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  • sour milk
    sour milk 21 hour ago

    Oh my god it's Itzy aaa!

  • pysiunia 15
    pysiunia 15 3 days ago


  • Violet chan Welt
    Violet chan Welt 3 days ago

    How cute Hongjoong is ❤️

  • Cess Cortes
    Cess Cortes 8 days ago

    I don’t why no one talks about yeji much.. i guess not every one has an exquisite taste, no offense tho! it’s bc everyone noticed how woojin, hyujin & jisung compliment chaeryeong but nobody talked abt how chan, jisung & seungmin was amazed with yeji’s dancing skills

  • eya
    eya 9 days ago

    The song was hard to sing with hard choreo. They did a great job at the end eventhough the highnote was lower.

  • QistyArtz
    QistyArtz 12 days ago

    its "Ryujin" not Rhujin

    BOYSTORY TV 15 days ago

    0:58 IT'S BOYSTORY ❤😭

  • feshiona rosewell
    feshiona rosewell 15 days ago


  • Reunite Flight
    Reunite Flight 15 days ago

    So lia wasn’t in the show until she debuted

  • Ashpriha 2001
    Ashpriha 2001 17 days ago

    This reminds me of Soyeon in Produce 101. Glad they both got to debut and are awesome leaders of their respective groups.

  • 아이돌IdolAidol
    아이돌IdolAidol 17 days ago

    where is lia?

  • Monsieur Rainbow
    Monsieur Rainbow 19 days ago

    ryujin is soooo beautiful😍 everything she does is just- *faints*

  • yunita talia
    yunita talia 20 days ago

    Excuse every one but i'm so late where can i watch this show please ?

  • Hồng Minh Nguyễn

    Một pha lật kèo đỉnh kout@

  • Lester Araragi
    Lester Araragi 23 days ago

    Am i the only one who prefers pd48 miniu rather than izone minju? After produce 48 she looks so thin. I prefer healthy minju rather than thin minju.

  • Cas Sy
    Cas Sy 24 days ago


  • OnlineGirlPlayz Gamez


  • bayonneto Blink Once

    I really like it

  • 젤리 에읻스
    젤리 에읻스 26 days ago

    How old was Yuna that time?

  • Lau Chee Yeong
    Lau Chee Yeong 27 days ago

    You girls are so lucky can meet IU 😲😲😲👍👍🥰🥰

  • bt ch
    bt ch 29 days ago

    I come here because i find mashiro,sunmin and yejin ig accounts and im so happy because after a year i already find it aghh and im sure that is their real ig because john (ex jyp trainee and dapat (i forgat the term sorry) 10 member of straykids) follow them also natty( also jyp ex trainee she participated in sixteen) follow them i also find eunsuh and hanseol ig aghh my ex jyp babies

  • Batrisyia Isabella
    Batrisyia Isabella 29 days ago

    Hyunjin:they doing great Woojin:especially CHAERYEONG Hyunjin:OH-

    TINO BAGOES 29 days ago

    there's no one who can replaces EUNHA from BANJJAK BANJJAK

    • San Yunho
      San Yunho 13 days ago

      yeahh sure dude hahahah 😂😂

  • Ryujin's girlfriend

    Imagine this: you participated in the Sixteen survival show (that show is so questionable and that probably scarred some trainees for life considering how brutal the judges were the whole time) and then you didn't make it to the debut team (Twice). Now this is a new survival show where the girls team competes with the boys team, and then you and the other girls in your team didn't get selected to debut and this triggered a trauma back in sixteen when you weren't selected for the debut team. At this point you're probably questioning your self-worth and your self esteem is extremely shattered. Finally, after putting up for so long JYP finally shows compassion in your loyalty to stay with the company for so long and you finally reaped what you sow and debuted with your friends as Itzy. I'm talking about Chaeryeong here. There was a sick commotion going around where haters targeted Chaeryeong of Itzy for a ridiculous reason such as not matching up to a beauty standard. Haters should fuck off and start putting themselves in her shoes. This applies to all idols.

