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Nintendo Direct - 04.09.2019
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  • Marcus Elsender harris
    Marcus Elsender harris 2 minutes ago

    I’m so excited to get Pokemon sword!!

  • H animations
    H animations 3 minutes ago

    Omg I'm so glad pokemon isn't irl🤣

    IDEKA 25 minutes ago

    Got both!! Playing Shield as I type this!

  • Pee Diddler
    Pee Diddler 36 minutes ago

    People are seething that the game is actually good. Raids and wild area are the most fun I’ve had with Pokémon in a long time

  • Tacedaemo
    Tacedaemo 39 minutes ago

    This game is amazing!

  • Revolt
    Revolt 44 minutes ago

    I can see Sotarks map this song.

  • TopTgaming
    TopTgaming 50 minutes ago

    It’s CHARIZARD!!!

  • Tahira Suleman
    Tahira Suleman Hour ago

    Who that Pokémon IT’ FLIPPINH CHARIZARD

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan Hour ago

    Charizard: look at me. I am the captain now

  • Daniel Salgado
    Daniel Salgado Hour ago

    To be honnest...I'm very, very, very, very, desapointed whit startes' evolutions, they're so bad, there's fanmake bethers I am so desapointed whit nintendo😭 I am so sad

  • DreadWulf221
    DreadWulf221 Hour ago

    Just an hour and a half to go then I'm free from work to jump right in for the weekend

  • Rose
    Rose Hour ago


  • Shifter
    Shifter 2 hours ago

    If yall are gonna say something negative justbdont here. People know the games can be better but you dont have to keep bringing up its flaws

  • Mark van der Wal
    Mark van der Wal 3 hours ago

    I just got this game and I love it so far.

  • FadJewrino
    FadJewrino 3 hours ago

    gamefreak ruined this gen haha

  • Ninja Daniel
    Ninja Daniel 3 hours ago

    I'm gonna pick it up when I get back from school

  • The Unknown one
    The Unknown one 3 hours ago

    Not a huge fan of pokemon, but soon I'm going to be attempting a pokemon Ruby nuzlocke, hope it is easy... Oh wait I forgot the rules.

  • Alex Houlihan
    Alex Houlihan 3 hours ago

    Thanks for showing us the exact same stuff for the 20th time nintendo

  • zane flynt
    zane flynt 3 hours ago

    I bought this game today but honestly I never played any of the Pokemon games so a little confused !

  • Bonbonthefurret 276
    Bonbonthefurret 276 3 hours ago

    Sobbles final evolution be like:KILL ME PLEASE Anyway bought both games and started sword now

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      Lookin like the villian from monsters inc.

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 3 hours ago

    I love this game, I can't wait to buy it :3

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye 3 hours ago

    Can't wait 2039 when I can emulate this game on my phone!

  • Two Eye
    Two Eye 3 hours ago

    The legond of pokemon breath of wild

  • 7SidedFilms
    7SidedFilms 4 hours ago

    I’m really feeling it

  • dolphin power
    dolphin power 4 hours ago

    Getting it tomorrow

  • Sir Codin
    Sir Codin 4 hours ago

    I wanna punch the face of every person who defends this garbage generation.

  • Kehinde Akinyemi
    Kehinde Akinyemi 4 hours ago

    I'm soooo ready to play both games!!! (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。 Thank you Nintendo and Game Freak! ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  • mr bloxy
    mr bloxy 4 hours ago

    Hi i got Pokemon sword

    MOHAMEDCOOLBOY HD 4 hours ago

    Subscribe to my Channel ❤😍

    MOHAMEDCOOLBOY HD 4 hours ago

    أخوكم من السودان تابعوني 😍❤

  • Lucas
    Lucas 4 hours ago

    Can you please update the pop-ins for 100 meters instead of 10?

  • WO Gaming
    WO Gaming 4 hours ago

    Already got it yesterday evening!

  • Derek W
    Derek W 4 hours ago

    The music sounds like a beach party!

  • SPORTSNUT72 cell/email

    Need help. Shield or sword. I’m leaving more toward Shield.

