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  • Tyrone Simpson
    Tyrone Simpson 7 hours ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve been searching for an audio producers review of the Mac Pro 2019. My configuration has shipped, will receive Tuesday 01/21/2020...I’m almost in tears with happy anticipation.

  • Nica Bordeos
    Nica Bordeos 7 hours ago

    I like your unboxing 😍newbie here from ph. I like the phone but I got no money to buy one . I like the yellow and blue ones the color is bright

  • Trixie
    Trixie 7 hours ago

    Whenever I'm curious about a tech product I'm interested in, I immediately go to tldtoday and hope there's a video on it. 🔥

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 8 hours ago

    Ultrawide camera is a good edition. Pixel 3 had a good idea when they had it for selfies as well. Should not have got rid of that

  • 000xgage1
    000xgage1 8 hours ago

    Ah hello 2020

  • 711 Boo
    711 Boo 10 hours ago

    Can it be used while it’s charging or does it need to be off?

  • Please Subscribe To My Channel with no videos

    Sana all naka iphone 11 pro max

  • Jesse de Groot
    Jesse de Groot 11 hours ago

    Will Phil Schiller using a Android phone for a month?

  • eazon
    eazon 11 hours ago

    I actually think Apple is just being honest about it up front about the price for the stand. Think about it, if Apple didn't say anything about the price of that stand and just priced the Pro Display with it at $6000, and then sells a pro display with the Vesa mount for $5000. People can do the math and know that the stand actually cost $1000. And at that point Apple will get way worst criticism for it. So in the end of the day I think Apple is just being honest and upfront about it. It is expensive but at lease they told you that's the cost and that's what we are charing and why its wroth that price.

  • Sulieman Ali
    Sulieman Ali 16 hours ago

    Ipad pro or macbook pro? I can’t make up my mind with the iPad OS almost becoming like a truly pro device. Need help!

  • David Alayon
    David Alayon 19 hours ago

    How do I make my Mac book pro stay on when closed ??

  • Anthony
    Anthony 22 hours ago

    *_I am extremely satisfied with this adjustable desk.•ᴥ•>_**てK_**_ I've only had it a few days, but have really enjoyed the flexibility for height. I am tall and now I can even sit in a proper position, but I choose to stand often and it's working wonderfully._*

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union 23 hours ago


  • Lord Warfare
    Lord Warfare 23 hours ago

    I’m getting mine Saturday

  • Gerhard Zechner
    Gerhard Zechner 23 hours ago

    *_These desks are sturdy, easy to adjust, and very stable•ᴥ•>_**わg_**_ Unlike others that wobble when you attach two monitors, these are highly stable. I can type on my computer and there is no vibration or wobble at all. Easy to adjust up and down, with four memory presets. Only thing I would do differently is get the cord hole in the center for better cord management._*

  • Louvin Balonglong
    Louvin Balonglong 23 hours ago

    up until now, the s8 still looks lightyears better than any iphone

  • oh_ helloo
    oh_ helloo 23 hours ago


  • Justin Belk
    Justin Belk Day ago

    Oled is great until screen burs in

  • Justin Belk
    Justin Belk Day ago

    Compared my iphone xr to iphone 8 plus which has 1080p and it does not look diffrent at all

  • Chili
    Chili Day ago

    “Will you make a 14 inches?” “Let me tell you about my cat.”

  • Sinead Lawson
    Sinead Lawson Day ago

    I’ve had the iPhone 11 pro max since the day of release and this battery is so good. I like to take pics of my daughter alot and be on social media and the battery at the end of the day still has life in it. Lowest i’ve gone down to is about 9%. I take it off charge between 7-8am and be on about 9% about after 11pm at night. This is without charge. My iPhone X battery didn’t even last that long. I also love the super fast charge. Love the night mode. I often travel to places and want to use that night mode at night.

  • Howard Skeivys

    Excellent video, really useful to someone like me trying to decide between an external 27 inch display and a 27 inch iMac.

  • Circe R
    Circe R Day ago

    Noo you're the only friend i have 😂😂(felt that)

  • Garv Thakkar
    Garv Thakkar Day ago

    Why is the video colour coded with a gingham type of effect

  • RobotDrivingACar

    Just bought this don’t usually spend so much on gear like this but needed an upgrade from the 6 :)

  • Frankie Ambrosio

    I only charge this phone once and that’s when I go to bed with around 10-20% left over which is fucking crazy. Especially on days when I have to wake up at 6am for school and then go to bed late at night with still 20% left. It’s insane

  • Alejandro Mendoza

    Anker and ravpower always have good gadget's

  • danny calland
    danny calland Day ago

    Threw a curve ball by making the phone thicker! Good god man do you listen to yourself ?

