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  • Luzviminda Espejo
    Luzviminda Espejo 4 hours ago

    thnks for uploading this video really like my son

  • Santana Tinker
    Santana Tinker 5 hours ago

    Division Rap is coming, y'all!

  • n black
    n black 10 hours ago

    merci beaucoup !

  • Nillabasco
    Nillabasco 13 hours ago

    yo why is this such a bop though?

  • Santana Tinker
    Santana Tinker 19 hours ago

    Now let's try rock n learn division rap about division concepts and division drill songs!

  • Yva Cesar
    Yva Cesar 20 hours ago

    My student loves this song.

  • Eve Washington
    Eve Washington 21 hour ago

    I literally only understand these videos for kids, but i am proud anyways lol

  • Salim Sa
    Salim Sa 21 hour ago

    Thank you very much great way in education. Please continue this amazing way

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 4 hours ago

      You're welcome. More videos coming soon!

  • Simple Fun - Kids TV
    Simple Fun - Kids TV 22 hours ago

    Great video! 😊👍❤

  • Keep calm and stan OT7.

    Wow, my younger self would have never thought that the 22 year old me would be watching this kindergarten stuff after doing undergrad in computer science engineering.. BTS💜

  • Fanny Torres
    Fanny Torres Day ago

    Thank u so much. 😊😊

  • leeona washington


  • Ms. Kiki_Korean tutor

    Reminds me of my old school days😊

  • Armelle Ore
    Armelle Ore Day ago

    Tres bonne vidéo pour grands et petits. Merci

  • Izzy Ding
    Izzy Ding Day ago

    29:28 whaaaaaa

  • Sreejith Sreejith N

    പെന്സില് സംസാരിക്കുമോ

  • Non Existent
    Non Existent Day ago

    19 years old and I'm here

  • Otgonnyam Enkhtuya

    Very helps me 👌

  • shyralyn stephens

    Im not old...I'm 10

  • phuong truong
    phuong truong Day ago


  • simply salt and light

    Very helpfull

  • kitara stephen

    ME TOO

  • David Hummer
    David Hummer Day ago

    I'm 56 learning with my 2 year old grandson.

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 4 hours ago

      It's a great video for learners of all ages.

  • Hamid Ali
    Hamid Ali Day ago


  • Анна Олейникова


    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 4 hours ago

      What happens when colors get mixed together?

  • Milagros Cammarano


  • TheFamousArthur
    TheFamousArthur 2 days ago

    1 minute = 60 seconds 1 hour = 60 minutes 1 day = 24 hours 1 week = 7 days 1 month ~ 4 weeks 1 year = 12 months 1 decade = 10 years 1 century = 10 decades 1 millennium = 10 centuries

  • BOEY Bear - Safe, Wholesome & Happy Learning

    This is a sweet and educational take on Halloween! You made the pumpkins look friendly and not scary which is great for babies and toddlers 🐻 💛

  • atl hawks
    atl hawks 2 days ago

    I feel I'm getting better through this video ahahaha

  • sky blue
    sky blue 2 days ago

    The description hahaha so real

  • Frosty Cane
    Frosty Cane 2 days ago

    Thanks for uploading this I’ve looked everywhere for this

  • Table Book
    Table Book 2 days ago

    Great job!

  • Table Book
    Table Book 2 days ago

    Thank you

  • audrey r
    audrey r 2 days ago

    I remember this song from when I was little. But it says posted 2018.

  • K iu
    K iu 2 days ago


  • Jana Ford
    Jana Ford 2 days ago

    I'm doing this because I'll be moving to Korea in 4 years to do my ministry for Jehovah

  • ming ming
    ming ming 2 days ago

    I don’t want to learn Korean why am I here

  • hollie brooke
    hollie brooke 2 days ago

    i know this is american english, but is it easier to learn "소파" (sopa) as "sofa" instead of "couch" as sofa sounds similar?