  • ᅣ락ᄉ
    ᅣ락ᄉ Month ago

    2:16 Seeing Jisung speaking like that makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time, Stray Kids have grown up so much and I'm proud of them😭🖤

  • I Ryan I
    I Ryan I Month ago

    So had the girls team won, would they have taken the Stray Kids name?

  • ♪(v^_^)v

    smol 19 year old joong had no idea that in two years time he would be the leader of one of the top global kpop groups and top rising kpop rookie groups in 2019, predicted to have a breakthrough in 2020... a proud atiny here

  • I feel like that best boppin pop


  • Alba uwu :3
    Alba uwu :3 Month ago

    And lia? :(

  • Jenny Jacobs
    Jenny Jacobs Month ago

    0:59 OMG is that boy story predebut

  • Queen Astrid
    Queen Astrid Month ago

    4:43 name of the song please....

  • Sara Sofia Calderón nuñez

    Mi pregunta es qué pasó con las demás integrantes que no lograron debutar ?

    STAN ITZY Month ago

    4:05 4:13 4:20 4:23 4:30 Yeji already being a leader since their trainee days!

  • Transit Sylveon Hitomi

    4:35 performance on stage

  • Kate T
    Kate T 2 months ago

    Nayoung was such a good leader.

    • Kate T
      Kate T Month ago

      Wind yes, I really hope for her success in the near future.

    • Wind
      Wind 2 months ago

      Honestly I really miss her, loved her energy

  • Azalya Min
    Azalya Min 2 months ago

    Boystory 😍

  • stays nctzen
    stays nctzen 2 months ago

    tbh i want a yeji and hyunjin dance collab since both of their dancing is amazing!🤩

  • 아이즈원나코
    아이즈원나코 2 months ago

    프로듀스 지금보니까 참 씁쓸하다...

  • Siellyable
    Siellyable 2 months ago

    Why is yuna so different? I think she got some work done

    • Siellyable
      Siellyable Month ago

      @Chun Hou Chen her forehead and lips are different too for me

    • Chun Hou Chen
      Chun Hou Chen Month ago

      Only teeth correction.

  • Siti Nuryani
    Siti Nuryani 2 months ago

    Where lia?

  • いつも眠い奴
    いつも眠い奴 2 months ago


    • みるくこーひー
      みるくこーひー 2 months ago

      ブロッコリー 愛しいですね、このこ 笑。愛する人は愛される

  • Naeun Choi
    Naeun Choi 2 months ago

    Is there a place where I can watch the full episodes or no 😢 I know stray kids and Itzy but I wanna watch it 😭😂

  • v
    v 2 months ago

    where was lia?

  • Atiny forever
    Atiny forever 2 months ago

    Our leader,he is cute

  • しゃろん
    しゃろん 2 months ago


  • Unni ChaeYoung
    Unni ChaeYoung 2 months ago

    Am i the only one that thinks minju and yiren really look alike? I thought they were sisters wth

  • 예은tv
    예은tv 2 months ago

    채령이 예쁘다~~~

  • Sowony Irene
    Sowony Irene 2 months ago

    Yunjin so pretty😍💖

  • Kale Walker
    Kale Walker 2 months ago

    Love Nakos victory laugh

  • Yaya
    Yaya 2 months ago


  • Neji Ouerghi
    Neji Ouerghi 3 months ago

    Karma is a bitch

  • Marr // cheeeseforlife

    What happened to mixnine was really heartbreaking. It got me so angry with YG cuz all the participants did so so so wellll and gave their best but then it all ended in vain. I still believe if they debuted the final nine, they would have been a hit and be a monster rookie. Seeing how succesfull ateez, with several of the members being ex-mixnine contestants, is doing now warms my heart so much. You go boys <3 All i want is for all the ex-mixnine contestants to do well. Fighting!!

