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  • Mr.moomoo
    Mr.moomoo 3 hours ago

    One of the drawings should have been the thunder dome

    XXGAMERXX22 M 4 hours ago

    I feel bad for Murcus and lannan

  • Razar Zulu
    Razar Zulu 4 hours ago


  • Jonathan Lopez Raya
    Jonathan Lopez Raya 4 hours ago

    Little did you know Bazza is dating Tannar

  • XDspookyboi07
    XDspookyboi07 4 hours ago

    Yes pls

  • Pok
    Pok 4 hours ago

    Reminds me of RvB where a bunch of idiots defeat a bunch of trained military personnel

    XXGAMERXX22 M 4 hours ago

    Cray laughing on bazz

  • Typical Foxy
    Typical Foxy 4 hours ago

    Lannan and lufu look good together

  • Sami Daoud
    Sami Daoud 4 hours ago

    If your doing another fan edition draw lannons penis so just draw a 3 inch line

  • Vincent Corrado
    Vincent Corrado 4 hours ago


  • ali al saad
    ali al saad 4 hours ago

    When am trying to start my car 6:11-6:13


    Why is Elliott so toxic??🤔

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 5 hours ago

    Dude when he brought it my hero academia I was like omg I have to and has a. Room full of it AHHH and my use is a character WEEB ALERT

  • JeekerSoahHD
    JeekerSoahHD 5 hours ago

    Me: opens present* Present: YOU GOT AIDS Me: yayy. *quits life*

  • gacha wolfシ
    gacha wolfシ 5 hours ago

    Can like anyone tell me what happened to marcus

  • DomiTHICCY
    DomiTHICCY 5 hours ago

    Left hand gang where u at?

  • Gunnar Clagg
    Gunnar Clagg 5 hours ago

    Dinosaur =dipuladopulaus

  • Natasha Wallace
    Natasha Wallace 5 hours ago

    Marcus aren’t we cute Me two questions later They get it wrong

    XXGAMERXX22 M 5 hours ago

    Cray and bazz are funny

  • Spiral-Dylute
    Spiral-Dylute 5 hours ago

    Cray looks like the person in the new moderne warfare

  • Shaurya Siddharth Sharma

    boris the turtle tortoise

  • Nic Chan
    Nic Chan 5 hours ago

    Let's go Singapore fams

  • Hannah Rebecca
    Hannah Rebecca 5 hours ago

    2:10 me when i get kicked from art college

  • Abdullah Tariq
    Abdullah Tariq 6 hours ago

    I hate the fact that no one insisted fruity to sit on the couch instead of the floor.

  • The dude on YouTube
    The dude on YouTube 6 hours ago

    When Marcus revalued himself I actually jumped

  • Shadowz Animations
    Shadowz Animations 6 hours ago

    So Bazzas future wife is the camera woman

  • I do dumb stuff.
    I do dumb stuff. 6 hours ago

    The fauq

  • -R8 -
    -R8 - 6 hours ago

    I would have described color blue as #0000ff

  • JackPlayz Gaming
    JackPlayz Gaming 6 hours ago

    Either Tannar or Fresh should join click

  • Cater Kiler
    Cater Kiler 6 hours ago

    Why is Eliot on the thumbnail twice

  • Raymond Jacob Holt
    Raymond Jacob Holt 6 hours ago

    Seen a man with the most ugly beard ever = Instant dislike! 🤮

  • Napoleon Davinchi
    Napoleon Davinchi 7 hours ago

    Lannete is the smartest

  • hb1taps Morris
    hb1taps Morris 7 hours ago

    Can you sub to jb1taps it's me plz sub click I watch a lot of your videos

    MR TOI TOI 7 hours ago

    Bazza says my future wife is rght there ( points at camera) me "that's gay

  • Jus Joshin You
    Jus Joshin You 7 hours ago

    I’ve never hit a kangaroo. One because I don’t live in Australia and two because I don’t drive yet.

  • Ember
    Ember 7 hours ago

    Muselk is on his period holyyy 🥴😂😂

  • majedplayz
    majedplayz 7 hours ago

    Bazz wore a SMG4 season 1 merch shirt

  • Jalen.T Productions
    Jalen.T Productions 7 hours ago

    Is Tannar now apart of Click?

  • Andhika Airlangga
    Andhika Airlangga 7 hours ago


  • Duck Does Stuff
    Duck Does Stuff 7 hours ago

    Why do we choose to watch adult idiots drink vodka, eat disgusting food and play twister?

  • Andhika Airlangga
    Andhika Airlangga 7 hours ago


  • Andhika Airlangga
    Andhika Airlangga 7 hours ago


  • Andhika Airlangga
    Andhika Airlangga 7 hours ago


  • macy draws
    macy draws 7 hours ago

    Bazza: you kissed marcus though Marcus: yeah i kissed marcus he's hot Btw 4:43

  • Andhika Airlangga
    Andhika Airlangga 7 hours ago


  • Samantha Dullisear
    Samantha Dullisear 7 hours ago

    It is clearly the universe telling them that they shouldnt brake up🤣🤣

  • Kirsty Varda
    Kirsty Varda 8 hours ago

    Since Bazz pointed at the camera saying his future wife does that mean he’s a man whore cause he pointed to like thousands of people?? 🤔🤔

  • Kuberr Gaming
    Kuberr Gaming 8 hours ago

    fucking sweat vs memers

  • Amazing SoccerAEM
    Amazing SoccerAEM 8 hours ago

    Elliot: these are easy Not even a minute later.... Elliot: WHAT THE F*CK!! Me:bruh -_-

    CRINGE MASTER 8 hours ago

    Is it just me, or are all of the girls in the Click house pretty thicc?

