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Week 11 Power Rankings!
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  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas 9 minutes ago

    Mason deserves to be suspended or AT LEAST fined

  • Ankit Bhakta
    Ankit Bhakta 9 minutes ago

    Wasn't that bad. Come on.

  • Michael W
    Michael W 10 minutes ago

    The fight was the best executed play of the night. What a sloppy game.

  • Joelle Gonzalez
    Joelle Gonzalez 10 minutes ago

    Myles garret is a disgrace unbelievable

  • Sparky Newman
    Sparky Newman 10 minutes ago

    4:39 was the worst impact on Mason Rudolph's head and it was from his own teammate!

  • Willie 212
    Willie 212 10 minutes ago

    Lmao I guess mason throwing 4 picks was good enough to keep him playing 😂😂

  • Regular Dude
    Regular Dude 10 minutes ago

    Garrett’s actions are inexcusable. He should be suspended 6 games and fined 250k so he learns a lesson

  • arvinhopkins
    arvinhopkins 10 minutes ago

    He'll be selling shoes, ala Al Bundy, once he blows through his millions.

  • Victor Umoru
    Victor Umoru 10 minutes ago

    No suspension for mason for trying to rip his helmet off .....OK

  • IcyUp
    IcyUp 10 minutes ago

    Ya’ll blaming the defense? Stupid. That kicker missed how many extra points and field goals??

  • phantasyryder
    phantasyryder 10 minutes ago

    Keep Cleveland Ohio relevant.

  • Adam
    Adam 11 minutes ago

    And nobody has kapp on there team kapp is way better the mason Rudolph

  • BCH
    BCH 11 minutes ago

    It will be interesting to find out what the antecedent for Garrett's actions was; a person doesn't typically retaliate in that manner without some sort of provocation....

  • Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL

    Who else thinks the sucker punch by a stranger to Myles Garrett played somewhat of a part on his temper against Rudolph? It's like that Seinfeld episode when Kramer played a round of golf with a retired baseball player and killed his dry cleaner lol

  • AmeagleWard
    AmeagleWard 11 minutes ago

    I'm assuming we won't see Myles Garret mic'd up footage from last night. "WHACK A MOLE!"

  • Charles Guidry
    Charles Guidry 11 minutes ago

    I think Mason said something bad about dinosaurs and Myles got mad!!

  • cn 250
    cn 250 11 minutes ago

    A lifetime ban for helmet basher. Nothing else will do.

  • Emanuel Gonzalez
    Emanuel Gonzalez 11 minutes ago

    Rudolph in my opinion should’ve had a one game suspension

  • Brendan Geormer
    Brendan Geormer 11 minutes ago

    "Try to rough 'em up, but don't make it too obvious..." > gotchu, coach

  • Daddy
    Daddy 11 minutes ago

    Looks like Myles Garrett is gonna have plenty of time to watch Dragon Ball Z

  • Jacob Shunk
    Jacob Shunk 11 minutes ago


  • Daddy's home
    Daddy's home 12 minutes ago

    Rudolph is better linebacker than QB

  • Zarni Woop
    Zarni Woop 12 minutes ago

    Brown is a POS N

  • Mr S
    Mr S 12 minutes ago

    They just gonna act like Rudolph did not try take his helmet off

  • leeuniverse
    leeuniverse 12 minutes ago

    Uh people... *The QB should be punished MORE.* Garrett was just defending himself and teaching the QB a lesson for his being abusive to him. While yes the escalation wasn't "necessary", *if this had been in real life Garret would have been **_totally justified_** for "hitting" someone for abusing him as the QB did.* Stop blaming and punishing the victim's people just because they get one up on their abusers.

  • Handsome Thanos
    Handsome Thanos 12 minutes ago

    This guy is way better than Rudolph. Quick decision making with precise accuracy. Rudolph just has the bigger arm and likes getting hit with helmets.

  • w e w e r e d u m b
    w e w e r e d u m b 12 minutes ago

    When you say the N word without a pass

  • Ikr Yytt
    Ikr Yytt 12 minutes ago

    Deserves it. I'd always seen him as a real pro. But I guess everyone's got it in them?

