Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur
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  • Lebone Monakhisi
    Lebone Monakhisi 2 hours ago


  • N V U
    N V U 2 hours ago

    🇻🇳 son7

  • Lebone Monakhisi
    Lebone Monakhisi 2 hours ago

    00:35 Sissoko bullying other kids. Sanchez trying to mack. Vertonghen, winks and Gazzaniga being clowns. Yeap.! Looks like a normal day in school

  • Benree
    Benree 2 hours ago

    Eh y no troy

  • mr. rakker
    mr. rakker 2 hours ago

    i love it so much when they start clappin evry time they see sissoko 😂😂

  • Your Nan
    Your Nan 2 hours ago

    Can someone tell Mauricio to play sessegnon otherwise 25million will be wasted

  • Whoa
    Whoa 2 hours ago

    Only people who make fun of turtle necks are the ones that look shit in it.

  • Pop무당호랑
    Pop무당호랑 3 hours ago


  • Mr Miyagi
    Mr Miyagi 3 hours ago

    Lads looking sharp

  • ya ya
    ya ya 3 hours ago


  • Vin Owlmus
    Vin Owlmus 3 hours ago

    Hey no time

  • faiz y.
    faiz y. 3 hours ago

    1:54 My king

  • 룡이
    룡이 3 hours ago


  • The PidgeNet
    The PidgeNet 3 hours ago

    #COYS Good Luck for this coming season boys and I hope we can finally win the prem or ucl! You can do it!

  • Fortnite Dude
    Fortnite Dude 3 hours ago

    Subscribe to my channel Please need to reach 1k

  • Sunny Ghosh
    Sunny Ghosh 3 hours ago

    They look like the mafia!😂😂🤣

  • hihi1004 hi
    hihi1004 hi 3 hours ago

    Spurs models

  • 오레오
    오레오 3 hours ago


  • R3C0iL_
    R3C0iL_ 3 hours ago


  • 이상명
    이상명 3 hours ago

    이강인도 곧 간다 지둘려라 이피엘 !

  • 고슴도치
    고슴도치 3 hours ago

    손 존잘

  • TSC XLR8
    TSC XLR8 3 hours ago


  • Houn Steve
    Houn Steve 3 hours ago

    Manager, Coach, Players, They are all handsome..

  • Soleil
    Soleil 3 hours ago

    I like their friendship

  • Nabris 2429
    Nabris 2429 3 hours ago


  • Islah Al-Maulani
    Islah Al-Maulani 3 hours ago

    07.26 Sonny so prankster 🤣🤣

  • Marianne Kim
    Marianne Kim 3 hours ago

    that hugo boss fit tho

  • 漢仔
    漢仔 3 hours ago

    This 'song' is good.

  • Lee Ye Chan
    Lee Ye Chan 3 hours ago

    2:32 fucking sexyy

    • hayden lawson
      hayden lawson 3 hours ago

      Lee Ye Chan sissoko lookin like idras elba

  • Support You
    Support You 3 hours ago

    0:50 OMG....... So handsome....

  • 정양
    정양 3 hours ago

    Dele, i miss u ♡♡♡

  • 리엠마
    리엠마 3 hours ago

    수트핏이 너무 근사하네요.모델들 같아요~🍒

  • Worldwide Football
    Worldwide Football 3 hours ago

    Look so happy..🤗 Good luck... UCL, Premier League..👍🤗

  • Glenn Mk4
    Glenn Mk4 3 hours ago

    Why does dele look grumpy ?

  • Blueberry playz 11
    Blueberry playz 11 3 hours ago

    10th comment

  • 장범준님제발부탁들어주세요

    1:17 모우라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Bamidele
    Bamidele 3 hours ago

    Kyle on the floor😂

  • 5/10 Cricket Countdown

    Come on you Spurs!

  • kuba K
    kuba K 3 hours ago

    Stronger then ever.

  • Ananda Feta
    Ananda Feta 3 hours ago

    whats up spurs? hope you all the best!!!

