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Captain Disillusion
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CD / Interlacing ADDENDUM
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CD / Interlacing
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CD / Aspect Ratio
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Quick D: Mobile Drone
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Quick D: Wall Walking
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"Beakmallusion" Outtakes
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Quick D: The Method Robot
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Quick D: Traffic Dodging
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The Mandaellah Effekt
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Cicret Bracelet UPDATE
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Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK
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Quick D: Viral Kid Stunts
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The Undebunkable
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Quick D: Mirror Ball
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Quick D: The Invisible Cut
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A Year of Exit Gags - 2015
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Floating City DEBUNK
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Time Travel DEBUNK
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Quick D: Anamorphic Bin
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Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK
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Mystery Boob Revealed
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Disneyland Ghost DEBUNK
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Reptilian Bieber-mosh
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A Patreonizing Announcement
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Russian Ghost Car DEBUNK
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Miss Ping Debunk
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Real Phaser Reverse Debunk
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Quick D: The Lost Episode
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Quick D: Brusspup Outgeeked
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Pantry Ghost ADDENDUM
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"Gas Station Ghost" RECUT
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UFO Haiti, the Epic
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Mirror Ghost Girl Debunk
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Penguin Slap Debunk
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    LEMMIIX 21 minute ago

    "Dude perfects videos are real" The best thing I've heard this year

  • Umarul Haq
    Umarul Haq Hour ago

    0:20 A million ****king times and.... Me : _looking up on the dictoinary what does _*_**_*_ mean_

  • Papa Shpee
    Papa Shpee 2 hours ago

  • Den Beats TV
    Den Beats TV 3 hours ago

    Please and he's another video the mobile charge while running.

  • Nibba Bibba
    Nibba Bibba 3 hours ago

    Damn this is quality content

  • Nexos XV
    Nexos XV 3 hours ago

    I think I saw VSauce and Mark Rober in a couple of those scenes. I'm actually only using captions and no sounds right now XD

  • steprockmedia
    steprockmedia 4 hours ago

    Oh man! I also learned Lightwave on an Amiga from Video Toaster! True story!!!! That's so awesome.

  • Yellow Pixel
    Yellow Pixel 4 hours ago

    Ok Alan

  • Di808808
    Di808808 4 hours ago

    My slip and slide did this

  • Sal Manuel
    Sal Manuel 4 hours ago

    I had to revisit this video, thx for the mammaries.

  • Danorocket67 Og 1
    Danorocket67 Og 1 4 hours ago

    I have a question the flow is the same look always

  • brandon zhou
    brandon zhou 5 hours ago

    it's 2019!

  • Tapash Alister
    Tapash Alister 5 hours ago

    Ha! The original video is now called 'UFO over India (CGI)'

  • felix mendez
    felix mendez 5 hours ago

    The Mandela Effect is above all about human stupidity. How so many people can remember so clearly something that never happened...? A: because they read the news, watch them on TV, while having their heads safely stored...deep up their ass.

  • origionalwinja
    origionalwinja 6 hours ago

    hey, um, im in the very edge of the beta quadrant... any chance i can get that free shipping as well? im like REALLY close. less than a parsec.

  • origionalwinja
    origionalwinja 6 hours ago

    that video was a ripoff of "the 405" comedy video. i dont know a single person that thought any of these were losing faith in humanity

  • Cougars in Tuxes
    Cougars in Tuxes 6 hours ago

    That blast of was soooo fake

  • HairoftheDog
    HairoftheDog 7 hours ago

    Hahahaha the captions 😂 🤣

  • Octopus singing On the toilet

    Close but it’s pronounced mel-bin and not phonetically like Mel-Bourne

  • Zukerts Lenen
    Zukerts Lenen 8 hours ago

    Wow this runs on 360p

  • Nexos XV
    Nexos XV 8 hours ago

    It's not fake. He lives in a non-euclidean plane of existence.

