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  • kianna powell
    kianna powell 35 minutes ago

    the fact that i laughed out loud while watching this episode after they said the baby was blind. i'm truly horrible :(

  • Goth kid
    Goth kid Hour ago

    *wait you guys are getting paid?* Edit: also what the fuck? James isn’t no pedo, he goes out with Alyssa

  • William Mickelson
    William Mickelson 2 hours ago

    Black mirror is sooo good at foreshadowing

  • Sunquad
    Sunquad 5 hours ago

    *Gets upvoted* Me: Ah yes, vote for you too. *Gets Downvoted* Me: *Readys phone* Parry this you filthy casual.

  • You know - I'm right

    I couldn't watch it because he so ugly. I couldn't stand looking at his face and yellow eyes! 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • ReyDa Rouaghi
    ReyDa Rouaghi 7 hours ago

    I don't think that Ben is actually a hypocrite because he told the truth to people and all they took from it was it was entertaining he tells them the system is rigged and then they cheer for him to do it do it which shows they rather live in the illusion of the double when he sees this reality he chooses to benefit himself because everybody else is hopeless

  • Melissa Bischoff
    Melissa Bischoff 10 hours ago

    Immediately after watching the episode I knew evidence (finger print, blood type) would’ve revealed it wasn’t the Princess. Pause for evidence (facts) gets trumped by ‘mob-rule’. Society Definately needs a gut check if they supported a PM f*cking a pig. Not sure how PETA didn’t get involved :/

  • Tripirior Newmand
    Tripirior Newmand 11 hours ago

    this is not what capitalism is if anything it reflects more on Marxist ideologies

  • AudioAndroid
    AudioAndroid 14 hours ago

    Is it possible? What if this movie had a secret that was so Amazing that viewers who have put multiple watches of the film in their lives will be floored when told. I have noticed something in this film that seems to close and to coincidental to pass off as chance so here goes and small spoiler warning, this topic involves the side Quest of 3 Characters and their💘🔺. The actress Mackenzie Davis plays the role of Mariette a replica Prostitute who gets pulled into the life and love relationship of K and Joi. Looking at this close up shot of the character 2:06 Mariette I couldn't help but be drawn back to the character of another Movie titled "Dallas Buyers Club" and the character named "Rayon" who was also a Prostitute potraid by the talented actor Jared Leto in that Film. In Bladerunner 2 Leto plays the role of Niander Wallace the creator of Replicas but what if Leto played the part of Mariette also?

  • BIKE DR.
    BIKE DR. 17 hours ago

    I was So disgusting when I found rising flag during this content. Be aware of the rising sun everyone please. It is a representative of ruthless crime what Japan did in worldwide especially Korea,China and South East Asia. Please be aware of this. What a shame Abe Sinzo!

  • David Hughen
    David Hughen 18 hours ago

    Kenny ya fuckin nonce

  • Eric Reese
    Eric Reese 21 hour ago

    Don’t feel sorry for her

  • Glitchy Goo
    Glitchy Goo 22 hours ago

    So many stupid people in this comment section

  • mich sf
    mich sf Day ago

    Movie fucked me up so bad. I couldn`t get over the fact that she became a porstar.

  • Jax 0901
    Jax 0901 Day ago

    Fletcher just wasn’t satisfied with Sebastian’s tempo

  • Anakin manu
    Anakin manu Day ago

    I reckon the ending should’ve been some people rating the rich girl bad bc they had some grudges against her. Then everyone there would start giving each other bad ratings bc if the truth they rlly think abt people. Bc I guess every person there would have had to fake it to make it there as well 🤷‍♂️

  • Lauren Faison
    Lauren Faison Day ago

    Literally every comment I have seen are about how old the girl looks😭

  • I.
    I. Day ago

    I think in the background of one of the shots there were two skeletons lying on beds and I thought that was the two people found in the bed when the woman searched the house in Metalhead

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover Day ago

    Is the monkey from the box that they were trying to recover in the black and white episode with the crazy machine dogs?

