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  • Aron Maldonado
    Aron Maldonado 2 hours ago

    In 2 years school won’t exist cuz of this man

  • Angel's Vlog PH
    Angel's Vlog PH 2 hours ago


  • Blobby Blobfish
    Blobby Blobfish 2 hours ago

    For some people depression comes and goes, but depression is a fucking mental state. It does not come and go. If you have drepession it is permanent, and it will stay with you. If you have drepession, get mental help emeditly and don't listen to this dumbass

  • Remy Fagerstrom
    Remy Fagerstrom 2 hours ago

    1.6 years of purely sitting in chairs, being stuffed with useless information

  • Sâváge Eva
    Sâváge Eva 2 hours ago

    Still i think I'm ugly..

  • Finn khalifa
    Finn khalifa 3 hours ago

    Skills are more important than grades

  • Ali Stevens
    Ali Stevens 3 hours ago

    Everyone says that you can only have one dream and me well I have all lot more and really important one to me is I I had three wishes one of them would be my grandma to come back to life

  • Gary Norton
    Gary Norton 3 hours ago

    Proof right here.

  • Cailla Panolin
    Cailla Panolin 3 hours ago

    I love u. This really helped me good bye insomnia

  • Arthur Auffray-Baude

    HEY! The 27 K people who disliked, I know where you live. I'm coming for you. That's right, Josh, Lizzie, Lillian, Jacob, Ahmed, Poppy and more

  • blanckieification
    blanckieification 3 hours ago

    It breaks my heart that millions are forced to it by their parents

  • Angel's Vlog PH
    Angel's Vlog PH 3 hours ago

    I'm proud, I'm NBSB(No boyfriend since birth)

  • Ali Stevens
    Ali Stevens 3 hours ago

    I have so many dreems but I know that this is may not be possible but I just want global warming to stop. We only have a couple years to fix this stuff so pls help start now I want a future to have kids and for them to have a future to.

  • Ryans Rides
    Ryans Rides 3 hours ago

    “Equally extinct” hit fucking HARD

  • JRB Channel
    JRB Channel 3 hours ago

    I precisely agree with this video. The school system is very annoying.. They never taught us how to think critical.They only taught us what to think.. they taught alot of stupid subjects which is useless.And It will never use it in reality. So sucksss.

  • Diptesh Choudhuri
    Diptesh Choudhuri 3 hours ago

    You believed in Santa for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for a few seconds

  • Angel's Vlog PH
    Angel's Vlog PH 3 hours ago


  • Ali Stevens
    Ali Stevens 3 hours ago

    Price Ea needs to be presented like I f you agree

  • TurkeyyBag
    TurkeyyBag 4 hours ago

    this dude is a fucking retard I hope he goes to prison

  • Matt Animations
    Matt Animations 4 hours ago

    This video makes me more depressed

  • Romania Plane Spotting - Alex


  • Dan wood
    Dan wood 4 hours ago

    First time I've come across your video's..... Class perfect just what I wanted to hear. Thank you

  • M_D 15
    M_D 15 4 hours ago

    I’m literally studying for a test right now and I’m so tired I wanna cry. I barely studied and am so stressed

  • Gladiomon
    Gladiomon 4 hours ago

    This comment section is fugging hilarious

  • Logic was
    Logic was 4 hours ago

    Who agrees that he should be America’s president

  • Nevaeh Plays
    Nevaeh Plays 4 hours ago

    I love you for this

  • crisza carinan
    crisza carinan 4 hours ago

    i have that khalil gibran book ✨

  • Titan Wolf
    Titan Wolf 4 hours ago

    This is deep. Very deep. So deep that it made my eyes sweat

  • w h
    w h 4 hours ago

    Nicely said I believe you are on too something. But I believe theirs a firmament and c.g.i. is getting better. And grays and reptiles are actually demons or Fallen angels. Love you. And keep on asking questions. Godspeed God bless WWG1WGA

  • Jae Birdie
    Jae Birdie 4 hours ago

    Literally I've learned more from him in one vid than I have in the speeches my principal gives every morning