  • Monuver
    Monuver 8 hours ago

    Why does Captain D's expression in the thumbnail make it look like he's posing for a mugshot? "Florida Alien drapes human skin over top of head"

  • Bleeding Edith
    Bleeding Edith 9 hours ago

    I want this guy to make mean love to me.

  • James Kelmenson
    James Kelmenson 10 hours ago

    "Glad to see you learned to create an artificial body instead of abducting a corpse" lol

  • Billy Te
    Billy Te 10 hours ago

    Can you start releasing synthwave songs CD? Maybe go on tour? Or at least can you release the tracks for your outros and stuff? You make some legit music!

  • Anshu Mangang
    Anshu Mangang 10 hours ago

    Did you get it now

  • OptimumHD
    OptimumHD 10 hours ago

    On the cg cars the vfx looked like the sun’s rays came from the ground

  • Futurist 2046_
    Futurist 2046_ 11 hours ago

    L A M I N A R F L O W 2 0 1 9

  • Astor Jupit
    Astor Jupit 11 hours ago

    I wanna make clear that the EU uses arrows in their traffic lights.

  • seanla04
    seanla04 12 hours ago

    1:46 WTH

  • seanla04
    seanla04 12 hours ago

    5:27 XD

  • Prism Glider
    Prism Glider 12 hours ago

    In some formats seeing small differences in framerate is difficult. While watching, I didn't notice any switching between 48 and 60. However, when playing games, I can tell easily if a game is running at a lower framerate. The difference between 45 and 60 FPS while playing a game is almost jarring, but I wouldn't ever complain if I was watching a video and the same happened.

  • TehDarkrai
    TehDarkrai 12 hours ago

    Ah yes my favorite channels Tom's Tourist Traps PremiumSauce SmarterEveryDollar

  • Austin
    Austin 12 hours ago

    We need a Cicret Bracelet update!

  • CrashPirate01
    CrashPirate01 13 hours ago

    0:49 does no one else get this prestige reference because I do and I love it!

  • CrashPirate01
    CrashPirate01 13 hours ago

    2:32 this is so mystery science theater 9000

  • Nibba Bibba
    Nibba Bibba 13 hours ago

    Love with your heart and use your head for everything else 😵

  • Doctor Zzz
    Doctor Zzz 13 hours ago


  • Paul Gleason
    Paul Gleason 13 hours ago

    Rest in peace - King Of Random

  • Christopher Klepel
    Christopher Klepel 13 hours ago

    Destin rocks

  • Lit Ripper
    Lit Ripper 14 hours ago

    jeez Russians are crazy

  • Tim Cross
    Tim Cross 14 hours ago

    THe millisecond the black female said a number of WHITE people remember... YOU LOST A SUB. You RACISM really has NO PLACE HERE!!!

  • Paul Gleason
    Paul Gleason 14 hours ago

    Yes I belive aliens are real there can be real or evil or good who knows People two sides

  • talk-sick
    talk-sick 14 hours ago

    2:40 Or better yet, use a big ziplock bag to hold your iPad in for use in the bath tub. I believe the device's screen will still be responsive despite the plastic covering it, much as how it perfectly performs with a tampered glass. Plus, a box (100+ pcs) of these bags likely costs less than a waterproof case. And you'll also have lots of remaining bags to use for other purposes too. 😂

  • Fire Doge
    Fire Doge 14 hours ago

    6:04 1M Playbutton is always watching...

  • Tievoli
    Tievoli 14 hours ago

    Dear Alan, please see this laminar flow complete and tell me: A) The camera is moving down the flow, but he does not show the bucket of water and splashing sound, and by touching the flow the sound of water starts, and stops no sound of falling water into the bucket. B) No splashing sound coming from the bottom, water heating the bucket. C) If you go frame by frame 30 sec of the movie on the bottom portion of the guy's finger you can see a straight waterline of the flow. There is no way water would run straight if it blocked by his finger. Thanks.

