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Tom MacDonald - "Ashes"
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Tom MacDonald "Im Sorry"
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Tom MacDonald - "Sad Rappers"
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Tom MacDonald - "I Wish"
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Tom MacDonald - "Hangman"
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Tom MacDonald - "Way Off"
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Tom MacDonald - "Number 7"
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  • Joshus Rivenburgh
    Joshus Rivenburgh 7 minutes ago

    Who else saw the ring light cuz of his contacts

  • Corinne Muir
    Corinne Muir 53 minutes ago

    When the contractor reads the material list to build this house. -_-

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James Hour ago

    Fuckin love this guy and only found him 2 days ago

  • Sean Blouth
    Sean Blouth 2 hours ago

    Maclethal was amusing for a minute , never an artist. Dudes a retarded bitch and Tom slayed him, no one cared about maclethal ever, guarantee this is the most relevant he will ever be and it's already over

  • Artemis Fowl
    Artemis Fowl 2 hours ago

    winner <3

  • Artemis Fowl
    Artemis Fowl 2 hours ago

    the better Eminem is here xD

  • Ryan Karkadoo
    Ryan Karkadoo 3 hours ago

    Hard to judge. I mean he dissed mumble rap in some lines but kinda sounds similar to mumble rap as well

  • Alissa Brainard
    Alissa Brainard 3 hours ago

    I'm legit mindblown by this man. The realist most honest shit I've ever heard in my life. I'm pretty sure I'm in love. Blows all the other rappera put of the water.

  • The Lac 541
    The Lac 541 4 hours ago


  • Ron Coleman
    Ron Coleman 4 hours ago

    this beat hard asf

  • MHXH
    MHXH 5 hours ago

    Damn I listen to this about 2 times a month but today it really hit and I thank you Tom. Cant wait for you to tour and come to nc I'd love to see you live !

  • Clash Of The Horns
    Clash Of The Horns 5 hours ago

    This guy finds a way to shine a light on both the right and left bs and shit happening in US, beast

  • Its Visions
    Its Visions 5 hours ago

    2:06 ok so we're just gunna ignore the fact that Ed Helms is acting in this?

  • caegan rash
    caegan rash 5 hours ago

    So Tom I have to say I love your videos but this one is definitely not my favorite the guns we have are used to protect ourselves and our family those who use it in spite I believe are sick confused and need help your not wrong guns are an issue but they aren't the issue

  • strike Spider45
    strike Spider45 6 hours ago

    Your the worst rapper in history if you think Mac sucks

  • Nick Ginn
    Nick Ginn 6 hours ago

    I’m white, my daughters are mixed. I won’t teach my kids to hate or look at any race any different because I don’t want my grandkids or great grandkids to look back and categorize me. I’m a good man and honestly this dude is trying too fucking hard to show black folk that he’s down. By dropping the words and starting to show the actions of a non racist/non prejudice person is the start of the true end. WERE ALL HUMAN. Fuck this clout chaser.

  • Eric Zhang
    Eric Zhang 7 hours ago

    this sounds like it should be in rick and morty

  • Joel Eleazer
    Joel Eleazer 7 hours ago

    I think this is the answer

  • April Lockaby Radford

    For real Eminem looks totally different and he acts weird. Also Hillary Clinton. A lot of celebrities that were acting weird, glitching out including Eminem, Wendy Williams, Al Roker, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Kanye, Lil Kim, Niki Minaj, etc. I think they might of done something like that with Tupac. He knew what was going to happen and prophesied his future, and all the songs that came out after his death with future things in them. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Topher :
    Topher : 8 hours ago

    Kinda upset the Apple Music and Spotify track doesn’t have the same beat as this video

  • Fidelia Roth
    Fidelia Roth 8 hours ago

    love this

  • Swimmer6790
    Swimmer6790 8 hours ago

    Ok Tom I'm ngl the song was pretty fire but how about rappers such as NF for example who have diagnosed depression?? There really are some rappers who glorify it but there are also some legit ones out there just remember that. And keep grinding bro your awesome!!

  • Bruce LUI
    Bruce LUI 8 hours ago


  • PGK Clan
    PGK Clan 9 hours ago

    U Suprised Me BC U Look Like Some Stupid White Boy Rapper But The Voice And Lyrics

  • Kamikaze Cass
    Kamikaze Cass 9 hours ago

    I aspire to be as great as Tom Macdonald lyrically he is a legend and so truthful🔥

  • christian serrano
    christian serrano 9 hours ago

    This shit was fire bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Josh Mallory
    Josh Mallory 9 hours ago

    Dude is that trizz in the video

  • Tiffany 421
    Tiffany 421 9 hours ago

    He said he's gonna cook you and your bird! ,😂

  • Roy Carrasco
    Roy Carrasco 9 hours ago

    Bro your stupid u don’t know how black people lived back then. And if u where black u wouldn’t talk to any White people Bc your black 🤨🤨 just shut u👎🏽

  • Mister E
    Mister E 9 hours ago

    Bold of you to diss his looks considering that you look like satan stuffed your head down the toilet.

