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SuperM Premiere Event
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SuperM Group Trailer
Views 3.2MMonth ago
SuperM Trailer : TAEMIN
Views 1.1MMonth ago
SuperM Trailer : KAI
Views 1.7MMonth ago
SuperM Trailer : MARK
Views 1.9MMonth ago
SuperM Trailer : LUCAS
Views 1.5M2 months ago
SuperM Trailer : TEN
Views 1.5M2 months ago
SuperM Trailer : TAEYONG
Views 1.6M2 months ago
SuperM Trailer : BAEKHYUN
Views 2.2M2 months ago
SuperM: lNTRO
Views 860K2 months ago
Coogie 쿠기 'GPS' Preview
Views 73K2 months ago


  • Pardis adp
    Pardis adp 16 minutes ago

    Erisloveyou ^^

  • Girl Mocock
    Girl Mocock 16 minutes ago

    Todos são bonitos , mas o D.O me encanta mais que todos

  • Eliz Kim
    Eliz Kim 16 minutes ago

    Perfect voice 😍😍😍🤧

  • AGull Lkgl
    AGull Lkgl 16 minutes ago

    Ot 12😭

  • Eliz Kim
    Eliz Kim 17 minutes ago


  • Eliz Kim
    Eliz Kim 17 minutes ago

    I love you

  • Shyne
    Shyne 18 minutes ago

    Still can't get over with yang yang's line. Boyyy you're just 12 what you sayyin???

  • Ko Jimal
    Ko Jimal 18 minutes ago

    How many X-Exol are here? 1 like = 1 xExol Rwe1?

  • choi san: pURpLe
    choi san: pURpLe 19 minutes ago

    i was making egg salad while watching this and i legit dropped the eggs

  • Célia Loureiro
    Célia Loureiro 19 minutes ago


  • Araceli Ortiz
    Araceli Ortiz 19 minutes ago

    No entender veri mucho😅😅

  • AGull Lkgl
    AGull Lkgl 19 minutes ago

    Cant believe im back here again🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Grisel Quispecondori
    Grisel Quispecondori 20 minutes ago

    오빠 사랑해

  • abdel Lau
    abdel Lau 20 minutes ago

    the best

  • Ko Jimal
    Ko Jimal 20 minutes ago

    Don't forget #mamavote 😑

  • day's of aninha
    day's of aninha 21 minute ago subscribe to my channel.please

  • imène btm
    imène btm 21 minute ago

    292 192 vi3ws Exols please let me see ur power I really want to see it today before tomorrow

  • Anna Skov
    Anna Skov 21 minute ago

    So close to 100 million

  • Jeanne Magda Dantas Lopes

    Minha so minha

  • Jeanne Magda Dantas Lopes


  • Heartless Kpopper
    Heartless Kpopper 22 minutes ago

    Miss you my angel!!❤️

  • Jeanne Magda Dantas Lopes

    Leslie Amorsinho meu

  • razam swadi
    razam swadi 22 minutes ago

    ول رجعولنا لاي بالعودة الجديدة كمستنسخ رجل آلي شبح المهم رجعوه TT

  • Jeanne Magda Dantas Lopes


  • Blah Blah Blah.†
    Blah Blah Blah.† 23 minutes ago

    당신은 아름다운 태연을 춤 춘다. 당신은 완벽의 예입니다☄️ You dance beautiful Taeyeon. You are an example of perfection. ☄️ Bailas hermoso Taeyeon. Eres un ejemplo de la perfección.☄️

  • Jeanne Magda Dantas Lopes

    Lindos super

  • Jeanne Magda Dantas Lopes


  • Jeanne Magda Dantas Lopes


  • vevo 1234
    vevo 1234 23 minutes ago

    Who's here on/after November 2019 ? 😉 AND SURE FOREVER 👑👑

  • ELF Chitta10
    ELF Chitta10 23 minutes ago

    65k to 41m, let's giddit ( Inserts Mark voice) before the concert..

  • Maridete Correia
    Maridete Correia 23 minutes ago

    Minho, sua voz é linda. Sentimos saudades!

