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ASMR | #TeamTrees
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Gibi Can't Be Here Today
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ASMR | Body Painting You!
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ASMR | Organizing Vitamins
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ASMR | Interviewing You
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  • Lemon
    Lemon 58 seconds ago

    Favorite band favorite asmrtist

  • Purple Jo
    Purple Jo Minute ago

    Gibi: "How much sleep do you get?" Me: "What's sleep?"

  • Your friendly Neighborhood punk

    Gibi: how much sleep do you get Me watching this at 1:00 AM: NO

  • Gacha_meh_life
    Gacha_meh_life 2 minutes ago

    This is honestly the most politest, self esteem lowering, weird way to call me ugly. guess what? REVERSE CARD!

  • Savannah Lawrence
    Savannah Lawrence 2 minutes ago

    Baby shark playing was hilarious! 😂😂

  • Haylee
    Haylee 2 minutes ago

    Bro just get rid of my acne and I'm good

  • Auster Merrill
    Auster Merrill 3 minutes ago

    Maybe a wider range of eye colors I have pure brown and I guess that is not up to fashion

  • Lil Opsis
    Lil Opsis 4 minutes ago

    I don't even live in the morning I wake like 6pm every day and I sleep in 9am 😭😭😭😭😭 can't fix my life 🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Xombyy
    Xombyy 4 minutes ago

    "Small" :'(

  • That's Awkward ASMR
    That's Awkward ASMR 5 minutes ago

    Gibi how did you know?! 🤣

  • angel saul
    angel saul 11 minutes ago

    At 11:00 Gibi face looks like when you drop your class of soda and you know your mom is going to get mad

  • Micaela Haskins
    Micaela Haskins 12 minutes ago

    Gibi: What's your insurance Me: ....fuck

  • Diet Beer
    Diet Beer 13 minutes ago

    I always get hungry listening to ASMR is this weird

  • St3ph Burry
    St3ph Burry 13 minutes ago

    my three favorite, i’m so grateful

  • Overwatch Gaming
    Overwatch Gaming 13 minutes ago

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Loved how she forgot to wear a mask for a bit got sick -went in for a cleaning and got sick (also been watching for a long time love the videos)

  • Ken_ k
    Ken_ k 13 minutes ago

    Basically Cindarella from JoJo part 4.

  • Glass Knife
    Glass Knife 14 minutes ago

    “Sixty nine” *winks* Ah, a woman of culture!

  • Chris Benson
    Chris Benson 15 minutes ago

    Like Monster Factory

    FLAMING HOT CHEETOS 15 minutes ago

    yo husband gone be so mad that yuu got my blood on his tie , yikes hopefully he ain notice .

  • Kalyn Henry
    Kalyn Henry 16 minutes ago

    who actually watched this to the end lol

  • _mirosss
    _mirosss 17 minutes ago


  • Danilo Sena
    Danilo Sena 17 minutes ago

    I like how she creatively calls me ugly

  • yakityjak
    yakityjak 17 minutes ago

    I feel like this is exactly what happens every time I forget to take the water out of my bag

  • Gerardo Sandoval
    Gerardo Sandoval 17 minutes ago

    I would gun her cheeks

  • Captain Levi Made Me Gay
    Captain Levi Made Me Gay 19 minutes ago

    The entirety of this video is a JoJo reference to the cinderella stand. Change my mind

  • Uncle Andy
    Uncle Andy 19 minutes ago

    1. Good 2. Eggs and toast 3. Chicken sandwich 4. Fish and rice 5. Yeah 6. Movie director 7. I don’t understand the question 8. Laundry 9. Washing dishes 10. Dog no question about it 11. Not really 12. Like two 13. Warm cookies 14. No 15. Whataburger (Texas thing) 16. This summer 17. No but I’ve been to Disneyland 18. Yes 19. No 20. 6/10 21. 1-2 22. No 23. Yes 24. Ms. Brightley 25. Yes 26. The meh emoji from the emoji movie 27. Sure 28. Grill no question 29. Ketchup 30. Fun 31. Depends on the context 32. 3ish hours 33. Play basketball 34. No 35. Not long 36. A good day or two 37. Absolutely 38. Facebook 39. Astronaut 40. Astronaut 41. No 42. Yes 43. Mannequin Challenge by Young Thug 44. Gemini 45. What 46. Fun, loud, borderline-intelligent 47. Because puppies don’t cry and shit uncontrollably 48. Garrett and Sarah 49. Talking to a store clerk 50. Nah 51. Infinity War 52. Long car ride 53. Snap 54. Jon Boyega 55. For Marvel movies 56. Does Endgame count 57. Pirates 58. Like a mile and a half 59. Really expensive car 60. Iceland 61. A necklace time to time 62. Nothing 63. Yes 64. Yes 65. Golf 66. Patience 67. Thinking it over 68. Older brother so you can blame shit on them 69. Older 70. No 71. Ran in the bitch with a tec (ah-uh) Diamonds they drip from my neck (ah-uh) hate me because I’m up next (ah-uh) watch the G-Walk when I step (ah-uh) hop in a coup going crazy, lil baby, she wan’ have my baby, she see me whip a Mercedes, I count these bands on the daily 72. Will you make another song (I used to make music a while back) 73. Andy 74. Luka Doncic 75. Occasionally 76. Go to an NBA game 77. Yes 78. No 79. I don’t know 80. The all-star athlete valedictorian 81. No 82. Leader 83. “‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott” 84. Lil Uzi 85. No 86. Champion 87. Saturday (for the boys) 88. Yeah 89. Video games 90. Food ready 91. Night showers 92. Curry 6 Christmas in the Town (~$450 retail now) 93. Fun things to do in my area 94. Yes 95. Preferably 9 hours 96. No fuck coffee 97. Sunsets no question 98. Wake up around 9:30, have a good breakfast, have a good gym session, relax until 1:30ish, have a nice lunch, hang out with the boys, have a good dinner, relax until like midnight, go to sleep around 12:30 (it’s currently 12:52 whoops) 99. Yes 100. Fuck I missed one but I’m not going back and seeing what I missed I’m going to bed