  • Keith Spence
    Keith Spence 9 hours ago

    Dislikes= TRIGGERED!!

  • Craig Reynolds
    Craig Reynolds 9 hours ago

    Seems like no matter what you say, if you say it, someone will be offended. This guy says what alot of people, people not race specific, are thinking.

  • Hawira Waenga
    Hawira Waenga 10 hours ago

    Is it me.or is he tryna portray a victim in his songs after the sympathy vote

  • Bleu Basham
    Bleu Basham 10 hours ago

    Thank you for this relatable piece of your heart! You took me back to grandma's somewhere I havent recently been, when the floor was lava and we could fly again! You brought my childhood memories so close I can smell and feel them. You took me home ❤ thank you!

    • It's Gadfly
      It's Gadfly Hour ago

      Tom is Cain. A worldly person. He destroys everything he touches. I don't like him. He's making a mess. He doesn't know how to make a home.

  • Teck Rylee
    Teck Rylee 10 hours ago

    Still listening 4 months later

  • aandrea crawford
    aandrea crawford 10 hours ago

    I love your songs

  • Let me ask you something

    Id love to see tom macdonald participate in crypts youtube rapper tournament. It can be argued that tom isnt a "youtube rapper" but seriously he could totally take the gold here. Just sayin, mad skills.

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker 11 hours ago

    Actually they just pay them. Look at Lebron James. He's a puppet unable to think for himself.

  • Greenninjatank
    Greenninjatank 11 hours ago

    Me and my mom currently live in a trailer at a campground because we can't afford a house. My dad has a wheelchair ramp leading up to his door for my grandfather when he was alive.

  • peacepunk sean
    peacepunk sean 12 hours ago

    Dude ain't got shit on Yela

  • Felix Graell
    Felix Graell 12 hours ago

    Something tells me this nigga deleting comments

  • mikeyplier 2
    mikeyplier 2 12 hours ago

    He ain't got shit on Mac,

  • John White
    John White 12 hours ago

    This totally contradicts White Boy.. I will never agree to reparations.

  • Mike B. Fishing
    Mike B. Fishing 12 hours ago

    Bunch of ppl talking about mgk and em , I think Tom would smoke mgk lol

  • Sebastian Alvarez
    Sebastian Alvarez 12 hours ago

    Tom Macdonald personalizes 1. Fast rap Tom 2.Yelling Tom 3.Slow rap Tom 4. Devil rap Tom My Favorite Devil rap Tom

  • Michael  Slater
    Michael Slater 12 hours ago

    I love tom but he said his net worth is 12 but google told me its 100k. But love tom I actually had to google who the fuck mac lethal wash

  • Chandler Walker
    Chandler Walker 12 hours ago


  • Johnathan Barlow
    Johnathan Barlow 12 hours ago

    We need more songs like this Tom!!!! Made an account just to give you a like. Keep it up.

  • BlakethaReaper
    BlakethaReaper 12 hours ago

    The bait before the extinction. Props sir, props.

  • Bailey Parker
    Bailey Parker 13 hours ago

    mac lethal is better

  • RP Music TV
    RP Music TV 13 hours ago

    dam man this is fire and truth let the leftist tears pour out they're offended.

  • Nessevi
    Nessevi 13 hours ago

    Oh god here come all the people from the depths of youtube that actually take Tom's voice at face value and literally will use conspiracy theories to say people were actually cloned. Fucking loonies. Good song, Tom.

  • Caynan Nelson
    Caynan Nelson 14 hours ago

    If he is so retarded why does he have more follower's than you

  • Iziah LeGarda
    Iziah LeGarda 14 hours ago

    Okay kid buu

    JOSEPH LUCERO 14 hours ago

    hes gay

  • Mooh
    Mooh 15 hours ago


  • Crippling Procrastination

    Why does he look like 7 from stranger things

  • Alex
    Alex 15 hours ago

    Lmao this song is Lil Wayne if he wasn't on lean

  • 《》CASTLE《》
    《》CASTLE《》 15 hours ago

    Reading the comments in this video and I'm dying. This video has the approval of a bunch of people who know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about lyricism lmao... A bunch of talentless nobodies who know NOTHING about battling...say this diss is actually legit...lmfao! To all of the people commenting (who probably have listened to Eminem at some point in life...which for some reason makes you experts on all things lyrical...despite the fact you have zero talent, and you couldn't chop a verse to save your life) this "diss track" is what we call a bodybag. Mac Lethal got zipped up.

  • Alex
    Alex 15 hours ago

    What is Tom a rap artist, country singer or metal/rock

  • Lucas kline
    Lucas kline 15 hours ago

    Real talk Tom

  • ivy moor
    ivy moor 16 hours ago

    Soo good respect man

  • Skye Eddy
    Skye Eddy 16 hours ago

    "Hi Dave Hi Dave more" like By Dave

  • dyl garth
    dyl garth 17 hours ago

    Tom Macdonald is just another level man

    • It's Gadfly
      It's Gadfly 14 hours ago

      Tom is Cain. He's reading from a phone as if it's a index/cue card. I think he's sweating me. He's tripping.