    • mogram pro
      mogram pro 4 hours ago

      Im getting shield bc of goodra being One of My all time favourites

    • Ronni22EDM
      Ronni22EDM 4 hours ago

      I’m planning to get Sword

  • One Aesthetic Username

    Mine gets delivered in an hour or two ahah

  • ShadowSnake95
    ShadowSnake95 5 hours ago

    One day to go for me. My pre order is coming Saturday, have fun everyone!

  • Harrison White
    Harrison White 5 hours ago

    Great! Now to wait 7 hours until school is over ( vigorously crying inside)

  • YiHong Epic
    YiHong Epic 5 hours ago

    Trying to resist myself for 2 weeks. Have to study for finals. Argh, the pain

  • whysoup
    whysoup 5 hours ago

    Getting it after school looks amazing thank you

  • KarmaA慧雯
    KarmaA慧雯 5 hours ago

    The queue was crazy jst saying =/ I am so getting when the opportunity arises (also my e shop doesnt even work sooooo hecc why.)

  • Mykhasyk 07
    Mykhasyk 07 5 hours ago

    I have to find my switch charger!

  • Leo E3
    Leo E3 5 hours ago

    I get this very nice game on Christmas, but I can’t wait 😤

  • J Prez
    J Prez 6 hours ago

    It lasts about 10 hours and there's no post-game content. Hand holding throughout just like Sun and Moon and half the Pokemon along with 140 moves cut... for more money. Sorry, but you're an idiot if you buy this.

  • Unseen Asymptote
    Unseen Asymptote 6 hours ago

    The music does not suit a lot of this trailer, but that does nothing to change how much I love these games.

  • EmeraldHunter
    EmeraldHunter 6 hours ago

    Your adventure begins... And ends when the autosave corrupts your data.

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      It only happens to hacked versions and people with faulty SD cards. And it only seems to be people with the digital version

  • UndergroundGaming
    UndergroundGaming 6 hours ago

    Been playing since 12 last night game is way better than expected and grookey is my boy I named him banana

  • Jacob Rendall
    Jacob Rendall 6 hours ago

    And all my other adventures ended because my sd card was corrupted

    • MisterHeroman
      MisterHeroman 4 hours ago

      @SurfingPichu Say that to the Japanese.

    • SurfingPichu
      SurfingPichu 4 hours ago

      That.. has never happened to me. You have a crappy sd card

  • Paul Baldry
    Paul Baldry 6 hours ago

    Thoroughly enjoying the game so far (Ignore the haters)! ^_^

  • bolemis
    bolemis 6 hours ago

    🖕 to all the salty haters. This game will be epic!

  • Kevin Srichawla
    Kevin Srichawla 6 hours ago

    Been playing for an hour but I can see that this game is incredible. Everything was great the graphic the story and the new Pokémon I definitely will spend tons of time playing it

  • Stahn Misake
    Stahn Misake 6 hours ago

    Make the Male Charakters more manly the all looking gay

    • Hidden Drake
      Hidden Drake 5 hours ago

      Stahn Misake they’re a 10 year old kid, why would they be manly?

  • Stahn Misake
    Stahn Misake 6 hours ago

    Give US all the Pokemon

  • assassin 97
    assassin 97 6 hours ago

    More like "your adventure begins in a blurry PS1 era graphics wonderland with no fully rotatable camera and bogged down open-world sections". Gamefreak has shown it's incompetency this excuses for the hardware. Albeit being weak, if the switch could pull off games like Zelda, Witcher, Skyrim, xenoblade,dragon quest 11.., then why the hell won't it run a Pokémon game WITH AN OPEN WORLD AND A FULLY ROTATABLE 3D CAMERA, with the visuals being on par with AT LEAST xenoblade chronicles 2?

    • JD
      JD 2 hours ago

      So, having a "fixed" camera makes a game worse? So re1 is worse than the more or less universally hated re6 with the over the shoulder camera?

