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Ben (My Husband) Does ASMR
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Daisy Does Drunk ASMR
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ASMR | #TeamTrees
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Slow & Gentle ASMR Triggers
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Gibi Can't Be Here Today
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ASMR | Body Painting You!
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ASMR | Organizing Vitamins
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  • Mr. bob
    Mr. bob 12 minutes ago

    Adorable maid cafe indeed

  • Noah Kamper
    Noah Kamper 13 minutes ago

    How can you tell how good bread is without tasting it? Not the smell, not the look, but the sound of the crust. Listen. *bread crackles* Oh, symphony of crackle. Only great bread sound this way.

  • ツSadcrew
    ツSadcrew 14 minutes ago

    When I saw bakugo I was instantly happy and loved gibi more

  • Israel Herrera
    Israel Herrera 14 minutes ago


  • Sami B
    Sami B 15 minutes ago

    Ben needs his own channel for sure, orrrr just regular features on Gibi ^_^ Such a nice whisper and soft spoken voice! Not many male voices and personalities work on me but this was so nice! :) #ASMRCoupleGoals

    VIRO WEST 15 minutes ago

    Please upload more of this I personally like this more than typical ASMR

  • Goldd
    Goldd 15 minutes ago

    When a ginger spots another ginger 0:02

  • Traxxas kid
    Traxxas kid 16 minutes ago

    *holds chest* NOT AGAIN!

  • Angelina Lewczuk
    Angelina Lewczuk 18 minutes ago

    Day 50 of asking for a Star Wars asmr role play

  • Kourtney Riley
    Kourtney Riley 19 minutes ago

    I feel like Gibi was working through some Salt about art school, haha

  • Adam Hawks
    Adam Hawks 21 minute ago

    I heard you have to skip a meal before you do mukbangs so that your actually hungry enough to devour the family. Brought up by Nikacado Avocado

  • Pastel_Lunatic uwu
    Pastel_Lunatic uwu 22 minutes ago

    no one: GiBi: yeA haVinG a IpaD maKeS yOu aUtoMaticAlY bEttEr aT aRt

  • Madison ASMR
    Madison ASMR 25 minutes ago

    aye Chicago gang

  • d6rk
    d6rk 27 minutes ago

    Im in love with this video

  • HannahTheArtimator
    HannahTheArtimator 27 minutes ago

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 'i liked her outfit' -some random lesbian

  • Mr Wotherspoon
    Mr Wotherspoon 30 minutes ago

    Gibi: i'm not getting any younger you know.. 18:47 Me: awwww.. 🥺

  • error ASMR 🍭
    error ASMR 🍭 31 minute ago

    i hope nobody sat near that fire much because you'll be blasted with non-ionizing radiation the entire time unless your router is hardwired, oh the world of toxic wireless tech we all ignore

  • CoCo Gene
    CoCo Gene 32 minutes ago


  • Jazz Tastic
    Jazz Tastic 41 minute ago

    I keep coming back to this video. It's so nice😌😴

    EASTCOASTGHOST 41 minute ago

    These videos are oddly Gratifying.

  • Milkichu
    Milkichu 42 minutes ago

    I think we should call her: Odd Auntie Judis

  • Zach Films
    Zach Films 45 minutes ago


  • Mayra Gonzalez
    Mayra Gonzalez 46 minutes ago

    1:29 you're welcome

  • Bliss Creation
    Bliss Creation 46 minutes ago

    I wonder how the Adsense was split up and what’s up with the guy with the eyebrows that won’t quit

  • Nicolas Owens
    Nicolas Owens 47 minutes ago

    Nick Fury is slightly offended by this video. EYE can SEE why! 👀👁 I'm sorry... It's the best I can do at 2am

  • mochi jimin is cute
    mochi jimin is cute 48 minutes ago

    *_she puts people to sleep.._* *_yet she gets sponsored by something that keeps you awake..._*

  • Sageツ
    Sageツ 48 minutes ago


  • Sophia shmia
    Sophia shmia 49 minutes ago

    can ben be my husband

  • LinaMagEssen
    LinaMagEssen 50 minutes ago

    *deleted scenes in shrek*

  • kim YAY
    kim YAY 51 minute ago

    Gibi got jokes

  • Kyle Cloud
    Kyle Cloud 52 minutes ago

    HOL UP. You live in my city?! WHAT?!?