  • Craig Tosh
    Craig Tosh 17 hours ago

    I’m a fan of both Tom macdonald and mac lethal but Tom fucking annihilated mac

  • Crissy Ledbetter
    Crissy Ledbetter 17 hours ago

    I seen a picture of this guy and right away thought he's trash and didn't even bother listening but now I gave him a shot and I was definitely wrong, I'm a new fan

  • Kirk Brindley3
    Kirk Brindley3 18 hours ago

    Thank u bro- I listen to this alot....

  • jonathan horn
    jonathan horn 18 hours ago

    Is the Houston concert not just a Tom and Struggle thing or is the lineup that it shows in the link messed up?

  • Richard Ordaz
    Richard Ordaz 19 hours ago

    Aye I fuck with this Already

  • ivy moor
    ivy moor 19 hours ago

    Why did he say black jesus and snata?

  • ivy moor
    ivy moor 19 hours ago

    He angues like everyone else we are all the same at heart

  • Mateusz Najda
    Mateusz Najda 19 hours ago


  • Tayvon Jackson
    Tayvon Jackson 19 hours ago

    Boi what ?? You most definitely give a F***. My guy YOU MADE A WHOLE A** SONG, AND VIDEO

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson 20 hours ago

    I wish this song could be so much bigger. This guy has so much talent that I just wish the whole world could hear

  • It's Gadfly
    It's Gadfly 20 hours ago

    Ha, ha! I want Cain dead to. I ignore his calls. Cain gets mad when I delete him. I'm not lowering my standards for you Cain. Signed the straight white female.

  • Bryan Dunn
    Bryan Dunn 22 hours ago

    I had to look up Mac lethal....he's shit is trash talking about tom I'm rocking with Tom

  • Peter King
    Peter King 22 hours ago

    Yes tmz. Everyone a big name bags tmz always first to report. They even reported on Paul Walker the day before he died and they took it down straight away

  • Z3D Cabel
    Z3D Cabel 22 hours ago

    You cant eat Raman all fast! 😆😅😆😅

  • TheTwisted869
    TheTwisted869 22 hours ago

    Wanna see true hate in this world? Post your opinion and watch the hate flow in! - Me (Since 2017, got it in my snapchat memories) this song speaks so much to me! Glad someone else sees what I see!

  • Bryan Dunn
    Bryan Dunn 22 hours ago

    You can feel it in the peoples voices the first girl ik what you feel like I have a list to an ALOT are in here

  • rvdy nabicie
    rvdy nabicie 23 hours ago

    is he only talking about how old mac lethal is?

  • Illiogical Philosophy
    Illiogical Philosophy 23 hours ago

    It's happening. We are in the end times. All of this has been hidden in plain sight

  • Galen Karas
    Galen Karas Day ago

    First 20 seconds had me pissed.

  • Reaper Ares
    Reaper Ares Day ago

    Tom killing it o shit

  • Reaper Ares
    Reaper Ares Day ago

    Fuck mac long live Tom

  • Reaper Ares
    Reaper Ares Day ago

    Yoo this white boy 🔥

  • Glen Martin
    Glen Martin Day ago

    Tom this song speaks straight to my soul thank you for your message

  • Mi Amore
    Mi Amore Day ago

    This is the dumbest song ever.

  • Glen Martin
    Glen Martin Day ago

    Imagine if he and upchurch did a song together that shit would be lit asf

  • joshua granger

    God damn this shit is lit af

  • joshua granger

    Bro I just went to listen to mac lethals diss and holy shit his bars where truly garbage. I usually like his bars but god damn his diss to Tom has no good bars

  • tristan tobar
    tristan tobar Day ago

    Piece of shit

  • tristan tobar
    tristan tobar Day ago

    Did he really use a ✝ as a fake 📱 😆 who wss he calling jesus jankins whadda butthole

  • Z Malek
    Z Malek Day ago

    Everyone wants to be "woke" but most of y'all still believe in organized religion, how are you believing in clones, illuminati and then turn around believe in a religion your parents picked for you LMAO foh

  • chandler caldwell

    You know tom why is that this world full of ungrateful people also next summer book a concert for Usama amphitheatre in magna utah love to work event security

  • Robert Merling

    That's what's up

  • Dionysus Kiss
    Dionysus Kiss Day ago

    WHOOP! 1M views!

  • Liliana Salvatore

    Best thing in the world, my 4 year old singing and dancing along to this and my 1 year old "oohing" along to the chorus. Lol I think my kids like your music.

  • Kathy Borthwick


  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones Day ago

    Look at me mom i dropped a diss track because i cant do something else of my life because i have face tattoo. He is good in his own way if the only thing you can do is diss or complain you aint no rapper. Learn your fucking shit