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    BOSTON BRUINS 12 22 minutes ago

    I’m a die hard Pats fan , have been for a 30 years or so , but do people think the Pats are that good or have other teams just fallin .. or both ?

  • Sniper15 rex
    Sniper15 rex 22 minutes ago

    cant wait for days of our steelers

    MICHAEL DURAN 22 minutes ago

    3 Observations 1. Need to feed Kittle more 2. Minkah Fitzpatrick is worth the trade 3. Jason Verrete WTF!

  • Sports Fan_91
    Sports Fan_91 22 minutes ago

    So if i go by Tom Brady haters logic, Brees is a system QB right?

  • carmine didominic
    carmine didominic 23 minutes ago

    Laces out

  • Frederico Espinoza
    Frederico Espinoza 23 minutes ago

    Sloppy ball handling, way too many brain farts , but showed some heart by buckling down and refusing to lose . One small issue im bothered by the showboating after even a routine catch . After a TD or spectacular catch , sure , but after regular little couple yard toss ? Just do your job please, there will be time later to celebrate

  • Nick Cicione
    Nick Cicione 23 minutes ago

    8:56 #13 thought he was the quarterback.

  • Rouge Xl0nl3y
    Rouge Xl0nl3y 23 minutes ago

    That both good teams.

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 23 minutes ago

    Jones has another thing in common with Eli. The clutch gene.

  • iPhntm
    iPhntm 23 minutes ago

    Wow yet this fumble isn’t called back. Leagues rigged

  • EastCoastCrisis
    EastCoastCrisis 23 minutes ago

    They did my boy Godwin dirty on fantasy

  • ruben saucedo
    ruben saucedo 23 minutes ago

    49ers receivers needa learn how to grip the ball

  • Deputy Campbell
    Deputy Campbell 23 minutes ago


  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 23 minutes ago

    You can see Eli is a proud papa

  • xWFx_Storm_- Gaming
    xWFx_Storm_- Gaming 23 minutes ago

    Down the middle was so damn open lol he could've walked in the endzone

  • Shawn Loop
    Shawn Loop 23 minutes ago

    They holding it down fa Brees💯 #gosaints

  • Orland Paul
    Orland Paul 23 minutes ago

    Tell the Viking I am their pick in 2028

  • The Blue Gatti
    The Blue Gatti 23 minutes ago

    Boys. This is our year.

  • Tunechi Twat
    Tunechi Twat 23 minutes ago

    Lattimore was trash af

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez 23 minutes ago

    8-8 eagles

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 23 minutes ago

    We beat ourselves in this game smh

    TALLADEGA95 23 minutes ago

    Winnings Winning! Even though Niners had 5 turnovers!

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 23 minutes ago

    Eli and DJ are my boys!

  • David Le
    David Le 23 minutes ago

    Barry white

  • Michael Fields
    Michael Fields 23 minutes ago

    As sorry as the Dolphins playing dis year its going to b a thing whoever team gets beat by the Dolphins is going to feel salty as hell and talk about

  • Vico Villa
    Vico Villa 24 minutes ago

    Allen is a better thrower and gutsy

  • bruce guillory
    bruce guillory 24 minutes ago

    Broncos need a QB

  • Escocivo 30
    Escocivo 30 24 minutes ago

    The Browns just score so upload their TD drive.

  • Wendel Leandro
    Wendel Leandro 24 minutes ago

    A proteção não estava boa, vários Sacks...mais estamos conseguindo pontuar melhor, comparado o que fazíamos ano passado...estamos evoluindo, Go Denver Go

  • vin russo
    vin russo 24 minutes ago

    Kyler Murray set an NFL record with 30 completions for only 5.0 yds a pass. That's the lowest ever for minimum 30 completions.....not good.

  • cptamazing12
    cptamazing12 24 minutes ago

    Andy Dalton is a nerd

  • James Frigstad
    James Frigstad 24 minutes ago

    Great rebound win. Everybody looked good today, have a tough one with the bears next week in Chicago. Play like we did today and we can win that game

  • Cael Fielding
    Cael Fielding 24 minutes ago

    As much as I hate the Giants, it’s nice to see Daniel Jones win. He deserved that.