  • Kim mie
    Kim mie Day ago

    It’s basically the equivalent of what a credit report is for your finances.

  • Biruh Tesfa
    Biruh Tesfa Day ago


  • yakJaxx
    yakJaxx Day ago

    13:00 I have to disagree that’s like saying anyone who likes violent shows like Game of Thrones or Walking dead watches snuff films and rapes. It’s too much of a leap I understand the desire is there but people would respond Differently to fictitious things compared to knowing somethings actually real.

  • David Woodruff

    Props to Bryce. Not new to me but really well explained. Black Mirror's Hang the DJ is in my opinion pure genius and one of the best television episodes ever created. On par with Blade Runner as a movie.

  • John Daugherty

    Why tip us off about Season 3?

  • Hannah Murphy
    Hannah Murphy Day ago

    “This is the dream it’s conflict and compromise”

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz Day ago

    Tbh I want to beat the fuck outa the black judge a little to cocky

  • Soumen Bhattacharjee

    Why after brilliant opening to the season - Nosedive, the episodes are getting dumb and boring?? Both Playtest and this one doesn't seem to belong to 'Black mirror genre'

  • Creepy Guy39
    Creepy Guy39 Day ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that the guy who recorded the pig-sex on tv has been in bed for like 7 hours?

  • nothing nothing

    There is no next movie whitout cesar hes the leader but he told maruci went his son if grow up he haves to protect the apes

  • seplayer
    seplayer Day ago

    Ending explained. Explains the whole episode...

  • SM Lee
    SM Lee Day ago

    Does anyone else not watch these videos and click on them just to see the comments and relate to how others feel about the episode? None of the episodes really need "explaining" to be honest

  • FaTaLx Techno
    FaTaLx Techno 2 days ago

    Her lips make her look like a crack head lol

  • Amberly M
    Amberly M 2 days ago

    bryce: because like haley said- “this needing to know, it’s never going to stop”, and that’s probably why you’re watching this video in the first place me: pikachu face

  • wrlord
    wrlord 2 days ago

    I'm sorry, any moron who doesn't understand the ending shouldn't even watch the show.

  • Soumen Bhattacharjee

    Not really happy with this episode. After watching something like ‘nosedive’, this episode is a total disaster. Nothing significantly thought provoking unlike other episodes which are definitely not leave you without causing you to think.

  • Madhatter
    Madhatter 2 days ago

    I knew from the beginning he had was a creep like the way the episode felt the need to emphasise him being nice to the kid it kinda foreshadows what his secret is.

  • Anthony Luciano
    Anthony Luciano 2 days ago

    This entire show is too hard to watch, this woman being the main reason just always getting away with being a bitch but all the typical dumb characters and their emotional drama. I was hoping to see some cool shit from a show about being lost in the mysterious space but come to see a typical show about human drama that includes a robot who’s unfortunately under control of a pussy boi, shit he has a dam robot not even having it blast shit with its hand cannons like a dam kid instead passes a ball with it and draws in the dam dirt with a stick smh. This show just had me saying “wow you’re dumb” every other scene idk if it’s worth going on, someone tell me it gets better 😂

  • Nikki Berry
    Nikki Berry 2 days ago

    In the first scene, one of the guys mentions how pigs snouts are the same height as their assholes. At the time, I thought it was just a random conversation, but now I'm wondering if it's a subtle National Anthem shout out.

  • Mark
    Mark 2 days ago

    I think I need to watch this episode again to have a proper opinion, because to me, well in my opinion Liam went too far, if it were me.... I'd probably just tank it, and tell her I am leaving, and I'd tell the boy, I am not your father but if you ever need me, I'll always come to you.

    THE FORGOTTEN GOD 2 days ago

    What background music did you use

  • Your Name Here
    Your Name Here 2 days ago

    But if the tech giants stop, someone else will do it. People WANT the dopamine hits. Give me a like for a dopamine hit please.

  • a. gh
    a. gh 3 days ago

    So we need Fifteen Million Merits to move a step further our predestined daily boring routines.