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      That negativity aint gonna do anything but bum people out. The ganes have flaws but are still fun to play

  • andyw386
    andyw386 7 hours ago

    Your adventure (to the store for a refund) begins

  • Sleekgeek 36
    Sleekgeek 36 7 hours ago

    Not gonna lie they got us in the first half

    • Rose
      Rose Hour ago

      you might not lie but they will

  • Honza Nečas
    Honza Nečas 7 hours ago

    First 2 Hours, I am in game, Shield, this games is amazing :)

  • Lucky L
    Lucky L 7 hours ago

    Unfortunately ur bloody glitch ruins the fun Uk by deleting all the data in the sd card

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      @Lucky L its the faulty SD cards and hacked versions. It messes with the autosave feature. It works fine if its not hacked or the SD card is fine

    • Lucky L
      Lucky L 6 hours ago

      Melon Sauce that’s not true At all It’s apperantly only for the eshop version And is most likely bc of the new auto save function Hacking and faulty Ed cards had nothing to do w it

    • Melon Sauce
      Melon Sauce 6 hours ago

      Seems to be only a hacked Switch and shady SD problem.

  • Jai Nitai Holzman
    Jai Nitai Holzman 7 hours ago

    To bad I can’t get it till December. :(

    WHITESTRIPE99 7 hours ago

    What happened to all the hate for this game?

  • French toes Gaming
    French toes Gaming 7 hours ago

    I’m picking this up after school. today will be the longest school day ever!

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      I know your pain😭😭😭

    • Furret Boi with a gun
      Furret Boi with a gun 4 hours ago

      me too

    • Garenthal
      Garenthal 5 hours ago

      David Torres that’s bad lol. Cool teachers like me picked it up already and made sure no homework this weekend. Had an exam yesterday so the weekend could be stress free for them. Am I assuming they are all getting Pokémon no lol but I’m sure some are

    • David Torres
      David Torres 6 hours ago

      Bro... my teachers giving a project today so it’s gonna be hard to play this over the weekend

    • AceTrainerJ
      AceTrainerJ 6 hours ago

      I swear...and then the teachers probably gonna give us homework and then we can barely play the game lol

  • Mayhemic
    Mayhemic 7 hours ago

    This game is amazing. I bet everyone who bitched about this game bought the game anyways.

    • Mayhemic
      Mayhemic 4 hours ago

      @MisterHeroman that doesnt count. That wasnt a true experience

    • MisterHeroman
      MisterHeroman 4 hours ago

      @Mayhemic Let's Go exists.

    • Mayhemic
      Mayhemic 5 hours ago

      @Blu Moshi it really is. Plus its the first pokemon on a new console. Give Gamefreak a break

    • Blu Moshi
      Blu Moshi 5 hours ago

      Foreal like honestly it is an improvement whether people like it or not this game straight 🔥 been playing since 12 o'clock

  • Jack Morrison
    Jack Morrison 7 hours ago

    i preordered it on store but i have work till 7pm

  • Alex B
    Alex B 7 hours ago

    Awesome video!!! Also I'm wondering why this video was made at 3 AM?

    • Mr Jammy James
      Mr Jammy James 7 hours ago

      Well this is the Nintendo UK channel. And it's 12:39pm that's why

  • Iddo Shemaya
    Iddo Shemaya 7 hours ago

    I dont want spoilers to hje game but i want to know if furret is in the game? (Furret is one of my favorite Pokemons and i am not sure if he is in Edit: the reason i dont have the new pokemon game is because i dont own a switch can you give me a way to get some money for a nintendo switch (im a ten year old so thats a problem).

    • Clara Apt
      Clara Apt 7 hours ago

      @Iddo Shemaya no there is only his regular form, but there are really cute new pokemon that kind of resemble him (like the new squirrel pokemon!)

    • Iddo Shemaya
      Iddo Shemaya 7 hours ago

      @Jonathan Matos glarian or something?

    • Jonathan Matos
      Jonathan Matos 7 hours ago

      He is there

  • Oharo
    Oharo 7 hours ago

    Amazing games

  • Servine641
    Servine641 8 hours ago

    They clearly took what was wrong with Sun and Moon and did away with the really slow beginning. The story starts nearly right after you leave your house and it pulls you in

    • David-Jon Ballinger
      David-Jon Ballinger 2 hours ago

      @mogram pro boar is a pig.