  • Open Minds
    Open Minds 20 minutes ago

    Gibi: "how long do you usually sleep?", Me: "almost none", gibi: "then I expect to see you back in here in no time". She knows lol

  • Kyra
    Kyra 21 minute ago

    I honestly want to meet Gibi in real life 😂

  • fruity
    fruity 24 minutes ago

    December 2019! I remember when this was my favorite video on your channel. 😂

  • _Mtthw_
    _Mtthw_ 25 minutes ago

    Gibi: I can do that for... this price (: Me: 6.50£! THATS EXTORTIONATE! Gibi: *scribbles* .. *smirks* Me: 4.25£? You drive a hard bargain my friend

  • VibeMachine
    VibeMachine 26 minutes ago

    My school never had nurses

  • Mobile - Games
    Mobile - Games 26 minutes ago

    This amount of money guys!

    MAD DJ ROCKS 27 minutes ago

    Is this a JoJo reference? (JoJo reference as in the stand, Cinderella)

  • _Mtthw_
    _Mtthw_ 28 minutes ago

    Wait, why do I need a new face ):

  • abreu
    abreu 28 minutes ago

    i really need a new one thanks gibi

  • Junge Rauten
    Junge Rauten 29 minutes ago

    4:30 be like: that’s where I work

  • MindFull Official
    MindFull Official 31 minute ago

    I've never felt so insulted and comforted at the same time.

  • Lord Stiks
    Lord Stiks 32 minutes ago


  • L1LUZ1 V3RT
    L1LUZ1 V3RT 33 minutes ago

    Who is watching this before bed

  • couchpotato
    couchpotato 33 minutes ago

    Dissing someone while putting them to sleep has got to be one of the highest level of Asmr, hands down😂

  • Marlene Franco Flores
    Marlene Franco Flores 34 minutes ago

    This is amazing

  • Charlotte Voghel
    Charlotte Voghel 36 minutes ago

    I accually haven't gotten tingles in sooooo long, and I finally got them again. Thank You Soooo Much Gibi!

  • ASC Slurry
    ASC Slurry 38 minutes ago

    My brain: *She Looks Familiar* Also my brain: *FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY*

  • Nybbl er
    Nybbl er 41 minute ago

    Man I just about passed out when the video started, my eyes just slammed shut. That was weird.

  • Teddy Gomez
    Teddy Gomez 41 minute ago

    Pisces ♓️ gang

  • Frederick Saxton
    Frederick Saxton 42 minutes ago

    Charmander? Don't you mean Bulbasaur? Lmao

  • Danielle Whitman
    Danielle Whitman 43 minutes ago

    Kinda want a new one where she admits that we are friends tbh...

  • Marlene Franco Flores
    Marlene Franco Flores 43 minutes ago

    "gotta do my whispering face" loved that and like the whole vid 😂😂💖

  • xXWisp • GachaXx
    xXWisp • GachaXx 44 minutes ago

    Gibi, your French is honestly pretty good to me! Now, I’m not fluent in it, but I’ve listened to different people and have read a little bit before. Keep practicing, and trust me, you’ll get a lot better! 😊😊😊

  • Messi0049 Jr
    Messi0049 Jr 44 minutes ago

    Aye she has a XP-PEN for a drawing tablet and I use that for osu

  • Anujin Gantulga
    Anujin Gantulga 46 minutes ago

    At 7:34 the sksksksksksks 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • payton willis
    payton willis 46 minutes ago

    0:22 - 0:28 Do you wanna fight?

