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  • soaffb1337
    soaffb1337 10 years ago

    i support Fox on them taking down THEIR VIDEOS...whoever posts them are criminals

  • albertbeccu
    albertbeccu 10 years ago

    Give that David X. Cohen som cash to start on a new season of Futurama! :)

  • Edna Velho
    Edna Velho 10 years ago

    great channel!

  • María C
    María C 10 years ago

    i Love WeNtwoRth Miller & PRISON BREAK :D Gracias F O X

  • Neobn
    Neobn 10 years ago

    guys.. grow up.. its so chilish how you act.. *headshakin* i cant await to see the new 24 season 7!!!!!! cya

  • This Is Boone
    This Is Boone 10 years ago

    I like fox. Very good show as 24, Bones, Prison Break, Terminator, Fringe... i wait for dollhouse. I hoped for the succes of our series.

  • Luca Oblio
    Luca Oblio 10 years ago

    Nice :)

  • Alessio Core
    Alessio Core 10 years ago

    come on man everybody love FOX :)

  • TheRealJohnny375
    TheRealJohnny375 10 years ago

    Thanks for accepting the friend invite.. I'm a huge PB fan and I really like your channel .... I watch FOX everytime ... and it's the best channel of the world ...!!!! keep going on !!!!!!

  • Jim Neidner
    Jim Neidner 10 years ago

    Thanks for the Friend connection. When you have time see my Drill Here Video

  • nightmarex1
    nightmarex1 10 years ago

    Just finishing watching fringe and wow can't wait for the next esp already.

  • icedsoftball
    icedsoftball 10 years ago

    hI =^^= I can't wait for holein the wall... I really hope you guys do a good job with it.... have a good day =^^=

  • Νικόλαος Πετρόπουλος

    You are awesome!Bones,Prison Break,House all are absolutely perfect!i'm addicted to every single episode!Kepp up doing so incredible series!!

  • Brittany Seelye
    Brittany Seelye 10 years ago

    Thank you for accepting =D Yayy! Bones starts soon!

  • fu2yda
    fu2yda 10 years ago

    u like prison break too

  • Amanda Au
    Amanda Au 10 years ago

    PRISONBREAK RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRealJohnny375
    TheRealJohnny375 10 years ago

    thanks for the Prison Break videos .... ;-) ...

  • Matt Sheedy
    Matt Sheedy 10 years ago

    SAVE BACK TO YOU!!!!!!

  • Matt Sheedy
    Matt Sheedy 10 years ago

    SAVE BACK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Sheedy
    Matt Sheedy 10 years ago


  • TheRealJohnny375
    TheRealJohnny375 10 years ago

    and i have a Questions 'Why do you always upload videos of Fringe and not of Prison Break or Dr. House ... I think here are just a few Prison break and Dr. House videos.. most of your videos are from Fringe,So you think you can dance and soo on..... please upload more Prison Break videos..

  • TheRealJohnny375
    TheRealJohnny375 10 years ago

    Why can't I watch the video 'Prison Break-Freedom Test' ??? Everytime when I click on that video to watch it ... it says 'This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request. ' hope you can do somethin' I wanna see that !!!! lots of greetings TheRealJohnny375

  • ella
    ella 10 years ago

    You guys are stupid for cancling dark angel! It rocked

  • Matt Sheedy
    Matt Sheedy 10 years ago


  • Matt Sheedy
    Matt Sheedy 10 years ago

    RENEW BACK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Sheedy
    Matt Sheedy 10 years ago


  • Meosha Bean
    Meosha Bean 10 years ago

    LOVE IT can't wait for new series

  • HomeroThompsom
    HomeroThompsom 10 years ago

    Hi!!! I lv 24!!! btw: the news simpsoms seasons SUCKS!!!

  • Zap
    Zap 10 years ago


  • monie
    monie 10 years ago

    I love Bones :)

  • WonderingLily
    WonderingLily 10 years ago

    Hi, I'm inquiring about "Do Not Disturb's" trailer where Jerry O'Connell" is in the elevator and there is that song playing, "Please don't stop the music, I want to take you away". Who sings that song and what is the actual title? I love to find it somewhere, I thought I could find the trailer for that show here but to no avail. I hope to hear from someone here, thank you. Lady Adora

  • ChainedBoxer1978
    ChainedBoxer1978 10 years ago

    Can you please make a FOX On demand for Mobile phones? I would pay monthly for that service!!!! The clips on TheXvid Mobile are just that, clips. I want to watch full episodes.

  • AznmadmanX
    AznmadmanX 10 years ago

    Hey fox comment me back whats that song called in the house season 5 trailer? its awsooooooome!

  • neochick
    neochick 10 years ago

    you totally need to upload the bones promos

  • SmeggyD
    SmeggyD 10 years ago

    So... seeming that you're making Dollhouse with Joss... do we need to start a petition to save it from being cancelled for another piece of crap (so you think you can dance) you're sure to make?

  • njaaknifen
    njaaknifen 10 years ago

    The best series FOX made are is Terminator and House! Greetings from sweden!