  • aria kookie
    aria kookie 4 hours ago

    Justo me llega este video lptmr, justo ahora

  • joanna roy
    joanna roy 4 hours ago

    Like ho when I’m older I ant to be a kindergarten teacher or a cheerleader but I can’t learn how to be flexible in math class and I cannot learn to be good with little kids in ela we need to have classes based on us

  • Elena Solis
    Elena Solis 4 hours ago

    These videos mean so much to me so i just want to say thank you so much for taking the time and making these videos taking the time to make something people might not watch or injoy yet you continue to make these beautiful videos. You don't need to like this comment

  • H
    H 4 hours ago

    "I'm ugly without makeup" and this came up. Thank you. This was so important for me.

  • Kitty queen gacha _
    Kitty queen gacha _ 5 hours ago

    Every teacher should watch this

  • colin green
    colin green 5 hours ago

    ok that is some BS i went to a treatment for depression and they say that to but its not that it comes and goes its that people don't identify with it as an escape goat they identify with it to try to find others who understand and can relate but just saying it will pass won't change a persons self-worth issues.

  • Kitty queen gacha _
    Kitty queen gacha _ 5 hours ago

    Okay everyone calm down okay, this we ain’t know. But it is true that people are very inconsiderate to our planet and animals.

  • Hayden And Oliver
    Hayden And Oliver 5 hours ago

    5,4,3,2,1 *dies*

  • Grace Kachima
    Grace Kachima 5 hours ago

    I saw this on isntagram idk how it popped up on my suggestions

  • MahirThEgoD MH
    MahirThEgoD MH 5 hours ago

    This man has facts

  • MMS elecTRICKbox
    MMS elecTRICKbox 5 hours ago

    1:19 SAVAGE

  • minh Nguyen hoang
    minh Nguyen hoang 6 hours ago

    2:58 makes me crying :(

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 6 hours ago

    Me:*gets a good grade* Mom:Oh you did well. "My Mind*:I spent hours studying for this dumb test so you wouldn't compare me to others and all you say is 'Oh you did well? Mother I went ranked highest score and I get that Answer? ' 1 year later.... Me:*Gets Two or 3 Answers wrong* Mom:Oh my gosh you are such a disappointment how could you go down? I know.. It's because of that technology right? Me:B-but mom.. I did My best. Mom:Your best? Your brother does his best too and not even he has went down. Ever. Me:that's different.. We are different people.. We're two years apart. Mom:And what difference does that make? Me:He's older. He knows much more than I ever will know. Mom:.... Note:This is just a scenario. Some people might feel this away about how their parents Put pressure on them. They feel that If they do one thing wrong. Then they are fully declared as a disgrace or A failure. But believe me. I have felt the same way too. And.. I still do. But I try my best. Dear reader, You are never alone. Trust me. Although some people might not get you, I'm sure they are trying to help. I hope you Have a good day💜. #EndViolence

  • Gokkan Senshi
    Gokkan Senshi 6 hours ago

    5.6k teachers disliked this

  • Katelyn Boyd
    Katelyn Boyd 6 hours ago

    the amazon rainforest burns every year and is a normal event, but we need to be backing off of our slash and burn tactic of deforestation because we are encouraging the fires to spread and effect populations for people who live on the rainforests grounds

  • Norma Normathamsanqa

    I always look like a stupid person whenever I talked about m,its like people don't get the point that in the near future this gon affect them too...people look at me as a fool being worred nd consern about the burning of Amazon forest....its a pity imagine if trees produced the Wi-Fi that we use just imagine how many trees would be planted pretty sad it produces oxygen😏

  • JC GWE
    JC GWE 6 hours ago

    *2020 school dies*

  • समीर धिमाल

    One famous person said that : "If u r depressed from your life don't allow other to fuck in your life" 👊😎

  • David Wellman
    David Wellman 6 hours ago

    I have tried for 11 years to keep straight A’s. 11 years of absorbing information and spitting it back out on the test, and I remember nothing from those tests. If I was told to write an essay upon something I was forced to read, I would write one. If asked to write an essay upon something I was interested in, I would write hundreds

  • समीर धिमाल

    One famous person said that: Make lonelyness a weapon and move on Cause u have nothing to loose 👊😎

  • Karim Hassan
    Karim Hassan 6 hours ago

    people who score better are not smart they just work hard for their grades but smart people are just different

  • Sence Draws
    Sence Draws 7 hours ago

    I have one question, where’s your source. I looked everywhere I can’t find where it says we spend 4 years on are phone. Or the goldfish thing.

