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  • Val
    Val Year ago

    Would love to see TG do some big series on this channel like Spencers wheel of fortune when fifa 18 drops :c

  • Sean Robertson
    Sean Robertson Year ago

    u suck ass dude Live Stream the Mcgregor fight

  • Nero
    Nero Year ago

    TG please re-upload your old FIFA videos? I really liked watching them, I would always come back and watch those old videos, they were great! You could leave them unlisted so we could only see them from a playlist, so they wouldn't be in the way of your new videos. Come on mate.

  • McGregor Boxing
    McGregor Boxing Year ago

    Yeah upload some videos up bro 👊

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago

    want fifa videos

  • Chris M
    Chris M Year ago

    I miss Dick Pound.

  • British Dwarf
    British Dwarf Year ago

    Do a fifa 18 Newcastle career mode now that they are back in the premier league or ultimate team vids depending on the new features.

  • Велян Минеков

    And this channel is still dead. .............................................

  • riot_vlogs
    riot_vlogs Year ago


  • Peter Due
    Peter Due Year ago

    What if someone wants to see teh old gaming videos? Did you just go full KSI?

  • Nothing Good
    Nothing Good Year ago

    oooh, TrueGeordieGaming has turned ino TrueGeordie2 and all old videos have been deleted. Changes are coming...

  • thagoverment
    thagoverment Year ago

    why did u delete ur vids :( they were hilarious

  • Majer Games
    Majer Games Year ago

    Where are all of the videos ?

  • John Grams
    John Grams Year ago

    We should all unsubscribe that will make more videos

  • Grolly 67
    Grolly 67 2 years ago

    This channel is dead

  • antfanny123 NUFC XEL

    Upload career mode plz <33

  • Ons Farhat
    Ons Farhat 2 years ago


  • Boiled Steam
    Boiled Steam 2 years ago

    4 uploads in 4 months? Poor form

  • Pratik Bhaduri
    Pratik Bhaduri 2 years ago

    Man do some fifa videos...podcasts can wait

  • Adam Rolwand
    Adam Rolwand 2 years ago

    is this channel dead now TG is big time?

  • XXLaffinGravyXX
    XXLaffinGravyXX 2 years ago

    Brian wtf is going on ....Sporadic youtube vids...nothing on Newcastle Utd etc etc...marra ya ganna kill ya channel.

  • Liam Slaney
    Liam Slaney 2 years ago

    When is the next Fifa 17 Video out TG

  • Firmino's Teeth
    Firmino's Teeth 2 years ago

    Is this channel dead? TG are you getting FIFA 17 and doing a series on it? It's going to have a new engine so maybe they will have improved it this time. Let me know bud, i'd love to get a game with my favourite Geordie :)

    • Shell Lee
      Shell Lee 2 years ago

      I think it's safe to say that he will.

  • AlbertGaming HD
    AlbertGaming HD 2 years ago

    were is the Newcastle career mode

  • Kevin Coughlan
    Kevin Coughlan 2 years ago

    get back to career mode fifa 16. Please ! :0

    HARKIRAT CHOHAN 2 years ago

    Where are the videos geordie? can I call you geordie?

  • xCaptxCrunchx
    xCaptxCrunchx 2 years ago

    Geordie! No one cares whether you win or lose @ FIFA. People come for your commentary and RAGE! Bring back Geordie's Eleven! #BringBackGeordies11

  • xDriger
    xDriger 2 years ago

    You might be busy, but then again you're uploading on your main channel, so you must have at least 10 mins to spare, I'd love to see some content. If it's motivation you need then look at the amount of views you get each video and remember that that isn't just a number on a screen, it's actual people. Spending there time, from a shit day of work, school or whatever to watch a big mouthed geordie go mental. It's fucking class entertainment, and I.. correction. WE want more

  • Gabriel Maura
    Gabriel Maura 2 years ago

    wat hapend to this chanele geordi ?

  • Fokin Tune
    Fokin Tune 2 years ago

    Maybe he's busy. But if he was, a message in advance wouldn't hurt. I haven't been following him on other social media so I don't know for sure. Why do some people act like they depend on his videos? Give it some time.

