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  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 7 hours ago

    Yes I'm going to be great regardless. God

  • YG Entertainment TV
    YG Entertainment TV 7 hours ago

    Akademiks u a hating ass n*gga... F u

  • Khalaileh
    Khalaileh 7 hours ago

    Bruh why he taking the display sneakers with him 6:32

  • Darnell Woodard
    Darnell Woodard 7 hours ago

    She sound like she allow him to cheat

  • Mario McCoy
    Mario McCoy 7 hours ago

    Wayno said New York hip hop from hat to jacket ... West coast SoundCloud from pants to shoes

  • smoock
    smoock 7 hours ago

    Real nigga 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾and a role model That’s how Muslims be always good to them women

    BREADWiNNER PRiME 7 hours ago

    #RBS 🤝

  • Darnell Woodard
    Darnell Woodard 7 hours ago

    Passing bad messages

    BREADWiNNER PRiME 7 hours ago

    #TheRoyalCouple 🦅❤️🦅

  • Young Ekco
    Young Ekco 7 hours ago

    Is this reposted

  • LuMoZaDe
    LuMoZaDe 7 hours ago

    Lol in Forbes 100 celebrity Ronaldo is ranked 6😂😂 That list is made by some american I think😄😄

  • Darnell Woodard
    Darnell Woodard 7 hours ago

    They on here confusing the already confused

  • G FeeNixx
    G FeeNixx 7 hours ago


  • Renato Butteler
    Renato Butteler 7 hours ago

    Al fin están los subtítulos en español los llevo pidiendo hace mucho 😢ajjsjsa

    BREADWiNNER PRiME 7 hours ago


  • Hindo Baby
    Hindo Baby 7 hours ago

    Soulja just playing along with them he know they fake😂💯

  • Omega Entertainment
    Omega Entertainment 7 hours ago

    best interview y'all had.

  • Sade Williams
    Sade Williams 7 hours ago


  • Miguel Benavidez
    Miguel Benavidez 7 hours ago

    High af thought this was James Harden

  • Jesse Menbreno
    Jesse Menbreno 7 hours ago

    Aks fit is so trash

  • Pacino Montana
    Pacino Montana 7 hours ago

    They Say the same thing at the same time a lot. #soulmates

  • Teyo- Health And Fashion


  • Yineth Rodríguez Tu canal

    Anuel aa compro muchísimo

  • Run The Likes
    Run The Likes 7 hours ago

    👀 Akademiks with Pusha t Adidas OZWEEGO

  • virgil carvajal
    virgil carvajal 7 hours ago

    This dude sounds like he could fall asleep any moment

  • Daryle Ballard
    Daryle Ballard 7 hours ago

    "Fat" #DaryleBallardMusic🐓

  • Jusu Jaka
    Jusu Jaka 7 hours ago

    Black men stop televising what you have became the white enemies mighty be watching.

  • Daniel Oreo
    Daniel Oreo 7 hours ago

    Gates my preacher swear he be speaking

  • SB SB
    SB SB 7 hours ago

    He's really nice and smart dude , but to his all black outfit he needs some ''What The Hell is that'''shoes, some outrages bright and weird things.

  • Andre Comer
    Andre Comer 7 hours ago

    Come on Gates smh. I'm so sick of dudes saying their girl built them. That gives these ignorant, cunt bitches out here the ammunition they need to talk shit about men.

  • Hindo Baby
    Hindo Baby 7 hours ago

    He tryna twist his words &shit

  • Tshepang Mentesh
    Tshepang Mentesh 7 hours ago

    Ak be like ♿️

  • Hindo Baby
    Hindo Baby 7 hours ago

    They hatin like a mf. All of them

  • Matt Dealin
    Matt Dealin 7 hours ago

    Voodoo is the religion of nature

  • Slowburn A
    Slowburn A 7 hours ago

    We gotta talk about this tomorrow morning don’t let him slide

  • Slowburn A
    Slowburn A 7 hours ago

    Whoa Akademiks fit is better than Waynos for the first time ever 😳

  • MINTY !
    MINTY ! 7 hours ago

    8:44 she a thot

  • Ziyan Ali
    Ziyan Ali 7 hours ago

    Those shoes which rick Ross did is so wack

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith 7 hours ago

    Power couple💯💯💯💪🏾😘

  • Marcelo 66
    Marcelo 66 7 hours ago

    Akademics energy is just negative

  • Hindo Baby
    Hindo Baby 7 hours ago

    Ak a true hater💯 I can’t stand it.

