when you say something, how come you don't actually say anything?"

  • Menchi's Menagerie
    Menchi's Menagerie 9 hours ago

    If you cant stand to be heckled, dont go into politics.

  • Mark Illsley
    Mark Illsley 9 hours ago

    And they are not rams either.

  • Mark Illsley
    Mark Illsley 9 hours ago

    Rent a crowd has turned up again with their whistles....They are sheep with no balls.

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M 9 hours ago

      says the idiot on a youtube comment section.