  • Yion2x
    Yion2x 8 hours ago

    Tannar bad as hell 👌🏾

  • MaxPlayz
    MaxPlayz 8 hours ago


  • Spongey
    Spongey 8 hours ago

    Wait, Lufu sleeps with someone else in one bed?

  • Spongey
    Spongey 8 hours ago

    Everyone besides Muselk who lives in the click house: My Bathroom is normal! Muselk:My Bathroom is totally normal ~ it is only 10 times more expensive than everyone elses one

  • Edward Young
    Edward Young 8 hours ago

    Hmmmmmm seems like tannar joined click lol!

  • Uzayr Kader
    Uzayr Kader 8 hours ago

    Elliots kinda toxic ngl

  • Preston Butcher
    Preston Butcher 8 hours ago

    lannan is a 6 year old

  • Chris Davey
    Chris Davey 8 hours ago

    Isn't a strawberry eating lufu technically cannibalism?

  • Prathik Chegudi
    Prathik Chegudi 9 hours ago

    Wtf happened to Marcus I’m hella confused

  • Mateusz Urbaniak
    Mateusz Urbaniak 9 hours ago

    Stop blaming lannar Elliott :< !

  • Slimey Annihilation
    Slimey Annihilation 9 hours ago

    Twister can sometimes be lets just say a dangerous game

  • Joelly Vater
    Joelly Vater 9 hours ago

    Eliot was angry in this vid lol

  • Nikstar112 - Gaming
    Nikstar112 - Gaming 9 hours ago

    What’s going on guys - Not Muselk - 2019

  • Rene Maurice Pereira

    Shot in the balls with a paintball? Painted balls?

  • itsdoggyok PUBG
    itsdoggyok PUBG 9 hours ago

    Although I like Fruity and all, I don't really like the way she used her relationship with Marcus to earn a point and make Marcus spit his water out.

  • Preston Butcher
    Preston Butcher 10 hours ago

    cray is a new species addicted to coke

  • J Mehau
    J Mehau 10 hours ago

    Poor Tanner being yelled at by muselk 😂😂😂 relax duuuuude lol

  • Preston Butcher
    Preston Butcher 10 hours ago

    as everyone is having the time of their lives lannan is going insane

  • Andhika Airlangga
    Andhika Airlangga 10 hours ago


  • Hungrykurt 25
    Hungrykurt 25 10 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: CRAY: SoMeOnE bEnT oVeR tO rEcEiVe AnAl!!!!

  • Andhika Airlangga
    Andhika Airlangga 10 hours ago


  • Aussie Chicken
    Aussie Chicken 10 hours ago

    Pray for Lauren

  • Louie Brambila
    Louie Brambila 11 hours ago

    For “Bazza’s future life”, Cray should’ve drawn himself

  • Isajah Miranda
    Isajah Miranda 11 hours ago

    Lannan: while these guys are tiring out, i knew when to quit Me: like in fortnite?

  • oliver tesic
    oliver tesic 11 hours ago

    where is marcus

  • Vixen Eagle
    Vixen Eagle 11 hours ago

    I love Elliot but he was toxic as hell to Tannar in this video. It was physically hard to watch.

  • GoldGuy GT
    GoldGuy GT 11 hours ago

    Why isn’t Tannar officially part of Click yet?

  • Subscriber69 Subscriber

    Muselk Raging 😤 At more stupid stuff

  • Loki and luth
    Loki and luth 11 hours ago


  • Matthew Alsonsudardjo
    Matthew Alsonsudardjo 11 hours ago

    Who is here when marcus quit click

  • Sam N
    Sam N 11 hours ago

    Someone take away Muselk's energy drinks

  • Charlestzy
    Charlestzy 11 hours ago

    14:23 the freaking goose pooped

  • Charlestzy
    Charlestzy 11 hours ago

    14:23 the freaking goose pooped

  • Kollin Farr
    Kollin Farr 11 hours ago

    Who else thought the dinosaur was going to be a high heel

  • Kaison Kiler
    Kaison Kiler 11 hours ago

    They have tanner because mucus left 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Max Couch
    Max Couch 11 hours ago

    If the like button is gray you have not subscribed to click

  • Victoria Cunningham
    Victoria Cunningham 11 hours ago

    Bazz: "There's a fish in my teaspoon!" 😂😂 I SNORTED

  • Jack Mahoney
    Jack Mahoney 11 hours ago

    pause at 7:08

  • Melek Gogebakan
    Melek Gogebakan 11 hours ago

    What happened to Marcus replies to tell me

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 12 hours ago

    Remember at the start of the channel you said lachy would come where is he

  • Finn Pernet
    Finn Pernet 12 hours ago

    ilsa should be in a click video

  • I Corgi
    I Corgi 12 hours ago

    Normal: let the bodies hit the floor Paris: let the body’s hit the bed

  • I Corgi
    I Corgi 12 hours ago

    Normal: let the bodies hit the floor Paris: let the body’s hit the bed

  • Slimey Annihilation
    Slimey Annihilation 12 hours ago

    Kath is soo nervous

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 12 hours ago


  • Meme orgnaization FowlerBayer

    wheres my boi marcus gone?

  • rubin the pig
    rubin the pig 12 hours ago

    Elliot should get with tanner because then he could tease lannan about it and lannan already teases elliot because he dates his sister

  • Paul Kafant
    Paul Kafant 12 hours ago

    4:40 ummm lannan has a hickey?

  • Nini Tran
    Nini Tran 12 hours ago

    2:09 Tannar sounded so innocent qwq

  • xmorph music
    xmorph music 12 hours ago

    Wheres Lachy??????????!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!&&!_$_θ§Г§Ω§Ω´`´§