  • Robert Grace
    Robert Grace 7 hours ago

    I just have a lot of questions

  • Matt Glo
    Matt Glo 7 hours ago

    Why wayno pants so fucking tight 😂

  • B A Positive Vibe
    B A Positive Vibe 7 hours ago

    You have to be open to change!!! I love them... 🧡 this is the most powerful video I have seen in my life! Me & my friend literally had this conversation last night! Wow !!! This is a REAL POWER COUPLE!!! Real QUEENS & KINGS!!! They won’t understand his level of intellect & spirituality!!! He’s also a empath like myself.

  • Mike Love Thyself
    Mike Love Thyself 7 hours ago

    Gates lookin healthy

    iSLANDBOi T 7 hours ago

    cmon brahh, that rap list is trash; way to much MUMBLE!!

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 7 hours ago

    My dad I am. My kids are what you saying sherrifs my sistas. Peachez 87 Ervin. And Antwan love you.

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 7 hours ago

    My daughter had big hole pound shout at hospital in bed screaming squeezeing don't go I'll go for you. Paris Ervin daughter and retta c Ervin. 87 peachez

  • Ian Allan
    Ian Allan 7 hours ago

    This is actually near my house. Or at one of his houses is near my house

  • Joseph Anthony
    Joseph Anthony 7 hours ago

    She put him out there. He work with writers. Wow

  • G Nunez
    G Nunez 7 hours ago

    Nadeska look like she can be Drekas younger sister lol

  • Garrett Canales
    Garrett Canales 7 hours ago

    Great interview. Love this power couple.

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 7 hours ago

    Whole corn city then next. Robby. Peachez 87 Ervin. Amen. Pastor Gino Jennings congregation. Amen

  • Charlie Korea
    Charlie Korea 7 hours ago

    I reminded 6:25 back like 10 times. That was just so crazy to me. They truly were meant for each other. I wish everyone had a love like theirs rt

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 7 hours ago

    Amen on god. 87 peachez ervin

  • Bria Philpot
    Bria Philpot 7 hours ago

    It's been four years and niggas still bringing up Joe...🤦🏾‍♀️

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 7 hours ago

    Baby fever onion in sock. Pine needles oranges and peelings natural Organic herbs. Peachez 87 and Paris Ervin 87

  • King Ech
    King Ech 7 hours ago

    i'm lost

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 7 hours ago

    Remember we low bad choices is free for any means and did and see and assist by no means necessary.we do alot of things we can do alot of things. My dad and my love ones yeah yeah. 87 peachez. Poetry off the dome just know.

  • Nick b.
    Nick b. 7 hours ago

    Joe flinched hard as hell at 5:39 💀💀💀

  • Al caChing
    Al caChing 7 hours ago

    Voodoo is Satanic worship ppl wake up

  • Josh Henry
    Josh Henry 7 hours ago

    These guys rule!

  • Willem hanegem
    Willem hanegem 7 hours ago

    Ahahahahahhaha i love im dj khaled !!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 7 hours ago

    And Mr. Gates and mrs.gates the court should reinburse your false with footage of false imprisonment because lack of knowledge of lyrics even where they label drug dealings proper way and government eating and causing more football coach diversion. Peachez 87 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯💯 💯

  • Julio Cruz Jr
    Julio Cruz Jr 7 hours ago


  • Hindo Baby
    Hindo Baby 7 hours ago

    He just apologized then they start arguin again🤣

  • tWiTcH xD
    tWiTcH xD 8 hours ago

    Yo does gates have sock tattoos or am I just high

  • Thando Purance
    Thando Purance 8 hours ago

    7:05, you welcome.

