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  • 래퍼콩해피
    래퍼콩해피 3 hours ago

    💙 sonny 👍🏻💙

  • Daniel Gregson
    Daniel Gregson 3 hours ago

    14:00 bruh who tf is John

  • cebo ntuli
    cebo ntuli 3 hours ago

    Ndombele is back...yes!!!!

  • Coolasiceuk80 PS4
    Coolasiceuk80 PS4 3 hours ago


  • Coolasiceuk80 PS4
    Coolasiceuk80 PS4 3 hours ago


  • Coolasiceuk80 PS4
    Coolasiceuk80 PS4 3 hours ago

    Please Win

  • Chosens
    Chosens 3 hours ago

    Game by game, win by win. Spurs will be OK. I am sure. In Jose I Trust

  • cebo ntuli
    cebo ntuli 3 hours ago

    @6:50..."I sink it's also the first clean sheet of Tottenham away from home for a year"....I felt that

  • Ethan Israeli
    Ethan Israeli 3 hours ago

    Mourninho is my man will do great things at spurs! lets get that win tomorrow..come on you spurs!

  • Fortnite pro8 58pro8

    nice save gazzeniga

  • Fortnite pro8 58pro8

    try and get Roberto Firmino

  • TDF_Mohamed 22
    TDF_Mohamed 22 3 hours ago

    Son is Korean He should be the top danser in no trophies in North Londom

  • T 21199
    T 21199 3 hours ago

    How is the commentator so calm, I’d be losing my shit lmao

  • Takiowns Poker
    Takiowns Poker 3 hours ago

    Every week I say, we need a win, this should be an easy win. Nope, the team always find a way to screw up the result. Our season is over regardless of this match. Basically, Leipzig will rape us. There will be no champions league next year. Our only hope this season AND next season will be the FA cup, which we will probably be raped by City or Liverpool. The team is not improving at all under Mourinho, so expect some trophyless Tottenham for at least 2 more seasons.

  • mean Min
    mean Min 4 hours ago

    1:40 수비 4명을 달고 슛을하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • sriram swamy
    sriram swamy 4 hours ago

    Mourinho will bring glory to spurs...just that we need to be patient and have trust in him!!!

  • 이민성
    이민성 4 hours ago


  • oz ozturk
    oz ozturk 4 hours ago

    If we can't win this at home, then we really are shite a lite. Lets be real !

  • Erik100 Fodão
    Erik100 Fodão 4 hours ago

    I know that there are more important things to worry about,but we are almost reaching 1 million subscribers

  • redsnow angel
    redsnow angel 4 hours ago

    I was surprised that there were no goals in three games No ambition, no strategy How do you support this?

  • Movie Man Reviews
    Movie Man Reviews 4 hours ago

    Pleas add subtitles...

  • Ja-7
    Ja-7 4 hours ago


  • Robinson Ayuk
    Robinson Ayuk 4 hours ago

    I like lamela

  • ham and cheese
    ham and cheese 4 hours ago

    I wish investment and commitment was there under Poch. As a spurs manager I obviously hope Jose succeeds but I can't pretend like he wasn't a Chelsea manager/wanker for over half a decade. We have lost too many players too wage disputes, with no replacements or no idea to adjust. I could name close to ten.

    • Colin Turner
      Colin Turner 4 hours ago

      ham and cheese we buy them young then sell them on for a profit Enic are a investment company like any business they want to make a profit

  • GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!

    Start gedson he will do well. Gedson + Son + Lucas + Ali =🔥

    • Omar toe
      Omar toe 4 hours ago

      GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more! 🤔

  • Domestic pigeon
    Domestic pigeon 4 hours ago

    Son has suddenly become allergic to scoring...

    • Omar toe
      Omar toe 4 hours ago

      Domestic pigeon don’t worry I spoke with him yesterday and he said I’m ready to score now

  • Maniraj Rai
    Maniraj Rai 4 hours ago

    Not Cavani, but we need zlatan ibrahimovic

    • Mark Barker
      Mark Barker 3 hours ago

      We don't need a grandad we got rid of lorente now you want some one older who is now trading off his past

  • Daniel Sky
    Daniel Sky 4 hours ago

    No matter how good you are at something, there is always an Asian that's better than you

  • Haider Lami
    Haider Lami 4 hours ago

    In jm we trust

  • Mncedisi Mhlongo
    Mncedisi Mhlongo 4 hours ago

    Jose we have to win this one...

