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  • Mang Kinoy
    Mang Kinoy 28 seconds ago

    rip JUICE wrld

  • Yuu
    Yuu 2 minutes ago

    At least he got to have fun wit his $ Alot people just save they whole life then disappear without getting to enjoy it.

  • Consious Awearness
    Consious Awearness 9 minutes ago

    I signed up for Nike they never got me back

  • ht cd
    ht cd 14 minutes ago

    He would sky rockets any brands sale coz hes a legend

  • Fady El Gawly
    Fady El Gawly 23 minutes ago

    where is the awards video at ?

  • Dong ducky
    Dong ducky 24 minutes ago

    My girlfriend has the Jeff shower curtain

  • cw 2288
    cw 2288 26 minutes ago

    RIP juice wrld

  • ana luisa mariano oliveira

    I would date a trans man but I wouldn't date a trans woman.

  • PetaChook FORTNITE
    PetaChook FORTNITE 42 minutes ago


  • Rodd Banks
    Rodd Banks 52 minutes ago

    She always been gorgeous but I never knew she got thicc too😋😍

  • DiverseEagle
    DiverseEagle 58 minutes ago


  • abhishek99999ify

    Jeff has copious amounts of sauce

  • Shuvai M.
    Shuvai M. Hour ago

    Rita is just stunning....... how is she so underrated 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • FML Skating
    FML Skating Hour ago

    Mid 90’s bang

  • MaDnEsS
    MaDnEsS Hour ago

    Part 2 please!

  • Aku Chou Lee
    Aku Chou Lee Hour ago

    Bruh stadium goods overprice for sneakers, you brought Jeff there to get robbed.

  • Foodiepie sir unicorn

    sum JoRdANsSSs

  • Sam Rudy
    Sam Rudy Hour ago

    so that's where the tiktok sound came from...

  • N.8.A.H
    N.8.A.H Hour ago

    999 FOREVER

  • Look Up Marlon Say Cheese

    Dj Clark Kent in the beginning was annoying as hell but his breakdown of why he designs shoes, I respected the fuck outta him.

  • Sn4tchbuckler
    Sn4tchbuckler Hour ago

    This episode was brought to you by orange juice and Clear Eyes

  • Cory R
    Cory R Hour ago

    Can someone tell me or link me where that man got that La Lupe shirt from plz? 🇨🇺✊🏿🗽

  • Cory R
    Cory R Hour ago

    So glad to see A$AP FERG promoting community, black owned businesses, healthy eating, women and so on. Really nice to see. I love his theatrical voices in Hip Hop too. My personal favorite from A$AP Mob.

  • Imba NAVI
    Imba NAVI Hour ago

    U cant bring that yo heaven

  • Kaylon Brown
    Kaylon Brown Hour ago

    That boy is absolutely ZOOTED

  • Damènwave 8513
    Damènwave 8513 Hour ago

    It's like, you know, it's like, i was like, like, when i was in indonesia, i was like...

  • The Crows Nest
    The Crows Nest Hour ago

    DJ Clark Kent is still a buster ass fool

  • Sashen Reddy
    Sashen Reddy Hour ago

    Should do a top 10 of decade

  • dunkno
    dunkno Hour ago

    hows that guy at 00:06 talking about how to dress? dude looks like he got dresses in pacsun

  • Nerd
    Nerd Hour ago

    how many times did he say "shit" tho

  • Charles Walls
    Charles Walls Hour ago

    Who is the pencil wanna be girl!!

  • Nightcrawler
    Nightcrawler Hour ago

    lmao i tought the only words that he could say was prr skrr gucci

  • s3m btw ツ
    s3m btw ツ Hour ago

    Rip juice

  • BleedWolf
    BleedWolf Hour ago

    Juice lived by sword (Drugs) and died by that sword at age 21 yrs old

  • Anthony Tieku
    Anthony Tieku 2 hours ago

    Khaled is really funny😂😂😂😂#wethebest

  • sd61984
    sd61984 2 hours ago

    I love you Mr. Goldblum. No homo💪

  • [SoloStudios]
    [SoloStudios] 2 hours ago

    Whenever I watch Sneaker Shopping I realise that I will never afford these shoes

  • Jalapen-O
    Jalapen-O 2 hours ago

    Jeff: Well Jeff... *Something Falls* Jeff: WhAt HaPpEnEd!