  • woosun jung
    woosun jung 3 hours ago

    Kane is the best striker in the world when not greedy

  • TEQUILA GANG Oh Yeah Yeah

    Every like, is 5% of a chance Tottenham have if winning any trophy this year

  • 방구머겅
    방구머겅 3 hours ago

    Why Beckham was there ?

  • Alicia Cheran Changme

    ❤❤❤handsome boys

  • seif amr
    seif amr 3 hours ago

    First comment

  • SpursFan 07 59 59
    SpursFan 07 59 59 3 hours ago

    Love you guys

  • 이원복
    이원복 3 hours ago


  • Joy Tania
    Joy Tania 3 hours ago

    5:17 moura 😂, he deserves start

  • Joy Tania
    Joy Tania 3 hours ago

    5:17 moura 😂, he deserves start

  • Scuola Infanzia Pietro Micca

    미친 aurier^^ 슛할때 폼 멋지다. 몇번이나 돌려봤네^^ love 손은 항상 예쁘고, 첫골이 터져서 너무 기분좋은 9월달 시작^^ 감사하고,다치지않게 항상 응원합니다.

  • COYS !
    COYS ! 4 hours ago

    이번 시즌 오늘처럼만 해준다면 우승은 덤인걸로... ㅎㅎ COYS👍🏆

  • Ye Eun Kim
    Ye Eun Kim 4 hours ago

    Super sonny💜💜💜

  • jack 3k
    jack 3k 4 hours ago

    Son just son

  • Angel Farfan
    Angel Farfan 4 hours ago


  • muhymeen ameen
    muhymeen ameen 4 hours ago

    Blackpink was there watching wonder he played like CR7... LOL...

  • love콩
    love콩 4 hours ago

    Nice Tottenham~!!! Nice Sonny~!!! #COYS

  • Tom Hardy
    Tom Hardy 4 hours ago

    So proud to be Korean. Go Son!!!

  • 안녕하살뽑'
    안녕하살뽑' 4 hours ago

    mom is son

  • love콩
    love콩 4 hours ago

    I’m happy~~^^ #COYS

  • 한류
    한류 4 hours ago

    손흥민 잘한다~~~~한국힘 손흥민~ㅎ

  • jiska bokilo
    jiska bokilo 4 hours ago

    Position de kong 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾

  • Koon Jay
    Koon Jay 5 hours ago

    Add 2 more for Sonny

  • Akif_S.Rahman 1298
    Akif_S.Rahman 1298 5 hours ago

    Son was excellent 🔥

  • 아무것도아닌
    아무것도아닌 5 hours ago

    흥민이 개시끄러운데 개긔욥ㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ깐족거리는거 넘 긔여웡

  • Koon Jay
    Koon Jay 5 hours ago


  • Koon Jay
    Koon Jay 5 hours ago


  • John kora John
    John kora John 5 hours ago

    Aurier the black Cafu'

  • 백구 백구
    백구 백구 5 hours ago

    sonny is love♥️

  • Darley Oliveira
    Darley Oliveira 5 hours ago

    Becks in Tottenham 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🙌

  • the most wanted
    the most wanted 5 hours ago

    R.I.P trippier

  • JK Lee
    JK Lee 5 hours ago

    Kane kids hero ~~

  • Karim Abou-Saleh
    Karim Abou-Saleh 5 hours ago

    In premier league and champions league

  • Karim Abou-Saleh
    Karim Abou-Saleh 5 hours ago

    I’m with Tottenham

  • 그린게이지
    그린게이지 5 hours ago

    우리흥 수고하셨습니다 -♡

  • Melo Suh
    Melo Suh 5 hours ago

    라멜라가 손흥민 한테 잘해주거나 친해질 노력을 많이하네

  • 성 성
    성 성 5 hours ago

    태극기 작작 가져와 씨벌 국대랑 클럽이랑 구분좀 하자

    • Pop무당호랑
      Pop무당호랑 3 hours ago

      불ㅡ편? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      DESK COYS 3 hours ago

