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Adam Lambert Visits Poland
Views 96K4 years ago


  • Nepali Guitar Lesson
    Nepali Guitar Lesson 13 minutes ago

    I love this song and music ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ checkout my guitar cover thexvid.com/video/mMFJQKmZ5io/video.html

  • Shing TV
    Shing TV 15 minutes ago

    This is my Eldest sister's favorite artist and song. She always listen to this during her teenage days. Oh! Time flies so fast. Thank you for the good music and memories. Hope it will be experienced by the new generations (centennials).

  • Ryan Harper & The Lunas
    Ryan Harper & The Lunas 29 minutes ago

    my mans going absolutely hard on the upright bass

  • lachistera1
    lachistera1 35 minutes ago

    I just love the video... :-)

  • Bestnuggz The
    Bestnuggz The 38 minutes ago

    2019 still rockin

  • xXsail hatinXx
    xXsail hatinXx 52 minutes ago

    Gay elton john wannabe

  • Stephanie Brannon
    Stephanie Brannon 55 minutes ago

    Love this song!!! Josh Groban, you are absolutely adorable!

  • monica lynne
    monica lynne 56 minutes ago

    Does anyone think that she looks like Jake Gyllenhall at all?

  • Ruby Joiner
    Ruby Joiner Hour ago

    To Robert, my first love! ❤️❤️ I will always love you

  • Beck1313
    Beck1313 Hour ago


  • Pamela Pittman
    Pamela Pittman Hour ago

    Cool music

  • Master Rain
    Master Rain Hour ago

    Save the complaints for a party conversation. The world is loaded, it's lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop No one No one! No way! Gonna stop, nowgo! Farm people, book wavers, soul savers, love preachers! Lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop. One come a day, the water will run, No man will stand for things that he had done Hurrah! And the water will run One come a day, the water will run, No man will stand for things that he had done Hurrah! And the water will run Will Run! Will Run! Gimmie that! Gimmie that -- your automobile, turn off that smokestack and That goddamn radio, hum along with me Hum along with the t.v. A-a-a-a-m-m-m-m-m-m. No one's-gonna-stop.

  • Gael Vargas
    Gael Vargas Hour ago

    Jose vargas recomiendo cenar con un buen metall si ono ah!que chido

  • Yola Eddie
    Yola Eddie Hour ago

    The beat is tough ❤

  • Liza Nikpreljevic

    The Best!!!❤️


    Nice tune 2019

  • Kiantommy Ktm
    Kiantommy Ktm Hour ago

    Lesbian in the house name song

  • Brett Cornelius
    Brett Cornelius 2 hours ago

    Because Broke Rocks

  • Lil Big Sauce
    Lil Big Sauce 2 hours ago

    When dad cancel da roblux subscription 💯💯💯👏👌👌👌

  • Quan Wang
    Quan Wang 2 hours ago

    Miss those dayz

  • Mersija G.
    Mersija G. 2 hours ago


  • Jerry Mamani Lazo
    Jerry Mamani Lazo 2 hours ago

    Antes a Michelle Branch La Miraba Como a Un Cuero ( Hermoso, Único (a) Ahora No Uuu jaja...

  • Orion Xavier916
    Orion Xavier916 2 hours ago

    Wow I haven't listened to this song in probably 12 years man... brings back memories of a time being 15 years old kid without a care in the world haha

  • Christopher Anteza
    Christopher Anteza 3 hours ago

    2019 😆 still had a bad day

  • Евгений Сергеевич

    При любых больших кровотечениях во рту у пострадавшего сухо и слюни не текут. А так песня мною очень уважаемая.

  • Goruto DBaruto
    Goruto DBaruto 3 hours ago

    Alvin and the chipmunks version thank me later😎

  • Benito Galvan
    Benito Galvan 3 hours ago

    23-08-19 ;)

  • Dede Maemunah
    Dede Maemunah 3 hours ago

    5 times a days

  • ねぷゆん
    ねぷゆん 3 hours ago

    In Japan, my teacher got me to listen to this song in class of junior high school. I've still remembered that and singing with my classmates.

