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DJ Whoo Kid radio show
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  • cameron pain
    cameron pain 5 days ago

    Sam, Scorch is better than you. Don't laugh.

  • sindelislove821 C

    Does nortan have phone on this show I've only seen this one and he seems bored and he used to love scorch shit and Colin said I've seen it a million times he seems he hates this

  • sindelislove821 C

    Scorch and jocktober always my favorite o&a moment's

  • Ketch A. Body
    Ketch A. Body 2 months ago

    Where can I find the nudes of this one??😬

  • Mel Bee
    Mel Bee 5 months ago

    I just finished listening to all the O&A Scorch stuff and found this clip. Thought I could make it through and just try to ignore Sam. Unfortunately the camera is stuck on his disgusting alien head the entire time and he babbles so much I could only make it through about three minutes. Why is he talking more than anyone else? I would rather hear Jimmy talk to himself than Sam. All Sam does is repeat what everyone says in a mocking tone. Is that what's passing for comedy on this show? Colin sounds very uncomfortable in this clip. Nobody sounds like they're having a good time except for Sam...the luckiest mutant on radio.

      MACMETALFACE Month ago

      Mel Bee it really shows I haven’t listened in years something made me look up scorch clips again after all these years and i am reminded he was so tolerable because he was used less before.

  • 916mw
    916mw 7 months ago

    It’s pronounced billy few-sill-oh. Not foo-chill-oh you fucking idiot. For a guy that remembers the commercials he doesn’t remember the name

  • Sometimes RealityIsUgly

    Colin Quinn is a National Treasure...he and Patrice are the best guests in the history of O&A, and all of it's incarnations. Absolutely hilarious.

  • OneBagTravel
    OneBagTravel 8 months ago

    Sam talks a lot.

      MACMETALFACE Month ago

      Haven’t listened in years him and his annoying laugh is annoying as shit he was better as the 6th man he’s near insufferable

    • Nicholas Rice
      Nicholas Rice 3 months ago

      OneBagTravel I do like Sam, but yeah.. he needs to balance it a bit, and turn down his mic. That and the nervous knee bouncing needs to be adjusted. Can’t say I hate him, he’s been cracking me up for years.

  • Jonathan Linderer
    Jonathan Linderer 11 months ago


    • Mel Bee
      Mel Bee 5 months ago

      That's actually kinda sad for the show. You were first in October and they posted this in January of 2017. Ouch.

  • Roberto Langada
    Roberto Langada 2 years ago

    Dbag get your shit together there is something wrong with your uploads 90% of the time

  • Waterman
    Waterman 2 years ago

    Dbag you fucked up. it jumps 20 mins backwards like 35 mins in

  • Monkeesexable
    Monkeesexable 2 years ago

    The great Ron Bennington....

  • takashi0100
    takashi0100 7 years ago

    You like Derdian, so you're a cool guy in my books. How the hell do you know so much about the story their songs tell? I keep searching and I can barely find anything that clears up the gaps left in between songs.

  • N.D. Strider
    N.D. Strider 7 years ago

    really? what's your mh3 name?

  • Tristan (O_o)
    Tristan (O_o) 8 years ago

    hey :D

  • Derdian
    Derdian 8 years ago

    eheheh.... don't woryy... we are ready to make you surprised! ;-)

  • George
    George 8 years ago

    Cheers for the sub budddyyy

  • gallantloui
    gallantloui 8 years ago

    add on the seed value when generating a new world: 456 if you want a beautiful world

  • crazyBloodmonkey
    crazyBloodmonkey 10 years ago

    hey check my vid

  • 1HitK0h
    1HitK0h 10 years ago

    It's the background ^.^"