      혹시 사람들이 영국가서 직관하는게 부러워서 그러는건지?ㅋㅋ 손흥민선수도 태극기보면 감사하고 더 책임감을 느낀다잖아~

    • Pop무당호랑
      Pop무당호랑 3 hours ago

      눈에 띄여서 티셔츠 받고싶어서 그러는 듯

  • 윙크스해리
    윙크스해리 6 hours ago

    Okayy, gonna do this for Suraj. "Sonny is a bang average player". Ok Suraj, did your work so fuck off

  • Ander Jaree
    Ander Jaree 6 hours ago


  • kashmira JOSHI
    kashmira JOSHI 6 hours ago

    Tottenham played like real madrid

  • Ander Jaree
    Ander Jaree 6 hours ago

    한국어 감사합니다❤️ love you guys 💗

  • Ander Jaree
    Ander Jaree 6 hours ago

    자랑스러워요ㅠㅠㅠ❤️Love you 😘

  • Hamny Bloshy
    Hamny Bloshy 6 hours ago

    Fuck israel

  • 신서연
    신서연 6 hours ago

    COYS ♡⚽️👍

  • 주세현
    주세현 6 hours ago

    7:25 손이 라멜라 공맞추는거왤케웃기지 ㅋㅋ

  • psychoticbastard
    psychoticbastard 7 hours ago

    4:10 Seven? You're getting old!

    • Sabernicus
      Sabernicus 2 hours ago

      That was great beyond belief.

  • JW K
    JW K 7 hours ago

    전설의 시작

  • chrom heart
    chrom heart 7 hours ago

    Harry with the kids so sweet <3

  • Felipe Dias
    Felipe Dias 7 hours ago

    son pouca fama e muito futebol

  • 스타카토
    스타카토 7 hours ago

    Super Sonny💕💕💕

  • prangipani
    prangipani 7 hours ago

    Sonny x Sissoko x Aurier x Delle ♡ Keep going, spurs!!

    • Sabernicus
      Sabernicus 2 hours ago

      @deadly dimitar seems like deadly dimitar is the account you pretend to take on a more brash attitude Suraj... Do you just enjoy pretending to be 20 different people or something? Do you get off to spamming the internet and boosting yourself up with your own multiple accounts, just because you have an inferiority complex and feel lonely? It's gotta be bad if your only friend is yourself... 20 versions of it at least. Get some help.

    • Pop무당호랑
      Pop무당호랑 3 hours ago

      @deadly dimitar 🤗 let's just admit you love son so much 😍😙😘

    • deadly dimitar
      deadly dimitar 3 hours ago

      @Pop무당호랑 hi

    • Pop무당호랑
      Pop무당호랑 3 hours ago

      @deadly dimitar 😜

    • deadly dimitar
      deadly dimitar 7 hours ago


  • David Grizz
    David Grizz 7 hours ago

    I don’t blame them when Neymar got a 93 rating nearly missing almost the whole season 😂 but you know EA trying to get that money you know

  • 손흥민보유국
    손흥민보유국 7 hours ago

    6:48 This is Hotspur....sonny say!!!! 9:58 I love SONNY say......I got goosebumps!!!!!

  • ネイトリバー
    ネイトリバー 7 hours ago


  • Marco Oh
    Marco Oh 7 hours ago

    sonny sonny I have another one~~

  • JM K
    JM K 7 hours ago

    멋찐 경기 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • stev tall
    stev tall 7 hours ago

    Man City will win PL!!

  • Azam Rohani
    Azam Rohani 7 hours ago

    Son best player in korean .Pukki best player in the world and top score in PL

  • dacid kapura
    dacid kapura 8 hours ago

    Dele Alli has no place in the team, who knew.

  • Lauge Bacher
    Lauge Bacher 8 hours ago

    Ea is taking a piss on both the pros and the player base Only thing they truly love is youtubers they can use to promote packs and make money on Bunch of wankers

  • 수호
    수호 8 hours ago

    03:45 "Kane!!!🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥 You are better than Ronaldo and Messi! " So cute🥰