  • ruben27lozano
    ruben27lozano 24 minutes ago

    Bad pick Gaints fan said They should gotten Josh Allen Gaint fan said Not Gaints fan but yall got a hell of Qb

  • Travis Mccoy
    Travis Mccoy 24 minutes ago

    Oh I thought the Giants won that game. The Buccs beat themselves

  • AsapZombii
    AsapZombii 24 minutes ago


  • Caleb Loera
    Caleb Loera 24 minutes ago

    No one saw the bills going 3-0 but they might be 4-0 next week if they score more than the pats but doubt that will happen

  • mike baublitz
    mike baublitz 24 minutes ago

    We did good

  • ArcangeloSports NOS
    ArcangeloSports NOS 24 minutes ago


  • Greg Lyle
    Greg Lyle 24 minutes ago

    Yes. The Lions my adopted bastard team. The Chiefs were like 2-14 again, and I needed something to cheer about. So I picked the Lions because I hate the Pats, Boys, and Steel Heads. Only problem was I was already a Bears fan, but hey that hasn't come up yet in the playoffs. lol

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 24 minutes ago


  • Psychopunk XXX
    Psychopunk XXX 24 minutes ago

    Crazy how the Browns are holding there own with a bunch of secondarys

  • fazjewls14
    fazjewls14 24 minutes ago

    Awesome game..

  • El R.
    El R. 24 minutes ago

    Hard to believe the Saints beat the Seahawks IN Seattle. The Saints played very well,( Bridgewater holding down the fort), the Seahawks never gave up, playing to score at the very end of the game. But they couldn't catch up in scoring with the Saints. If the Saints keep playing this well without Brees, there won't be a limit to how far they go.

  • D Lit
    D Lit 24 minutes ago

    I like how they took Brady out. Then *immediately* put him back in after Stidhan threw that pick 6 😭😂

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 25 minutes ago

    #DannyDimes has arrived. Take that haters!

  • American Hunter
    American Hunter 25 minutes ago

    Made me sick broncos turnovers

  • Dwight Spann
    Dwight Spann 25 minutes ago

    Man this game made me smile.

    CAPTA1N AFK 25 minutes ago

    1:04 when your balls finally drop

  • J’s Awesome Adventures
    J’s Awesome Adventures 25 minutes ago

    Dallas Godert killed me

  • Sanity Est
    Sanity Est 25 minutes ago

    this niners wr can't catch a god damn passes on that game

  • CoelhoCoin Tech
    CoelhoCoin Tech 25 minutes ago

    He was the number 1 QB coming out of high school, got screwed around in college

  • M Ghan Ismail
    M Ghan Ismail 25 minutes ago

    Total upset with the defense very soft tackle...and barely no tackle at all...basic

  • Mr Chris Carter FX
    Mr Chris Carter FX 25 minutes ago

    This game reminds me of Toney Romo and Dak Prescott.....we all know how that turned out 😂😂 go panthers

  • Mr. Suhaib
    Mr. Suhaib 25 minutes ago

    Irv Smith is gonna be a problem, thats a number 1 reciever in a TEs body.

  • Ritchie P.
    Ritchie P. 25 minutes ago

    Bear fans.... WE HAVE A KICKER!! 😳

  • Eric The Intern
    Eric The Intern 25 minutes ago

    Gay lmfao caint wait for us saints to play yall

  • SB808
    SB808 25 minutes ago

    Offense work on ball handling please!! Bye week. Defense came through🤙🏻. 3-0. Soon to be 4-0. A win is a win. Pittsburgh D showed up. Big ups.

  • Kirk Cousins is Trash #4-26 against winnig teams

    Matt Ryan is overrated

  • Marcus- XXL
    Marcus- XXL 25 minutes ago

    Ravens lost cause 2 of their best corners are hurt made it easier for Patrick Mahomes to pick at the defense

  • yao ming
    yao ming 25 minutes ago

    Can buccs pls sign destroying

  • DJKingJames504
    DJKingJames504 25 minutes ago

    Bridgewater did his thang. Defense and special teams made some great plays. We did well today. Seahawks played well too. Great game overall. #WhoDatNation

  • Hiddencarnage
    Hiddencarnage 25 minutes ago

    “Alexa!.. play 2pac - Hail Mary “ - Lamar Jackson

  • Shane Pleasants
    Shane Pleasants 26 minutes ago

    Watson is getting overshadowed by Mahomes and Jackson but this dude is legit

  • Kevin Borkholder
    Kevin Borkholder 26 minutes ago

    Green bay packers Uniform suck

  • HUnch Back
    HUnch Back 26 minutes ago

    shoulda qb sneaked it falcos slow ass

  • Amundy3
    Amundy3 26 minutes ago

    Tony pollard proving that any professional running back behind this o line will look good 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂

  • Rachel Genao
    Rachel Genao 26 minutes ago

    D Jones has flipped the moment for the season. It’s going to be nothing but Ws from here on out idc what you say

  • Lost Coast Commodore
    Lost Coast Commodore 26 minutes ago

    Matt Ryan will be good if the Falcons give him enough time to develop...😂🤣😂

  • Nathan
    Nathan 26 minutes ago

    3 failed 2 point conversions and I believe at least 2 failed 4th down conversions that weren't even necessary. What was going on with this game.