    • Omar toe
      Omar toe 4 hours ago

      Mncedisi Mhlongo we gonna win 💪

  • Mr Random
    Mr Random 4 hours ago

    Troy parrot should be starting

    • Colin Turner
      Colin Turner 4 hours ago

      Mr Random he should at least be on the bench

  • Bee Grime & WU Tang
    Bee Grime & WU Tang 4 hours ago

    I’m goin 2mora first time at the new lane can’t wait COYS

  • Leo Kulei
    Leo Kulei 5 hours ago

    Giroud is available.. just loan that guy

    • Mark Barker
      Mark Barker 3 hours ago

      You tube what the fuck he will never be welcomed here besides he's not good enough never has been good enough he's old as well might as well sign lorente again we need to move forwards

  • Where Tf did my dad go??

    I'm going tomorrow night hope we can win at my first spurs match

  • Paul Markey
    Paul Markey 5 hours ago

    Hope levy is listening and gives Jose the financial backing to act in the market. What a wish!

  • João Resende
    João Resende 5 hours ago

    14:00 broo i hate that voice

  • Gedson
    Gedson 5 hours ago

    Ndombele and Gendson in midfield sounds good but would never last XD

  • Moho Han
    Moho Han 5 hours ago

    Mourinho looks comfortable. as if inured to defeat..

  • Aaron Adu Frimpong
    Aaron Adu Frimpong 5 hours ago

    Jose needs more time to build this broken team

  • FusterCluck
    FusterCluck 5 hours ago

    Not one question about our new signing. Very poor.

  • Prakash Karki
    Prakash Karki 5 hours ago


  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 5 hours ago

    JM looks happy so we have to give him time. COYS

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy 5 hours ago

    If they draw against Southampton in the FA do they lose their break week ?

  • Joss Alete
    Joss Alete 5 hours ago

    Parker & Modric as centre mids is exactly what we need now! Can't believe that this group of players weren't even close to a title challenge, shows how competitive and high quality the PL used to be, people saying that Man City / Liverpool are the best PL teams ever are nuts! COYS

  • nothing to see here move along

    not spiking ads so we have the money to buy a striker

  • m reza hassan
    m reza hassan 5 hours ago


  • 13thMonkey
    13thMonkey 5 hours ago

    Pls pls ask your owners to move on. 20yrs they've bled this club dry. Every year they've made a profit. The leagues longest serving chairmen. Yet, the leagues least net spend(mike Ashley has spent more). Half a billion made during the CL final campaign. Only team in the professional leagues history to not bring in ANY new players during a transfer window(did that in back2back windows) Didn't support poch, yet sacked him paying roughly 12mill so poch doesn't go straight into another prem team(thus showing up levy in an actual ambitious club) and paying celebrity manager one jose Mourinho 15mill roughly to keep us&media happy. Silverware related.. statistically the worst ownership in Tottenhams history for over a hundred years. I blog these facts, if im wrong sue me in court, seriously take me to court if any of the above thoroughly investigated researched information is incorrect. Levy&lewis out asap for the sake of the club. Dont feel sympathetic towards a couple of multi millionaires and billionaires levy&lewis. Look into the influential media group _tavistock group_ owned by Joe lewis also the roughly 30% ownership of THFC listed as the _Levy family_ why is our club a small family owned business?! Probably shadow ban this comment anyway

  • Muncher Ez.
    Muncher Ez. 5 hours ago

    Let’s go I’m going to see that game I can’t wait new stadium

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee 5 hours ago

    Looking forward to the game tomorrow from a Norwich Fan 🔰

    • Elemon
      Elemon 2 hours ago

      We need to keep Pukki and Cantwell quiet

    • Margaret Goh
      Margaret Goh 5 hours ago

      Scotty Bee So you look forward to losing? Some Norwich fan you are, I for one am fearing the worst for us OTBC😰

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee 5 hours ago

    OTBC 🔰

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee 5 hours ago


  • Baiaozin
    Baiaozin 5 hours ago

    make dele ali a centerforwardstrikerassassin mourinho you can do it bye

  • TC Gamer Tommy
    TC Gamer Tommy 6 hours ago

    Bring a striker on loan until Kane is back

    WINKSEUL 6 hours ago

    we need to get over this match.. spurs desperatly needs a win

  • me
    me 6 hours ago

    Clean sheet and a win 2:0

  • KidAAA
    KidAAA 6 hours ago

    Sounds like there is something in that Cavani rumour then...

  • nor dinie15
    nor dinie15 6 hours ago

    Tottenham will be winner in this match 2-0..

  • soclant yt
    soclant yt 6 hours ago

    I dont like manager i liked the one who left tottenham

  • Cal W 123
    Cal W 123 6 hours ago

    “Playing well” ..... Christ he sounds like Poch

    • cebo ntuli
      cebo ntuli 3 hours ago

      lol! the current Man United coach as well

    • Nine Five
      Nine Five 5 hours ago

      Defence is better now and need a striker to utilise chances

      JCT GAMING 5 hours ago

      Cal W 123 poch would say that after loosing 3-1, I think we’ve played pretty well the last couple games, just been unlucky with not having our top boy upfront to take some chances.