  • CrashPirate01
    CrashPirate01 14 hours ago

    9:04 well, I might be wrong, but you just pointed them all out so...

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson 14 hours ago

    Liziqi debunked!

  • FizzyLake 3771
    FizzyLake 3771 15 hours ago

    2:37 The color blue is very far from any skin color. Be it black panther, Or white Asian lady

  • Meat Cat
    Meat Cat 15 hours ago

    petition to make "How It's Faked" into a real thing

  • Meat Cat
    Meat Cat 15 hours ago

    1:54 I thought my screen was really gliching lol

  • Making Games
    Making Games 15 hours ago

    Never had real reason to write lol, but yep, this made me laugh out loud. I had wondered about that when I commented. Same could have happened to me. Very funny. Great revenge.

  • Meat Cat
    Meat Cat 15 hours ago

    JacksFilms was right a bout you

  • The Reatoes
    The Reatoes 15 hours ago


  • ParadoxZ
    ParadoxZ 16 hours ago

    what is this cancer

  • VLD _YT
    VLD _YT 17 hours ago

    If the garbage was replaced with the statue, wouldn't taht make the statue 🎶still a puce of garbage🎶

  • Abraham Jin
    Abraham Jin 17 hours ago

    Cool ending

  • Abraham Jin
    Abraham Jin 17 hours ago

    Perfect ending. Loved how you added Charlie Chaplin’s soul to it

  • cannedjet123
    cannedjet123 17 hours ago

    0:15 cgi tho

  • Abraham Jin
    Abraham Jin 18 hours ago

    Ok buddy

  • FizzyLake 3771
    FizzyLake 3771 18 hours ago

    They censor the word shit, but they CUT OPEN AN EYE!!??!

  • Jakub Korczyk
    Jakub Korczyk 18 hours ago

    omg this is so old XD

  • As the Drone flys TM
    As the Drone flys TM 19 hours ago

    How did people watch with this quality

  • Wulfhere Cyning
    Wulfhere Cyning 19 hours ago

    "Duke of Delaware in an alternate timeline" I'm actually interested in this alternate timeline. When did Delaware become a Duchy? Is the USA part of Britain still? Is the USA its own Monarchy? Limited or Absolute Monarchy? What is happening in South America? Are MPs for America members of Westminster Parliament, or are they treated as a separate Parliament like Scotland and England during James VI & I? Is America considered a Kingdom title, or are they direct patrimony of England? Or did England lose the American lands in a war with France? Whoever was sovereign, did they carry out the purchases of Alaska and Louisiana, or are there Russian and French controlled lands in North America still? Was the Glorious Revolution overturned? So many questions.

  • nickolaz carter
    nickolaz carter 20 hours ago

    13:22 replay button

  • Maggerton
    Maggerton 20 hours ago

    The video with the girlfriend actually made the national news on sunrise, an Australian breakfast show, I believed they mentioned it was faked, I've had lightning strike maybe 15 meters away from me on the road outside my house, it is terrifying and incredibly loud, there was ringing in my ears and just a huge flash of light

  • Proedge1
    Proedge1 21 hour ago

    Did you get the bracelet?😁😍

  • tunder gamer
    tunder gamer 22 hours ago

    can you talk about the mysterious man in black not the movie

  • Really Random
    Really Random 22 hours ago

    6 years ago and it is still the smae

  • Really Random
    Really Random 22 hours ago

    This is amazing

  • Vaal Hazak
    Vaal Hazak 22 hours ago

    5:27 kurzgesagt reference

  • Wulfhere Cyning
    Wulfhere Cyning 23 hours ago

    Based on my own experiences, a somewhat large proportion, though not a majority, of people "supporting" such beliefs as inter dimensional portals or flat earth, do not actually believe it. They play along for the fun of it. In a tally of 30 comments, seemingly split down the middle, I would imagine that in reality it be closer to 20 sceptical than only 15. I have naught to back that up but anecdote, though I would suggest that this is the minimum charitable interpretation. Now, on the scale of a national population? I cannot say one way or another. I am consistently surprised by how many people are truly idiots AND by how many people are wildly more intelligent than expectable. I just have a hunch that, in the domain of obscure internet videos, the numbers are more likely to reflect faux belief as a large minority, than pure belief as the entire sample of "believer" comments.

