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How CBD Massages Work
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  • Sofia Moreno
    Sofia Moreno Minute ago

    she looks like she has makeup even when she takes it off! You're so pretty Skai!! <3

  • Sofia Moreno
    Sofia Moreno Minute ago

    she looks like she has makeup even when she takes it off! You're so pretty Skai!! <3

  • saborfrancias
    saborfrancias 2 minutes ago

    No. James Charles gave you all those subscribers lol

  • Vincent Choi
    Vincent Choi 7 minutes ago

    What a hot babe

  • XxStrawberryCove xX
    XxStrawberryCove xX 9 minutes ago

    Who else loves her voice it's so claiming ❤️ she should do asmr 😂

  • Agnes
    Agnes 13 minutes ago

    She is so beautiful inside and out

  • s0ftie smiles
    s0ftie smiles 13 minutes ago

    lmao ppl jealous because she will always look young but she’s just beautiful no matter her size

  • KC C
    KC C 21 minute ago

    I always thought that bandaid commercial was so cute! I never knew that was her.

  • Santiago Garcia
    Santiago Garcia 21 minute ago


  • Shannon Sunshine
    Shannon Sunshine 24 minutes ago

    I knew that she was going to grow up to be gorgeous! She was so adorable!

  • sweetlikeari
    sweetlikeari 31 minute ago

    how she teared up when speaking about cameron miss u angel

  • Ann Latham
    Ann Latham 46 minutes ago

    Tati deserves a break ! It’s time to focus on her and her brand(s) 💙💦

  • Laurene Souza
    Laurene Souza 48 minutes ago

    both her and jeffree should be in jail!!! you can’t acuse someone of rape and get away with just like is any other beef, this is serious crime, at least in my country

  • How to Toy
    How to Toy 56 minutes ago

    Oh tati💞💞 poor bby

  • Eva Peter
    Eva Peter Hour ago

    Okay but like she’s GORGEOUS 🤩

  • Brenda Gissel
    Brenda Gissel Hour ago

    i just love her

  • Brenda Gissel
    Brenda Gissel Hour ago

    she is super cute

  • That Girl Reacts

    The clones one should’ve been her least favorite one! She looks perfect but the other girls look like shit! 😬

  • Bianca Hotca
    Bianca Hotca Hour ago

    She looks older, true. She looks very tired. And she doesn't look like a very happy person. She looks like she's searching for meaning, but finding it in all the wrong places.

  • 너를 사랑해.

    Is she 17? She be looking 12

  • MellySummer4181
    MellySummer4181 Hour ago

    Raven you are in a league all your own! Just AMAZING! I see a strong woman who has seen and experienced so much and has made it to the other side stronger and wiser. I don't imagine growing up in the industry is easy. Like you said, a lot is smoke and mirrors but what's real is you and what you feel and think. I believe what makes us mature is being able to learn from our hardships, make peace with them, and then go on to fulfill our purpose. Hopefully, a purpose that can bring us and others joy and hope. You continue to fulfill yours beautifully. Whatever you choose in the future will also be.

  • RAI SA
    RAI SA Hour ago

    Como se nota k te aburres mucho

  • Sandy Liera-Ruiz

    Tati is an amazing TheXvidr! Even thru all the Drama she has remained a positive influencer. These other influencer who want to have all the drama do it for likes on there page. Even if they have amazing product I won’t buy it because of the nasty Vibes they put out!

  • L J
    L J Hour ago

    She has such an infectious and personable personality

  • MellySummer4181
    MellySummer4181 Hour ago

    You are so beautiful inside and out Skai!! It's amazing to see you grow into such an incredible young lady! Keep believing in yourself and staying around positive people and experiences. Sky's the limit for you my dear! <3

  • Deb cornforth
    Deb cornforth Hour ago

    She seems really down to earth!!!Love her costumes...X

  • Ricki Naranjo
    Ricki Naranjo 2 hours ago


  • Makeup Faithful
    Makeup Faithful 2 hours ago

    I love tati 💜💜💜

  • iimyxah
    iimyxah 2 hours ago

    she's so sweet what the hell??

  • sister Tea
    sister Tea 2 hours ago


  • sister Tea
    sister Tea 2 hours ago

    500th comment

  • sister Tea
    sister Tea 2 hours ago


  • sister Tea
    sister Tea 2 hours ago


  • sister Tea
    sister Tea 2 hours ago


  • Nay Writes
    Nay Writes 2 hours ago

    She looks the same without makeup beautiful

  • Angel A
    Angel A 2 hours ago

    She’s beauty in person

  • ABC Nostradamus
    ABC Nostradamus 2 hours ago

    The day people adored these stars, will soon be over. Pedowood didn't end after Weinstein, and Pedogate, didn't end after Jeffrey Epstein, OR Maxwell who's in hiding.. THIS WAS JUST THE BEGINNING....

  • Angela Bucellatti
    Angela Bucellatti 2 hours ago

    Raven was so hilarious. I just couldn't believe that was acting at the time. Everything you did looked so natural.