  • lil String Cheese
    lil String Cheese 3 days ago

    13 watching this in an attempt at learning russian

  • Injoriya Singh
    Injoriya Singh 3 days ago

    thanks atleast there's atleast one word similar sopa to that of sofa😂

  • Injoriya Singh
    Injoriya Singh 3 days ago

    I jumped back to nursery after coming so up just to understand the words of my k-pop idols.🤣🤣

  • Hexxy Geeza
    Hexxy Geeza 3 days ago

    The pig getting raped in the middle unsettled me

  • Smart Melon
    Smart Melon 3 days ago

    aight imma just go ok ok bye

  • Dizzy the cøcøa puff

    I remember watching the rock n' learn Spanish lessons in class, there was so much meme-able stuff in there! Wish I could meme it but it was on DVD 😭

  • Gerson Perdomo
    Gerson Perdomo 3 days ago


  • Abednego AKA Matendo

    I am from afica my teacher use to teach me French but i forget. ...

  • Rezal Supra
    Rezal Supra 4 days ago

    There're mistakes between brown and coffee. Brown is Marrón & Coffee is Café

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn Day ago

      Interestingly, the first choice of word for the color brown is very dependent on region. We made our word selections based on consultation with native speakers and language experts primarily from Mexico. As with many words in many different languages, there is often more than one correct choice.

  • JK Luv u
    JK Luv u 4 days ago

    Here for BTS, EXO

  • Jon Cernechez
    Jon Cernechez 4 days ago

    19:59 onomatopoeia is my favorite six syllable word. It’s kinda like a fun word to say five times fast

  • mark Rasson
    mark Rasson 4 days ago


  • mark Rasson
    mark Rasson 4 days ago


  • Mr Tower
    Mr Tower 4 days ago

    This is fun , i like italian language a lot .

  • Lik Amoj
    Lik Amoj 4 days ago

    I’m 9 years old and watching this, it’s kinda funny of how the children looks No offence tho

  • Jaylen P
    Jaylen P 4 days ago

    I’m learning German through this don’t judge me

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 4 days ago

      No judgement at all. Thanks for watching!

  • Pubg God
    Pubg God 4 days ago


  • Jacob Chang
    Jacob Chang 4 days ago

    Well, the "X" reference references "Alphabet Exercise". "X" (a reference to the "Phonics" series) makes its own sound if it comes in the middle or the end of words (like "excercise" heard from "Alphabet Exercise"). So while not very many words begin with "X", there are 4 words which start with that letter. It's xylophone, x-ray, X-Mas, and xiphias gladius. (Note: Not to be rude, but this fish's name "xiphias gladius" is a scientific name for "swordfish".) "X" is most definitely for "xiphias".

  • Jon Cernechez
    Jon Cernechez 4 days ago

    Oh man, I just love these full movies

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 4 days ago

      Or... more science perhaps...

    • Jon Cernechez
      Jon Cernechez 4 days ago

      @Rock 'N Learn, lemme guess the next: tracing the sight words from the sight words series

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 4 days ago

      Thanks! More coming soon...

  • OG Mely
    OG Mely 4 days ago

    Good song🔥Can you do more French videos, they really help me out.

  • Tamsay Tamsay
    Tamsay Tamsay 4 days ago

    I like so much

  • kayla winfield
    kayla winfield 5 days ago

    ¿De donde eres?

  • Fifty fifty
    Fifty fifty 5 days ago

    plz upload more animated videos for new comers in italy😊. Grazie

  • Fifty fifty
    Fifty fifty 5 days ago

    plz upload more animated videos for new comers in italy😊. Grazie

  • Fifty fifty
    Fifty fifty 5 days ago

    plz upload more animated videos for new comers in italy😊. Grazie

  • Santana Tinker
    Santana Tinker 5 days ago

    Try physical science!

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 5 days ago

      Here's a segment from Physical Science: We'll be posting the full program soon. Please Subscribe!


