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  • Raj Grewal
    Raj Grewal 16 minutes ago

    What’s that background beat in the end?

  • GopunnsLa
    GopunnsLa 17 minutes ago

    imagine not mentioning slim shady a legend

  • strongforu
    strongforu 18 minutes ago

    I wonder what size his feet are?

    • strongforu
      strongforu 16 minutes ago

      NVM. I Googled it. He wears size 14. I wear size 13 and its hard for me to find shoes that are fairly wide release. Some limited release soes only go up to a size 11 or 12.

  • Michael Varela
    Michael Varela 19 minutes ago

    Nate diaz is a fucking retard

  • Alejandro Uriarte
    Alejandro Uriarte 19 minutes ago


  • Pablasoo Music
    Pablasoo Music 19 minutes ago

    Artist and Producers HMU for an opportunity

  • King Kidd
    King Kidd 19 minutes ago

    Man I love Cudi man. I never understood those fans that geek when they see famous people but I feel if I seen Cudi I might be that nigga lol. It's crazy I betg he don't even grasp the amount of lives he's saved. Fate is why I'm alive still Cudis the reason I haven't gone back to that dark space. Still deal with it but I find ways to cope from Cudi.

  • ExtraOrdinary MUSIC
    ExtraOrdinary MUSIC 19 minutes ago

    I was bumping Stillmatic yesterday which is my favorite album from Nas

  • Astro Digitalz
    Astro Digitalz 19 minutes ago

    He deadass knew that price was tooooo high for them sneakers, he could get those for half the price bro, flight club always doing the most

  • Patent Pending
    Patent Pending 20 minutes ago

    Everybody: Wayno: jernt

  • Michael Blitz
    Michael Blitz 20 minutes ago

    I don’t think he’s gonna take a deal unless the company lets him wear whatever he wants off the court

    SDBROOKS08 20 minutes ago

    14k for some kobes???? Those would have stayed on the shelf. 6k for some WDB 4s. I would have DMd Khaled for a free pair. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • XslemJK
    XslemJK 20 minutes ago


  • Tadzio Ejchart
    Tadzio Ejchart 20 minutes ago

    we had to wait a long time to get interesting sneaker shopping, but worth it

  • Thr 33
    Thr 33 21 minute ago

    Who is Bryson Tiller people barely know what he looks like stop. Tiller cant match a young Usher

  • . Logic
    . Logic 21 minute ago

    Atleast he will be wearing the shoes

  • Kyle Dixon
    Kyle Dixon 23 minutes ago

    I find it highly unlikely how the 3 pairs of those yeezy 2s he has 1 of those 3 pairs was made in his size isn’t he like a size 14 or something?

  • mahery rakoto
    mahery rakoto 23 minutes ago

    Is there anyway we could have the show without AK.... Fast forwarding his parts make the show good.....I feel he just making shit up

  • Niko Love
    Niko Love 23 minutes ago

    33 k??? See why players go broke

  • FreshKaiu
    FreshKaiu 23 minutes ago

    If I had that nba money I would have every Jordan

  • David Banner
    David Banner 23 minutes ago

    I thought she said 73,000 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Thr 33
    Thr 33 24 minutes ago

    To this day people accuse Diddy of setting up Biggie to die. What is he talking about

  • OhNoSoto
    OhNoSoto 25 minutes ago

    How tall is Joe? PJ is 6'6 and Jo doesnt look much shorter

  • Andrew Piluk
    Andrew Piluk 25 minutes ago


  • Thr 33
    Thr 33 25 minutes ago

    Diddy and Biggie relationship was not and will never be the Game and Nipsey Hussle relationship. Stop it like for real.

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 26 minutes ago

    He goin hoop in half of those shoes he bought

  • TheFlameHG
    TheFlameHG 26 minutes ago

    Fog vans 1600$ 💀💀

  • eric jones
    eric jones 26 minutes ago

    Master P did what Gucci said years before Gucci. Learn hip hop history pls Ak

  • Kedem Baraness
    Kedem Baraness 26 minutes ago

    No hesitation ~ buys 30,000$ worth of shoes

  • Lav
    Lav 27 minutes ago

    such a cool dude

  • Sicong Liu
    Sicong Liu 28 minutes ago

    He is signing with Lining, soon.