  • Ha Yee
    Ha Yee 2 hours ago

    He was on Pumas booty 😂😂

  • Vamsidhara Chakravarthy

    I love him etc.etc

  • Jack Connolly
    Jack Connolly 2 hours ago

    I remember the second this came out, clicked on it straight away. Rip Juice

  • Torera Famuyiwa
    Torera Famuyiwa 2 hours ago

    they aint doing it right, they supposed to be double cup

  • XxTrYhArDxX 16
    XxTrYhArDxX 16 2 hours ago

    Ybn is wearing the same shoes as my lil bro

  • Modified Release
    Modified Release 2 hours ago

    ” don’t copy anybody ” I like that.

  • Juicy Js
    Juicy Js 2 hours ago

    This nigga trash and annoying asf

  • Hakon Reiss
    Hakon Reiss 2 hours ago

    Pink sneakers for pink guy boss

  • SoundSG
    SoundSG 3 hours ago

    high difference from icebox

  • Antonio Escalera
    Antonio Escalera 3 hours ago

    Why little Kim look like Janet Jackson, thicker? Still love her tho 🙌

  • Shane Sullivan
    Shane Sullivan 3 hours ago

    I’m 19 years old and I have Lil Kim’s 2011 ‘Black Friday’ mixtape cover tattooed on my back!!!!! 👑👑🐝 Check it out on my Instagram: @shaneesullivan

  • Vundzy
    Vundzy 3 hours ago

    Rip Juice WRLD

  • MyHandsAreRegistered Bruh

    Get BOB SAGET!!

  • MyHandsAreRegistered Bruh

    Jeff Dripbloom

  • April Campbell
    April Campbell 3 hours ago

    This Academic person

  • damirDommebeforeDishonor

    All CR7 say is, Its Fantastic, Nike did a fantastic job

  • Ryan Baez
    Ryan Baez 3 hours ago

    Akademiks big cap, Diddy alteration with Drake was in 2014. Drake dropped 4pm in Calabasas in 2016.. Dude said it took 5 years for drake to address it.

    EATTHAT BOOTY9000 3 hours ago

    Isnt NBA like mentally disabed or something like that now sense he got shot in the head

  • mezzy Jones
    mezzy Jones 3 hours ago

    He should of let them drugs tf alone he would be alive smh sucks these kids think drugs are koo

  • devin williams
    devin williams 4 hours ago

    Im glad they found Wayno, i like him more for this show than Joe

  • X
    X 4 hours ago


  • flo 17k
    flo 17k 4 hours ago

    lol after a year i just noticed that it has been released on the day of my 18th birthday

  • JunZZZ Z
    JunZZZ Z 4 hours ago

    this is what I've always requested!!

  • javier Cool cat
    javier Cool cat 4 hours ago

    Jeff has always been my idol and is so humble

  • Infinity? Brew
    Infinity? Brew 4 hours ago

    R.I.P Juice Wrld

  • sgctellandshow
    sgctellandshow 4 hours ago

    watching this end of 2019 damn, so Sean is human. Haven't seen him like this ever. I think I started back end of season 2 or 3 or whatever. lol at him introducing the hot sauce and saying how much hotter than a jalapeno. the cameras are format is the same. great stuff. wonder how Bob would do with season 11's line up.

  • A BloominBrit
    A BloominBrit 4 hours ago

    April fools

  • Halla29
    Halla29 4 hours ago

    My first 1000 subs I will be doing a give away for any game of your choice that has already been released for any platform of your choice thank you again for your support spread the love.