  • Stefen Echols
    Stefen Echols 26 minutes ago didn’t do it to taunt anybody? Hahaha sure

  • Low Tier Trash
    Low Tier Trash 26 minutes ago

    I hope to god someone trades for Rosen. He doesn't deserve this torture,even after his Twitter history was exposed.

  • mat2000100
    mat2000100 26 minutes ago

    Urinatingtree: LIONSSUCKLOL Detroit Lions: *win 2 games and tie one* Congrats urinatingtree, you jinxed it.

  • James Hartman
    James Hartman 26 minutes ago

    Great game, but my Trubisky threw 6 TDs on these guys

  • ruben saucedo
    ruben saucedo 26 minutes ago

    Dam Steelers just don’t want the win there like nah cuz you keep it

    SLITHERx CONJURING 26 minutes ago

    Bruhh another shitty kicker from the bucs smh damn giants got lucky-.-

  • Edward Hartzell
    Edward Hartzell 26 minutes ago

    Our cornerbacks suck eagles need to replace them next year Ronald Darby and Sidney Jones got to go and Carson Wentz needs to stop throwing too high that's what got our receivers hurt he puts them in harm's way.

  • Khaleeq Sattaar El, II
    Khaleeq Sattaar El, II 26 minutes ago

    We need to start a petition to get Mike Evans out of Tampa Bay. 190 yrds and 3 TD's and lose smh.

  • Ken Burgess
    Ken Burgess 27 minutes ago

    We need Ramsey 💀

  • Mrjacques91
    Mrjacques91 27 minutes ago


  • QualifiedGamer
    QualifiedGamer 27 minutes ago

    Imagine scoring only 16 points in total by week 3

  • Sam King
    Sam King 27 minutes ago

    Cam really should've been rested a long time ago, an injured Cam who can't run is no better than a below average back up imo Get 100% fit and return

  • balmore hernandez
    balmore hernandez 27 minutes ago

    No lynch no ligion of boom Wilson looks like an average quarterback....

  • Frosted Films
    Frosted Films 27 minutes ago

    From a Carolina fan Murray great and got a lot of talent

    HYDRA BJJ 27 minutes ago

    Carson doing triple axles most of 1st quarter and dropping balls.

  • HUnch Back
    HUnch Back 27 minutes ago

    hold on to the fumble by brocnos

  • froobalation
    froobalation 27 minutes ago

    That kick was gay

  • David Pak
    David Pak 27 minutes ago

    Very interesting, Jones and Manning have two completely different styles of play

  • Hero Miles
    Hero Miles 27 minutes ago

    Should have been 30 - Nothing Patriots. Jets scored off a fumbled kickoff and a backup QB

  • BADNEWZ Da Assassin
    BADNEWZ Da Assassin 27 minutes ago

    Good Job Giants,...coming from a Cowboy

  • rangers94ism
    rangers94ism 27 minutes ago

    That was awesome! This win feels so nice. I have been saying it for months. Daniel Jones is the real deal

  • Stiltmans Stilt
    Stiltmans Stilt 27 minutes ago

    So who's happier about this Giants Victory, Daniel Jones or Janoris Jenkins?lol Obviously for different reasons , but I'd imagine , Jackrabbit is just elated that his worst game as a pro , in which he was just dismantled by Mike Evans(mostly Evan's but not just him) and even had some terrible missed tackles as well , at least didn't cost em the game in the end. Especially after calling out the defense for there performance first couple weeks. Obviously I think Jones is more excited but it is funny to think about . For different reasons, getting that win was just huge for both Jones and Jenkins

  • Omy Bloopers
    Omy Bloopers 27 minutes ago

    Russle Wilson and Mike Evens carried my fantasy with 40+ points!

  • 305Ej Brazy
    305Ej Brazy 27 minutes ago

    Omfg 🤬🤬🤬

  • Bryan Lutz
    Bryan Lutz 27 minutes ago

    You know whats crazy about this game, the browns are missing 5 of there defensive starters as well

  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt 27 minutes ago

    Seeing the steelers lose is always a victory for me :)

  • Agoinsane Insane
    Agoinsane Insane 27 minutes ago

    Y is Cynthia so ass at picking winners and scores 28-24 headass, EvErY TeAm WiIl Be 8-8 headass

  • Donald Pace
    Donald Pace 27 minutes ago

    Can't believe the bird's nest lost to the Lion's... c'mon Philly what the dilly...

  • Alan Harper
    Alan Harper 27 minutes ago

    Only faggots like the Cowboys

  • Tommy Rex
    Tommy Rex 27 minutes ago

    Christian "White Lightning" McCaffrey!