  • Enoch Heavens
    Enoch Heavens 28 minutes ago

    Let's celebrate It was written and Stillmatic

    REALTALK NOCAP 28 minutes ago

    Nadeska and wayno need to stop slick dissing Ak without him WE AINT WATCHING BE GRATEFUL #CHATN****

  • Channlism
    Channlism 28 minutes ago

    Akademiks seems to be the only one with any passion on this show

  • alexis mejia
    alexis mejia 29 minutes ago

    Why Wayno if he is from the street he cares so much about other dudes clothes ? Wayno love you but don't be lame bro

  • Pusshen Cheeto
    Pusshen Cheeto 29 minutes ago

    Hear me out Lil Uzi Vert pt.2 like so they can see

  • Donovan Kage
    Donovan Kage 29 minutes ago

    no doubt jon johns would have a horrible uber rating hitting pregnant women and shit

  • Family Money
    Family Money 29 minutes ago

    Fuck this, who else 2k updating during the event? 😒

  • Travis Parker
    Travis Parker 30 minutes ago

    Gucci don’t do it for y’all, he do it for me. Wish he would drop everyday

  • Ant Chancey
    Ant Chancey 31 minute ago

    Kicks on Court King .... year after year

  • randy rysdale
    randy rysdale 31 minute ago

    fuck colby, that big fake

  • The 845 Sound
    The 845 Sound 31 minute ago

    It’s disgusting to see the drive. You can feel the machine. Keep Post Malone at the top. Let Young NBA be the next influence and then Da baby after that. Let’s keep wale who’s been in the game longer than all of them and who will most likely outlast these artist at the fucking bottom. He’s also the most talented in the group and the oldest lol. I’m not even a wale fan or Stan I just know he’s a seasoned veteran.

  • Tyler Donahue
    Tyler Donahue 31 minute ago

    PJ is a man of the people

  • Niko Love
    Niko Love 32 minutes ago

    Have anybody ever cop shoes from flight club?? I always use stock x

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 32 minutes ago

    Need one of them Everyday Struggle mugs

    SIM TRINIE 32 minutes ago

    Happy B Day to Stack Bundles

    KESIENA EFEKODO 32 minutes ago

    What are the sneakers Joe got on?

  • black wolf
    black wolf 33 minutes ago

    Gucci my favorite artist but that album was disappointing

  • steven devilliers
    steven devilliers 33 minutes ago

    New Heads : 3,800 for Reebok’s. What are those? Old Heads : 😮

  • Dj Fresh
    Dj Fresh 33 minutes ago

    9:48 pure and utter disgust towards flight club’s prices

  • sagar pritmani
    sagar pritmani 33 minutes ago

    Music at the end?

  • andrew haskett
    andrew haskett 34 minutes ago

    Jericho was so underrated in WWF/WWE and completely under appreciated, what a professional

  • Adnan Elalaoui
    Adnan Elalaoui 34 minutes ago

    Son didn’t expect that price at all lmaooo

  • P H
    P H 34 minutes ago

    Casanova did low 30,000

  • Sir Fitz
    Sir Fitz 35 minutes ago

    Stop liking Blue Face. He fucking sucks...

  • Chrissy Faley
    Chrissy Faley 35 minutes ago

    What happened to him asking questions after each wing?? 10 questions for 10 wings?

  • Ricky Lu
    Ricky Lu 35 minutes ago

    Joyride in top5 doubt it

  • shawnjohn7744
    shawnjohn7744 36 minutes ago


  • dsbawg
    dsbawg 36 minutes ago

    Wayno, we get AK is a bum and dresses like he balls out at Ross, calm down and leave it to the commenters to trash his outfits lol

  • Michael Kocher
    Michael Kocher 36 minutes ago


  • Hardcore Edwin
    Hardcore Edwin 36 minutes ago

    Nigga the game is a piece of shitt.....trying to make moneybof nipsey now what's next take London for trip smh

  • Jerome Thomas
    Jerome Thomas 37 minutes ago

    Sorry Wayno... The Game is always clout chasing

  • baseballfan7182
    baseballfan7182 37 minutes ago

    shout to the sneak diss sneaker podcast !!!

  • malikwms96
    malikwms96 37 minutes ago

    Damn This Nigga AK Can't Dress. Mixing Gucci With D&G........No Bueno

    FIRST AND TEN 37 minutes ago

    I didn't know the game got the Nipsey braids 😂😂😂

  • ŤĖV
    ŤĖV 37 minutes ago

    Who hit the like for lil ak hypebeast 👇🏽

    • Thirdstar
      Thirdstar 30 minutes ago

      ŤĖV nah that shit was worse than Lil Pump

  • Prince Nduati
    Prince Nduati 38 minutes ago

    thumbs up if you are a nba youngboy fan!

  • Don Perignon
    Don Perignon 38 minutes ago

    Yk Oceans eleven aint no DAMN KING OF NO KIND OF R&B SMH WTF TYPE DRUGS do these lil niggas be on! AUTO TUNED AINT R&B KIDS❗💀😩

  • Yusron 653
    Yusron 653 39 minutes ago

    next guest is justin bieber please 🙏🙏

  • Yusron 653
    Yusron 653 39 minutes ago

    next guest is justin bieber please 🙏🙏

  • Casey Kirchner
    Casey Kirchner 39 minutes ago

    I love how the cashier always whispers

  • Pete Tarantino
    Pete Tarantino 41 minute ago

    Not gonna lie, wayno is a cornball but that comment about aks hoodie was on point 😭

  • ADAJ3
    ADAJ3 41 minute ago

    The Game is about to beat the stuffing out of Akademiks

  • Detrimental 313
    Detrimental 313 41 minute ago

    Damn idk his mom passed R.I.P. 🙏🏾

  • HAIDEN Music
    HAIDEN Music 42 minutes ago

    Errr these dudes had connections with the President of the USA... I mean that surely contributed to get the name out without the help of a label ... Fuck me, all the good music you want, the good effort you put in your project but if you ain't got the right connections you ain't going anywhere, surely word of mouth can help but it's a slow process.

