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    GLXY_ RED Minute ago

    How to cheese the system Buy food coloring and put it on different colored food

  • Zarina Playz
    Zarina Playz 2 minutes ago

    She rlly rejected KSI I’m-

  • FootballHero 21
    FootballHero 21 4 minutes ago

    Simon shouldve eaten Grapes

  • Death Lol
    Death Lol 10 minutes ago

    when they spell color wrong

  • Miguel Murillo
    Miguel Murillo 11 minutes ago

    9:41 I laughed to hard bro

  • Team 1k
    Team 1k 11 minutes ago

    Bro why is ksi always in the rich ones

  • Nigga Tits
    Nigga Tits 14 minutes ago

    17:56 who’s that lady? JJ’s girl friend🤭

  • Alex XS
    Alex XS 15 minutes ago

    Way to scripted

  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts 15 minutes ago

    Bruh Tobi looks like the dood from yo gabba gabba 😂😂😂

  • crashcode 54
    crashcode 54 17 minutes ago

    Look up bangie in the urban dictionary. It does have a definition

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 21 minute ago

    Harry is the funniest 😂😂😂

  • Random stuff to do Is lit

    I thought all these Roasts was just going to be about KSI forehead and tobi nose and Ethan's weight 😂lol

  • Kamil Mamoojee
    Kamil Mamoojee 24 minutes ago

    Sidemen is insane

  • _KaKaZar_YT
    _KaKaZar_YT 29 minutes ago


  • -
    - 30 minutes ago

    whenever an asian gets acne they say “AKNEEHOW?!!?”

  • Cobrazz _
    Cobrazz _ 30 minutes ago

    How is that $10,000

  • Jete Killer
    Jete Killer 30 minutes ago

    What Song Is That In 8:45

  • Mika Kirk
    Mika Kirk 32 minutes ago

    When Ethan turns his head and 12:25 👌

  • _KaKaZar_YT
    _KaKaZar_YT 33 minutes ago

    Ethan 5:06

  • _KaKaZar_YT
    _KaKaZar_YT 34 minutes ago


  • avery
    avery 35 minutes ago

    13:05 well i've found my new profile picture

  • CWA: E-Dragon Needs A Nerf

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Deji’s laugh: 34:37

  • Will FC Fam
    Will FC Fam 36 minutes ago

    9:49 Harry Be Wearing a Diaper Lol

  • sara
    sara 39 minutes ago

    Ethan got way too excited about Viagra

  • gamerboy122 YT
    gamerboy122 YT 40 minutes ago

    Can vik not be in anymore of sidemen vids he is hurting my ears by talking to much I swear I'll Ching him in the throat

  • Will FC Fam
    Will FC Fam 41 minute ago

    Be Actin Like Scripted WWE

  • Andrew Shore
    Andrew Shore 42 minutes ago

    Ha ha simon and chris md

  • Caleb Stephan
    Caleb Stephan 44 minutes ago

    Jj is actually really funny

  • SYnC_II
    SYnC_II 48 minutes ago

    Callux did a good job

  • Hyper Edits
    Hyper Edits 51 minute ago

    3:40 training for the logan paul fight

  • zone the bone
    zone the bone 57 minutes ago

    41:46 🤣

  • ItzOnly Angle!!
    ItzOnly Angle!! 57 minutes ago

    in the future. will there be a girl sideman?

  • Fabrizio Scoots
    Fabrizio Scoots 58 minutes ago

    where’s jj 7:29 cant find him?

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 59 minutes ago

    Am the only one who goes back and watches pretty much all the sidemen Sunday’s again?

  • Luke Pawelczak
    Luke Pawelczak Hour ago

    my like is for vic throwing the slippers in the bin

  • Tom hedge
    Tom hedge Hour ago

    Ethan looks like Elton John

  • Angel Flores Vega

    I like how the put eathens flag as african

  • Brian Corbett
    Brian Corbett Hour ago

    Simon could've had grapes...

  • Sile 75
    Sile 75 Hour ago

    5:30 ayy what kind of shops are these shops? Like some kind of old vintage clothes

  • HyperFuztion
    HyperFuztion Hour ago

    scott from scotland is the funniest without trying to be the funniest

  • Jack Housego
    Jack Housego Hour ago

    I been to that Johnny rockets

  • CreatureMC | GFX

    Simon needs to grow a pair

  • Omar Ayyub
    Omar Ayyub Hour ago

    Everyone search up man gets hiv from a flamingo

  • Nii Ga
    Nii Ga Hour ago

    40:20 why josh drinking a red bull?

  • Fire it up
    Fire it up Hour ago

    Who is in the background 32:58

  • Tj M
    Tj M Hour ago

    Harry is funny af

  • NoLoaf
    NoLoaf Hour ago

    Is there not grapes in the uk

  • Anali Vasquez
    Anali Vasquez Hour ago

    What happened to the soccer vids

  • Scooter and Hockey

    I saw cris md

  • TheWordh Is My Name Boi

    24:00 is when the humour starts for the blue team 😂😂

  • Justin Elizalde
    Justin Elizalde Hour ago

    No One : Harry: Drinks whole bottle of wine

  • Dominic Fabey
    Dominic Fabey Hour ago

    Americans do like u

  • Omar Ayyub
    Omar Ayyub Hour ago

    This AuDiO ThO -_-

  • End Mii
    End Mii Hour ago

    Ksi’s ego before making this vid:😀 Ksi’ ego after:🤬🔫

  • Josh Nicoll
    Josh Nicoll Hour ago

    I guess josh told jj before hand that he was on the good team because he wouldn't of been able to do all of the drinking that the bad team did

  • Spencerr 77
    Spencerr 77 Hour ago

    did anyone else notice that random guy sitting with tobi simon and josh?