  • Nobody
    Nobody 3 months ago

    Where can i watch the full eps ???

  • 이채린
    이채린 3 months ago

    Be confident Baby Nako. 💙💙💙

  • no one
    no one 3 months ago

    Proud mom 6:58

  • 곽철용
    곽철용 3 months ago

    where she masiro

  • 곽철용
    곽철용 3 months ago

    마시로 어디갔노.

  • Ella Donaire
    Ella Donaire 3 months ago

    I don't know how many times i already watch this performance.

  • Hyunjin is baby Ily skz

    Am I the only one here for stray kids??

  • Jhei Cabante
    Jhei Cabante 3 months ago

    Nako might be small but her voice is huge hahahhaa

  • ペンネーム思いつかない


  • chimchimhearteu
    chimchimhearteu 4 months ago

    Am i the only one smiling when hyunjin goes ‘they’re good’ then woojin is like ‘especially chaeryeongie’ aaaa

  • 東京都民
    東京都民 4 months ago


  • Toriki Pika
    Toriki Pika 4 months ago

    Aw Nako is really cute

    KENJĪ 4 months ago


  • ItsKatteh
    ItsKatteh 4 months ago

    THEY GON REGRET PUTTING HIM IN LOW PLACEE. He is currently one of the best leader ever in Ateez I swear to God they have amazing sound and charisma omg.

  • Gagat Putra
    Gagat Putra 4 months ago

    Also the moment when we found out Nako's voice amazing and adorable

  • Gagat Putra
    Gagat Putra 4 months ago

    Na young <3

  • Marina García
    Marina García 4 months ago

    I miss mashiro

  • Yvette O
    Yvette O 4 months ago

    What happened to the other girls???

    • Chun Hou Chen
      Chun Hou Chen Month ago

      They left JYPE.

    • bananamilk
      bananamilk 3 months ago

      They didn't make the cut for ITZY so they left in 2018.

  • Romeo Agna
    Romeo Agna 4 months ago

    We love u guys

  • June's World
    June's World 4 months ago

    Im A Nako Fan But I think The Voting Is Biased Wang Ke Did Well Too.If Only Wang Ke Has A Lot of Fans Just Like Nako......

    • lei ya
      lei ya Month ago

      If wang ke won, this kind of comment will appear too lmao

    • Edmund Lloyd Velasco
      Edmund Lloyd Velasco 3 months ago

      and yes without exaggerating and cringy cute poses Nako still shines and deserves the number of votes she accumulated.

    • abc
      abc 4 months ago

      Her whole performance was just the best. Not only her high note but all her parts were stable. She dances well and shows a great facial expression. The stage presence is what also gets her the audiences heart. She really stands out.

    • Vale Hdez
      Vale Hdez 4 months ago

      It doesn't have to sound exactly like Yuju's voice. She was more steady than Wang Ke at the end. Well, at least that's my opinion.

  • tae ri
    tae ri 4 months ago

    Nayong good leader

  • Army Once forever one in army.

    yeji haircolor is similar to dahyun sixteen era haircolor.

  • Caitlyn Baduria
    Caitlyn Baduria 4 months ago

    Ya know, dang, I still remember when they made their debut and they're really rising higher and higher which makes me so proud!

  • Caitlyn Baduria
    Caitlyn Baduria 4 months ago

    Oh yes he slayed that acrostic poem!!!!!!!!!

  • Caitlyn Baduria
    Caitlyn Baduria 4 months ago

    Omg, he's so cute wow I'm so proud of him right now!

  • simm shim
    simm shim 4 months ago

    4:30 넘 녹는다ㅠㅠ 채령이는 존댓말쓰는데 유나는 반말쓰는거 넘 귀여움

  • yoshiichen *
    yoshiichen * 5 months ago

    wow i came here on this videos one year lmao

  • slujino
    slujino 5 months ago

    3:09 Awww, Chaeryeong thinks she is not popular. That's not true!