  • xX squeaker Xx
    xX squeaker Xx 3 days ago

    How was the escort thing that bad especially if he does it with a condom on he’s bored with the marriage loves his kids and wants a one time fling with an escort named mindy he supports her by donating cash and he gets something out of it too

  • HereIsWisdom 1318
    HereIsWisdom 1318 3 days ago

    I bet when his phone rang during the simulation (when it should have been turned off) it was echoing the idea that the phone has to be turned off when an airplane is landing or taking off, so as to not interfere with the instrumentation.

  • matt matt
    matt matt 3 days ago

    I just got into the show and I'm happy af with the comment section because I felt like a horrible person for thinking Liam is right glad I'm not the only one 🤷

  • Kendrick Bohringer
    Kendrick Bohringer 3 days ago

    It can also be explained as Jack passing the compass to Will or Elizabeth and then they essentially pass it back to him but when he barters for the rum the compass is being abandoned by its owner so it betrays him.

    • Kendrick Bohringer
      Kendrick Bohringer 3 days ago

      @Bryce Edward Brown and for how he got the compass it could have been taken from him by Barbosa to find the cursed Aztec gold, then they sold it to Calypso, and Jack bartered with her to get it back and since his greatest desire was payback it led him to Elizabeth who had the last piece of the Aztec gold which then triggered the first movie.

    • Bryce Edward Brown
      Bryce Edward Brown 3 days ago


  • Raz Biton
    Raz Biton 3 days ago

    just a bad episode, i dont care what everyone else says. feels like watching a snuff movie.

  • LastWarrior
    LastWarrior 3 days ago

    I re watch this episode to escape back to the 80's. My "time machine!"

  • Danny D
    Danny D 3 days ago

    Instead of getting to the ending. U just explained the whole movie. Wasted time

  • NTDM
    NTDM 3 days ago

    S H U T U P A N D D A N C E W I T H M E

  • Nikki Berry
    Nikki Berry 3 days ago

    This episode made me cry so damn hard. One never really got to live until death. The other finally let themselves live again.

  • Richard London
    Richard London 3 days ago

    Darlene might be a nuts but Wendy is nuts AND Smart! Cuter too.

  • Colby Dipsen
    Colby Dipsen 3 days ago

    the only reason you would dislike this vid is if you are an idiot.

  • Colby Dipsen
    Colby Dipsen 4 days ago

    when she screams "NOOOOOOOOO" that part hit me so hard I can cry in demand just thinking about it.

    • Bryce Edward Brown
      Bryce Edward Brown 3 days ago

      Literally, one of the most impactful moments I've ever seen!

  • Colby Dipsen
    Colby Dipsen 4 days ago

    the most beautiful episode ever.

  • Colby Dipsen
    Colby Dipsen 4 days ago

    this episode makes me hate people even more.

  • Colby Dipsen
    Colby Dipsen 4 days ago

    best episode of anything ever.

  • Colby Dipsen
    Colby Dipsen 4 days ago

    "so I'm gonna" lol. I'm a fan

  • Colby Dipsen
    Colby Dipsen 4 days ago

    I started crying when you brought up Radiohead.

  • ashish arayath
    ashish arayath 4 days ago

    Through out the movie i was looking at the boy, i was waiting to see his scene again and again. His face is so cute in a helpless way, his face is asking for help and eyes are shivering with love that is waiting to express. I would love to hug that kid i wish if I had a little brother who look as innocent as him.

  • A P
    A P 4 days ago

    The actor was so so good... whoa.

    • Bryce Edward Brown
      Bryce Edward Brown 2 days ago

      @A P You're too kind, thank you! haha

    • A P
      A P 2 days ago

      @Bryce Edward Brown He does! p.s. Your videos are very good, too :P

    • Bryce Edward Brown
      Bryce Edward Brown 3 days ago

      He needs to be in more stuff

  • Sammy Virk
    Sammy Virk 4 days ago

    the ending wasn't even explained..