  • M1cha3l 0
    M1cha3l 0 8 hours ago

    @ 3:35

  • Chester Kennedy
    Chester Kennedy 8 hours ago

    Greatest interview of all time

  • Markie D
    Markie D 8 hours ago

    The dude is mentally sick. If yall dnt see that then your mentally sick. Just look at her reaction towards him in certain moments. I bet u he has hit hit her! He didnt wanna admit to taking meds for his mental issues. He redirected it to send medication. This dude is all over the place. Pray for gates. Better yet. Pray for dreka

  • Kristoffer Cedric
    Kristoffer Cedric 8 hours ago

    Why is Joe La Puma awkward as fuck? He has that vibe that he did his homework and he will force it to the guests. No interaction whatsoever. Just empty blasts of 'definitely' and 'right'.

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 8 hours ago

    Not groupie women should have more power in themself and their husband. Im scared of marriage experience with my dad solitary prison life sentence. Life partners like you married even without trapping with your eggs is wonderful. Peachez 87

  • Hindo Baby
    Hindo Baby 8 hours ago

    Talk yo shit Soulja‼️

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 8 hours ago

    pHilly catman Ervin and retta for short aka peachez 1987 enterprises and distribution and moguel independent lib.

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 8 hours ago

    Preach the gospel gates family y'all family words resignate to me. Peachez 87 Paris Ervin daughter and father family.

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 8 hours ago

    That's wassup Mrs. Gates. 1987

  • William Olinger
    William Olinger 8 hours ago

    Many blessings to the gates family I would die Mr. Gates family for using you record against you and false imprisonment. Peachez 87.

  • Cellz Beatz
    Cellz Beatz 8 hours ago

    Gates and Dreka must been drinking water and staying away from fuk on beam

  • Glock Osama
    Glock Osama 8 hours ago

    Damn he took out the diamonds!? New Kev.

  • Facundo blanco
    Facundo blanco 8 hours ago

    7:50 what a rich foot 😍

  • Frank Guwop
    Frank Guwop 8 hours ago

    Those Nipsey Hussle elevator doors are crazy 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez 8 hours ago

    Now we need a album named dre

  • Netarded Riggas
    Netarded Riggas 8 hours ago

    Nigo the real deal, Joe is a colonizer in this culture.

    BAY AREA SOIL 8 hours ago


  • Don
    Don 8 hours ago

    Great interview

  • Глеб Смагин

    Я русский

  • Bradley Rosenberg
    Bradley Rosenberg 8 hours ago

    This jail guard is so fake.

  • Chasechicken223
    Chasechicken223 8 hours ago


  • IamDimarioSleem
    IamDimarioSleem 8 hours ago

    I hate when adamicks or whatever him name ask questions.

  • Sincere I am
    Sincere I am 8 hours ago

    His comment is about food is true. I walked out of many restaurants due to that.

  • Sincere I am
    Sincere I am 8 hours ago

    I pray for his safety in New Orleans.

  • Sabarna Ghosh
    Sabarna Ghosh 8 hours ago

    Mans is the luckiest guy in the world no kap

  • Pop DNA
    Pop DNA 8 hours ago

    Gates u don’t fuck with breakfast club no more 🤔

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 8 hours ago

    Do drake think we believe his music? Hes a cornball that grew up on tv lol

  • Byron Sutton
    Byron Sutton 8 hours ago

    When you are from SFL you understand Rozay importance..... My favorite rapper......

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin 8 hours ago

      I Never understood the whole point of buying a mansion with that many rooms 😳 especially if you don’t have any children or anything...why would one need that many rooms?

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 8 hours ago


  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 8 hours ago

    Yo did she get a tan??

  • john marshall
    john marshall 8 hours ago

    Did she jus say she's grenadian 🇬🇩🇬🇩🇬🇩