  • John Harper
    John Harper 2 years ago

    I don't know why The True Geordie doesn't upload regularly anymore. Maybe it's because he's reached a 100k subscribers and doesn't care anymore? Maybe he thinks the channel has "Run it's course " so to speak. I personally & think i speak for all the subscribers of this channel when i say i would like to see TGG upload regularly again like he used to. I really hope you get to read this and maybe...just maybe we'll see some more Geordies 11 & Newcastle Career mode in the near future.

    • Tom W
      Tom W 2 years ago

      +EA - Enormous Assholes He uploads to the suns dream team now n again and occasionally has been on spencerfc a few times.

    • EA - Enormous Assholes ™
      EA - Enormous Assholes ™ 2 years ago

      +Tom W I read somewhere he is uploading to a different channel, can't remember what the channel is called but I remember reading that somewhere.

    • Tom W
      Tom W 2 years ago

      +EA - Enormous Assholes Or maybe he is just a lazy cunt.

    • EA - Enormous Assholes ™
      EA - Enormous Assholes ™ 2 years ago

      Doubt it, I think geordie must see that this channel is the one that will take him the furthest of the two channels. So I think it must be one of a few things, 1. technical issues, 2. Might have no time to do it (unlike the other lazy you tubers such as KSI etc this isn't his main job so he might be busy doing other things. and three, IMO the least likely is that he has let fame get to his head, which is very very very very unlikely, because one or two weeks, fair enough, but one month is a bit too long.

  • Deano G
    Deano G 2 years ago

    Does this channel no longer exsist you wouldn't think it with the 0uploads in weeks we all like a good rant from the true gerodie but your gaming channel is pretty much the entire reason I follow you...

  • EastCoastGaming
    EastCoastGaming 2 years ago

    3 weeks with no content poor show Geordie poor show

    • Tom W
      Tom W 2 years ago

      +Kris Watson 2 months! I know hes shit at fifa but that's what made the videos so funny. The best videos are of him when he's raging.

    • Jack L
      Jack L 2 years ago

      +Kris Watson yeah geordie, in your own time...

  • Cvetomir Georgiev
    Cvetomir Georgiev 2 years ago

    tfr-0-3-spencer fc

  • Atlas RK
    Atlas RK 3 years ago

    Geordie please keep uploading your road to glory, it is my favourite fifa series on youtube , I have been checking every day for the last 2 months but you haven't been uploading it :(

  • Euan W
    Euan W 3 years ago

    Hey man I was just wondering about my account being blocked by you on twitter I think something I said got misunderstood as I'm a big fan and didn't intentionally offend you. It's EuanWilson96. Miss your tweets on the old timeline haha

  • Hunter De Lacy
    Hunter De Lacy 3 years ago


  • Nihilanth1982
    Nihilanth1982 3 years ago

    dude you got anger problems lol

  • unjustkatana
    unjustkatana 3 years ago

    Hello TrueGeordie I'd like to hear your opinion about PES16.

  • logan l
    logan l 3 years ago

    Geordie can u do a my player career mode please?

  • EA - Enormous Assholes ™

    Will you be reviewing the new Call of Duty? I am wondering whether to buy it or not and I would love to see a review off you!

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 3 years ago

    Geordie wheres all the gta videos mate?

  • Thomas Billings
    Thomas Billings 3 years ago

    Congrats on 100k Subscribers Geordie!!! :)

  • EA - Enormous Assholes ™

    100k subs, you deserve it

  • IncarnusAUS
    IncarnusAUS 3 years ago

    Did you ever try PES2016? Keen to hear your thoughts on it! I made the horrendous error of buying it on PC rather than console :(

  • Jay
    Jay 3 years ago

    Will you be doing anymore UFC?

  • andrae619
    andrae619 3 years ago

    what about Krul bad situation if we get one more keeper injured loanie in only

  • Morgan Perry
    Morgan Perry 3 years ago

    My son wanted me to tell you what a huge fan he is of your channels... and he doesn't even follow football at all.