  • Michael Park
    Michael Park 42 minutes ago

    Flight club legally robbing sneaker heads!

    TTGUOP 42 minutes ago

    Damn they finessed they hell out of that dude 😭😂❌🧢

  • Jairo Catalan
    Jairo Catalan 42 minutes ago

    $ 1616 for some vans

  • J Mo
    J Mo 42 minutes ago

    "Niggas love to tall about clothes and shoes, but never about houses and cars." Bodied Wayno dumb ass!!! About time Ak...

  • tmade2020
    tmade2020 42 minutes ago

    AK snapped on Wayno nigga where ya cars and cribs 🤣🤣🤣

  • randy rysdale
    randy rysdale 43 minutes ago

    good job on the interview

  • peejay antiporda
    peejay antiporda 43 minutes ago

    Sneaker King!!!

  • M.B. Prince
    M.B. Prince 43 minutes ago

    Everyone: Jacquees Ak: Jacqees

  • jfraz1992
    jfraz1992 43 minutes ago

    Gucci mane album was terrible

    • black wolf
      black wolf 29 minutes ago

      😥 it really was tho, disappointing

  • randy rysdale
    randy rysdale 43 minutes ago

    one of the best fights we're gonna see

  • Nelson Hernandez
    Nelson Hernandez 44 minutes ago

    I’m pretty sure she said 73k

  • Don Perignon
    Don Perignon 44 minutes ago

    I think Dc young fly gonna be the brandon jackson replacement in the new Big mommas house and thats how they gonna get him in a dress! 🎯💀🤔 JUST WATCH YALL

  • Amari Davis
    Amari Davis 45 minutes ago

    Wayno to old to be worried about what AK wearing EVERY EPISODE.

  • Junior Serrano
    Junior Serrano 45 minutes ago

    Nadeska follow me on iG

  • Don Perignon
    Don Perignon 45 minutes ago

    Gucci tape was better than the last one 🎯🔥🔥🔥

  • Jefrie Fulton II
    Jefrie Fulton II 46 minutes ago

    It was Written >>> Illmatic

  • Don Perignon
    Don Perignon 46 minutes ago

    That survival album yall hype as shit for aint. Gonna be what yall WISHING for remember i said this EAST BEEN SOLD OUT YEARS AGO! HE GOTTA FOLLOW THE GOOF TROOP AND THE MAINSTREAM SOUND 😩😴

  • Jaysmallz
    Jaysmallz 46 minutes ago

    The Game needs to jump off Nipsey Hussle’s dick

  • Creative Geanuse
    Creative Geanuse 46 minutes ago

    I think he created an image that he has to live up to. Didn't really seems like he wanted to spend 33k on kicks.

  • Marechal K.
    Marechal K. 47 minutes ago

    People swear they know Kylie and Travis relationship. And tyga. 🙄.

  • Shaggy Locs
    Shaggy Locs 47 minutes ago

    Dj Khaled 3 are overrated

  • Don Perignon
    Don Perignon 47 minutes ago

    The label got Dave east rapping like the migos anybody seen that shit on his IG? 👀🤔💀😭😭😭 Smh thats the INDUSTRY for u he gonna be mumbling by the top of next year! Watch this

    • Don Perignon
      Don Perignon 41 minute ago

      @StayWavey TV He will never rap or sound like this again 👉 His cadence was even better back then U right tho he ass to me now Thats just My opinion Alot of people got on to east when he got signed and thats 2015ish he was killing shit 5 years b4 that 🎯🔥

    • Don Perignon
      Don Perignon 42 minutes ago

      @StayWavey TV Now He didnt 10 years ago 80% of these bandwagon riders dont kn ow east been around since 09/2010 type shit when he was HUNGREY he uses to be a problem Hmmmm NOT SO MUCH IN 2019 💀😴😭😭😭 He aint hungrey no more HES RICH

    • StayWavey TV
      StayWavey TV 46 minutes ago

      Don Perignon I don’t think it’s that bro Dave East is just a basic street rapper . His music is boring man . He use the same flow and same drug lyrics every song .

  • me2gre8t
    me2gre8t 47 minutes ago

    People look over It Was Written so much smh...It was written is my favorite Rap album in history.

  • YoungGudda215
    YoungGudda215 48 minutes ago

  • Piero Bolivar
    Piero Bolivar 48 minutes ago

    Nadeska built like a special ed teacher