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  • Psy Steinborg
    Psy Steinborg 2 months ago

    awesome channel! lol

  • Tyler Shamy
    Tyler Shamy Year ago

    Hi, How are you? I was wondering if you'd be willing to check out my EP called "Angels". You can find it on my channel! Thanks very much...I'd really appreciate your support! Thanks, Tyler Shamy

  • StealingDaPenta
    StealingDaPenta Year ago

    hacked :(

  • Yujiro Hanma
    Yujiro Hanma 2 years ago

    hey ethan you look familiar are you from cincinnati ohio or springfield illinois?

  • Finn
    Finn 2 years ago

    idk if you guys from h3h3 will read this but under your recent videos there are fake-h3h3 accounts who wants to clickbait ppl for some viruses or some sh**... maybe you guys should tell our viewers in the next videos that they shouldnt click somethin like that anyways... much love to you from berlin!

  • Honest Signalz
    Honest Signalz 2 years ago

    Maybe no video on April Fools was the April Fools joke! -Austen

  • HeistGeist
    HeistGeist 2 years ago

    Hei Ethan you suck. I have autism. Give me 100k subs. Do it or else I'll cri.

    • lalahiss
      lalahiss 2 years ago

      wait i realisd im autism to i want 300k or ill go to keemstar

    • Totally Inconspicuous
      Totally Inconspicuous 2 years ago

      +ayy lmao Oi gibe deez guyz both 200K subz or i cri with them. (Bad grammar on purpose XD)

    • lalahiss
      lalahiss 2 years ago

      ohno this guy has autism give him 100k subs he will cri