  • Crystal Beats
    Crystal Beats 3 years ago

    You should play WWE! lol

  • brett penfold
    brett penfold 3 years ago

    when are we going to get a rocket league update way better than fifa baaahahahahaha

  • NEONLeon
    NEONLeon 3 years ago

    av heard people say that your not evan a geordie but was like wayaye his rages prove otherwise XD

  • nima
    nima 3 years ago

    Hi TG. I am a fan of your work and love watching your True Geordie videos. I would like to make a request for your gaming channel. Would it be possible if you could review games or play games other than football games please? I know that football is your passion and you obviously love football games too. It's just that I enjoyed your destiny and call of duty reviews and I just wanted to see more variety...also, I'm really not a football gaming fan :P Although there are plenty of other channels for other games, I don't think they would compare to you playing those games! Thanks for all the hard work and effort!

  • Cameron Tennant
    Cameron Tennant 3 years ago

    Although it looks like it wont be either, would you prefer Viera or Mclaren?

  • iTOON420
    iTOON420 3 years ago


  • germanbudgie
    germanbudgie 3 years ago

    your passion for the Toon is great!! keep it up the rants are fantastic!! don't stop!! best thing on youtube pal!!!

  • Revíval
    Revíval 3 years ago

    Hey Geordie :) Could you make some more playlists for easy watch for your road to division one and career mode videos? Love the videos mate keep up the good work... You will reach 100k most certainly :D

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 4 years ago

    Geordie can you do deare to Geordie eailer I am itching for more

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 4 years ago

    +Michael Wright poor darby results crap FA cup results playing defensive against the likes of Cardiff Norwich Fulham and you think pardew was good!

  • Living Wholesome
    Living Wholesome 4 years ago

    yo True Geordie! what do u think game speed got any thing to do to the game? whats the diff? and what speed are u playing at?

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright 4 years ago

    Just a comment on your recent Alan Pardew video. I'm a Newcastle fan & totally disagree. Pardew was the best Newcastle will get. He kept us in the Premier league with scant resources and having to sell on our top players, I mean seriously?!? who do you think NUFC are? Chelsea? It's only the Newcastle board who are to blame! The next manger (& it won;t be until next season) will only be a yes man and not as good as Pardew....End of.

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright 4 years ago

    Gary Lineker ‏@GaryLineker Brilliant tactics from Newcastle board to delay appointing their new manager so they don't have to buy any players in the transfer window.

  • Solemn Mender
    Solemn Mender 4 years ago

    Hello truegeordie new subscriber here, keep up the good work mate. I challenge u to a fifa game brother, give me ur member name. I got the ps4.

  • mattzma donny
    mattzma donny 4 years ago

    Hey True Geordie I love your channel but you need to do a PES 2015 review. I shits all over FIFA in terms of gameplay!!!!!!!! No fucking EA bullshit and scripting!!!!

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 4 years ago

    Geordie what will you be doing a gta 5 story mode walkthorugh

  • crunchysauce
    crunchysauce 4 years ago

    Hey true Geordie! PES 2015 just came out, looking forward to your thoughts on the game as well as some videos such as a Newcastle United career mode in PES!

  • Luke kennedy
    Luke kennedy 4 years ago

    Hey true Geordie big fan👍 I'm also a Newcastle United supporter have you got xbox one if so have u got a gamer tag?

  • Sjostrom12
    Sjostrom12 4 years ago

    A few tips that might help with FIFA. Make sure your players fitness is 95 or higher. I always notice a huge drop off when a player has 90ish or lower fitness level (i.e. players with 90 pace getting caught by players with 60 and 70 pace). I just play two games with my main team, then play an "exhibition" game (ToTW, cup game, offline season, etc.) with a crap starting 11, and my main team on the bench and in the reserves. After that exhibition, the fitness level of all my main team is back up to 99 and I'm good to go. On pace, I've noticed that there are players in the game with incredible pace, who are awful with the ball. I think the ball control factors heavily in to whether the high pace matters when the player has the ball. If I bring a player in and notice he's not so fast with the ball at his feet, I consider getting him out of my main team, or I'm aware of it and never try to run past players with him. Another big recommendation involves your passes that end up at the feet of defenders. I suspect you're properly aiming your pass and hitting the pass button. However, before the ball leaves your player's foot, you're likely beginning to change the direction in anticipation of which way you want the receiving player to move. I used to do this all the time. I cut this out and do not have these arrant passes anymore. Just some patience there will go a long way (seriously, a LONG way). I hope that helps you out. Howay the lads!