  • Ririn Dyah
    Ririn Dyah 3 hours ago

    today its bad day,,,,

  • Diocleciano da silva

    Chino Moreno is one of a kind vocalist

  • Glory rivera
    Glory rivera 4 hours ago

    Love this song

  • thegrimyeaper
    thegrimyeaper 4 hours ago

    Who is still watching in 3091?

  • Oatmeal cookie Dumpster

    Anybody else gets this popping up In Your head when your doing homework?

  • badger519
    badger519 4 hours ago

    My mother died July 12th... I missed her by 20 minutes. I'll see you on the streets of glory momma. Your Baby.

  • Thicc Boy
    Thicc Boy 4 hours ago

    what happened to this kind of music era? i miss this one brings back a lot of memories

  • Art Full
    Art Full 4 hours ago

    This is Brill💜💜💜🎸🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥🤘👌

  • Fernando Ruiz
    Fernando Ruiz 5 hours ago

    October 2019??

  • spiralarips
    spiralarips 5 hours ago

    No talking now its all action

  • reiman1308
    reiman1308 5 hours ago

    High School in the early 2000s. What a great time for rock and metal music!

  • Malco Lima
    Malco Lima 6 hours ago

    Melallica é Foda !

  • Deeboi Darealest
    Deeboi Darealest 6 hours ago

    So beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Kittycatcat 11
    Kittycatcat 11 6 hours ago

    Y’all asking who’s here in 2019 But the real question is Who isn’t listening to this masterpiece

  • ed pierson
    ed pierson 6 hours ago

    There 's not a bad tune on this masterpiece !!!

  • G Crauwels
    G Crauwels 6 hours ago

    If you need help, it's out there. Get it. Wish Brad had.

  • -_-
    -_- 6 hours ago

    Only justice league people are here and it makes me sad i fucking love this song Tbf tho when i heard it in the trailer i lost my shit Such a sick song

  • RocksRox S
    RocksRox S 6 hours ago

    Good music is always relevant and timeless. Here in 2019

  • Sara Rodriguez-Cordoba Carmona

    Ten things i hate about you?

  • Marvin Candela
    Marvin Candela 7 hours ago

    Bad Day in 2019😍😍

  • Nicolas Ramirez
    Nicolas Ramirez 7 hours ago

    this song is fire

  • Jackie Stevens
    Jackie Stevens 7 hours ago

    This is the coolest yet most screwed up thing I have ever seen in my life...I love this video so much...

  • Mr Connolly
    Mr Connolly 7 hours ago

    Why worry it's over...everything is all thought through and foolproof...melancholy yet true, from what I gather lately.

  • rasengan2289
    rasengan2289 7 hours ago

    Thank you Mum and Dad....i love you guys..

  • Ario
    Ario 7 hours ago

    I can’t stop listening to this, best track from Shawn so far hands down

  • Innaman Joubert
    Innaman Joubert 7 hours ago

    I had depression because of many personal reasons and am still getting it under control by learning to appreciate how much harder other people have to go through life and from good positive vibes and inspiriational heroes.They say nothing beats depression(anger) than working it out of your system with laughter and learning to make compromises and learning to be mature and willing to help others less fortunate so they can be successful in defeating their problems so they can be even more inspired and reciprocating on and on and on.

  • Frances Ogden
    Frances Ogden 8 hours ago

    Loved IT 💘

  • totallymissamz
    totallymissamz 8 hours ago

    Miss this kind of music😭

  • Pamela Diana
    Pamela Diana 8 hours ago

    1 january 2020: yesterday we was in The 2010s

  • Theodore
    Theodore 8 hours ago

    This came out two years before I enlisted. I wonder how many of these kids are now old enough to still be recruited into the war on terrorism.

  • V3nta guy
    V3nta guy 9 hours ago


  • Shadow Ball
    Shadow Ball 9 hours ago


  • London Stackhouse
    London Stackhouse 9 hours ago

    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  • Franz Lasin
    Franz Lasin 9 hours ago

    Love every memory

  • Yannick Lifted
    Yannick Lifted 9 hours ago

    and to think this video was like a regular party at my house every week at my house 15 years ago lmao

  • Alexander Maluchnik
    Alexander Maluchnik 9 hours ago


  • Catia Falcao
    Catia Falcao 10 hours ago


  • Kenneth Edwards
    Kenneth Edwards 10 hours ago

    Fresh garbage .