  • Skies Race
    Skies Race 5 months ago

    If Park Sunmin does not left JYP she probably debut in ItzY

  • 아오마스
    아오마스 5 months ago

    잇지 데뷔안한 저 나머지 애들 지금 뭐하냐?

  • Jamila Ali
    Jamila Ali 5 months ago

    Kirin channnnnnNNNNNNNNN

  • Sono Una persona
    Sono Una persona 5 months ago

    I hate

  • 조성만
    조성만 5 months ago

    여자 2팀 연습생들중 예지,류진,채령,유나는 훗날 있지로 데뷔하게된다

  • Nurul Nadirah
    Nurul Nadirah 5 months ago

    I believe this is set to be original line up for next GG at first.. but 3 of them left the company because the actual line up is already decided by putting Somi (Produce 101), Ryujin (Mixnine), Yeji (SBS The Show), Chaeryoung (longest training trainee) & Lia (new trainee as Main Vocal).. this line up always seen to be together, hangout, even in Twice concert in Seoul.. but without other trainee, only 5 of them.. i believe they let Yejin, Sunmin & Mashiro left because they need a main vocal for the group, but 3 of them kinda doesn't meet the criteria, then they put Lia or Lily M as additional member.. unfortunately Lily M refuse the offer (maybe she want to be a soloist since she always make a solo performance for every trainee showcase).. they kick Yuna out first because maybe JYP not confident with her? Luckily she remain stay with the company & not left like the others, so when Somi terminate her contract, they added Yuna as replacement (last minute plan).. thats why their debut is delayed.. actually there have article said they will debut at the end if 2018 with Somi as the center..

  • Hamish
    Hamish 5 months ago

    Ryujin and Chaeryeong were both 16 years old at this time. In Korean culture, you add 1 or 2 more years to your actual age.

  • Kurt Necole Cañete
    Kurt Necole Cañete 5 months ago


    BLUEDUST9 5 months ago

    For everbody asking where is lia, she was never been part of sm trainee, it was almost for her, but her father refuse, and her father said choose a good company the one who treats their artists better. So in this timeline 2017 - she maybe a trainee (newcomer maybe) of JYP Also she passed the audition to sm, but she never sign

  • -Ərıka- *Īz Here* !

    Yeji looks a lot like Hyunjin,they also have the same last name "Hwang" ...are they Brother and sister?😂😂

  • 몽글 몽글
    몽글 몽글 5 months ago

    유나 웃는거 너뮤 이뻐....

  • P JX
    P JX 5 months ago

    This is all of their scenes in the show?

  • My mental maknae sexy bunny Eunha

    Now I know that Ryujin is just girl crushblike Moonbyul. She's just born with it!!!!

  • khs teo
    khs teo 5 months ago

    남자애들 상태왜저러냐 남자는 떡고가 내다놨네

  • sakura kakki
    sakura kakki 5 months ago

    where lia?

  • 김수원
    김수원 5 months ago

    인터뷰한 애들은 다 잇지됨ㅌ

  • Joy Draw
    Joy Draw 5 months ago

    Omg so small . I want to hug him because he's so nervous . Little Hongjoong didn't knew yet that he's the best leader aka caption . Our big Minion ❤ . Stan Ateez . Atiny ❤

  • 한수수
    한수수 5 months ago

    이때부터 이미 데뷔할애들은 정해졌네 Itzy로 데뷔한 4명은 모두 인터뷰하면서 얼굴 띄워주고,, 리아는 히든카드였는듯

    BLACKOUT 5 months ago

    항상 제왚 보면 느끼는 점이 제왚은 늘 여자그룹이 심각하게 인지도가 높고 어떻게 하고 만들어야 하는지 아는 느낌,,,,,, 남돌에 비해서 호ㅓㄱ실히 잘 뜨고 그러니까ㅏ

  • AlexIsDepressed
    AlexIsDepressed 5 months ago

    It’s sad that Chaeryeong failed two times but I like how she didn’t give up and finally debuted 🥰