  • Cat Lady331
    Cat Lady331 47 minutes ago

    Is this what sims fell like every time someone creates them?

  • Death upon Karen
    Death upon Karen 48 minutes ago

    I didn’t realize till know how much Linda is like my language arts teacher

  • Ali The Artist
    Ali The Artist 50 minutes ago

    Just started the video, already getting roasted 😂

  • Miri Knits
    Miri Knits 52 minutes ago

    Omg too busy giggling to get sleepy 🤣

  • Xthyl Ultynil
    Xthyl Ultynil 56 minutes ago

    So your basically the stand Cinderella from diamond is unbreakable in this

  • Kuipiter K
    Kuipiter K 56 minutes ago

    I just got a jump scare when she sprayed the numbing agent because i felt water hit me right as she sprayed

  • sweettarts122333
    sweettarts122333 58 minutes ago

    I love this nail color 😍

  • Dimond Anamations
    Dimond Anamations 59 minutes ago

    Aka. Getting called ugly in plastic surgery while the doctors are quite and its dark

  • Liv Loen
    Liv Loen 59 minutes ago

    Well boys, we did it. Narcissism is no more.

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim 59 minutes ago

    Instructions unclear phone is now unlocking me instead

  • Trin Trin the lazy patato

    Ummm I'm only 11 and I do not need a knew face anyone else No just me okay

  • DieNamenslose
    DieNamenslose Hour ago

    ThIs is NoT a PhAsE mOM

  • Adam S
    Adam S Hour ago

    Gibi... let's be real here. As of now you are a stones throw from 600,000 views on this video. Speaking for all of us I feel comfortable saying: WE DON'T CARE THAT IT IS 2 HOURS! If you ASMR it, we will come.

  • Brooke Forestier

    Did anybody else do all of the instructions that she told you to do. Her: Can you bite down for me? Me: *actually bites down* Her: alright can you move your head up Me: *moves head up*

    • Max Luedecke
      Max Luedecke 10 minutes ago

      Brooke Forestier I catch myself doing that all the time! Especially if she asks me to make a face, I unconsciously start doing it 😂

  • Bob Frazier
    Bob Frazier Hour ago

    What is the point of asmr

  • PicolowÙwÚ ÙwÚ

    Gibi: how long have you been living with this face Me: You call that a face ? 🧐 lol she givin me fnaf vibes

  • 『Moonlight Demon』

    I’ve never met asmr that makes you feel ugly

  • Loqo inc.
    Loqo inc. Hour ago

    I’m probably going to get this for Christmas Idk

  • Vijay Varghese
    Vijay Varghese Hour ago

    Ever since I decided to live a sober life, I noticed I don't get tingles from asmr anymore :(

  • zemog 37
    zemog 37 Hour ago

    “What’s your insurance” so American 😂

  • Christina Romines

    So when doctor GiBi was talking about people online offering cheap face replacements, where these the kinds of people she was talking about?

  • Kevin Carreon
    Kevin Carreon Hour ago

    l love your videos

  • Kuipiter K
    Kuipiter K Hour ago

    This reminds me of genetic modification in stellaris

  • Jessee Ferrara
    Jessee Ferrara Hour ago

    How do you have more subscriber than TingleBelle ASMR?

    RAZOR WIRE Hour ago


  • TheCrazyMango82
    TheCrazyMango82 Hour ago

    I couldn’t fall asleep to this because I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • Israel Neu
    Israel Neu Hour ago

    Welp i guess i am just that dam ulgy

  • Sophie Craig
    Sophie Craig Hour ago

    my self hatred: “”hello my old friend”

  • Jacob Konz
    Jacob Konz Hour ago

    5:34 that's the cutest thing I have heard sence I was 5 when my dad left me

  • Andrea Santana
    Andrea Santana Hour ago

    Theory: Daisy is a scam artist without even knowing it

  • Haruhi Fujioka
    Haruhi Fujioka Hour ago

    "head injurys arnt that serious" School nurses- *heReS aN iCe pAcK*

  • Drew Crouse
    Drew Crouse Hour ago

    Is it ever not raining or stormy outside in these videos

  • Emma Rutledge
    Emma Rutledge Hour ago

    feeling like Woody from Toy Story 2

  • rareusername
    rareusername Hour ago

    Am I the only one that imagines Bob's Burgers to kind of taste like in-and-out?

  • King Daedra
    King Daedra Hour ago

    I like the last object she used, I think the case makes good sounds

  • Jim Jim
    Jim Jim Hour ago

    4:22 I lol’d

    RAZOR WIRE Hour ago


  • Scarlet D
    Scarlet D Hour ago

    I love this collab❤️❤️

  • PicolowÙwÚ ÙwÚ

    Bc I need one ;-; 🤣