    excellent record

  • Sandra Miller
    Sandra Miller 10 hours ago

    Great singer a gorgeous to

  • Sammy Bear
    Sammy Bear 10 hours ago

    Wayne was statcx I was there from the conception of statcx Wayne was the only one everything and everybody else came after period

  • Dark Fire Sky
    Dark Fire Sky 10 hours ago

    I’m here every time I have a bad day Which means almost everyday 😅

  • TheGreatAdmire
    TheGreatAdmire 10 hours ago

    This is one of my childhood songs I've listened to ever since 2nd grade and up always will be a favorite 🙏🏻💙

  • Sandra Miller
    Sandra Miller 11 hours ago

    I bet Elvis Presley would love him. Travis Tritt loved Elvis music.

  • Nexus Eight
    Nexus Eight 11 hours ago

    Fed the red pill on 9-11 have not looked back since.

  • Sandra Miller
    Sandra Miller 11 hours ago

    He puts the drive in country music.

  • Sandra Miller
    Sandra Miller 11 hours ago

    Travis Tritt the hottest a Best singer since. ,,,, Elvis Presley wow.

  • Steve Peters
    Steve Peters 11 hours ago

    I never knew Burt Reynolds played the fiddle. 1:01. RIP sad

  • Wattpad Girl
    Wattpad Girl 11 hours ago

    Özgür YAŞIYOR diye tekrarladım YAŞIYOR!

  • Bad vibes
    Bad vibes 11 hours ago

    Bad Day October 2019?

  • Sandra Miller
    Sandra Miller 11 hours ago

    Travis Tritt is my 2 nd favorite singers Elvis Presley number 1.

  • Alden R. Davis
    Alden R. Davis 11 hours ago

    Anyone still loving this in 2019🎸😎🎤✨💕🌟

  • LA Royale
    LA Royale 11 hours ago

    I wonder if she still luv Mike Jones? Who? Mike Jones!! RIP Big Moe

  • David Maholchic
    David Maholchic 11 hours ago

    Nothing pretty about the guitar is in the chorus brilliant genius shreds my fucking eardrums bitch love love love

  • Pamela diez
    Pamela diez 11 hours ago

    This band is amazing,wow.i can't wait for this show,in New york.this bands rule metal forever .amazingly rock bands of history.and I am gonna see them in November 9th,2019.the best rock n roll concert like full of friends,fans,and rock n roll lovers.👍💡😂🎉🎹🥁🎻🎸🎙️🎸🍺🍺🍺🍺👍

  • adam zieter
    adam zieter 12 hours ago

    Like of you come for 1:02

  • utube
    utube 12 hours ago

    Metallica my favorite i started listening to songs because metallica and Linkin Park From 🇵🇰

  • k1m b3RN4d1T
    k1m b3RN4d1T 12 hours ago

    2019 🥰♥️♥️

  • Sara Parks
    Sara Parks 12 hours ago

    Me, I'm listening! Timeless sound.

  • Oppsie
    Oppsie 12 hours ago

    Anyone just heard this and visit this song its kinda nostalgic

  • Cody Frazier
    Cody Frazier 12 hours ago


  • mahika
    mahika 12 hours ago

    2019 ✋✋✋♥️♥️

  • Robert Leslie
    Robert Leslie 13 hours ago

    When you can relate to a song your hooked forever

  • Dmitry Ivanov
    Dmitry Ivanov 13 hours ago

    Ficken Schweine

  • Adnan Adi Ajeti
    Adnan Adi Ajeti 13 hours ago

    They Rock. Please check the link and see my version of Metallica: thexvid.com/p/PLzI_vx5aNkRyLdjK0o8QZ4Ct11fPoC3X6

  • Ana Paula. Decroix
    Ana Paula. Decroix 13 hours ago

    I Love you ❤

  • antonis priftis
    antonis priftis 13 hours ago

    I feel old

  • Ленк
    Ленк 13 hours ago

    How long have we loved Metallica in Russia. tears the soul. October 2019

  • Catherine Meakin
    Catherine Meakin 13 hours ago


  • TV Thái Dúi
    TV Thái Dúi 13 hours ago

    Doing homework and this song just pops in my head :)