  • NTitley3
    NTitley3 4 years ago

    Quality vids! I love the fact you tell it as it is in any game your playing :D Your a class lad!

  • B. Olmstead
    B. Olmstead 4 years ago

    Geordie I just wanted to say that I love your review style. I thought your Destiny review was both honest and hilarious. I've been spreading the word about your channel since it seems you're going to be doing game reviews, since gamers on TheXvid love review videos. If you like it, you should definitely keep the reviews coming 'cause you're good at it! Shadow of Mordor has been getting a lot of attention since its release; you should review it! Cheers from Across the Pond in Boston!!

    • B. Olmstead
      B. Olmstead 2 years ago

      +BEASTramen J/W: is the French you guys speak in Canada totally different from Parisian French, or could you easily understand what a Frenchman is saying?

    • BEASTramen
      BEASTramen 2 years ago

      true geordie i'm canadian do you speak french like a boss

    • DTM Gaming
      DTM Gaming 3 years ago

      +True Geordie Gaming Have you gave up reviewing new games? I would love to see you play 7 days to die? Why not review a few indie games and give the small man a platform for their games? There are some great indie games out there. Subnautica, Stranded deep etc

    • XO
      XO 4 years ago


  • Alcovitch
    Alcovitch 4 years ago

    I subbed because it said "True Geordie GAMING". You should rename this channel to "True Geordie FIFA". It's not a gaming channel if you don't make content for anything else besides FIFA.

    • Alcovitch
      Alcovitch 4 years ago

      +True Geordie Gaming How about Alien Isolation, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, The Evil Within just to name a few that are out and getting a lot of praise...

    • XO
      XO 4 years ago

      give it time... when other good games come out there will be more

  • PlayStation Underground

    Who are you? Are you new? i'll sub.

  • Takahn Hunter
    Takahn Hunter 4 years ago

    Who else thinks that the True Geordie should do a Newcastle United Career Mode?

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 4 years ago

    Geordie who's Ur faveriote character in gta 5

    • Mackem Slinger
      Mackem Slinger 3 years ago

      +True Geordie Gaming coz his anger

    • XO
      XO 4 years ago


  • wade loose
    wade loose 4 years ago

    Hi Iike watching your vids, are you going to try out PES 15 ? it is a harder game to Fifa and more tactical but less scripting.

  • xemote5
    xemote5 4 years ago

    you gotto review mgs 5 WITHOUT spoiling the story, kinda hard i know. whats a geordie is it a way to play games eg i play geordie style? sorry if i seem ignorant

    • xemote5
      xemote5 4 years ago

      +True Geordie Gaming i see, thanks :) so that would make me a lunatic, cos im from the moon ;) like your reviews style, definitely no back handers, if you know wa i mean

    • XO
      XO 4 years ago

      Geordie is where your from... like a New Yorker. im from Newcastle which makes me a 'Geordie'

  • Matthew Murphy
    Matthew Murphy 4 years ago

    What other types of games you going to be playing? Horrors or anything?

    • Matthew Murphy
      Matthew Murphy 4 years ago

      haha quality cant wait

    • XO
      XO 4 years ago

      shooters, GTA, Batman etc

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 4 years ago

    Is deare to Geordie fifa 15 on kick TV gaming yet

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 4 years ago

    Hi Geordie have you ever heard of a game called outlast horror game 😳

  • Liam Clark
    Liam Clark 4 years ago

    Hi Geordie subscribed and will u be doing any gta 5 vids?

    • XO
      XO 4 years ago

      hell yes mate love that game

  • Luis Fernando Arvizu

    Hey, we saw your video here in Canada in the FIFA office and we loved it, thanks for playing the demo! Looking forward to see your video about the full game. Cheers,

    • XO
      XO 4 years ago

      thanks I really enjoyed the gameplay. very fun.

  • Devitas
    Devitas 4 years ago

    Lol it still says there's only 3 subs

  • Ynyr
    Ynyr 4 years ago

    4th sub woo