  • Ona's Diary
    Ona's Diary 2 hours ago

    She's trying to be herself but she's still scripted, you can tell, she laughs to not say too much. Raven looked like she could burst into tears at any moment of frustration of not knowing how to be an adult, run as fast as you can from this industry raven, we will forgive you mamas. U need to live. with love, a die hard fan!

  • Johnny Clash
    Johnny Clash 2 hours ago

    What is she doing with that broke ass bum,he's using her...poor thing.

  • Expat Lifestyle
    Expat Lifestyle 2 hours ago

    Zac is a true artist who didn’t want to get into fragrances, bags, wallets and watches. He is not a businessman which is unfortunate

  • bukkki .x
    bukkki .x 2 hours ago

    Her face change when it came to Cameron Boyce 😔😢 heartbroken 💔💔

  • Celeste Renfroe
    Celeste Renfroe 3 hours ago

    us Gen Z black girls have such a special connection with Raven. yall have no idea how special that show was. a lot of my personality comes from how I idolized Raven Baxter

  • Randi Keene
    Randi Keene 3 hours ago

    I absolutely love you tati 🥰🥰🥰

  • diva nycole
    diva nycole 3 hours ago

    Ya she made millions so she quits utube like jstar and shane they never have barley pist anymore

  • xxghostxx
    xxghostxx 3 hours ago

    Me: looks at pictures when she was younger Me to myself: who would bully this adorable thing

  • Regina Frink
    Regina Frink 3 hours ago

    Her parents pimped her out....smdh

  • Catarina F
    Catarina F 3 hours ago


  • b!tch
    b!tch 4 hours ago

    i can’t believe she didn’t address cameron boyce’s death and how she felt about it but rip ❤️❤️

  • chuck sellers
    chuck sellers 4 hours ago

    I 've never noticed the level of her beauty. I love that she has not changed her beautiful features. I'm not saying she hasn't had surgery. You don't look like that at her age. I'd say she's had a facelift and layer resurfacing but no fillers. Fillers take away from your looks much more than they add. She did it right.

  • Michael D. Williams III

    This was really greatly done. 💚🍁 despite Raven being pushed into the entertainment industry by her parents or so. She’s transitioned and grown into adult acting and an adult generally, good for her. Like us all, she does deserve peace, happiness, & contentment. 😌🙏🏾🕊

  • Mai Health Now
    Mai Health Now 4 hours ago

    I love Tati! She’s fierce!

  • malachi walls
    malachi walls 4 hours ago

    She should be in descendents 4

  • Tashi Mitch
    Tashi Mitch 4 hours ago

    I'm also an actress and skai and I would do alot of commercials and stuff together when we were younger.

  • yourteentea
    yourteentea 5 hours ago

    the problem is skai bullies too

  • Needy 7
    Needy 7 5 hours ago

    Ugh i hate her

  • Nolo R
    Nolo R 5 hours ago

    She's so sweet

  • Aleta Bezanson
    Aleta Bezanson 5 hours ago

    No matter how big she gets, Tati keeps it real. Smart, beautiful and fabulous.

  • Annie Roberts
    Annie Roberts 5 hours ago

    I really need a facial like this in Toronto, ON.

  • Waseem Jafar
    Waseem Jafar 5 hours ago

    Very nice 👌👌👌👍

  • khmer31
    khmer31 6 hours ago

    I am 48 and she earned my respect by not using sex appeal! She can sing in comparison to anyone!

  • harsh 24
    harsh 24 6 hours ago

    Whatever may be the reason Billie Eilish and Ranveer Singh (in my opinion) share the same ideology in fashion. Both have their own style and trys to incorporate colours in thier outfit

  • I have no name
    I have no name 6 hours ago

    She grew up so beautiful wtf

  • Emma Snow
    Emma Snow 7 hours ago

    Her moms fine asf🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Emma Snow
    Emma Snow 7 hours ago

    Yes tf she did want attention

  • Derek A. B.
    Derek A. B. 7 hours ago

    Very down to earth ! However I'm not standing outside a window for hours watching you get ready . vert stalker like to me . I just want to see a before and after photo

  • Sunflower_Slayz _kween

    Just a month ago yall be sayin CAMERON BOYCE😢😢😢 OMG I MISS HIM OML SKIA DO YOU OML WHYYYY when it has nothin tto do with Cameron

  • Jazz Taylor
    Jazz Taylor 8 hours ago

    Gorgeous wow♥️♥️♥️

  • Beverly Kim
    Beverly Kim 8 hours ago

    Honestly...I don't get why she was bullied, she's so pretty, funny and kind

  • panache1204
    panache1204 8 hours ago

    Tati is love. I have been following her for years. She is my fairy Godmother. She is always there for me when im sad. Her vdos make me forget the troubles.