  • समीर धिमाल

    If u r single fell like battlelion warrior and move on to make your dream real 👊😎

  • Dewi Chandra
    Dewi Chandra 7 hours ago

    Angels actually speak through youtube now🙏🏻♥️ #thankyou

  • ᄊ乇刀みㄚɮRエの

    Sometime singleness is swag 👊😎

  • Wael Shoukry
    Wael Shoukry 7 hours ago

    I attended your speech, still remember it. I've been following you for a few years now and am so grateful I had the chance to see you in person. It was an AMAZING event and you were awesome!!! Thank you for everything!! 🙂🙂🙂

  • xd Caution
    xd Caution 7 hours ago

    I’d date her 😂

    THAIL_ H4RM 7 hours ago

    In my school were learning how the people in the stone age made hand axes, were not learning about anything in today's world. Besides I have 6 classes every day and I'm failing one because of some activity that I didnt do about Mexico, not America, Mexico. If school is trying to get us a brighter future. Then we should be learning about what's happening in today's world not 10 million years ago. Some schools might teach you about real world problems, but mines not. Their teaching us the old way, the way where we have to be quizzing every other week to the point were having to memorize everything. They should be teaching us things we want to learn about, not something about the first humans or the square root of something. We deserve more freedom. We should follow are dreams and enjoy the small things in life.

  • Eric Claey
    Eric Claey 7 hours ago

    How much are you getting paid to spread the global warming lies?

  • Cdog
    Cdog 7 hours ago


    • Cdog
      Cdog 7 hours ago

      You kind of right though

  • Bowser Jr’s #1 fan

    Hey Siri

  • Blonde
    Blonde 7 hours ago

    I love this song such vegan

  • dance free
    dance free 7 hours ago

    Go listen to Orlando octave beauty and too hype after this video and that will explain this is song form ❤️❤️

  • Mitchell Brinsky
    Mitchell Brinsky 7 hours ago

    doesn't he know tree grow back.

  • The Ethalon
    The Ethalon 8 hours ago

    As long as religious indoctrination and dogmas exist.. so will the desire to kill people in the name of a god.

  • The Ethalon
    The Ethalon 8 hours ago

    This is so perfect

  • David Kasta
    David Kasta 8 hours ago

    Bite from Mooji?

  • creepergaming plays
    creepergaming plays 8 hours ago

    I agree

  • The Ethalon
    The Ethalon 8 hours ago

    I am really really unhappy at work. This video has made me realise how much. I do have to work full time, but doing something more similar to my values

  • C B Familylife
    C B Familylife 8 hours ago

    You just earned a subscriber from me! :)

  • C B Familylife
    C B Familylife 8 hours ago

    This is actually true.

  • Camila Pagan
    Camila Pagan 8 hours ago

    I wish I could do something..but Im only a kid..God bless all the trees . I wish I COULD do SOMETHING. <3 Thanks for inspiration, I could plant some trees around my neighborhood thanks.

  • Cookei •w•
    Cookei •w• 8 hours ago

    I hope this Man Quits YT. Not even Kidding.

  • Cookei •w•
    Cookei •w• 8 hours ago

    This guy is just A Scumbag and It’s Dumd af that people are commenting “ VOTE THIS GUY FOR PRESIDENT HES SO GREAT “ or “ THIS IS SO SAD OMFG “ Like the Hell this Man Trash And A Scum, I Honestly Hope he Quits YT.

  • official kaneki- ken

    Why does most afro americans say axed instead of asked and binness instead of business i say its good but why does white culture tryin to steal it?