  • Paul H
    Paul H 6 hours ago

    I'm starting to really love Jose. He's gone from getting the players he wanted at previous clubs, to now coming to Spurs. We will now see, given time, hopefully the real special one???

  • The Fiend Glenn Tremble

    The stadium is shit so it's fitting that it resembles a giant toilet seat. #Shithouse

  • 권재현
    권재현 6 hours ago


  • Shreyas Srikanth
    Shreyas Srikanth 6 hours ago

    Loan jovic. In the summer but Chris wood from Burnley .bloke has 9 goals this season,is a target man would be happy as a back up and get European football minutes.wood counts as home grown as well and would not hinder parrots progress . And for levy it would be a cheaper option with transfer fees and wages.

    • Shreyas Srikanth
      Shreyas Srikanth 4 hours ago

      @Marc better than having no striker at the moment? And which top striker will be happy as a back up to Kane ? rather than having another jansen or soldado go for someone who has premier league experience. Then you have the argument what about cavani or that kind of level player ? Simply we have a tight wage structure and I doubt players will settle for less like cavani who is paid well at psg

    • Marc
      Marc 4 hours ago

      Shreyas Srikanth man said Chris Wood, please leave 🤣🤣

  • Maria Teresa Martucci

    Mourinho sempre con te Mourinhista per sempre !!!😍

  • Indra Mahat
    Indra Mahat 6 hours ago

    Son is best

  • Sma Farhat
    Sma Farhat 6 hours ago

    The best coach I like MOURINHO

  • MC Terry Majid
    MC Terry Majid 6 hours ago

    Can you stop blasting our ear drums with that shit music at the end....?

    • MC Terry Majid
      MC Terry Majid 4 hours ago

      @N T shut up gooner troll

    • MC Terry Majid
      MC Terry Majid 4 hours ago

      Ok, please can you stop blasting my ears with the (comparatively) LOUD shit music at the end of these vids? Fk everyone else. Thanks

    • N T
      N T 6 hours ago

      Bit ungrateful

    • Brenax Quiny
      Brenax Quiny 6 hours ago

      Just reduce the volume

  • Ahmad Sbaei
    Ahmad Sbaei 6 hours ago


  • Y Jun
    Y Jun 6 hours ago

    Sell Sonny and get a new striker

    • Mark Barker
      Mark Barker 3 hours ago

      Y Jun you are without a doubt a total bellend sell our best player and replace him with who what a dick you are

    • Omar toe
      Omar toe 4 hours ago

      Y Jun something the silence 🤫 is better

  • Cadam2019
    Cadam2019 6 hours ago

    Sign a bloody striker Levy

  • I Am Spartacus
    I Am Spartacus 6 hours ago

    I’m beginning to get fed up of Jose’s bullshit, he tells you want you want to hear. He’s a people pleaser.

  • Sma Farhat
    Sma Farhat 6 hours ago

    Good luck, win day, day to lose. This is the game

  • donyedwin
    donyedwin 6 hours ago

    SUBTITLE please..

  • Yes Me Is Ghost Me dEaD

    When Can Ndombele play again? Love to see him play. He’s A baller.

    • Nali Chenar
      Nali Chenar 2 hours ago

      Until now he is not that good for Tottenham

    • cebo ntuli
      cebo ntuli 3 hours ago

      He is fit...With consistency, he can become the best in league in his position..honestly....he is amazing....

    • Colin Turner
      Colin Turner 4 hours ago

      Yes Me Is Ghost Me dEaD if he can get fit and stay fit he’s one hell of a player

    • The Etamine
      The Etamine 5 hours ago

      He returned to training today, official from Spurs.

  • Mohamed Cali
    Mohamed Cali 6 hours ago

    Need piatik

  • 찬바람
    찬바람 6 hours ago

    게이버 뉴스보니 무리뉴가 인터뷰에서 손은 골이없어도 팀에 도움이 많이 되고 인격적으로도 좋은선수라고 애기했다던데

  • mega mind
    mega mind 6 hours ago

    Tot attacking players is too stiff, no versatile player move them from one position they are worthless, that's bad for a team that wants to be competitive.

  • nico cacci
    nico cacci 6 hours ago

    Levy out??? ? He's brilliant! The best chairman any club could wish for. COYS.....

    • Colin Turner
      Colin Turner 4 hours ago

      nico cacci he’s Tottenham through and through but enic have given the club great financial stability training facilities and new stadium as good has anywhere in the world they just need to take it a step further poch seem to lose the dressing room and levy would not back him after that

    • Jack Legros
      Jack Legros 5 hours ago

      @nico cacci clearly you are happy. There's always one.

    • nico cacci
      nico cacci 6 hours ago

      @Jack Legros he loves the club.. Wants bigger and better. Think what you like.. Not all people are selfish especially when their worth billions.