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 Day ago

    Mr morrison puts in so much effort and i watch it on a 1440p dell tn panel. Someday i shall view your stuff in full glory sir. Till then good work and continue doing your awesome and beautifully shot videos.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 Day ago

    Damn their workflow is nuts. I have 0 clue about music stuff lol. These people are so talented and creative. Thanks for showing the insides of these different industries man. Good job and have an awesome 2020.

  • walzy
    walzy Day ago

    24:30 song name?

  • Sijo Simon
    Sijo Simon Day ago

    I haven't been getting your video notifications for a long time, thought you stopped posting videos

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 Day ago

    Omg crt and sega genesis. Same as me bro. For the longest time that was my situation before smart tvs came along.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 Day ago

    To be honest other than 1 1sec section where it went weird and 2 times where it seemed to pulse and hunt for focus it was great.

  • Anthony Craig
    Anthony Craig Day ago

    So *that's* what TLD stands for! Crazy.

  • Meme B Tolgerd

    You’re comparing a great LCD screen to a trash oled. Why not try a oneplus or samsung device and watch them all choose oled screens? ;)

  • Opaque z
    Opaque z Day ago

    y'all blind, I can see the left one has more shadow and the right sometimes blown out the shadow, meaning left has larger pixel

    • Naz Winter
      Naz Winter 10 hours ago

      Yeah, you're right.The left one is much better.At 1:58,the sky on Pocophone is much sharper.

  • Nicholas Kida
    Nicholas Kida Day ago

    Megapickle sensor?? 11:59 ish

  • PupusaJr
    PupusaJr Day ago

    Alright it's been over 4 years. I can finally afford one of these gadgets!

  • Micah276
    Micah276 Day ago

    If I can find it, I think I have an envelope with apple stickers from every single product I have purchased. That includes an iPad, several iPhones over the years, and this MacBook Pro which I am sending the comment from lol. Love collecting them weirdly.

  • JusRon
    JusRon Day ago

    Commentary mostly narrowed to camera, didn't learn much overall


    Ssssshhhh I have a stolen 8 plus

  • YouTube Zone
    YouTube Zone Day ago


    GABRIEL ROME Day ago

    48 hours pfff

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 2 days ago

    You da goat

  • Nizar D.
    Nizar D. 2 days ago

    Yes Battery life is unreal. And the idiots commenting on LuqmanLSG's comment about comparing it to the Nokia 3310 are ridiculous (hence the idiocy) because: Are they comparing apples (no pun intended) to apples? NO. Look what the modern smartphone is doing, processing ... vs that Nokia. Epic guys, please stick maybe to commenting about ice cream flavors on TheXvid?

  • Richard Wright
    Richard Wright 2 days ago


  • Rahul RN
    Rahul RN 2 days ago

    Damn he is too black in bts ....may be in real life also

  • Genny Fluff
    Genny Fluff 2 days ago

    Next week I’ll be upgrading from a 6😳 to a 11 pro max. I wanted to make sure I didn’t go broke so I had to save triple the price before buying.

  • Connie W
    Connie W 2 days ago

    Hahahahah Tim Apple.

  • soulrebel777
    soulrebel777 2 days ago

    This video is worthless..It doesn't even explain the connections or anything..?

  • Dave Price
    Dave Price 2 days ago

    The 2019 Mac Pro is a HUGE waste of Money

  • junior84
    junior84 2 days ago

    13 bucksssssss

  • Alexandros Kyrlis
    Alexandros Kyrlis 2 days ago

    Shills. I’m not going to buy it no matter how much you promote it. I better get a house with the money. Plus that I can build an AMD pc with much less money and it kills the Mac Pro.

  • Mengesha Brody
    Mengesha Brody 2 days ago

    Thank you!! No one else gave me the steps need to get the folder back to default

  • meet sejpal
    meet sejpal 2 days ago

    Same here

  • Gabriel Alvarado
    Gabriel Alvarado 2 days ago

    i see apple has "invented" the triple camera

    • Andre Bryant
      Andre Bryant Day ago

      Gabriel Alvarado you obviously didn’t watch the review, bub

  • Jerick Show
    Jerick Show 2 days ago

    is this color grey or silver?

  • Menuka Munasinghe
    Menuka Munasinghe 2 days ago

    Can someone find the wallpaper from the first scene?

  • mEtAlMaNiAc787
    mEtAlMaNiAc787 2 days ago

    if only it was 1080 p lol

  • AYD
    AYD 2 days ago

    9:58 lmao dude top left checks which coffee is the fullest so he can snag it

  • Abdul aziz
    Abdul aziz 2 days ago

    I am so poor and i love iphone but i don't have money to buy it. I don't know i am doing right or wrong. But i really love i phone

  • Aliyu Shagari
    Aliyu Shagari 2 days ago

    Who else is still here waiting for him to drop the AirPods pro review

  • Kim Vlogs
    Kim Vlogs 3 days ago

    For all your handy gadgets visit (free shipping!)