  • Alex Anziano
    Alex Anziano 10 years ago


    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago

    OMG CAN'T WAIT FOR BONES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jolentini
    jolentini 10 years ago

    hello all check out my page x

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez 10 years ago

    I Love fox

  • TheRealJohnny375
    TheRealJohnny375 10 years ago

    Ohh my gosh... i can't wait to see Prison break season 4 !!!!!!*!*

  • Steve Davies
    Steve Davies 10 years ago

    Good day from down under,very cool video's. Aussie Steve

  • Rosen Emilov
    Rosen Emilov 10 years ago

    i cant wait for Dollhouse

  • shakysyxx
    shakysyxx 10 years ago

    gald u had videos on cops man...u have other good videos to man..ill suscribe..cheers

  • nightmarex1
    nightmarex1 10 years ago

    Damn i can't wait for the fringe that tv show looks really good, i'm glad Eliza Dushku is b b/c i really like her in true calling. I don't get why that show didn't work but medium did wtf?. And wow wth Cleveland show will be epic fail.

  • Dale moquete
    Dale moquete 10 years ago

    um is the cleva lind show real

  • Mint Wizard
    Mint Wizard 10 years ago

    I can't wait for the Cleveland show!

  • Chris Stott
    Chris Stott 10 years ago

    Don't be a poor bastard and buy the DVDs.

    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago

    Do they have any Bones preimer partys in California?

    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago


    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago

    can you put up the preview for the Bones season finale?Thanks

    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago

    can you please tell me whats gonna happen on Bones!!

  • Deysi Fuentes
    Deysi Fuentes 10 years ago

    Yes, House is the best show ever !! BTW... What hapenned whit the sneak peeks ???

    DOGBRO2 10 years ago

    If id choose anything to whatch while being in prison id choose Fox. Cuz theres nothin like Fox! PS: Whatch FoxNews, the trouth about everything between american warfare and coca cola!

    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago

    yay thanks for renewing Bones!

  • pumpkinking99
    pumpkinking99 10 years ago

    I love your station! What will this weeks moment of truth be about?

  • athena018
    athena018 10 years ago

    Bring back Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! It's one of my favorite shows. I never miss it.

  • wf2008
    wf2008 10 years ago

    hope you do bring back Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a 2nd season love the show if you don't I doubt it if I watch anything else on your network so bring it back thanks.

    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago

    Hi fox! Just wanted to know when is Bones being rnewed for it's fourth season? I love the show and i need to know!

  • RayLiehm
    RayLiehm 10 years ago

    What happened to the Back to You anthrocon vids?

    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago

    lol i loved Back to You last night! The cell phone in hte coffin! Loved it! ♥

  • Saint_Spike
    Saint_Spike 10 years ago

    Hey, Fox, I Cant Wait Till Next January, Show 24 This April Please

    IL0VEB0NES 10 years ago

    lol Anthrocon ♥

  • legislative222
    legislative222 11 years ago

    All subscriptions updated. Thanks for commenting. Help spread the word!!

  • classicleon
    classicleon 11 years ago

    Hi FOX thanks for great Terminator TV series. I have seen episode 5, it's really great like other episodes! But IMO, the best chess robot makers should be China and America, because "Deep Blue" was made by Chinese at IBM, and the main developer, Xu Feng Xiong is now in China. So the chess competition should be between PRC and USA. Japan is good at making robot as well, but China is top leaker making chess one. Thank you again classic leon

  • legislative222
    legislative222 11 years ago

    I subscribe to anyone who leaves a comment on my profile!! Help spread the word!! (This is not an automated message >.>)

  • Annika Monari
    Annika Monari 11 years ago

    r u guys ever gonna be putting up American Idol?

  • Mikhail Vassilyev
    Mikhail Vassilyev 11 years ago

    Natalie is right,you're all wasting your time asking them to see your videos cuz they are celeberties cuz some that are seem nice are really rude or mean you gotta be a cute kid or somthing like a kid at 9 years age but i dont look at myself as my point is you ether do somthing REALLY impresive or just leave them alone so yea celeberties dont care about you,im not trying to be mean im just telling the truth.

    IL0VEB0NES 11 years ago

    omg i love fox! Bones is the best show ever! I also like House, Back to You, American Idol and the Simpsons

  • larry5mill
    larry5mill 11 years ago

    hey sup want too be friends

  • playarabbit
    playarabbit 11 years ago

    Good Stuff I wonder if Arnold Will make a Guest Spot

  • Xavier Hernandez
    Xavier Hernandez 11 years ago

    Great to see the Terminator story going on and on. Can't get enough of it. Thanks, Fox.

  • MAD MEN x JG93
    MAD MEN x JG93 11 years ago

    I think i would be good as an actor

  • Dalia
    Dalia 11 years ago

    Can you please post some House behind the scenes or alternate takes like Bones? thanks

  • Jaime Hyun
    Jaime Hyun 11 years ago

    i agree

  • mike
    mike 11 years ago

    fox is cool