  • Ya Anna
    Ya Anna 24 minutes ago

    Addicted to EXO 😂

  • Similee xo
    Similee xo 25 minutes ago

    chenle looks like my baby cousin here 😣

  • Gonca Gül DEMİRCİ
    Gonca Gül DEMİRCİ 25 minutes ago

    Dönüp dönüp kürkçü dükkanına geliyorum... Gerçi kaçmaya çalıştığım da yok...

  • jonas0428
    jonas0428 28 minutes ago

    2020 someone?

  • Isabel Iloen
    Isabel Iloen 29 minutes ago

    Kai wearing crop tops jesuuuuuus christ

  • razam swadi
    razam swadi 29 minutes ago

    ايمت مقررة توصل الاخت والله هلكتينا وصلي عاد -_-

  • Lea Vuijk
    Lea Vuijk 29 minutes ago

    Even though chanyeol is in the back most of the times, I think he is still very good at dancing!

  • Malek Zaidi
    Malek Zaidi 29 minutes ago

    EXO_LS vote for exo #topmusicuniverseawards

  • Nodira Usmanova
    Nodira Usmanova 30 minutes ago

    chen-chen <3

  • T01
    T01 30 minutes ago

    finally they realized the potentials of IRENE's voice

  • cute baekhyun
    cute baekhyun 30 minutes ago


  • Nazmatul Azrolia
    Nazmatul Azrolia 31 minute ago

    You grow up so well jisung-a💖

  • EXO찬열와이프
    EXO찬열와이프 31 minute ago

    Obsession is Monster’s apprentice

  • Chaimae Dada
    Chaimae Dada 32 minutes ago


  • Maryam Hesham
    Maryam Hesham 33 minutes ago

    This song is art 💜 this song is one of the main reasons I became an ELF. 2nd gen is just something else 😍

  • Sharu'u Shareef
    Sharu'u Shareef 33 minutes ago

    Is it just me or did 4:33 make the song hotter? 🤤🤤

  • Guilherme Mota
    Guilherme Mota 33 minutes ago

    Exo is the second best kpop group . . . . X-EXO is the first

  • Aya Sehun
    Aya Sehun 33 minutes ago

    Let's get it 300M !!!

  • Ananya S
    Ananya S 34 minutes ago

    wayv out here dropping the s*x track we didn't know we needed

  • Meagan Manning
    Meagan Manning 34 minutes ago

    Who’s in the cage Baekhyun is sitting on @ 2:00? EXO maybe?

  • Rushna Ali
    Rushna Ali 34 minutes ago

    My first listen of EXO after monster and that hook got me they are interesting By the way what's his name the boy in white shirt 1:12

  • ravneusxn
    ravneusxn 34 minutes ago

    Less than 28.3k to reach 300M 😍

  • Loli Kun
    Loli Kun 35 minutes ago

    *Don’t support the kpop industry.*

  • EXO SC
    EXO SC 35 minutes ago


  • Oikawa IKE
    Oikawa IKE 36 minutes ago

    Proof you are here before 100M

  • Taw Taw
    Taw Taw 36 minutes ago


  • Exo lover ALICIACHO
    Exo lover ALICIACHO 37 minutes ago

    This = sexy

  • Taw Taw
    Taw Taw 37 minutes ago

    I miss them😔😔💔

  • Сẵṱ Sĥĩǖ
    Сẵṱ Sĥĩǖ 38 minutes ago


  • Сẵṱ Sĥĩǖ
    Сẵṱ Sĥĩǖ 38 minutes ago

    اءءءء قربت تصير 300💃💃

  • Exo lover ALICIACHO
    Exo lover ALICIACHO 38 minutes ago

    Wow king

  • Viktoryia Psycho 01
    Viktoryia Psycho 01 38 minutes ago

    Exo 😍❤

  • Holly James
    Holly James 39 minutes ago


  • megan lee
    megan lee 39 minutes ago

    99M! a little bit less than 1M left!

  • Slenderina 97
    Slenderina 97 40 minutes ago


  • fathimath rahma
    fathimath rahma 40 minutes ago

    Our Kim Kibum. It was so good to see your picture updates yesterday. Always stay healthy and happy. Shawols pride... We love u Bummy...