  • Really Random
    Really Random 23 hours ago

    Hey cat

  • Really Random
    Really Random 23 hours ago

    The guy in a tracksuit is right

  • teemofie
    teemofie Day ago

    As an epileptic I'd like to say thanks for the face down fandango!

  • teemofie
    teemofie Day ago

    What I love about this episode is it looks like an episode of Cops from the 90s!

  • rod stevens
    rod stevens Day ago

    Life must be grand with a silver penis.

  • Michael Day
    Michael Day Day ago

    this was published on Christmas

  • Magnus
    Magnus Day ago

    In the one u did you can see a slight outline of the box

  • origionalwinja

    so now you're going to go to the racist place? claiming "white people" anything is racist...because people of all color thought nelson Mandela died in prison. you lose credibility when you pull this crap

  • Chris Orchard
    Chris Orchard Day ago

    5:11 Zach: this is how I eat Rice Krispies CD: This is how I punch people Me:(breaks down in laughter)

  • KBzjack Paronama


  • KBzjack Paronama

    Still waiting for the invisibility cloak explanation......

  • kalle palys games

    Cap take it eeezz

  • Nathan Tagg
    Nathan Tagg Day ago

    This channel is insanely good

  • electron2k
    electron2k Day ago

    "And I'm Avid about that." I... I see what you did there

  • I probably dont exist lol

    I see a lot of people in the comment section are calling this fake, but of course it’s fake. I can only laugh at these people because these peasants fail to understand the joke. I do not blame them for this, however. It takes a pretty high I.Q. to even comprehend Captain Disillusion’s humor. Personally with an I.Q. of 138 (Even though I’m only 13!), I am fully capable of grasping the humor here. edit: tysm for 30 likes did not expect this to blow up lol

    • I probably dont exist lol
      I probably dont exist lol 15 hours ago

      Ahh, another lowly peasant squished beneath my boot.

    • tempodude
      tempodude 21 hour ago

      you ironically edited but the comment is actually edited so 0/10

    LARSFSO Day ago

    Omg, I remember being to hyped for this a few years ago!

  • Gabriel Spressola

    The guy is a legend!

  • Kangjia Huang
    Kangjia Huang Day ago

    0:55 Jumps into Florida

  • Sérgio Domingues

    And when I thought this guy couldn't be even more amazing... that Doctor Who wallpaper!

  • Clinton
    Clinton Day ago

    It's weird how I remember Will Smith playing Neo in the Matrix. And since when was Morpheus not played by Val Kilmer?

  • Emelie Joyce Perez

    imagine climbing in this stair while your killer is chasing you!! 🤪😬🙀

  • Necro Soljier
    Necro Soljier Day ago

    Hearing you say "we only have 28,000 days to live" made me sad

  • Frost Quake
    Frost Quake Day ago

    I've always loved these movies, and thought I'd seen and learned all there was to them through DVD and Blu-ray extras. Almost everything you said in these two videos was new to me. Thank you so much! I'll be going through your backlog of videos now.

  • Aidan Daniels
    Aidan Daniels Day ago

    Fraud Darren Brown

  • I am Lettuce
    I am Lettuce Day ago

    10:23 he be Dipper Pines. R/youngpeopleyoutube

  • Tim Cross
    Tim Cross Day ago

    Thank you! You replicated that perfectly, now we ALL have an answer.

  • Shannon Nelson

    It's annoying more than anything, and there are legitimate paranormal occurrences that happen. This just mocks them.