    Math is so easy

  • elelover95
    elelover95 5 days ago

    Aw, memories! Thanks for uploading. Do you have an idea of when other programs with Marko will be uploaded (like Physical Science or the test-taking strategies videos)?

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 5 days ago

      Physical Science coming soon... please subscribe!

  • Don’t Trust Anyone

    I’m English what am I doing-

  • Shariya Mason
    Shariya Mason 5 days ago

    oh no

  • five flowers
    five flowers 5 days ago

    Great effort

  • cowpoke02
    cowpoke02 5 days ago

    need to learn each section first and alpha bet . cool though .

  • mish
    mish 5 days ago

    Ni hao wo hen piao lian

  • Анна Олейникова


  • favour Ajah
    favour Ajah 5 days ago

    I did not won't to see this⏳😠😠

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  • Spooky Music
    Spooky Music 5 days ago

    Woo a mi me sirvió

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar 6 days ago

    कोई भी आंसर दे किसी ऑब्जेक्ट का द्रव्यमान 0 होने पर उस पर गुरुत्वाकर्षण का क्या प्रभाव पड़ेगा ?

  • Simple Fun - Kids TV

    Very nice video 👌😊

  • Ms. Kiki_Korean tutor

    What did I do in my high school?!?! Feels very first😅

  • Rald Vizarreta Wheeler

    Watching like a kid and learn at the same time...very nice way learning Spanish just chill like a kid watching their favourite alphabet songs on youtube..... Btw i need someone to practice with.. :)

  • Ibrahim Uof
    Ibrahim Uof 6 days ago


  • Riya Soy
    Riya Soy 6 days ago

    You have no idea how much i m into learning this language and THE REASON IS: BTS!!!! <3

  • nick white
    nick white 6 days ago

    i watched that, from Sally Phelp's classroom, in O'Fallon High Schoolhouse Millburn campus.

    • nick white
      nick white 5 days ago

      @Rock 'N Learn & about FOX, some user uploaded once upon a forest full movie on TheXvid, but later FOX added 3 copyright strikes, & the user got terminated.

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 5 days ago

      Must be an awesome school!

  • Hyun !!
    Hyun !! 6 days ago

    난 이걸 왜 보고있는걸까..ㅋㅋ

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  • Jhair Romariño Quito

    It's great

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    Annie Karim 6 days ago

    Take pernah nah hola

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    Mykola Morozov 6 days ago

    Nice TheXvid recommendation for 24 y.o. native Russian speaker

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  • Charity Rippon Sanders

    How much can a woodchuck chuck with a woodchuck chuck wood?

  • Amira H.
    Amira H. 6 days ago

    This helps so much with fluency you have no idea.

  • Asma Salah
    Asma Salah 6 days ago

    Can you please make it less childish, I'm 27 and trying to learn korean from that video 😅😂

    • Rock 'N Learn
      Rock 'N Learn 5 days ago

      We'll be launching a new channel with Languages for teens and adults soon. Stay tuned for details...

  • Seema Rani
    Seema Rani 7 days ago

    I like this so much....

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    Cheptoo Nehema 7 days ago

    I like learning German🙌

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    Fred-G Tamayo 7 days ago

    23 working my spanish

  • Fluffy Nuggles
    Fluffy Nuggles 7 days ago

    I'm 32 and watching this.

  • MrSonofsonof
    MrSonofsonof 7 days ago

    Mrs. Sprat looks remarkably slim for a woman who eschews lean.

  • Video Mix Channel 29

    nice video :)

  • Leak Sor
    Leak Sor 7 days ago

    I’m your fan

  • Eilish :3
    Eilish :3 7 days ago

    haha 😂😂🤣 I am Latin. and k have 12, and this made me laugh but Good Luck to all the people that want to learn my language!!🤗🙆

  • Yvette Elizondo
    Yvette Elizondo 7 days ago

    I already. Know. Times. I know it. But. Those is sobgraet. 😂😂😁😁😀😀