  • Son[LEER] Donkey
    Son[LEER] Donkey 12 minutes ago

    It was Masons Fault tho

  • Jayden Reiser
    Jayden Reiser 12 minutes ago

    So nothing for Rudolph? I know he got whacked but instigating that fight should have some sort of consequences

  • Chase Hughes
    Chase Hughes 12 minutes ago

    I’m surprised Kareem Hunt didn’t kick anyone’s ass. He’s good at that

  • Sim ?
    Sim ? 12 minutes ago

    Just imagine if this was the opposite and the QB was cam or deshaun watson doing what mason Rudolph did........... 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • phantasyryder
    phantasyryder 12 minutes ago

    Been in the land too long

  • deepak mishra
    deepak mishra 12 minutes ago

    It makes me worried to see him among so many children. He must have had a hard time resisting.

    PRINCE RAIN 12 minutes ago

    myles garrett done for the season browns fans playoffs hope - Ight imma head out!

  • Optimus Dime
    Optimus Dime 12 minutes ago

    4 INTS 4 Sacks and 3 Cracked Skulls

  • 3Falcon_OFG
    3Falcon_OFG 13 minutes ago

    Let's ignore the fact that Mason Rudolph attempted to take off Myles Garret's helmet first, and then proceeded to charge back at Garret, and at that moment garret defends himself with said helmet. It's the same as if a dude walks up to you and punches you in the balls and you swing back, its perfectly fine... And yet no suspension for Mason, HAH!

  • J Bender
    J Bender 13 minutes ago

    Suspended for the rest of the regular season, and post season? That’s a petty suspension. I would’ve suspended him a hell of a lot longer than that.

  • DET48210 michigan
    DET48210 michigan 13 minutes ago

    Hate crime

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores 13 minutes ago

    He should be permanently banned from NFL, he assaulted another player. i know its football but that kind of behavior is unacceptable.

  • Robin Vance
    Robin Vance 13 minutes ago

    Miles is showing his true colors he is just a thug

  • Crap
    Crap 13 minutes ago

    Santa Maria! its Mongo !

  • ChicagoDefense
    ChicagoDefense 13 minutes ago

    He did nothing wrong

  • Tom Mueffelmann
    Tom Mueffelmann 13 minutes ago

    Was that truly the end ?

  • Yogi and Booboo
    Yogi and Booboo 14 minutes ago

    We always mute Apple adds 🐻

  • Kendrick Bowen
    Kendrick Bowen 14 minutes ago

    Mason tried taking off Garrett helmet and kicked him in da groin

  • Masked Savage
    Masked Savage 14 minutes ago

    Pouncey shouldnt get suspended. He did what any good human being would do

    • Christina Perry
      Christina Perry 10 minutes ago

      Masked Savage Agreed

    • ghost
      ghost 12 minutes ago

      Kicking a guys head who is laying on the ground? Ur world sounds rly good dude

  • j0epark1
    j0epark1 14 minutes ago

    Pouncey is a true homie. Came in swinging without hesitation to defend his teammate.

  • Omega Man
    Omega Man 15 minutes ago

    Larry Ogunjobi is an idiot. Your teammate violently ripped off somebody's helmet and assaulted him with it and as Rudolph is being led away from the ordeal he shoves him down from behind. I guarantee he didn't even see the incident

  • John Ross
    John Ross 15 minutes ago

    Play Gloria!

  • j0epark1
    j0epark1 15 minutes ago

    Myles should hit up Dana White and join the UFC since he loves violence.

  • alex pratt
    alex pratt 15 minutes ago

    Does indefinitely mean his career is over or just the rest of the season?

    • 3Falcon_OFG
      3Falcon_OFG 10 minutes ago

      Indefinitely means at least the season, and then after discussion they will determine the actual length. It literally means undecided.

    • Brandeto
      Brandeto 11 minutes ago

      It means no set time to return so it’s not decided yet

  • Death Displayer
    Death Displayer 15 minutes ago

    This is all well deserved. I really hope Rudolph gets a suspension too. He is literally ripping at his helmet and repetitively kicking Garrets groin, thats gotta be addressed .