  • February
    February 53 minutes ago

    Shrek is ASMR, Shrek is life

  • Torsten Davis
    Torsten Davis 55 minutes ago

    Fuckin mint👌

  • Chris Dreumont
    Chris Dreumont 55 minutes ago

    im just chillin editing some vids while listing to gibi da great

  • Hannah Pearson
    Hannah Pearson 56 minutes ago

    “Make whatever face you want” Me- ✌️😗

  • Nathan Bugala
    Nathan Bugala 58 minutes ago

    Wait, if the art school says "no" I have to come back for a second picture? Uh why can't you just send them that one? I don't wanna get drawn 10 times if you keep getting rejected.

  • The Corbo Hole
    The Corbo Hole 59 minutes ago

    Bold of you to release the OhNips roast so soon after the OhNips collab

  • Honeybea
    Honeybea Hour ago

    gfuel in the streets, gibi in the sheets 😴😴😴

  • ngnklegke f'ewkojf'piwejf'lkewhbf;iuhwe'fo

    Can you make drawing jotaro asmr? Edit: *please I need this*

  • isaac falk
    isaac falk Hour ago

    Please do more

  • UnicornUnicorn
    UnicornUnicorn Hour ago

    When even shrek is prettier Than you

  • Tortoise YT
    Tortoise YT Hour ago

    2:24 Gibi: how much sleep do you get Me a collage student: what's sleep

  • Chillaxy
    Chillaxy Hour ago

    Day 1 of asking gibi to make a Uber driver roleplay

  • Kristin Luttrull

    Hi person scrolling through the comments have a nice day/night

  • Savannah Keown
    Savannah Keown Hour ago

    Gibi: “very good” Me: *insert meme of cat being pet on head affectionately*

  • Maddi Pugh
    Maddi Pugh Hour ago


  • 40 Cal
    40 Cal Hour ago

    Thumb nail: *When you put a thumb tack in the teachers chair*

  • Morrigan Garrow
    Morrigan Garrow Hour ago

    Does she actually think people who use I pads don't practice bc that's some bullshit but ok

  • H4NK 000
    H4NK 000 Hour ago

    gibi fuel

  • Mikey LaPine
    Mikey LaPine Hour ago

    Some videos are SO powerful at night...

  • Nullvoid gaming
    Nullvoid gaming Hour ago

    Gibi: * rejected from art school* Also gibi: "time to start WW3"

  • Lisa Fanucchi
    Lisa Fanucchi Hour ago

    My son lives in Chicago! I’m in the burbs Cool!

  • Geej Sneej
    Geej Sneej Hour ago

    Damn girl, u got a nice neck ;) ( THIS IS A JOKE DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY )

  • HardGamerbear 202

    XD I find it so funny watching her reaction to finding out its his actual face.

  • viper venm
    viper venm Hour ago

    Who else thinks gibi makes the best ASMR content

  • Victoria Williams

    My phones on auto play and just as i fell asleep behind me i hear gibi say hello everybody and i nearly screamed lmao

  • ARandomMicrowave

    When toaster coaster gets on trending.

  • Iliana Vukotich
    Iliana Vukotich Hour ago

    Gibi: How are you settling in? Me: I think I’m having a heart attack!!! Gibi: Good

  • Nathanael Butler

    I’m just imagining their wedding and them saying their vows while whispering, and all that kind of stuff

  • Blankita Cordero

    Bring back alcohol bottle with nail tapping with different pitches ♥️

  • Kade Hadley
    Kade Hadley Hour ago

    Gibi: “draw my favorite model so thank you for coming over” Me: “thank you” 😁😊😎

  • Korey D
    Korey D Hour ago

    Gibi: "go ahead and make any face you want, Any postion... I'll make you look great." Me thinking about this ridiculous pig face I used to make as a kid: "good luck"

  • Frankie A Ryan
    Frankie A Ryan Hour ago

    Day 7 of asking gibi for a naruto role play

  • coardenator
    coardenator Hour ago

    i miss when there used to be a recommended asmr vid that gibi liked recently ):