    • Dewott Gen5fan
      Dewott Gen5fan 3 hours ago

      Servine641 Yooo team scorbunny

    • mogram pro
      mogram pro 4 hours ago

      @DwarvishPasty the overly Long cutsenes and conversastions in sm was incredibly boaring

    • DwarvishPasty
      DwarvishPasty 4 hours ago

      It doesn't , it's slow and boring . This is the first time I have been super bored of a Pokémon game

  • Lipe Cheshire
    Lipe Cheshire 8 hours ago

    I want to see the official arts

  • Kevin Marvinza
    Kevin Marvinza 8 hours ago

    No new footage 🧐

  • Hi_Im_Cres
    Hi_Im_Cres 8 hours ago

    I saw lampent. I saw a lampent. FCUK YEAH

  • Gareth Harris
    Gareth Harris 8 hours ago

    My pre-order codes don’t work but that’s cool

    • iNathanLite
      iNathanLite 4 hours ago

      Yep, what my boi @The Milk Man said, you gotta use the code on Mystery Gift.

    • The Milk Man
      The Milk Man 5 hours ago

      Gareth Harris are you using it in the game or Nintendo Eshop? I made the mistake of trying to use them in the Eshop

  • Kacper Radny
    Kacper Radny 8 hours ago

    Mmmm, look at all his content we've all seen 27 times already ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dankid Mudkip
    Dankid Mudkip 8 hours ago

    Im gonna name my Cramorant "Yeeter"

  • Haruhi Suzumiya
    Haruhi Suzumiya 8 hours ago

    God I'm loving this game

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 8 hours ago

    The shills cant use "its not out yet" as an excuse anymore.

    • JD
      JD 2 hours ago

      @OmegaChase1002 yes but youre trying to take the fun from others away

    • OmegaChase1002
      OmegaChase1002 3 hours ago

      @mogram pro no, im not. Cuz i didnt buy this.

    • mogram pro
      mogram pro 3 hours ago

      @OmegaChase1002 you are the One ruining the game rn

    • OmegaChase1002
      OmegaChase1002 5 hours ago

      @finley canniff nice try, kid, i'm 23.

  • Ahmad Zarif
    Ahmad Zarif 8 hours ago

    Zacian in the actual game is so ugly

  • Larry Hughes
    Larry Hughes 8 hours ago


  • FluffRave
    FluffRave 8 hours ago

    What a bunch of assanine, cacamamy, diarrhea DOOKIE coming out of a buffalo's ASSHOLE

  • Z-R1N _
    Z-R1N _ 9 hours ago

    Nintendo/Game freak. love you and all and I really do enjoy the game. but you might want to do a PSA about the SD card bug with the auto-save. You did one with lumiose city, you might wanna do it with this one

    • JD
      JD 2 hours ago

      @MisterHeroman can both of you just stop insultung each other and talk like normal human beings?

    • MisterHeroman
      MisterHeroman 4 hours ago

      @McNamara But the only incels are the fanboys defending the games, tho???

    • John Riley
      John Riley 4 hours ago

      @McNamara Wanting to catch 'em all makes you an incel? No, it makes you a true Pokemon Trainer.

    • jelle luyten
      jelle luyten 5 hours ago

      @Haruhi Suzumiya I only heard about shady SD cards, but hacked switches just may as well, pro tip, 90% of the issues happen if you skimp on stuff or break Tou's

    • McNamara
      McNamara 6 hours ago

      Its fear and doubt being spread by national dex incels and other assorted sony fanboys and aaa gamer controversy neets.

  • Elvis Costa
    Elvis Costa 9 hours ago

    I have a hacked nintendo switch, I played 2 days ago lol

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      Say goodbye to all your save data

    • Elvis Costa
      Elvis Costa 3 hours ago

      Google it

    • Elvis Costa
      Elvis Costa 3 hours ago

      @Tom TK no

    • Tom TK
      Tom TK 3 hours ago

      @Elvis Costa Could you show me or send me to a tutorial?