  • I Have No Fear
    I Have No Fear 15 minutes ago

    Word to the wise keep your helmet on

  • Luke Uptegrove
    Luke Uptegrove 16 minutes ago

    He started it he started it he started it. 😭😭😭

  • David Akiva
    David Akiva 16 minutes ago

    The only reason why I clicked on this was to see a highlight that everyone in the media is talking about. WTH. This is what's wrong with journalism. Hide the facts because people can't handle it. How can we talk about the topics if you don't show it?

  • Robert Spaulding
    Robert Spaulding 16 minutes ago

    Bro I wouldn’t risk my millions over no fit. Smh

  • Tyler Rusnak
    Tyler Rusnak 16 minutes ago

    Where are the criminal charges? This was assault! It has no place in the game!

  • Naim Wright
    Naim Wright 16 minutes ago

    Super bowl 54 this year and I don’t know who’s gonna win

  • Rainn
    Rainn 16 minutes ago

    Pathetic act and they say "gaming incites violence" smh

  • LuNeY AgOsTo
    LuNeY AgOsTo 16 minutes ago

    rudolph should play defense ...he got a couple tackles in after those interceptions

  • Dom1118
    Dom1118 16 minutes ago

    This started when Rudolph grabbed Garrett's helmet. You can't know if Garrett thought Rudolph had the ball still or not.

  • Mr. Failure
    Mr. Failure 16 minutes ago

    And Mason gets away with it.

    • David Lazarus
      David Lazarus 10 minutes ago

      Mr. Failure Yes and he was the first to try and pull off Garrett’s helmet. Then he rushed in to provoke Garrett. Which triggered the other player to push him. Mason should have a few games suspension as well.

  • Adam
    Adam 16 minutes ago

    If the browns release myles garret. Jerry Jones is going to be the first person on the phone lol

  • Alexander Carter
    Alexander Carter 16 minutes ago

    “Manson Rudolph should get a suspension” He wasn’t the one that got slammed to ground way after the play was he? He wasn’t the one that ripped of an opposing players helmet and hit him with it on the head was he?

    • Dominator1556
      Dominator1556 11 minutes ago

      Alexander Carter yea I get what your saying but he still tried to attack Garrett should be at least 1 game suspension

    • Sim ?
      Sim ? 14 minutes ago

      Yea he was the one kick a player in the balls..... defintely don't suspend him

  • Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich 16 minutes ago

    Wheres Rudolph's fine and suspension?!

  • Ops The Label
    Ops The Label 17 minutes ago

    Don’t pick a fight you can’t win 🤷🏽‍♂️ mason should get the same punishment for instigating it

  • LeN mC
    LeN mC 17 minutes ago

    The only decision they could have made.

  • fiasco stew
    fiasco stew 17 minutes ago

    Garrett dropped Rudolph he didn't have the ball any more and took offense but Garrett kept attacking him

  • King of Fedoras
    King of Fedoras 17 minutes ago

    Anyone who's actually saying Rudolph should've been punished is an idiot. Imagine a guy that's about 40 pounds heavier than you and about twice as strong throwing you to the ground and mounting you, yeah you're going to claw and scratch and push and try to do just about anything to get him the hell off of you.

    • SuperSpann!
      SuperSpann! 14 minutes ago

      King of Fedoras he's still a heavyweight, both are 6'5. He's a big boy himself and he charged at him.

  • Alvin Maeda
    Alvin Maeda 17 minutes ago

    If Rudolph was black he’d get a game or two.

  • Catherine Wong
    Catherine Wong 17 minutes ago

    I'm not defending Garrett, but Mason Rudolph should be punished too.

  • Kareem Codling
    Kareem Codling 17 minutes ago

    EVERYONE CALM DOWN! You guys are escalating the problem more than the players even care. "Criminal charges?" Seriously!? The players themselves already cool down now and you guys are elevating the problem. It's like if I were to take out the garbage the bag was leaking out the bag, you guys are basically cussing someone out over spilled liquid.(which can easily be Mopped up)

  • Cam M
    Cam M 17 minutes ago

    This is vert typical of all 22 NFL street thugs, all these clowns are, are THUGS. Zero talent, just TRASH. The NFL should be very proud of their clowns.