  • Danny C
    Danny C Hour ago

    When is he making a channel 😂

    SEANYMONEY -_- Hour ago

    4:55 this one time I feel like the background music soothed me more then the actual ASMR

  • Simp Szn
    Simp Szn Hour ago

    she’s wearing a LV shirt

  • Nikolairulz
    Nikolairulz Hour ago

    MORE BEN PLEASE!!!! *gives bens puppy dog eyes*

  • Pocky Pokey
    Pocky Pokey Hour ago

    16:15 Just my own time stamp, keep scrolling

  • Ebybeartheonly
    Ebybeartheonly Hour ago

    ugh this sounds amazing i just love it, your voice is so soothing and that cork, omfg, ugh to good to be true!!!

  • douglas hagan
    douglas hagan Hour ago

    The nutshell is the sweet tooth

    SEANYMONEY -_- Hour ago

    4:55 I could listen to the background music for hours

  • Lazlo _
    Lazlo _ Hour ago

    Sir, sir, sir... you must return for additional videos. This is wholesome and honestly the voice Ben brings is fantastic.

  • douglas hagan
    douglas hagan Hour ago

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  • SonOfKing3
    SonOfKing3 Hour ago

    Anyone else get Froppy vibes?

  • douglas hagan
    douglas hagan Hour ago

    as you know children affected the most now today we have more obese children in school than ever reported in history why within the last 5 years have we all of a sudden seen this huge increase in children obesitythe more stressful environment in today's society is causing children to have like a severe nervous disorder which gives him a compulsion to eat moreso what were conducting is does fructose in small quantity effectively satisfy the appetite in children in order for them to stop from binging on larger consumption of food which would be causing obesity another words no diet is effective today

  • Sheila J
    Sheila J Hour ago


  • Mimi Nights
    Mimi Nights Hour ago

    What app do ppl use to draw with?

  • James Charles
    James Charles Hour ago

    Everyday we stray further from god.

  • Trenton Thompson

    Gibi: you can't do asmr that bad Jacksepticeye: hold my potato

  • Isabella Elena
    Isabella Elena Hour ago

    You’re like David dobrik but instead of seatgeak it’s honey🤣

  • ChibiBearLeila
    ChibiBearLeila Hour ago

    Whenever I saw Backugo I was like “She knows wus gud 😏

  • Mark Montero
    Mark Montero Hour ago

    Was that a bmth tattoo on his arm????

  • Bust a NUT
    Bust a NUT Hour ago

    “No no u can keep ur shirt on” pffhahahaha

  • Nothing matters Anymore

    An asmr video has never mad me cry like this before wtf lol

  • Candy_Crave
    Candy_Crave Hour ago

    Gibi; "Are you a girl or a boy?" Me: DISRESPECT T_T

  • RedWolf
    RedWolf Hour ago

    Ben is Better at ASMR then GiBi sorry

  • Katey bo o
    Katey bo o Hour ago

    Why do you have so many fake black heads, jk 😂

  • DëprëssëdMøønÇhîld G

    Dammm them eyebrows BOMB XD

  • Steven
    Steven Hour ago

    Asmr isn’t sexual but the sensation of silent voices makes it feel that way - Steven,2020

  • Jeff Putnam
    Jeff Putnam Hour ago

    I will never watch TheXvid after recommending this video. Its number of views demonstrates how insane humans actually are. We need serious help.

  • Minjixoxx
    Minjixoxx Hour ago

    his voice is so nice holy crap also he's precious

  • DëprëssëdMøønÇhîld G

    I never knew a towel would make the great costume xD

  • Kemosabe Gaming
    Kemosabe Gaming Hour ago

    Like how tf did I end up here lol

  • Kemosabe Gaming
    Kemosabe Gaming Hour ago

    Wtf am I watching

  • Ricardo Landeros

    If an ASMR doctor was real I’ll go

  • ああ
    ああ Hour ago


  • Ninneru Hogg
    Ninneru Hogg Hour ago

    i wonder if one of the korean exchange students watches gibi's videos like "wow best decision ever" ?

  • Steven
    Steven Hour ago

    Day 1 of asking Gibi to make Despicable me Asmr:

  • Anthony J
    Anthony J Hour ago

    Draw me like one of your french girls gibi !