  • Diorama Time
    Diorama Time 3 days ago

    50 Apple products under 500 1 a charging cable 2 an iPhone 6s with a cracked screen and no parts inside

  • iSerious
    iSerious 3 days ago

    and 1 day after unboxing the iPod Touch, the backside wasn't recognizable :D

  • TheeSouthernBelle Xoxo

    Alright alright I'll buy it.

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson 3 days ago

    Thumbnail guy looks like MKBHD

  • Arnav Kamo
    Arnav Kamo 3 days ago

    That beep sound at the end... what exactly is it called?

  • Justin Bilokryli
    Justin Bilokryli 3 days ago

    Because of this video i just got my iphone 11 pro max in gold yesterday $1,900,00 later but i love it coming from the iPhone 8 gold Once again thank you for this video bro

  • Jd Jy
    Jd Jy 3 days ago

    555 it is true

  • Lloyd Dominic Refuerzo

    #fake .apple-logo { vertical-align: middle; }

  • prisca sumbu
    prisca sumbu 3 days ago

    Please help because I want it for my PhD work

  • prisca sumbu
    prisca sumbu 3 days ago

    This MacBook is also good for using softwares such as ArcGis and other heavy software?

  • vu phan
    vu phan 3 days ago

    I want a mouse features on the ipad

  • Rishabh raj
    Rishabh raj 3 days ago

    We in India buy headphones under 20 bucks ₹1499(approx) . Even the items you showed in the video are under 25 bucks not 50 bucks

  • Rishabh raj
    Rishabh raj 3 days ago

    6:56 khali-💜-Proud Indian

  • 3 days ago


  • 3 days ago

    Is this device have bluetooth connection

  • King Eris
    King Eris 3 days ago

    TheXvid saves companies so much money. All these channels making amazon videos giving them so much free advertising. Now there is WISH. There must be a million TheXvid channels making those videos. Maybe amazon should start paying you for making this video. I think they should.

  • George Oprea
    George Oprea 3 days ago

    another test: do a test with a device close to the price of the XR from Samsung. There.s no way the XR is gonna win. (I'm a Huawei user😁 )

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 3 days ago

    What's the video on the monitor at the beginning please ??

  • Matthew McCallum
    Matthew McCallum 4 days ago

    I've got a watch similar to that

  • VanillaCakeMC
    VanillaCakeMC 4 days ago

    I am watching this video on the 2019 MacBook Pro, nice.

  • progamerz
    progamerz 4 days ago

    I have a samsung a70 but I prefer IOS over OS so I'm considering getting a iphone 8 plus. At first I was going to get the iphone 11 but if i were to get that it would take all of my money and i wouldn't be able to get anything else for it (phone case, airpods and screen protector). So I'm going to get the iphone 8 plus.

  • marchon Chandler
    marchon Chandler 4 days ago

    Do you need internet connection to use the app on the go with the iPad pro?

  • LydXswin
    LydXswin 4 days ago

    I’m looking at these when the iphone 11 is out and I have it from the 6s 😂😎

  • Ryan Ramdeo
    Ryan Ramdeo 4 days ago

    Affordable gadgets "Apple has left the chat"

  • Ryan Ramdeo
    Ryan Ramdeo 4 days ago

    I see JBL i click

  • Vivin PS
    Vivin PS 4 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • The gamer that played


  • DaBlackCoder
    DaBlackCoder 4 days ago

    *Yawn* I never understood why people are impressed with the battery life of new devices. Now if you review battery life 1-2 years later and it's still great then that's impressive. I still have my iPhone 8+ but I am looking to upgrade. It's between the Note 10+ and iPhone 11 Pro Max. I've been doing research and Apple isn't impressing me. Maybe I've been with Apple way too long and I'm getting bored. *shrugs*

  • Angel Gruev
    Angel Gruev 4 days ago

    There is some "whining" noise something like wind in H1. It is noticable in gas burner and also could be heared in juice glass too. In the scene of gas burner H1 - the sound has more details. But, I don't know that whining comes from the H1 itself (the background noise) or there is another external source of noice.

  • EVIL QTip
    EVIL QTip 4 days ago

    Nice looking card

  • Motodoshi
    Motodoshi 4 days ago

    You plug in your screen in type c ?

  • Imptodec
    Imptodec 4 days ago

    Can it run roblox? XD

  • Yari Allaert
    Yari Allaert 4 days ago

    I was the 6k Liker!

  • Arnab Das
    Arnab Das 4 days ago

    It's cool

  • Love Rice
    Love Rice 4 days ago

    Im ded broke and watching this 💀

  • jason the best
    jason the best 4 days ago

    Iphone 11 pro is way prettier