  • james carter
    james carter 18 minutes ago


  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez 18 minutes ago

    mason better get SOME kind of suspension also

    • Kucci Ku
      Kucci Ku 10 minutes ago

      doesn't look like it and thats bullshit. he literally started by trying to take garrets helmet ect

  • 18 minutes ago

    there was a bee in his helmet, he was just helping him get it

  • Steve Dunn
    Steve Dunn 18 minutes ago

    That animal should go to jail.

  • linksoldier1
    linksoldier1 18 minutes ago

    Pouncey did what any teammate/friend would have done. Wish he doesn't get suspend but it's understandable.

  • a d
    a d 18 minutes ago

    wypipo values smgdh

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 18 minutes ago

    Players get into fight gets 3 games suspension, teams fined $250k and no draft picks taking away Brady gets accused of deflating footballs get 4 games suspension, team also fined $1M and then gets two draft picks taking away.

  • mc seven
    mc seven 18 minutes ago

    I say it's mostly that the line is getting beat and teams are geared up to stop him. On most of these plays there is really no where to run. But he is missing some lanes which seems like he doesn't trust all his blockers and I don't blame him. There should be a video on what happened to the offensive line.

  • Mike Liwo
    Mike Liwo 18 minutes ago

    and nothing for mason

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 18 minutes ago

    This really hurts his odds to be DPOY

  • Mason 11
    Mason 11 18 minutes ago

    I’m still shook by this atm

  • llZayZayll
    llZayZayll 19 minutes ago

    I thought they meant he wouldn’t be able to play ever again, the title misleading af

    • Brandeto
      Brandeto 12 minutes ago

      He doesn’t have a return date so at this point yes he will never play again

  • Marlon Jones
    Marlon Jones 19 minutes ago

    Me: 👀 Myles Garrett: I come

  • Bearded soul78
    Bearded soul78 19 minutes ago

    Damn Mason gets nothing? Smh QBs really do get protected...

  • Limpy Da Hippie
    Limpy Da Hippie 19 minutes ago

    Why pouncey sock a dude with a helmet on smh

  • Great Quotes Daily
    Great Quotes Daily 19 minutes ago

    Still can’t believe this happened.

  • aewcaleb forever
    aewcaleb forever 19 minutes ago

    Good he is trash

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng 19 minutes ago

    hopkins is back

  • Harry Powell
    Harry Powell 20 minutes ago

    So Rudolph gets nothing because he’s a qb? Sure

    • Nochie A
      Nochie A 11 minutes ago

      @Vinny Cirmodid you not see Mason trying to take off Garrett's helmet after he made a legit tackle?? He was upset because QBs don't like to get tackled and started a fight he couldn't finish. Unfortunately, everyone was wrong in this situation and only one perosn took the fall.

    • Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
      Popeyes Chicken Sandwich 13 minutes ago

      Suspending Rudolph doesnt fit their "agenda"

    • Vinny Cirmo
      Vinny Cirmo 14 minutes ago

      Wtf r u talking about.

  • She Hate Me
    She Hate Me 20 minutes ago


  • Sports 311
    Sports 311 20 minutes ago

    I’m not surprised by this at all. Myles Garrett could’ve easily been arrested for assault

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng 20 minutes ago

    deshaun watson is back 400 +yds omg 😱

  • Audrey Lee
    Audrey Lee 20 minutes ago

    Rudolph had some nice tackles in that game, lol. Probably more than some of those Pitt defenders, lmao. Looks like he's had some practise at it. There is NO question in my mind that after taking that absolute BEATING at the hands of the Browns D, which was constant, as they "touched" him almost every time, that Rudolph said something personal. And then got beat up for it. Again.

  • Kalani Hoglund
    Kalani Hoglund 20 minutes ago

    Mason Rudolph should get a suspension to

  • Brian Erney
    Brian Erney 21 minute ago

    Good deserve it

  • Masterpsflood
    Masterpsflood 21 minute ago

    Mason Rudolph deserves a suspension, he isn't a victim he is just a poor fighter

    • Adam
      Adam 13 minutes ago

      Steelers should sign kapp now mason is a bum