  • sneaker review
    sneaker review 4 hours ago

  • Giancarlo Centeno
    Giancarlo Centeno 4 hours ago

    this dude really got the raptors hat with the lakers shirt smfh

  • jdmRSTi
    jdmRSTi 5 hours ago

    these shits “ugly”

  • Pungkoy
    Pungkoy 5 hours ago

    do collete accepts adoption?

  • Russell Vergara
    Russell Vergara 5 hours ago

    sana all

  • G Box
    G Box 5 hours ago

    Big Joe needs to come back and shop again.

  • John Nava
    John Nava 5 hours ago


  • Stupidisus Gaming
    Stupidisus Gaming 5 hours ago

    Holy fuck

  • bklifegamer91
    bklifegamer91 5 hours ago

    Aww nadeska’s hair looks so 2 years ago lol n I forgot the way she used to look joe budden in the eye while he talked

  • Daniel Ledesma
    Daniel Ledesma 5 hours ago

    This dude said "I live this". Never in my life have I seen this cornball do a kick flip. This dude is a fucking poser. Get fucked. And pulling up in an e30 M3 that isn't yours to do a little meet and greet isn't giving shit back to the community.

  • xDiamondgirlx
    xDiamondgirlx 5 hours ago

    Rip juice WRLD ima miss you 💔😪🕊 Ps:he has tiny ears

  • bklifegamer91
    bklifegamer91 5 hours ago

    Or is it the old set hiding the truth?

  • bklifegamer91
    bklifegamer91 5 hours ago

    Damn ak looking skinny and young that henny aging you quick health is wealth

  • Li Yizzy
    Li Yizzy 5 hours ago

    I feel like the main arc of this decade revolves around Lil Wayne from his situation with Young Thug to the whole falling out Saga with Birdman, them getting back again (allegedly) the whole anticipation and let down of not releasing Carter 5 to it finally Releasing. It’s been hell of a roller coaster ride for Wayne this past decade.

  • Li Yizzy
    Li Yizzy 5 hours ago

    “So you saying Lizzo’s ass looks like Rikishi’s ass?” THE FUCK NIGGA?! Is a Baboon’s ass pink?!

  • kim jenkins
    kim jenkins 5 hours ago

    Post Malone look like he go shopping in the hamper

  • jairo c. vega
    jairo c. vega 5 hours ago

    Those undercover cops at the end 💀

  • August Ingridz
    August Ingridz 5 hours ago

    RIP THE LEGEND rest easy🙏🏼🙏🏼💔

  • John Nava
    John Nava 5 hours ago

    I miss the original tunnel takedown cast, but in this episode you can tell matt, gia and racks are finally gaining some chemistry!

    NICK GAMING 5 hours ago


  • klein Core YT
    klein Core YT 5 hours ago


  • TheOnlyJroz
    TheOnlyJroz 5 hours ago

    Do children shoot up heroin for the first time

  • Teearejay net
    Teearejay net 5 hours ago

    2:24 Lol Joe Budden is funny😂😂😂

  • Damian Arteaga
    Damian Arteaga 5 hours ago

    Bruh he so ignorant

  • John Nava
    John Nava 5 hours ago


  • jake c
    jake c 5 hours ago

    And I'm hesitating to buy a pair of sandals from Walmart

  • scammers
    scammers 5 hours ago

  • Perez Emerson
    Perez Emerson 5 hours ago

    RIP dont forgot Juice wrld 999

  • LastSushi
    LastSushi 5 hours ago

    I like how he is a *rapper* rapper, a legend

  • Daniel Berretta
    Daniel Berretta 5 hours ago

    Damn bro $199 for CDGs they like $120 everywhere else 😂

  • Karl Richardson
    Karl Richardson 5 hours ago

    what kind of frames does Jeff have on ?

  • Ricky
    Ricky 5 hours ago

    E30’s for life, 30 year old car that still goes for $75k+

  • Dez Davis
    Dez Davis 5 hours ago

    Nadeska looks fucking beautiful in the Migos interview no cap. Gorgeous.

  • Marion kwhing
    Marion kwhing 6 hours ago

    I just don't understand why they have to make men's and women's shoes seperately from the first place