    • Jack Legros
      Jack Legros 6 hours ago

      Just a businessman not interested in playing side of game. Anyone who thinks otherwise is taking nonsense

  • MinxhYy
    MinxhYy 6 hours ago

    Watch the ads we need a striker

    • Cole Bortz
      Cole Bortz 4 hours ago

      Darius Beaumont r/whoosh

    • Darius Beaumont
      Darius Beaumont 4 hours ago

      go and play for them if you think its that desperate. and adsense doesnt create millions of pounds. you can get maybe £1000 a month if youre lucky.

    • David Temkin
      David Temkin 5 hours ago

      lmao facts

    • D. Daley
      D. Daley 6 hours ago


  • sopranos
    sopranos 6 hours ago

    Levy Jose out

    J1ASON AL1EX 6 hours ago

    Spurs are wavering because of the way the home fans are .

  • Maxemilian E Perfekt

    Why not lone à striker when Harry come back he is number 1 striker

    • East L
      East L 6 hours ago

      I spy with my little eye someone beginning with L

  • Ja Hyun
    Ja Hyun 6 hours ago

    come on Sonny!!


    6 matches without with win mr mourinio

  • YOUTUBE힝힝힝입니다

    이번엔 우리 흥이 있다

  • Aleksandar Grujic
    Aleksandar Grujic 6 hours ago

    Eriksen will make a miracle ⚽⚽

    • 5Oldboy
      5Oldboy 3 hours ago

      @andrew flores true story

    • Mark Barker
      Mark Barker 3 hours ago

      @Aleksandar Grujic you might hate them but you ain't him so tough luck hes doing it for him not to make you happy

    • andrew flores
      andrew flores 3 hours ago

      @5Oldboy cuz lautaro will destroy them

    • 5Oldboy
      5Oldboy 3 hours ago

      @Aleksandar Grujic ahaha why you hate us?

    • Mark Barker
      Mark Barker 3 hours ago

      Let him go FFS he's been piss poor for 18 months he's let us down as well as himself not trying going through the motions why do we keep picking him we start every game with 10 players when he starts time to say bye bye thanks for everything now get stuffed

  • Kid Gaming
    Kid Gaming 6 hours ago

    Pls buy INGS soton

  • night shade
    night shade 6 hours ago

    cavani too old Jose something up his sleeve before 31st

    • _________
      _________ 6 hours ago

      Don’t matter, we just need someone to place hold until Kane can come back

  • Reigate Robot
    Reigate Robot 7 hours ago

    another 90mins of slow predictable anti-football awaits us in our new soulless neon office block - make it stop....please.....

  • comunicado oficial
    comunicado oficial 7 hours ago

    Levy Out

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 7 hours ago

    We need Llorente!

  • 김이나
    김이나 7 hours ago


  • KZN Jonno
    KZN Jonno 7 hours ago

    Nice to see you smile Jose,does that mean we may score soon? Please let's stop playing sideways and backwards, the opposition goal is at the other end!

    • comunicado oficial
      comunicado oficial 6 hours ago

      KZN Jonno he cant help the fact our best 8 is out injured and we don’t have a striker

  • John Bowe
    John Bowe 7 hours ago

    We need a win, any win will do.

  • KVS
    KVS 7 hours ago

    Pls buy a good striker....

  • Jo Burziq
    Jo Burziq 7 hours ago

    We need Cavani

  • Mingishere
    Mingishere 7 hours ago

    Just bring christiano

  • sriram swamy
    sriram swamy 7 hours ago

    PSG player cavani

    • Re Na
      Re Na 6 hours ago

      sriram swamy Cavani prefers Atletico. Chelsea wants him too

  • Jay Gosden
    Jay Gosden 7 hours ago

    We want Eriksen out. We want poch back. No style of play.

    • R B
      R B 2 hours ago

      Did Poch win anything ever since he started coaching? The answer is NO. You now have a coach who is a serial winner. In 2022 you will have trophies so relax...

    • Lelouch Vibritannia
      Lelouch Vibritannia 6 hours ago

      @Zhi arsenal fans should be deported out of England. Respect mourinho you Asian no good low class nobody

    • Zhi
      Zhi 6 hours ago

      Lelouch Vibritannia A very poorly educated person from one who claims to be of a noble family, more like from a knob family.

    • Lelouch Vibritannia
      Lelouch Vibritannia 6 hours ago

      @Zhi I am from a noble family, and I support spurs

    • Zhi
      Zhi 6 hours ago

      Lelouch Vibritannia Are you so insecure that upset you so much you need to pick on someone’s race and class?

  • 5Oldboy
    5Oldboy 7 hours ago

    José se sei interista nel cuore come dici di essere.. smettila con sti bleff del cazzo e lascia in panca Eriksen