  • Little Boi Rage
    Little Boi Rage 8 hours ago

    I am with you all the way

  • Cuteness
    Cuteness 8 hours ago

    If you care about our future than I beg yall to come to the Climate protests. or if you cant then do something good and plant a tree, turn the lights off if you don't need them, turn the heater off, close the fridge door and have short showers.

  • tomo
    tomo 8 hours ago

    how are there 27k dislikes

  • Mr. anonymous
    Mr. anonymous 9 hours ago

    U are restoring faith in humanity

  • Not to be racist, but

    Better for being hated for who you are. Every conservative ever.

  • Not to be racist, but

    The school system is doomed to destruction.

  • ding dong your opinion is wrong

    Oooooooo. My future's bleak!🎵

  • Not to be racist, but


  • Versesy
    Versesy 9 hours ago

    School is for waste of life

  • Darecca K
    Darecca K 9 hours ago

    Why do I love Prince Ea? Because he's not afraid to speak his mind. He's able to let out all of his thoughts without caring of being judge by others. He looks at both aspects of the same story and turn it into a understanding. He still believes that this world can get better. He believes that WE can be better. If he tried out for president I would not hesitate to vote for him even after this video or any video that he made that people just can't seem to understand or even take the time to watch! Prince Ea is my inspiration and motivation!

  • MusicIsOurHome
    MusicIsOurHome 9 hours ago

    So basically you're saying that people are not the diseases or disorders that they have. You're not saying it's fake. Or that it can be cured. Or that we are all fine. You're saying we need to stop labeling ourselves as the things that we are dealing with. I get that and I respect that. Coming from someone with depression anxiety and adhd I am not what I have but that doesn't disregard that I have it and it can effect me.

  • Dab Gacha
    Dab Gacha 9 hours ago

    My mom thinks that i look ugly because im fat and she wants to buy me dresses and stuff which i tell her everytime she says that “i don’t need dresses or eat less im beautiful because of my personality” which is always laughs at me im serious beauty doesn’t always give you happiness be ur self 😞

  • 6whitedov
    6whitedov 9 hours ago

    Powerful, meaningful speech prince ea!

  • Ryan Sathish
    Ryan Sathish 9 hours ago

    This man solved all the education problems

  • mirlanda tube
    mirlanda tube 9 hours ago

    This test is 50 / in my grade but 0/ in my future

  • You Are Reading This

    He speaks straight facts.

    • Not to be racist, but
      Not to be racist, but 9 hours ago

      You Are Reading This Even of you don't like prince ea, he's spitting straight facts

  • Kitty Cupcake
    Kitty Cupcake 9 hours ago

    It should be titled " I'm making smart become " cool " again ". Please use more correct grammar if you're going to claims like this.

  • Isaac Gull
    Isaac Gull 10 hours ago

    Good video, but you seem very pessimistic about the climate. Because obviously we have trees and flowers and beauty all around. Instead of regretting everything that we’ve done, let’s do something about it now and make the earth a good place while we’re alive!

  • exclusively historical gaming

    A person at my school used this in his speech.

  • cromusic ibra
    cromusic ibra 10 hours ago

    I like how he said we place importance on Art or Dance. There's not an education system in the world that teaches Dance every day, like we do with Math. I think Math is important, but no more important than Dance. Children dance all the time, if they're allowed to. We all do! We all have bodies, don't we?

  • Emma J
    Emma J 10 hours ago

    I'm only 13 and I am scared of what my kids will have to live through

  • Mister E
    Mister E 10 hours ago

    People for the most part get tired of each other in marriage.

  • Thoughtful Thoughts
    Thoughtful Thoughts 10 hours ago

    My school showed us a graph that if you get this type of education and if you don't fail, YOU WILL get that certain pay. I was the only student to disagree.

    UNCOMMONoNAME E 10 hours ago

    They way that dude broke his neck when he heard money

  • LpsWild Cat
    LpsWild Cat 10 hours ago

    School is prison, education is learning.