  • AnimeGirl 8792
    AnimeGirl 8792 8 hours ago

    Just curious and check the site it for the rich, famous and social media guru, the most pricey is kim and Kylie and kris and the reasonable price is kourtney

  • Jesse Paul
    Jesse Paul 8 hours ago

    Selena looks beautiful God bless you sweetie

  • Austin Anderson
    Austin Anderson 9 hours ago

    the video quality is not good for some reason

  • chammu tae
    chammu tae 9 hours ago

    She looks drop dead gorgeous even without the makeup...i wish i had her hair damn😍👌

  • Anju Rengi
    Anju Rengi 9 hours ago

    Hi huda....i talking about ur liquid lipstick...maybe they give duplicate items i dont know...anyway ...huda lipstick use my lip full off burning come reddish...very irriatting...and the product look like wall paint...iam a poor house wife after a long time i purchased this...with my pocket money....but my money waste,my lip damaged....iam purchased this item from mumbai...what i do....bcoz iam a jobless person...any way sorry to message i feel so sad.....and one more reason ,is anybody make fake product... U plz check ...otherwise it will affected...ur company image....anju from india🙏🙏🙏

    • Anju Rengi
      Anju Rengi Hour ago

      Omg my lip skin is moved...and small wound come ..what i can do...many times i use normal coconut oil...😂😂

  • Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Zindabad 9 hours ago

    ❤️🇵🇰I say all European people’s please visit my country ❤️❤️❤️welcome to Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Izabela Klaudia
    Izabela Klaudia 9 hours ago

    What a lovely person!

  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner 10 hours ago

    OMG, I thought this was an old video of her until she started talking.

  • Rosangela Sena
    Rosangela Sena 10 hours ago

    She’ll always be the queen of Halloween 🎃

  • Vickie Vang
    Vickie Vang 10 hours ago

    shes gorgeous!!!! omg

  • ramelep
    ramelep 10 hours ago

    LOVE HER!!!!

  • c00kie freak
    c00kie freak 11 hours ago

    Isnt she still a child?

  • Jayjay Catz
    Jayjay Catz 12 hours ago

    I don't believe in 'extractions' you're effectively forcing sebum out of the skin, it's harmful. Just use warm oils to melt the sebum to remove it and you won't need to force anything out at all, leaving the skin intact and calm.

  • Noni Park
    Noni Park 12 hours ago

    I didn't know she was the Band-Aid commercial girl

  • Call me _Naomi
    Call me _Naomi 12 hours ago

    She's is my best inspiration

  • Alice Dreamer_Ai
    Alice Dreamer_Ai 12 hours ago

    She is so sweet💜💜💜

  • Biscuit Gidoni
    Biscuit Gidoni 12 hours ago

    What was she this last Halloween?

  • Crystel G
    Crystel G 12 hours ago

    Ive pre-ordered mine and I cant wait to have it. Love Tati for being true to herself and to us, her followers. For her to invite her followers (instead of TheXvidrs) to her Tati Beauty launch party, it just shows how much she truly love and cherished us... I cant wait for the new product to launch soon.. 😍😍❤❤❤

  • Nick Veilleux
    Nick Veilleux 13 hours ago

    Big lesbian...

  • Jennifer Jackson
    Jennifer Jackson 13 hours ago

    They really reached in a couple of these

  • MeraEnamPakistan
    MeraEnamPakistan 13 hours ago

    Of you want to shop her look go straight to source such as Maheen Khan, Gul Ahmed, and Elan.

  • Hey Kobe
    Hey Kobe 13 hours ago

    Ay wait she’s 17? I’m 17 in a week and I thought she was like 13 even though I saw her in Jessie as a kid. Weird stuff I coulda sworn she was the annoying little girl when in reality she’s literally the same age as me jus’bout😂

  • strawberry_shortcake4life

    Wow the hypocrisy of this woman! Remember when she made that video with millions of views focused to tell a FAKE STORY of James Charles. Poor kid who was bullied by her "YTber mom" 🤮🤮🤮

    • Gina H.
      Gina H. 7 hours ago

      You must be his mother. lol And you must be so proud of the creeper. James Charles is gross!

  • Skye Krista
    Skye Krista 13 hours ago

    I respect Skai so much, she is so mature and down to earth. I don’t think the fame will ever get to her in a bad way like other child stars , she’ll always be who she is, and she is incredible. I’ve been watching her since I was six, and I can’t wait to see everything she does in the future

  • unlimited
    unlimited 13 hours ago

    kandee pls come back and save as from beauty gurus trash they rune yt by their selfish beauty cumenty on yt turn to garbage! hope Jeffrey Charles and other sick ppl watch this and learn

  • Danielle Cox
    Danielle Cox 13 hours ago

    Highly recommend buying her pallet if you haven’t yet, it’s gorgeous!!!

  • unlimited
    unlimited 13 hours ago

    u deserve all the love u have from ppl and more

  • Ebeohp J
    Ebeohp J 14 hours ago

    She’s so gorgeous. She has really grown into her looks!

  • ghostie7790
    ghostie7790 14 hours ago

    aw I did not draw the connection from her to the band-aid commercial. She's workin hard you go girl.

  • J H
    J H 14 hours ago

    Thank you Jeannie Mai!