    • Elvis Costa
      Elvis Costa 4 hours ago

      @Tom TK my friends knows how to hack, on TheXvid de can get lots of tutorial teaching how to hack

  • Sinom
    Sinom 9 hours ago

    Still would have liked a hard mode

    • Jules Koks
      Jules Koks 3 hours ago

      @Lucas1. that wouldn't make the game harder, it would just playing it harder. 2. If you want a difficult game, play Dark Souls, Pokémon isn't supposed to be difficult and never really has. There are some somewhat more difficult moments and some easier ones, that's in every game. But no one said it isn't necessarely hard, there's just no hard mode, which makes sense for a Pokémon game. That's my point. Same as people wanting a easy mode for Dark Souls, that doesn't make any sense. It's supposed to be as hard as the developers made it.

    • Lucas
      Lucas 4 hours ago

      @Jules Koks but the game forcing you to play not at your best to allow it to have a challenge is not a good sign of good game design. Know what I could do to make the game harder too? Play with one hand only. Or remove one of the buttons of the controller. Can't the game just provide a good challenge by itself?

    • Jules Koks
      Jules Koks 4 hours ago

      you can make it as hard as you want, do a nuzzlock, or choose only certain (weaker) Pokémon or limit the max amount of Pokémon ur allowed to have. I believe that's also what one of the directors said in an interview

    • McNamara
      McNamara 6 hours ago

      Lol. The game is as hard as you make it, but this is definately harder than some of the past Pokemons. Not to mention leveled pokemon that dont hestitate to knockout your team. Lol.

    • Redkiwi
      Redkiwi 6 hours ago

      Hahaha I was doing a wedlocke and the wild area SHAT on my team. I was so taken aback.

  • Ahmed Mosbah
    Ahmed Mosbah 9 hours ago

    Come on guys make more booos than likes mega evolving z moves and all our effort catching pokemons through multiple games was ruined for this We need to make them at least realize their fault

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      That aint gonna do anything but bum people out. If you dont want to buy thats fine, but the games are still fun to play despite their flaws

  • Lol what ?
    Lol what ? 9 hours ago

    Can I get a refund for false advertising ?

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      Its not "false advertising"

    • Blu Moshi
      Blu Moshi 5 hours ago

      You sound crazy bro

    • caleb
      caleb 7 hours ago

      What false advertising?

    • JD
      JD 8 hours ago

      Where is there false advertising?

    • Jennings AsYetUntitled
      Jennings AsYetUntitled 8 hours ago

      How is this false advertising

  • EthanDraws
    EthanDraws 9 hours ago

    Going to pick it up in a few hours!

    • Vasco
      Vasco 39 minutes ago

      EthanDraws sure

    • EthanDraws
      EthanDraws 41 minute ago

      @Vasco Awesome! Let's battle sometime! :D

    • Vasco
      Vasco Hour ago

      EthanDraws I just got the game, so far loving it

    • EthanDraws
      EthanDraws 3 hours ago

      @Light God Awesome, that's pretty soon! I hope you enjoy!

    • Light God
      Light God 3 hours ago

      EthanDraws im picking it up at 5

  • Alan Walshe
    Alan Walshe 9 hours ago

    Only a few hours in so far but I'm absolutely loving these games :) Iv never had more fun playing through the beginning of a pokemon game, so fresh I love it :)

    • Just M0n1Ka
      Just M0n1Ka 4 hours ago

      MisterHeroman Well, I don’t really know Japanese but it seems they were using Cheapo SD cards according to the reddit thread.

    • MisterHeroman
      MisterHeroman 4 hours ago

      @Just M0n1Ka Japanese tweets seem to say otherwise.

    • Just M0n1Ka
      Just M0n1Ka 5 hours ago

      @Lucky L It's not really true. Here's a quick copy-paste from a reddit thread on the issue "In recent hours, there has been a rumor that Pokémon Sword and Shield contain a bug that causes the game or data to be lost on the Nintendo Switch. That's not true. This bug comes from using custom firmware / hack on the Nintendo Switch along with an SD card in exFAT. The exFAT driver used by Nintendo Switch in the operating system has caused problems since launch. However, Pokémon does not have direct access to the files, so even if an exFAT failure occurs, it should not cause more damage than closing the game. So yes, there is a bug in the Nintendo Switch operating system that can affect Pokémon if you have the digital game, downloaded in a microSD formatted in exFAT, but if you do not use homebrew, you should never have a risk of losing the games since they are not in the SD card."

    • Daniel kader
      Daniel kader 5 hours ago

      I know right! Its yhe best!