  • Blanca Bonilla
    Blanca Bonilla Hour ago

    They are lucky to be from a country with good soccer teams.... (fake cough, silently)not america

  • Ethan Mueller
    Ethan Mueller Hour ago


  • caps4 thecup
    caps4 thecup Hour ago

    35:34 twix drink?

  • Quinten Phillips

    Ethan can probabaly sumo wrestle without the sumo suit

  • Marco Chen
    Marco Chen Hour ago

    38:28 i can watch that whole segment all day

  • MMA Takedown
    MMA Takedown Hour ago


  • BoSoxGaming
    BoSoxGaming Hour ago

    They definitely need to do another video like this

  • [MxQ]Tonks69 420

    Who thinks the sidemen should do a ‘Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Winter Holiday’? Seeing JJ struggling at skiing or tobogganing would be hilarious!

  • [MxQ]Tonks69 420

    Who thinks the sidemen should do a ‘Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Winter Holiday’? Seeing JJ struggling at skiing or tobogganing would be hilarious!

  • Calvin Wilson
    Calvin Wilson Hour ago

    Y is vik the virgy still here

  • [MxQ]Tonks69 420

    Who thinks the sidemen should do a ‘Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Winter Holiday’? Seeing JJ struggling at skiing or tobogganing would be hilarious! @Sidemen @Zerkaa

  • Deborah A
    Deborah A Hour ago

    I actually love Tobi’s nose size and shape. it suits his face

  • Tobias Liebermann

    Anyone notice that they put vikk on top of JJ at the final leaderboard Probably Harry counting

  • Martijn Bruijninckx

    It's been a while since they've got me laughing so much, it's 04:44 in the morning right now, everybody is asleep and I'm just constantly screaming and laughing because this one was funny as hell guys, nice video

  • Loyd Clarke
    Loyd Clarke Hour ago

    harry:" I'm a Christian man also harry: doing drugs

  • bro wong in
    bro wong in Hour ago

    Mate tobi is the only one that don’t complain. Big up Toby

  • Harshith
    Harshith Hour ago

    Mango Fanta is actually super good

  • Førsakeñ岁次大陆。。

    *Detector Lie*

  • Nike Jr.
    Nike Jr. Hour ago

    My boy Simon look like waluigi 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Lilly Maric
    Lilly Maric Hour ago

    In Viks world tomatoes don't exsist

  • Slurpie101 YT
    Slurpie101 YT 2 hours ago

    200K like

  • DJ 11
    DJ 11 2 hours ago

    Why does JJ act like he’s a roadman it’s bare cringe

  • Nareise Bezett
    Nareise Bezett 2 hours ago

    The editing on this video is amazing

  • Zack Wood
    Zack Wood 2 hours ago

    What’s the song when josh first scored

  • Spencer Ilias
    Spencer Ilias 2 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: Harry: I got bullied at school but I deserved it

  • carson roberson
    carson roberson 2 hours ago

    harrys second date had me in tears

  • CastleRaider
    CastleRaider 2 hours ago

    Pink. Josh should have gotten shrimp

  • EFFX
    EFFX 2 hours ago

    14:01 Spanish Jamés Carlos

  • Nemo automobile
    Nemo automobile 2 hours ago

    Do the same thing but with SHAPES! 🦕

  • Zachary Robinson
    Zachary Robinson 2 hours ago

    Of course jj is in the thumbnail for the BIG FAT quiz

  • Wildman Gaming
    Wildman Gaming 2 hours ago

    22:14 and 22:38 what song is playing in that store

  • RadAloui
    RadAloui 2 hours ago

    well this is a new low

  • Sebastian Walls
    Sebastian Walls 2 hours ago

    I love when Ethan and jj are together

  • Zachary Robinson
    Zachary Robinson 2 hours ago

    When Ethans face is pinker than the table

  • Gustav Newsome
    Gustav Newsome 2 hours ago

    Simon looked like Pluto’s son

  • Paradox Diamond
    Paradox Diamond 2 hours ago

    Why wasn’t Ethan wearing a sumo suit?

  • Huh
    Huh 2 hours ago

    Kari getting coffee is now go time for fans to stalk him

  • Jake Crawseb
    Jake Crawseb 2 hours ago

    What’s the name of the song that tobi was dancing to @ 22:17??

  • The Real Yahiko
    The Real Yahiko 2 hours ago

    Sidemen yoga part 2?

  • Jackel727 Hambrick
    Jackel727 Hambrick 2 hours ago

    20:34 when a girl tries to hold my hand before marriage

  • coldmavrick fortnite

    2020 anyone

  • Nova _3K
    Nova _3K 2 hours ago

    JJ just hides in plain site and tobi is the absolute master of escaping

  • Martijn Bruijninckx
    Martijn Bruijninckx 2 hours ago

    What's the drum and bass track called that starts when Josh says Mill!!!! (6:16) that's a filthy tune

  • G Wallis
    G Wallis 2 hours ago

    I miss Sir Theodore the third