  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things 5 days ago

    Dart is the best demodog 😭😭❤️❤️

  • NIGHT Summer
    NIGHT Summer 5 days ago

    Isn’t this an episode of gumball

  • Toni Babic
    Toni Babic 5 days ago

    Who waited Aaron Paul to say "bitch" at the end?

  • Uncle Tats Creative Shack

    I love this movie, but some parts are kinda stupid and don’t make sense. Like, what was the whole point behind the alligator?

  • Belle Saisons
    Belle Saisons 5 days ago

    Sebastian played a big role in Mia’s not giving up entirely her dream.

  • Miss Lady
    Miss Lady 5 days ago

    I would be a 3.5 because people in my state just ignorant 🤷🏾‍♀️ I smile and people get mad 😒

  • Miss Lady
    Miss Lady 5 days ago

    When I noticed how scared he was when he knew they knew what he was watching that’s when I knew because he didn’t seem to be scared he was watching porn but more worried about what type it was... I’m like wtf were you watching to have your soul leave your body and I was like you NASTY low down dirty bitch 😂

  • romeo alfa
    romeo alfa 5 days ago

    I once had a conversation with my crush, then the topic of Black Mirror came by, and I told her about my favorite episode of it, S1E3 "The Entire History of You", where I pointed out how cruel of the woman there did to her husband, to which then I said I don't condone cheating of any kind, if one party does it, don't put the blame on the other party, saying it's them who caused it, no, it's not them it's you. So anyway she then replied like "but there are reasons, we don't sit in her shoes, people cheat because of reasons and what have been done to them", I disagreed with her. Damn if I had known earlier.... turns out she found a company from other men (yes, men), aka cheat on her so-called "ex-boyfriend" with the justification of how bad did he treat her... annnnnd later then as I thought we are "making it", turns out she got back to her ex-boyfriend which happened WHILE we are close.. in other words, she got back to her ex, without telling me. She did, actually, while she was drunk, to which I was in disbelieve and how foolishly of me to wait for her to tell me while she is sober. then one day she posted a photo of her and his boyfriend on her social media. I was shocked. and felt stupid. a few days forward she then texted me like no shit has happened, same ol' days for both of us. till now i still can't believe it. but I was glad though, dodge a bullet there for sure..

  • Paulos kesidis
    Paulos kesidis 5 days ago

    Easy emp jammer and you save the day

  • jordan tubman
    jordan tubman 5 days ago

    The bear seems more like it ate/took the vocal cords from Cassie or what ever her name was never seen the movie only seen a part from TheXvid where a girl was taken by a bear and it said Cassie

  • josiah x
    josiah x 5 days ago

    thank you for this video! actually loved everything you said, and made me really think aha

  • IVN
    IVN 5 days ago

    When are you going to make an explained video for white Christmas

  • Hannah K
    Hannah K 5 days ago

    I am consistently blown away by the acting quality in each episode.

  • game shocker 2.0
    game shocker 2.0 6 days ago

    When you get a laptop DONT USE IT FOR PORN

  • YungYears
    YungYears 6 days ago

    Tbh, this is just background noise while i play Destiny.

  • Ben Hulse
    Ben Hulse 6 days ago

    This is not the best episode to start the series on. I made the stupid decision of watching this with my parents and let’s just say that didn’t go well. Luckily I decided to carry on watching the series anyway and loving it. But this episode is a gross misrepresentation of the series, like I get that most episodes are messed up but - Fucking a pig jeezus that’s twisted.

    • Bryce Edward Brown
      Bryce Edward Brown 3 days ago

      The series did end up getting more light hearted, so the tone of this episode didn't really prepare us for the future

  • Grace Haven
    Grace Haven 6 days ago

    As someone in school and interning for social work I really have to say you hit the nail right on the head with the "the poor should just stop being poor, they should work harder, they deserve to be there" mentality of society. This started in early America because of our fundamental puritan roots and the deeply ingrained belief that people are inherently "sinful" and "morally corrupt" if they are living in poverty or "gasp" are homeless or mortally ill. This was because of the common puritan belief that if you are suffering, it is because God is punishing you for something you did wrong and even though it isn't really CONSCIOUSLY thought of that way anymore it is a belief that still stands deeply rooted in our society today, particularly in middle class America, the one presented in the episode.