  • GABIOL !
    GABIOL ! 9 hours ago

    All the trailers are the same 🙄

  • Scitch2781
    Scitch2781 9 hours ago

    Best pokemon games ever made

  • Robert
    Robert 9 hours ago

    Looks pretty good, might be my next pickup after I'm finished with Dragon Quest 11 S.

    • Sam Carter
      Sam Carter 27 minutes ago

      @Evy Devy not fired up pokemon yet, but FE deffo the best SWITCH game this year. Sekiro is a strong contender for goty for me, I'd say death stranding because its genuinely amazing, but I havent had much time with it yet.

    • Lifa Dysi
      Lifa Dysi 3 hours ago

      @MisterHeroman Two wrongs don't make a right.

    • MisterHeroman
      MisterHeroman 4 hours ago

      @Ronni22EDM I call haters how I see them.

    • Ronni22EDM
      Ronni22EDM 4 hours ago

      MisterHeroman stop calling people incels pls

    • MisterHeroman
      MisterHeroman 4 hours ago

      @Mega Scizor Maractus is in, you hateful, toxic little incel.

  • Uranus
    Uranus 9 hours ago

    Why does the intro sound like Arthur?

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      I sang it while listening to it its a pretty great mashup👌

    • A.S.K343
      A.S.K343 4 hours ago

      Not really

      GAMEKEEPER STUDIOS 6 hours ago

      im pretty sure it doesnt...

    • Theaussieraccoon
      Theaussieraccoon 7 hours ago

      And I say "Hey! What a wonderful kind of day, where we can learn to work and play and get along with each other You gotta listen to your heart listen to the beat listen to the rhythm the rhythm of the street open up your eyes make it better , by working together it's a simple message and it comes from the heart just believe believe in yourself cause that's the place to start start and I say hey hey what a wonderful kind of day , where we can learn to work and play and get along with each other

  • Steve Miner From Minecraft

    The game hasn’t been delivered to my house yet 😑

  • Dawn
    Dawn 10 hours ago

    Watching TheXvid whilst waiting for it to download. I'm excited despite its shortcomings. It looks really fun.

  • Sufyan Khan
    Sufyan Khan 10 hours ago

    A s here we go again

  • Garrett Glass
    Garrett Glass 10 hours ago

    Crazy how everyone in UK likes, but everyone in US is spoiled. People should learn to play a game before forming an opinion.

    • Garrett Glass
      Garrett Glass Hour ago

      The Immortal Tajador yeah the game is actually really good so far

    • Garrett Glass
      Garrett Glass Hour ago

      Jaekization bruh just look at the likes to dislikes ratio on UK to US, it’s not that hard bud

    • The Immortal Tajador
      The Immortal Tajador 5 hours ago

      Everyone here in the US is complaining. I, on the other hand, am excited!

    • Redkiwi
      Redkiwi 6 hours ago

      @Anime Banz I can appreciate this comment.

    • Anime Banz
      Anime Banz 9 hours ago

      The fallacy with that argument is that you expect people to pay £50 for a game they aren't sure will be good.

  • Cal Keers
    Cal Keers 10 hours ago

    Regardless of others opinions, whether you agree with the changes or not, I still can’t wait for the postman to drop this off today, and I wish everyone luck on their new journey! :D

  • TheDarkV-Creation
    TheDarkV-Creation 10 hours ago

    Pokemon: Fallout 76 edition

  • 受受
    受受 10 hours ago

    Fix the saving problems man...

    • Shifter
      Shifter 2 hours ago

      It only happens to people with faulty SD cards or hacked versions of the game

  • Philip Baden
    Philip Baden 10 hours ago

    Waiting for the postman 🙄

  • Transportation UK
    Transportation UK 10 hours ago

    I am going to buy Pokémon Sword at Christmas. Seems appropriate. And the Christmas sales will help.

  • MyLucidPills
    MyLucidPills 10 hours ago

    Really enjoying it so far !

  • DouglAsshat
    DouglAsshat 10 hours ago

    Oh wow, an entire trailer without lag. I'm impressed

  • Uksu
    Uksu 10 hours ago

    THICC Pikachu returns!