  • Ikram Yusuf
    Ikram Yusuf 41 minute ago

    johnny getting drunk on camera

  • Sena 세나
    Sena 세나 41 minute ago


  • Sena 세나
    Sena 세나 41 minute ago


  • To_The_Moon _247
    To_The_Moon _247 41 minute ago

    Does your brain just ever go: RING DING DONG

  • pArK cHiMnEy
    pArK cHiMnEy 42 minutes ago

    taemin you are in 2nd gen, 3rd gen and 4th gen?

  • Expensive Gurlz
    Expensive Gurlz 42 minutes ago

    Ok I’m new here but that guy that started it got me feeling some type of way 😳

  • J i o n ' -
    J i o n ' - 43 minutes ago


  • Aron Juarez
    Aron Juarez 45 minutes ago

    11/11/2019 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Sp el mejor !

  • Mariam, Retaj and Rodina T.V

    Shinee😥😥 miss u

  • Ko.
    Ko. 45 minutes ago

    This song just better and better every time.

  • fathimath rahma
    fathimath rahma 45 minutes ago

    We received your photo update today. As always people praising about your good manners. Makes me so proud. Shawols Stan the right men. Thank you Ming...

  • sweekram -
    sweekram - 48 minutes ago

    So , the ones in this mv are not exo?

  • Genie Wilde
    Genie Wilde 48 minutes ago

    I wonder why this dance practice has 90+M views 🙊🙉🙈

  • top video
    top video 48 minutes ago

    What !!!! This is rival bts debut in US ??

    • Surf Wave
      Surf Wave 16 minutes ago

      Man, just stop with BTS comparisons, no one cares. There are hundreds of Kpop groups, if you are not fan go watch stupid BTS

    • dini handikasari
      dini handikasari 26 minutes ago

      ?? Why BTS? They assigned contract with Capitol Music Group that's why they debuted in US.. so nothing wrong with that..

  • Aurora
    Aurora 48 minutes ago

    The way I was ready to believe that this was a sad song..and then I paid attention to the lyrics

  • Estefania
    Estefania 49 minutes ago

    I JUST DISCOVERED THAT THIS SONG IS PERFECT FOR WORKOUT. Stan kings that support our health

  • Joy zdi
    Joy zdi 49 minutes ago

    Yes Kun, you can whisper in my hear 😍

  • Malak Aleezi
    Malak Aleezi 49 minutes ago

    Exo in my soul

  • sweekram -
    sweekram - 50 minutes ago

    And yes , after 3 years we understood this MV :) ' I hope so'

  • Blah Blah Blah.†
    Blah Blah Blah.† 50 minutes ago

    나는이 비디오, 태연, 내 인생의 사랑을 계속 보면서 예술을 만듭니다. 사랑해 ☄️

  • Felis Prasena
    Felis Prasena 51 minute ago

    people said : "this girl introvert indeed" i said : her laugh tell me,this girl being happy easily

  • Jk Jk
    Jk Jk 51 minute ago

    HAHAHHA My memories!😍

  • Nia Safitri
    Nia Safitri 51 minute ago

    Episode 5 please

  • sweekram -
    sweekram - 52 minutes ago

    8 years ago... Mom " stop glaring at anime boys and find yourself a REAL man" Me : " I fell for exo" 2019... Me "Oops they're just exo clones that I've been loving all this time xD "

  • Estilita Davila Cruz
    Estilita Davila Cruz 52 minutes ago

    Cuando Arán otras canciones bonitas como super clap

  • Park zineb
    Park zineb 52 minutes ago

    We miss you Sulli😭

  • Jake Patiño
    Jake Patiño 52 minutes ago

    Rapir exel wortol

  • Reesya Luthfiyah
    Reesya Luthfiyah 52 minutes ago

    I came here back because this is my first Kpop song ever and i've become attached to kpop. They are legend

  • Mufidatun Nisa Al Hafidz
    Mufidatun Nisa Al Hafidz 52 minutes ago

    100M we can do it!🔥

  • Zozo Ahmed
    Zozo Ahmed 52 minutes ago

    نسبه المشاهده ظلم بحد ذاته

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil
    Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil 53 minutes ago

  • edit kpop
    edit kpop 53 minutes ago


  • EXO J.A
    EXO J.A 53 minutes ago

    Let’s hope today is the day ....