  • Finn Siegel
    Finn Siegel 6 days ago

    The huge difference with the "Hang the DJ" cookies and the cookies in other episodes is that they didn't just experienced endless torture and suffering. They had a lot of great time together, and the fact that they had to suffer sometimes only made them appreciate their hapiness more. And at the end they died happily together, not even fully realizing that they were just used for a greater purpose. In comparison, the cookies in USS calister and white christmas fully realize what they are reduced to and having to suffer it for what feels like an eternity. The cookies in hang the dj may have experienced suffering, but just like in real life this suffering created happiness in the process. This begs the question if the concept of virtual consciousness designed to fullfill a purpose for their human versions are really that unethical if they get to experience an enjoyable life, especially when they don't know the reason of their existence.

  • Jordyn Ensor
    Jordyn Ensor 6 days ago

    i was expecting these comments to be totally different and i am so glad i was wrong lmao

  • Tukabel Tukabel
    Tukabel Tukabel 6 days ago

    This episode is nothing but homosexuality propaganda, and they did the same with the episode "Striking Vipers" from season 5. I've stopped watching this series.

  • Ruben Roque
    Ruben Roque 6 days ago

    Great video bro! Straight to the point and thoroughly explained. You're HIGHLY underrated

  • jesse demers
    jesse demers 6 days ago

    The bar Yorkie and Kelly go to is called Tuckers and has the TCKR Palm trees, while being inside the simulation. tuckersoft is definitely TCKR although both are spelled differently from the boss Mohan Thakur

  • Hannah X
    Hannah X 6 days ago

    This was a very very very sad episode.

  • sea weed29
    sea weed29 6 days ago

    I think at first liam is really obscure and posesif about his wife but after the end i think liam action is justified

  • Nikki Berry
    Nikki Berry 6 days ago

    Hold up, artificial bees are really a thing? If there was one lesson people could pull from this episode, I'd hope it would be "don't freaking build hackable bees". Just save the current bees dammit.

  • sea weed29
    sea weed29 6 days ago

    Lol metalhead as supposed to be puppy pic

  • Dramamine
    Dramamine 6 days ago

    He met the game designer... That was before he went into the simulation. And since he technically survived .04 seconds after the simulation initiated that is what he experienced

  • Carlito Gio
    Carlito Gio 6 days ago

    He made as much money so to escape the world he polluted. - what a great quote.. Thanks man ☺

  • Nathan Wemple
    Nathan Wemple 7 days ago

    After watching this it’s difficult not to subscribe

  • Lolb0y Dante
    Lolb0y Dante 7 days ago

    I already thought of every aspect of the afterlife except the feeling of having a never ending its eternal.U will live forever.The life on earth stopped and now you are gone and you cant go back, cant feel having an ending life. Its amazing how this episode managed to put all of those aspects in an episode

  • j1992
    j1992 7 days ago

    And the fact ready player one is three years befoe blade runnr

  • Omar Charles
    Omar Charles 7 days ago

    Black Mirror:WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY! Also Black Mirror:...and yet we participate in it.

  • Janet Nyirenda
    Janet Nyirenda 7 days ago

    So what you're saying is: Black Mirror is corrupting the souls of its audience. The makers are aware of what their show is doing and so the audience. Yet they keep making the show and you keep watching it. So you're complicit in your own moral degradation and you're making videos explaining the show that's responsible... I've never actually watched an episode of Black Mirror. But I've seen your videos explaining it. So I'm happy to say that not only will I not be watching this horrible show, I'd be one of the people who wouldn't be watching the PM have sex with a pig. Apparently, you would.

  • Ainsley Spongebob
    Ainsley Spongebob 7 days ago

    Awesome movie